tips for treating yoself


  • Exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Let your vagina breathe - don’t wear underwear to bed unless you’re on your period.
  • Change your pad/tampon/etc at least twice a day.
  • Don’t wash up inside your vagina (aka douching) it will tip the pH balance in your vagina and you will end up with an infection, you can wash around your thighs/pubic area but that’s it, same applies with perfumes and other body cosmetics.
  • Use coconut oil its good for so many things!!
  • Use body butters after getting out of the shower.
  • Use tea-tree oil for pimples.
  • Use sunscreen!!!
  • For people with oily skin - use blotting paper around your eyes and in your T - zone.
  • Don’t squeeze/pick at pimples - the bacteria on your hands will only make them worse and will create more redness.
  • Always use moisturiser before applying makeup
  • When washing your vagina, lift up the clitoral hood and softly rub your finger along the hood to wipe away dead skin cells. If you end up masturbating, fuck it.


  • Wash your hair every 2-3 days. Don’t wash every day because it will make your head dry, try dry shampoos instead.
  • Use conditioning treatments weekly in the summer to prevent your hair from losing it’s colour.
  • Brush your curls with your fingers to create a more tousled look.
  • Before blow drying your hair use volumizing spray or gel on your roots for more definition in your hair.
  • Use shampoos that are sulfate free as sulfates dry and damage your hair quicker.
  • If your hair is greasy avoid conditioning the roots, just the ends.
  • Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks so you have healthy hair and no damaged ends.
  • Use avacado oil on your hair in the winter to stop your hair from drying out.
  • Dry shampoo is also very good for volumizing your hair.
  • The best way to get rid of ingrown hair is to exfoliate.
  • Avoid dry shaving your pubes, this will cause redness and spots which are easily treated with hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera.
  • If you are to shave, use conditioner instead of shaving cream - you will get a smoother result - that goes for anywhere you shave.
  • If you have a big ole mess in your pants try trimming your bush before you shave/wax it.
  • Waxing HURTS so if you’re dealing with the burns then place a cold towel in the sore area and leave it for about 15 minutes and then apply aloe.
  • If you experience chest/breast hair the best thing to do is pluck the hairs, it’s painful but rewarding.


  • Clean your makeup brushes, regularly along with any other makeup appliances (beauty blenders, makeup pads) in a mix of warm water and a little bit of soap.
  • Use a blotting tissue and then add a small amout of cream concealer onto your eye makeup to prevent smudging.
  • Matte lipstick goes best with a shimmer eye makeup.
  • Wearing white eyeliner counteracts the redness in your eyes.
  • To make your cheekbones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone.
  • In summer if you want to avoid caking yourself with foundation - use tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead.
  • Always wash your makeup off before going to bed, don’t leave it on.
  • Always make sure you blend your foundation so your neck isn’t a different colour to your face.
  • Clean your makeup bag out every once in a while and get rid of any products you don’t use - its cleaner, tidier and more hygienic. 
  • Always make sure you have tape and q-tips handy. Tape is great for a perfect winged eyeliner and q-tips are great for cleaning and tidying up those hard to reach areas.
  • Concealer works great for a base for your eye makeup as the makeup will stick to it. 
  • Using highlighter and illuminators on your cheekbones, browbone and cupid’s bow for a “dewy look”.
  • When using cream products like eyeshadow or blush - use translucent powder to set it in place.
  • Kat Von-D lipstick is blow job proof :)
  • Replace mascara and eyeliners every 3 months or so.
  • Don’t share makeup/appliances for your eyes, it may cause infections like conjunctivitis and maybe a sty.
  • Blot your lips after applying lipstick to avoid getting lipstick teeth. 


  • Change your bra every 5-11 days.
  • Always make sure your feet are dry before putting on socks and shoes to prevent fungal infections.
  • Wash blood stained clothes in cold water with 2 tablespoons of salt.
  • Try your own homemade beauty recipes.
  • If you peel/lick your lips it will damage them, don’t do that.
  • Applying eye cream on the cuticles of your nails will make them stronger and healthier.
  • Always carry tampons/pads even when you’re not on your period, someone else might need them.
  • Clean out your purse!! Get rid of all that junk and you will thank yourself next time you’re looking for something.
  • Masturbate. Whenever you can, it’s rewarding and good for you. (yes girls masturbate too).
  • Always pee after sex/masturbation to help avoid getting a UTI.
  • Bio-oil is good for stretch marks (as well as loving them).
  • Save some nice underwear for yourself and just wear your dead old pants when you’re on your period.
  • Buy yourself some nice underwear/lingerie whenever you can. Make sure it’s 100% cotton though otherwise you can get a yeast infection.
  • Test yourself every once in a while for STDs. It’s necessary.
  • Carry a condom on you, it’s not just the guy’s responsibility.
  • Apply a damp tissue to blotchy, red skin after crying, it will make you look as if you haven’t been crying at all.
  • Don’t let boys ruin your day.
  • Use a paperclip to clip the back of your bra straps together to create a racerback bra.
  • Wrap a maxi pad or pantyliner around any poking underwires in your bra.
  • Wash your pillow case every 1-2 weeks to help prevent acne. 
  • Cucumbers are good for dark circles and puffy eyes just place a slice over your eyes and leave for about 15 minutes.

treat and love yourself and your body will reward you!!! 


maknaes on the loose…
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How Your Zodiac Sign Drives People Crazy:

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ARIES: You can be somewhat bossy and pushy to others even if it is just your way of being playful. While some may find it endearing, others may not understand and find it quite annoying. You may come off as insensitive even though that is not the case. People end up having hidden resentments toward you for no real reason. Your impatience can definitely infuriate people. If it’s a subject you’re not interested in, you may interrupt someone or change the subject rather abruptly. You are easily agitated and prone to throwing tantrums if you feel you aren’t being taken seriously.

TAURUS:: Your stubbornness gives you a sense of determination that keeps you pushing through and plodding on. However, you can be so stubborn at times that you’re pretty much unwilling to listens to anything you don’t want to hear, and it can feel like people’s advice goes through one ear and out the other. You tie yourself up to dead end jobs or poor relationships , but then you get into a rut, and you end up complaining to people rather than doing something about it. There are times where you nurse your wounds for so long that they start to fester, and you can even end up bearing a grudge past a human lifetime when pushed past a certain limit.

GEMINI: You’re very much enjoyable and interesting to be around, and you’re quite clever and witty too. However, you are compulsively capricious and you can drive a person crazy with your contradictoriness. You live for the moment and lose recollection of what you’ve committed yourself to, or you end up changing your mind that last minute. You often don’t realize you’ve hurt someone deeply by some of the funny things you say because you like to test and tease until your victim is well on their way to madness. There are times when you can be so inconsiderate and selfish towards those that have supported you, but they end up feeling guilty because you make yourself the victim.

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  • Dean Winchester is smart
  • No seriously he is so fucking smart
  • He has a great mind
  • And great skills
  • And he’s creative and crazy resourceful
  • Need I remind you he made an EMF meter out of a walkman
  • Good didn’t think so
  • He’s good at noticing details
  • He’s excellent at strategizing
  • Clever as fuck
  • Sure go ahead and underestimate him just ‘cause he looks good and didn’t always receive school-like education if you want to end up SORRY AND DEAD
  • Because Dean Winchester is freaking good at what he does
  • In fact
  • He’s a genius
  • Goodbye this has been a post about Dean Winchester being FUCKING BRILLANT

“At that point, the Scorch Trials will have begun. The rules are very simple. Find your way to open air, then head due north for one hundred miles. Make it to the safe haven within two weeks’ time and you’ll have completed Phase Two. At that point, and only at that point, you’ll be cured of the Flare. That’s exactly two weeks―starting the second you step through the Trans. If you don’t make it, eventually you’ll end up dead.”


“We can’t do this anymore, Stiles,” Derek won’t meet his eyes when Stiles arrives at the loft. They’ve only been dating eight months, out only to Scott and Lydia, but Stiles is beginning to think that his dad suspects that something is going on. “Everyone I care about ends up dead.”

“Do you really think I care about that?” Stiles asks, shaking his head in disbelief. “After everything we’ve been through? I know you and Scott can protect me; that I can protect myself.”

“I don’t want to walk into my apartment one day and find you dead just because I love you. I won’t risk that.”

“It’s okay to want something for yourself once in a while. It’s okay to want something good for yourself for once, Derek. You can’t protect me from everything,” Stiles steps forward, the corner of his mouth curling upwards into a small smile. "You love me?”

Derek hangs his head in defeat, huffing out a laugh, knowing Stiles has already won this particular argument, “Yeah. I love you.”

“Good,” Stiles says in return. “I love you, too.”

I'm the One (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
  • I'm the One (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
  • Jeff Williams
  • Rwby, Vol. 3 (Original Soundtrack & Score)
welcome to the bloodbath jump into the tub
fist-fight, death-match come and join the club
kick-start your face with a metal-clad boot
you should give up now your retaliation's moot

you want to mess around? well come on let's go
I  got no time to waste let's start the show
i'll run circles round ya i can touch the sky
i' m gonna make ya hurt and i'm  gonna make you cry

i'm the one that your mama said
'don't mess with them or you'll end up dead
that type they don't follow any rules'

you're looking tall you're looking tough
i'm sorry dude, it's not enough
your girlfriend's purse won't help you win this duel

the bigger they are then the more that they bleed
the deeper the scars that won't heal
buckets of pain as they lie there in shame
knowing how true defeat feels

i'm the one
that was born in a nightmare a murderer's son
got no gun
but i gleam like a blade and I'm harder than iron

i'm the one
who rose out of filth and was loved by no-one
i'll steal til your blind and defeat you from inside your mind

you're still standing up? well let's go another round
singin' king of pain and you're gonna get crowned
you like the way i dress? yeah i know i'm fine
the blood's gonna stain but it won't be mine

just chill here while I drop into the brush
see you when i land and you're gonna feel the crush
lay right down and grab a little rest
i guess you didn't know that you were dealing with the best

you shoulda stayed at home today
this fisticuff won't go your way 
this confrontation isn't just for school

it might be hard to hear me say
kicking your ass is child's play
i hope you're not crushed by this ridicule

a slap on the wrist and a kick to the chin
a hint of the flavor of steel
no one to blame it's the end of the game
the humiliation is real  

i'm the one
that was ripped from the earth and exposed to the sun
by the hate and the beatings defiled by a father

i'm the one
i'll race with your eyes and you'll never outrun
will conquer your mind and will make you fulfill my design

Pet peeve: black “positive influence” motivational speakers that come to talk to black youth and do nothing but aggressively talk about how black kids need to “do better” because they’re always misbehaving, talking back, not trying in school, ect. You think black kids don’t hear that enough from their white teachers? We can’t pretend like black kids aren’t given up on more quickly, aren’t punished more harshly than their white counterparts, aren’t seen as more problematic and prone to misbehaving. White kids in my high school got to be “jokesters” and “class clowns” and when black kids acted up it took .2 seconds for them to get written up. 

Almost every ‘black motivational talk’ I’ve ever had or listened to devolves into “You keep messing around and you’re gonna end up shot/dead in the streets/pregnant/on drugs!” and I attribute most of my success to my parents, who always told me I was valuable and capable and smart. That’s what black kids need to hear. Let’s start aggressively yelling at parents for not doing their job at home and teachers and school administrators for perpetuating systematic racism in the school system that makes it 1000x harder for black students to succeed. 


RUSSIAN LITERATURE: A MUSICAL COMMENTARY  | listen here | 8tracks profile

This is what happens whan you have too many russian novels to read for an exam and you choose to procrastinate instead. Fun fact: many of the characters you’ll learn to love will end up either dead or miserable. Ah, the pleasures of a good book!

“Levochka, dear, if you want me to revise your writing you might as well stop messing around in the countryside” - Tolstoy’s wife, sometimes during her life, probably

The Signs As: Cliché Character Archtypes
  • ARIES: Meat-headed jock, dating the cheerleader (sagittarius)
  • TAURUS: the Mary fuckin Sue
  • CANCER: Knight in shining armor (see scorpio)
  • LEO: both of the lovers in the token love triangle, fighting for the love of the chosen one (gemini)
  • VIRGO: Mysteriously quiet boy who never talks but ends up knowing a lot more than you'd think
  • LIBRA: the dead parents.
  • SCORPIO: princess in distress (see cancer)
  • SAGITTARIUS: bitchy cheerleader. always wearing uniform during school and for some reason carries pom poms
  • CAPRICORN: hero with the fatal flaw of hubris
  • AQUARIUS: Nerd who's suddenly sexy once glasses are removed and different clothing is acquired
  • PISCES: villain who says, "we're not so different, you and i" and spends just enough time explaining their evil plan for our beloved hero to escape
Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Theory

So something has got me thinking. And It makes a lot of sense.

This post contains spoilers to Fnaf3, so if you read on you might learn something that you didn’t want to know about before.

Okay so lets start.

So at the end of Fnaf3, you play a minigame as one of the dead children, and you end up in a room with purple guy and the ghost of the other dead children.

And then you scare Purple guy into running into the suit, and he eventually dies in there. (Or maybe not because he hunts you down)

But if you notice something strange about the area the kids and purple guy are in? Doesn’t it seem weird at all?

The kids and purple guy were in the kitchen. Judging by those objects in the corner, those were the ovens. But here comes the best part. In the first game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the kitchens cameras were off the whole time of the game.

Guys. Springtrap was in the kitchen the whole time. I don’t think it was ever Chica or Freddy making a noise in the kitchen, I think it was Springtrap trying to escape.

But yeah this is what I believe, and it makes sense judging that the 3rd games story comes after the 1st games story.

Samhain (Halloween) is when the veil between the world’s is thinnest. Many use this time to communicate and honor their dead loved ones. You, however, have ended up on the wrong side of the veil.