As far as the debate about “A for Allies” goes.. I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while. I haven’t seen it brought up, but I really want to: as an older lesbian who’s hoping to start a family with my girlfriend in the next few years, I’ve also come to believe that it’s important that the A be for allies to include and protect the children of LGBT people. When she and I do have a child, they might be straight and cis, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be affected by their mothers’ inability to get married, or legally co-parent. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be potential targets for homophobic bullying or discrimination by virtue of having two mothers and no father, or that they won’t feel the knock-on effects of the discrimination that we face as lesbians. I feel so endlessly frustrated that aces think that when we say “a for allies” we mean “sympathetic straight = queer” when it’s so much more complicated than that. 

Cyber-bully :Joey Graceffa Imagine:

your an idiot Joey!! lolfag!!!1!!1!1!!

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Try making some decent content, queer.

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Joey sat at his desk, tears welling at his eyes, but he endlessly scrolled through the tidal wave of hate crowding his comments of his latest video. He sighs, wiping a stray tear that had escaped his eyes. He groaned inwardly at the small fluorescent red clock sitting on his desk. He has to vlog. Right now.

He quickly turned on his camera, forcing his usual joyful grin on his pink lips.

“Well, hello guys!” he said, waving at his camera, feeling slightly silly, as he always did, talking to an empty screen.

“So today’s been going well, and my girl’s out of town.” he smiled down into his lap,  smiling at the simple mention. Then, he remembers the rude horrible messages adorning his inbox, flowing too quickly to delete. He feels the bitter pinprick or hot tears, and something inside him snapped.

“You know what, guys, I’m mad. I am so mad that I can’t see, and I can’t even- I just, wow. I’ve been going through some- some “ he let out an almost apocalyptic sob, trying to turn off the faucet of tears streaming down his red, blotchy face.

“Look. I love her. And that isn’t going to change! I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but I’m pretty sure she- she loves me and that isn’t going to just go away. And if you keep doing this,” he felt the words spilling from his lips with so much sincerity, his heart beating rapidly, and all of his despair drowning him. He missed you, and feels the breath sucked out of his lungs, focusing on not letting them see him suck the long panic-filled breaths he’s sure he requires. He longs for you to be here, running your slender fingers through his quiff, whispering ‘shh,shh’ in his ear, him nuzzling his head into your neck.

“I might, no, I will stop vlogging.” he breathes, glaring, his eyes bloodshot and open. He quickly went through the process of uploading, skipping editing completely.

After staring at the familiar play button, he started sobbing again, reading them over again, before placing a shaking hand, running through his contacts. He found the one he labeled as you, smiling at the picture. Shane and Lisa took it, it was you squealing, as he tickled you, and instead of helping, they took his favorite picture of you two. He tapped it, chanting please, please, please while the ringing came.

“Babe! Hey! Oh, its so nice hear you! I miss you so much!” you spoke, and he could hear the twizzlers between her words, and he smiled through the tears.

“Hey, babe,” he said softly, and he heard the chewing  stop.

“Babe, are you alright? Oh, babe, tell me what’s up. I’m sorry! I-”

“I’m fine. I just- I just, I need you” he whispered, reveling in your eyes.

“Oh, Joey, honey, I’m hopping in the car right now. Don’t you worry, love, I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you,” he closed his eyes. Three hours later, you were at his door and you were enveloped in his large arms, his tired eyes closed, him inhaling your fruity perfume, each second pulling you closer, desperate to have you nearer to him. He kissed the top of your head. He pulled back from your arms, and began pacing around the room, pulling up his inbox, and not subjecting himself to looking at them again.  You  through his hair.  He quirked his eyes, when you had tears running down her eyes, and your hand cupping her mouth. He an to your side, before realizing there were tears of happiness streaming down your face. He froze with curiosity

“Look” she managed through the tears, smiling widely.

Joey! Im soooooooo sorry!!!!!! You two are my otp!!!

Those guys are idiots, are you okay? Please dont stop vlogging!

Omg Joey, I don’t like seeing you cry! Im sorry they dont know crap and cant handle seeing the perfect couple! Please don’t stop, but I understand if you want to…

He felt happiness well into his chest, and you pulling him into your arms, his long muscular arms wrapping around your waist, hearing a loud deep laughter, one that sounded exhausted, but the fire hadn’t been extinguished, before realizing it was him he was hearing. He picked you up and spun you around, caressing the top of your head and heard your sweet laughter.

“I saw the video,” your smiled, but her voice lowered, “You love me?” he smiled at the way you stared at your hands, twining them, and untwisting them, nervously, how you hopped in a car to help him.

“How could I not?” he said, taking her fiddling fingers in his, pulling her closer, so you could feel his warm breath on your lips. Your eyes slid to his lips.

“You don’t need to be pretty sure,” his hand slid to the small of your back “?The feeling’s mutual” he grinned, closing the decreasing space between your lips.

fun quick fact about that kelly clarkson song: I was a big fan of hers in like 5th grade so when we had an assignment to write an original story to perform in class with groups of like 5 people I took to behind these hazel eyes for inspiration. teacher’s son was in the class and bullied me endlessly and when my mom addressed the teacher she decided to pair us together for every group project. so when we were put in groups to read our stories and decide on who’s was the best and which one to perform, the teachers son was in my group. he took over and had everyone read their stories but me. made it a point to make everyone laugh at me when I said “wait u can’t choose a story yet u didn’t listen to mine yet” and then went on to make fun of my appearance and how my heterochromia was for attention and how I wore a wig bc I don’t have real hair. managed to make me cry and sob over this stupid assignment and when the teacher came over to ask what’s up. he made up some story to her that I’m a crybaby and crying bc they didn’t choose my story yet still not have been able to share it. I worked so hard on that story it’s the first one I ever remember writing and being proud with it when I was done. that was a moment I can’t help but remember every time I think of kelly clarkson and every time I see behind these hazel eyes and I can’t help but know for certain that the fact I still remember this so vividly from being like 9 that I have some deep rooted issues I gotta work out


here I am

once again