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He loved being here. When everything felt like hell, like his world was crumbling around him and he felt powerless, this was his haven: right here with her. Whenever he was with her it felt like everything was in place, his world was whole again. But with her presence comes an anxiety that lingers beneath his joy and relief. It’s the knowledge that from the moment Rukia reappears they are on a clock and when it runs out she’ll be gone again.

But here: with her thighs wrapped around him, his arms around her, and her hands on him, he can pretend that’s not true. When she runs her hands down his chest and he traces the curve of her hip it reminds him this is real, it’s not one of the dreams that plague him in her absence.

Ichigo runs his hands up and down her thighs, how can someone so deadly and battle hardened have skin this soft? He repeats the motion several times.

“Fool why are you making me wait?”

He looks back at her face and he’d smile at the slight pout to her lips if he wasn’t held in place by her big blue eyes. The way the lamplight makes them glow almost makes him miss her question.

Ichigo pulls her thighs over his shoulders. “I’m taking my time. It’s been too long Rukia,” he says turning his head to suck a kiss into her thigh. Her breath hitches as she hums her agreement.

What he would give to stay here forever. Between her legs. Having her with him is one thing but when they’re like this, just the two of them without even clothes to come between them, this is where he is happiest. “If you don’t get on with it I will take matters into my own hands,” she threatens.

Her statement has him crawling up her small frame and sends another jolt of arousal down his body. “Oh you will?” He says into her neck. Ichigo bites at the junction where her neck meets her collarbone, drawing a gasp from her and causing her hips to rock against him. He holds them in place with his hands so she can’t distract him before setting back to work, down her torso, laying kisses and nips along her stomach, to the space between her legs that’s hot and wet. Ichigo runs a finger from the bottom of her slit up to massage at her clit, causing her to spasm and moan.

“Still want to do this yourself?” He asks cockily, letting his breath fan across her opening.

His finger keeps stroking as he looks up at her. Rukia’s biting her lip, refusing to give him any further satisfaction at hearing the effect he has on her. But she can’t stop her labored breathing. Her eyes are tightly closed, concentrating on staying quiet but then she snaps them open and, like they always do, her blue eyes catch him and strike him to his core.

Because everything he’s feeling: the lust, the love the haven’t spoken but both know is there, the deep connection between them, the joy and relief at being together again, it’s all right there in her eyes being reflected back at him. And somehow that still surprises him.

Ichigo bends down to kiss her thigh, resting his forehead on her stomach. He needs a minute, needs to look away from her and her captivating look. Whenever he’s reminded that everything he feels for her is recipricated to the fullest he also remembers the clock.

The hand not rubbing at her grips her thigh tighter and he could swear he hears a soft moan at that.

And right there he makes a decision. This has to stop. The two of them can’t keep living together only to be repeatedly torn apart by duty and mortality. It’s going to stop. Let them try to take her, he won’t let them. Rukia is his and he is hers. Their souls are connected and nothing will ever keep him from her. He won’t let them be torn apart again. He’ll follow her, damn the consequences.

And she’ll fight him on it he knows, she’ll try to leave because she loves him and she’ll think that’s the best thing for him but she’s wrong. Because this right here, the two of them locked together, is the best damn thing that’s ever happened to him. She is the best part of his life, this small, obnoxious, amazing woman. And he never wants to be separated from her again.

Ichigo seals this vow he’s made with another kiss to Rukia’s thigh and a light bite that makes her hips thurst again.

“Ugh, you. Are. The worst!” She grumbles out but after another deep breath she’s pleading “Ichigo just get on with it. Please!”
And normally this sign of weakness from Rukia would immediately get her what she wants but right now he’s still caught up.

Ichigo murmurs the words into her stomach and a blush coats his cheeks. Rukia barley hears them but what she thinks she heard makes her stop. He takes his thumb off her clit and she’s so struck by his words she doesn’t even notice, just stares down at his orange head between her legs. “W…what?”

He looks up at her and at first it’s all too familiar. It’s same look Ichigo gave her before she disappeared, eyes watching with emotion and so many unspoken words that, for a moment, she doesn’t think he’s going to repeat himself until he says, “I said, I love you.”

And dammit. Damn him. She knew that. Of course she knew that but they weren’t supposed to say it. Because saying it means they have to really address it and there’s only one way she can do that. With those three words he’s trapped her.

But that doesn’t make saying it back any easier. “You know how I feel.”

He did. But he still gives her a look.

Rukia sighs and looks at his face. His stupid, beautiful face. His ridiculous orange hair, his straight nose that’s been broken more times than she can count, his gorgeous brown eyes, his full lips she loves feeling on her own. “I’m so in love with you,” she whispers.

Ichigo smiles and if she wasn’t sure before she is now. Saying it out loud feels like a promise that goes beyond lifetimes.

It’s all too much so she tries to steer them back on course. She leans down to capture his lips in a possessive kiss before laying back and wrapping her legs around his head and giving a light tug on his orange head. “Come on.”

He laughs lightly and after another nip to her thigh he gets to work.


— Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

1. When the boys come running with their lie-shaped mouths and greedy hands, show them your fists. Do not be afraid.
2. Friendship is a gift. Do not waste your love – you are a blessing.
3. Your mother split in two to give birth to you. Thank her.
4. We all have bones shaped like butterflies. They will be there even on the days we are flightless. That is beautiful.
5. Pretty girls are so much uglier after they say goodbye.
6. Swelling bellies make softer pillows than porcelain toilet seats. Do not bless the bowl with food meant for you. Keep it in. You deserve it.
7. No one will write you ballads, but you are here. You are a hero. You write your own odyssey.
8. On days you’re scared the world will crumble around you, stay in bed. There is nothing shameful in loving yourself.
9. You can only ever be your own anchor.
10. When you fall in love, do it soft and do it kind. Do not be afraid.
—  10 Things This Year Has Taught Me | d.a.s

scriptscribbles asked: Lucy in Sound of Drums or End of Time
↳”The thing is, I made my choice, for better or for worse.”

#can i talk about this please? #how he has his eyes closed like he’s in a dream state #how he kisses her so slowly and passionate #and like he can’t believe this is happpening #and how he opens his mouth to taste her breath #the same time Caroline runs her hands down his face and neck #klaus is in heaven in this moment #the world could crumble around him and he wouldn’t even notice #he’s so into this kiss #it hurts 
#and Caroline #look at her #this is not just releasing passion #this is love #the way she caress him #the way she kisses him and pulls him back when he moved an inch #the way she tells him with her actions #that she wanted him all along #that she felt the same as him 
#look at how desperate but slowly at the same time they kiss #fuck these idiots #this kiss is so flawless #and in this moment before their big explosion…calming #they just melt together without making an effort

like anyone who dares to utter a single bad word about Joyce Byers and the fact she’s a struggling,poor, single mother can take a literal hike into a nest of wasps because she is the best fucking mother in the entire world and like do you even watch the show cos she fucking ADORES her children and provides for them AND nurtures them and encourages their interests and talents and NEVER gave up on them EVER even when the neighbours were probably sniggering at her and blaming Will’s disappearance on her being a poor single (in their snobby world=bad) mother and then she went through all that shit with a shitty ex-husband and no money and a house falling to pieces with a shitty job and no time for herself whatsoever and then her world crumbled even more around her and EVEN THEN had the strength to take on this whole other kid who NEEDED someone to help them so much and she was there for eleven without a second thought and just JOYCE BYERS IS AMAZING AND SHE DESERVES A BREAK PLS LET HER HAVE LOTS OF GOOD THINGS NEXT SEASON PLS


Every day, the people could sense it was one closer to the inevitable crumbling of their world, and they longed to die and leave their problems behind to a new generation. But as the new wave of children started to grow and display their unique skills, it was murmured around the kingdom that perhaps there was hope for them all yet…”

Eternal chapter 1

Collab with hanasaku-shijin! I’ve always wanted to work with a writer and Hana is a sweetheart and allowed me to work with her in he new multi-chapter RWBY fic ;u; You should totally click the link and read it, just do it

Caught in the Crossfire


They’d just gotten home, just started dinner, and it was finally over. All of it was supposed to have ended, to be done with, and before she knew it, her world was crashing all over again. It was a blur of rage and anger, pure instinct, when she pulled her trigger. Several shots ringing out, her gun no doubt, she’d crumbled. The question lingered of whether or not she’d been hit or just tired. Though, it soon became evident, every inch of her burning in the worst ways possible, but there was one thing she placed above all of that: Castle.

As she crawled over to him, hand desperately reaching for his and settling to curl around his hand, she knew it couldn’t be the end. Their always had only just begun, and as hard she fought, silently pleading for him to hang on, to stay strong and just wait for help- if anyone had even called for any.. If anyone heard them…. -she was losing her own war. Soon, the light and everything swirled together, fading out as the world disappeared before her.

She didn’t dream… or if she didn’t, she didn’t remember. Perhaps everything before was a horrible nightmare, a disillusion from her subconscious warning her of the dangers that came with enthusiasm to hunt down LoKSaT would bring. When she finally was coming to, coming around hours and hours later, nothing had honestly made sense, a moment of pure trauma and shock settling over her.

Thoughts foggy, her body aching and mouth dry, she breathed out through her nose. Nothing was registering right away, only the fact of a constant, rhythmic beep and the smell of chemical cleaner and sterile sheets. Finger tips cold, her body twitching as she came to, she opened heavy eyes and looked around. Confusion evident as it washed over her, the mass of cords and wires she’d been hooked up to startling, she shifted to sit up, and the action was immediately regretted. 

A burning fire ripping through her torso, the flair of pain in her stomach, reality finally sunk in, kicking her ass hard. “Castle,” she wheezed, only to be coaxed down by a familiar face; Martha. She had been patrolling between doctors and rooms, getting what she could and however she could. As she insisted the detective just stay still and rest, there was still tension and urgency in the young woman’s eyes. When the older woman explained that the writer was going to be and that Alexis was with him, she eased a bit. He was going to be okay. He was a fighter, and she wasn’t done with him yet.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:frank castle hears the onslaught of bullets meant for karen page before they rip through her apartment and he shields her with his entire body. he does this on instinct, he does this without hesitation. he wraps his arms around her head, he braces his legs on either side of her - he does nothing to protect himself and she grabs onto him for dear life. and when the firing ceases, the frenzy of dust slowing to a swirling cloud in the air, the final bits of plaster crumbling from the wall, the glass of picture frames shattered and littering the floor, the screech of a baby from a nearby apartment reminding us of the existence of the rest of the world, karen begins to move - she releases her grip on his arm, her hands going immediately to her head, and frank castle, his fingers in her hair, moves his hand immediately on top of hers. "we gotta get outta here" he says and with his hands gripping her shoulders, guides her up from the floor. his hand moves to her shoulder blades and eventually down her back until she is running out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRANK CASTLE NEVER LETS GO OF KAREN PAGE UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND! FRANK CASTLE DOESN'T EVEN CONSIDER PROTECTING HIMSELF UNTIL SHE IS OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Fairy tail angst week Day 3: Family

When the world seems to be crumbling around you, the only thing you can do is trust in those you call family.

I decided to write a oneshot for the angst week and base a comic on that, I had the help of the wonderful @papalogia who looked over and edited my story , without her it definitely would sound as good as it does now! Because I suck at writing

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Let's reverse the roles, eh?

I for one am sick of the way the fandom is characterizing James and Lily and how every Jily story (I was guilty of this as well) is all about James trying to crack Lily’s shell and showing her how to have fun.

Man does that get boring after a while!

So let's reverse these roles.

Write some stories about James going through a hard time. Maybe his parents are sick. Maybe they died. Maybe he went through a really bad breakup. Maybe the world is getting darker and people are dying and he’s only seventeen and still in school and he might not live to graduation and it’s all getting to him and he’s lost that mischievous spark, that thrill of adventure, that smile.

And who should help him but Lily? The woman who can still manage to smile, even as her world is crumbling around her. The woman who can see the light when there appears to be nothing but darkness. The woman who can make him laugh - genuinely laugh - until he’s doubled over, gasping for breath. The woman who is still so optimistic about magic and remains fascinated by it and just seeing her face light up whenever she sees something amazing is enough for James’ face to light up. Give me the Lily who can see the good in anyone, especially when they can’t see it themselves. Give me a happy, optimistic, kind, Lily who knows how to have fun. Give me the Lily who is able to make a Marauder smile again.

(For the love of the literary Gods, stop writing the boring, stuck-up, proper, Lily who does nothing but scream at James or roll her eyes and huff as everyone is having fun around her. I hate that Lily.)

  • playing bastion:ah what an immersive and innovative game! truly the writers are masters of their craft to create such a poignant and inspiring story! this game is a masterpiece! a shining example of video games as an artistic medium!

Clarke Griffin has sacrificed everything. She lost her dad, her best friend, a lover, her soulmate, her self. She was noble, honest, and loved so purely, yet she was punished for it. She lost the hopefulness that had her creating the most beautiful artwork while locked in a prison and drawing the most beautiful girl while the world crumbled around them. She has murdered so many people, some guilty, some innocent, but always for a reason, always to protect her people. No matter how necessary, she’ll never forgive herself. She walked through fire and sold her own soul for the good of everyone else and people wonder now why she resembles a monster. Why is everyone who recognized her goodness dead??? Why do her own people hate her when they are all alive because of her???  Why do fans see her suffering as a distraction from the pain plot, like she’s an inconvenience, like she’s annoying??? Why is the first female bi lead on TV the most selfless human being in the world and simultaneously the most unappreciated???  Ask me why I don’t feel well represented. Ask me if I’ve ever felt, as a bi girl, that the world saw me as a monster no matter how often I put others’ happiness before mine, no matter how purely I love. 

Never doubt yourself, never doubt your worth, have courage and faith and keep pressing forward. Even if you seem to see the world around you literally crumbling or you have trials and don’t think you can get through it, just keep pressing forward and expect to accomplish the impossible.
—  advice from my eldest sister

I actually think that for once, everyone got what they wanted in this upd8

All the people who liked the Game Over characters better than the post-retcon ones get to see them waking up together and starting their new lives

Those poor people whose faves died in Murderstuck get to see them arising as ghosts

The Aradia fans finally get another glimpse of their fave

General Scourge fanatics get a glimpse of Terezi and Vriska’s childhood together

Fans of post-retcon Terezi get to hear her talk about all her insecurities

The people who love pre-retcon Terezi and (Vriska) get to see them reunite amid a swell of glorious music as the universe crumbles around them.

Like is there actually anyone in the world who isn’t delighted and exhilarated by this upd8?


I can’t take my eyes off of them in this scene. Scully, using her crossed arms to hold herself together and distance herself from them, struggling to stay strong, be a rock. Mulder, trying not to worry about her, dancing around in the back with his hands on his hips. He can’t keep from worrying. He can’t keep from staring at her. He’s angry and frustrated and wants to do something. Anything.

That last shot, especially, says so many things. Like Mulder, we are focused on Scully now, angry about what we know has been done to her. There’s Mulder, standing just out of focus behind her, jaw clenched, ready to fight–trying to hope, when he can feel his world starting to crack and crumble before him.

Scarlet Red

White shirt painted red.
Palms soiled with scarlet.

Sectumsempra !”’

Her heart froze as she saw the dark haired man fall back against the wall in shock. The sound of a woman’s scream erupting through the room as her body flung forward, her hands scrambling over the wounds as they sliced up and down his body, the water pooling around her knees licking her skin.

Grey eyes meeting hers. Tears falling as her sob echoed all around her. The grip on her wand as she whispered the spells she knew, doing nothing as the blood pulsated from his wounds. His eyes dimming as she felt her heart thump up her chest into her throat.

..This cannot be happening..

His white shirt staining red.

..I haven’t had chance to forgive you..

“HELP!” She screamed, her hand falling to his chest as she crumbled over him. Protecting him from the World, from any more harm, from any more danger. Her tears flooding down mixing with his blood. Her hand finding the marked skin, the very reason she hadn’t wanted to be near him and yet now she’d do anything to be closer.

..I don’t hate you.. I don’t..

“You need to move,” she heard faintly, hands on her as she moved through the water, her sobs continuing sounding out everything else.

..Please don’t die..

It felt as though she hadn’t got a safe grip on reality, suddenly watching as he rose from the ground, the black cape billow from sight as she stared at the ground where he had first fallen. The water filling around her still as her eyes fell to her shirt, to her hands. His deep crimson blood all over her skin. Her hair slicked against her face from the water and tears.

Closing her eyes she saw it all, the fight that erupted before her as she merely was passing. The screams. The sound of cracked porcelain. The crack of spells. Pushing into the bathroom, the green spell near missing Harry before the Gryffindor shouted his spell, Draco crumbling like a deck chair to the ground. The woman’s scream shrieking through the bathroom as she rubbed her knees that had connected with stone.

“She needs to go to the hospital wing,” she heard the Professor say above her. Clamping her eyes closed. “And Mr Zabini, ensure that she gets cleaned up.”

She felt the warm arms scoop her, her eyes occasionally noticing the faces of students as she cuddled into his hold. Suddenly feeling the warmth of a bed as she curled into a ball, tears falling silently down her cheeks as she felt her chest want to burst open. The tingling of spells as she watched the blood fade from her skin, her hair and shirt drying. She heard a male voice, but she couldn’t follow him. As if lost between reality and her mind.

And then she was alone. Darkness having filled the hospital wing.

Sitting up to see the blonde across from her. His eyes closed and his face pale even in the moonlight. She found herself perched on his bed, unsure how she even got there as she clutched her face before her head slowly fell to his chest as she clutched his sheets.

“I need you…” She whispered into his chest as her fingers grazed his side. “.. I don’t want to, but, in that moment.. It became clear that, I need you.”

It was probably the most honest moment she had with him up to now. So preoccupied with being right, winning and being in power that they had never really shared much more. She felt much more, that was undeniable. Her eyes filling again at the thought he could never have known, trying to fight back pouring tears all over him when she felt his hand on her head, tears releasing at his touch. Not wishing to look up she remained exactly as she was.

“I still hate you,” she whispered with a smile.

“Feelings mutual princess,” he croaked as she looked up and he offered her a half smile.

“You scared me.”

“I wished for sympathy,” he said as his eyes closed but he smirked.

“I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“It’s exhausting isn’t it,” his hand brushing her cheek.

“We’ve fought for months —”

“— years,” his fingers brushing her hair. “I think it be far easier for you to just relinquish and admit you love me.”

“Never,” she laughed as he smiled.

“You’re no fun.”

Her head moving up as she pressed her lips to his, little shocks electrifying her lips as the pair of them moved softly against one another. Her cheeks burning as they moved apart, his eyes on her.

“No more games?”

“No more games,” he said softly. “Not that I have time for them.” His arm raising as she looked at him sympathetically. “Don’t pity me.”

“I don’t think I can lose you,” she said as she wiped her cheek.

“I’m not losing you now princess.”


“Promise,” he croaked.

“Can I stay here a while?”

His head moving to gain a better view, the moonlight shining his faded pink scars, “you can stay here for as long as you like princess. Forever if you wish.”

Draco’s fingers wiping her cheek as she adjusted herself into his arm and chest, her hand placing gently on his arm as she ran circles against his skin. The feel of his breath against her forehead and she was sure that she hadn’t felt anything more wondrous.

He was alive. And she was sure she was in love. A princess in love with the dark knight, a death eater.

Ten Months of Drought

A/N: A commission for @sachiel21, who asked for bumblebee angst/smut, a reunion set after the finale of vol3. Thank you so much for commissioning me, and I hope you enjoy it!

Their reunion was blood and teeth. At least fifty Grimm in the lobby of an old bank. 

A modern lost world, filled with crumbling buildings next to miles left entirely intact, the glass coated in dust yet without a crack to mar the surface. Not even vines could grow there, choke the life from a stone. Every sign of wreckage was Grimm or human-made, remnants of one final, explosive conflict.

Yang’s hair curled and coiled, a mass of white-hot gold that steamed the humid air. Grimm corpses dissolved around her, piled shoulder-high. 

For a while they were quiet, waiting for the next wave. It had been so easy to fall into their old routine; the instant they saw each other the steps came back, like they had never been apart.

But now there was nothing between them but ten months of silence.

Wafts of heat rose from Yang’s body, the temperature so intense it made the air ripple, liquid, like a mirage. Her eyes were red and blank with rage, staring at the floor in front of her as her chest twitched with every staggered breath.

Blake was terrified.

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hey remember in Angela’s men when Angela kept telling shawn she didn’t love him because she didn’t want to hurt him and leave him like her mother left her and she kept telling him she didn’t love him to make him believe it so she could push him away because she wanted to ‘save’ him from her? Until her dad came around and made her understand that she was not her  mother? And then she could finally allow herself to admit her true feelings to Shawn?

also remembering more recently how Maya’s ‘doesn’t want a nice guy’ comes before she lets Shawn know she fears her destiny is sealed to push the men to leave her life because she is her mother’s daughter and it’s already happened once so how could it not happen again because they’re Maya and Shawn and Katy and she believes bad things just always happen to them because they’re them? And maybe there’s something in her mom that makes men leave and maybe that’s in her too? Ironic admission to have an episode after you let the guy you liked for so long believe you don’t like him. 

These are all run on sentences but these are some thoughtsies.