Some other fans think Centipeetle might be a gem called ‘Trapiche-Emerald’ since her gem looks pretty similar to the dark fissures that come from the center in little wheel-spoke-looking things
If so it looks like she’s probably a really powerful gem, Trapiche-Emeralds - from what I’ve found so far - are the most rare type of Emerald there is
this means she might be one of those ‘rare, aristocratic gems’
man do I like learning things

anyhow if you’re like me and have never heard of this before (but you rlly like Centipeetle and wanna know more about what gem she MIGHT be) then I suggest you check out some of these cool sites

lots of stuff about emeralds there’s not a ton on trapiche-emeralds, it still has good information and nice pics

Again, mostly about emeralds in general but it’s nice to know and has some extra more interesting stuff like lore

this one is especially academic, very lengthy, be ready to sit down for a couple minutes if you wanna go through the whole thing very good information on Trapiche-emeralds from what I read so far

this one has cute little charts about its characteristics


Calling all traitorous clods!

(Header image done by my good pal kyterjingles! )

I’m organizing the first ( To my knowledge, anyway) Peridot centric fanzine, based on the character from the hugely popular Cartoon Network series ‘Steven Universe’, as created by the wonderfully talented Rebecca Sugar! As an avid fan of the alternatively ominous triangle at the end of the bed, or angry little slice of pie alike, I’m very excited to be putting this project together!

Founded by myself, Cake (birthdaycakesandbattlestations) and my friend Axel (dolly-button).

What I need right now? Artist sign ups! Don’t make pieces yet, of course, because I’m still in the process of pinpointing printers, but the ultimate goal, of course, is to produce a colourful, glossy paged soft cover book for all fans of this lime green Gem to enjoy! Artists will be given a copy of the finished product, and I will be releasing pre-orders when size and cost of the book is determined!

Now that the logistics are down pat, email me at @! Please provide your name, your tumblr url, and a means for me to take a look at any past art you’ve created! It doesn’t have to be exclusively of Peridot, and even artists that have yet to take a crack at the SU style are welcome to apply! Please note that all art will be kept PG, as per the general spirit of the show, as would anything implicitly ship related, but drawing Peridot with other Gem’s is certainly okay!  

Let’s get this robonoid rolling, shall we? 

Sometimes I feel like a critical analyst, but alas that is what being a fan of Bleach does to you. SO . . .

I have more theory … 

Now, with all of Ywach’s speeches about sand, destiny, gears and the future. I’m certain (now) Kubo is trying to pull our attention to the sand and rotator poem/chapters 00a and 00b - it’s just too coincidental. Now another reason I think this is because in our latest chapter, Renji explicitly states Ichigo is the reason his and Rukia’s relationship returned to what it was before. Now I decided to go and have a proper look at the chapters, and found this little gem;

Of course, the moment between Ichigo and Renji is meant to be a nakama moment as well (Rukia is the only one of them that hasn’t had one with him yet now), I feel like kubo is again trying to tie 00a and 00b, and this arc together (if you look). Now of course Renji’s needed to address that since the SS arc, so it’s not all foreshadowing - it’s more the specific choice of words, and timing - why now? Why not when they were together in the Soul palace training - why now, after all the sand and rotator foreshadowing? He’s had quite a few chances …  

Hold on to Renji for a moment - I’m not quite finished with him. 

Now, so say you take Kubo’s bait and you go back to these chapters, what else do you find? These;

So in two corresponding chapters, both of the main characters have moments where they don’t remember something - and it’s quite significantly shown (in the page before for Ichigo - the DVD case of ‘Bad Sheild’ takes up half the page - it’s not meant to be errant chatter. But come-on, Rukia doesn’t remember a trip to the human world?  Call me cynical - but i’m pretty sure you’d remember one of the only trips to a world you’ve gone on. Again - hold on to Rukia’s chapter in particular, I’m also not done with that.

So to part of my point, let’s have a look at this panel

Every time the Sun and Moon touch each other - now I’ve already talked about the Sun and Moon thing, but it’s the message itself, ‘every time they touch each other’ ehem now in both chapters, it’s been highlighted that both of them have forgotten something - and not in a way that it’s just something small - theyv’e both forgotten a moment. Think back to the sentence and woah. Have they met each other before? Come’s to your mind. So after these two chapters you forget about it for the majority of the manga, and just smile occasionally when you think about it. 

But then, you think. Rukia is being sent to the human world again, who’s rukia’s captain you think. oh yeah, Captain Ukitake. Oh wait. Captain Ukitake, more notably; the Right hand of the soul king. Well that’s a bit odd,  Ukitake is sending Rukia to the human world, Rukia Kuchiki, who had the hogyoukyu placed in her and we still don’t know when. Rukia who forgot she already went to the human world. Rukia who went to the same town inhabited by none other than Kisuke Urahara. Now I turn your attention to this post:

Have a read. 

Now, the poster from the link signifies Renji. And oh look who’s repeating something stated in those specific chapters. Who may know something about Rukia that only Urahara knows. And look who he’s with… 

Now Ukitake’s already been highlighted as an intelligent man, but also one with a bit of a shadow maybe. He instantly went to saving Rukia instead of condemning her in the SS arc. him and Aizen had a brief weird  moment when he shipped himself to hueco mundo. urahara has already been to the Soul Palace. Think about the post above. Could Ukitake and Urahara have been working together (maybe without even consciously knowing it - or at least taking advantage of each other) the whole time? Why Rukia? Under the supervision of the soul Kings right arm? (We all know the euphamism not that one you dirty bastards for the ‘right hand’ of someone.) He was the Soul Kings Right-hand-man, who just so happened to be the captain of the hogyoukyu container. And Ichigo and Rukia may have met before, and then both forgotten about it? Why? Why is it all sounding significant


Gem Code

I have always found my magic works better when encrypted in some manner, so I have created a couple of codes thus far based on different pop culture sources for pop culture magic (Equestrian Magi - Puzzle Script) The Script of the Equestrian Magi, the My Little Pony code, was a simple replacement code. Undertale Puzzle Script was a little more complex, incorporating anagrams and some symbolism. I wanted to make a Steven Universe script, but I wanted to make it look very visually unique and appealing for beautiful sigils and messages. 

I’ve based this “Gem Code” on the Diamond Authority emblem, constellations (for a race that travels between stars), and the touch-activated “finger screens.” This code does not only have a visual element, but a tactile one that can be used for activating the magic or casting invisible magic.

At it’s simplest, each letter has a location on the emblem and lines are traced between them, from letter to letter. As letters are repeated, or paths crossed over, the visual gets a little more complex, but hopefully understandable from the images.

 For the tactile code, the caster has a single print of the emblem, starts their finger on the first letter and traces the lines, pausing briefly at each letter. Letters that are repeated twice in a row are given an extra tap. 

In the visuals, new words in a sentience are stacked and interlocked with each other, and new sentences appear in a new line on the right. In the tactile code, a press of the entire palm against the center of the emblem is a “space” and a rapid, double press of the palm indicates a “period.” 

Here is an example of a full phrase written in Gem Code, and ready for magical use.

“Strong in the Real Way”- use to inspire confidence and strength of character. 

(Adding color the Diamond Authority logo and keeping the lines black can help make the lines and different words read easier.)

I am proud of how this came out! Feel free to use for magical, pagan, and fandom purposes. I’d be excited to see anything you create.

I found this thing online while looking up Trapiche-Emerald (which is what some ppl are speculating Centipeetle’s gem to be) then I drew a cute lil bby
except it looks p bad

anonymous asked:

Artie! I had this really cool dream that there was a two parter about jasper returning and that she turned out to be really nice! Instead of staying at the barn with peri and lapis the gems built her this wooden fort on the beach! She even had a little cat she found and then later saved it from a gem monster later in the episode. The best part about this was her attitude! She was like an over excited kid about everything new she saw/learned (which is why she loved the cat so much I guess lol)

ah, that sounds like a really neat dream!

We all know that Peridot’s regeneration is different to others gems’ regenerations.

And then appeared this funny headcanon about Peridot’s hair being part of his head. But in “Too short to ride” it was proved that it is actual hair.

I noticed that only because I always found that silly headcanon funny, but I asked myself: Why she had her hair when she was regenerating?

And later Peridot revealed more informtion about homeworld and about herself:

Ok, so now we know our Peridot doesn’t have powers like other gems (that isn’t true because now she has cool magnetic powers, but that is the idea). We know that she can’t shapeshifting. So maybe she can’t change her forme when she regenerates.

We know very little about the process of gem’s regenerations, but if new gems don’t have powers maybe they don’t have the hability to change his apparence every new regeneration.

And that would explain why Peridot steals Steven’s clothes, because “appearance modifiers that aren’t melded to your body” are the only way that Peridot can modified her look.


found this little gem on Amazon for a really amazing price and now I see why; this book is very well loved. there’s a lot of yellowing on the page edges. it shows its age and authenticity really well.

there’s already clean scans of this book floating around - but there’s something real nice about having it actually in my hands.

Back In Time


Peridot, being the mischievous little gem she is, had found her way into the depths of the temple. “surely there’s something good in here somewhere,” she spoke aloud to herself, confident that the gems would not return any time soon. She rummaged through piles of things she couldn’t name, giving them names like “moisture reducer” or “particle accelerator” in the place of napkin or microwave as she tossed them aside. “come on, come on, something? Anything?!” she complained as she found nothing worth while.
“Aha!” she exclaimed after a lot of digging, pulling out a small glowing box she couldn’t recognize. “Tech!” she bursted, “and something new! I wonder what it does?” she ran her fingers around the box before hitting a large button which sat on the back of the device. Suddenly, a Y shape inside the box began to glow, and the box began to scream, and so did peridot. “OH no, oh no, oh no, what happened, what is this?” she turned the box over in her hands, finding a label which read “Flux capacitor” before the world around her vanished.

Suddenly, there were gems everywhere. Running, screaming, fighting, peridot had no idea what was happening, or what to do. She dropped the box and ran screaming, running in circles, until she ran too far, and a very large gem stood over her.

Oh yeah, looking at my old picture folder, I found this little gem: For when you can’t find spares to fix your van’s AC!

Taken in Maracaibo a few years ago, I’ve seen like 10 vehicles like this around the city, mostly vans and minibuses, but with the scarcity of both spares for these types of ACs and car batteries, I doubt people still try to pull this off. 

anonymous asked:

(the-little-red-runt) There was a brief angered yell before Ed sends his automail fist right for the middle of Gemini's face, having found out the Hohenheim and him were dated struck a nerve.

Gem was quite used to aggression and moved back, swiftly grabbing the other’s automail fist, with his own prosthetic arm.

“Hello” Letting the other dangle. “How may I help you?”

SORRY SORRY i’mma keep talking about this a little bit because i combed through my messages and found all the dates/prices for my sprites

assuming a fluctuating gem price (anywhere from 1:600 to 1:700 if i remember the markets correctly) i’d estimate i spent around 16.5 mil treasure on 10 sprites.

i… can’t imagine starting the site these days and saying “yes. i want a full set of sprites.” and then discovering that you had to pay fucking like, probably around 25 mil for ten sprites? NOT TO MENTION the unbelievable 45kg/36 mil (hilariously over twice what i paid for the rest of the sprites combined) for the goddamn light sprite. it’s daunting to say the least.

fuck man i just think people who are touting bootstrap ideology, saying that newbies these days just don’t work hard enough, are getting dangerously close to gen x territory. like, shitting all over millenials for being lazy when times have Changed. the bar is higher these days! plain and simple!

anyway this made me feel better about the 27kg i have saved lmfao

EDIT: since i was curious, here’s what my spreadsheet would look like if i had decided today to start collecting sprites.

obviously AH prices aren’t the be-all end-all, but it’s still pretty amazing what the difference is