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Could we have Spideychelle if they were in University? Love the headcanons you've had so far, they're so good~~~ <3 <3 <3

  • ok because they’re really smart they both get into the same uni
  • with scholarships and all
  • can u believe
  • tony is a proud iron-dad
  • so he buys peter an apartment that is fully furnished as a ‘congrats, son’ gift
  • best dad ever
  • meanwhile, michelle is looking for a place that is cheap and affordable
  • she knows she could just go up to peter and room with him for a bit but her ego is too big for that
  • but it’s 2 weeks before her first sem starts and she’s homeless
  • because she already kinda told her parents that she has a place to live and all
  • she finds herself knocking on his door at 8 pm w her suitcase, in her pjs
  • ofc he answers and is shook
  • bc lets be real, when is he not shook
  • surprise surprise! there are 2 bedrooms
  • michelle crashes on the couch tho,,bc the other bedroom is covered in moving boxes
  • who knew peter had a lot of stuff amirite
  • actually, the whole apartment is a MESS
  • it’s covered in a bunch of boxes
  • but she’s too tired for that rn so she thanks him and she’s out in a few seconds
  • the next morning, she wakes up and she’s not on peter’s couch?? tf??
  • she sits up immediately and is ready to  F I G H T
  • but then she sees the blue lightsaber lying in the corner
  • and she’s like ‘oh, so i’ve not been taken’
  • she takes her time to really take in peter’s room
  • his bedsheets smell like him and everything is so cozy and warm and smol
  • she wants to lay here forever
  • but then it hits her
  • ‘if she was here, where was he?’
  • he’s on the couch, passed out
  • she stands there and stares at him for a bit 
  • then she decides the best way to wake him up is by flicking his forehead aggresively (stydia, is that u?)
  • he’s panicked for a moment but then he sees her and he calms down
  • “i was fine on the couch, you know.”
  • ‘i was out anyway, i didn’t get home till 3 am”
  • ah. spiderman duties.
  • she decides to make him breakfast, it’s the least she could do
  • but he convinces her to stay there permanently
  • they could split the bills
  • and
  • “it’ll be so cool, mj! we’d me roOMATES!”
  • and she agrees and
  • oh god what did she get herself into

part 2

  • ok so they’re one week into uni and things are good
  • turns out, that living with each other was a good thing
  • mj cooks for him bc lets be real, peter can’t cook for shit
  • she also cleans around the place and organizes his stuff because she’s secretly a perfectionist
  • it’s nice to come home to peter trying to hum the imperial march obnoxiously
  • peter isn’t a slob but he can be real annoying with his web fluids and whatnot
  • and mj is making friends??yay!!
  • turns out people at college are so much more cooler than the losers at midtown
  • though she misses them
  • ned is over like almost everyday
  • although her room is furnished now,
  • she falls asleep more on the couch than on her actual bed
  • but she never wakes up on the couch
  • hmm i wonder why
  • and there’s always a mug of tea waiting for her in the morning on the kitchen counter
  • she also always finds little chocolate bars on her pillow
  • esp after a stressful day
  • so life is basically gr8 right now
  • but then mid terms roll around
  • peter is surprisingly calm and chill about it
  • but he’s super smart so she gets that
  • she’s super stressed tho
  • cos she really wants to be responsible and make her parents happy
  • but it’s hard
  • she’s having the worst day
  • her first paper is in two days and she is nowhere near ready
  • her clothes are ruined bc of the pouring rain
  • and all her notes are ruined
  • she really wants to cuddle up in her bed and maybe eat one of the chocolate bars on her pillow
  • but then she hears it
  • she hears peter and a girl
  • she can hear said girl’s giggles coming from his room
  • and michelle is never jealous of another girl ok
  • but it’s hard when she’s having what could possibly be the worst day of her life and the guy she’s most definitely in love with is probably in there with some other girl who’s probably SO MUch more prettier than she is and she’s about to fail her mid terms
  • she wants to cry honestly
  • so she does
  • she does what every girl does
  • she grabs a tub of ice cream and aggresively sticks her spoon into it and sits on her bed
  • and reads
  • she’s reading a bunch of sad poems and she’s cryinf and her mouth is full of rocky road
  • and peter’s stupid chocolate bar is staring at her like he’s judging her from next door
  • once she’s run out of ice-cream, she calls her brother
  • “yes?”
  • and she cries
  • because she misses him and she misses midtown and she misses when peter parker was her nerd and she misses being responsible and actually good at school
  • but her brother has to be in south africa now, being a good doctor and shit
  • so she calls ned
  • and she’s having a panic attack now
  • and ned’s voice is so calming it makes her calm down for a bit
  • ned is at the apartment in a few
  • what a good friend honestly
  • and she starts crying again
  • because he’s such a nice person she doesn’t deserve him
  • ned realises that she’s just sad and stressed
  • ned also suspects that this has something to do with peter
  • once she’s asleep
  • he knocks on peter’s door
  • peter and girl are making out
  • ned is disgusted
  • so he chases the girl out and hits peter with all his strength
  • “dude! what was that for!’
  • “michelle was literally in tears and you’re making out with some girl?”
  • protective!peter
  • “what happened? where is she? is she ok?”
  • “yeah, no thanks to you.”
  • so ned tells him everything
  • and he’s like ‘the chocolate bars are sweet but i think she needs her roommate and her best friend.”
  • and peter’s mind kind of goes into a slideshow of all the times she’s been there for him
  • when ben died and she was the only one who didn’t give him that pity look
  • with his ptsd after the infinity war
  • helping him calm down and study for the sats
  • the one who told him his results mid-battle
  • the one who constantly takes care of him and his wounds after fights
  • the one who cooks him breakfast
  • the one who pushed flash into a bush when he was making fun of peter
  • and then he realises that he’s been such a fratboy dick lately
  • michelle only wakes up at 2 am the next morning
  • her room isn’t a mess anymore
  • there’s a glass of water at her bedside table
  • she tries to go back to sleep because call it a feeling but she just knows that peter is awake and she doesn’t want to look at him rn
  • she’s too hungry for that
  • so she carefully sneaks into the kitchen
  • it’s empty, thank god
  • there’s a container with some spaghetti in it
  • but oh wait! there’s a note
  • figured you’d be hungry. p.s. i didn’t cook this don’t worry’
  • she’s kinda still mad at him but halfway through the meal
  • she realises that peter is gonna meet other girls and his life isn’t going to revolve around her anymore
  • he’s probably going to marry some pretty girl who’s super smart and awesome and nerdy
  • and she’ll be all alone with her stupid college degree and a bunch of cats, still in love with peter parker
  • little did she know lmao
  • so she’s not really mad at him anymore but more mad at herself because of all the people in the universe, she had to go and fall for peter fucking parker
  • she decides to study because what good is being emotionally stable if she’s going to fail her mid-terms amirite?
  • so she pulls out her book and
  • there are little flashcards waiting for her
  • and she already knows this is peter’s doing
  • her heart feels like it’s going to burst because it’s so full
  • so beyonce is blasting through her headphones
  • and she’s studying with this stupid smile on her face
  • because of peter fucking parker
  • thank god tomorrow is a saturday
  • peter stops being an asshole and running away from his crush on mj
  • they become a hella lot closer
  • michelle hugs him when she gets her results for the paper she was so worried about
  • she treats him when he gets his results
  • aunt may is secretly planning their wedding
  • ned really wants to propose to michelle on behalf of peter
  • tony may have a few rings picked out already oops
  • basically spideychelle is #married

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RyuAnn hc pls im so sad there's a little of it

Yes, yes, and yes! I love them so much! Don’t worry, I’ll make these ones good to sooth your soul! 

RyuAnn Head Canons: 

  • they’ve been crushing on each other since middle school
  • shiho knows all about it
  • the trio was named “the three musketeers” in middle school 
  • shiho - bless her - has tried to set them up 
  • Everyone sees it. And I mean everyone. 
  • ryuji’s mom and ann get along super well, they chat all the time when she comes over to ryuji’s place 
  • these two are hardcore gamers
  • and when i say hardcore, i mean it
  • like, they have shooter competitions - they watch E3 together, the whole bit
  • it’s adorable 
  • when they fall asleep on top of each other ryuji’s mom takes a picture
  • ryuji’s mom makes snacks all the time for them
  • ryuji doesn’t realize he has a crush on her until kamoshida’s palace - sometime around her awakening
  • she ABSOLUTELY stayed with him in the hospital when kamoshida broke his leg - even though he was mad at her about the rumors going around
  • ann knew that she had a crush when ryuji’s mom called her and shiho to tell them that ryuji was in the hospital
  • akira jokingly shoves their heads together and goes “now kiss” 
  • they both get super annoyed
  • ann confesses to him after *that* event in shido’s palace (you know the one) 
  • definitely first kiss when confessing 
  • their relationship goes public almost immediately 
  • they can’t keep their hands off of each other - 3 years of pent up emotion will do that to you
  • hickeys? hell yeah
  • love bites everywhere
  • swollen lips galore 
  • their favorite place to have a make out session is - anywhere actually 
  • ryuji really tries not to hurt her - but it happens
  • she forgives him after being mad for a bit
  • flirting. so much flirting
  • the phantom thieves are so happy for them
  • they go on dates everywhere
  • beaches and parks are their favorite though 
  • they wear matching flower crowns in the summer
  • both of their parents are so happy when they get together
  • they’ve been waiting on this
  • ryuji is immensely proud of ann being America’s Next Top Model™️
  • he proposes to her during a fight; she cries when he does
  • their wedding is all pastel and black 
  • ryuji let her make the decisions, he’s pretty happy with how it turned out
  • they have 4 kids
  • ann is best mom; ryuji is a soft dad - he spoils the kids rotten
  • domestic!ryuji works as an engineer 
  • he teaches the kids how to bulid stuff
  • they flirt around the kids - much to their displeasure 

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For real though the way Alisha’s eyes shine when she says this and the tone of her voice, not to mention that little smirk, you cant tell me there isn’t something going on between these 2 when no one is watching. Especially the way they both look bashful and look away from each other when Eugile says that they wont find husbands this way when 2 seconds ago they were teasing and softly pushing each other. Like you can just see how proud and happy Alisha is to be so close to Rose now when they used to be so at odds.

Not even mentioning the fact that Rose just strides right up to the Queen of Highland and no one bats an eye implying the fact that Rose is just about always around Alisha to the point that no one questions her being there anymore. 

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Ok but isak and even hand holding. My kingdom for hand holding. When it's cold and they are going for a walk and even puts isaks hand in his pocket and holds in there and can see isak blush and smile. When they're at a party and even isn't that comfortable he's not feeling too good so isak comes up with this thing where he holds evens hand and squeezes it three times: I-love-you and even squeezes back 4 times I-love-you-too

fjkd;ajf anon stop this is such a cute thought pls

and you know it might not immediately start off as a comfort thing, but maybe as an intimacy thing during their moments together

not public, i mean, but maybe the first time they do is when they’re making love, and it’s slow and it’s sweet and it’s rare that they do it that way, okay, but sometimes they’ll have quiet talks about their hopes and their dreams – very reminiscent of the morning after the pool – but this time they’re comfortable enough around each other to ask more questions, to say what they’re really thinking, to offer honest and raw answers in return. and so it eventually turns into something more, and it’s soft, and then their fingers find their way to each other’s and intertwine and the grasp on them is tight and that’s their lifeline, a reminder that even though their minds are hazy and clouded with lust, they’re both still there, in the moment, and it means something

and maybe that’s the beginning of their hand-holding endeavor. neither of them actually mention it afterwards, but the both of them quietly think about how it’s nice, how it’s comfortable, how it reminds them that the world might want them to think they’re alone, but they’re not. they never are, and especially not in each other’s company. so maybe even reaches for isak’s hand in public first – you look cold, he’ll say, and much like you pointed out, isak will blush and try to write it off as ‘Another Cheesy Thing My Boyfriend Does’, but he won’t pull away because a) he is cold, and even’s hand is unnaturally warm and b) it’s real, and it’s palpable, and even’s expression is bright and happy and, quite frankly, a little smug, and isak doesn’t have the heart to pull away. he’s nervous and a little uncomfortable – because it’s still taking him a little bit of time to get used to the out and proud mentality – but the last thing he wants is even to think he doesn’t like holding his hand. because he does, more than he can put into words.

and so it starts off as an intimate and private thing, then it quietly turns into a convenience thing, and then it morphs almost seamlessly into a comfort thing – even’s quiet and he’s sad and he’s been sleeping all day, and isak’s done nothing but stay by his side the entire time; maybe he’s been doing some homework, maybe he’s been scrolling aimlessly through facebook, maybe he’s only gotten up to use the bathroom or to bring some food over to his room, but he’s there. even knows that. on the rare occasion he opens his eyes, the first thing he’ll see is isak, quietly sitting beside him. he sees him in shades of gray, surrounded by dark clouds, and he’ll close his eyes almost as quickly as he opens them. and he lets himself sleep.

but there’s one certain instance, where even opens his eyes, and he not only sees isak – he feels him, too. it takes even a moment to adjust, but when he does, he realizes it’s isak’s hand, closed around his own, his thumb stroking the back of it softly, that he’s feeling. isak’s eyes are shut, and his breath is near-leveled, almost like he’s very close to being taken under by sleep, but his hand’s grip does not loosen, his intention does not waver. even still does not see in colors, and he still does not have the energy to speak (his thoughts are traveling approximately five miles an hour, a striking contrast to their usual speed), but he feels tethered to this bed, to this moment, to isak’s profile. for a second, he catches a glimpse of the life he lives outside this fog, like he’s managed to break into the surface and catch a breath of clean air before going back under. isak’s hand is cold, as per usual, but if everything else is black and white, then the feeling of isak’s hand in his is in kaleidoscope colors.

a moment, and then isak’s eyes will open almost immediately after even’s close again, but this time, curiously, isak will notice the ghost of a smile on even’s lips.

and so this endeavor’s turned into more than words by now – ironically so, since it’s basically turned into a form of communication. it turns into an it’s okay when it gets hard to breathe, it turns into an i’m here when it gets hard to remember, it turns into a don’t go when it gets hard to stay, it turns into a please don’t be mad when it gets hard to be happy, it turns into an i’m real when it’s hard to tell the difference, it turns into a you’re not alone when it gets hard to see, and, most importantly, it turns into an i love you when it gets hard to let go.

so trust me babe if you ever see isak and even holding hands while walking down the street, or maybe casually doing it during a conversation, just know that it’s way more than it seems – it’s an entirely separate plane of existence for them. they’re each other’s anchor, and it makes me the happiest person on the planet to think that holding hands is a bigger form of intimacy for them than any other display of affection in their lives. they don’t need words – all they need to do is reach out.

Back to Back

I needed to write something where it’s not just Marvin angst with Jackie comforting him. Also, I’m not one to just randomly hang wings on people, but I thought it both made sense and would be a nice nod to a single half-sentence from the fic that started this.

Second Chance AU, set after “Magic Mishap”

Characters: Marvin, Jackie

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: non-graphic violence. Pre-slash?

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Supercorp is lovely and all but *slips you a $20* can we get some Superlane head canons? Maybe you'll inspire someone to write something

these are really stupid, i’m sorry but here-

their bed is always a mess

  • which you wouldn’t expect because lucy was raised for her bed to be neat, corner folded
    • something about flipping a quarter on it. kara doesn’t really understand why humans do the things they do
    • lucy’s pretty tired of neatness and inside the lines and you have to think about how it’ll reflect on me lucy by the time she’s a teenager
  • but she tried to keep it organized at first and it just?? doesn’t work
    • she gets hot pretty easy but yknow everyone likes falling asleep with the covers over them but sometime through the night it just gets so uncomfortable so she pushes it off
    • and of course the furnace she calls a girlfriend kicks off all the covers too
      • actually it’s a little ridiculous, because sometimes they’ll end up shoving blankets back and forth on each other
        • lucy wonders if it’s wrong to want to punch your girlfriend even if you know it won’t hurt her

    • so every morning they wake up and the covers are all twisted, strewn across the floor
      • kara trips over them when she tries to go make early morning rescues
        • lucy laughs. so hard
  • with lucy running the other branch of the deo, they don’t get to see each as much at work
    • kara likes to drop off food for her though
      • it’s so sweet. lucy will come to her office and a bag will be on her desk with little sticky notes
        • kara forgets to say everything on one so they literally liter lucy’s office, and lucy loves it because she can see exactly where kara went and what she was thinking as she hastily scribbled down another i love you
    • sometimes there’s flowers too??

      • lucy loves them
      • one agent made a joke about them. he had to pick himself off the floor after lucy deemed an “emergency training session” was needed
    • lucy makes sure to pick some flowers up on the way home
      • she’d put some in kara’s office but there’s something about watching kara watering the plants and humming to herself
        • that something is love. lucy is a sap but doesn’t realize it
    • lucy gets the scientists’ help to build kara a more sturdy pen
      • she doesn’t understand how kara got the habit of chewing on pens?? because wouldn’t they have all broken immediately?? but she does, and lucy doesn’t want kara walking around with ink stains all over her
      • the scientists are confused

        • “ma'am you know this isn’t actually our jobs?”
        • “it is today”
      • kara sends everyone pictures of it, it’s so dumb but she’s so proud of it
  • they go and visit lois and clark
    • the first time is awkward
      • they go to metropolis for dinner and it’s just silent, silverware clicking against their plates
      • lucy doesn’t really know what to say, and it’s so hard not to get frustrated at lois, at herself
      • she doesn’t realize lois and her have stopped eating until kara and clark both lean over to them and ask if they’re going to finish that

        • lois just groans. “she does that too huh
      • it’s a little easier after that. not so hard to breathe and she could kiss kara for that, for getting her to try this
        • she does. many times
      • they try to have dinner once a month now
  • as nice as dinners and game nights are, the nights where it’s just them are the best
    • kara orders way too much food, i mean, even too much for kara
    • lucy will set up with all her work on the couch while kara paints and it’s just. nice and quiet
      • lucy got used to quiet after her mother died. after lois left and her father was too uncomfortable to be in a room alone with her, staring at ghosts that weren’t there
        • you look like mom lois tells her one night, alcohol heavy on her breath and sometimes she wishes lois never told her that while other times, she clings to the thought

      • but this quiet? it’s weighted, but a familiar one that wraps around her shoulders, a comfortable presence just behind her ribs
    • lucy can’t help it if she ends up distracting kara
      • kara always forgets to wash her hands once she’s done
        • she uses a brush, but paint always manages to coat her hands, color her fingertips
      • it’s such a wonderful image, kara colorful and thoughtful, and lucy just taps at kara’s shoulder and kisses her
      • so when fingers slip through her hair, they maybe leave some red and blue and green in it
      • lucy sighs when an agent asks her the next morning why is paint in her hair
        • kara laughs when she tells her. eyes soft and smile tender when she looks at her and says a masterpiece

        • it’s so dumb and lame and lucy punches kara in the arm because she most definitely is not tearing up at something that corny

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hey! so, this isn't a request, more like a thought I wanted to share. But I have this hc that Monty got an older brother, maybe same age as Peter, and they're friends so they're just there, looking at their baby brothers being happy and content and in love with each other and Justin, and that's it

Okay yes!

And their older brothers being friends is why they didn’t get along too well originally, because they were both targets of their brothers friend group for light teasing when they were young, and they’d both hate each other to try and impress the older boys.

And their brothers are totally oblivious to the relationship the first few times the five of them all hang out together. Peter has some questions regarding what Alex and Justin are, but he’s super surprised when Monty tackles the two of them to the couch one day and just smothers the pair of them in kisses.

Their older brothers will probably be standing in the doorway having a beer or something and just completely freeze while they watch Monty attack Justin and Alex in affection. And then there’s the questions, but their brothers are actually scared to upset them, so everything moves super slowly because they don’t want to say anything rude or offensive.

And then comes the cheering when the older two realise they’re practically brothers now. And they actually come to hate it when the three boys aren’t showing each other affection. Like they freak out at them not cuddling on the couch. And they’re always wanting everyone to come over so they can have parties and stuff.

And they actually credit themselves for the relationship? Because they’re how Monty and Alex first met? And they’re just so proud? Like “oh my god we did that!” And they tell every one of their friends about Alex, Justin and Monty, and they tell stories about them and just in general love the fact they’re all together

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I don't know if you've answered this but thoughts on Gintoki telling Hijikata he was the Shiroyasha? Were you disappointed, surprised, content with how it was done/Hijikata's reaction? Would you have it done differently? (I liked it, but I wish Hijikata had more of a response, he was kind of just like '...i knew it' when I was expecting something along the lines of 'waIT WHAT')

I have!! But I never mind answering stuff like this again and I’d probably break myself trying to find the post LOL But no, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I found it very fitting. Gintoki chose to tell Hijikata and only Hijikata. It’s more than likely Hijikata already knew, too, but that was what made the weight of Gintoki making the choice to tell him all the more profound. Gintoki typically doesn’t release that kind of information as freely and openly as he did for Hijikata and that just adds to why the evolution of their friendship has been so incredible to watch. I think it would have been out of place for Hijikata to be surprised by the admission. There was a long span of time between when Hijikata had Yamazaki do a report on Gintoki and the Baragaki arc when Gintoki decided to reveal that about himself. I think it speaks a lot to how well they know each other and how much attention they pay to one another that, after hearing Gintoki say he’s the Shiroyasha, Hijikata just laughs and smirks and doesn’t miss a beat. He seemed relieved to me. He just accepts it and he can do that because he already knew it. 

That moment is actually really special to me and not just because GinHijiGin is my thing. That was the first time Gintoki revealed something about himself without the circumstances forcing him into a situation where he has to. There was no reason for him to tell Hijikata that. He did it unprovoked because he wanted to. It was such a big step for him as a character and, to me, it was like he was asking Hijikata to trust him and they understood each other so well that Hijikata didn’t think twice before doing it. 

I mean, legit, you’ve got me ranting now because think about it. Hijikata’s outnumbered on the roof, he realizes it’d been a trap to draw him up there, and he gets nervous. He sees Gintoki, he hears what Gintoki’s saying into the phone:

And remember, Hijikata can’t hear what Isaburo is saying. So, Hijikata sees he’s trapped, he hears Gintoki say he’s not going to side with the Shinsengumi, and then Gintoki’s telling him he’s the Shiroyasha and urging Hijikata, almost rallying him to get his shit together.

Like there’s subtext within the conversation. AND HIJIKATA LAUGHS. HIS SHOULDERS RELAX, HE TOSSES HIS HEAD BACK, AND HE LAUGHSSS. It sounds so relieved to me, he looks relieved. 

It’s like he understood something all the other men around them didn’t or couldn’t. I feel like Gintoki had to choose his words carefully because of the audience they had, so he didn’t something to speak to Hijikata in a way only he’d pick up on. By trusting Hijikata and revealing that he was the Shiroyasha, he was, in turn, asking Hijikata to trust him as well. So even when Gintoki kicks Tetsunosuke over the edge, I don’t think he was actually shocked, but rather, was using it as a reason to make a mad dash toward Gintoki so they’d be in a better spot to watch out for each other when they fought. 

ALSO! Something really important! Note the way Gintoki’s face changes after Hijikata says they’re both the same.

HE. LOOKS. SO. PLEASED. Watch for yourself, go to episode 246 and start it around the 19:50 mark, you’ll see the slight change on his face exactly when Hijikata says this and he looks satisfied, appeased, like he just heard precisely what he’d wanted to hear – like he agrees and he’s proud of it. You could also take Hijikata’s speech afterward as him subtly asking Gintoki for help and Gintoki answers. Goddamn, the whole arc just was just sooo well done. 

Yeah, no, I wasn’t disappointed in anything that happened =A=

And might I just point out that Gintoki actively pursues more information about Hijikata, which is something he has never done before. Prior to the Baragaki arc, it was all indifference and denial, then suddenly, there’s interest and acceptance. They proved something to each other in this arc and earned respect from one another. I just… have so much more to say about this and them and ughhhh I’m so sorry OTL

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Imagine Bucky developing a sincere crush on Natasha and Steve noticing and going out of his way to encourage the match by pairing them up during missions and generally being an enthusiastic wingman for his best friend because damn it they're both good people and they deserve each other in the best way possible.

the only problem with steve’s enthusiastic wingmanning is that he’s maybe a little bit too enthusiastic. he’ll see bucky and natasha snuggling up on the couch watching movies and plop down beside them, excitedly telling nat about how funny bucky is and how he’s sure bucky’s already told her about that one time at coney island, haven’t ya buck? and when bucky shakes his head steve leans into nat conspiratorially and tells her all about it. by the end of the story nat’s laughing so hard she almost falls off the couch and bucky looks betrayed and amused in equal parts. steve’s quite proud of himself for his wingmanning skills and expects the two of them to announce their relationship within the week

he’s right - mostly

it’s almost one o’clock in the morning two days after the coney island story and he’s just started thinking about going to bed when there’s a sharp knock at the door. when he answers it, bucky and nat are standing there in what could theoretically be their pajamas but what are, more realistically, their underwear

“um,” he says, and steps aside to let them in

after the door is shut (and locked by natasha), bucky and nat both look at him expectantly

“um,” he repeats, because there are two half naked russian assassins staring at him like he should know what to do next when he most emphatically does not

nat sighs and asks him, “you didn’t even realize you were doing it, did you?” which makes no sense at all because he’s very aware that he’s been trying to get two of his closest friends together thank you very much

“um,” he says noncommittally because apparently he hadn’t been as discrete as he had hoped

nat sighs again and gestures from herself to bucky to steve. “we’ve been together for a while now and we both want you. maybe we’re wrong, but it seems like you’ve been flirting with us for a while now, so we thought you might want both of us too”

“um,” steve says, yet again, because of course all words fail him when he needs them the most

bucky takes over from here, because he’s always been good at helping steve when he’s flustered and unable to form sentences. “steve. do you want to be with me? be honest.” slowly, steve nods his head, a slight flush rising to his cheeks. “good, that’s good. do you want to be with natasha?” again, steve nods his head. “ok, that’s good too. now, do you want to be with both of us?”

steve takes a moment to think about it, about how much he admires and respects both of them individually, about how they’ve gone through so much and are still ready and willing to place their trust in him and really, the decision isn’t very difficult at all

“yes,” he says, firm and sure. there are two matching grins on bucky and nat’s faces when he looks at them, and then they proceed to tackle him to the bed

the rest of the avengers figure it out at breakfast the next morning when steve, even with his healing factor, comes to the table covered in hickeys with both natasha and bucky trailing him and looking incredibly pleased with themselves

“you three deserve each other,” tony mutters at them over the table, and steve thinks he’s absolutely right

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Akaashi, Lev and Kageyama paintballing with s/o (they're on different teams) and they both found each other. [cue drama scene] (hope I did this right. It's my first time asking)

Akaashi| The two stare at each other, neither of them saying a word until the sound of a paintball gun is moved. The two rush to safety on opposite sides. (Y/n) shoots at her running target but misses only by a short distance. She sighs loudly as she presses her back against the wall.

“You were sooo close, not close enough though”, Akaashi shouts as he chuckles.

“Yeah! Well it’s a lot better than you have done all day.”

“Or so you say, you haven’t been watching me this whole time”, he quickly replied.

“It’s not good to doubt your girlfriend you know.”, (Y/n) ran across, tumbled over, shooting Akaashi in a crouched position so accurately he stood dumbfounded, jaw hanging in disbelief.

She blew at the end of her gun, “Now that’s how you do it”

“But-but-but earlier. You missed soooo bad!”, he threw his arms up.

“All part of the plan. Having 3 brothers and being the only girl really helps don’t you think? I’ll catch you later, gotta go destroy the rest of your team to.” she pecked him on the lips, running off in another direction while he stood there thinking of how proud he was to be her boyfriend.

Lev|  When Lev saw his girlfriend he instinctively smiled and called out to her.

“(Y/n)-chan!!”, he waved over to her forgetting all about the current war going on. She turned around confused at why he would give out his location like that, she slowly walked closer, gun raised and ready to shoot.

Seeing this reminded Lev of his current situation, shakily lifting his own paintball gun as well. You could tell right off the bat that he under any circumstances did not want to shoot his girlfriend, but then again he didn’t want to let down his team.  

“Lev?”, (Y/n) inched a bit closer, yet still out of range.

“H-how’s it going out there for you”, his grip tightened around the trigger.

“Good…very good.”, she noticed his  uneasiness, stepping dangerously close to him, “Though I kind of wish this game was over…”, carefully she tilted the end of his gun towards the ground.

“Why!?”, Lev spoke louder than intended.

“I miss you silly”


Mhmm”, she brushed her hand over his chest, going up on her tippy toes as if she were going in for a kiss. Lev was relieved by the change of events, he closed his eyes holding the side of her face while he leaned in.

(Y/n) quickly ran backwards, pulled the trigger and grinned at her boyfriend.

“(Y/n)! That’s playing dirty!”, Lev complained, he held his side where the paintball had shot him.

“Sorry but I had to…does it hurt?”, she placed her hand on his.

“Nothing I can’t take….a kiss would make it better though”, Lev’s face flushed red in embarrassment of what he had just said.

(Y/n) couldn’t help but to laugh at her boyfriends cuteness, this time for real she gave him a kiss.

Kageyama| Before the match had even started Tobio had made a plan in his mind, now all he had to do was carry it out. He of course wanted to take out his girlfriend, they were both competitive and all was fair in this game.

He hid behind a wall, chuckling to himself about his wonderful plan to victory.

“Baka don’t try to hide if you’re going to make such noise.”, (Y/n) shook her head.

Alarmed Tobio dashed off, purposely falling harshly in the process. He cursed loudly, holding his knee in one hand.

“Tobio! Are you alright!?”, (Y/n) dropped her gun the moment she saw him fall and began making her way towards him.

He smirked lifting his gun, “You little-”, he cut off his girlfriend by pulling the trigger.

She winced in pain, “You could’ve at least done it when I was farther away!”

“Sorry it’s more accurate this way”, he stood up brushing off the dust off himself.

“It hurts like hell”, she lowered her head.

“(Y/n)! Don’t cry, I’m sorry!”, he jogged over to her, taking her into an embrace.

“I’m not”

“What?”, he felt a strong stinging pain on his back which answered his question.

“Nice job (Y/n)!”, Daichi give her a high five, as she was released from her hug, her boyfriend stood with his arms crossed and cheeks puffed out. Daichi said his goodbye as he jogged off.

“I still won.”, Kageyama huffed.

“Doesn’t mean your team will”, (Y/n) said as she placed her hand on her hip.

“They will”

“Suree, now come on.”, she intertwined hands with him, “Let’s go wait for this round to be over”

Okay, just imagine those two princesses :

being best friends. 

Imagine them arguing for hours, trying to decide wich one is the best between swords and guns. (Lis would be for swords and Sinon for guns) Imagine them in Lis shop talking for hours while Lis fixe Sinon’s bow. Imagine Lis telling Sinon what happened in SAO in details and Sinon telling Lis what happened in GGO in details. Imagine them teasing each other about Kirito. Imagine them teasing Kirito together. Imagine Lis making bad jokes on purpose to make Sinon laugh when she’s depressed. Imagine Sinon in her bedroom screaming and making a panic attack and Lis, who was in the kitchen, running into the bedroom and hugging Sinon to calm her down. Imagine Lis helping Sinon to, little by little, overcome her fear. Imagine Sinon being there for Lis when she’s depressed, holding her hand, and telling her sweet stuff. Imagine them being confidents. Imagine them being best friends.

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Love your blog! i spent a good amount of time going through it! also I love your CM headcannons! They're freaking brilliant! Could you do some more based on Emily and Spencer? I have recently become a massive shipper for them!!! xx

This ship is growing on me too, anon (I blame em-ily-pren-tiss ssadrblake and crimnatic for their amazing posts, you fuckers!!) Here’s some headcanons about Prentiss and Reid my pretties:

  • A few months after Prentiss returned from the dead, her relationship was still fragile with Reid. One day after work she kidnapped him and they went back to her place to watch Solaris, something she’d really wanted to do the first time he asked, but obviously couldn’t. They had a great time, conversing in Russain, laughing (something either hadn’t done in awhile), and Prentiss loved hearing Reid excitedly ramble off movie trivia, which she really missed about him. Spencer sat with his arm around Emily, while she curled up at his side with her head on his chest, both just happy she was alive and here with him. After this, their friendship was effectively on it’s was to being mended.
  • Emily and Reid both know morse code. Sometimes, if they have hotel rooms right next to each other, they’ll tap out messages on the walls for fun. Or they’ll do it even if they’re on the jet just to annoy the fuck out of Morgan.

  • Reid can’t beat Prentiss at poker for shit and it confuses the hell out of him. The resident genius can’t figure figure out how the woman is so good at it! He’s done equations, statistics, probability—all sorts of math—and Emily still wins every time! She absolutely loves torturing him with this.
  • Reid wrote letters to Prentiss when she was “dead” (JJ recommended it to help him cope with her loss). He was planning on getting rid of them after she came back, but Emily found out and wanted to read them; she said it would help her understand what he felt better, and Reid obliged. It took her an entire weekend, but Prentiss tearfully read every single heartfelt message that Spencer poured his soul into. On Monday when she came back to work, Emily immediately went up to Reid and hugged him so tightly for a really long time, not wanting to let go. At first he resisted, but then hugged her back and they stayed like that for at least 10 minutes. Em was almost crying and apologizing to an emotional Reid while they just stood like that.

  • Reid goes into a protective frenzy when Prentiss is injured even more so than Derek or Hotch. He insists she has every scan, test, check-up, and often worriedly accuses the doctors of doing a terrible job, even sometimes checking her himself. Emily absolutely hates medical care, but complies because she thinks it’s charming and sweet that Spencer cares so much and hates seeing him upset.

  • Emily and Reid take Halloween VERY seriously. The rest of the team is only mildly interested (much to their dismay), but those two go full out. Their desks are always decked in hardcore decorations and both of them wear complimentary costumes while they walk around DC. One year it was Captain Mal Reynolds and Zoë Washburne. Some others were V and Evey, The Joker and Harley Quinn, Ozymandias and Laurie Jupiter, and even classic zombies!
  • The both of them are huge geeks. When he first met her, Reid would never have pegged Emily to be a giant nerd, but after getting to know her better he was ecstatic to find out her interests. Every couple weeks they have movie nights at their apartments filled with copious amounts of sci-fi/superhero fangirling. It’s nice not to have to hide that side of themselves when they’re with each other.
  • Emily helped Reid learn to shoot better. She has a lot of patience and could tell Spencer was frustrated so one weekend they went to the range and spent the whole day practicing while also joking around and having a great time. This is part of the reason Reid went there a lot after Prentiss died; it reminded him of when everything was perfectly ok.
  • Both of these dorks take their Hogwarts houses very seriously.
  • Prentiss heard about Maeve in a conversation with Hotch and flew in as soon as she had time off. Reid wouldn’t let anyone in his apartment, but when he heard “Spencer, it’s Emily open the goddamned door” he let her in straight away. Reid felt comfortable sitting with her and talking, probably because she’s such an easy person to be with and he knew she’d understand. Emily had lost people before, hell she had died herself. Prentiss convinced him to let the team help and that drugs were not the answer. They sat curled up on the floor for awhile while Emily stroked his hair (her just being there helped). After she left he thought about it and decided to take her advice. Reid would be forever grateful to have a friend like Prentiss.
  • Emily knew the answer once to something Reid didn’t and was literally so fucking proud of herself! Spencer was laughing at how excited she was (Prentiss told everyone at the office. Multiple times) and thought her amusement level at this was adorable.
  • On the jet after the standoff at the religious compound everyone was asleep except Prentiss and Reid. She thought their talk would straighten things out, but Reid still looked freaked out and guilty. He kept eying her over the edge of his book looking like a kicked puppy. Emily had enough of him feeling bad, so she got up, crawled into Reid’s lap, and latched onto him. Reid was highly confused and slightly afraid, but Prentiss just bear-hugged him and refused to get up until “He got it through his huge genius-ass brain that she was ALRIGHT and it WASN’T HIS FAULT”.

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Kuroo, Iwazumi, Akaashi, and Tsukki seeing their chubby/insecure gf in a swimsuit for the first time? [let's face it, they're probably killin' it bc they look so good]

Kuroo: Kuroo’s eyes would widen for a brief second and he would forget that staring at his partner this intently would probably make them even more nervous. Mentally slapping himself out of this state, Kuroo would probably cover his eyes with his hand, chuckling to himself for being that surprised by his partner’s courage. His signature grin would soon appear on his face and he would compliment his girlfriend on how well her swimsuit framed her body and her curves. Bending down slightly, so he would be able to look at her face properly, he would whisper the words: “Good job, I’m proud of you”, which would be solely for her to hear. 

Iwaizumi: Iwaizumi would waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the changing room, knowing that telling her to hurry up would only make her more nervous than she already must have been. He would cross his arms in front of his chest, sighing rather loudly and failing to hear the changing room door opening. Once Iwaizumi heard his partner call his name, he would turn his head and freeze for a second, overwhelmed by the combination of cuteness and sexiness his partner embodied. He would feel the blood rushing to his head (and maybe somewhere else as well, although he would successfully suppress that), stuttering a barely audible compliment. 

Akaashi: The sight of his girlfriend in a swimsuit would lead to Akaashi raising both of his eyebrows and realizing that he was beginning to stare at her body for a second too long. Although complimenting his partner would usually come easy to him, it would take the setter a while longer to come up with the proper words. He would do his utmost to maintain his usual pokerface, even though he would feel the tingling sensation of a blush forming on his cheeks. Akaashi would try to distract himself by offering to go for a swim or go for a walk along the shore. If his girlfriend wanted to do the latter, they would most likely walk next to each other, holding hands. Fighting the urge to touch his girlfriend’s body, Akaashi would ultimately settle for stealing glances whenever he knew she wasn’t looking. 

Tsukishima: Tsukishima would be the type of boyfriend who’d harmlessly tease his partner on multiple occasions. He would already have prepared his words until he would catch sight of his girlfriend in her swimsuit. Trying to bring out his joke, Tsukishima would feel it sticking in his throat and he would most likely choke on his own spit in the process. Coughing loudly, he would actually welcome the distraction, thinking that the more time he had to prepare himself for this sight, the easier it would be for him to calm down. But it would be to no avail. Once he would look up towards his girlfriend, he would be incapable to speak, pressing his lips tightly on each other. He would rub his neck, and perhaps, after gathering a lot of courage, tell them that the swimsuit looked really good on them. 

GROWING UP; minho/key

@squickz​ shinee winter challenge #6: minkey

1185 words, PG

when they were five, minho stole a snack from kibum’s lunch box, because he really liked that snack and he didn’t think it was fair that kibum always got one and he didn’t. it was his favourite snack. plus, he thought it was funny how kibum whined and pouted at him until he agreed to give it back. he was cute when he was like that: it reminded minho of how his puppy acted when she didn’t get her way. the next day, kibum had two of the snack in his lunch box, and he gave one to minho. he said he had to sneak one without his mummy seeing, or he’d have got in a lot of trouble. he said it wouldn’t have mattered because it was minho’s favourite. minho had never felt happier. 

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hEy could you maybe do a HC with all the RFA members when MC is apart of a girl group (like Fifth Harmony bc they're my faves) and how they act to some of their more sexier performances and when they go on tour n the paparazzi n stuff :(( i hope this isn't too long! ty if you do it :)

//it isn’t too long at all!! don’t worry my dude. i apologize for such the time it took! i’m not giving the group a name, but i might change around the genre between like punk or pop or pop punk?? and tbh i’m listening to Fifth Harmony as I write this, so i used some of their lyrics, and some fall out boy ones, too, because that’s my JAM. hope you like it!


  • he’s probably off to the side completely mesmerized by your dancing because wOw
  • you guys are just totally in sync and when it’s your part he’s like “that’s my girlfriend!! dude!! isn’t she great!?”
  • ya’ll go *down low* and he just can’t look away because got damn!! no wonder she’s so good when she’s in charge at home
  • but he’s almost jealous? because he doesn’t want anybody else but him to see you looking so good
  • he’s blushing so hard when you look him straight in the eye and sing
  • I know you’re always on the night shift, but I can’t stand these nights alone
  • He thinks his heart might’ve stopped
  • After the shows over, you go to him and give him a hug
  • “thanks for coming, it means a lot, Yoosung”
    “I-I… Yeah, n-no problem, you were great”
  • you just smirk and you see how he’s getting kind of uncomfortable so you guys head back to the hotel, and your girls shoot you a look and all start laughing


  • “if you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer”
  • he gets a little pink and smiles, because you’re on stage and grinning right at him
  • when you move your hips!! he freaks!! he doesn’t know what to feel?? should he be jealous? or wowed? or want to tell people that you’re his? he thinks you’re better than any of your band mates?
  • you NAIL that high note and it pierces his soul and his breath hitches
  • he’s making sure that you get to act in something with him
  • he makes sure to get you away from the paparazzi, but sometimes when he’s feeling playful, he’ll jump in front of you and throw his hair back and they take his photos
  • he always gets excited when you want to sing him a new song, or sometimes he’ll help you out with some lyrics or a melody
  • he’s there for you when rumors get out and he knows that he hates when people misinterpret your actions because you only mean the best for others and it hurts when they’re just straight up mean
  • but it’s okay because he knows that you’re a great person and no one else’s opinions can change that


  • she’s so proud of you like 24/7
  • she brings you coffee before and after shows and during practices and when you’re at the studio
  • she’s so supportive of you and when drama happens, she helps you get through it and move past it because she knows that you can get very nervous and anxious sometimes and then it affects you performances
  • she might even love your performances and songs more than Zen’s
  • she sometimes lets a cheer or shout when you hit a high note because you’ve got such a powerful voice or when you are just ON FIRE LIKE SIZZLE SIZZLE GOT DAMN
  • she’s always laughing with your band mates about you, when she tells them about your awkwardness in public or the embarrassing things you sometimes do
  • you also invite all your band mates and pals at the studio with you to her coffee shop and she secretly loves it because it’s increased business 
  • she listens to your songs in the shower, and sometimes when you’re home, you hang out in the bathroom and sing them for her


  • he’s proud of you and can’t stop watching you preform but he hates how you keep playfully smirking to the others on the stage and the crowd
  • he goes to as many of your concerts as he can, but if he can’t make it, he calls you before hand and tries to live stream it if someone’s filming
  • he doesn’t like the paparazzi snapping pictures of you when you’re on dates, too, so he gets you guys some extra body guards
  • he makes sure that fans don’t get too close and you assure him that it’s fine if they want a photo or something signed, but he does keep his hand around your waist
  • sometimes you like looking at the paparazzi’s pictures, because there are sometimes some nice shots of you and him before you noticed they were taking them, where you’ll be holding hands or just looking really cute


  • Okay so you’ve dragged him to a concert and sat him with some really good seats
  • he loves your music? it’s pretty intense and meaningful and sometimes very intimidating and he wonders how you can go from such a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll to a cinnamon roll that could actually kill you??
  • were all fighting growing old, were all fighting growing old, in the hopes of a few minutes more”
  • he’s nearly dead because WOW what a great song and it’s so true though?
  • then you guys move to a more peppy song with lots of hips and smexy dancing and his eyes nearly pop out of his head because ?? aren’t there twelve year olds here??
  • he doesn’t deny that you look really hot though
  • he can’t stop singing it on the way home
  • when the paps see you, you guys both pose in really stupid way, but it’s so funny and you just can’t stop making each other laugh
  • eventually, you guys get away from them and just smile because you always have fun when you’re with each other


  • okay first of all, he loves your voice? he hears you singing in the shower all the time, and he loves the meanings to your songs
  • he knows that you’re the lyricist and he knows that you’re in a band, but he doesn’t know that you guys dance or are that popular
  • so you take him to one of your concerts
  • and WOW you’re dancing IS GREAT but he’s also a little jealous hehehe
  • he’s heard a lot of your songs and he loves the guitar ?? and the intense drums?? and it’s all his jam, because you’re voice just compliments everything so well
  • it’s a song he hasn’t heard before, a little bit slower than usual, but he can just tell that it’s about him
  • I don’t know where you’re going but do you got room for one more troubled soul?”
  • he’s actually touched, even though he isn’t showing it that much
  • he just hugs you after because you actually sang a song about him to everyone in that place, and he feels a little shy about it, but he holds you so tight because he knows that you love him more than anything

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i don't know if you're still taking prompts... i'll just leave this here... have you considered smoaking billionaires having a pillow fight? (oh and thanks to you and @rosietwiggs they're my ot3 now... except 2/3 of it are currently dead! happy?)

I am actually not taking prompts at this time, but damn it, this one might just unstick me on that last piece of the high school AU cuddlefic I’ve been trying to hammer down. So, this is slightly adjacent.

“So do, like, girls do that sleepover thing?” Oliver asked the deep blue canopy on Tommy’s four-poster.

Felicity, sitting up cross-legged in her sleep-shorts and a muscle shirt she stole from Oliver—she was an unrepentant clothing thief, and neither of them had the guts to tell her how dangerous it was for her to wear that shirt sans bra (both were stupid enough to believe she wasn’t wearing a bandeau underneath if they caught just the slightest hint of creamy-skinned sideboob)—hugged her pillow tighter and looked at him like he was crazy.

Tommy craned his head from her lap, one eyebrow curiously raised.

What sleepover thing, Oliver?” Felicity half-laughed the question.

He rolled his head on the bedcovers to stare up at her towards the headboard. “You know, that thing they do in all the movies. The panty pillow fights.”

Tommy clapped a hand over his mouth to stifle his snort of laughter. Oliver was good and buzzed and clearly stupid enough to ask Felicity generalized stereotypical “all girls” questions.

Felicity’s lips parted slowly as she held Oliver in an incredulous staredown. “Really, Oliver?”

He propped up on his elbows, reaching up to run an absentminded hand over his fresh buzzcut—still not used to it after getting his hair shaved off in a fit of pique. “Yeah, really. Like, I know you stayed over that one time with Laurel and Sara. Wasn’t McKenna there, too? I mean, according to Hollywood, there should have definitely been a pillow fight in your underwear.”

Felicity sighed and shook her head, covering Tommy’s hand on his mouth with her own; she really didn’t need him contributing to this nonsense right now. He “mmph”ed up at her indignantly, wiggling his hand out from under her own. “Sure, Oliver. We painted our nails and braided each other’s hair while talking about boys, and then we all took off our pants and lightly batted at each other with feather pillows.” She rolled her eyes. “Feel free to masturbate to the image in the shower tomorrow.”

“Ugh!” Oliver laughed, grinning wide. Tommy echoed him—muffledly—under Felicity’s hand. “It’s not like that, Felicity, I was just wondering what the difference is between girl-sleepovers and our sleepovers.”

She narrowed her eyes at him skeptically, but decided to go out on a limb and pretend she believed him. “Well,” she drawled, smirking. “The main difference is the three of us don’t stand topless in front of the mirror and compare our boob sizes and practice kissing on each other.”

It was Oliver’s turn to rolls his eyes—Tommy said something into Felicity’s palm, but neither of them could understand him and so paid him no attention. “Right, okay. Well, my boobs are bigger anyways because I work out more than Tommy and you got skipped by the boob fairy—”

"Asshole!” She shrieked in laughter.

He sat up all the way, shit-eating grin beaming proud. “—but any time you want to brush up on your kissing skills, I could generously donate my time and expertise.”

Lifting her chin haughtily, Felicity started, “I—”

—and broke off with a loud yelp, yanking her hand off Tommy’s face with a look of disgust and disbelief. “You licked me!”

You wouldn’t let me talk!” He shot back, smirking. Switching his attention to Oliver, his smirk went mean. “And brother we both know that if anyone’s got tongue technique to pass on, of the two of us, I win every time.”

Oliver stuck his tongue out in response—and wriggled it obscenely. “She asked for kissing practice, buddy, not tips on how to go down on other girls.”

Tommy just laughed, and Felicity groaned exaggeratedly. “You two are the actual worst.”

Tommy waggled his eyebrows up at her and stuck his tongue out, undulating it suggestively.

“I have had enough of your tongue tonight, thanks so much,” she snarked, hefting her pillow and smooshing it down on his face.

He rolled away from her, giggling; a wicked gleam in his eye, Oliver reached across Tommy and snatched up a pillow. “Oh, it’s on now, Smoak.”

Felicity’s eyes went wide, mouth falling open as she scrambled onto her knees, her pillow in front of her like a shield. “I didn’t even hit you, Oliver! I—”

He whacked her one-handed against her pillow, and she squeaked and scooted off the bed to a stand.

Jacknifing up with his fists in the air, Tommy hollered, “Pillow fiiiiiight!” and took up arms, dual-wielding a pillow in each hand. He swatted Oliver quickly in the head—who crowed in protest, but went down on the mattress—and then ninja-rolled off the side of the bed after Felicity, who shrieked and smacked at him before scampering away.

"Get her!” Tommy yelled, darting after Felicity’s retreat.

“Oh, no, guys that’s not fair, that’s cheating!” She squealed, Oliver hopping to his feet to the bed’s right and prowling after her in mock-menace.

Looking hunted, Felicity’s eyes darted between them and she bit her lip against her broad smile—and then leaped back onto the bed, standing. She held her pillow high, eyes wild and dancing in delight. “You’ll never take me aliahh!

She never finished the sentence before Oliver and Tommy tackled her onto her back, lightly beating her with their pillows as she dissolved into helpless giggles.

OKAy so i have been seeing a LOT of worry about Lexa dying at the end of this season because Alycia is working on a new show and tumblr user doomsdayy said that ALSO there were spoilers about sky people and grounders being enemies again after the war so a lot of people think that that necessitates lexa’s death bc there must be a new commander to let this happen

BUT OKAY i have been thinking about this A LOT and idk how to tell u this kids, but after having watched every single cast interview of the ladies (AND JASON ROTHENBERG) on the 100 in the last 24 hours, i gots some good news 4 u about both the conditions of productions and the universe of the show itself

  • if u mention ‘bellarke’ around Jason Rothenberg, the producer/creator, he rolls his eyes, sighs and walks off. eliza taylor, although very diplomatic about it, is also not a fan. lindsy morgan isn’t a fan. none of the female cast r fans (i have no idea what the bois think of it)
  • clexa wasn’t fanservice; it was always going to happen (there is an ask by one of the writers floating around saying this; if u find it can u help me source it?? im sry friends) (edit: the theimpossibilitiesimagined linked it 2 me it is here)
  • jason rothenberg is a smart guy who gets things like the importance of labelling bisexuality and treating female characters w respect (IE. NOT MAKING THEIR ARC ABOUT A LOVE STORY IN A SCI-FI DYSTOPIA)
  • the 100 just killed a major character already; killing lexa would not be “"surprising”“ or ”“different”“ in the way killing Finn was. also, THE 100 ALREADY DID THAT. they killed anya. what would be the POINT of doing the exact same thing again, other than shoddy story telling
  • this show is about consequences - in all the summer interviews w lindsy morgan she was careful to stress that although she was a series regular, there would be repercussions for her character bc THAT’S THE TYPE OF SHOW THE 100 IS


  • as the awesome tumblr user mutatio pointed out: so far the 100 has been trying to portray a psudo-post-rascist society, but the mountain men no longer make that portrayal possible – they have redefined the concept of "the Other” (not to do w race AS MUCH, but more to do w Access to the Outside), but maintained it none the less  – the grounders, in the eyes of the mountain men, are lesser humans
  • thus although the grounders and the sky people are ultimately working together right now, they have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES, HISTORIES AND ENGAGEMENTS W THE MOUNTAIN MEN (yes, several members of the 47 were killed, but it was not  a systematic carefully organised slaughter of ur people)
  • (idk if this was on purpose, but there is a strong comparison to the holocaust in what the mountain men did to the grounders in my opinion) 
  • you know what would be more interesting and more heartbreaking??? lexa actively breaking from clarke’s influence; lexa telling clarke that her own justice system is equipped for dealing with this injustice by slaughtering them
  • this would cause a BIG BREACH in their vision for the future:
  • abby has a quote in season 1 saying that not only is it important to survive, but its also important to deserve to survive. this is a principle that the mountain men violated. they don’t deserve to live.
  • on the other hand, the sky people r not gonna let them be EXCECUTED bc that would morally implicate the sky people
  • however however the sky people didn’t endure 50 (?) years of terror, abuse, and systematic murder and mutliation by the mountain men
  • thus, abby would be inclined to rehabilitate the mountain men instead of murdering them
  • on the other hand, each mountain man was aware of the grounders, but pointedly decided to ignore it. as a result, the grounders would demand BLOOD FOR BLOOD
  • i sure as hell don’t and im so excited to watch them tear each other apart

halerogers  asked:

i keep thinking about singer!derek and drummer!stiles and it's your fault, elisa. i keep thinking about while they're in the middle of a concert, and derek turns around to smile at stiles, stiles who's super sweaty and maybe shirtless and showing off his tattoos and a hickey or two or more from the night before. and stiles just smiles back, winks at him. and maybe they kiss sometimes on stage as well, cause they're out and proud and super public about their love

IN ADDITION TO THAT i keep thinking about stiles twirling his drum stick with his long, obscene fingers during practice, and all the other band members are annoyed because they know that means derek isn’t listening. because derek is too busy watching (and lbr drooling) those fingers work. the same fingers that touched him the night before

in conclusion: you have ruined me with singer!derek and drummer!stiles and i need more

WAIT I THOUGHT OF SOMETHING ELSE. imagine derek singing while making breakfast or dinner or whatever and stiles comes into the kitchen and maybe joins him. but then derek stops because “you’re a terrible singer, stiles” and stiles is just so offended but it’s okay because he knows he can make derek laugh when he sings disney songs terribly and loudly

 In relation to THIS

Okay, Charlie you sent me THIS THIS AMAZINGNESS like two days ago, and I had time to think about it, obsess about, and SCREAM INTERNALLY ABOUT IT WHILE I IRONED  and now YOU PUT IN ME THE NEEEEEEEED TO READ A FIC LIKE THIS OR WRITE IT GODDAMN.


OKAY let’s go in order.

YES. STILES TOTALLY STRIPS OFF FROM HIS TEE AT SOME POINT CUZ he’s too hot from constantly having to move his whole body, cuz he totally DOES, I MEAN HE DRUMS WHIT HIS WHOLE BODY AND SOUL AND THAT’S What makes him so good ya know??? ALSO  he knows he has a hot bod and also TATTOOES, WHO DOESN’T LIKE SEEING THOSE WHOOOOO??? [no seriosuly I’m so weak when it comes to Stiles and tattoes oh my god]

ALSO it totally amuses him to no end how when he STRIPS OFF FROM THE TEE AND THROWS IT IN THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF WHERE DEREK IS STANDING (SO THAT DEREK LOOKS AT IT AND KNOWS THAT STILES IS CHEST NAKED) HIS boyfried does everything in his power to not look at the big screen in front of him where he knows their his drummer is shown but ofc failing miserably, cuz he looks at it like every two seconds. And he’d totally turn around and stare and maybe drool a little messing up the song, but it’s not like he can perform with his back to his audince, now can he?

AND YES WHEN FINALLY THE SONG ENDS HE TOTALLY GOES TO STILES AND KISSES THE HECK OUTTA HIM. leaving that asshole with his lips a little parted and looking dazed and meanwhile the fans are screaming and cheering.

CUZ THEY ARE OUT AND PROUD AND THE FANS POSSIBLY LOVE THEM EVEN MORE cuz helloooooo shipped them, called it since DAY 1.

And it’s beautiful because Stiles and Derek are one of the very first gay couples to come out while still on tour and with a contract with no that much difficulties cuz their Manager Steve? A TOTAL BADASS who’s happily married to his husband James.. [I leave it to you to catch that reference *boops your nose* this is it tho, the hint?? As in they are happy aND MARRIED SO MARRIED HERE MARRIED MAAAARRIED]


And Stiles and Derek being out and proud? Totally makes it for an entire movement, and slowly more people start taking their example and just come out, cuz fans Are not assholes, they love them for their music and for who they are and not for who they do the do with.

Moving to the second point.

THE FINGERS OF DOOOM. Well not really doom because.. eheheh Derek might have called god’s gift a couple of times while they were involved in really interesting tasks, AND Stiles totally twirls the sticks around when he’s thinking about something (most of the time he’s thinking of new beats, songs HE TOTALLY WRITES MUSIC TOO) and it’s almost a tic, something that he does automatically with his hands when his head is completely elsewhere. ANDD maybe the band during rehearsals is giving each other tips and correcting something that seems off or something and then DEREK SEEES STILES AND HE SORTS OF STOPS MIDPHRASE.


And it snaps Stiles from his thoughts and looks at his friend and then at Derek, with that adorable innocent, confused puppy look that he gets sometimes omg, AND THEN THE COCKY ASSHOLISH SMIRK MAKES ITS APPAREANCE AND DEREK WANTS TO MAUL HIS FACE LIKE RIGHT THERE RIGHT NOW AND THE OTHERS ARE LIKE



AND SHE LITERALLY MAKES HEART FILTHY EYES AT THEM AND SAYS “oH YES PLEASE” because she’s a really clever girl and she knows whATS UP and she’s totally all of us.

And I’m almost sure you’re gonna ask me if I don’t tell you now, so Imma tell you now.

The guys, knowing exactly what’s up from just taking a look at them both? Wanna know how they come to know? How it happens? Of course you wanna know how it happens. tsk [It’s currently midnight and I just saw that you went to sleep so Imma obv post tomorrow, just now that if I make poor sense is because my brain cells are dying.]

Stiles and Derek are the gross sweet couple that make heart eyes at every given occasion. LIKE EVERY TIME THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER YOU CAN JUST SEE THE LOVE OOZING FROM THEIR FUCKING PORES. goD THEY’RE SO GROSS UGH.

BUT. Obviously, they’re also THAT COUPLE. THE ONE THAT CANNOT GET THEIR HANDS OFF EACH OTHER, like if they’re near each other they neED TO TOUCH. CONSTANTLY.

And I told you, after they get together, since they’ve been lusting over each other for years, they do it like bunnies and the band member’s might have luckily unfortunately walked in on them.

(Erica often tried to sneak in, one memorable time after having heard aMaZZZZING sounds she even brought popcorns. Derek had blushed and ducked under the sheets, Stiles had laughed his head off and looked at her with an arm thrown across his face, and with a fond smile said, “You’re unique Erica Reyes”

“Oh,” She’d said thoughtfully munching down her popcorns, “I’m unique in a lot of things,” she agreed, “but trust me, not in wanting to see all that.” Erica had replied with a wink.) [ @shealwaysreads   ISOBEL YOU KNOW WHY I TAGGED YOU HERE *HIGH FIVES*]

So okay, that’s how the band came to know.

BUT I’m not done with the fingers. I mean Der when he stops midsentence that day is because he has a really clear flashback to the night before where those amazing filthy dreamy fingers where in his ass wet with spit and precum and driving him insane and ooooooooooookay you get me, [I told you I’m super sleepy if I start writing you porn rn who knows where we’ll end up to] so yes there’s some serious moaning and breath hitching memories playing in his brain and he jUST. So ofc the bands just knOWS and decides to be good and clever mates and walk away, to give them a moment.

Erica totally makes a dreamy sigh and is the last one to walk away. (She still has to meet Boyd)


You said DISNEY SONGSSS??????????????? Charlie. YES.

AND you know what song Stiles sings to him??? ‘A whole new world’ [cuz that’s my favourite even tho I know the Italian version and I listened to the English one and I’m just ??? I have to relearn all of them in English but I prefer the Italian ones sorry this is so weird lol]

STILES SINGS ALADDIN’S PART completely off tune as we said but Derek is just so fond and enamoured at this point that just looks at Stiles literally serenading him and he just goes along with it and sings Jasmine’s part and fhsgsjdygjrgeywirwhuifgw CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS???. THIS IS THE CUTEST AND FLUFFIEST THING EVER. THOSE BOYS SINGING DISNEY SONGS AT EACH OTHER???


And they’re just so grossly beautiful you know???

Anyway YES. Stiles and Derek couldn’t be happier, they’re literally on top of the world and everything is fantastic.




[Charlie I was totally trolling you, see? sadness free, all fluff for you, today. *plans the nest angsty thing that will totally make you bawl your eyes out and cackles* shh I love you]

When They're Happy
snakeofslytherin asked:

Heyyyyy a prompt hella!!!! Could you maybe write something that’s more Jack centric? Like, maybe Jack has anxiety or self harms, something angsty please!!! AHOT6 too!

A/N: I was listening to When She Loved Me  and it gave me this idea… Just angst, no trigger warnings really.

When he wakes up in the morning, there’s no protests when he leaves the bed.

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anonymous asked:

I just don't understand why you know whos think that Louis looks uncomfortable at the Brits talking about Freddie, because he looks the happiest, most at ease I've ever seen him, in fact. He looks like any other new dad who's just ecstatic and proud about his baby. Liam also looks very proud and indulgent. It's truly incomprehensible how they're taking such blatant joy and disregarding it because they refuse to accept that water is wet. Whatever tho. Daddy Louis is so cute and happy :*)

Big Larries relied on the hope that people would take what they said at face value and not look any further into the videos.

It’s not even about believing anymore. They are just liars who have lied for so long that they can say whatever the fuck they want and people will accept it. They’ve gained the trust of other Larries and there is literally nothing we can do about it, because no matter what, we’re evil and mean and homophobic and just can’t be trusted 🙄 

The interviews from today/yesterday are SO sweet and genuine. Liam and Louis played so well off of each other and you can tell they are both enjoy each other’s company. And I’m really sorry that smaller Larries are missing out on all of it because Big Larries are throwing a fit because none of their bullshit is being realized.