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He told me a thousand times that he wouldnt leave and he did. He left and i cant stop crying. It physically hurts. I cant stop thinking about everything we shared. Did he forget? I keep looking at the stuff he left here and i miss him. What do i do?

get rid of his stuff first. I know it hurts. oh god how bad it hurts. Theres nothing you can really do to make it stop. Just try to distract yourself and move on. x

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Hi guys! This is so random but I was checking your mission statement and BOOM my heart's bursting with pride see how much our baby(and by baby I mean Stucky) has grow?????????? *W* I mean, now Stucky has to be one of the biggest ships in MCU amiright? Anyway I just feel very happy that our used to be tiny little fishing boat is now a giant fucking Supercarrier, or Kraken, u know what I mean.

Oh my god I know! I remember like a month or so after tws came out I went to go read some stucky fic and there was like suddenly 1000 fics and I was like ???since when??? and suddenly there was fanart everywhere and it just kept on growing! It’s definitely one of the principal marvel ships now and I’m just so happy that so many people have joined the fandom. It’s really amazing!

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I'm sad, but this feels like our last desperate attempts to argue that babygate will be denied. I don't think the baby is Louis', but at this point we're not being given much to indicate that the official story will change. People's theories are more and more out there and it's starting to make me nervous. Everything feels on edge, but it doesn't feel like it's headed anywhere good.

Personally, I’m not worried as such, I’m very curious but not necessarily bothered by the situation itself. There’s no point in worrying about theories and ‘What if’s’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Whatever happens, happens.  However, it does annoy me to see hateful and horrible posts floating around. All of us are frustrated but doesn’t justify bad behaviour. I honestly don’t know what will happen next but my advice is to sit back and watch it unfold. That’s literally all we can do.  

Basically, I just want to boys to be happy and at ease, there’s no way of knowing how they feel about all of this but I suspect that it’s pretty stressful for them as well. The thing that I try to remember is that they know what’s ahead of them and they all seem fairly happy atm, so I’m assuming that that’s a good sign right?

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12-15, 28, and 31.

Do you have a particular song that you feel deeply?

the dark i know well from the musical spring awakening

Talk about a time in your life where you have felt most alive?

theres always this moment during the run of the show where im in the booth watching it and it hits me how much i love theatre and how much it means to me and idk its this amazing, elated feeling that i cant describe. but its what keeps me going whenever theatre gets stressful because i know theres nothing i would rather do. and rollercoasters. also i beat up this girl one time and couldnt stop hitting her.

Are you confident wearing a bikini?


Can you look people in the eyes while talking? it depends on the person, not usually though

Have you ever had a near death experience?

this one time ryan ross and i went to florida together and the current grabbed us and we almost drowned. and im not being dramatic, there was a moment where i just kind of accepted that i was gonna die and that was that but obviously i sadly did not die

Biggest lie you have told?

idk ive told a lot

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so when im masturbating i pretty my always orgasm but it's from clit stimulation when i tried inserting a finger i couldn't really find my vagina opening but it thought it was just me. The other week things got hot between this guy and me and he found it difficult to find it too. We're both inexperienced but i'm a bit worried theres something wrong with me! I got so embarrassed i almost cried and had to stop him!

Don’t be embarrassed! You’re inexperienced, so funny things happen. This is just a funny thing!

There’s nothing wrong with you. The vaginal opening can sometimes be hard to find if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s not a big gap or hole, and trying to find it by poking around when you have no experience and are stressing out doesn’t really work as you’re likely not relaxed or aroused enough for penetration to be very possible!

- damegreywulf

@ post #1 - if the shoe fits the entire fandom lmao…….
also I don’t try and make maddie look bad, I simple acknowledge that she has done bad things (as any human has) and then it becomes a huge thing bc unlike when literally anyone else does something bad and everyone’s just like ‘okay that sucks hope they learn’ maddie stans are like 'THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH SAYING RACIST THINGS OR TALKING SHIT ABOUT YOUR BEST FRIEND ON INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION….. IT IS YOU THAT IS THE PROBLEM NOT MADDIE, BC MADDIE CAN DO NO WRONG’

@ post #2 - I wonder how much less toxic this fandom would be if maddie stans stopped giving me reason to mention them :-)

I have to get something off my chest because I’ve been seeing this alot. If you’re unsure about someone please stop wasting their time. It’s clear, if you’re unsure there is your answer. Leave them. If you feel the need to talk to someone else or meet other people or see if theres something them the favor and leave them. You will never know if theres something can potentionally lose whatever you do have with them for being an idiot and not being content with what you have. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong in talking to people as long as you don’t cross the line and they know you’re with someone. I can’t stress how people don’t think it’s wrong to talk to other people and not mention you’re with someone. I know my past is full of that shit and I don’t wish for that in my future. So be decent human beings. Be content with what you have with someone. And if you’re not sure then leave that should be certain about someone. Good night.