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My Top 10 (+1) Favorite Underrated Daisy Moments

#birthdayfordaisy2 Day 1 - canon:

Agents of SHIELD is Daisy Johnson’s origin story, and as such is full of big, iconic moments of Daisy being a flawless hero, from headbutting Nazis to shooting herself to avoid harm to the team. But there are also a million little, lowkey moments that show Daisy’s compassion, intelligence, empathy, vulnerability and morals just as well. Here’s some of my favorites: 

1. “Spacetime” is such an ode to the flawlessness of Daisy Johnson, with so many amazing big moments that it’s easy to miss the smaller ones. I love this one because it’s so Daisy, it speak volumes about her stunning empathy and her instinct to put others before her. Here Daisy knows that if she touches Charles she will receive a horrific, painful vision of someone dying, and that she will not be able to stop it from becoming true. It had happened to her before and it’s horrifying. But she can’t help but reach out and touch Charles, to comfort him in his dying moments and try to reassure him that she will keep her promise of protecting his daughter. That’s who Daisy is, she just can’t help it.

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