phanimist asked:

started high school, met a kid in the first 3 days with a tumblr sense of humor and i knew right away that he had tumblr but the next day i overheard him saying he was ace/aro to my other friend and i was like wait sAME and that was so amazing and I kinda wanna bring it up to him but a) we just met and b) we are sitting in awkward silence plz help like he'd make such an amazing friend

Well, it would break the awkward silence. =D

I understand being hesitant to bring it up, so work on just talking first. It sounds like you guys have some stuff in common, so strike up a normal conversation. If I am remembering high school, eventually (and it probably won’t take long), the topic of crushes/dating/relationships/sex will come up in a group conversation. That’s a natural chance to mention your orientation.

Good luck in high school, and good luck with this friendship!