Imagine Hela got banished from Asgard not for her violent excesses but for pacifism, which Odin considered unworthy of the Asgardian ideal. She’s lived on Midgard for centuries with a modicum of magic that her father considered harmless and the company of her dog, who he shrank into lapdop for convenience.
When Loki tries to take over the realm, she intervenes by non-violent means, hiding his staff. Loki tries to convert her to his cause but she is strangely resilient. She tells him he reminds her of Odin and he is horrified, so they sabotage to Chitauri invasion together. Hela later declines to join the Avengers due to her convictions.

Using art to highlight our connection to national marine sanctuaries

By Andrea Fisher

This summer I snorkeled in a kelp forest, went tidepooling with marine researchers, had coffee with a recreational angler, learned from a Chumash weaver, and painted. While not your typical summer graduate school internship, these experiences were part of my quest to better understand – and share – the various ways individuals and groups connect with national marine sanctuaries. My internship specifically took me to the five national marine sanctuaries along the West Coast in Washington and California.

Fisher explored Santa Cruz Island during her visit to Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Photo courtesy of Andrea Fisher

At each sanctuary I spoke with fishermen, sanctuary staff, visitors, indigenous people, sanctuary volunteers, and other community members to better understand how they feel and identify with the place. Afterwards, I produced an acrylic painting for each sanctuary to summarize and celebrate the species, activities, and emotions mentioned during the conversations. I decided to paint my findings, because art can showcase the ocean’s beauty, as well as capture complex stories, relationships, and emotions that are otherwise difficult to express. Below you can see the painting and read the highlights for each sanctuary.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, Washington: A wild place, then and now

Image description: A painting of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. A tidepool containing sea stars and sea anemones is in the foreground. A beach stretches into the background on the left side of the image. A sea stack is in the middle. On the right side of the painting is the ocean, which contains a ship, four indigenous canoes, and orcas.

I first made my way to the northwestern coast of Washington state to visit Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary includes a vast offshore area, including deep-sea habitats, kelp forests, and an iconic, rugged coastline. Communities of the Makah Tribe, Quileute Tribe, Hoh Tribe, and Quinault Indian Nation have long-lived connections to certain species, natural items, and places of the region. Today, the communities simultaneously celebrate their ancestral ties to the ocean, manage their treaty-protected resources, and embrace modern fishing techniques.

My painting aims to capture the sanctuary as described by those I interviewed: “wild” and “remote.” The coastline – with marine fog, silver-colored driftwood, and sea rock formations – was often described as a peaceful place, especially for visitors “escaping” their daily lives in major cities. My painting also showcases a mint-colored sea anemone and ochre sea stars for those who expressed their love for tidepooling.

The four traditional canoes represent the four native communities and allude to an annual event called the Tribal Canoe Journey, an event where indigenous communities from the United States and Canada undertake a long-distance paddle journey to celebrate community and tradition. I was fortunate to see some of the canoes leaving La Push, Washington, during my trip. Each tribal community is distinct and rich with culture, and therefore, my painting also refers to some of the past and current valued species as explained by various tribal representatives. A Makah representative described how halibut was dried on Tatoosh Island, and how orcas are considered protectors of the tribe. A Quileute representative explained how each year they welcome migrating gray whales with salmon and a ceremony.

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, California: A place of mystery and wonder

Image description: A painting of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. In the bottom of the painting is a reef covered in pink and orange invertebrates. Fish swim in the foreground and background; a remotely operated vehicle hovers in the middle-left; a whale swims near the top of the painting.

Next I traveled to Point Reyes, California, to learn about Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. This sanctuary differs from other sanctuaries along the West Coast as it is completely offshore and can be difficult to access due to unpredictable weather and ocean conditions. Luckily, advanced research technology and underwater photography has brought the sights of Cordell Bank to us.

My painting offers viewers a glimpse of the mysterious underwater world of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Photos taken during research missions inspired my rendition of Cordell Bank, a rocky undersea feature that rises to 115 feet below the ocean surface. When viewing the research photos, I was struck by the tropical-looking, colorful corals, sponges, and anemones on the reefs. I also heard from a technical diver about his dive at Cordell Bank. He described the bank as the underwater Mount Everest.

In my painting you’ll see a red remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that represents deep-sea exploration and other research happening in the sanctuary. I also wanted to showcase the productivity at the sanctuary, described to me by those I interviewed. People explained how the sanctuary attracts an array of seabirds, and how seeing thousands of juvenile rockfish or 30 blue whales at one time is possible.

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, California: Healthy ecosystems and communities

Image description: A painting of Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. The top third of the painting shows the rocky Farallon Islands. The middle third depicts a surfer. The bottom third shows a view underwater of a whale, white shark, sea lion, kelp, and small fish.

Next on my itinerary came Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, located just north of San Francisco. The sanctuary encompasses a large, complex system of bays, estuaries, marshes, nearshore reefs, rocky shores, and oceanic waters. It also surrounds the iconic Farallon Islands that can be seen from San Francisco on a clear day.

My painting of Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary highlights how communities come together in this place. Upwelling, an ocean phenomenon that brings nutrient-rich waters to the surface, creates an abundant food source for a variety of species. The sanctuary attracts a multitude of whales and seabirds who feed in the region, and supports one of the world’s most significant populations of white sharks.

Human communities enjoy the waters as well, through activities such as wildlife viewing at the Farallon Islands and surfing at places like Bolinas Beach. A couple of beachgoers explained the sanctuary as “clean,” while a high school surfer said time in the sanctuary made her feel happy, centered, and relaxed.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, California: A place for all

Image description: A painting of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The bottom half of the painting depicts a nearshore environment with sea lions hauled out on rocks and a sea otter resting in a kelp forest. Further into the background, a diver surfaces and a humpback whale breaches.

Next, I had the chance to explore Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary – the place I live and describe as my home. This sanctuary is adjacent to the Big Sur coastline, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Half Moon Bay. Many describe the sanctuary as one of the best places on Earth to watch marine wildlife. Its diverse habitats – large sandy beaches, uninterrupted kelp forests, rocky shorelines – offer visitors endless recreational activities. The sanctuary also protects a variety of features like an inactive underwater volcano and a deep-sea canyon comparable in size to the Grand Canyon.

My painting showcases the diversity of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary is rich with marine life, but also full of humans interacting with the natural systems. Human activity on land, whether agriculture in Salinas or day uses of Big Sur, define and affect the sanctuary.

I came across scuba and free divers, surfers, bay swimmers, kayakers, whale watchers, beachgoers, sailors, fishers, and people admiring marine life from shore. People I interviewed especially enjoyed watching sea otters (a crowd favorite), harbor seals, and sea lions. A diver described the sanctuary as “one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen,” and others explained the place as “home,” “my sanctuary,” and “life.”

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, California: A magical place, focused on community

Image description: A painting of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. The top third of the painting shows an above-water view of Santa Cruz Island, Chumash people in a traditional tomol, and other boats. The bottom third of the painting is a view of a kelp forest, including several types of fish and a diver.

For my final stop, I headed south to visit Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary is just off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura and surrounds the five Northern Channel Islands: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara. The islands are surrounded by majestic coastal vistas, kelp beds, and diverse shoreline features. The islands and surrounding productive marine area have been, and continue to be, special to the Native American Chumash community.

My painting aims to capture the sanctuary as described by those I interviewed: “magical” and “a place that celebrates community.” The Chumash community maintain their connection to the Channel Islands in various ways, such as the annual tomol (traditional canoe) crossing from the mainland to Santa Cruz Island, Limuw. While various species are valued by the Chumash, a Chumash weaver identified abalone as especially important.

The painting also alludes to stories I heard about children snorkeling above a bat ray and scuba divers encountering seals, sheephead fish, bright orange Garibaldi fish, and giant sea bass in the kelp forests. The boats in the painting represent the active recreational angling and commercial fishing communities, as well as the boats that take visitors to the sanctuary and islands.

Painting a picture of our shared connection

My summer journey confirmed that national marine sanctuaries are valued by various individuals and groups for different reasons. The diverse accounts of how people connect to their national marine sanctuary, when woven together, create a dynamic story, a story that reflects how we collectively think of and value a place. My paintings are a platform for visualizing these stories. I hope they provide you a new look at national marine sanctuaries along the West Coast, and inspire you to consider your connection to a special ocean place.

Andrea Fisher is an intern for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries West Coast Regional Office and MPA Center. She is a graduate student at Middlebury Institute of International Studies focusing on ocean and coastal resource management.

This Same-Sex Penguin Couple Now Has Its Very Own Egg to Raise

A same-sex penguin couple at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium are going to be parents! The two gentoo penguins, Magic and Sphen, were seen bowing to each other during the 2018 breeding season which, according to the penguin department supervisor Tish Hannan, is a way of saying they love each other.

Staff at the Sydney Aquarium noticed that Magic and Sphen were setting up a nest every day using ice pebbles, and then once the staff put them out for the breeding season, they began building a real nest together using actual pebbles – one which turned out to be larger than any other couples’ nest at the aquarium. Sphen even gave Magic a “special stone” which, according to the Sydney Aquarium, is the “equivalent of proposing” in the world of gentoo penguins.

Once they realized that Magic and Sphen were a couple, the aquarium gave them a dummy egg to observe their parenting skills. Magic and Sphen were apparently “absolute naturals” according to the staff, and immediately started incubating the egg. This led the staff to give them a real egg from another penguin couple that had an extra (which likely ended up saving the egg, as gentoo penguins typically only have enough resources to care for one of their eggs, leading the second chick to often die).

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📸: Lisa Maree Williams


- Severus had always kept mostly to himself, but after the incident with Moody in his classroom, he pretty much withdrew completely. 

- Moody still found ways to upset Severus (and others). Minerva had dragged Severus from his dungeon for a staff meeting, during which Moody sat there casually clipping and filing his nails. 

- very few people were aware of Severus & Moody’s history but they had a pretty good idea about what was going on. Minerva pursed her lips and glared at Albus, who merely shrugged. 

- after the meeting, Severus left so quickly that if they knew it wasn’t possible, they’d have sworn he’d apparated. Pomona went down to his office later with a plant she knew he’d like. 

- Minerva tried to speak to Albus about it but he was his usual dismissive self. She wasn’t at all surprised when Severus asked if he could be excused patrol duty as he ‘had a lot of work to do for the hospital wing’. 

- it wasn’t entirely unusual for him to stop coming to the Great Hall for meals, it was always a bit of a battle to get him there but even the House Elves expressed minor concern about him not eating. 

- he couldn’t completely avoid Moody though, anyone watching him would have seen how pale he got when being in Moody’s presence and how quickly he’d leave. 

- the final straw came a few nights before half term when Severus was bothered be a knock on the door of his room just before midnight. He answered the door to find a sixth-year prefect. “It’s almost midnight.” 

- “Sorry…I…I…”

- “What is it?” He folded his arms, leaning slightly on the door frame. After a moment the prefect gathered herself and told him about what had been going in Moody’s Defence against the Dark Arts lessons with the Slytherins.

- Moody delighted in taking the register, then those students who had parents or family members who were accused or convicted of being a Death Eater, Moody would comment on their ‘interrogation’, or talk about their torture. Some of the first years were having nightmares.

- Severus thanked the prefect for telling him and gave her a bottle of Dreamless Sleep he ‘happened’ to have laying about. He spent the night chainsmoking and fuming. 

- in the morning, he walked straight up to Moody’s office and walked in without knocking. Moody looked up from where he was cooking his breakfast and grinned at him.

- “I have heard disturbing reports of your teaching.”

- Moody merely shrugged. “Leopards don’t change their spots, Snape.”

- “They’re children.”

- Again, Moody shrugged. “The apple never falls far from the tree.”

- in an instant, Severus had his wand out. “Give me an excuse, Moody.”

- Moody laughed and took out his own wand. “Gladly.”

- before they could do anything to each other, Minerva arrived a little breathless having been alerted by several horrified students who had witnessed what was going on through the open door. 

House Points

Was playing Hogwarts Mystery and one of the new quiz questions is about who can dock house points: aurors, teachers, or caretakers.

It’s suddenly struck me how odd it was that teachers and prefects can dock house points, but other staff members like groundskeeper and caretaker cannot. I could see this maybe being ok if only teachers could award points, but students are given a power that adult staff members are not.

Obviously for the story’s sake you don’t want someone like Filch to have access to the points system, but it’s not as if Hogwarts doesn’t have other abusive (Snape) or useless (Binns) teachers. So why is that? Is it a reflection of the caste system within the magical community? Are groundskeeper and caretaker usually positions reserved for squibs? I can see no other reason to give this power to prefects but not minor staff. It’s not as if everyone goes home at the end of the day. Students and staff live at Hogwarts, and allowing other staff members to award or dock points would definitely encourage students to take better care of their school.

Wealthy students at my school leave behind tons of shit when they go home for the summer (I’m talking appliances, food, furniture, $$expensive shit$$). We’re allowed to donate our belongings to goodwill at the end of the year, but honestly a lot of students just leave their stuff in their rooms because they don’t care what happens to it.

We have an amazing housekeeping staff who keep our buildings clean and running. They also DONT MAKE A LIVING WAGE. Students are trying to get the school to up their pay, but nothing has happened so far. These staff members are barely scraping by, lots of them have multiple jobs, and they struggle to even get food on the table.

Now, the housekeepers clean up the buildings at the end of the year of course, so they obviously come across all of this leftover stuff. They are expected by the school to put it ALL in the donation bins. Even though these workers don’t have enough money for food and bedding, they get none of it. This last week a worker tried to take hone a fridge that a student left behind, something they would not be able to afford on their salary. Guess what?

They got fired.

Wealth disparities at elite colleges don’t just exist amongst some of the students. Staff are greatly under appreciated and under paid. Pay attention to your housekeepers and facilities and groundskeepers and dining staff. Thank them as often as possible. Fight for them to have a living wage. Help them however you can. Treat them with some fucking respect.

@nomae0527 posted the absolute saddest PV comic ever so i had to show up with a less-painful epilogue  ಠ╭╮ಠ

felix breaks out of the male ward every morning to meet his girlfriend with coffee from the canteen (not exactly a nice coffee shop but good enough). he’s not subtle about it at all but the medical staff are too charmed by his determination to try stopping him after the first few times…


nygmobblepot + domesticity 

i feel like no one talks about this as much as they should but damn im so grateful for the staff who helps every idol look their best, get them where they need to be, make sure they’re well-fed, protect them, etc. we dont see them often but these are the people who have (for the most part) been with our faves for pretty much the entirety of their career. theyve been there through all the wins, losses, and everything in between, and watching behind-the-scenes footage of any group just makes me so happy bc you can see how much adoration the idols have for all these people who take care of them but dont really get recognized in return. thank you so much to all the individuals who devote themselves to watching over our idols and becoming their second family, you are the heroes we dont deserve!!!!


Changes Made to the Sequence of SnK Season 3 Opening “Red Swan,” as Noted by OP Director Nakamura Ryosuke

SnK Season 3 OP Director Nakamura Ryosuke tweeted earlier today about “brushing up” the opening sequence’s animation, and that the changes would be seen in today’s new episode (August 12th’s S3E4, or episode 41). He noted, however, that he isn’t sure if the audience “would even notice the updates” (Hint: We did!).

The gifset above as well as additional gifs below compare the original OP from the first three episodes with the new OP from the Japanese broadcast today (August 12th, 2018). The included changes are:

1. Darkened ambiance for Kenny’s moment, as well as removal of firefly-like effects

2. Even more “fairy dust” emerging from Historia’s hands

3. Glittering “trails” voyaging throughout the frame, starting from Eren’s fade-in (Which also had a slight timing change). In addition to the trails, the entire sequence had an additional filter placed on it. The gifset above contains the beginning, and the below four gifs continue the comparison:

4. Further detail to the clouds during childhood Eren + older Eren sequence (Beginning of sequence compared above; additional gifs below):

5. General coloring and lighting changes, most apparent during the young Erwin & young Levi moment

(Note: Additional changes might still exist!)

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rey parallels: 2/?


Isayama Hajime Shares New Blog Post with Original Sketch of Tankobon Vol. 26 Cover Illustration

After a nearly two-month hiatus, Isayama Hajime has finally shared a new blog post, where he included the original sketch of the cover of tankobon vol. 26 (Release date August 9th, 2018)!

His blog discusses his thoughts on season 3 of the anime. Please check back here for a translated summary!

Update (July 24th, 2018): Isayama wrote some very honest and emotional words for Season 3 that you can now read below!

Translation: @suniuz; Editing: @fuku-shuu
(Please credit/link back to this post if referenced or used!)

[T/N: Isayama first apologized for the lack of updates, as he hadn’t written in his blog in about two months]

“However! SnK Season 3!!! It was indeed wonderful!!

The moments around Volume 13-16 in the manga might be a result of my personal fallout after I finished drawing Volume 12. It felt like I was in a state when my energy/fuel was totally exhausted due to nothing but my own incompetence. Back then, I managed to somehow keep turning in the manuscripts, which I reluctantly extended and made duller each month.

At least, in my self-reflection I was weak-minded. Thus, when Season 3’s anime production first started, I discussed with the staff members and expressed that I hope they could appropriately rearrange the sections and functions of storylines in Volume 13-16 from the get-go.

As a result, they delivered an idealized script for me, and this time the story has a structure that I had no way of accomplishing with my own skills!

It was already in a good shape even during the first round of proofreading. Thanks to the talents of screenwriter Kobayashi Keiko-san, she constructed a clear and succinct backbone for my messed up manga. Then, with his specialized expression of roughness and astringency, Seko Hiroshi-san turned some poorly-written plots in the original manga into more compelling forms.

In addition, thanks to Director Araki who brought together guidelines for the overall production, seiyuus who give life to the characters, as well as all members who participated in the production. This time, I can ascend to heaven right after I die!”

[T/N: Isayama then said he is going to watch the film One Cut of the Dead (Kameru o Tomeru na!), which his sister highly recommended.]

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I know that fans are split on whether the live action version of avatar the last airbender will be any good or not, but can we all agree on one thing? Do not under any circumstances sexualize the children cast in the show. Do not send them hate on social media. Do not blame them for the choices bryke or any other staff members make. Do not make the feel uncomfortable in any way. Please remember that these are children who will be acting in the role of their lifetime this should be a happy time for them. Do not bring the fandom drama anywhere near them. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

See you (M)

The one where Taehyung notices you at a concert, and can’t help but want to see you again.

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Word count: 4.5K

Warnings: Mild smut; kissing, fingering.

A/N: This is gratuitously self-indulgant piece; a daydream gone too far!! And yes, i know I’ve left it open for a second part.  No, I’ve got no idea when I might actually get around to it 😂

Originally posted by taebae-btsv

“Are you sure you want to bother with this?” Sarah asks, eyeing the seemingly never ending line the of people that stretches out before you with one doubtful eyebrow raised, disappearing above the blunt edge of her fringe.   

You can’t blame her for looking skeptical.  After yesterday’s debacle that had you standing for almost ten hours straight, your feet aren’t exactly in prime condition to go tackling yet another queue.  

“I got an invite,” you reply, shrugging your shoulders and pulling the shoulder strap of your bag back up into place as it threatens to slip down.  “I can’t just let it go to waste.  There’s like a thousand other girls here who’d tear my arm off for this.”  Gesturing to the sign above a set of glass double doors that reads ‘BTS Studio’, Sarah’s gaze follows the motion of your arm.  

“Alright,” she concedes, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and grimacing as she does so.  It’s all too easy to empathise with how she’s feeling; the balls of your feet are killing you, too, not to mention your lower back.  “At least we’re sitting tonight, I guess.”

“And I’ve got more painkillers, so we’ll be fine.”  Sarah nods and then follows alongside you as you make your way down to the back of the queue.  It’s a relief when you realise that it’s not actually as long as you’d originally thought; nowhere near as long as the lines for the actually concert, anyway.

“Ok, I’m gonna go to the loo so that’s gonna kill… like, an hour, at least, right?” your friend sighs, a wry smile stretched across her pretty face, “And then I guess I’ll just go hang out in Starbucks or something until you’re done?”

“Sure, ok.  I’ll text you when I’m out.”  

“Cool.  Have fun!”  She bids you a farewell wave that you return as you sidestep into the queue behind a small group of girls who’re practically bouncing with excitement already, chattering away in a European language that you can’t hope to understand.    

Luckily, once the doors actually open the queue moves fairly quickly.  Scrolling through tumblr on your phone and rewatching last night’s videos keep you amused for the most part; smiling like an idiot down at your screen as you go over the precious memories stored inside.  

You’re only thirty people or so from the front of the line when you suddenly get the feeling as though you’re being watched, looking up from your phone with curious eyes and glancing from side to side.  Sure enough, your gaze meets that of one of the attending staff - a young East Asian man with neatly styled hair and sharp cheekbones - and oddly enough, when he sees you looking he doesn’t seem too concerned about having been caught staring.  He looks you up and down quickly, eyes narrowed, and in under normal circumstances you might think he was checking you out but… for some reason it doesn’t quite feel that way. It feels more like a clinical inspection than anything else, but before you can even begin to figure out what his intentions might be he looks away and then he leaves; abandoning his post without a word to any of the other staff and striding away, leaving nothing but confusion in his wake.

“Well that was weird…” you murmur under your breath, and though you may be frowning as you lower your eyes back to your phone, the latest gifs of Jimin to grace your dash are more than enough to help you forget the odd little occurrence. 

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ok but like not to defend voldemort or anything but why the fuck couldn’t the hogwarts staff let him (and other students) stay at hogwarts over the summer?

like, what’s safer for these students, a literal fucking castle that muggles supposedly can’t see in the middle of nowhere, scotland, or london during the blitz?

In the session before my character accidentally lost half of her soul by picking up a cursed staff, one of the other members of our party had been missing and involved in some cult stuff. As he was being interrogated by our cleric they asked if he even still had a soul, which my character through out “what’s a soul even really worth?” In a casual joking manner.

My DM laughed so hard and for so long that all the other players have become incredibly suspicious.



Okey, I get it, you like your ship, but there are limits to things, even as a klance shipper, I’m mad

Mad because people think all of us are crazy bitches that threats people and start fights when we’re not all like that.

Mad Because a see people from other ships being treated like trash from my own ship for having other tastes!


If someone post’s something that you don’t like or agree with, don’t be rude, or if that’s too much for you… IGNORE IT!!!

I’m incredibly sorry for all the threats that @bext-k (Wich by the way, she wasn’t even talking about Voltron) and the rest of the staff/producers have been getting for something as ridiculous as this.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
ship and let ship. we’re better than this. If you don’t like it, or agree with my opinion, you’re free to ignore me.