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Ace Belle.

Look, Ace Belle is not just into the whole…. sex thing, okay? Just no.  She wants to read her books, to travel the world and maybe, just maybe, she can find someone who’s going to understand, that she’s not broken or unnatural, that she can love

(But sometimes, in those dim hours before dawn breaks, Belle gives in to the fear that she is broken, that she can read about romance and kisses and love and desire and smile but not want it for herself and that she’s unnatural and sick for not wanting these things, these silly sweet things that most girls her age have dreamed of, that lead to marriage and the wedding bed.)

And the main problem with Gaston is that he doesn’t get this - because he’s the one convinced that he can fix her - that she’s just frigid or repressed and that if she just puts the books away, the right man (read: Gaston) can “awaken her passions.”

And Belle knows this is bullshit. So she makes it a point to run far, far away from Gaston whenever he comes skulking around and that her skin crawls when he tries to touch her and that the thought of being his “little wife” makes her physically ill. 

So eventually Belle meets the Beast - in pretty much the same way we’re familiar with - and the Beast knows he’s on a timetable, that he’s got to find true love and break the spell and all that jazz. 

Except he becomes friends with Belle first.  And they end up sharing interests and stories and jokes and snark and laughter and finally, finally, Belle trusts him enough with her secret, the one where she thinks she’s different


and that she can love with all her heart but there’s something different


in her love and they have told her that her kind of love isn’t true at all, that it’s not any kind of love, period. 

And the Beast is enraged.  Not at Belle - but at everyone who’s ever made her feel this way, that her friendship was not enough, that her heart is not enough, that somehow this bright, beautiful, kind girl - who’d become his first friend in all these lonely years and whose made him realize that his enchanted servants were also his truest friends, not just frightened, paid lackeys - that they made Belle believe she was broken.

“You are not broken,” The Beast tells her.  “You are Belle and I love you just as you are.”

The Beast knows he has laid his heart before her and he’s terrified and defiant all at the same time but it’s his own truth, curse or no curse. 

Belle’s smile is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.  And she tells him that she loves him too, just as he is. 

The curse breaks and the Beast is a Prince again and she looks at him in wonder and reaches out to touch his face, to look into his eyes.  Belle knows her Beast because his eyes have never changed. 

When he kisses her, he asks her first and hesitantly, she nods and that first kiss is sweet for both of them but she is pale and she trembles and he reminds her, “Did I not tell you? You are not broken. You are Belle and I love you just as you are.”

And Belle knows her Beast, her Prince, will never ask for more than she can give, will never demand her body in his bed or believe that he could somehow “awaken” her supposed “desires.”

That kind of understanding and respect is the truest sort of love.  

They make this - I love you just as you are - part of their wedding vows.

And they carry on as they have always done, because they both love their books and their stories and the two of them wander the world together hand in hand and they love each other, earnest and true and happily ever after.

What the last Swanqueen scene should look like

*make sure you read till the end!!!*

You… You saved me.

Did you ever doubt I would?

Truthfully… The coffin gave me a pause.

Well you never have to worry about that again, Miss Swan. I will always save you.

You promise?

I do.

SWITCH to a LONG SHOT with Emma and Regina staring at each other. And FINALLY in a moment of despair both women embrace into a hug as a beam of light takes over and


FADE into the streets of New York. CLOSE UP to a young man running down the streets, through some stairs as he enters a church. Henry in a FUCKING HURRY. And we SWITCH through a couple of scenes until he finds a white door. And we find Emma in a bride’s dress.

Did you find them kid?


Oh good! I can’t believe we left the rings at home.

There is a knock on the door and David walks in with a radiant smile on his face as he sees his daughter.

Oh Emma… You look beautiful.

Where’s mom?

She’s with Regina.

Is she ready?

They are. Everyone is waiting.

CUT to Regina standing in front of a mirror, as she admires her long white dress.

You’ve never looked more beautiful than today.

Thank you. For everything.

SWITCH to David and Emma beginning to walk through a hallway, SWITCH to Regina and Mary Margaret also walking through a hallway. Both woman walking. wearing beautiful white bride dresses. CUT to everyone waiting at the altar. CLOSE UP to some of our favorite characters, THEN we CLOSE UP to Robin and Hook dressed in tuxedos. The doors open and Emma walks in first with David by her side as he is walking her down the aisle, as her and Hook exchange looks and a small smile. SWITCH to Regina walking in with Henry next and also exchange looks with Robin. It’s obvious it looks like a double when SUDDENLY Robin and Hook step aside AND Regina and Emma turn to face each other knowing they finally found their happy ending. And slowly the image transitions into a drawing and we realize we are looking at a picture. In Henrys book.

A man sits next to a young girl (8-10 years of age) and we realize this is Henry reading to what will possibly be his daughter.

“‘I do’ said the savior and the evil queen. And so what started as a battle between good and evil turned into the most unique tale of all fairy tales. The story of how the savior and the evil queen fell in love. And they lived happily ever after.”

Again daddy, again.

Again? Oh no, it’s time for you to go to bed my little princess.


How about we visit your grandmother’s tomorrow and they can tell you how it all happened?

Henry smiles and turns the light off. SWITCH to the young girl who is sitting in her bed, still staring at the drawing of Emma and Regina as she finds something oddly familiar. CLOSE UP to a picture of Emma and Regina and she smiles and its clear she realizes who the evil queen and the savior are. She closes the book and settles it next to her bed. CLOSE UP to the tittle “Once Upon a Time” as a beam of light shadows the tittle.


Once Upon a Time bosses unveil plans for season 7

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

The Final Battle led to a lot of loss during Sunday’s two-hour season finale of Once Upon a Time.

After the curse hit, Henry (Jared Gilmore) found himself in a Black Fairy (Jaime Murray) run Storybrooke where Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was locked up in a mental hospital, unaware she’s the savior and refusing to believe in fairy tales.

It turns out, the Final Battle is not an actual fight, but a battle for Emma’s soul. The Black Fairy hopes to crush Emma’s belief, thus causing all the realms in Fairy Tale Land to crumble and disappear — and she nearly achieves her goal, too. Though Emma initially returned to her old life in Boston, Henry was able to convince his mother to return, saving everyone’s lives.

But it’s Rumple (Robert Carlyle) who actually breaks the curse. Furious that the Black Fairy imprisoned Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumple killed his mother, thus ending her spell, returning Emma’s memory and bringing everyone home to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, the Black Fairy had already commanded Gideon (Giles Matthey) to kill Emma. Instead of fighting back, Emma decides to sacrifice herself rather than kill an innocent. But, in a scene echoing the season 1 finale, Henry’s kiss resurrects Emma.

Though the storybook was burned, it reconstitutes and subsequently ends. Yes, it’s the end of this book, but not their story. Everyone gets to keep living happily ever after together. And yet, in a flash to the future that echoes the pilot, a young girl named Lucy (Alison Fernandez) shows up at an adult Henry’s (Andrew J. West) door, exclaiming that his family needs his help. She’s the same little girl whom an adult Henry in the Enchanted Forest employed to protect the storybook when a darkness came for him in what turned out to be a flash forward. What does this mean?! EW turned to executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to find out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Many of the cast we’ve known over the last six seasons are not returning. Can you talk about how the story will be changing moving forward?
ADAM HOROWITZ: Just on a conceptional level, it’s the same show. We’re trying to tell the same kind of stories and honor the DNA of what Once Upon a Time was from the very start. But I think we — Eddy and I — felt that as we approached season 6, the time had come to close the chapter on a lot of the stories we had been telling, which was the impetus behind this season finale, and open some new chapters. While there are some characters returning and some not returning, it’s still the same universe, and it’s still the same kind of storytelling. It’s just that we’re going to be coming at it from a little bit of a different angle. It’s not going to be necessarily Storybrooke-based.
EDWARD KITSIS: Also, what we see is, a new hero is leading us into a new world, which is an adult Henry Mills. We saw that in what we realize are flash forwards, and then at the very end, Henry has grown up and he looks like he left home. He was an Author writing everyone else’s story, so to me it looks like he left home to find his own story and then something happened, and now he’s got to be the hero.
HOROWITZ: It’s a little bit of the continuity between the two iterations of the show, which is Henry. Henry has been the heart of the show from the beginning. Jared was amazing, and we couldn’t love him move; watching him grow up has been amazing. Now, we’re going to see what that character becomes in a 10-years-older version. But he’s still going to be that character and still carry that essence of the show and be the center of the family that’s at the heart of the show.

You gave so much closure to so many stories, how do you plan to reconcile that with some people returning next year but not others? Does that change their happy endings?
KITSIS: What happened to these people, those are episodes, those are things we will probably want to show. For us, we felt creatively it was time to end a lot of these stories. What we’re really interested in is, as we said, it’s like a new book. So we’re starting with new stories. Although it’s going to have some of the people that we’ve loved for six years at the center of it, we are going to meet new people and new worlds.

Will we see an influx of new characters and other fairy tales? How will you branch out in that sense?
HOROWITZ: Hopefully when you see the premiere, that will become super clear, so we don’t want to give too much away right now other than to say we do intend to branch out, we do intend to also stay with some of the characters we’ve been with. It’s about how do you honor everything that’s come before, but also widen the canvas a little bit?
KITSIS: Open the world up.
HOROWITZ: That’s the goal of season 7. In addition to the people that we’ve already announced who are coming back as regulars, and who are not, there will be more regulars we’re adding to the mix.
KITSIS: As we completed one journey, what we want to do next year is take people on another one. The DNA is still the same, which is fairy tale characters in the real world in search of hope. We still have Henry, we still have Regina, we still have Hook and we still have Rumple, and we still have people are that are going to come in and out that we know, but we’re going to meet a whole new universe and a new group of people. So for us as writers, we’re also excited to do that. Probably you’re going to see a world with no magic in it on one side, very similar to the way we did in season 1.

Thematically, what are you hoping to explore that’s different than what the first six seasons were?
KITSIS: We always say that Emma was a character looking for her family and finding hope. I would say that Henry was the heart of the truest believer, and what we saw at the very end is he no longer believes. Henry’s loss in faith and the idea of belief is the jumping off point. The DNA of the show remains, and always will be, of hope. Each character was always looking for their happy ending, and that is no different than anyone in the real world.
HOROWITZ: One of the hardest times to have hope in anyone’s life is when you’ve lost belief or faith in something. That is a jumping off point for where we are for the next season, which is, how do you deal with questioning faith and belief and finding hope again?

This scene with adult Henry echoes the pilot, even down to Henry saying he doesn’t have a kid. Has something happened to him in terms of his memories or has he just become cynical somehow seemingly being separated from his family?  
HOROWTIZ: These are excellent questions that might be better answered—
KITSIS: —in the teaser of next year.
HOROWITZ: But they’re excellent and insightful questions.

Is the storybook that Henry charged his daughter with protecting in the Enchanted Forest the book we’ve always known, or a book with brand new stories within?
HOROWITZ: It’s another excellent question, and without getting too specific about what that book we saw in the teaser is really about, what we can say is that Henry has grown up, he has remained true to what we’ve established and he is an Author.

Let’s talk about Lucy. Who is her mother? Is it Violet?
HOROWITZ: Violet is in the montage at the end. When Henry goes to school, she’s waiting for him at the school.
KITSIS: But that being said, unfortunately like a lot of us, your first love in high school ends up not being the person you marry. You end up leaving home and moving on. It is not Violet. Who the mother is, and who Henry fell in love with, is one of the things we’re really excited about next year. In the tradition of Snow and Charming, Henry and his wife are a very much Once epic romance.

Is there a Savior in this story?
KITSIS: There could be.
HOROWITZ: There very well could be.

Can you talk at all about this new darkness coming after adult Henry that we saw in the Enchanted Forest? Is this the introduction of the new antagonist for next season?
HOROWITZ: It is. It looked pretty scary, so I don’t think it’s a new friend-tagonist. What we see in the season finale in those little snippets is, it’s a darkness that grown-up Henry has to deal with and has a big impact on what’s going on in season 7. We’re still at that we need to be slightly infuriatingly vague stage.

Since the show is going to be centered partially around Regina next year, what can you say about her drive or her story going into next season?
KITSIS: I’d say she’s fighting for the people, just like a queen does.

The Evil Queen seems to be marrying Robin Hood. Will she play a role next season since Lana is sticking around?
HOROWITZ: I would say, never say never.

Rumple seemed to get his happy ending with his family, but what do you plan to explore with him next season? The darkness is still inside and he’s just killed his own mother, so how has that changed him?
KITSIS: We saw his happy ending with Belle, and they worked really hard to get it. What’s happening next in his life and what he’s going through is obviously what the story is. That one I don’t want to just fully tease yet. All this stuff is literally just being worked on.
HOROWITZ: We really would love for the audience to be able to spend the summer living with the happiness that we’ve seen these characters get, because it’s real, and it’s meant to be real. It’s not meant to be something that we’re doing that we want to destroy and make all horrible, or whatever. We want these characters to have really earned this place of happiness they’ve found. But because we’re telling stories, we’re going to have issues to overcome in the future, and Rumple is no exception to that rule. To tell you now what it is would give away so much, so we’d rather have the audience really sit with what we’ve left them with for now.

Because you see Emma get her happy ending, and we know that Jennifer is only returning for one episode, a lot of fans are worried Emma is going to die. Do you want to say anything to the audience?
KITSIS: Not really. There’s nothing to say. That is correct, she is coming back for an episode. Their happiness is real, and people should enjoy that. The thing is this: Right now, we’re not trying to take away the show we’ve done for six years, and we’re not trying to destroy people’s happiness right now, but we’re going to be telling a new version. But until they see that, they won’t understand what it is. So for us, we’d rather not whip people into a frenzy.
HOROWITZ: I’d like to underscore that for a second: Really we wanted the audience to not think about what we’re doing as throwing away what came before, but building on and expanding from it, so that what happened and what they’ve lived with and what they’ve invested in all these years still really matters; it matters to us as writers and we know it matters to so much of the audience. We want them to know that we do really respect that and we really do approach the story from that level. We’re not just clearing a playing field and starting over willy-nilly. We’re trying to tell these new stories and expand our canvas, but also honor what’s come before.

Hook’s always walked a fine line of giving into his darker instincts over the years. Is that something you might delve into again moving forward?
KITSIS: That’s definitely a part of his DNA, but we’re hoping to tell new avenues of story for the characters. The lessons they’ve learned on the show, like we don’t want another year of Regina wondering whether or not she should be evil; that’s been settled. When the dwarves bow to her, they bow to her as the queen. She’s no longer the Evil Queen. So we want our characters to move forward. But like any of us, once you get a hold of one issue, there’s always three others.

Can you talk about how you’ll be handling flashbacks next year?
HOROWITZ: We do intend to keep a flashback component to the show and we hope that how we do it is fun for the audience.

Now that you have this new direction, do you have a better sense of your endgame?
HOROWITZ: Our goal with the show remains the same, is the simplest way to put it. It’s that question you always get asked, which is, “Do you know exactly what the end is going to be?”
KITSIS: We knew for this chapter, we have ideas and we are creating a new chapter. We’ll see how that goes. We’re excited about the new journey. We think it’s very much Once Upon a Time. At the same respect, we are excited that we got to see those happy moments from our characters in the finale and really build to that.


the-angry-walnut-fairy  asked:

Bedtime story!!?? (If you're willing!)

“Tell me a bedtime story”.

“What?” Otabek was confused. He was sitting against the headboard of his bed, casually scrolling through his phone, Yuri’s head in his lap as he slowly and gently carded his fingers through the silky blond hair.

Yuri tilted his head up to glace up at him with an innocent smile on his lips, green eyes looking into brown.

“I want you to tell me a bedtime story,” Yuri said quietly.

Otabek looked down at this phone for a moment, noting it was just before half past midnight. Yuri and he had been living together for almost a year now, after he moved to Russia to train under Victor along with both Yuri’s. The living legend had retired a few years before saying he didn’t want to risk an injury and wanted to focus on his Yuuri’s skating more than his own.

Racking his brain, while feeling slightly foolish, he tried to come up with a simple story he could tell his boyfriend of nearly a year.

“Well … once upon a time,” he noticed the moment he started Yuri snuggled into his lap more. “There was this young prince who was destined for greatness, but in order to get there he had to accomplish three tasks. The first being that he had to rescue a damsel in distress to show he put others before himself. The second was, he had to slay a dragon, to show he could protect his kingdom, and the third was he had to convince a stranger to follow him into battle, to show he could earn loyalty.

“Armed with his best armor, weapon, and his trusty steed, he set off to accomplish these goals. Seeing as how there were not too many damsels in distress, it took him a while, and some searching until he came upon young maiden who had been locked up in a high tower. The prince tried to find an entrance, but wasn’t able too, however, he did notice that a strong vine ran all along the length of the tower and he began to climb.

“When he finally reached the top, he found that the girl wasn’t actually in an trouble. In fact she was the one who had locked the hidden door, hoping to keep people out, rather than let anyone come in. See, unlike Rapunzel, who was locked away, this princess had run away from home, and was hiding in the tower because she was scared of being rejected by her family. She believed she wasn’t as beautiful as the others, or as talented or as skilled enough to be worthy of being called a princess. However, the prince assured her that no matter what, her family loved her, and that beauty came from within, and not her outer appearances.

“After being convinced by a total stranger, the maiden allowed the prince to take her home, where her family welcomed her back with open arms. After that, he went off to find a dragon to slay to accomplish his next task.

“After going town to town, he eventually came to one where the people claimed a horrible dragon lived because it would come and eat their cows all the time. After searching around for a while, the prince came across a cavern where a large red dragon lived. It was a mighty beast and roared and spit fire when the prince approached.

“With his mighty sword in hand, the prince approached the dragon, ready for a fight, however instead, he found that the dragon was already severely injured and was trying to protect it’s eggs. It seems the towns people had lied, and the prince realized that just because the beast was loud and scary, doesn’t mean it was evil. So instead the prince told the dragon about a cave in his kingdom where it could live with it’s eggs. The dragon bowed it’s head in thanks and the prince moved on.

“The final task was that the prince had to convince a total stranger to follow him into battle. He rode his horse to a neighboring village, and there he met a hero who had sworn to protect his town’s people from their warring neighbors who were always arguing over land.

“After talking to the hero, the prince was able to convince the man to go with him to their enemies. Once there, the prince asked to speak to the leader of the other army. Though the hero with him was ready to battle, the prince suggested that they try to reason with the others first.

“When they were settle around a table, with a map of the lands laid out before them, the hero and the leader of the enemies explained how they were fighting over land. The prince had discovered that the reason for the war was because of a natural source of fresh water in the hero’s country, while his neighbors didn’t have any for miles and miles. When the prince explained how if they shifted the boarders so the neighbors could draw water from the large lake, perhaps the neighbors would give up some land to their southern boarders, where the hero’s people could use it to farm more.

“By the end of the day, a treaty was signed, and peace was restored to the land. The prince had not only gotten the loyalty of the hero, but also of his people, and those of the neighbors.

“When he left to go home, he said his goodbyes to his new friends, and then went back to claim his kingdom and his crown … The end.”

Otabek finished his story, but Yuri didn’t say anything, so he figured the man had fallen asleep, until that is when Yuri sudden sat up.

“You made that bullshit up on the fly didn’t you?” the blond asked.

“Of course I did.. It’s after midnight and I’m tired, but you asked for a bedtime story.”

“Well, that’s not how the story ends. There’s no happily ever after,” Yuri argued.

Otabek raised an eyebrow and a tiny smile graced his lips.

“Okay, then how does it end?”

“Well for starters, the hero doesn’t leave the prince, he goes back with him to the castle. Because we all know that in the end the hero wants to be with the prince … right?”

The way Yuri was looking at him, that questioning look in his eyes, the one that seemed to hold his heart, made Otabek realize that Yuri had imprinted himself as the prince and he as the hero. So with a small laugh he nodded and answered. “Yeah, .. He does”

“Right, so they both go back to the castle where the prince lives. And they find that the maiden he saved now has her own prince so they can live happily ever after, the dragon who now lives in the nearby cave now protects the castle, and …”

“And? What about the prince and the hero?” Otabek was curious now.

“Well..” Yuri’s face was turning read and Otabek noticed he had slipped his hand under his pillow, as if searching for something. With big green eyes now looking directly at him, the Russian pulled a small black box from under the pillow. “The prince asks the hero to marry him” as he says this he opens the small box to reveal a single golden band.

Otabek is stunned, his eyes burn from the sudden tears that have flooded them. He finds himself speechless for a little too long, either that or Yuri gets impatient with him and asks “So are you going to marry me or not Hero?”

“Yes,” Otabek said breathless.

Yuri pulls the ring from the box and slides it onto his fiance’s finger.

“And they lived happily ever after” Yuri says before pulling Otabek into a loving kiss.


Forgive me if this sucks… I’m very tired. Sweet dreams!

Why the Samurai Jack finale was perfect

From beginning to end, Samurai Jack has been the story of man’s persistence against despair. Developing the resolve to stay steadfast despite there being no sign of hope in sight, defeating his inner demons, and achieving inner balance - not euphoria and everlasting happiness, but balance. The ability to acknowledge the reality of his negative emotions, make peace with his suffering and continue on without succumbing to it.

And the ending illustrated this perfectly. It showed just how far Jack had come in terms of his resilience against despair.

If it were the less experienced Jack, he may have had a breakdown. The last time that Jack was in a seemingly hopeless situation (the time portals being gone), he considered suicide. He came within inches of killing himself, and were it not for somebody else’s intervention at the last minute, he would have actually done it. All because he thought there was no hope to fix his problem.

At the end of the final episode, Jack has finally found himself in a TRUE hopeless situation for the first time in his long life. Ashi is dead. There are no magic portals to bring her back. His first love is gone, and there is absolutely no hope to reverse this.

However, Jack is an enlightened man now. He doesn’t NEED the universe to “reward” his suffering to see the value of what he’s experienced.

The 50-year hell that Aku put Jack through, ironically, allowed him to experience the joy of love and gave him the strength to cope with losing it. With Ashi tragically taken away, he looks to the hills, watches the ladybug fly, and sees that the planet around him pulses with life.

He sees that the world is bigger than his suffering.

It’s a great metaphor for real life too. As I’m sure plenty of married people will tell you, life is no “get married and live happily ever after” fairy tale. Just because you’ve gone through many trials and tribulations to reach big personal milestones that seemed larger than life doesn’t mean that the rest of your life will be a perfectly polished, flowery narrative. When you’ve found your balance, however, the energies of joy and suffering become two sides of the same coin.

In memory, our bonds are immortal. With the inevitability of death, we are alive. Through loss, we know what love means. Jack can now have peace in understanding that the world, both beautiful and cruel, simply is.

Princess Tutu and Grand Narrative

Once upon a time, there was a clumsy school girl granted the power to transform into the magical ballerina Princess Tutu.

“Once upon a time” is a familiar phrase used to connect stories that take place in lands distant and times different from one another into the same fairytale world. Each episode of the anime Princess Tutu begins with this familiar phrase and then proceeds to tell a story both known and new, where Hans Christian Anderson’s Ugly Ducking becomes Odette, the Swan Queen, from Swan Lake, thanks to the magic of the mysterious Drosselmeyer, who bares a striking resemblance to the character of the same name from The Nutcracker. Princess Tutu is not just a retelling of a handful of fairy tales, it’s an adaptation of stories across literature, ballet, opera, and of course, anime. Each piece of Princess Tutu’s narrative belongs to worlds larger than its own. The series challenges paradigms about typical narrative creation by weaving together multiple “grand narratives”.

While working as an editor for Kadokawa Shoten in the late 80s, Otsuka Eiji wrote a paper called “World and Variation: The Reproduction and Consumption of Narrative” in which he explains the idea of the grand narrative. An individual story only gives the audience a small glimpse into that wider world that the story is set in. This wider world is full of countless narratives told from countless perspectives that make up the grand narrative. Eiji uses the Gundam franchise to illustrate this concept where any given episode of the anime is a small snapshot of narrative within the larger universe(s) Gundam takes place in. Eiji explains, “Countless other [stories] could exist if someone else were the main character.”

Everyone is the main character of their own story. But most of these stories that make up the grand narrative of a world are hidden from view. It’s impossible to tell every story at once and have it be comprehensible. Instead we can only consume small bite-sized narratives that give us a snapshot of the (hopefully) interesting parts of a protagonist’s life. But who, exactly, is controlling these smaller narratives? This is a question faced by the characters of Princess Tutu.

The concept of shifting protagonists and expanding the audience’s view into the grand narrative heavily ties into Princess Tutu’s premise. The anime’s story is catalyzed by Drosselmeyer, the author of a fictitious book called The Prince and The Raven. The book’s ending is a stalemate between the titular characters so Drosselmeyer decides to promote the minor character of Princess Tutu to the role of main character to help the story move forward.

As you can probably tell by the name, Princess Tutu is heavily influenced by ballet. One of the show’s more significant influences is Swan Lake. Through the anime’s re-purposing of Swan Lake’s Odette as a magical girl, Princess Tutu continues to uphold ballet’s tradition of adapting the story for its own purposes.

Princess Tutu and Odette

The basic story of Swan Lake is about a prince falling in love with a girl cursed to be a swan from sunrise to sunset by an evil sorcerer. The sorcerer tricks the prince into confessing his love for his daughter, Odile, instead of the swan girl thus dooming the swan girl’s chance at true love and breaking the curse.

Amanda Kennell, an American scholar, outlines in her paper “Origin and Ownership from Ballet to Anime” Swan Lake’s production history and the evolution of the ballet’s narrative. The original staging in 1877 had the story end with the villain going unpunished and the two lovers drowning in a flood. In a revival staging from 1895 the villain was defeated and the two lovers reunited in heaven after throwing themselves into a lake. In a single scene production called The Magic Swan from the 1940s, the iconic “black swan” was introduced setting the precedent for the same ballerina to play the role of Odette and Odile in striking white and black costumes. And finally, another staging in 2006, not only adopted the White and Black Swan motif, but also changed the ending once again so that the prince kills the villain and he and Odette live happily ever after.

Despite each staging of the classic having significant differences, none of the variations are cast away as counterfeits. The value of the production isn’t in how close it is to the original Swan Lake but instead in the relative merit of each variation. In fact, it doesn’t really matter which you consider “the original” where the additions made by each carry their own merit and add to Swan Lake’s grand narrative. In this same regard, it would be acceptable to consider Princess Tutu another variation on the world of Swan Lake’s grand narrative.

There is terminology for this phenomenon in Kabuki theater. Eiji points out in his paper the similarities between the concepts of Sekai (world) and Shukou (plot) from Kabuki theater and his ideas of the grand narrative and the smaller narratives.

In Kabuki, Sekai represents the world a story takes place in and Shukou represents the story that is a product of that world. Each staging of a Kabuki play is its own Shukou derived from either a single Sekai or the mixing of Sekai. What matters in creating a good performance is not necessarily conveying the Sekai but instead the relative merit of the Shukou’s take on things. No performance is exactly the same and different actors bring different strengths to a performance and in turn provide a different experience for the audience’s entertainment. This of course carries over to more art forms than just Kabuki, classic ballet is in a similar position where entire songs are sometimes re-choreographed just to match the strengths of an individual ballerina. Ballet in particular has a long tradition of making minor and major changes to suit an individual performance. Whether it be tweaking choreography or straight up giving the story a different ending. The evolution of Swan Lake’s production is an excellent example of how productions of what are considered to be the same story can dramatically vary.

But Princess Tutu borrows from more stories than just Swan Lake. This brings us back to Kabuki and the idea of mixing Sekai in order to create another Shukou.

Princess Tutu takes pieces of classic stories and rearranges them to create something simultaneously familiar and completely new. Princess Tutu is not forging a new Shukou from only Swan Lake’s Sekai, but instead is connecting the canon of European literature and performing arts together into an even more extensive grand narrative.

Just look at the series’ opening for example, where Swan Lake and The Nutcracker are intertwined with one another as the anime’s titular character is dressed in the ballet costume of Odette and dances to The Nutcracker’s Flower Waltz to simultaneously combine the worlds of two ballets while producing an entirely new moment unique to the Princess Tutu anime.

The anime ends on the implication that if one person tries to control a story and the grand narrative it’s connected to, that person will fail. Princess Tutu is an excellent reminder of how stories are dynamic. Stories end up taking on a life of their own evolving, expanding and being reworked by both creators and consumers.

Eiji explains that once the consumers feel they have a grasp on the grand narrative they are free to produce their own small narratives from it. This is exactly how its creators forged Princess Tutu from the grand narrative of classic literature and performing arts. Just as mangaka can’t help it if a doujinshi adds to the narrative of their original story, Travosky can’t control the new life his ballets have taken on in Princess Tutu. Stories will take on a life of their own, abandon the need for an original and become a part to a larger grand narrative to be consumed and reworked over and over.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Summary: Adult Henry and Regina have a talk the first time his adoptive daughter tells him that he’s not her father.


At thirty four years old Henry Mills knew that he’d never fallen in love with anything quicker and harder than he had for his daughter.

He’d never planned to adopt. It hadn’t been a goal or even a thought in his head at the time but the minute he’d laid eyes on her he knew. She would be his and he would be hers forever.

He’d only been twenty-three when he first met her mother. Barely out of college when they’d ran into each other but he easily became enraptured with her warm, honey-colored eyes and melodious laughter. Luisa had been her name and it was only on their third date that she’d first told him about her daughter. Naturally he’d been shocked and a little apprehensive but still undeterred. A few months later she’d finally let him meet her, her little Olivia. Dark chocolate eyes and chubby red cheeks, she’d wrapped her tiny finger around his and he knew there was no going back.

A week being a part of their lives taught him more about love than an entire lifetime of reading and writing about fairy tales.

Twelve years and a wedding later they’d still been blissful. He truly thought that he’d found his happily ever after. But of course he’d forgotten the most cardinal rule of life.

It’s often more tragic than you expect.

A car crash stole Luisa away from them. One irreversible moment and suddenly he found himself standing over her casket, surrounded by family, his hand holding onto his daughter’s.

It would only be the two of them from now on.

A fact that Olivia appeared to struggle with.

She missed her mother, that much was clear. And Henry tried as hard as he could to give her a safe place to grieve, a place with him but she’d pushed him away. They used to be so close but she wasn’t talking to him anymore, she wasn’t talking to anyone. Isolating herself from her friends and family. He made excuses for her and tried to give her space, but things came to a head one afternoon when he’d gotten a call from the school saying she’d never shown up. After hours of searching for her only for her to come home and walk past him as if nothing had ever happened he couldn’t help it. He lost it.

Within seconds they’d enter a screaming match and before he’d even seen it coming she’d yelled the words he knew he’d never forget.


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Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7

Lookee what my brain coughed up~~

Peter stays the night again. The man cooks for the two of them, Stiles finishes his homework, Peter uses his shower and poaches more of Stiles’ clothes, and they end up in the fort again, knees and arms knocking together, blankets piled on top of them.

“Should we be expecting your father tonight?”  Peter enquires idly, not sounding like he cares much either way.

“Mm, no, he’s working on a case out of town.”  It’s instinct to check his phone, but there’s no text message waiting for him, and that’s to be expected too.  He sends one off to Scott though, just to check in, just to ask how he’s doing after everything that went down.  He doesn’t get a reply this time either, which doesn’t surprise him one bit.

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dear - bonnie/damon -1/1

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“Your hair is so soft…” 

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “And you are so drunk.” 

“Tipsy,” he corrected.

Shaking her head, a fond smile upturning her lips, she watched as he continued to run his fingers through her hair. It was longer than it’d been the last time she saw him. After spending two years abroad, she’d returned to the States feeling stronger, happier, and more confident in herself. She also returned to find out Damon and Elena had broken up. Elena had moved to Boston for medical school while Damon remained behind, playing surly uncle to Caroline’s daughters. 

With a gentle sigh, she rubbed her fingers over his forehead and back through his hair. She wasn’t sure when he’d put his head in her lap, but it was strangely comfortable. In the time she’d been away, she and Damon talked often. Days would pass where all they would do was text back and forth, about anything and everything, and then suddenly, she’d call or he would and they’d spend hours on the phone. Talking about life as a human now, about where she’d been or where she should visit next. In a way, it felt like he was on that journey with her, so entwined with her life as he was. Which was why she was surprised to hear that he and Elena had broken up more than a month ago. 

“You wanna talk about it?” 

He sighed, long and loud. “About what?” 

She cocked her head. “Seriously?” 

“What’s there to say?” 

“I don’t know… The love of your life packed up and left. I thought you’d have a few things to say, or ask. Like, ‘how do I get her back, Bonnie?’” 

Continuing to stroke his fingers through the tails of her hair, he shook his head. “It was a long time coming.” 

“Since when?” Her brow furrowed. “You never mentioned anything.” 

“No? I didn’t slip how unhappy we were getting into one of our four-hour-long conversations?” 

“I think I would’ve remembered…” 

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Tale As Old As Time {Remus Lupin x Reader}

I just watched Beauty and the Beast the other day and it was so good!! I almost cried!! I wanted to waltz afterwards but I had no one to dance with lol. #foreversingle

Anyway, hope y'all will like this one. I will finish the anonymous requests tomorrow and I might open requests again.


AU where Remus is the Beast and reader is Belle. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN PLOT TWISTS. FLUFF.


Physical appearances could be quite deceiving and the lesson was no stranger to (Y/n). She was considered a freak in her town because of her passion in reading and though she was quite lovely, everybody resented her strangeness. She felt quite alone until she met the rumored beast that terrorized the town.

She was expecting to find a large, sharp-fanged creature with red eyes and long claws but certainly not a tall boy with scars on his face while shivering in the snow.

She had known him for a long time as her friend in the forest but she never knew about his lycanthropy until she saw him shift back into his human form. She helped him get up after he defended her from the other wolves, receiving multiple bites. His arm hung around her neck as he tried to stand up weakly.

“(Y/n), you don’t have to do this.” He groaned in pain, trying to get back on his feet.

“Remus, you saved my life. The least I could do is take care of you.” (Y/n) replied, “Now, where do you live?”

“Up in the castle. I uh, work there to tend to my master’s horses while he’s away.” He lied but (Y/n) did not notice a thing. She placed him on her horse and rode off quietly, taking a safer route to the castle.

As soon as they reached the gate, she got down from the horse and assisted Remus to the door. A black dog came running up to them, sniffing his master’s wounds and whimpering.

“I’m alright, Padfoot. Don’t worry.” Remus said. The two entered the empty and dusty home while the dog led them to the bedroom. She put him down gently and started cutting through the cloth of his shirt where she found older scars.

(Y/n) did not say a word and began to wipe him down with a damp cloth.

“I suppose you don’t want to talk to me anymore after what you just saw,” he said, looking at the window that showed a beautiful view of the white snow.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Remus. Now, this will hurt a bit,” she pressed the cloth on one of the bite marks on his arm, making him hiss and close his eyes. His grip tightened on the sheets and his teeth grinded together.

The dog whined at the sight of his master in pain and tried to cheer him up by resting his chin on the mattress.

After she was finished, she bandaged his wounds and helped him put on a fresh, new shirt from the wardrobe. She sat by his side and brushed away his hair from his face.

“Will you please stay with me, (Y/n)? I’m scared to be alone,” he said as he rubbed circles on her hand with his thumb.

“Of course, Remus. I promise I’ll stay with you until you get better. I’m sure my father will understand.” She smiled. Her father was a kind man who liked to invent things and paint and though he would most likely worry, he would surely understand the circumstances. Of course, he cannot know about Remus’s lycanthropy.

(Y/n) hummed Remus a lullaby until he fell asleep. It was truly unfortunate that such a sweet person suffered from a condition that turned him into a raging monster every full moon. Nonetheless, she kept her promise and everyday, after her chores, she would return to his lonely castle and keep him company.

She enjoyed being around him and many months had passed, she would still visit him even after his scars had healed and they would read together in the castle’s enormous library. She would help clean up and tidy the place while Remus assisted her. Through this time, things began to change between them.

At first, it was the glances and the long stares before one of them notices and blushes instantly. Remus would let her read to him and when their fingers would touch together, it created a spark that neither could explain except that it would make them smile. (Y/n) was very compassionate towards him and despite the many instances he warned her that he could hurt her, she refused to leave his side.

After she left, Remus sat down in the dining hall with a dog, a cat, and a rat. The black dog slowly began to shift in his human form effortlessly and sat by Remus’ side.

“So, any plans, Moony?” He asked.

“What plans?”

“Aren’t you going to pull off any moves? You like her, don’t you?”

“I do but I’m not sure if she likes me.”

The rat crawled from beneath the chair and shifted as well, sitting beside Sirius. He smirked at Remus, his large front teeth showing as he smiled.

“Of course she likes you. We’ve seen the way she looks at you. Plus, she wouldn’t have stayed if she didn’t like you.”

“Wormtail’s right. So what’s your move?”

“Look guys, I think she’s happy with just staying as friends.” Remus said, looking down at his empty plate.

“But are you happy with that?” Sirius asked which struck Remus. He wanted more than just being friends but how was he supposed to know if the feeling was mutual? He wanted to see for it himself and not just from his friends.

But how?

He began to fidget at the question when he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Master Lupin, if you’re not sure, might I suggest something? Like a romantic gesture?” McGonagall said. “Perhaps some flowers?”

“It’s gonna take more than just flowers, Minerva. We need something grander!”

“Wait, I haven’t agreed to this yet–”

“Yeah! Like a dinner! A fancy one!” Peter clapped excitedly, “Oh, I do love food!”

“Yeah, no shit, Wormtail!” Sirius beamed sarcastically, “We might need Prongs’s help for this. Poor buck’s freezing outside in the stables. Anyway, don’t worry about it, Moony! We’ll come up with something.”

“Sirius, as much as I’d love to, how can we know if this will work?”

“We just have to keep our hopes up.”

It was completely ridiculous but if it was the only way to find out, he hoped that this plan would work. He finally agreed and went up to his room and in his bed, he couldn’t help but feel the excitement rush through his veins. As he closed his eyes, he began to picture (Y/n) and her beautiful smile that had brought him the light he had been searching for for years. He felt his heart beat wildly than it ever did in his entire life. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

(Y/n) arrived in the afternoon at the castle when Remus opened up the huge doors for her.

“Bonjour, (Y/n).” He chuckled, pulling her in an embrace.

“Bonjour, Remus.” She smiled, kissing his cheek. “Sorry I’m late. My father went to the other town to sell his paintings and I had to help him. So what are we doing today? Should we finish Romeo & Juliet?”

“Not today, (Y/n). Today is something special.”

“How so?”

Remus closed the door behind her and led her upstairs, the black dog trailing after them happily. “Well, I wanted to have some fun and it occurred to me, we have never used the ballroom before.”

“But will it be alright for your master?”

“What he doesn’t know, won’t kill him.” Remus smirked.

(Y/n) chuckled and followed him to a room at the end of the hall. It was a beautiful room with a painting of the night sky on the ceiling and a large wardrobe standing by the bed. Remus turned to her and brushed her hair over her ear. Her cheeks immediately turned red at the contact.

“Try on some clothes and I’ll meet you downstairs in an hour, alright?” He said before taking his leave. As soon as he disappeared, (Y/n) looked around the room and smiled to herself before opening the wardrobe.

Her eyes widened at the dress, and quite honestly, the only dress inside. It was a yellow gown and (Y/n) did not wait for another minute and decided to try it on. The two prepared themselves for each other, trying to look their best for this special time. The sun had gone down and the crescent moon had risen from its sleep by the time they were finished.

Sirius secretly shifted into his human form and prepared the ballroom, lighting the candles and making sure everything was perfect for the occasion.

(Y/n) descended from the stairs to meet Remus who waited for her in his blue suit with a red rose tucked in his breast pocket. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Remus felt his heart beat against his chest uncontrollably as he watched her, admiring every single detail about her that makes her the way she is. She smiled at him, her cheeks pink.

“What’s this all about?”

Remus only bowed low and held out his hand for her, “May I have this dance?”

(Y/n) felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter wildly. She breathed deep before she answered a “Yes” when Remus placed his hand on her waist while hers rested on his shoulder.

They began to dance around the ballroom beneath the glass ceiling, showing the evening sky decorated with stars. Remus twirled her around before pulling her back gently into his chest. It was a moment he would truly never forget and to have this time spent with her was a dream come true. They moved with matching rhythm and with perfect synchronization, their eyes never leaving each other’s. It scared Remus to not know about how she felt for him, fearing it was one-sided, but now that she was in front of him, he was quite sure that there was something in those eyes that wasn’t there before.

He leaned in to her left ear as they continued dancing slowly, swaying side by side.

“(Y/n), can I tell you something?”

“Anything, Remus.” She whispered.

“I’m a little scared of what will happen from now but I want to tell you how I truly feel. I think I’ve fallen for you, (Y/n). Ever since you began to visit me more often and we would read books to each other or just play around in the snow, I started developing feelings for you.” He pulled back to look at her face, brushing her hair over her ear once more and placing a gentle hand on her cheek, “I’m in love with you, (Y/n).”

(Y/n) blushed at his confession, her eyes staring back at his hazel ones.

“Please tell me you feel the same.” Remus said, pressing his forehead against hers.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck as she swallowed her fears and listened to the beat of her heart. He kept his hands on her waist while slowly inching closer to her until she finally felt him press his soft pair of lips against hers right after he heard the words he had been anticipating to hear throughout the evening.

“I love you too, Remus Lupin.”

They spent the rest of their night joyously dancing until it was time for (Y/n) to come home. Remus placed a kiss on the back of her hand and smiled before saying good night to his one and only true love.

Happy Endings

synopsis: Ronan hasn’t slept since Cabeswater died but tonight Adam insists on helping him sleep and in doing so unknowingly helps Ronan come to terms with grieving for his mother and for Cabeswater.

“I can see you staring at me.”

Ronan snorts from his side of the couch but his eyes don’t waver from staring at the side of Adam’s head.

“Well while you and Opal were ridiculously excited to watch this movie, I happen to see it for the Disney bullshit that it is and couldn’t be bothered paying attention. I mean even Opal got bored of it halfway through.”

Ronan doesn’t add that he’d much rather look at Adam than any movie or TV programme and that this is what he usually does when they watch something together because he doesn’t think it’s necessary information for Adam to know.

Adam looks down into his lap and is proves right of course by the young dream girl who has been asleep for a good twenty minutes.

Ronan doubts Adam was really paying attention to the movie anyway as he turned the sound down until it was barely audible when Opal fell asleep but knowing Adam, he probably just wanted a distraction from everything going on.

“I’m glad she’s getting some sleep though” Adam whispers, fingers softly stroking through her stringy hair.

Ronan huffs, “I suppose when she’s sleeping she’s not causing havoc”

But looking down at Opal’s blissful sleeping face, Ronan is glad that she is sleeping peacefully right now. She’s been restless for the past few days, ever since Cabeswater died.

Cabeswater was a part of her just like it was a part of Ronan and Adam but Opal was a creature born to the forest of Cabeswater, in a sense she was Cabeswater, it existed within her and always would.

Whereas Adam willingly tied himself to it and Ronan had created it from his mind and now that Cabeswater was gone, the only part of them Cabeswater had control of was the small place it would always hold in their memories and hearts. It wasn’t as easy for Opal to disconnect herself from it.

“At least she is sleeping though” Adam says, his eyes finally lifting to meet Ronan’s and Ronan can tell from that determined look in his eyes that he won’t like what Adam has to say next and sure enough he’s right, “Unlike you.”

Ronan sighs and rolls his eyes, “I’m sleeping fine Parrish.”


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My Captain Swan Fics

A collection of my work

These are stories that are either finished or that I am currently working on. 

I also have a new story I am writing, but it is not published yet and also a one-shot I will be working on.

~*Future Works*~

Against the Stacks

Rated: M

3,000-5,000 words

Summary: Killian is the University librarian who’s been admiring the aloof blonde girl from afar ever since the fall semester. He knows nothing about her, other than the fact that she likes to wear fishnet stockings and black leather skirts, but he’s fairly certain of two things: One, she has nothing better to do than hang out at the library at 1am on a Friday night and two, she’s not actually a student there. So what happens when he finally summons the courage to approach her? A smutty one-shot with a nerdy Library!Killian complete with black-framed glasses. Based on a prompt.

To Play the Game (and win your heart)

Rated: M

10-12 Chapters

Summary: Some people would call it a job, but to Emma and her sister, Milah, it’s a game of the heart. Play by the rules and you’ll never get hurt. Whatever you call swindling wealthy men out of their money, this con-artist duo has it down to a tee. Milah sets up an available, rich man and gets him to marry her. Emma seduces and lures the husband into having an affair so he’ll get caught in the act. He then loses his money in the ensuing divorce.

The sisters wear a coat of armor around their hearts to keep them in tact, but when they set their sights on their next mark, professional golfer Killian “hook” Jones, Emma never imagined how hard the game could be and how easily her heart could be stolen. Especially when she switches roles with Milah and becomes the one exchanging vows with the gorgeous millionaire. Heartbreakers AU. (I have tweaked this since I first posted the story idea.)

~*One Shots*~

Nothing but a Dirty Pirate

Rated: M

Words: 2,031

Summary: Canon divergent post Neverland based on a prompt from anonymous. David walks in on Emma and Killian during lazy morning sex and completely flips out.

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[TL] Otona no Meruhen Vol.2

This is one of the cutest drama CDs I’ve ever listened to!! omg Peter Pan is just so precious and pure and innocent. I hope you guys love him like I do. (♡ơ⌄ơ) Just get some tissues ready for later. Like usual, correct me if I translated something incorrectly.

WARNING: This is a r18 drama CD!!

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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Grief Tear Me Down to Build Me Up


Rated: M-ish


Tear Me Down to Build Me Up

Inspired by: “Come and Get It” by Krewella

Post Tartarus

“I’ve been thinking…”

“How come I have a feelin’ it ain’t about anything good…”

“I’m thinking of… when you were in Phantom Lord.”

The silence was thick and uncomfortable.

“I don’t wanna be thinkin’ ‘bout that, Lev… I hurt ya…”

“I know… but I realized it taught me a lesson. An important one.”

“You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit…”

Levy read that line over and over. Despite how many times she tried to move her eyes away from it, she always ended up rereading the quote placed under the chapter title.

It described Fairy Tail.

It described her.

A soft sigh left her lips as it got her thinking.

Her family. Her friends. Her home. Her powers. Her present. Her future.

Her past…

Or more specifically her past with Gajeel. The events that shaped her currently.

It made her think of a lot of things about herself.

“Hey Levy!” Jet’s voice pulled her from her thoughts as he and Droy slid across from her.

“What’s got you so deep in thought?” Droy asked, offering her some of the cookies she had.

Absently she took a cookie and brought it to her lips, but rather than taking a bit her eyes glossed over in thought again.

“Earth to Levy!” Jet laughed, even after a year apart she was still the same, she blinked and gave them a confused look as she took a bite of the cookie. Giving an appreciative nod at the taste to Droy who grinned. “What are you so lost in thought about?”

“A lot of things really.” She hummed taking another bite. “Droy, this cookie is amazing.” Her fingers were in front of her mouth as she spoke, this earned a grin from the plant mage.

“No way, Lev. Cough it up.” Jet stayed firm as he watched the blunette swallow her bite.

“… My parents… Master Makarov… Phantom Lord… How I’ve changed.”

“Hold on, I must have heard you wrong. I thought you said Phantom Lord for a second.” Jet laughed awkwardly, trying to brush off her comment.

“I did.” Suddenly both men were silent.

“Why?” Jet’s voice came out sharper than he intended.

“This quote reminded me of my dad… something he used to say when I was little… and something Master once said was very much like my dad’s advice…”

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Originally posted by jjks

Inspired by this prompt by @the-modern-typewriter

“It’s always going to be them, isn’t it?”

“I’m not going to apologise for loving them. I can’t.”

“I’m not asking you to apologise for loving them, I just wish you felt the slightest bit sorry about not loving me.”

genre: angst, romance 

word count: 1.6k

a/n: also inspired by too good to say goodbye by bruno mars

There was something about this relationship, you knew it wasn’t going to end in your favour but you ventured into it anyway. You knew you were going to be hurt but you hadn’t a care in the world. You could lose everything, all at once, but you risked it all, in the name of love. This was the best and worst mistake you would have made in your entire life; it would liberate and confine you. You were going to have to let go of him, you knew your happily ever after would leave with him.

“At least tell me why we can’t try and start again? This can’t be how it ends. I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend.” I asked him, almost on my knees in tears. “It’s always going to be her, isn’t it.” I asked, eyes down on the cold, grey concrete. It was pitch black, the sun had set hours ago and the wind blew like never before. As this conversation started, pitiful raindrops fell on my weak body. “I’m not going to apologise for loving them. I can’t.” he muttered sympathetically. He wanted to stay, he really did, but it’s not what his heart wanted, he yearned for her.

“I’m not asking you to apologise for loving her, I just wish you felt the slightest bit sorry about not loving me.” I told him, tears rolled down my cheeks as if there was no end. I looked up to meet his eyes, searching for any sign of sorrow at the fact that this was one-sided. “I do, I thought I did love you. But I couldn’t keep lying to you, I can’t keep lying to myself.” he told me as he wiped the hopeless tears from my cheeks with his right thumb. Afterwards he cupped my face with his warm, but rough hands. “It used to be you and me against the world, Jungkook. What happened to that?”

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anonymous asked:

Besides Jon, who do you see as a candidate with a good chance of being a romantic interest for Sansa? I don't know if George Martin will even include that in an endgame but considering Sansa does want someone to love her for who she is, I'd hope he'd at least allow her some happiness in that regard.

Hey Anonny!

I am actually pretty optimistic about Sansa getting a happy ending; primarily because “no one will ever marry me for love” and “life is not a song,” and “there are no heroes, in life the monsters win” are so incredibly prevalent in her arc. Sansa’s character arc is basically a “Captive Princess in the Tower”— but deconstructed, and then reconstructed, and then ~kind of~ deconstructed again and also ~kind of~ flipped on it’s head. But regardless, a fairy tale is still a fairy tale. Honestly the entire ASoIaF series is one ridiculously long, intricately detailed fairy tale. Which leads me to believe that, for the most part, all the protagonists will get their happy (or at least bittersweet) endings.

Above everything else, Sansa wants to be loved; and through out the series she has become more and more convinced that she never will be, that she is unlovable. Aside from retuning home to Winterfell, its still her heart’s dearest desire. She does still want a loving, happy marriage, she just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore:

 But then she remembered what Dontos had told her in the godswood. Tyrell or Lannister, it makes no matter, it’s not me they want, only my claim. —Sansa, ASoS

It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?” —Sansa, ASoS

It’s not that Sansa has given up on love, its that she thinks love has given up on her. It’s not necessarily that she’s rejecting the idea of falling in love and being happily married, she just doesn’t see it happening for her. Which breaks my gd heart oml

Now moving on to your actual question (I know, I ramble. It’s so terrible!)

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Part IX

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Summary: In this story we get to know Jensen and (Y/N), two humans that have to learn, that despite their brain, they can’t outrun their heart.
When a smiliar friend of them, Jared, introduces the two, sparks fly. They understand each other better than anyone, so it’s no surprise the two eventually end up in bed together. Only condition - No feelings.
Neither of them is the relationship person, and neither of them is ready to act on their emotions. So what happens when out of one night, another one follows, and they have to learn that they can’t live without the other? Will they stop being so stubborn and admit their feelings? Or will it be too late when one finally has the balls to do it?
Warning: angst, heartache, mention ofslight depressive behaviour

CLTGC - Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry that SQ didn't happen. :( We should've seen it coming the way CS were pushed nonstop and SQ were separated in the remaining episodes.

Impromptu Mini-Recap on certain parts of the OUAT season 6 finale apparently

And yet, it felt like part of the storytelling. Showing us how they were without each other after establishing how they are with each other.

The thing that bothers me about this the most aside from the big thing which is them presenting something that isn’t a love story as one on the surface, is that beneath the surface they are still telling us what they’ve always told us.

That Regina is in love with Emma. That Emma is gay and loves Regina. That Emma is doing what she’s doing to please her parents and protect them from herself. That things won’t end well for Emma this way.

That last part clearly illustrated by The Last Supper-esque dinner near the end. We all know how that ended for Jesus. He was betrayed by someone he trusted through an actual kiss of betrayal that made him recogizable, which ended in his death. (And rebirth). So it stands to reason that that is where we are in the story. They’ve even already told this story through Hook as Judas. Hook’s kiss was supposed to remove Emma’s magic (and did) so Zelena would easily be able to kill her.

As for the rest, the Swan-Queenness of it all, there’s “the look” that Regina threw Emma while she had her back turned to her and was looking at Snow’s wedding dress.

The way Emma remembered everyone, even as fairy tale characters, except for Regina.

How they showed us Emma looking at an image of Hook as the book was burning, which in my opinion should have sparked some sort of recognition. Yet it didn’t. How in contrast Emma never came across an image of Regina, not even in the book even though the book always seems to fall open to the image of Regina being chased by a sword. They also didn’t show us what exactly about Henry’s story made Emma come back even though they told us. How Regina’s name was meticulously avoided as much as possible by Emma and Henry and her presence practically ignored even when she was remembered.

How during that scene where Hook shouts for Emma Regina, almost as an afterthought, after barely looking around, says “She’s gone”. (She then covers it up by talking about the Black Fairy.) Where in contrast she screams for Henry as well.

Which at the time of the sneak peek made me wonder if Regina can actually feel Emma’s presence when she’s near due to the romantic true love magic they share. Which means she can also feel the lack of it near her when Emma’s not around.

Add to that that Snow had an almost visceral reaction to David being in danger and it’s hard to ignore. Even while miles away from each other, although in the same realm.

The fact that Emma and Regina basically fought the final battle together. Since it was Regina’s hope speech that inspired Emma. And Emma won the battle by taking a page out of Regina’s playbook. Refusing to hurt anyone. Putting down her weapon (which in Regina’s case in 6x10 was simply her hands).

This show is still telling us the same thing it’s told us since the beginning. And it kills me. Because that story is beneath the surface. And it’s not enough anymore. Not when the story told on the surface is so toxic. Not when it is sold as being healthy and as a happily ever after. Not when it’s done using fairy tales. Not when that is the one people will most likely see.

And in the end that is what it is about to me. Not about Swan Queen becoming canon even though given what they’ve been telling us in subtext my brain can’t comprehend how they’re still not together romantically.

But what bothers me is the healthy relationship stand-in that is not healthy at all. Hell, I wouldn’t have cared if Emma ended up alone romantically while having her family. Or even if she ended up with August which aside from Regina may be the best choice out of the worst. But what we got, that is just, I don’t even know.

And given everything, I believe that the only thing that makes sense is that it’s still not over.

But for the sake of my sanity…

Fairy Tales (Yoongi X reader One Shot)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3.6k

Summary: You let out a shaky sigh as you met his brown eyes. Your hands fidget quietly as you couldn’t calm your nerves. You felt your voice waver, but you forced yourself to stable your voice. “I’m in love with you.” After all these years, you finally confessed to your first love.


Age Five

At that age, you started to believe in fairy tales. Your mother loved to tell you tales of beautiful princess falling in love with the knight in shining armor, and them having a happy ending.

You remembered the happiness you felt and the way your child heart would jump in joy every single time, she tells you the story.

“The princess was stuck in the tower and the prince fought knights and dragons to save her from the loneliness and evilness of her evil stepmother.” Your big, innocent eyes sparkle as you stared up at your mother.

“And after the knight, banished the evil queen from the castle, the knight broke the doors down and saved her. The princess’s eyes lighted up at the sight of her childhood friend and first love before her. She felt tears of joy as he ran up to her and held her tightly. They shared a passionate kiss before they rode off into the sunset with his trusty steed. And years after the evil queen was banished, the lovely couple had children and lived happily ever after..”

You felt excitement race through your heart and as you stared dreamily into the night sky, you muttered the words that you still cling onto even in your adulthood.

“I can’t wait to have a happy ending.”


Around the age of five, you had also met one of the most important people in your life.  

You were the noisy and stubborn child, the one who was too hyper and annoying, in the eyes of others. However, there was something unique about you and that was your personality- You didn’t care what others think of you and you had a warm heart towards the ones closest to you.

Despite your warm personality, you were one of the most unpopular students at your school. You had friends at that age too, but people would bully them for hanging out with an outcast like you. However, you would not tolerate their foolish behavior towards your friends, which is the reason why you always get into fights with the bullies.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of fights?” Your mother would always scold you.

“If you don’t stop fighting, we will never let you eat your favorite dessert after dinner.” You let out a tiny gasp and with that you swore to stay out of trouble.

Until that fateful day, you met your most  favorite person in the whole wide world.

“Everyone, this is Min Yoongi, he is new here so please treat him good.” Your teacher said.

A pale, bored-looking kid stood in front of the class, yawning as everyone’s eyes met his.

The girls were instantly smitten by his nonchalant behavior and the boys thought he was cool-looking. You on the other hand, were too busy drawing to even stare at him.

“Min Yoongi, you can sit next to Y/N L/N.” At the sound of your name, your head perked up and you saw the pale boy looking at you.

His half-lidded eyes met yours briefly before sitting next to you. You smiled at him as his head lazily turns towards you.

“Hello, my name is Y/N L/N.” You said with a wide smile.

“My name is Min Yoongi, nice to meet you.” He nodded at you.

You frowned as he didn’t smile back but shrugged as you returned to doodling a crappy dragon.


In less than a day, Min Yoongi became “Mr. Popular,” girls confessed their crushes on him and boys would envy him for his cool behavior, but you treated him the same and he appreciated that.

“I’m bored.” You announced to a napping Yoongi. You stared at his peaceful sleeping face with annoyance and poked his cheek. His face twitched and you giggled.

You continue to poke his face, but to your astonishment he slept through it all.

“That’s amazing.” You exclaimed.

After nap time was over, Yoongi lets out a yawn and stretches. He peers over to see you sprawled around the sleeping mat and chuckles. He pokes your cheek and you let out a snort making  him chuckle.

You opened your eyes to see him staring down at you. You glared at him, sleepily as you started to rub your eyes.

“I just fell asleep.” You muttered. He only shrugs before helping you get up.


A week has passed and Min Yoongi’s hype died down, as girls now see him as boring and boys were disgusted that he even bothered hanging out with you.

And the fact that Min Yoongi was seen as weak because of his height and small structure made the other boys start to pick on him.

“You look like a girl.” A boy snickers as he pointed at him.

“Well, at least I’ll be prettier than your mom.”  Min Yoongi retorted, quickly.

The boy lets out a gasp as the others around him, ‘ohhed’ at the moment.

You snicker, but it soon turn into a scowl when the boy suddenly pushed Yoongi down the ground.

You instantly turned your gaze at the boy and without warning, you punched the boy squarely in the face.

“No one hurts my friends!” You shouted. The boy gets up and runs away with his posse.

You offer Yoongi a hand, to which he grabs, and as you pull him up, he scoffs at you.

“I could’ve handle it.”

“I’m your friend, it is my duty to protect you!” You said in a heroic tone and pose.

Yoongi stared at you for the longest time, before smiling at you.

“You’re cool, I guess.”


That day your mother took away your dessert privileges, but it was worth it if it meant Min Yoongi was by your side.

Though you wanted to be the princess, you ended up being his knight in shining armor.


Age Ten

In elementary school, the both of you were as close as a criminal in handcuffs. The both of you walked to and from school together, ate lunch together, did study groups and projects together, and never strayed from one another.

The both of you were practically stuck together like gum.

You appreciated his calm and unjudging personality, and he appreciated your hyper and welcoming personality.

The both of you were complete opposites, yet had the both of you had an unbreakable bond.

However, there was a time when your bond was tested.

You father had to leave Korea to work in America, and though he promises he would come home in a year. It took a toll on you.

The first couple of days were really hard for you, seeing as you were close to your father. You didn’t notice you had changed until Yoongi had pointed it out.

“Why are you so quiet lately?” You were too spaced out at the moment to respond and it wasn’t until he wave his hands at you that you snapped out of it.


“What’s wrong?” You stared at his face to see worry etched on it.

You gave him a fake smile and brushed him off.

“I’m just sleepy.”

He narrows his eyes and you choose to ignore it. He noticed something was up.


It was lunchtime, but you didn’t have an appetite just yet. You were too sadden by your father’s absence. Yoongi felt alarmed by your sudden lack of hunger, seeing as you loved food more than anything in the world.

He grabs his chopsticks and thrusts kimichi towards your close lips. You stare to see him shoving it towards your mouth.

“Eat, idiot.” You let out a weak smile, but obeyed.


You were laying down in bed, staring up at the ceiling in boredom.

As the sun rays start to peek out from your curtains, you groaned and bury yourself in the blankets. You suddenly felt weight on the other side of your bed. Thinking it was your mom, you ignored the presence until it started snoring.

Your head popped up from the covers to be met with a sleeping Yoongi. You giggled quietly, stirring him awake.

His brown, shiny eyes peered back at you quietly.

“Why are you sad?”

Was the first thing he asks when he finally felt his energy returning. You kept silent and he sighed.

“I’m worried about you, but if you don’t want to tell me. It’s fine.”

You felt bad that Yoongi always took care of you. However, you were tired of bottling up the pain and you needed a friend.

“My dad moved to America. And I miss him a lot. My family feels incomplete and my mom misses him everyday.” You felt so lonely without your whole family by your side.

“Is that why you have been sad lately?” You nodded quietly.

As you stared at the wall quietly, you felt his warm fingers slip into your tiny hand.

“I will be your family until he comes back and even when he returns. I will always be your family.”

Your eyes widen as you stared back at Yoongi. He stared back at you with a warm smile, you felt your heart flutter, for some strange reason. You ignored the feeling and returned his smile.

“When you’re sad, don’t try to keep in and don’t cry alone. I’m your best friend and that’s what I’m here for.”

Touched by his words, you remained quiet and hugged him quietly.

“Thank you.”

That day you learned what family and love meant.

During this time, you were the princess and he was your trusty knight.


Age 12

You started to feel weird around Yoongi lately.

You started to see him differently.

Your cheeks heat up whenever he meets your eyes. His small touches made your heart race. You felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach whenever he gives you that sweet, lazy smile of his.

What was that feeling?

You were slowly becoming a woman, and at the same time Yoongi is becoming a man.

Feelings were blossoming inside the both of you, but they were not the same.

You fell for him.


He fell for music.


That day you learned how fast things and feelings can changed.

You were the princess, but your knight was starting to roam around the world, slowly forgetting about you.


Age 14

You realized you loved him and in the worst way.

It’s true that his love and passion for music is unwavering, but now he was experiencing a different kind of love towards something else. Or rather to someone else.


The girl in Yoongi’s and your math class.

The girl everyone loved and know. She was beautiful, graceful, feminine, and kind. Everything you wish you had or at least showed characteristics of.

She put him under her spell, the minute she had asked him for help.

Her long eyelashes, pouty pink lips, flawless pale, delicate skin, and soft chocolate brown eyes completely captured his heart.

As their tutor sessions increased, so did their interactions.

Soon afterwards, they started to meet up after school, and go on small outings.

You  wish you can say you were happy for Min Yoongi. But, for some reason, you felt something dark brimming at the bottom of your heart.


You felt it when you saw them kiss and hold hands for the first time.

And as Yoongi smiled more at her, you felt irritable.

As they dated, the both of you start to drift away.


“Sorry, I don’t spend time with you anymore.”

You shrugged as you flip the pages of your magazine.

Yoongi was standing by your doorway, as if he were a stranger.

The thought tore your heart apart. Your home was practically his second home so how come he’s acting distant?

“You’re not mad are you?”


Yoongi sighed.

“Well, at least speak to me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

He sighed.

“Y/N, we have been best friends since forever. Why are you pushing me away?”

So, you can’t hurt me anymore.

“I’m not pushing you away.”

“Yes, you are.”

You kept silent. Maybe, if I ignore him he’ll go away, but to your surprise he sat on your bed.

“What’s wrong? Tell me, please. You are one of the most important people in my life.”

And this is why, I can’t tell you because I’ll lose you forever.

You placed your magazine down and smiled at him weakly.

“There is nothing wrong going on with me. I’m just having a bad day.”

Yoongi glared at you and crossed his arms.

“You been ignoring me lately and whenever me and Jisoo invite you out, you always say no. You have been avoiding me for so long, why?”

You felt yourself wanting to explode and lash out on him, but that’s not the way to handle things.

“I don’t want to be the third wheel.” You finally answered, which is not really a lie.

“You’re not a third wheel. You’re my best friend.”

“Would you want to me make out with my boyfriend in front of you?

Yoongi kept silent as his nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Of course not. Gross. It’s like seeing my sister make out with a man.”

Your heart ached and you felt like the pit of your stomach churning painfully.

“Exactly. So, don’t worry about me.”

Yoongi sighed and laid down on your bed.

“Alright. I understand. Just stay by my side.”

You smiled at him and played with  his hair.


As he closed his eyes and fell asleep on your bed, you felt your smile fall apart.

You were falling apart and you couldn’t tell him why.

You were so close yet so far away from him.

You wished more than anything to close this distance between you and him.

Min Yoongi, how can you be so selfish to ask me to stay by your side when you have her?


Eventually, Jisoo had broken up with Yoongi. Jisoo and the others thought he had taken the breakup quite well, a little too well some may say. But, you knew better.

After all, they didn’t know him like you did.

He was not one to show his emotions easily, but that didn’t stop him from falling apart in front of you.

“She said I was too stoic and that I didn’t love or care about her enough, but that’s bullshit. Those songs you listened to, it was all inspired by her and written for her. She couldn’t even listen to them without complaining about her hatred for rap and hip-hop, but I still loved her. So how come she couldn’t see past me? Why wash’t I good enough?” Yoongi cried out.

As you held him tightly against your chest, you can’t help, but feel and understand his pain.

Everything that he’s experiencing and feeling was exactly the same way you felt about him.

But, now wasn’t the time or place. And you didn’t have the courage either.


During that time, you had your heart broken.

And the illusion of your longed fairy tale began to unravel.


Age 18

Everything was changing so fast.

You and Yoongi were close again and the both of you graduated from high school together.

You went to college and he was pursuing his dreams.

Though, it was hard to acknowledge the fact that him pursuing his dreams meant him leaving, you continued to encourage him.

Which is why you were currently waiting for him outside the room as he auditioned.

And when he finally came out, the both of you had dinner together.

As the both of you ate, you listened to him talk about his doubts and how nervous he felt, but you were always encouraging him.

“You have talent, Yoongi. They’ll let you pass this round.”

And he did, and soon he was a trainee, which also meant he was going to leave Daegu and go to Seoul.

Your heart broke as you felt your first love get further and further away. You didn’t’ know if you could hide your emotions anymore. You wanted to know how he felt about you before he left.

It was selfish of you, but damn it you have been selfless for too long.

I need to know.


It was a cold morning and as the both of you quietly walk to the train station, you felt your heart thumping loudly, so loud you were afraid Yoongi would hear it himself.

It’s time.

Yoongi turned around and smiled at you- the same smile he only held for you since you were both in kindergarten.

“I’m going to miss you, Y/n. Call me sometime, okay?”

You nodded and before he hugged you, you placed your hand up.

He puts his arms down and stared at you, confused.

“I have something to tell you. I have been wanting to tell you this for a long time now.” .

“What is it?”

It’s now or never, Y/N.

You let out a shaky sigh as you met his brown eyes once again. Your hands fidget quietly as you couldn’t calm your nerves. You felt your voice waver, but you forced yourself to stable your voice.

“I’m in love with you.”

After all these years, you finally confessed to your first love.

You wanted to close your eyes and run away before you even heard his response, but you knew you would never forgive yourself if you did.

His brown eyes widen and he started to gape quietly at you. It was the first time, you saw his calm composure break so easily and quickly. It frightened you.

“Say something.” You nudged him.

He regained his composure and opened his mouth only to close it again. The fast speaking and sharp tongue of Min Yoongi was speechless for once.

“I… I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t accept your feelings.”

You nodded quietly and you willed yourself not to cry, at least not in front of him.

“I’m sorry for telling you now, but I needed to know so I can move on.”

“Y/N.” He called out to you and reached for your arm, but you flinched back. He retracted his hand and you stared at his pain-filled eyes.

“It’s okay. I already knew that you’ll never feel this way about me, but I had to tell you so I can finally move on.”

He kept silent and you watched as he stared at the clock across from you.

He still had ten minutes to board the train.


“I had loved you for six years. I had watched you fall in love. I had let you broke my heart and I had waited for you. And I wish I can say I shouldn’t have, but you were worth it all, Min Yoongi. You are my best friend. Me confessing to you and you rejecting me won’t break that bond. So don’t worry about it. Now that I know my answer, I need to move on, Yoongi… the pain is too much for me to hold onto."You felt your voice waver and soon the soft pittering and pattering can be heard as your tears hit the concrete.

Yoongi felt tears slip out from his eyes as he watched his best friend cry in front of him.

The girl he vowed to never hurt had been in pain secretly this whole time. And he was the reason. He should’ve known a long time ago, but he was too naive and focused on his music. He felt like an idiot.

"I’m sorry.”

“Don’t. It’s not your fault. I should be apologizing to you. This is supposed to be a happy day for you. Don’t let me ruin it for you.”

You wiped your tears away and walked quietly towards him. He froze, not knowing what to do.

“Just hug me one last time and be my friend until it’s time for you to go.” Yoongi sniffled as he held you quietly.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. After all, we are best friends. And one day, we can awkwardly laugh over this.” You chuckled bitterly.

Yoongi didn’t know what to say for the longest time. And it wasn’t long until his train came.

He forced himself to keep calm and think  about what to say. He wanted to take your pain away, but he know that it would  only be harder on you. However, he couldn’t force himself  to leave you without saying something comforting to you as a friend.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t return your feelings and I’m sorry for hurting you. But,  I just want you to know that, I will always be by your side forever because you will always be my best friend. And nothing will ever change that.”

You nodded quietly and smiled sweetly at him. Though some may assume his words are cold, you know that this was his way of saying that he wasn’t going to walk out of your life, but continue to support you.

“Just remember me, when you’re rich and famous, pabo. And maybe pay off my student loans too.” You laughed quietly. He gives you the cute, gummy smile you loved as he laughed.

“I promise, pabo.” And with that the both of you linked pinkies together.

“Best friends forever.” The both of you said in sync. He slowly starts to untangle his pinkie from yours, feeling the tip of his pinkie brush against yours as he starts to walk away.

He gave you a tearful wave before turning around to walk towards the bus station.

He never looked back.

And as he aboard the train, you felt your heart beat slow down to a murmur, almost lifeless.

You felt the tears escape again and as you walk back, you can’t help but resent the fairy tales you had listened to as a kid.

Not all knights and princesses get a happy ending.

Okay my thoughts on the season finale… (as posted in the ABC advisory group)

If this wasn’t Jennifer Morrison’s (as good as) Last episode I would probably be fine with it, another rinse and repeat finale with a one group of people occupied doing one thing in one place while another group is kept busy elsewhere doing something else. It was very like what we’ve seen in the season finales in recent years – very formulaic. And I guess, with so many of the cast members departing and this being touted so heavily as “the final battle” I guess I just expected more. And that’s my mistake; I own that. I’m starting to think that Once Upon a Time is not a show that should be thought about on any level. It is fast food storytelling. You enjoy it at the time but ultimately, it’s not very satisfying and if you think about it too closely you’re likely to feel regret. I think you’re supposed to enjoy the surface level of the show but not concern yourself with the depth. And this is a huge and sad realisation for someone who has watched the show from the beginning and spent the last four seasons writing about and analysing the episodes in depth – sometimes writing thousands of words about one episode. It wasn’t always like this though and it makes me sad.

My biggest problem with the episode was the disconnectedness between the two sides of the story. We see the people transported back to the Enchanted Forest do various things – there’s collapsing worlds, there is a hunt for a bean, Regina is trying to do magic for …reasons. But ultimately nothing that those stuck in the Enchanted Forest does has any purpose whatsoever – it’s mindless busywork to keep them occupied and out of the way. Why didn’t Hook use the bean? Why didn’t he throw it on the ground and create a portal and get back to Emma quickly like Snow told him to? How nice it would have been to get a pay-off on Emma’s brief flashes of memory of her wedding day, Hooks image burning in the book, with him coming through a bean portal and Emma feeling a strange stab of recognition for this man and then them Kissing to restore her memories. Then Emma and Killian would have gotten their TLK! I feel so sad that so many couples got one, some that didn’t really deserve one (Hades and Zelena, I’m looking at you!) except for Emma and her true love. They still could have had their season one inversion of Henry giving Emma a TLK to save her life after the fight with Gideon (even though I think, and I am a mother, it’s really, really weird for a child to give their parent a true love’s kiss.). It would have connected the two parts of the story beautifully and it would have given purpose to the Enchanted Forrest side of the story and just improved the whole episode overall. I can’t help but think the episode would have been more entertaining and more of a parallel to season one if the curse had kept everyone in Storybrooke and robbed them of their memories – Henry still could have been the sole believer (I guess it was the book or his author role that kept him exempt?) and given him more purpose, more people to try to get through to… And maybe Emma wouldn’t have had to do the strange and oddly fast (8hour round trip!) visit to Boston. Ultimately, I felt there was no connection between why it was so important to separate Emma from her family and the realisation that she was never alone and the battle with Gideon and the curse … and yeah.

The Black-fairy was a big anti-climax. I knew she would be. She literally functioned as a Regina-substitute and I can’t help but wonder if, as this was the ending that A&E envisioned from the start, it was supposed to be Regina in the end. It would have made a hell of a lot more sense! I really believe the show was derailed from its purpose with, not by the befriending of Regina as a tactic to defeat her … but that that tactic worked so efficiently and without question. Regina’s redemption felt like a slap-up whitewash and somewhere along the line the writers became too scared to challenge the character. She got away with everything she ever did with no consequence. It’s hardly a satisfying story. Fairy tales are about good versus evil. With good supposed to win after trial and hardship. It’s a shame that Regina was never put through the same trials and challenge that say, Rumple or Hook or even Emma and the Charmings’ were put through. Seeing the dwarves paint “Queen” on her door and bowing to her was sickening. She is not a queen, she is a usurper. At the very least she should have admitted this as part of her “redemption”. The very least. All I could think when there was the shot of her looking at the red apple at the end, was that she must be very pleased with herself. She Won. She won everything. Her evil plans and schemes paid off big time – she’s rich, powerful, she apparently “owns” a town, the people now love her, she has a son, friends and a sister and she never had to pay the price for any of the terrible things she did. It’s not logical to expect people would just ‘get over’ decades of abuse and torment. It’s not fair on the people she hurt. Not to mention that her clone also rides off happily ever after into the sunset? Of all the unnecessary inclusions in the finale the presence of Regina 2.0 was the worst. She dominated and nearly killed the show; I seriously hope that this is the last we see of her. In this new-look season seven, I really hope that they make Henry’s nemesis, whoever that may be, his nemesis. And keep it that way. Don’t make Henry befriend him (or her)! Enmity is a good thing to keep between enemies. It drives a story, it gives purpose – it gives the audience someone to root for. And as ironic as this sounds – it doesn’t divide. People may love a villain but they love them for being a villain and they love the hero for standing up to them. It makes a much better story than making your protagonist sweep the past under the carpet, and put their blinkers on about every questionable thing that their nemesis is doing. And don’t turn Henry’s archenemy into a sainted Mary-sue (or Bobby-Stu) who is annoying and sanctimonious while at the same time being self-centred and selfish and boring and rendering themselves superfluous to the point where every appearance in the story feels like a shoehorn…

The ending of the episode was nice, but a bit twee. Everyone got a happy ending. Yay. I guess. Whether they deserved it or not. Belle, why wouldn’t you have taken that newly babyfied Gideon and run for the hills? I liked that Rumple did the right thing in the end but it was too little too late for that marriage – and with Belle not coming back next season, surely a melancholy bittersweet parting of the ways would have been more appropriate for them? As it is, it feels very much like all these Happy Beginnings that have been gifted to everyone are going to be ripped out from under us with the departing characters. Its’ inevitable. I will be incredibly sad if Emma Swan is killed off to move the story forward. But I won’t be surprised. I’m not sure the writers gave us enough of a hook to pique our interest with the duplication of the original story at the end… the show felt very much done. I felt a sense of relief that it’s over. That I can finally stop thinking about and worrying about these characters. Before the finale, I was fully intending to keep watching – I like Colin O’Donoghue and the Character of Killian Jones so I am predisposed to continue…. But that ending, it made me feel a sense of ambivalence. I’m not sure I can be bothered re-investing without the guarantee of a decent return. If Emma was back, I would be back. No doubt. But with how I’m feeling at the moment, there will have to be some very interesting information released over the hiatus to get me back and they will have to tell us something, some crumbs, instead of this nonsensical evasive “wait and see” discourse.