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APH Spain/Antonio:

If he knew they were shy, he would go about slightly more discreet ways to confess to them, sending them cards here and there, nothing too extravagant. He would also be patient when talking to them, willing to help egg them on if that’s what it meant to get them to talk more to him. He would never force them into situations that they might not want to be in.

APH Romano/Lovino:

He would be a bit less patient, not understanding why they wanted to stay so secluded but since he did like them, he would teach himself to be nicer. He would always initiate the conversation for them and sometimes he even did the talking for them! Once he asked them out, it would be somewhere where there weren’t many people as not to embarrass them. 

APH Italy/Feliciano:

He would always smile at them and wave hi, running over to go talk to them. He would make sure that they always had room to talk and add in their opinions and listen intently when they talked. He probably would have accidentally let his feelings about them slip during a conversation and would have them blushing furiously.

 APH Germany/Ludwig:

He would talk to them and would back off when they seemed a bit nervous, not wanting to intimidate them in fear that their feelings may become negative towards him. He liked to talk to them and would tell them that he valued their opinion and wouldn’t mind if they talked passionately about something, probably finding out what it would be to make them talk more. He would ask them out via note, something a bit secretive. 

APH Prussia/Gilbert:

He knows nothing about being subtle. He would always run up to them loudly, yelling their name to get their attention. It wouldn’t be until they told him to back off that he would realize he had been doing this wrong the entire time, finding them to confess that he only did that because he liked them. He would work around the shy thing, trying to make them more outgoing if they let him. 

i just…i dont get how they jumped from bellamy’s speech about this symbol is what we make it mean…to let’s kill all the grounders. It makes no sense to me. Saying he’s emotional vulnerable and that’s why he did it? it doesnt give his character enough credit…but that’s the line we are supposed to believe. 

The writers really screwed up with this one because…if we are supposed to mourn Gina, to understand Bellamy’s grief and therefore sympathize with his character then why the hell did they just throw her in there over a 3 month time jump. then kill her within three episodes. 

I just…im not even pissed at Bellamy I’m pissed at the writers. You gave us this character who was a mess, who screwed up, but also a man who grew up and learned from his choices. You want me to believe that the same man who spent an entire season recklessly throwing himself into life and death situations to atone for his actions…you want me to believe that after all the growth he’d just jump in and help slaughter over three hundred warriors????

I hope they delve more into this but right now it makes no sense to me. 


I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not, but this scene here is the first, and only time Edward cries in the series. From the day he and Al burned down their home until now, this is the only time.

Ed didn’t cry when he and Al discovered what had become of Nina. He didn’t cry when she was killed. He didn’t cry when Scar destroyed most of Al’s body, or when Scar was moments away from killing him. He didn’t cry when Al accused him of creating a fake soul and binding it to armor, of inventing a brother as some kind of sick joke. He didn’t cry when he learned Hughes had died, or when he confronted Gracia and admitted the murder was likely his fault. He didn’t cry listening to Al admit that he was at his wit’s end, that he couldn’t stand all the nights alone anymore. 

He didn’t cry when he learned Scar had killed the Rockbells after saving his life, or when Hohenheim accused him of running away. He didn’t cry when he discovered the thing he’d transmuted wasn’t actually Trisha, or when Envy told him they were doomed to die inside Gluttony’s failed portal, or when Bradley took Winry hostage, or when the fight with Kimblee left him with a ten foot steel beam puncturing his side. He didn’t cry when Pride hijacked Al’s lifeless body, or when he let Al be locked up in total darkness with Pride, or when Father took them captive and used them to kill everyone in Amestris.

And he didn’t cry when Al sacrificed his own soul to save Ed’s life.

No. He’s gotten angry; he’s yelled; he’s exploded, but he’s never cried. This is the only time, and it’s when Hohenheim tells Ed to his face that he loves them, more than anything in the world, and only wants for them to be happy—that everything that happened had been his fault, as their father, as an adult, as the one who should have been protecting them, and not Ed’s.

And Ed bawls.

Here’s why: Ed hates Hohenheim, and will easily admit it, but he doesn’t hate Hohenheim in the way he hates other people. Ed enjoys talking smack about those he genuinely hates—he’ll talk about wanting to beat Scar bloody for everything he’s done, and wanting to kick the homunculi’s asses for trying to use him and Al as pawns. Hell, he even enjoys jabbing at Roy for the personality traits he dislikes. Hohenheim is different though. Hohenheim is the only person Ed hates that he also hates talking about. Every time Hohenheim is mentioned, Ed responds with a quick, scathing comment about the man and desperately changes the subject.

And this is all because Ed doesn’t feel right about his hatred toward Hohenheim. For all the others, Ed hates them from a blameless position. The homunculi hurt innocent people, as does Scar, as does Kimblee. Ed securely knows he’s the good guy who hates these bad guys. He’s the moral one, the blameless one, pushing back against a truly antagonistic force. And this is what Hohenheim is not. All of Ed’s hatred toward Hohenheim stems from a place of projected guilt and self-loathing. Ed decided to try to bring Trisha back to life. Ed performed the transmutation that got Al’s body taken away. Ed burned down their home and enlisted in the military, and Ed agreed to do awful things in order to try to fix what he’d done to Al. But, if Ed dials everything backwards, he can almost justify rooting this in the fact that Hohenheim left them first.

If Hohenheim had stuck around, maybe Trisha wouldn’t have died. And if she had, Hohenheim could have stopped Ed and Al from doing something so reckless as human transmutation. He’s their father after all. He’s supposed to be responsible for them. But he left, so Ed can almost rationalize the idea that it was Hohenheim’s leaving that led to everything bad in the brothers’ lives.

Ed knows this is grasping though, and he clings to it in part because he’s convinced Hohenheim hates him too. The clearest memory Ed has of his father is from the morning he left, standing stiff at the doorway, glaring down at Ed before heading out the door and never returning. (A glare which we later learn was the result of Hohenheim furiously holding back tears). Clearly, Hohenheim hated Ed and Al and Trisha enough to just walk out the door one day without saying goodbye. Ed’s probably spent a lot of sleepless nights wondering what they’d done wrong as a family—what he’d done wrong as a son—to make his own father not want him anymore.

So when Ed talks about how he hates Hohenheim, it’s 100% intertwined with a hatred he feels for himself. And it’s an insecurity Ed would never, ever admit to.

Meeting Hohenheim again in episode 20 only works to confirm Ed’s fears. Hohenheim is unbelievably cold to him—Hohenheim confirms that, yes, all of this was Ed’s fault. Ed committed the taboo; Ed burned down their home as a means of hiding the memory. He’s disappointed in Ed. He hates him as a son. And he leaves, again, without goodbye, because Hohenheim didn’t return home with any sort of change of heart.

Learning the truth about Hohenheim only serves to scramble Ed’s feelings. He’s confused; he’s uncertain. He can rationalize Hohenheim’s departure in the context of preparing the counter-transmutation circle, but what about his memories of the man who glared at him, filled with hatred, and left? What about the man who accused him of being a scared, stupid child who’s to blame for all his failures? What about the man who—if only he’d stuck around—could maybe have stopped Ed from doing all of this? The truth makes sense, but it does nothing to alleviate all the guilt and self-hatred Ed feels in relation to Hohenheim, so he doesn’t soften to his father like Al does.

Until this scene.

Until finally, Hohenheim says everything Ed’s desperately wanted to believe for the past ten years. Hohenheim loves him. Hohenheim cares about him. Hohenheim blames himself for what happened—he should have been around for Ed and Al, he should have been there to stop them from doing the impossible, he should have been their father. He wanted to. More than anything in the world, he wanted to just be there for them. Their family was everything Hohenheim had loved in life, and he’s sorry, from the bottom of his heart he is sorry, for how he left them behind. So sorry, that he wants to sacrifice his life in order to fix what little of it he can.

And that’s what breaks Ed. He was strong enough not to cry at any other time, for any other reason, but in these few panels Hohenheim destroys the mangled, tortured sense of fear and guilt and self-loathing that Ed had been harboring for a decade. Hohenheim loves him. Hohenheim is happy to be Ed’s father, proud, and so so sorry.

For the first time, Ed cries. Because for the first time, he feels like he can call Hohenheim “Dad”.

Sherlock series 4

Okay so many people, myself included, think that Mycroft may die in series 4 because of all the references made to his death in the abominable bride. And personally I think if Mark Gatiss is going to write himself out of the series, it will be a spectacular and worthy death for one of our favourite characters.
But then a friend and I had a thought, what if Mycroft dies to save John? Can you imagine Sherlock’s confusion, as Mycroft has never appeared to be all that close to John. So then as Sherlock holds a dying Mycroft in his arms, he asks his brother why he did it, why he sacrificed himself for John.
And Mycroft replies that he did it for Sherlock, because he knows Sherlock can’t live without John, and that he needs John more than he has ever needed his brother. And Sherlock still doesn’t understand and is refusing to believe it, but there’s nothing he can do.


The Longevity Initiative||Alistair Pitt

I remember watching the Longevity Initiative and being intrigued almost as to how Red viewed Powell. Red was so familiar with the story Powell told in his fiance’s home, even speaking the words for Powell before he said them. Red knew Lizzie wouldn’t understand why he did what he did with Powell but now we know why. Red feels that pain of watching his loved one disappear before his eyes caused by his enemies. 

 I’m not sure if I am looking too much into this with drawing these parallels, but I find it very interesting. Red’s look of horror when Powell committed suicide right in front of him and the fact that Red was once described as “Reckless to the point of suicidal”. I’m not jumping to conclusions saying that Red would ever do the same thing because of what happened with Josephine. But honestly, if Lizzie were the one to have had this happen to her because of Red, I believe he might and it kind of breaks my heart. We saw how he got when she shot Connolly, he’s her sin eater and he couldn’t help her anymore. 

I have another parallels post I will be posting soon with Red’s final scene with Josephine. Just figured I would share my quick thoughts on this one. 

it’s a heavy subject in overall

we can all talk how blood ties don’t matter and all, but i feel like we all are somewhat programmed to care about that deep down

and it especially seems to count in a scenario like in AT

CBS Scorpion’s portrayal of mental health professionals

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Postponed Dinner Date | Eliver

Ethan stood outside of the diner with his phone in his hands. He took a deep breath while looking at the texts from Oliver with a happy smile and a small chuckle. He still couldn’t rid that guilt though, nor the pain in his stomach that he hoped would just go away soon. He really did care for him, but he couldn’t stop seeing Oliver’s face when he pulled back from the kiss, or Melody’s reaction when she heard what happened. He still didn’t understand why they didn’t hate him. Although, somewhere inside all his nerves, he was happy they didn’t. He was happy to be able to say that Oliver was his boyfriend and really did like him a lot. He didn’t know if he was willing to say love just yet, since everytime he used that word, things didn’t end up so well, but maybe he’d feel comfortable soon.

I think when everything around Gordon calms down. And hopefully Aaron is in a better place. That Robert might tell Aaron about Andy, Ross, and the shooting.

Because I think Robert doesn’t want to have any secrets when it comes to Aaron. And considering Robert past interaction with secrets blowing up in his face. I think he wants Aaron to hear the news from him unlike someone who might not deliver the news in the best way. And I think Robert wants Aaron to have all the information available because Aaron would understand better than anyone why Andy did what he did. Andy was in a bad place and things just went from bad to worse.

Debbie will come back some day and considering why she left. I can’t see them not touching on all that surrounded her leaving and why she stayed away. And it’s best that Aaron have learned what happened and being able to process the information. I don’t think he can deal with anymore lies and secrets, especially considering how much it affected his life. He was almost sent down for something he had nothing to do with. He should know the truth.

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Allies reacting to their S/O having a baby and they're not the father?

2p America:  He would be kind of pissed off, how could they do that to him, they were together, now they can go and have the other person support them.

2p England:  He would be very upset, but he would sit them down and talk about it, what they plan on doing next, if they have anywhere to go.

2p France:  He would be pissed off but he would stay with them and help them with the baby if the other person does not want to help them.

2p Russia:  He might love them, but what they did was unforgivable, he would understand if it was out of their hands, but if they went and cheated on him he is gone, good luck.

2p China:  He would be really upset, how did this happen? He would want to sit them down and talk about what happened and why this happened, there has to be a good reason.

2p Canada:  He would be really upset, he would have to leave and clear his head, go through all the possibilities why, then come back and get and explanation, it better be fucking good too, or else he’s gone.

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what did bfree do again? he said all the stuff to rap mon and suga in 2013 but what did he do now

Apparently the next time he sees BTS he’s going to “bitch slap” them. I mean I don’t understand why he thinks he’s gonna see BTS again it’s not like he ever gets asked to attend award shows?

@doctorjhwatson  Well at least now I know why you weren’t answering my calls or texts.  I can’t believe you’re doing this!  He lied to you.  For two years and probably even now so that he can weasel his way back into your good graces.

And yes, I saw the claims he made as to why he did it, but damn it John he didn’t see what those two years did to you.  I did and now you’re going to expect me to sit here and keep my mouth shut.  I will never forgive him for what he did to you.  I don’t like it, I don’t trust him, so don’t expect me to play nice.  I will tolerate him if this is what you want even if I don’t agree with it or understand it.

I won’t shut you out either and I will try my best not to fight with you over this but I had to say my peace.  I love you and just want what’s best for you and I know it’s not my decision to make but I really hope you know what you’re doing.

Black Sails Review: “XXI”

When I lost Thomas, I was raged, I…was distraught, I wept
But with you…I’m ruined over you. *feeling*

I’m so sad for Flint right now! Miranda was the last thing that kept him tie with his past, with what he really is (or was) and now that she is dead he is completely lost. I mean, it couldn’t be truer, because she was the only one who really knew James McGraw, who he was before becoming Flint and the monster that he is right now. The fact that nobody else understands who he was and why he did everything he did until now, but only see him as the ruthless pirate, destroys him, and Silver understood it perfectly.

About the two of them and their little boat ride, I appreciated that Silver confessed all his sins and bet everything in that. This was the only way to make Flint understand that he is not a fool at all, that he can make plans and manipulate too and that HE tricked him with the gold but although it was easier to leave with his share he decided to stay because of the crew. Maybe Flint will start to accept him, but their relationship has been very strange from the beginning, so I really don’t know what will happen, but I almost sure that it is not over and that there will be a fight, soon.

By the way, all the shark sequence was amazing and a little bit disgusting. I loved Billy in this episode, always trying to protect his Captain but also the crew; I hope they will show more about him because is such an interesting character but we really don’t know nothing about his past.
Back in Nassau, this is happening and I would have liked that Flint was there instead of being in a really strange island, but, well…he will be there soon – really??
I’m a bit disappointed about the Blackberad’s storyline. Now, what he wants is…a son? Really? I don’t know, I expected a little more from this legend character, maybe in the next episodes with the fight with the English. On the other hand, I’m really proud of Vane and his behaviour, but well…it won’t be easy for him now that he has a bounty over him.

I saw next episode trailer, I’m so excited that I want it right now!!! What will happen in the mystery island? And, what will be Woodes’ next move?

On the whole Taeyang issue I’m super glad he apologized for what he did instead of brushing it off and not ignoring the issue. Yes he did right in apologizing don’t be that VIP that defends him when even he knows he was in the wrong. Even if it wasn’t his intent he should have thought twice about
It before posting it he posted a video of him being black and on the year of the monkey come on guys. Ao it’s understandable why people are upset and he understood it was wrong because he deleted it fast. Don’t try to sugarcoat things VIPs it’s good to call out idols on stuff like this

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At the time, yes, the fight was real. Louis still didn't fully understand why Zayn did what he did and he was angry. I mean, just imagine your best friend in the world leaving with out of the blue. It was a big thing Louis had a hard time accepting.


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Canonically Daryl's bad behavior was addressed. He apologized to Carol for yelling at her and calling her a name in the stables. He didn't apologize to Beth, but he told her he was a dick when he drank, basically admitting that he had acted poorly towards her. He called himself out, doesn't need anyone to do it for him. And I don't see how either scenario comes even close to Rick hurting Michonne via her bullet wound.

Although yeah, he apologized to her after yelling at her at the stables, Daryl almost hit her the night after. I understand everything that happened on that scene. I can see why he did the things he did. In no way I think Daryl was near close of what Ed was. But it doesn’t change the fact he almost hit a woman for no reason.
Same thing with Beth. She was a teenager. Yeah, she was selfish, and said horrible things to him. She was so self centered and so sheltered her whole life she couldn’t see what she was doing and saying to a man who protected and gave all of himself everyday for her family. It doesn’t change the fact that he manhandled her, and almost hurt her when he drag her out of that house.

Now, Rick. Look, I don’t ship him and Michonne anymore for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is because I don’t think he deserves her. I don’t think he is good enough for her and I’m done seeing him loosing his mind every single season while Michonne is right there. But I understand who ship them and root for them, despite the things Rick did, because I ship Caryl, despite the things Daryl did. I don’t excuse his behavior. I’m pretty sure Richonners don’t excuse Rick’s either. That’s what makes all of those characters so interesting and complex. They aren’t perfect. We have to watch them doing questionable things. I had to face my favorite character shooting a kid. I understand everything that Carol did, and while I don’t think she was specifically wrong in her decision (I honestly can’t see another solution for that situation), I wasn’t comfortable with that. It was hard to watch. I saw her threatening a kid. I still not sure what I felt about that scene, and I tend to not agree with what she did. But I understand why she did that, what lead her to act that way, and that’s exactly what I think Twd did it right by those characters: it isn’t just black or white. It isn’t love me or hate me. They are humans, and they will fuck up a lot.

But back to the point of my initial post (and the reason you send me this question, I believe). For me it’s not a reason of who did it worse. I think both of them did pretty lame things. The point was the post where I saw with people claiming that Daryl made terrible mistakes and we Carylers gave him a free pass, while I don’t think that was the case at all. And if we are going to hold against Daryl all of his mistakes, we have to do that with all the characters and question why the hell do you ship those characters if one of them did that terrible thing. It’s everyone’s prerogative to not ship a couple because of that reason or any other reason, like the ones I have for not shipping Richonne any longer. (I understand who doesn’t ship Caryl anymore for example). But I don’t think it’s fair calling us blind when your ship has the same “problems”, if we think through this perspective.

Thanks for the question btw.

how to study: ap world history

When studying history, you want to: 

  • study from a textbook
  • test your knowledge
  • further your understanding

I personally study from a textbook because my tests are based on the information in the textbook. Textbooks are also a great tool because they provide (hopefully) correct information and the resources to test that information.

1. As you read the textbook, write down the questions that are being answered. This forces you to pay attention to what you read. The questions should generally follow the who, when, what, why, and how structure. For example, if you’re reading about Qi Shi Huang, the textbook should be answering the questions: who is he? when did he rule? what did he do? why did he do that? how did he do that?

2. Close the book and answer those questions. Even if you don’t know the answer, write down everything it could be. A lousy answer is better than no answer. Once you are done, go back to the text and review what you could have done better. You might want to make flashcards that have the question on one side and the answers on the other.

3. More often then not, your textbook has separate problems for you to complete and answer. These are usually at the end/beginning of a chapter and are incredibly useful (even though they are usually ignored). Some textbooks also have charts/graphs that you can fill out, too. Take advantage of your textbook and complete all the questions and tasks that it provides. If you can’t answer a question, it is very likely that you missed something in the reading, so go back and review everything.

By now, you’ve hopefully gained a complete understanding of the topic you are studying. However, that shouldn’t stop you from furthering your knowledge. Now is the time to dig a little deeper into what you are learning. Here are a few sources to help you out with that: