I just remembered now, how Nico di Angelo was the only one of the main characters from hoo who stayed at chb, and how flippin happy it makes me, that he found other friends he chose by himself, got a boyfriend and is in the healthiest, nicest, gay relationship with him, where they seem to equally complement each other. my son is now happier than ever and calls his bf his ‘significant annoyance’.
I can rest in peace

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C-can I ask for a cute Saitama saying "I...I love you!" looking up? (Please, forgive my english.) I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU DRAW HIM!!! Love you!!! I'm baking you a delicious chocolate cake for y'a! *\(^o^)/*

OMG! You offered me a FOOD! A chocolate CAKE! NGGHH~ YES! You have my heart now. :D

Leave Bambam alone, i think he gets it! You aren't doing any better in leaving him death threats and calling him bad words

You can’t do good by doing something bad. Please just leave him, i understand he did wrong. I’m sure he understands and like always he will apologize. Please.