i tried to catch a spider that was in my room so i could take him outside, but the little bastard leapt out of my hands and absconded into the curtain behind my piano. like, listen little buddy, i’m trying to save ur ass. i’m willing and able to catch you and take you outside where you may fulfill your purpose and a tiny harmless creature. if my nana finds you, you’re fuckin dead. nana doesn’t have the time or the patience to pick up ur sorry ass and take u outside. ur signing ur own death warrant

anyway i named him carl

I’m sick and I feel like poo but I’m still cute

                    since i finally decided on an rl fc for mei i`m just gonna
                    post this and have the link handy for my own reference.
                    i honestly wish i could read chinese better so i can try 
                    to find out this model`s name but oh well.  :^(

anonymous asked:

ur cats r so cute

they ARE. i love their dumb little faces. i want to cuddle them, but they’re standoffish today. we spent over TWO HOURS putting down a rug underneath our very heavy bedframe yesterday and now they’re like “THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER” and being little assholes running around on it. they love wrasslin under the bed now. i had to listen to cat grunts all night -.-

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