I fought said hairdresser on religion every time and I still would but now that I think about it I wonder if I would agree with him on the other stuff we used to argue about now that my political views are a lot less “why can’t we all just hold hands and get along”

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What’s the point in being good?


"Memories are what keep me going now. Memories of what life used to be. And I’ve got a deep well to draw on. I still remember joy."


"You observe this group lately? I have. I see two people who don’t belong. We’re the odd men out."

Drugstore Perfume
  • Drugstore Perfume
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dead leaves, desperate summers. all-ages clubs and metal shutters to keep you out, while we hang around factories ‘til we meet each other. two discount lives and heavy numbers to keep you down.


(Bethyl x Beauty and the Beast)

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Kushel Ackerman? I think I missed something....

you missed chapter 65 where there’s a flashback to kenny talking to grandpa ackerman and he mentions his younger sister kuchel is working as a prostitute in the underground and is pregnant with a clients baby. she decides to keep it even though kenny tries to persuade her not to. 

we dont have confirmation on who the baby actually is but considering it creates a connection between kenny and this baby wherein he’d probably take care of it if anything happened to his sister, and we know that levi lived with kenny as a child, it makes it likely that the baby is levi.

but also levi has been heavily inspired by the character rorshach from watchmen whose mother was a prostitute; so all the clues atm seem to be pointing at the likelihood of levi being kuchel’s child and kenny’s nephew. now who the fuck is his dad? isayama might not find it important to reveal levi’s father and it might not be relevant to the plot but its still interesting to consider.   

I am of the firm belief that Galadriel has spent the past three ages living the rock and roll life—she partied with Nessa and had an ill-fated fling with Eonwe, basically grew herself Faerieland like a chia pet, led armies led people, threw down the walls of Dol Amroth, is definitely doing Gandalf on the side (or at least exchanging snarky running commentary with him) and yenta’ed that whole Aragorn and Arwen business—

But she always comes back to Celeborn, who has been puttering around Lorien and…watering the trees, probably, looking after their grandbabies, and he just kisses her cheek and asks how her day went, if she wants any tea, did she hear about the new entling in Fangorn? such a sweet sapling…