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circus themed aus?

  • I’ve made my peace with being ‘the hideous monster’ for my act but seriously if you don’t stop showing up to my shows whenever I visit this town and look at me with pure awe and fascination instead of disgust I mIGHT JUST HAVE TO Look away and blush cause I’ve never experienced anything like that before
  • my fav part of walking the tightrope is the collective mass of concern in the audience, but you–your face i literally cannot handle, its making me laugh and i cant walk straight like that and “shit”
    • not rly worried though, i sort of have an anti-gravity ability that might help me out a little with balancing so dont worry ur cute lil face ;)
  • i was practicing breathing fire out of my mouth when you came and swooped in for a kiss but now you regret it cause i just burned the hell out of your tongue oops
  • “damn babe what that mouth do??”
    • *swallows sword silently*
  • for the circus act they have decorated bodyguards that come by the pews to intimidate the audience before the lights turn on fully and ive made it my life purpose to crack a smile out of you for the entirety of this two hour show
    • i can see you forcing down that smile, cmon dont even try to deny im not cute
  • you were dragged up on stage to do some bit that involved heights, which was totally safeguarded, but oops our safety line snapped and i had to drop down from my aeriel/ceiling silk dance to come catch you
    • “so, some finale huh?”
      • “please dont sue us”
  • i work in some low tier traveling circus and you and a few of your sketchy friends somehow found me to offer a job in some giant scheme that apparently you cant do without a professional acrobat
    • “you want to me walk a tightrope. across two skyscrapers. in the pitch black. with no net. and not get shot down by bullets all the while.”
      • “what, you cant do it?“
        • “of course i can do it. it’ll just be the first time i wont have an audience to awe at me and i dont know how i feel about that.”

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^^ hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa members reaction when mc falls asleep on the rfa memebers' side of the bed

i’m going on a volunteer work trip today and i’m so excited ahhh also this request is cute as hell


- stayed up late playing lolol again
- when he finally ripped himself away from the computer and saw you he turned bright red
- you looked so cute and he literally couldn’t stand it
- doesn’t want to invade ur privacy so he kisses your forehead and tucks you in and sleeps on the couch
- makes you breakfast when you wake up and it looks really weird but it actually tastes great
- you tell him next time he could just sleep in the bed with you and he ends up getting a nosebleed, what a precious baby


- he worked late again rehearsing for a new play
- when he finally comes home he calls your name and when you don’t respond he gets worried
- but when he finds u all snuggled up in his blanket drooling on the pillow his heart nearly skip a beat
- how will he control his INNER BEAST when you’re so pretty and in his bed
- really he just snuggles up next to you and holds u in his arms while you sleep
- when you wake up you can barely get out because he’s holding you so tightly


- did paperwork literally all night
- you kept urging her to go to sleep but she told you she was fine
- finally you gave up and started to make the bed for her
- then you just passed out
- when she came in it was like 3 AM
- instantly feels really bad
- she feels silly for doing this but she goes out and buys you a stuffed animal (whatever ur fave animal is)
- sets it next to you while you sleep as an I’m sorry present
- treats you like a princess in the morning and never lets you stay up late worrying about her again


- was at dinner with his father and it took much longer than expected
- he came home as quickly as he could to see if you were alright
- you were hugging elizabeth 3rd while you slept and he instantly takes a picture
- “mc… how did I ever end up with someone as special as you?”
- lays next to you and just watches you while you sleep
- he thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the entire world and is so happy be with you


- late night hacking yet again
- he takes a break and calls out ur name so he can kiss your cute little face
- he hears snoring and then sees you sleeping in one of his big jackets
- instant boner
- he’s bright red and gives you a big kiss on the cheek
- also takes a million pictures with you with weird snapchat filters
- when you wake up in the morning u try to delete them but he’s posted them on every social media site he could find
- sorry mc you’re just too cute and the world needs to know

i tried to catch a spider that was in my room so i could take him outside, but the little bastard leapt out of my hands and absconded into the curtain behind my piano. like, listen little buddy, i’m trying to save ur ass. i’m willing and able to catch you and take you outside where you may fulfill your purpose and a tiny harmless creature. if my nana finds you, you’re fuckin dead. nana doesn’t have the time or the patience to pick up ur sorry ass and take u outside. ur signing ur own death warrant

anyway i named him carl