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Shinou and Maruta halfbrothers huh? Totally did not expect that darn I shipped them! XD Anyhow that was an disappointing ending tbh but expectable how sudden it stopped. At least I was expecting some out-of-character action of Yuuri sudden deceleration of love for wolfie, we finally would have a marriage, kiss, more kids.. Kidding tho but that would be hilarious!!

Nah I didn’t a expected wedding or something like that, maybe that could happen in an special chapter or something, but not in this one (and I don’t really think we’re going to see that, it seems they don’t want to show that yet). What I was expecting was they said something about Conrart, he didn’t went back and to hell with them for that! I also want them to solve that in the gaiden, it’s the least I’m expecting from the manga plot…

And yes, Shinou and Daikenja are realted, you can read the hints in gaiden 4. Shinou’s father had a harem so Shinou has a looot of siblings xD He also hated his father was so engaged into the flesh pleasures, so he’s not even close to a womanizer, even if he’s super popular. Then he ended up with Rufus and it’s hinted he got serious with her and even had a child with her. It was the Daikenja who paired them up.

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I'm sorry but can we talk about how in the latest chapter (29) for the first time we can actually see Elias' emotions because he's in Chise's form and he looks so lovingly at her. First time reading it, it didn't hit me you could see his face, but once it did you bet I went back and analyzed the hell out of it. He hugs her with such love and gratefulness and I just- yes yes. Good. Great. Fantastic. This ship has taken over my life, and I don't even mind.










also, side note: elias-chise’s hair is a different color than chise-chise’s, and it’s not just the water thing, i am now realizing. 




Now, I can die

As you know the chapter number 227 of Nisekoi has been published after that for me it was a hell of waiting and I’m quite satisfied.

Just look at this!

He finally said it *whispers*

And after the longer confession I’ve read in my life, the moment in which both claim that they love each other <3

My whole fucking life waiting for this moment and it was perfect, I want to cry, but at the same time I want to go to Japan to give a hug to Naoshi Komi for the excellent development of the story in the last few chapters.

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I must say that for a moment I thought that Raku and Onodera remain together at the end, but fortunately that wasn’t part of the plan and I am so very pleased. Now I understand that everything has a reason for being and what Naoshi Komi try to get in all that chapters where only appeared Onodera and Raku was to give happiness to #TeamOnodera 

Now all we need is a kiss, even if it is only one and of course an epilogue where everyone is happy.

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Do you still think the Yuri Kuma Arashi manga is good and if so where did you read it?

I do! The /u/ translation that’s on Dynasty Scans is my go to, and I really like both the translation, and the direction the story is taken as of late. It makes sense that Akiko Morishima would be better equipped to handle an unfulfilled adult love story than Ikuhara. Manga Yurika is pretty much the polar opposite of her anime counterpart, not only in not being completely horrible, but probably having the most mature take on the “getting over your First Big Damn Love not being into chicks” I’ve seen in awhile. Hell, Morishima even had the balls to just full-on make Reia straight and falling in love with a dude; even Ikuhara’s big stupid pro-gay-but-not-really-at-all plot couldn’t go through with (because goddamn, who is gutsy enough to make a tragically pining lesbian not get exactly what she wants, pissbaby actions be damned). 

Also, read the manga if you’re mad about how bad Sumika got screwed over in the anime. I thought Morishima was going to write her out, but instead she made her a maybe-magic-maybe-not ghost whisperer who uses her powers and her magic fancy anime house exclusively to get rampaging lesbians to calm the hell down. And it is as 100% awesome as it sounds. I never would have thought this manga’s updates would be my go-too during the summer yuri lull. It almost to the point where I have a more favorable opinion of YKA in how it provided Morishima with an opportunity to really step outside of her comfort zone in regards to storytelling, and make one of the best comics I’ve seen from her in awhile (which is already saying a lot considering the other great work she’s done).


Ok I just read the spoilers for chapter 494, which are out earlier than usual mind you. So I gotta say: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK!!!??? I won’t say anything to spoil you guys. Go read at your own risk. You’re cute and there are times I pity you Zeref. But enough is going to be enough. Looks like this arc is going to push further than Tartarus. Not saying that’s a bad thing. But I’d like this manga to be finished by the time I’m done with college. Then there’s the million dollar question: GILDARTS!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! YOU DON’T GET TO MISS OUT ON GMG, DRAGONS, TARTAROUS, AND NOW A FRICKIN WAR!! THERE IS NO WAY YOU’RE UNAWARE OF WHAT’S HAPPENING!! Anyways. A big chapter is heading our way. And my heart is still set on Erza meeting momma Eileen. Best of luck to ya.

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I’m so tempted to like. Do this massive liveblogging project where I read literally every fucking CLAMP manga in existence thus far since 1. I actually still have not read the bulk of it all and 2. I want to drag you all into hell with me since the majority of you missed CLAMP’s heyday (whereas I’ve been into anime since I was a toddler/elementary school kid and remember everything).

The only problems are that I don’t think my motivation would be able to keep up, and it would also push off literally everything else for a really long time, and considering just how much of it there is I would have to start a sideblog just to liveblog without annoying the shit out of everyone.

Should I do it anyway though?


Everyone talked about this scene but me when it aired in April.

It’s such a sad but very mature scene for Usagi. It’s sad and mature because she’s basically saying” Welp I know my happiness is not going to last long because something is always coming but this what I have to endure because it’s my mission.I have to protect this planet and the people who lives in it. I will take whatever happiness I can get and face whatever comes my way even if I suffer for it. This what my life is so I accept it”

From a girl who didn’t want to fight to a girl who basically accepting whatever gets thrown her way next.  

That’s a girl who is accepting her responsibility as a senshi.

And this is only 3 arcs  into the series. 

This scene even hurt more the fact if you read the manga and you know not only what she have to endure in this season but what  she goes through in the Stars arc.

Oh hell!

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I personally hated what they did in the anime, purely because of the cutting of the eremin scenes and the way Eren called Armin a coward. I watched the anime first, so I had no idea that he didn't actually say that to armin in manga. It's a shame, because the anime has potential to be great (the animation, music, etc) but what they did to the eremin scenes, Eren and armin in general has put me off it. Luckily for season 2, isayama is having more of an imput so those things can't be repeated!

I’m not gonna lie, I really love the anime. The music is epic as all hell, the suspense is killer! A lot of stuff is on point (people say the animation is good too but I’ve seen too little else to properly reference)… the only problem I have is how they treated Armin and Eren’s bond. And to be fair, after I read the manga, I’m very bitter towards the anime about that. It’s a big deal, and I don’t think I’m ever getting over it. The two last episodes were especially bull shit-y. Which is sad because I was really pumped the first time I watched those. It was so intense. 

The thing is, though, that I saw the eremin bond even in the anime and sometimes that makes me happy. That, despite all that eremin erasure, I still saw the bond shine through because it’s so imbedded in the story that all they did was to remove surface-moments. I’m not even lying when I tell you that whenever they went off canon, I noticed that something was off! Because while they didn’t understand eremin and thus weren’t able to replicate it without Isayama’s original for reference, they also didn’t know how to erase the magic that was laced into the canon material. So I could seriously feel when the eremin lacing wasn’t there… I like to think about that when the erasure upsets me, because it has to mean that the eremin is unbreakable in the canon; when they get eremin vibes integrated into their story even when they not only avoid implementing it but also try to erase it. 

I’ve got a good feeling that they’ll handle the bond better in seas two, but I’m still upset that it wasn’t season 1, because there was a lot more eremin there whereas next season will focus more on other character. 

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What the hell is going on in Daiya? I don't read the manga but I keep hearing Eijun being treated like crap and then I see this piss off expression and I'm worry about Eijun HS baseball years. He's a second year, right? I'm worry around third year he's going to snap and they are going to wonder what's going on.

From spoilers I read it looks that Eijun is pissed because Furuya cannot use what he gets. Miyuki actually ditched Eijun for Furuya (although he was catching for Eijun later) and Eijun was just thinking about it, and about how a pitcher’s role is to fight the batter in front of you.

Also, he just witnessed how his team lost 5 points and no one even thought about telling a bad word about the worst player, because he is “ace”. I would be pissed off too.

Eijun is being treated better by guys at Seidou, especially by the first years and 2nd string. He isn’t a character, who would snap and start yelling at everyone - but he had been too quiet before about how things at Seidou are unfair and it just looks like he’s going to speak about it. And actually this is something very in character for him; this guy pitched against the best batter at Seidou before going to that school, because Azuma was treating Nori poorly.

I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I will be worried if he doesn’t get the smallest praise for all his hard work, because such thing can kill enthusiasm and the will to word in anyone or if he is going to get brushed aside for sake of Furuya. But for now things are looking quite good.

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hi!! so im trying to find a manga i was reading but i forgot the name. its shoujo+supernatural where the king of hell says to his sons that the one who finds or eliminates more people in the list who will in the future do sins will be the new king. one of the sons (dont remember the name) finds the main girl and takes her to hell but she persues him to take her out of there saying she would prove him that she wouldnt do any sins. they spend time together and she saves ppl from the list etc thank

Hello! The manga’s title is Jigoku no Enra. :)

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Can’t help u there with the heterophobia. Try reading manga from Libre publishing and not WSJ that’s all i can say

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I'm really really enjoying DIU, Hell I'm really enjoying JoJo period. Super glad I started watching it. I even held off on reading ahead in the manga so the rest of DIU is new. But I have to ask, will the rest of DIU get better or worst?

It gets better in the sense that the pieces come together …while we’ve kind of had random events/stand users tied together by Keicho’s bow and arrow so far, we get more into the main plot soon.  Next week’s ep should be good.

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What are your upcoming cosplay plans?

Hi Anon!! This was really sweet of you to ask! ;w; I feel like I have a lottt of cosplay plans in general it’s a big problem BUT what I’m working on at the moment is Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall (because Garden Wall hell is eternal) and Jadesprite from Homestuck!! <3:

I’m matching with my pal and it’s good to be super hype. And then after that, I plan on putting together Moa from Show by Rock!!, and maybe Wadanohara!! c:

Wada is like… my type to a freaking a T but I need to actually play her game first! “OTL I just can’t find a proper download for Mac anywhere so I’ll probably watch a play through and read the manga. ;w;

And thennn I’m not so sure after that! I’m extremely fickle with cosplay so whatever’s next could be extremely different. “OTL

I finished Berserk, tht ending dude , tht ending .I then go to watch the new show and the animation looks like shit ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) . I would also like to ask , why the hell does Casca look so damn white in this new show , ummm im pretty sure shes alot darker than tht like ,wtf.Even in the movies she wasnt tht light skin, I guess it’s just not a big deal in japan , but still, if anything ill just try to read the manga . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yea , i pray for Mira to live as well and i sure as hell do not want her to die , but i won’t send Mashima any threats or whatsoever . Because why ? he’s the mangaka , he knows what suits the plot best . there’s a reason why us fans have been reading his manga for years and years .

plus this attitude just shows him how crappy some parts of the fandom are . respect the freaking author guys !

on a side note , Mirajane won’t die . or at the very least not a meaningless one . c'mon , use your brains . she’s a demoness and one of the more prominent character .

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How did you first chance upon SnK? Were you an animanga fan before that? Also was Eren and Levi your first ship? :)

I sat between these two girls in high school chemistry and I’d just gotten into anime/manga and they would constantly talk about whatever they were watching/reading currently and I heard them talk about SnK a lot and they were like ‘YOU GOTTAAAA’ so I did and here I am in hell  TT__TT

Um, not very much, I was just tentatively getting into it and mainly reading vanilla classic shoujo mangas. I only got into SnK as early as it did because it was mid 2013 and the anime had just been released and it was hella hyped up so all my chem buds were like ‘WATCH THIS, FUCK KAICHOU WA MAID-SAMA’.

I only really learned the ‘ship’ terminology once I entered fandom a little more, but I don’t think so. I mean, I rooted for other pairings long before. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask taught me what love was when I was in pre-primary. I guess it depends where you draw the line; what was my first ship in anime/manga only? Once I’d entered fandom? The first ship that impacted me enough to seek out more?