• [Damian has been in the house for almost two weeks. Tim is still suspicious. Bruce just wants his family to get along for five minutes]
  • Bruce(In the doorway of Tim’s room):Why are you being like this, Tim? How can you feel so threatened by a little boy? Do you really think our family is so fragile that it’ll break apart over a new member?
  • Tim(Pausing in the midst of typing an essay):No, it’s not that. You have no idea if he’s telling the truth. Why are you so willing to just let him in? Have you forgotten how many people want you dead? The kid was sent here by Talia al Ghul, for God’s sake- I can just tell that he’s hiding something, and if you end up dead I’d blame myself for not doing something about it.
  • Bruce:Tim, at some point this crosses the line from ‘cautious’ into 'paranoia’.
  • [Tim snorts and resumes typing, shaking his head. Bruce ignores him.]
  • Bruce:I checked his luggage myself. He didn’t have any weapons with him.
  • Tim(Rolling his eyes):As if we don’t have weapons around the house. Besides, he’s too normal to be your son. There would have to be something messed up about him.
  • Bruce(Sarcastically):Ouch.
  • Tim(Finally looking up from his computer):You know it’s true! Be honest with yourself- what did you think your kid would be like?
  • [Bruce takes a moment to consider this and is suddenly very tired.]
  • Bruce(Sighing):…He would have two heads.
  • Tim(Disapprovingly):Don’t try to be funny. This is serious. He would have at least three.

well that escalated quickly 

Audio: you can be my juliet because you’re gonna end up dead

Anime: Your Lie in April 

  • *Bruce having a heart to heart with Duke in the Cave*
  • Bruce:So if you don't end up dead, hurt or in prison I'm just going to call it a win!
  • Jason:wait so what? The rest of us are just drafts or something?
  • Bruce:No Jason that is not what I meant. What are you even doing down here?
  • Jason:one thing! Name one of those three things that has not happened! I dare you!
  • Bruce:....
  • Tim:B, I hate to say this but, Jay kinda has a point.
  • Damian:Well, Grayson didn't actually die ...
  • Dick:Jesus, Dami I said I'm sorry can we PLEASE let that one go?
  • *Arguments ensue. Bruce empties the last of the bourbon into his tea.*

Amedot Bomb 2 Day 3: Fireflies

“Amethyst, I had the best idea for a new morp,” Peridot spoke with excitement. “Steven taught me about fireflies and I thought that I could incorporate them into it. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“Um,” Amethyst weighed spoiling Peridot’s excitement. “Per, fireflies don’t really last long. After a day or two you’ll end up with a piece of art full of dead bugs.”

Peridot had a puzzled expression. “Even if I poke air holes?”

Amethyst nodded.

“Oh.” Peridot frowned. “Guess that’s out the window.”

A strong hand clasped on Peridot’s shoulder, Amethyst smiled. “That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them. You just gotta do it out in nature. Or if you do catch some release them before they die.”

A small smile reached Peridot’s lips. “True.”

The pair walked and talked until they reached their destination, a hill overlooking a field full of fireflies. Their lights danced in the darkness carrying on a conversation neither Gem can understand. 

“You know, maybe it is best I don’t use them in a morp,” Peridot said watching the display. “This is amazing.”

Amethyst wrapped her arm around Peridot’s shoulders. “Yeah, it kind of is.”

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For the angsty headcanon stuff: what if one of the Paladins fall for a Galra soldier (I don't really think all of them are bad) and then all hell kinda breaks loose.

It would probably be Keith

  • It would be really difficult for them, especially if the team was unsupportive of it (which they most likely would be). 
  • If the Galra soldier was willing to become a spy for the crew, then maybe they’d let it slide.
  • However, they’re going you to prove your loyalty and be watched at all times.
  • Everything would be crazy when Zarkon found out.
  • Trying to get you out would be hell. Someone will die. Either the Galra s/o or their paladin lover, someone winds up dead in the end.
  • If it’s you, everyone mourns for a while.
  • However, if it’s the paladin, they leave you in space far away from the other Galra. In their eyes, you killed their friend. They’ll have no mercy.

Terrible friends

i have a pair of ocs that have existed for like 5 years now and in honor of that I’d like to say: Vienna And September Are Very Gay And In Love And I’m Very Proud Of My Gay Daughters

#blurb night with bri

alright let’s go about daddy!michael trying to dye his son’s hair for the first time. like he’d be so flustered and panicked because he knew how pissed you were going to be, but he couldn’t say no to his little man begging him to have the same color hair as his daddy. so here he sat, in the bathroom, staring at his son’s half dyed hair. once michael heard the door open, he knew he was dead. you called out and ended up finding them in the bathroom, dye every where. a blushing, frustrated michael would groan and prepare for you to lose you mind. instead, you giggled. “what happened here?” you’d tease. “he just wanted to look like me… he guilt me into it.” michael would whine  as your son would be smiling. shaking your head, you’d finish up dyeing your son’s hair, with michael slouched against the wall. finally, your son was ready for bed with his newly dyed hair. michael would smile so widely and wrap his arms around your waist and go on and on about how you were the best mother and wife in the world. you’d laugh and tell him he wasn’t out of trouble yet. and he’d raise his eyebrows with the biggest smirk. “maybe i need to remind you who’s really in charge, baby girl,” he’d purr into your ear, carrying you to the bedroom to fulfill his second daddy role ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

       ❛  seriously,  kid:  beat  it.  i  don’t  care  what  the  stupid  dragon  promised  you;  i  don’t  do  babysitting.  don’t  you  have  a  family  to  get  to?  even  if  they’re  all  DEAD,  i’m  still  not  taking  care  of  some  brat.  ❜  //  @surnukeha  liked  the  starter  call.

I Drag My Teeth Across Your Chest To Taste Your Beating Heart

read it on the AO3 at

by Auriel

“Rest assured, you will not end up dead when the night is over, boy. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to have a little fun with you, though…”

Words: 4394, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

«The lockpick slipped, undoing Rose’s work. “Shit, shit, shit,” she mumbled. “You got a better plan?”

“Indeed.” [John] yanked her to her feet and grabbed the hand that wasn’t holding her lockpick. “Run!”

“This is not a plan,” Rose argued as they shot down the corridor, leading him through a complicated series of turns in an attempt to lose their pursuers and get closer to a viable exit.

“Running is always a plan. Works for me brilliantly most of the time.”

“Oh good,” she quipped, pulling him to the right. “We are not making my comment about you running out of lives while working with me come true. This is a terrible plan.”

“Don’t want to become a prophetess?”

“Prophetesses usually end up dead if you haven’t noticed.” she said, breath starting to come faster. “So, no, ta, not the career path for me. Even though it turns out I was right about me losing my heels and us running for our lives in a weapons cache with no backup.”

“You’re really hating being right right about now, aren’t you?” he asked.

“You are having entirely too much fun.”

“And you’re not?”

“No. We’re being chased by people with guns.”

“Ideal date night, remember?”


John pulled them to a stop, stepping into an alcove set into the wall. “We lost them about six turns ago. Now, admit it. I know you’re having at least a bit of fun.”

Rose rolled her eyes, exasperated smile gracing her face for a moment. “This is not the time to have this conversation, Doctor.”»

- Pretty Lies, by @perfectlyrose​ (Chap.6)

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“Ah, you worry too much, you know.” Domhnall said, gathering several flowers in his hands as he began to fold them together into some sort of headware. Of course, he hadn’t done this for a very long time, but, it was something to do at least. The good thing about such cold weather is that those flowers that did grow were hearty and long living, and wouldn’t wilt for at least a long while.

“You’re too much of a fighter, honestly. All that rage within you is going to end up with you dead, though, at this point, i’m wondering if that’s your goal.” the man mumbled, flipping over the crown as he seemed to be tightening some weave. “Quests for revenge are so foolish.”


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I feel so horrible because this girl and I started going out on dates and we've gone on quite a few and I haven't developed a romantic attraction yet (idk if i even will i've never been in a relationship) but I heard from friends that apparently she like really likes me and I feel really selfish about the whole thing. So I'm no sure if I stay in the relationship longer to see if I develop feelings or leave now before things get to serious? I'm just feeling really lost and mean

I would end it now. trust me, if you get any more involved she will be very very upset when you end the relationship and it would be better to stop while you’re ahead bc if you don’t develop feelings you’re not gonna wanna break up with her and she doesn’t want to be broken up with and it gets more complicated and you end up in a dead end relationship

Dating Hosh

Originally posted by leewooji

  • God bless this actual star
  • Hoshi was the best stage name Soonyoung could have gotten omg 
  • But dating this bundle of joy would be the best thing ever
  • This cuddly squish would be the best boyfriend because if you mess with him or hurt his love boy he’ll be coming after you ready to fight
  • No one bothers his love
  • They will end up dead
  • Also i feel like he would get mega jealous when other people flirt with you
  • And he’d get all grumpy and pouty 
  • And would be like why didn’t you stop them and tell them you had meeeeee
  • You’d have to reassure him that still loved him the most
  • He’d have that pouty, puppy dog look on his face while you tried to reassure him
  • Which just causes you to melt 
  • Dear lord
  • He is the most hardworking, talented and cute boy you will ever meet
  • He would treat you like royalty
  • The fact that he is a unit leader and choreographer he would spend all the time he could with you
  • He’d send you long, heart filled, amazingly written letters with cute little drawing in the margin 
  • Constant aegyo    
  • But like awful aegyo 
  • And tickles
  • So much tickles
  • Whether its you tickling him or the other way around
  • But always tickles
  • Okay but the amount of bad selfies the two of you would have together
  • Like every time the two of you got together you got at least four bad selfies 
  • And Soonyoung would keep every single one of them
  • You had no idea what he did with the tbh but whatever
  • Soonyoung is pretty easy to recognize since he always has blonde (or colorful) hair right
  • So when the two of you go out on a date fans usually spot him
  • So your dates usually consist of watching movies at home or hanging out in the studio 
  • Tbh when you were at the studio you would “help” him with his dancing
  • But like you’re not as good as him but he still really enjoys your help
  • But when you were watching a movie at home there are cuddles
  • Lots and lots of cuddles
  • In the most innocent way yah know
  • Just snuggling with blankets
  • And stealing his sweatshirts
  • And he digs it when you wear them
  • Because nothing is better than seeing his love in his sweatshirt that was to big for you
  • All the couple tee’s omg
  • And like bracelets 
  • And hats
  • Maybe even a ring
  • Soonyoung would be all over that like yes
  • When soonyoung was overseas for a concert
  • or just not close by
  • He’d call you
  • And sing you little songs when you go to bed
  • At first the members teased him about it
  • But then like the lowkey started shipping it even harder
  • And soon thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • Soonyoung once managed to get all of the vocal team and himself to sing you a song and it was amazing
  • Like he would just be the best, most cuddly, bubbly, adorable boyfriend the world could offer