list your 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

i was tagged by: @troybarncs

  • ian gallagher (shameless)
  • mariana adams foster (the fosters)
  • commander lexa (the 100
  • buffy summers (buffy the vampire slayer)
  • allison argent (teen wolf)
  • cosima niehaus (orphan black)
  • rebekah mikaelson (the vampire diaries)
  • amy raudenfeld (faking it)
  • ronan lynch (the raven cycle)
  • nathan young (misfits)

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The Founding Father’s as people you meet in college.
  • Washington:Your fun and lovable RA. Even when he documents you for being too loud you can't help but talk about how great he is, especially when your last RA sucked.
  • Adams:The guy on your floor who doesn't seem to have fun. The only time he speaks is to complain to your RA. Complains a lot about a lack of floor events but then doesn't go to them.
  • Jefferson:The freshmen who is not handling the change well. Sleeps all day and misses classes because of "headaches" but is really just too sad to go anywhere. Tells his friends he isn't hungry but then eats four things of easy mac just because he just didn't want to go out.
  • Madison:The guy in your public speaking class who writes excellent speeches, but has a stutter. Misses class all the time because he is sick but still somehow gets a higher grade than you.
  • Hamilton:Your friend who won't stop calling you out. You love them, you hate them, and you also fear them. Just when you're about to call them out, they drag themselves and you feel bad about wanting to drag them before.
  • Franklin:The lovable pot head in your building who looks stoned even when he isn't stoned. Sweetest kid you'll ever meet. Invents different types of sandwiches (usually while high) and they're usually surprisingly good.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me this semester, you all motivate me so much!  (Sorry if I accidentally missed anybody!)



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anonymous asked:

mom, I can't sleep. will you tell me a bedtime story pls?

“It was a crisp winter’s night in London, England. It was that particular time in late January where there was no longer any frost, but simply biting cold air in what felt like a completely empty atmosphere. Dan Howell was walking down the road, his tall black silhouette cast shadows from the artificial amber glow-” what do you mean the urge by dan howell isn’t a bedtime story

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       guys wa i t  

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   Holy… I don’t even know where to begin here. This is… This is a huge surprise for me. I won’t lie, Fuli was a very impulsive muse that I created this blog for literally the morning after Return of the Roar first premiered due to a dream I had afterwards about creating her blog. While I enjoyed her character, I never thought I would actually KEEP her as a muse because she was so impulsive, and to be honest, I did NOT like Return of the Roar when I first watched it. Like, I thought I would give up perhaps a week or two in because of that. But the responses I have received from all of you have been incredible. My daughter and I have received so much love from the fandom and others in the RP community. To have reached so many followers in these first few months, while some might not consider it much, it’s a blessing to me. I can never thank you all enough for this honor.

    Now, without further ado, I’d like to give some special shout-outs to the people who have helped make my time on this blog so amazing!

                                  🐾   The Lion Guard!   🐾

            (The People I talk to and RP with the most, be it here or other accounts)

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    I think that’s everyone!!! Go love on all of these lovely people because each and every one of them deserve it!!! <3

INTP–ISTP That is NOT Lab Procedure!

ISTP: Wait, INTP, so, these things that we’re doing the experiment today…

INTP: Yes.

ISTP: Aren’t they dangerous?

ISTP: We literally just read right here that this stuff was really harmful to everyone a few years ago, and now we’re just doing a casual lab with it? Why would we do that I don’t get it.

INTP: Well, the only reason it was dangerous is because people were unknowingly directly interacting with it. Skin contact, drinking it, that kind of thing.

INTP: And drinking it isn’t part of our lab.

ISTP: Pfft, says you.

ISTP: I’ll drink it if I want, you can’t stop me.

INTP: omfg ISTP, if you willingly drink the toxins that we’re using when you were specifically asked not to, and you die, I will not feel bad for you.


ISTP: Dude it’s fine, don’t worry.

ISTP: It’s just algae.

ISTP: Blue-green algae, see it’s like

INTP: Oh my god.

INTP & ISTP: A flavour.