I found this little gem myself a few weeks ago. It’s great! I’m learning and memorizing my cards much easier now. It’s cute, fun, interactive, and it gives you practice readings after your daily lessons too. Beautifully put together, great lessons, and adorable characters! If you want to learn I highly suggest downloading this app and it’s tarot companion apps.

Today in Bizarro Land

I found this little gem today and didn’t even know where to begin. So I did what any non-confrontational millennial would do and screen capped this for posterity.

Uhh…adultery? What?

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But that’s not even the best part, “…quit insulting his honor.”

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Here’s a novel thought: people who are secure in their relationships are not threatened by romance novels.

Huge List of All Famous and Infamous Diamonds!

You may think this list seems familiar, and you’re correct, it is. I made the same list a very long while ago, but deleted the account that made the post. So, I decided to remake it here. 

I found this little “gem” on the web-The most complete list of diamonds I’ve ever found! Each name below is a link to everything about that diamond. You name it, it’s got it. If you use this, comment please because if it proves to be more useful than I thought, then more than likely I’ll make lists of gems that pertains to certain families, creating a very large resource pool for gems and information pertaining to gems. Even if you don’t use it, tell me what you think of the previously mentioned idea! I might put a page on my tumbler dedicated to resources and stuff like that.…

Hope this helps!

The Agra

The Ahmadabad

The Allnatt

The American Star

The Amsterdam

The Archduke Joseph

The Arcots

The Ashberg

The Beau Sancy

The Beluga

The Black Orlov

The Blue Empress

The Blue Heart (sometimes called the Eugénie Blue)

The Blue Lili

The Blue Magic

The Briolette of India

The Centenary

The Condé (Sometimes called the Condé Pink or Le Grand Condé)

The Cullinan

The Darya-i-Nur

The De Beers (and the recently rediscovered Patiala Necklace)

The DeYoung Red

The Dresden Green

The Earth Star

The Eureka

The Excelsior

The Florentine (replica cut by Scott Sucher)

The Golden Jubilee

The Golden Maharaja

The Graff Pink Surpeme

The Great Chrysanthemum

The Gruosi

The Heart of Eternity

The Hope

The Hortensia

The Idol’s Eye

The Incomparable

The Indore Pears

The Iranian Yellows

The Jonker

The Jubilee

The Kahn Canary

The Kimberley

The Koh-I-Noor

The Krupp

The La Favorite

The Millennium Star

The Mouawad Lilac

The Mouawad Magic

The Mouawad Mondera

The Mouawad Pink

The Mouawad Splendour

The Mouna

The Moussaieff Red (formerly known as the Red Shield)

The Nepal

The Niarchos

The Nur-Ul-Ain

The Orlov (sometimes spelled ‘Orloff’)

The Paragon

The Peacock

The Pink Orchid

The Pink Sun Rise

The Porges

The Porter Rhodes

The Portuguese

The Premier Rose

The President Vargas

The Pumpkin

The Queen of Holland

The Red Cross

The Regent

The Rob Red

The Royal Purple Heart

The Russian Crown Jewels (Includes the Shah Diamond - the Orlov was moved to its own section, see above)

The Sancy

The Sarah

The Shah Jahan Table Cut

The Shepard

The Spirit of de Grisogono

The Spoonmaker’s (also known as the Kasikci)

The Star of America

The Star of South Africa

The Star of the East

The Star of the Season

The Star of the South

The Steinmetz Pink

The Steinmetz Sirius

The Sultan of Morocco

The Supreme Purple Star

The Taj-I-Mah

The Taylor-Burton

The Tereschenko

The Tiffany Yellow

The Tiffany Yellow II

The Transvaal Blue

The Vainer Briolette

The Victoria (sometimes called the Jacob)

The Victoria-Transvaal

The Walska

The Wittelsbach

The Zale Light of Peace

Spoilers maybe?

I found this little gem while reading an interview with Eve Lindley, the actress who plays Frida on Outsiders. Not sure if anyone has shared it yet!

“I drive her to appointments.”

Yes to more Frida! Yes to Sally Ann actually going to an appointment! Yes to more Frida and Sally Ann together time!

third degree burns
  • [when you speak to Fenris in The Hanged Man while Anders is also in your party]
  • Fenris: Sour ale, vomit, and the smell of desperation.
  • Anders: And this is one of the better taverns around here.
  • Fenris: They let you in. It can't be that much better.

ebonigirlsimmer  asked:

Your pictures are AMAZING!! I know I probably said that before. ☺ Are you completely CC free?

AWE SHUCKS! Thanks. And yes dahling, I’m COMPLETLY CC-Free. 
Long story short, I purchased a new computer about a week-and-a-half ago. I can’t give all credit to that though. After pulling my hair out and reaching out to @pictureamoebae , she gave me so wonderful tips too.

I got frustrated because I noticed the screens were clearer on my site than on the dash. Of course, I wanted BOTH, and then…MAGIC happened. Over 24 hours of googling. I found this little gem: {PhotoURL-HighRes}.