When we first meet Kylo, he is coming out of light background of his ship into darkness of Jakku. That indicates Kylo’s Light origins but living in the Dark.

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When we first see Rey and she’s doing her scavenger stuff she’s in the dark but coming out into light, could this indicate Dark origins for Rey, but living in the Light?

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Anita’s stomach executes a slow, sickening somersault. There’s a noise between her ears that’s like crackling cellophane. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shut up, shut up, shut up. She needs more pills, she needs more booze, she needs more Austin. What she doesn’t need is anyone’s pity. Screw them. Screw Jim. He can rot in hell. Mothefucker!
Anita: Motherfucker.
It’s okay. She’s still the grieving widow. Except now she’s also the irate, incandescent, venom-spitting grieving widow.
Edward: I’m so sorry, Anita. I don’t understand why Dad would have done this-
Saffron: Yeah. What did you do, Mum? You must have pissed him off real bad.
Anita leaps to her feet. Saffron is gasping and giggling at her own audacity. She lets out a mock shriek.
Saffron: I’m sorry Mum! I’m sorry!
Mr. Fowler: Please sit down, Mrs. Aitken.

Bedi and the Fladawan

Started this after the release of the Justice League trailer/pic (Well a few weeks after)
Been chipping away at it week after week. Every here and there. Obviously its based on that
image of Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley.

Just having fun with the idea of Bruce and Barry. A sort of Father/Son Big Brother/Little Brother relationship
between the two.

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  • me, at labour conference:wow the atmosphere is so positive and forward looking, the vast majority of people very reasonable, free food, likeminded, friendly,
  • bbc report of conference:can labour survive this Vicious Civil War or will it Tear itself apart??? Jeremy Corbyn has said unspecified Things but will he ever be prime minister?? We don't think so. Here's an entire daily mail article read out on bbc radio.