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I really feel sorry for Daisy and JJ. Looking back at the Ellen interview, I think she was really excited at the prospect of introducing a romance where the heroine is involved and empowered by redeeming the tragic villain and makes them both equals. I think this is the same for JJ and to have people - espically the hardcore fanboys - dismiss it as "abuse" and "incest" is really insulting to and sad for them.

I can definitely sense that Daisy is frustrated by what people seem to have taken away from TFA, and I’m totally with her there. She put a lot of effort into delivering an emotional and likeable performance, and all anyone can talk about is who her mum and dad are! If I were in her shoes, I’d be annoyed too. There obviously was meant to be an element of mystery, but I doubt Daisy or J.J. wanted the mystery to wind up being the whole sum of the conversation about Rey, which is what ended up happening. 

With that said, Daisy has mentioned Reylo before, and her comments suggest that she’s pleased to see that it’s provoking interesting and thoughtful conversations/discussions:

these 12-, 13-year-old girls and boys are having these really interesting conversations about abuse and manipulation and chemistry and connection. So it’s actually kind of eye-opening. I don’t think at that age I would’ve thought so deeply about something like that. So to see kids have conversations like that I think is really cool, regardless of where it ends up it’s the conversation that’s really interesting.

It’s very much a politician’s answer in that she doesn’t take sides, but I don’t think she or J.J. are going to be sad that these conversations are happening - they must have been aware of the controversy that would be attached to the dynamic when they were conceptualising it and filming the relevant scenes.

I am, however, sure that Daisy would be appalled by the bullying and nastiness that has been on show (which hasn’t been exclusive to antis, btw) and the arguments that present Reylo as if it’s some entirely abhorrent and disgusting that people should be personally ashamed of being drawn to. She has always been very polite and encouraging to shippers of all stripes (including Reylos), so she’s clearly supportive of fans who choose to engage with TFA in that way - and that’s a wonderful thing.