Daisy on Rey’s Parentage

I swear, this is how every interview with Daisy goes: 

Press: “Who are your parents?”

Daisy: “Well, you see, the truly amazing thing about Rey is that she comes from nowhere and finds her own family. You could say that’s the fundamental message behind my character—“

Press: “Yes, however, the identity if your parents would be—?”

Daisy: “Rey and Finn are strangers who come from nothing and who become family, because family is who you choose.”

Press: “And so your last name is…?”

Daisy: “You can choose to love people and bring them into your home and make a life with people who have no blood relation to you.“ 

Press: “B-but everybody wants to know—“

Daisy: “This movie—The Last Jedi—is very much about progress. The future is what matters. You can be told the answer is not in looking back.”

Press: “… So Luke is your father?”


Recently one thing that Daisy has been doing is emphasizing how happy she is to be a woman in Star Wars and she’s doing it in answer to questions about Rey’s parentage and mentioning over and over again how surprised she is that that’s what people came away from the film with.

Can you imagine being the first female Force heroine in the Star Wars saga and having the thing the media is most obsessed with is who’s sperm you sprouted from? Also, why has fandom, including female dominated areas, often allowed this to go unchallenged?


I started thinking the other day about holidays in the Wasteland and Commonwealth. In 4 they really only decorated Halloween and Christmas. I guess because there is not a lot to be thankful for. 

Then I could see Johan and Valentina inviting Vaultec Rep, Daisy, and yes Nick over for a little supper to talk about old times and share stories with each other. While Nick is not “really’ Pre-War, his memories are and those are a part of him.

Sorry for my rushed work and shitty lines, I was in a sketchy mood when the power went out and my little 2 in 1 tablet is not meant for drawing.

Johan belongs to @helloaschefire , @thefrostyshepard I would have Rosalind in, but her story is still being written! She has a place saved any time. <3 


Fanart for @koizumi-marichan Book Of Life AU! I just love this AU so much I couldn’t resist drawing it! Plus I added in Huey, Dewey and Louie in there as I feel it’ll be possible to add them in their in the AU somewhere ^^;

I can imagine when Donald goes to the land of the remembered not only does he meet his mother he also meets his ancestors at he McDuck Clan (maybe also Della?)

I decided to use @modmad’s Gladstone as Joaquin, I hope you don’t mind!