Corgi tackle!


I fucking managed to do this… fck sleep, this is more important -.-

Page 23


ROAR. Fck this fckng laptop. My usual shitty device is at the pc doc and will cost me a ton of money. Like rlly, it’s absurd. It was about 5 months ago at the doc of the producer for a guarantee repair and what did it help? Nothing. The fucking hard disk crashed once again. This shit is really not reliable at all. My old laptop is tons tougher than my usual one. But since its so old it tends to shut down for no reason and honestly I didn’t care much. I’ve worked a lot on it and it allowed me to make another page of Sympathy.
Thank you so much for being reliable old husband *bows deeply* maybe it was a shitty idea to get a newer version of you ~_~

Whatever. Here’s the new page! Since I tested out my early xmas gift the page might look a lil’ different (alone to the fact hat this laptop has a smaller resolution than my other one)

Puppy… you sure have ballz. (And I’m too tired to comment more… maybe tomorrow… love you cookies..)


((possibly loud))