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could you write a soft morning short reddie fic pls??? xx

richie wakes up with a freezing cold nose stuffed into his armpit. little hands knotted in fists are nestled into his side and when he turns his head, he gets a nose full of hair. the clock next to the bed blinks 7:30. richie scoots away from eddie in the bed, careful not to roll onto eddie’s small hands that sleepily reach for him, and when he climbs out of bed, eddie makes a tiny snuffling noise, a whimper, and then one eye cracks open.

“richie,” he says, his voice scratchy and sleep worn and richie smiles softly at the little bundle under the covers. eddie sticks one hand out of the covers and waves it around, his eyes scrunched shut against the weak light that filters in through the blinds.

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The First Love Scene

Warnings: semi smut, Jared. 

  You kissed along Jensen’s chest, tasting the saltiness that came with the thin layer of sweat covering his body. His hands bruised against your arms as he threw his head back against the pillow. You smiled against his skin, knowing that he was looking forward to this scene with you. It was your first love scene together, and it helped you both insanely since you were best friends. This kind of thing was a lot more comfortable with someone you knew and worked well with. 

  You moved back up his chest, your lips meeting his in a passionate kiss. You tried your hardest not to graze your tongue over his as you did. Just like you tried your hardest to ignore the way his hands felt on your waist. 

  Jensen rolled you over, his body landing right on top of yours as he dipped his head down to pull your lips into a fiery kiss that took your breath away and kept you wanting more. He was pressed right between your legs, positioned right where your body needed him the most. 

  You chalked it up to the fact that you hadn’t had any action in months. 

  Nothing more

  “Ackles is getting it on!” Jared shouted, pulling you both from the obvious trance you were both in. Jensen’s chest pressed to your very exposed one in hopes of blocking it from Jared. 

  “CUT!” the director called out, frustration very apparent in his voice.

  “Seriously Jared,” Jensen called out, trying to refrain from laughing. “You okay?” he whispered down to you, concern laced in his expression.

  “Yeah. Thanks to you,” you giggled. “Hey Jared, you know porn is a thing too right? A normal person watches porn, not his two best friends getting it on.”

  Jensen burst into laughter, burying his head in the crook of your neck. Jared’s jaw dropped, going completely speechless. You couldn’t help but laugh yourself, partially because Jensen’s laugh was so contagious. 

  “Jared, off the set. Go get your perv on somewhere else,” the director pointed at him.

  “What! I wasn’t even-” he chuckled, pointing over to the two of you on the bed.

  “Jared, if you wanted to see my boobs all you had to do was ask!” 

Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 12}

Word Count: 3,534

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: Y’all’s comments give me life. Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy. :)

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Three weeks ago.

He was on the edge, his heart racing, his body covered in sweat as it slid lovingly along hers. He hadn’t felt that way in a long time, hadn’t felt the rush, the adrenaline, the bliss from making love to a beautiful woman that he truly cared about.

His hips thrust into hers a final time, as she called out his name, as a broken moan tumbled out of his own lips.

Something didn’t feel right, though. In a panic, he pulled out.

But he was too late.

It had broken.

“What happened?” she asked, her drunken eyes becoming clearer with every minute.

He shook his head, as realization shone in her eyes.

“Shit,” she mumbled.

“Sorry,” he whispered, although it wasn’t his fault, with a curse of his own.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds in tense silence before she grabbed him by his face, and shoved her lips against his, again.

Damn the whiskey.



It had been three weeks. It had been three weeks since they had slept together for the first time, had been three weeks since Azriel had confessed his love to Elain.

He didn’t feel like it was real.

He felt like he was living in a dream.

Even now, as they lied together in his apartment, her eyes still closed, her breathing even. She was beautiful. In every sense of the word.

She was exhausted. She had a long week at the boutique, and although he had come to help after work when he could, she was doing most of the work herself.

He admired her for that. And for a hundred other things.

Careful not to wake her, Azriel swung his legs over the side of his mattress and strutted toward the bathroom. After a scolding shower, he tied his towel around his waist and made way to the kitchen.

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let me be yours | | jjk

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Jeon JUNGKOOK | | let me be yours 

fluff, angst | jungkook x you, mentions of taehyung 

best friends!au

&&- Drabble 

 - “Just let me be yours.” 

“Aish… are you really that short?” Jungkook exclaims with a smirk on his face. He takes a step back from his bed, finding it hard not to laugh at the sight of his best friend trying to reach the lighting fixture.

Y/N frowns, holding the light bulb in her hand with a look of disapproval. “I’m almost the same height as Jimin.” You exaggerate, you had not been extremely close in height, but the shortest in Bangtan was the easiest justifcation for yourheart.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, climbing on the bed to stand up. “What’s your point, small fry?” He ruffles your hair with a laugh as he takes the lightbulb from your hand. You stare at him quietly for a moment and he merely smirks at you before looking away. He hopes you don’t know the pink flush on his cheeks. You do.

“I’m not that small. It’s not my fault you’re freakishly tall. You know, technically, you’re more of a product of evolution than I am. That means that you’re not as special as you ought to be.” you looks at him with an I-told-you-so expression on her face.Jungkook laughs, opting to roll his eyes at you in response. “Whatever that means, know-it-all.” He flicks her forehead with a laugh before reaching up to change the light. His hands are roughly two inches shy and Y/N can’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

“Looks like you can’t get it either, small fry.” you wink at him with a laugh.

Jungkook presses his tongue against his cheek before he giggles softly. “You won’t be saying that when I successfully change this lightbulb.” He pauses to wrap her arms around his waist. “Don’t make me fall or PD-nim will sue you for your retirement savings.”

“Of course not,” Y/N sarcastically replies with a laugh as you hold his waist tighter so he wouldn’t fall.

Jungkook chuckles to himself as he looks up, reaching and successfully unscrewing the first lightbulb. He passes her the non-functional one before quickly changing the other one. He gets on his tiptoes before he teeters off to the side.

“Oof!” Y/N groans as you fall on her back. Jungkook follows you through your fall since you had been holding him. As though an instinct, he wraps his arms around her head, as though protecting her.

The two pause, realizing they had only fallen onto Jungkook’s bed and not the floor and burst into laughter.

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed because of something so dumb.” Jungkook admits with a laugh as he lingers over you. You can see the way his pupils dilate as he stares down at you. He notices you were currently covering your face, hiding your smile as you laugh.

“Me either.” you reply with a giggle as your eyes finally met Jungkook’s.

Although Y/N kept laughing, Jungkook had stopped. He couldn’t get over how happy you looked. He wanted to memorize the way your eyes crinkled up and how annoying your laugh (but really entertaining) was. He stares into your eyes - did you feel what he was feeling?

“J-Jungkook?” you ask in between laughter as you stare up at him. You find it hard to focus on just one aspect of him, so you decide to take in all of him… you couldn’t remember the last time you saw him like this. Had it been last when you visited him for Chuseok? Or had it been the day of the bonfire from all those years ago? You couldn’t remember.

Jungkook stares down at you before hesitantly licking his lips. “Don’t say anything… just stay like this, okay?” he lingers over her with a nervous smile on his face. He had never been this close to a girl, ever. Sure, there had been his his stylists, but he would never change the notion of idol and stylist. They were already spoken for… but  Y/N? You weren’t anybody’s and that incited him.

“Jungkook…?” you asks, blinking up at him. Your voice shakes a little because you know this feeling.

Jungkook leans a little closer to you. His nose is barely skimming yours and he swears you can hear his heartbeat. Was he really doing this? “I-I don’t know what comes next.” He stammers.

“I don’t know either.” You whisper, trying to keep your voice level. You could tell Jungkook was nervous and that last thing you wanted was to do something either of them wouldn’t do if it had been another time. “Jungkook… what are we doing?”

Jungkook laughs softly - but his laughter is forced because oh my god, how could you not see what you were doing to him? “…I really want to kiss you… but I’m scared about what would happen if I do.”

“What..?” you ask, blinking.

He darkly chuckles at you, “Aigoo… what are you doing to me, Y/N-ah?”

“I-I don’t know,” Y/N replies, losing your resolve of being calm. How could you not when he looked at you like that? No one had ever looked at you like Jungkook had and you didn’t know how to feel about that… was this how it was supposed to feel? Love?

Jungkook steals a glance at your lips before deeply inhaling. “Aigoo…” He bluyous so hard that his nose is tinted slightly pink.

“Taehyung just rejected me…” Your voice is small and Jungkook fights the urge to reassure you that it had been three weeks since his hyung had rejected you that it had been three weeks of Jungkook trying to piece your heart back together. Three weeks since Jungkook made it his mission for you to see him as a man; and more importantly, a man for you.

“I don’t care… it’s his loss.” Jungkook hastily replies without thought. “… but let’s not talk about him, okay?” He opts to move to the side of you because god, how could he even think when you looked up at him like that? … Was that what Taehyung saw?

Y/N turns to face him. you chew on your lip before smiling at him. “Okay.”

“God, you say you’re  okay.” Jungkook says and you laughs softly at his words.

“You’re cute, Jungkookie.” you giggles softly as you reaches up to ruffle his hair. you yawns, rubbing her eyes. “I’m a little tired…” you yawns once more and so does Jungkook.

“Yawning’s contagious.” He blurts, and he blurts this because he has nothing else to say. How could someone be so adorable? The question burdens the both of them.  

Jungkook practically melts into your touch as he shifts so he can move closer to you. “Do you think you’ll be over hyung in time?” His voice is quiet. Though, he notes how your hand doesn’t go limp in his hair. Was that a good sign?

“I don’t think so…. I liked him a lot.” You admit with an equally small voice before you look at Jungkook. “But some crushes… no matter how beautiful they are, they have to be let go.”

Jungkook feels his heart jump at your words. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know…. but I think it’s better not to.” you admit and Jungkook laughs softly.

“You’re so confusing.” He opts to take your hand in his and he brings it to his lips. He leaves a chaste kiss on the back of it.

You smile, “The best people are.” you yawn once more. “I’m sleepy…” you rubs your arm as you stare back at Jungkook. You can see the hints of amber in his eyes. Were his eyes always so beautiful?

“You can sleep here,” Jungkook tells you with a soft laugh. He nervously puts his hand on the small of your back and you notice his nervousness. You wiggles your brows and he laughs at the simple actions. His nerves were flaring. “Is it that obvious?”

Y/N  giggles softly before you nod, “I think it’s cute.” You smile at him lopsidedly.

“Can we cuddle? I’ll be the big spoon.” Jungkook says with a hint of stars in his eyes.

The sentence makes a frown pull on Y/N’s mouth, and Jungkook notices; because of course he would always notice. “Okay,” you replies in a small voice before you smile at him. You roll over into his arms. “This is harmless, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” Jungkook stutters, feeling his cheeks flush. He decides to ignore soft her tummy is. Was that perverted? He didn’t know why, but it felt hypersensitive at the moment. He wraps his right arm around you loosely before pulling you close. He lets out a shaky breath and you have to bite your hand to keep from giggling.

“You’re so shy, it’s adorable.” you whisper as you take his arm and lightly bite on it. You blows a raspberry against his skin and Jungkook feels his cheeks flush more.

Jesus, he thinks to himself.

“Huh?” You ask with a tired voice as you take his fingers and entwines them with yours.

Aish, he thinks to himself. He must have said it aloud.

“Nothing…” Jungkook states with a blush on his cheeks. “Can we just stay like this forever?”

“Forever?” Your voice cuts in and Jungkook swears he has heard the voice of an angel. “Now, maybe.” You joke before Jungkook leans over to flick your forehead. “Of course…”

He closes his eyes and Jungkook’s grip around your waist tightens over so slightly. His heart thuds in his chest and he holds his breath, wondering if he should ask. “Y-Y/N.” He stammers out.

“Yes?” you ask, feeling your eyelids go heavy in Jungkook’s warm embrace.

He swallows deeply and his breath tickles your ear. “If I …. ever came to you…. please don’t push me away.” His voice is shaky and you feel your heart skip a beat at his words. “Please tell me that I can be yours…”

You swallow because you heard every word that he spoke. You feign sleep, hoping that you could push this conversation to another day. Because what Jungkook was asking you was far more than what the last fifteen years of your friendship ever entailed.

“I want to be your laughter and your sighs. I want to be who you pour your heart into at late night phone calls at two in the morning. I want to be the one you need a hug from when exams don’t go your way or the people at work push you to your wit’s end. I want to be your butterfly, I long for nothing more but to flyfor you  and be  everything that you ever wanted… I’d do all of this for you because you are all that I’ve ever needed.” Jungkook’s voice is shaky as he puyous a strand of hair from your cheek tenderly.

You can see that he is awaiting your answer.

You can almost feel the love that radiates through him to you. You know that look because that same look was you had when you looked at Kim Taehyung.

What would you say?

Imagine working out with Tom

  • You asking tom to help you stretch your hips
  • Wearing itty bitty shorts that come up when he pushes on your leg
  • Making a soft moan when your hip stretches and tom can’t help it
  • Tom watching you from behind as you do squats
  • Watching him do pull ups without a shirt and him watching you the whole time.
  • Being the only ones at the gym late at night
  • Tom coming up behind you and grabbing your hands, playfully telling you to break free.
  • Moving and pushing against Tom’s body to get free before giving up and purposely grinding against him
  • Listening to him groan how that’s not getting free
  • Being lifted up over his shoulder and being taken to the gymnastic mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and play fighting with you.
  • Putting your legs around his hip and moving up into him.
  • Tom grabbing your ass with one hand while you continue to grind into him
  • When toms distracted you flip him over and pin him down. Laughing and smiling at his shocked face.
  • Tom going from laughing to silent before taking your face in his hands and kissing you hard.
  • His tongue is in your mouth, his hands are already pulling off your tank top and sports bra
  • Rubbing yourself on Toms hard bulge
  • Tom groaning and ready to pull off your shirt and bra before stopping.
  • Tom looking up at the security camera that’s focused on the mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and telling you he can’t let any one else see his girl like this, before picking you up onto your feet and throwing you over his shoulder.
  • The whole ride home his hands are in your lap, brushing your clit over your shorts
  • Tom getting you home and carrying you up into the room before tossing you on the bed and pulling off his clothes.
  • Pinning you down fully clothed, Tom kissing you while you play fight for dominance.
  • Managing to push tom on his back and stripping off your top and bra, taking toms hands to your chests.
  • His fingers brushing your nipples, earning a groan from you
  • Tom groaning for more
  • Losing yourself in the feeling and not realizing you lost control of him
  • Grabbing your hips hard and being pushed into the mattress, Tom pulls off your shorts and panties and quickly positions himself between your folds
  • Moaning as he teases your clit with the tip of his cock
  • Begging tom to take you, to fuck you hard
  • Tom groans and pushes in hard and deep, not giving you time to adjust to his cock inside you before he pulls out and flips you over so your ass is in the air but your face is pressed into the bed.
  • Getting fucked from behind while tom spanks your ass hard and grips your hips.
  • Tom rubbing your clit as he fucks you, telling you things like :
  • “Fuck, darling, you feel so good” or “c'mon on angel, cum for me. Cum on my cock”
  • Cumming hard on Toms cock and feeling him pull out and cum on your ass
  • Taking a hot shower where tom holds you the entire time and rubs out your sore muscles
  • Tom kissing your neck as he dries you off, telling you what a great work out partner you are.
  • Joking with him and asking him if this is what his workout routine is like with Harrison
  • Tom not getting the joke and seriously answering that he and Harrison are much harder in the gym together
  • bursting out laughing and asking tom if he cums on Harrison’s ass to
  • Tom mimicing you before taking your towel away and refusing to let you get dressed.
  • Naked wrestling with tom for your underwear
  • Ending up under tom, both of you naked, making out lazily while he fingers you.
  • Stroking his cock slowly while you make out like teenagers in high school
  • Tom building your second orgasm and cooing you to cum for him
  • Tom kissing down your body, licking your clit and making you cum, his tongue still inside of you
  • Tom laying next to you afterwards, your head on his chest while you tease the tip of his cock. His eyes closed but hearing silent groans of pleasure.
  • Tom taking your hand and kissing it before placing it under his own on his chest and telling you to stay with him for the night.
  • Kissing toms face, whispering that you couldn’t be anywhere else right now.
  • Watching tom Holland fall asleep, happy and sated from being with you
  • Falling asleep to his heart beat.
Moxiety: We’ll Physically Fight You!

Hey guys! This was a fic that my friend, @cefstickles, who kindly requested this fic when I asked them to! I really hope you like this! And to everyone else who read this fic, I really hope you love it too! So, please enjoy!

“P-Patton! This is r-ridiculous! N-nohooho! N-not there! Patton!” Hearing the screaming all the way from his room, Virgil quickly sat up in his bed, and threw his headphones off. The scream sounded like Logan’s…but what did Patton have to do with it. Swallowing the nervous lump in his throat, Virgil played with the strings of his patchwork hoodie sleeves anxiously, before making his way towards his room’s door. Opening it slowly, the Anxious side listened as the desperate and hysterical screaming got worse as it had nothing to block it from his ears. Glancing around as he stepped out, Virgil peered at Roman’s door, and noticed it was closed. He had to be on one of his adventures or something, so he couldn’t help this time. Jumping in fright as yet another hysterical scream echoed around the mindscape, Virgil moved towards the stairs, and slowly walked down to see a sight he never thought he would see before. “Nohohoho! P-pleheheease! Patton! I-I’ll get you b-back! S-stop!”

           Sliding down more to get a better look, Virgil watched in shock as Patton had Logan pinned on his back while the Moral side sat on the Logical side’s thighs, and was squeezing his hips while scribbling his fingers over Logan’s stomach. Blinking, Virgil honed in on Logan, and noticed how his glasses were askew, and his shirt was pulled out of his pants as Patton scratched at his navel. Hearing the stairs creak, Patton glanced up with that bright smile of his as Logan reached out for Virgil now that he noticed him. Staring at Logan in the eyes apologetically, Virgil gazed at Patton as the Moral side scratched at the other’s open armpits, making Logan lower his arms, squeezing them to his sides as more scratchy, and unused laughter left his unfamiliar smiling mouth.

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🍷you know the picture where mitch and harry are just chilling on the sofa with their gowns on?! i could just imagine them sitting there with a nice glass of wine, a romcom playing on the tv, so when the missus comes home she's just standing there hands on her hips because the evening was meant to be her and harry's pamper night but harry ditched her and asked mitch instead because she took so long to get home 🙈😂❤️ xx.

“You know, I didn’t expect your side piece to be here when I arrived home, Harry. At least have the decency to kick them out before I walk through the front door so I don’t catch you in the act,” she teases from the living room doorway, eyes diverting between the two heads of brown hair peeking from over the back of the sofa as she kicked off her shoes and let them fall, haphazardly, next to his boots. “Is that the good bottle of wine we kept in the cupboard?”

She steps into the room and it becomes clear that the both of them are clad in thick and fluffy and white dressing gowns, feet kicked up and resting as they nursed wine glasses in their hands. The screw-on lid sitting on the coffee table beside the green bottle holding the red substance that had stained their lips a darker shade of pink and turned their teeth a deep purple.

“What happened to our pamper night, mister?”

“Told me you were gon’a be late when you left this morning. Haven’t exactly had a proper pamper night. Can’t do tha’ without you because you know how to do it, just right. Just drank the wine from the cupboard and gossiped with Mitch about stuff. Watched a bit of a rom-com but, surprisingly, that got too boring,” Harry cranes his neck to look over his shoulder, sending his wife a smile as she stands there, arms bent with her hands propped on her hips as she looks before the scene in front of her, “feel free to grab a glass and join us, my darling. We could use a lady present.”

Mitch shakes his head and sets his empty wine glass down on the coffee table, upon the coaster already decorated with ring marks from previous glasses that had rested upon that same piece of patterned wood. Standing to his feet and slipping them back into the shoes he’d worn there. Shrugging off the white dressing gown and draping it over the arm of the sofa.

“Feel free to take my place here. I’ve got to get goin’ anyway. Sarah wanted me to take her out for dinner, so, I can’t get too mullered,” he smiles, leaning down to press a kiss to her cheek, “he’s been chattin’ my ear off so you’ll be doin’ me some good in getting me away. Not sure how long I can spend listening to his monotonous voice.”

“Hey,” Harry whines, a look of fake hurt written over his features as his lips still sport a smile, “v’only been tellin’ him about what we had planned before you told me you’d be late home. There was minimal chat since Mitch barely speaks.”

“And I’m pretty sure he was going to start a pedicure on me if you hadn’t have shown up when you did,” Mitch smirks as he flipped Harry the middle finger, squeezing her shoulder as he passed by, disappearing into the hallway and grabbing the jacket he’d hung up, upon his arrival earlier that afternoon, “let’s just say, there is no one in the world who would go near his feet during a pedicure. Except you, of course, babe. Because you married him and that means his feet come with him. Unfortunately.”

“Hey, mister, leave my husband’s abnormally gigantic feet alone or else you can’t come around and drink our wine anymore.” xx


Summary:  “What’s wrong?” Logan asked.
“You know what ‘wrong’ means,” Patton said, forcing on a grin and shooting out finger guns.
Logan looked unamused. “Patton, why are you such a hypocrite?”
Oh God, that hurt more than anything.


Patton tries not to lie, but-

Word Count: 921

Part of the Human!AU University!AU series. :)

Pairings: Platonic logicality

Warnings: Patton is Sad and that’s very upsetting dhfjvd

Tag List (Want added or removed? Message me. ^_^) @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides  @choco-latte-timtams @overly-analogical @parkersanders @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @cattonsanders @kittyboof8  @but-jesuschrist-im-never-good @walrus-flail @angelpatton @emo-space-trash  @pointless-blog-name @marshughes @wentzdayz @pantasticpanini @a-fander-has-got-slay  @helpaca @fandomsandanythingelse @anxious-but-whatever @de-is-me @justanotherpurplebutterfly @andy-the-anon @gayfagg @doggo-fiends-on-a-spaceship @missa-fawn

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loving you {leaves me hurt}

A/N You should probably listen to Drive by Oh Wonder to clue in even earlier about Logan and Roman’s positions in this fic. Also, I really like this one.

Pairing: background/mentioned moxiety, one-sided royality, one-sided logince

Genre: angst, some hurt/comfort (but mostly angst. even when there’s comforting there’s underlying angst whoops.)

Word Count: 1640

Warnings: putting self in dangerous situations, swearing, crying… ANGST


Roman can’t understand why Logan cares because he thinks he hates him. Logan doesn’t disagree, but he also doesn’t leave. 

Roman blindly grabs a blade from his collection and lets his room fade into a training arena. Opposite him is a straw dummy, held together with strings and rags. With a snap of his fingers, music starts blaring, and he charges at the object.

He swings his sword with no precision and little care, letting his hurt fuel his rage which in turn fuels his strikes, effectively destroying his creation in mere moments. He waves a hand and it resets, and he goes at it again, relishing in the tearing sound the rags make and the clang of the sword against the metal pole holding up the dummy. The jarring pain of his arms whenever this happens gives Roman something tangible to focus on, and he finds himself hitting the pole more. He can’t distinguish whether or not he’s doing it on purpose, but it doesn’t matter, because the dummy is unrecognisable again.

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after watching all their interviews from bbmas and all the new ones from these days, i noticed that jungkook always gives the funniest answers without intention lmao. he just answers honestly in his own way, but he has something that he always makes everything he says so funny hahaha.

yeah, he’s naturally silly cute. He isn’t loud at all, but when he speaks, it’s really memorable cos he whether says smth funny or acts like that lol

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“You’re the most important person in my life.” Logan to Roman? Emotional Logan :0

Summary: Roman thinks Logan is trying to break up with him by letting him down gently, it’s quite the opposite really. 

Warnings: icky things called emotions (none really)

Word count: 820

Tag list: (ask to be added or removed) @tssanderssidestrash @hanramz-the-fander @alwaysmy-lilith

It had been around four days. Well, four nights that Roman had spent alone and he’s sick of it. He knew dating Logan wouldn’t be a breeze, they had their differences and disagreements but now it was almost smooth sailing. Until Logan withdrew himself. He shut himself in his room for days, not spoken to him either. Roman deduces this can only mean one thing… he’s going to break up with him.

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