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Hi! Your medical seventeen stuff have been amazing so far! Keep up the good work 😊 if it's no trouble, could I request a dermatologist!joshua scenario where he treats your acne? Thank youuu 💕

aaa thank u ever so much !!!! here u are ♡♡

  • let’s say you’ve struggled w acne for quite a few years and it’s reached a point where u just want it vamoosed
  • so u build up the courage to go to this dermatologist ur friend recommended u because “the doctor was hot”
  • and ur like pfft yea right
  • but when u walk in and see him sitting there u just think . o h
  • as well as having the most clearest skin u could ever imagine, his appearance and general aura is verging on ethereal
  • as u sit down he introduces himself as doctor hong (”but i’d much prefer joshua!!!”) and so on, then he asks how he can help
  • but u don’t even realise he’s asked u a question until he gives this amused laugh ,,, tbh u were too busy wondering what lip scrub he must use bc wow ???
  • so after he repeats the question, u explain ur problem with abruptly pinked cheeks
  • after asking to take a closer look he invites u to sit on the bed and ur like sure any day and then begins studying ur face
  • u, meanwhile, are on the verge of a heart attack as this impossibly attractive and gentlemanly doctor hovers inches from ur face so close that u can literally feel his breath against ur cheek
  • u feel quite self conscious so shy away every time he seems to get closer
  • but he subtly reassures you by gently putting his hand upon ur shoulder which is ?? strangely soothing ??
  • after drawing away he proposes different treatments etc etc at which point u just zone out and start admiring his eyes this time
  • when ur appointment is finished (to ur disappointment) u thank him, get up to leave, but freeze when he asks “have i got something on my face??”
  • u give him this inquisitive look
  • so he replies: “u kept .. staring”
  • at which point u suddenly have to catch ur bus this very instant or else life as u know it would end so u blurt out this random cluster of letters in an attempt to form a word before virtually sprinting out of the clinic
  • u start taking the medication he gives u and, to ur delight, begin to see a slight improvement !!
  • so the next time u go, ur smiling a lot more, which he instantly picks up on
  • he asks how the treatment is going and if ur experiencing any side effects etc, to which u gladly tell him how great it all is
  • so he comes over to check ur face again and u bring ur fingers to ur cheek to motion to an area u think has improved only to feel ur hand accidentally enclose joshua’s
  • at which point u suddenly can’t move and ur stuck there with ur fingers pressing against his
  • he flicks his gaze towards u with these startled eyes
  • u still can’t seem to budge ur hand and u feel urself growing redder and redder and ur heart is beating faster and faster
  • and u just think he’s a few milimeters i could practically kiss him-
  • until u finally jolt ur hand away and shove it under ur thigh
  • he just clears his throat, rubbing the back of his neck as he goes to sit back down
  • and u cringe and think great. how to be creepy 101 !!!!!!!!
  • so, again, u end up leaving in a hurry just bc ur embarrassed
  • yet in between appointments u get excited about seeing him and u try to tell urself it’s just bc of his pretty face but .. ur not so sure
  • one day ur out shopping in the grocery store and manage to reverse into a stranger and knock all the stuff in their hands onto the floor
  • then u realise it’s no stranger but joshua hong himself
  • u contemplate hiding but quickly help out picking up his things despite how he keeps insisting “nonono it’s fine honestly i can do it, it was my fault !!!”
  • and when he sees it’s you his face brightens and he’s like “oh!! y/n!!”
  • u kind of bashfully smile and stare down towards ur shoes
  • he leans closer and admires ur face and cheerfully comments “u look so much better!!”
  • when u look up he’s like inches from ur face bearing this cute little smile which makes ur eyes widen due to the way ur stomach flips
  • he mistakes it for u being offended so quickly adds “i-i mean i’m not saying u didn’t look good to begin with !! you look amazing !!! wait i-i didn’t mean that, i-i just mean-”
  • he trails off as soon as u start giggling at his dorkiness
  • which, for some reason, causes his cheeks to flush a little
  • he clears his throat and rubs his hand against the back of his neck again,, which seems pretty familiar,, , before saying “well i’ve .. got to to go” to which u quickly agree and almost collide into each other again as u try to get past
  • u can’t stop thinking about how he awkwardly kind of almost complimented u and the way he blushed and !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the next time u visit him, u feel so much more confident than u did at ur first appointment bc ur acne is so much better,,, ur practically glowing
  • as u don’t have much to talk about he starts making small talk, asking how the traffic was, etc
  • then the conversation drifts off to finding out more about each other
  • and when u realise u coincidentally have the same favourite anime both of ur faces light up and ur both grinning and start talking rly quickly and excitedly and-
  • a nurse interrupts and is like “sorry to .. disrupt u both .. but u have patients waiting”
  • dejectedly u trail after her as she leaves, feeling somewhat sheepish
  • then joshua asks “do u like cookies?” causing u to pause
  • who doesn’t
  • u nod, at which point he comes over to u and hands u a cookie inside a paper napkin, saying “i-i bought one too many”
  • u gush ur thanks before disappearing out the door
  • as u eat the cookie on the way home u discover that on the napkin he scrawled his number with “if u need any advice :]” next to it
  • naturally, u guys begin texting other each other every day, w most stuff being completely un-dermatology-related
  • in between shifts he’ll talk to u as much as u can and will end up sending bungou stray dogs memes
  • u realise u may accidentally be in love w him and his gentlemanly dorkiness
  • especially when he decides to call u when he’s on his break just to see whether you’d pick up, and when u do, he gets flustered and ends up talking the most random yet adorable nonsense
  • but then u begin texting him less frequently as life gets harder
  • u have so many burdens on ur shoulders like stress about exams work money family and so on
  • ur skin starts breaking out even worse than before
  • and ur self esteem plummets
  • u almost feel guilty and think that u mucked it all up despite joshua’s help, and that it’s your fault
  • desperately u try all these fad skin cleansing diets which only make u have no energy or motivation or anything
  • some days u can’t even get out of bed just bc of how depressed u feel about not being able to look in the mirror
  • ^so much so that u miss one of ur appointments whilst refusing to answer joshua’s worried calls and texts
  • u build up the courage to finally go outside to get groceries but ur bundled up in a scarf to hide ur face
  • in the grocery store as ur reaching to get something u hear a familiar voice say “y/n?”
  • and u turn to see joshua standing there
  • u feel urself freeze and instantly glare at the floor
  • he moves towards u and is like “a-are u ok?? why haven’t you been answering my calls??” before anxiously asking “is something wrong?”
  • u try to mumble something in reply, but it’s lost in the fabric of ur scarf
  • so he shifts forwards to move ur scarf from ur face so he can hear u properly but, distressed, u grip onto it with ur fingers and rapidly shake ur head
  • and then suddenly ?? there are tears in urs eyes ??
  • he panics and is like “i’m so sorry ohymgosh come here” and courteously leads u out of the store w his hand reassuringly laid on ur back so u don’t end up crying in the middle of a public space
  • he walks u to his flat which is only a block away and sits u down and makes u coffee and provides a plate of cookies and is says “u can tell me anything u want”
  • ur hesitant at first but then u just end up spilling everything: about how u were embarrassed to see him in case he thought you’d let him down, and that u blamed urself, and that u can’t even look in a mirror and that life is just so hard and everything
  • as soon as u start crying he rushes round to ur side of the table and kneels down to ur height and places his hands on ur cheeks and says “ur so beautiful no matter what ur skin is like, the only thing that matters to me is that u are a beautiful person inside out and i’d like u whatever you look like. it’s not ur fault, and i wish you’d love urself. i hope u realise that ur not alone and that i’ll always be there for u and i just want you to be happy. that’s all i want, y/n”
  • the he leans forwards and gently plants a kiss on the tip of ur nose with this warm smile on his face and strokes ur cheek w his thumb and honestly it’s better than any medication anyone could prescribe

Happy one month to this super duper adorable cutie !! 💕💫💕 She’s the sweetest and cutest thing and she’s so nice and puts up with me and she’s just the best person ever ! and I just really really like her a lot and I’m so lucky to have her 💕💫💕

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circus themed aus?

  • I’ve made my peace with being ‘the hideous monster’ for my act but seriously if you don’t stop showing up to my shows whenever I visit this town and look at me with pure awe and fascination instead of disgust I mIGHT JUST HAVE TO Look away and blush cause I’ve never experienced anything like that before
  • my fav part of walking the tightrope is the collective mass of concern in the audience, but you–your face i literally cannot handle, its making me laugh and i cant walk straight like that and “shit”
    • not rly worried though, i sort of have an anti-gravity ability that might help me out a little with balancing so dont worry ur cute lil face ;)
  • i was practicing breathing fire out of my mouth when you came and swooped in for a kiss but now you regret it cause i just burned the hell out of your tongue oops
  • “damn babe what that mouth do??”
    • *swallows sword silently*
  • for the circus act they have decorated bodyguards that come by the pews to intimidate the audience before the lights turn on fully and ive made it my life purpose to crack a smile out of you for the entirety of this two hour show
    • i can see you forcing down that smile, cmon dont even try to deny im not cute
  • you were dragged up on stage to do some bit that involved heights, which was totally safeguarded, but oops our safety line snapped and i had to drop down from my aeriel/ceiling silk dance to come catch you
    • “so, some finale huh?”
      • “please dont sue us”
  • i work in some low tier traveling circus and you and a few of your sketchy friends somehow found me to offer a job in some giant scheme that apparently you cant do without a professional acrobat
    • “you want to me walk a tightrope. across two skyscrapers. in the pitch black. with no net. and not get shot down by bullets all the while.”
      • “what, you cant do it?“
        • “of course i can do it. it’ll just be the first time i wont have an audience to awe at me and i dont know how i feel about that.”

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I love Hamilton's cute little face in ur picture. He's just... ^v^. The whole squad (and burr) is just so good I love you!!!

Aaaaaaaa thank you! Ham ham isnjust really happy to be proud with his boyfriend and his friends \ovo/

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^^ hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa members reaction when mc falls asleep on the rfa memebers' side of the bed

i’m going on a volunteer work trip today and i’m so excited ahhh also this request is cute as hell


- stayed up late playing lolol again
- when he finally ripped himself away from the computer and saw you he turned bright red
- you looked so cute and he literally couldn’t stand it
- doesn’t want to invade ur privacy so he kisses your forehead and tucks you in and sleeps on the couch
- makes you breakfast when you wake up and it looks really weird but it actually tastes great
- you tell him next time he could just sleep in the bed with you and he ends up getting a nosebleed, what a precious baby


- he worked late again rehearsing for a new play
- when he finally comes home he calls your name and when you don’t respond he gets worried
- but when he finds u all snuggled up in his blanket drooling on the pillow his heart nearly skip a beat
- how will he control his INNER BEAST when you’re so pretty and in his bed
- really he just snuggles up next to you and holds u in his arms while you sleep
- when you wake up you can barely get out because he’s holding you so tightly


- did paperwork literally all night
- you kept urging her to go to sleep but she told you she was fine
- finally you gave up and started to make the bed for her
- then you just passed out
- when she came in it was like 3 AM
- instantly feels really bad
- she feels silly for doing this but she goes out and buys you a stuffed animal (whatever ur fave animal is)
- sets it next to you while you sleep as an I’m sorry present
- treats you like a princess in the morning and never lets you stay up late worrying about her again


- was at dinner with his father and it took much longer than expected
- he came home as quickly as he could to see if you were alright
- you were hugging elizabeth 3rd while you slept and he instantly takes a picture
- “mc… how did I ever end up with someone as special as you?”
- lays next to you and just watches you while you sleep
- he thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the entire world and is so happy be with you


- late night hacking yet again
- he takes a break and calls out ur name so he can kiss your cute little face
- he hears snoring and then sees you sleeping in one of his big jackets
- instant boner
- he’s bright red and gives you a big kiss on the cheek
- also takes a million pictures with you with weird snapchat filters
- when you wake up in the morning u try to delete them but he’s posted them on every social media site he could find
- sorry mc you’re just too cute and the world needs to know

i tried to catch a spider that was in my room so i could take him outside, but the little bastard leapt out of my hands and absconded into the curtain behind my piano. like, listen little buddy, i’m trying to save ur ass. i’m willing and able to catch you and take you outside where you may fulfill your purpose and a tiny harmless creature. if my nana finds you, you’re fuckin dead. nana doesn’t have the time or the patience to pick up ur sorry ass and take u outside. ur signing ur own death warrant

anyway i named him carl