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It's nice to see how committed you and your boo are to each other. But in acknowledging that no relationship is perfect, and that you're both open about at least some parts of your relationship, are you willing to share something that annoys you about him?

Believe it or not, we haven’t really been around each other enough to really get under each others’ skin. Once we move in together that will definitely change. But right now, I can’t really think of anything. Ask me again this time next year, lol.

Imagine if Draco and Luna are cousins

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Okay but hear me out because i love this

  • so Luna’s mother is Lucius’ sister ( i know she’s not canon pure-blood since we don’t know, she could be half-blood) since pure-blood families are in general related with each other.
  • Lucius would be extremely embarrassed by it because of how Luna is and everything and would forbid Draco to talk to her
  • Luna actually seeking him out of curiosity because she remembered her mother told her she had a aunt and uncle whom also had a boy around her age.
  • Draco being very surprised by her and thinking she’s a bit odd but soon realizing she’d a good person and not really seeing why his father forbid him to talk to her
  • Luna showing him good in different people and getting him to let go a bit with the whole pure-blood supremacy thing because it’s a ridiculous idea.
  • By third/fourth year they’d meet at least once a week somewhere on the grounds to meet and talk how their classes were going and such
  • Draco would always buy Luna different books and shoes as she always manged to loose them which he found both odd and funny
  • Luna being the only person to really know Draco, like she would be able with the right words to get him to admit to anything and he actually liked it
  • Like she was one of/the only one he could really talk to and be completely honest to as she didn’t have any prejudice and was in general a very open-minded person
  • Luna becoming extremely worried during fifth year because she believed Voldemort was back and she obviously knew about the Malfoys their ties to him and was worried for Draco.
  • Draco finding out that she was there during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and being extremely worried but having no way to contact her
  • During sixth year their meeting would get less regular because Draco was busy.
  • “I’m fine.’’
  • “No you’re not and I know it.’’
  • Draco being extremely surprised to see Luna at the Christmas party, afterwards she talks about it and says how curious Harry seemed whenever Luna brought him up and how he turned red
  • Once Draco found out Luna was captured and held captive in the manor he immediately raced to wherever she was to check up if she was okay and what happened at Hogwarts
  • Luna and Harry talking at the cottage for a while and Harry asked why Draco asked him to keep her safe and Luna explaining they are family. Which surprises him, a lot, but also wondered how much Luna had influenced him
  • After the battle ‘ended’ and Harry was ‘dead’ Draco staying with Luna because he realized she meant more to him than his parents and was truly the person that was always there for him.
  • Even though the two would change an extreme amount the two would still keep meeting every week for the rest of their lives
If we ever get a Season 4...

I want to see this new Hannibal and Will’s relationship that Bryan keeps talking about. The exploration and the subversion of it.

So, here is my opinion about the beginning of this new relationship:

Will could just have killed Hannibal pushing him out of the cliff, stabbing him, shooting him or whatever. This was his duty. He knew Hannibal was vulnerable enough for this. But then they killed Dolarhyde… together. And that was the twist for me.

“When life becomes maddeningly polite, Will, think about me.”

Will may try to run away from Hannibal again, like he did those three years, but their orbits eventually will cross paths, and Hannibal would try to pull Will to his darkness all over again. This cycle would never end.

Will tried to end this cycle once. But instead, he tried to make this thing to coexist with his safe life. Two things he really wanted to keep, at least to keep in control. The thing is that they couldn’t coexist under his control. Then Will had to make a choice. And his final decision was to put a definitive ending to this cycle.

After they’ve killed Dolarhyde, Will saw what he became. It’s beautiful. Hannibal finally got what he wanted the most. Maybe Will thought about running away with Hannibal, maybe Will really considered to follow his friend… But there he was. What about his final decision? Was it too late? No. At that very moment, with his head resting over Hannibal’s chest… a glimpse of his ‘old Will’ made him push them both out of that cliff. This was his last act as ‘old Will’.

No more running away from Hannibal. This time, it’s Will running away with Hannibal.

No one knows if they survived. But I’m sure if they did, Will would be the lion Hannibal has always wanted him to be. Hannibal will train him, guide him, feed him… Because now Will can be as dangerous as Hannibal, he can be as evil as Hannibal, he can be Hannibal… And I dare to say, he can be even better worse than Hannibal. So if we get a season 4, I really want to see this exploration and subversion of this relationship between Will and Hannibal and between Will and himself: Will being his becoming.

After doing so many “BS News” articles, I began getting praise from people telling me that Cracked was the “most credible” news source on the internet. This terrified me. Not just because social interaction exhausts my soul, but because I’m probably the least qualified person to get ALL your news from. Until Cracked, I was a dishwasher by trade. I have no background in journalism, and once punched my friend while sleepwalking. I went to film school, for crying out loud.

Not to compare myself to The Daily Show at all – but my horror was not unlike Jon Stewart’s when all the kids “got their news” from him. But despite his disapproval – we still held him up on that pedestal.

So why was Jon Stewart such a voice of reason in modern America? As he himself once described it on C-Span, the media bubble is a lot like 6-year-olds playing soccer: too busy crowding the ball to see the bigger picture. Meanwhile, political comedians had the luxury that newspapers once did – in that they could fully-digest the news and pinpoint the most important narrative. They aren’t smarter than CNN or NBC or Fox, but rather lack the exhaustion of covering every goddamn thing that happens all the time.

And that luxury-turned-superiority made them a more respected source, suddenly elevating these silly comedy shows to president-worthy pedigree.

5 Reasons Fake News Killed Facts In 2016

Forever Is Composed of Nows, 25/? (Olicity, Mature)

Co-written with @so-caffeinated​, for @olicityficbang​

Summary: Sometime in the not-so-distant future, things aren’t going all that well. At least that’s the story Oliver and Felicity are told when a supposed time-traveler (and their supposed friend who is a supposed superhero supposedly named The Flash) pops up in the lair with a toddler in tow… who calls them momma and daddy. The Flash can’t quite control when he’s going at this point and there’s a big bad chasing him through the years. The future isn’t safe for little Elizabeth Queen at the moment (even if The Flash could get her there), but her once and future parents haven’t got a clue what to do with her. Slade Wilson, however… he might have his own agenda when he finds out his nemesis is apparently a father. (See Chapter 1 for additional Author Notes.)


“We got a plan?” Sara asks.

Oliver’s grateful that she doesn’t ask if he’s okay. He’s not. She knows that.

Though her words are directed at him, her eyes are on Malcolm. Oliver knows that even if her gaze had been settled on him, all of her senses would be tracking Malcolm’s every single move. It’s both precaution and recognition of that danger that the man embodies. Sara’s always had a fantastic sense of self-preservation, one that usually ends up extending to the people around her. The ones she cares about, at least.

“Confront Isabel,” Oliver answers, a grim line to his lips and no amusement in his eyes at all. “Get my sister back. Implicate Blood and win my mom the election.”

Sara’s sharp eyes switch to him. “That’s not a plan, Ollie, that’s a kamikaze run.”

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‘Zayn Malik will find life without One Direction difficult’ says Brian McFadden

The former Westlife star can relate to Zayn’s decision to leave the boyband

Brian McFadden believes Zayn Malik will find life without One Direction “difficult”.

The 35-year-old once shocked Westlife fans when he announced that he was leaving the group in 2004.

And while he can relate to upsetting teenage girls around the world with the sad news, Brian doesn’t think that he’s got any advice worthy of Zayn because “every situation is different”.

The star, who has revealed that he spoke to some of the One Direction stars about Zayn’s departure said:

“I don’t really have any advice for him. No one was there to give me any advice.”

Talking to The Daily Star, he continued: "I haven’t spoken to Zayn. I have spoken to some of the other boys but I don’t really know what’s going on.

"It’s difficult to adapt to life on your own when you spent so much time in a band, you kind of become a family.”

Brian continued: "For Westlife, we became brothers and I think that was the hardest thing for me.

"Not waking up in the morning and sharing my day with four other lads, that’ll be difficult for him.”