Murder Strut

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The enemy hits the wall with what should have been a loud sickening crunch of bones, but the protective vest he’s wearing does its job as he only slumps down against it, looking mildly disoriented. That is, up until Bucky reaches him and finishes the job by planting a metal fist in his face. Seconds later, Steve is grabbing Bucky by the same arm to spin him around in order to plant his lips on Bucky’s face in a swift, ardent, and very much promising kiss, before returning to the still-raging battle once more. Bucky doesn’t give it much thought, even as he raises his rifle to take aim at a new target, smiling with the taste of his patriotic lover still fresh on his lips.

Bucky kicks aimlessly at one of the mercenaries lying on the ground, and the soldier grunts when he’s turned over onto his back by the bloodied tip of Bucky’s boot.

“Amateurs…” Bucky mutters dryly.


He gives the now-unconscious body another nonchalant kick with his heel, and turns around.

“You good?” Steve asks, and Bucky scoffs while tucking his knife back into the sheath strapped around his thigh. There’s sweat forming on his brow, but it’s the good kind of sweat – the kind that makes you feel like you’ve actually been productive.

“Of course,” he says. He tries not to make it sound like he’s smug about it. He might be, though.

“Good,” Steve says, smirking while he pulls Bucky in by the hip, and Bucky lets him, humming when Steve mouths at his jaw. “You looked hot,” Steve murmurs. Bucky frowns a little, but decides not to comment on the cryptic praise when Steve begins to nip at his bottom lip.

Another fight; another incompetent enemy. Bucky snorts as he watches their unrefined technique while they flail around, trying to land a hit on him. It’s ridiculous. Three steps, and he’s got five of them down, the sixth and final one staggering back with eyes nearly bulging out of his head when Bucky turns his gaze on him. One, two, three, four steps, followed by the muted thud as the stock of Bucky’s gun connects with the asshole’s face. It all goes ludicrously quick, and by the time Bucky turns around, the rest of the fight is already over.

Steve is heading his way, striding towards him with that look on his face. Bucky braces himself, because that face could mean that he’s about to get the biggest scolding of his life, or kissed within an inch of it.

Turns out it’s the latter, and Bucky groans with surprise when Steve drops his shield to the ground by their feet to cup Bucky’s face with both hands, mashing their lips together with a low snarl that travels all the way down to Bucky’s toes.

Slowly, Bucky begins to sense a pattern.

It’s ten minutes past midnight, the warehouse is nearly pitch black apart from the flickering fluorescent lights above their heads, and Bucky is pissed off. As the target makes a break for it, running down the narrow hallway leading towards the loading docks out back, Bucky is already looking forward to the punch he’s going to land on the bastard’s face when he gets to him. He’s not even going to use his enhanced arm.

That had been Bucky’s good gun, dammit! He spent days tuning that thing, and now it’s gone, all thanks to this bastard!

Up ahead, the man throws a panicked stare over his shoulder just as he slams against the door leading to the loading docks out back. The door remains firmly closed, and Bucky’s lip pulls up in a snarl as he stomps his way forward, boots beating hard against the concrete floor.

“No!” the man wheezes. “No, no, please!”

Bucky doesn’t listen. The man cowers when Bucky’s hand clasps around the back of his neck, hauling him up and throwing him back the same way they’d come. The coward lands on his back, sliding over the floor like a shuffleboard piece. “I’m sorry!” he wails when Bucky stalks after him, although Bucky knows he has no idea what he’s apologizing for. It’s a wild chance, a final resort, and for some reason that makes Bucky’s anger flare up in a blazing rage, only to die out just as fast. He looks down at the human being huddled up into a ball on the floor, shaking like a child while Bucky looms over him, and slowly, Bucky uncurls his fists by his sides.

“You’re pathetic,” he hisses. Then he gives the guy a swift kick to the face, and the man goes out like a light.

Bucky straightens up, lifting his gaze, and he’s already expecting it when he sees Steve standing there at the end of the corridor, looking at him. Steve’s eyes are dark, his breathing rapid, and Bucky decides that it’s time to put his theory to the test.

He pulls his shoulders up, canting his head down, and walks. Firm, determined steps, eyes on the target. He puts his entire body into the motion, using it to put additional weight to his gait, and he can see the effect it has reflected on Steve’s face, clear as glass.

When he stops, his chest is just an inch shy from Steve’s own, and he doesn’t have to wait long before Steve’s hands are grabbing around his shoulders and shoving him squarely up against the wall behind them. It knocks the breath out of Bucky’s lungs in the best of ways, and Bucky gasps when Steve’s mouth lands on his with a predatory growl.

The kiss is rough, fierce, and Bucky melts into it with a moan, like butter in a frying pan.  

“You jerk,” Steve breathes against his lips. “You know I love it when you strut like that.”

Bucky grins, gasping a little when Steve moves down to suck a bruising kiss over the skin of his neck. “I sure do…” he pants, closing his eyes.

He tries not to sound smug about it.

He might be, though.

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” 2/3 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The Joker kidnapped you over a week ago, and your family is starting to really panic. Chapter 2/3. 

Warnings : Violence, because we’re talking about the Joker here…Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the first part ! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think :).



A few hours after your capture, you finally met him. For real. And it was the most terrifying thing you ever lived. 

A wall opened up on the side of the bedroom, and Harley Quinn entered first. Her face was swollen, all sort of shades of blues and purple. Some green around the chin. Black around the eyes.  And behind her followed the clown. 

He pushed the ex-shrink out of his way brutally, and she tripped and fall with a loud thud. He didn’t pay attention to her at all, circling around you like a shark. 

You held your breath in, he was getting closer. 

Harley was still on the floor, not moving, and though she was crazy and tried to kill your husband multiple times, you couldn’t help but feel pity for her. You knew she genuinely had a mental disorder, she wasn’t a complete psycho, a wild dog with rabies like the Joker. You knew she was helplessly in love with the clown, and in return, he was nothing but abusive…You just felt so sorry for her. 

But only for a few seconds, because now, the Joker was so close to you that you could feel his breath on your face…

-Hello there. 

His voice wasn’t pleasant. At all. Bruce’s voice was gentle, deep and low, you would give anything to hear it now…But all you heard was his nasal and irritating voice. 

You didn’t say anything. His eyes narrowed. 

-A polite and distinguish woman like you should greet me in return. 

You stayed silent. He smiled, and it made you shiver. 

-Oh, that’s sexy. You shiver at the mere sight of me. I knew we’d quickly get along. 

You made a face of disgust at his misinterpretation, to make sure he understood that no, you didn’t shiver because he aroused you, but because he freaked the Hell out of you. But apparently, according to the Joker, a grimace of disgust was the equivalent of a love declaration, as his lips suddenly crashed on yours. 

You were so stunned, that you didn’t react at all when he planted a bruising kiss on your lips, his tongue trying to enter your mouth, his teeth biting ruthlessly your bottom lip…But you quickly regain your senses, and bit him, hard, as a reflex. 

He swore, in pain, taking a few steps back from you…and then he just laughed. Laughed, laughed and laughed, and you felt tears welled up in your eyes, more scared than you ever been. 

-I like a woman with character !! Oooh we’re gonna have fun (Y/N), so much fun ! I’m going to…What is that ? Are you cheating on me ?

He was showing the love bites Bruce left on your neck the night before. 

You shuddered, understanding Harley’s words. “You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar”…Somehow, somewhere in his deranged mind, the Joker had decided that you were his. That you and him were “an item”. It froze your blood. Oh my God….

For years you heard stories of that damn clown going on around Gotham. Everyone talked about him as if he was the Boogeyman himself. No. As if he was worst than the Boogeyman. Worst than the Devil. And he was the only one that Bruce always refused to speak about…Which was saying a lot. There were urban legend that kids told each other around a camp fire, about The Joker coming in the darkest of night, to take them away, drag them with him to whatever Hell he lived in… 

This time, he came for you. And given the effort he put in recreating the bedroom you had back at the mansion, you couldn’t help but think he carefully planned everything, and that you’d never get found…You felt like even your Batman couldn’t do anything this time. 

-No one, NO ONE, abuse my trust and get out of it without a scratch. Ooooh (Y/N), you shouldn’t have done that. We’re gonna have fun, so much fun. Well, at least, I will. I promise. I’ll try and make it enjoyable for you though…

And on those words, he grabbed your hair harshly, pulled on them with force tilting your head back, kissed you again (you wanted to vomit)…and slowly took a sharp and dirty knife up to one of the love bites. 

You held your screams in as the craziest and most psychotic man in Gotham City started to cut out your skin, carefully making sure that no trace from Bruce’s love remained on your body. No trace at all.


Bruce was going crazy. A week. It had been a fucking week since your kidnapping. And he had absolutely no lead. Not a single clue. 

For seven days, he desperately roamed the city every night, looking for any intels, brutalizing and plain torturing dozens and dozens of people that might have an idea of where the Joker went…But they all had the exact same answer : 

-There’s nothing you can do to us, that he won’t do, but ten times worst. Hit us all you want Batsy, even if we knew where he was, which we don’t, we wouldn’t say anything. Because your treatment is better than what he’d do to us.

Gotham’s hospitals were overcrowded with low life criminals and other nut jobs. 

Your children were as panicked and desperate as their father, and none of them had much sleep since you were taken. Dick had to carry Damian back home today, as the boy fell asleep, unable to stop himself. 

Alfred forced them to get some rest, and after a lot of yelling and anger, they were just too exhausted to argue anymore, and they all fell asleep in the bat cave. Damian was curled up next to the bat cow, Tim was asleep on his computer’s keyboard, Dick and Jason were back to back, arms crossed, done resisting sleep. 

But there was one Alfred couldn’t convince, or tire out…Bruce. He was determined to have no rest until you were safe. He couldn’t lose you. He wouldn’t bear it…He couldn’t even bear the mere thought of loosing you. So he kept going, fighting his exhaustion fiercely. 

If you died, he would never be whole again. 


You resisted for them. You were strong for them. 

Only the thought of your husband, of your children, and of the butler you came to call “dad” kept you alive. 

Harley never came back in your cell, but the Joker was there almost every hour of the day. You could feel his touch lingering on your body when he wasn’t. 

If you counted it right, it had been a week. A week of abuse of all sort. A week of trying to get out. A week, getting weaker each minutes. A week, and your Bruce still wasn’t there…For the first time in your life, you started to think he really wasn’t coming. Your heart faltered…

The door in the wall opened, and you raised your head with pride. Your eyes full of hatred met his crazed ones. 

-Oh my oh my oh my. Always so…full of dignity. I like it. Now (Y/N), what shall I do with you today ? 


It was Damian who found her. He was patrolling around the city weakly, the thought of his mother between this maniac’s hand refusing to leave his mind, when his path crossed hers. 

Harley Quinn. 

She looked pathetic. More than usual. When she saw him, she didn’t even try to run away or anything. On the contrary. 

-Robin. Ooooh Robin. Take me to the Batman, I have informations. Important informations. About Bruce Wayne’s wife. 


It took everything in Bruce not to punch the woman as she came in. Just because she was with the Joker the night they took you away from him, he wanted to punch her. He often felt irrational emotions when it came to you…jealousy over someone who had no chance with you, anger over people who disrespected you…Genuine murderous thoughts toward the one who helped your kidnapping, and was standing in front of him as if she was the most innocent woman in the world. But he didn’t hurt her in any way, he knew it wasn’t totally her fault. She was sick. 

It took everything in Dick too. And in Tim. And Jason. For the same reason. 

When he saw her, Damian hadn’t been able to resist…And Harley had a fresh black eye. He tried to make her talk about his mother’s location, making her understand he would go to any ends to find her…but she refused to say anything if it wasn’t to the bat himself. 

He covered her eyes, and took her to the bat cave. 

Bruce didn’t even let her time to adjust to the bright lights around her. 

-Where is she ? 

Harley didn’t answer. Dick, with a voice full of anger that didn’t resemble him at all, said : 

-Answer us Quinn, where is she ?! Is she alright ?! 

Tim, usually very calm and collected, just like Bruce, grabbed her by the collar and was about to become violent when…

-Wowza. Calm down boys. Do you think I’d willingly follow Batsy Jr over there if I didn’t wanna talk ? 

-How can we trust you though ? 

Jason raised a good point, that in the heat of the action, the others didn’t even think about. 

-Oh you can trust me alright. Ok, I’m a pathologic liar and the voices in  my head tell me to shut up and take you in the wrong direction and stuffs, but…really, you can truuuuust me. 

Alfred, bless him for always being the voice of reason and having the good ideas, went to take a lying detector from the accessories’ cabinet. Bruce thanked him, and shook his head to take his worries, anger and fears out of his mind. He had to regain his composure, he had to calm himself down, or he could miss an important clue. He couldn’t let his judgement be clouded, your life was at stake. 

Hooked on the machine, Harley started to talk. And not a lie came out of her mouth. She wasn’t like the Joker, she wasn’t able to control her emotions, so if she actually was lying, they would have known. 

-I came here to tell you. I miss my Mister J. He hasn’t touched me once, not even to hit me since she’s there…He didn’t even notice my absence. So…Here I am. I’m going to tell you.

They were waiting, shifting around impatiently. 

-First, she’s alive, not quite alright though haha.

It didn’t make them laugh, quite the contrary, and Harley gulped loudly. 

-She’s…Not in the best shape. But alive. I’ll show you where. 

-Tell us. 

-No, I’ll show you. 

-You really think we’re gonna fall for that ?

-You do, or you won’t see her ever again. Believe me. And from my understanding, she’s not just Bruce Wayne’s precious little pet. 

-She’s not a pet !! I’ll kill y…

-Robin, contain yourself ! 

His father’s strict and calm voice took Damian back to reality. The Batman turned to the Joker’s ex-girlfriend : 

-Alright Harley, we’ll follow you. But if you try to pull any of your…

-I won’t. If there’s one time in your life you can trust me Batsy, it’s now. I want my Mister J’s back, and I won’t until that woman’s out of his life. So now, untie me, get me out of your man cave, and follow me. Because I know where she is, and I’m not sure she has much time left, Mister J tends to get bored easily with his obsessions…


In a cell that looked exactly like the bedroom you shared with Bruce, you were laying in the same king sized bed you had home. But it wasn’t home, it was Hell…The bogeyman took you there. No, worst than the bogeyman. The Joker. And you weren’t sure you could take it for much longer… 

To Be Continued, final and last part up some time next week :D. 

ficlet: rainbow hues

She wonders if color would be so important, if they hadn’t all become friends this way. She wonders if she’d see them in such vivid hues, if they hadn’t become Rangers. She can’t imagine it any other way.

Color just makes so much sense.

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I’m not even religious lmao
Guess this is what happens when you write at 12 in the morning :-)
This was requested by @until—-dawn. Hope you like it!

Title: Salvation
Pairing: Grant Ward x reader
Summary: “garret orders grant to shoot you, and with much hesitation he does, but immediately regrets his decision afterwards. Then he realizes what he’s doing is wrong, and ends up saving you in time” 
Word Count: 1,292
Warnings: gunshot wound, blood, stitches, and themes of Christianity (it’s not that big of a deal but it’s there)

Your name: submit What is this?

          "There’s one more thing you need to do,” John Garrett said quietly.

         Grant Ward’s ears immediately perks at this comment. His eyes focus on his former training officer, ready for his next orders. There was determination in his eyes as he waited, the dangerous type.

         "Shoot them,“ Garrett tells Ward.

         A confused look washed the younger agent’s face, but it quickly melts into horror as Garrett opens the door to the adjacent room. It’s you, a mess bound to a chair, and just the sight of your current state makes Ward sick to his stomach. He turns to his officer, eyes slightly wild.

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Divided We Fall

Title: Divided We Fall [Bucky Barnes x Reader x Others]

Summary: [HungerGames!MCU] You made it through every reaping unscathed, and it was the last year for your name to be placed in the bowl. One name in hundreds, you didn’t think it would be your last time staring back at the solemn faces of the people in your district.

Note: Now we know who is where and who is who.

Divided We Fall Masterlist

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You were whisked onto the train before Steve was. 

He was given his few minutes with those who were moved by his bravery, the boy he volunteered for, and the orphans he took care of.

You couldn’t keep down the pangs of jealousy that erupted within you when you passed by the sight. You had no family in Seven. They were all from Eleven, your original district. You had no way to contact them. Connections between districts even between family was forbidden.

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  ~Part 1~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

  Summary: (Y/N) was a Hydra experiment whose parents and beloved brother were assassinated by a Hydra group (there are still a few more details to be given a bit later, so stay tuned). She has the gift of ice magic through Hydra experimentation due to her rare cardiac cancer. She’s an asshole if someone is an asshole to her, but treat her right, and she’s the best friend anyone could ask for (ask Tony who is her “person”). She is currently dating Steve who is head over heels in love with her, just as much as she is with him. (Y/N), with a tongue like a whip and a “live in the moment” attitude, is hardcore, yet respects the little things in life. She is well traveled after her experience in Hydra (even before as her family moved country to country when she was a child). She considers her homelands The United States and Italy. The whole team adores her. The way she sings, dances, speaks, laughs, listens, everything. However, she’s not perfect. She is stubborn beyond belief, curious to the point of danger, terrified to be weak in front of people (although she did tell Tony a bit about her past, and basically everything to Steve) so she will never admit if she’s hurt, turns to blind rage against any and all members of Hydra, and speaks her mind even when she shouldn’t. A wild, rebel at heart, she now descends into “Thor: The Dark World.” Welcome to Asgard.

Chapter 1 (Steve’s POV): Found

Chapter 1 (Reader’s POV): Found

Chapter 2: The Beginning

Chapter 3: Babysitting 


Chapter 4: Plot Twist

Chapter 5: Trust Issues

Chapter 6 (Part 1): The Ice Queen

Chapter 6 (Part 2): The Ice Queen

Chapter 7: He’s a Deadman

Chapter 8 (Part 1): The Battle of New York

Chapter 8 (Part 2): The Battle of New York

Chapter 8 (Part 3): The Battle of New York

Chapter 9: Home, Sweet Home

Chapter 10: The Bombing

Chapter 11: Stevie Nicks Cures All

Chapter 12: Blueberry Pancakes

Chapter 13: Speed

Chapter 14: The Party

Chapter 15: Mario Kart

Chapter 16: No Fear, No Weakness

Chapter 17: The Mission

Chapter 18: I Love You

Chapter 19 (Part 1): The Truth

Chapter 19 (Part 2): The Truth

Chapter 20: Moving Out

Chapter 21: The Birthday That Shouldn’t Have Been Celebrated

Bonus: Dumb and Dumber (most popular)

~Part 2~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Part 2 was full of…many, many things. (Y/N) traveled with Thor to Asgard where she met Loki once again and her tongue was on fire (as it was 90% of her life). She held nothing back against the asshole who tried to control her planet…until he started to speak about his own non-father that struck a chord with (Y/N). She followed his directions which led her to the Cave of Time. This brought her to the moment Bucky Barnes fell off of Zola’s train. This was one of her biggest regrets because Bucky (or as she called him, Brooks) was her cell neighbor for two of (Y/N)’s almost five years held captive in Hydra. She wasn’t able to save Bucky, but once she got back to her correct time in Asgard, she went back to Thor and helped convince him to trust Loki in order to take down Malekith (which worked out halfway well). He took her advice while she went back to Earth and helped her boyfriend (sorry, that word is too weak), Steve Rogers, the love of her life. Cliche? They’d been through too much for anything less. She remembered and admitted to Steve, Natasha, and Sam of her connection to The Winter Soldier which turned out to be Bucky. While attacking the Hydra agents who infiltrated Hydra, she had helplessly watched Steve fall to his death. It was one of the most horrifying moments of her entire life (and she’s had some pretty gruesome ones). A week later, after Steve had been fully cleared and taken care of, she called Tony who asked her to help him take down Killian in Miami, Florida. And, of course, for her best friend, she agreed to help. During the fight at the docks, (Y/N) and Pepper fell into a pit of fire where Extremis saved Pepper and (Y/N)’s ice powers helped her survive. However, in the fire, (Y/N) came face-to-face with another shadow that hissed at her to give up her heart to it (doesn’t make sense yet? The answer will come soon). This brought her memory back to her battle with Thor’s warriors up in Muspelheim where two other apparitions had attacked her, asking with gruesome malignancy, the same question. But what did it mean? After she survived the fire, her and Pepper kicked Killian’s ass right in front of a useless Tony who sat in stunned awe at his two favorite people (besides himself). During his moment with Pepper that (Y/N) had allowed them, Tony decided to blow up his suits for a “clean slate” with Pepper. Big. Useless (because he will still use the suits again). Mistake. (Y/N) hopped off of the crate she had been sitting on, staring dreamily into the stars, and after plenty of procrastination (because weakness is not something she ever wanted to show anyone) she stated nonchalantly, “I’m having a heart attack.” Tony and Pepper freaked out, of course. But (Y/N) had dealt with the problems millions of times due to her cardiac cancer. When herself and Tony arrived at the hospital (like literally, they were just outside the hospital), (Y/N)’s heart stopped. Tony desperately performed CPR on her as she was wheeled in for surgery. After she had survived a tedious surgery, she admitted her past to the team. Everything. Her family (mom and brother) had been assassinated by Hydra in a hit ordered by her very own father who had faked his death for some unknown reason by (Y/N). After, her entire family was dead, (Y/N) was sold by her father to Hydra for her cardiac cancer which they had been searching for a candidate, and (Y/N) fit the mold perfectly. They forced her into seventy-two surgeries that led to her having ice powers, quickened healing capabilities, and Captain America speed. They never went full-out due to their fear of her, until they could fully control her. This is what Bucky had saved (Y/N) from when he helped her escape. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky, which is why Steve and (Y/N) decided to go after and find him. They will not give up on Bucky. Nobody kills James Buchanan Barnes.

Personality: (Y/N) is a little spit-fire with an attitude that won’t quit. She’s strong and terrifyingly fierce in battles, yet with her team…she’s still sarcastic as all hell and loves to get drunk, so obviously her and Tony are as close as Joey and Chandler from FRIENDS, or they’ve also been compared to Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy. “Steve’s the love of my life, and Tony is my person,” (Y/N) had said and Tony couldn’t agree more. All of the Avengers are extremely close with her. They are enamored by her adorable love of the small things in life, her beautifully innocent curiosity, carefree attitude (despite what had happened to her), amazing strength in battle (as Thor called her the “fearsome warrior” to introduce her to his friends). She’s determined, kicks ass, and stubborn as hell. A cold heart to her enemies, but a warm soul for her friends. The lucky ones are the few she decides to truly trust. The world is her oyster, as she had traveled mostly everywhere and done some things just as crazy as herself. Her team is extremely protective over her just as much as she is over them. But what would happen if something disrupted that? Has Tony finally gone over the deep-end?

Chapter 1: Welcome to Asgard

Chapter 2 (Part 1): The Cave of Time

Chapter 2 (Part 2): The Cave of Time

Chapter 3: The Plan

Chapter 4: The Winter Soldier

Chapter 5: Half-Naked

Chapter 6: Alive

Chapter 7 (Part 1): The Mechanic

Chapter 7 (Part 2): The Mechanic

Chapter 8: The Real Truth

Chapter 9: Take Me Home

Bonus: What a Dog


~Part 3~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Tony had finally reached his breaking point after his parent’s dying, himself being kidnapped, tortured, constantly living with shrapnel in his chest, learning that his weapons were being used for terrorism, fighting aliens, almost being lost in space, almost losing Pepper a good five times, finding out (Y/N), his absolute best friend, had cancer, her almost dying, then finally watching his friends die in an extra special vision from Wanda. If you think you’re life is fucked up… So, he built Ultron who threatened the Avengers lives, then the world with complete destruction. What a stand up guy. (Y/N) with her team, her ice magic, and her sharp tongue took down the bastard in a Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle that nobody would soon forget…not even if they tried. After Vision had lifted from his coffin, he related what Thor had always suspected of (Y/N): she had a piece of the Orb, The Power Stone, lodged in her heart, placed there by Hydra to spur on her ice magic. The only reason this worked was due to (Y/N)’s rare cardiac cancer. (Y/N) had been attacked for years by Hydra and other aliens for her involuntary gift, but she was too strong. Nobody would ever be able to kill or control the fiercely stunning girl who’s sarcasm itself, could kill a man. Never again (and yes, she has died before. Like a zombie, she’s not actually dead, so yay). Wanda lost her brother, Pietro, in the war which sent her, obviously, in a downward spiral of depression, but (Y/N) knew how to help her because she had also lost her brother years before to her own father. Steve and (Y/N) welcomed Wanda into their apartment where they all lived quite happily despite their far and recent pasts. Now, Steve, (Y/N), Wanda, Nat, Sam, Rhodey, and Vision are the new Avengers. And this is where the story continues.

Chapter 1: Age of Ultron (She Named Without, Hopefully, Infringing Too Much on Marvel)

Chapter 2: A Suit of Armor and Three Too Many Beers

Chapter 3: Home Run

Chapter 4: Magic

Chapter 5: A Shot to the Heart

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Bonus: Let’s Beat Them Into Shape

~Part 4~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: (Y/N)’s cancer and attacks get sorted out by Tony and Bruce in Malibu. Afterwards, (Y/N) faces her “father” by only blood in The Raft before he is executed (God, I just keep getting lazier and lazier with these summaries).

Chapter 1: The Mansion in Malibu

Chapter 2: The Killer Surf

Chapter 3: I Need Help

Chapter 4: A Peaceful Sleep

Chapter 5: Goodnight

~Part 5~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Eh, fuck it.

Bonus: Crazy Is, As Crazy Does

Prequel: Into the Rabbit Hole

Yet Another Prequel: Girl’s Day

Chapter 1: LAGOS

Chapter 2: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Chapter 3: I See Red

Chapter 4 (Part 1): Civil War

Chapter 4 (Part 2): Civil War

Chapter 5: A Sorrow Like The Sea

Chapter 6 (Part 1): Through The Looking Glass

Chapter 6 (Part 2): Through The Looking Glass

Chapter 6 (Part 3): Through The Looking Ass

Chapter 7: Destined For Nowhere

The Life of an Avenger Playlist

Anonymous said: Hiccup’s in heat and Jack decides to try overstimulation? (Is this worded weird? I’m sorry!)
Anonymous said: Alpha Jack ties up Omega Hiccup and has his wicked way with him (toys, blindfolds and gags, the whole shebang).

There were no laws forbidding what he was doing. He wasn’t breaking any rules, he wasn’t going to face punishment. But sitting back on his haunches, the fine hairs on the plush fur hide that covered he and his mate’s den, he knew that if the pack leader found out, he would be in trouble. So much trouble. Jack bit into his bottom lip, sharp canine pushing threateningly against the skin, but the movement was hardly done out of worry.

Below him, all of the furs lining the floor of their cave were piled around and under Hiccup, a proper nest for an omega that Jack had proudly built. Only half of it remained now, with one of the raggy pillows supporting a wall being knocked aside with considerable force as the omega thrashed and writhed on the floor, tears in his eyes, streaming down the side of his cheeks. The omega was entirely bare, and his neck and chest were littered with bruises and slight punctures; Jack was having a hard time containing his canine side and staying human, and Hiccup was downright shifting wildly. Claws to fingers to claws in minutes, sharp fangs visible in his wide-open mouth, and his canine ears were already manifesting through the shaggy hair on the top of his head. Staying on edge between human and canine wasn’t comfortable, but that was hardly the pain Hiccup was in.

Slick was staining through in a wide pool on the fur, the aroma coming up from the wetness almost caused Jack to lose consciousness from the sheer strength of it all. He wanted nothing more than to stick his face in it, inhale the sweet scent of his mate in full arousal and full heat, but if he got too close like that, he’d either be completely overcome by the scent of the heat, or Hiccup would manage to get control of Jack physically. Hands tied above his head as they were, Hiccup was still the most resourceful memeber of their pack and Jack had no doubts that Hiccup would manage to flip them both and mount Jack in seconds if he made a wrong move.

Jack felt a heavy bead of precome fall simply at the thought of that, his arousal already at the max, his knot fully popped though he wasn’t inside his mate. He couldn’t even think of the last time he’d popped a knot outside of an omega. But he could hardly be arsed to care right at this moment.

“Pleasseee Alpha. PLEASSEEE,” Hiccup was pleading through the tears and the squeaks and the moans that put Jack precariously close to coming on top of Hiccup like this. Hiccup was struggling against the restraints on his wrists with no success. There was something in Hiccup’s eyes — half wolf, half human, and all mate — that Jack couldn’t meet without caving in, and so he diverted his attention to biting at his omega’s chest, the pace he’d been stroking Hiccup at staying the same. The slight bite with his fangs choked a pained scream from Hiccup as he came, come shooting to coat the underside of Jack’s chin. Without stopping his left hand on Hiccup’s heat-addled cock, Jack wiped the come from his chin with a finger, straining to make eye contact with Hiccup while he slid the finger into his mouth. Hiccup tasted just as perfect as he had the past two times.

It was wrong to keep a mated omega in heat away from their alpha; heats were painful, and neglecting an omega in heat was an almost torturous thing to do. And even though Jack was far, far from neglecting Hiccup, he still felt guilt. He was giving Hiccup pleasure — so much pleasure, too much pleasure — but it wasn’t what the omega’s body needed to sate the heat.

Which was exactly why Jack was doing it. Hiccup’s body — Jack’s own body — were in sync, were in a mode of pure sexuality. Every sense, every feeling of pleasure was heightened during the heat, what would normally be pleasurable suddenly driven to extremes by the pain of the heat, by the mating scents of the pair, by the instinctive desire to fuck with wild abandon and sire as many pups as possible. That three day window was always filled with the most mindblowing experiences Jack had ever felt, and he wanted to give pleasure so pure to Hiccup the way that his perfect mate deserved. And he wasn’t going to neglect his duties as an alpha; all he had wanted was to push Hiccup past his limits, and then Jack had become so enthralled by the broken, wimpering, strung out, pure omega he had turned Hiccup into. The sunlight streaming in through their cave entrance had been much, much brighter when they first started.

When Jack released his hand from Hiccup’s cock, the omega actually cried, though Jack didn’t know whether it was out of relief from the overstimulation or out of the wave after wave of what had been described to him as an incessant, burning fire. Jack couldn’t bring himself up, letting his chest pin Hiccup’s aching cock against the omega’s body, savouring the skin contact, and determined that he’d take his omega in his mouth next, since he tasted so good. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer — the heat had long ago overpowered him and he was fighting an already-lost battle (not that he in any way didn’t want the final outcome) — but he had just enough control left to be able to savour the fullness in his mouth, the curve of his mate’s erection down his throat, the reward of warm come coating his mouth. Jack grinned, shuffling down a little as he prepared to lick at his mate.

“P-p-please Jack, I thought I’d been a good omega to you. I’ll try to be better, I-I promise. But please don’t keep punishing me, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me like this.”

A rush of pure cold ran through Jack, freezing him in spot and sending an all-encompassing awareness through his mind as though he’d been doused by frozen water: Hiccup thought this was punishment. Jack’s perfect mate thought that he hadn’t been good enough for Jack and that Jack wasn’t going to help him through his heat, that this was Jack inflicting torture on him in revenge. Jack’s stomach leapt and he only kept from being sick because he was on top of the most important being in the world to him.

Instantly Jack was up, pressing his body against Hiccup in every place he could make contact. Jack crashed his lips against Hiccup’s firmly, the omega clearly (painfully, for Jack) taken by surprise, and Jack’s hands were scrambling in blindness to try and untie the bonds around Hiccup’s hands.

“I’m so sorry,” Jack whispered between breaths, returning to kiss Hiccup fiercely. “I didn’t realise— I wasn't— Hiccup— you’re the greatest thing— I’ll ever have— and the best omega— in any pack and— I—”

Jack wasn’t able to continue any further, Hiccup’s arms finally free and gripping the back of Jack’s head fiercely, holding it tight, holding their lips together unrelentingly. Despite the hormone-riddled air, neither boy moved, Hiccup clinging to Jack with every limb like a death grip and Jack trying to stroke his omega’s hair, stroke his face, wipe away the tears that had actually been from something he’d never guessed.

The sunlight was mostly gone when Hiccup’s fingers relaxed a bit, draped and exhausted underneath Jack. Heat hormones were still wafting from Hiccup in dizzying amounts, but the fear and fragility of the situation had all but overpowered them. Giving Hiccup a hard squeeze and a kiss, Jack gently detangled himself from their web of limbs, moving only far enough to light the candles so they could see again in the darkness; they were running low, and would need to go into the city in the future. But not tonight. Tonight is all about Hiccup. As it always should have been.

Jack gently entwined their fingers together, pressing them between their chests as he settled back down on top of his omega. He wanted to say something, but there weren’t words enough to be able to convey what he needed, and so he just squeezed Hiccup’s hand hard, and the green eyes showed understanding. When Hiccup began to shift under him, tentatively rutting against Jack, the alpha took the omega’s face in his hands and pulled him close.

“I love you, and never forget that. And I will never leave you like this.” A wave of relief washed over Hiccup’s face, and Jack nuzzled against Hiccup’s cheek before gently setting the boy back to the floor. The alpha moved his way down Hiccup’s body, placing kisses across the omega’s chest, until Jack’s slender but firm hands gripped the boy’s ass and lifted his lower body into the air.

The scent was overpowering and Jack’s head went dizzy at the perfectly sweet scent of Hiccup’s slick just inches from his face. Primal instinct hormone-induced lust overcame the sombre guilt of only moments before as an alpha’s biological drives took control of Jack. Hiccup let out a high-pitched moan when he felt Jack’s face press into his ass, the noise only hiking higher as the alpha began lapping at the slick that was pouring out of him. Hiccup’s head thrashed and hit the floor painfully when Jack stuck his tongue inside.

Hiccup had been in heat for so long and hadn’t been knotted that his body was leaking slick like a river, trying to entice and prepare for an alpha to knot him. And that’s what he was going to use it for. But there wasn’t a single thing that Jack had ever had that tasted better than his mate’s slick, and a particularly lewd slurp sent a shiver down both of their spines. When Jack finally lowered Hiccup’s legs, the omega’s slick was covering Jack’s face and running down his neck, and the alpha felt the best kind of drunk. Hiccup’s lower body rested on top of Jack’s and the alpha hiked the boy’s legs over Jack’s own shoulders. Jack looked down at Hiccup, meeting his eyes, and the understanding he shared with his mate was enough.

In a single fluid motion that only came from years of practise, Jack pushed into Hiccup, rolling forward with the boy until the omega’s knees were only inches from his shoulders. The scream of pleasure Hiccup let out echoed off the cave walls, and Jack knew that the rest of the pack would be able to hear him from their own dwellings. Hiccup’s claws were raking down Jack’s back, scratching him and threatning to break the surface, Hiccup trying to find purchase in the taut muscle and make Jack move. But Jack was already beyond any semblence of control, and he pulled out as far as his burgeoning knot would allow him and thrust back into the tight omega, the sound of slick against skin smacking into the air. Jack had inherited the ample thickness of an alpha and within moments, he was completely filling Hiccup and hitting every spot inside the omega that made his mate writhe and scream in pleasure on the floor.

There was no way that Jack was going to be able to keep it up. Hours and hours of foreplay, of making his mate spill over the edge, of eating his omega’s come and scenting his slick and his hormones. As much as a cold wash of fear had done, his knot had only diminished slightly, and when it popped, locking him inside Hiccup, both of them howled in unison. Jack continued to rut faster, holding out for no purpose other than to wait to watch Hiccup come once more, to watch his mate find bliss before he did. But Hiccup wasn’t staying in one form, the sensory overload driving him wild, and when Jack felt the browl fur of his mates tail brush against his inner thigh and caress his perenium, Jack let out a final scream before slamming forward, legs extended and pushing Hiccup’s ass in the air as the alpha’s muscles went taut and he came in his omega. However much Jack would come normally (and as an alpha, that was quite a lot) compared nothing to now, the stimulation and preparation of hours of foreplay filling Hiccup so fully that Jack could actually feel some slick-mixed come dripping from Hiccup from around his knot.

Jack was blissed out, eyes completely unable to see anything but stars and white for several seconds. When he finally regained control of his head, he looked down at Hiccup, whose face was completely covered in his own come, but who was smiling in pure relief, the heat sated for now. These moments with Hiccup were the ones that Jack chose to remember when his mind wandered during lulls in a hunt; they were the reason why he chose to survive.

As best he could, Jack maneuvered the two of them down, doing his best to get horizontal on top of Hiccup. The omega wrapped weak arms across Jack’s back, each hand gripping at Jack’s shoulders as the white-haired alpha lapped at the stickiness coating his mate’s face. When he felt that Hiccup was thoroughly clean, he nuzzled his forehead against Hiccup, the omega’s eyes already closed in weariness.

“Hiccup,” Jack whispered, gently trying to bring the love of his life from his rest. The omega opened bleary eyes, and Jack knew he had every reason to be utterly exhausted. “Hiccup, I’m so sorry. I only wanted to give you as much pleasure as I thought you deserved. I never meant for you to think I was punishing you, and I never want the thought that you’re a bad omega to ever cross your mind again.” Hiccup’s weary face, eyes still just barely open out of exhaustion, cracked a small but purely contented smile. “Having you as my mate is the greatest blessing to have ever be given to me, and I will always treasure you. And I will never— never— leave you to suffer through a heat alone.”

Hiccup didn’t respond, sleep (or perhaps unconsciousness in general) having taken him. But Jack felt a warmth in his stomach as he laid down to join his mate. He hadn’t seen Hiccup’s smile so bright since the night of Jack’s coming of alpha festival, when the white-haired alpha had scented the scrawniest omega in the crowd over everyone else.

And he would do it again, every day of his life.

Jack fell asleep with his nose tucked into the crook of Hiccup’s neck.

we are the wild youth | shawn mendes imagine

requested by anonymous

word count: 1,186

author’s note: this is probably so not what you wanted omg bc i looked at it from a different angle? it starts off kinda weird/funny and gets really deep and poetic at the end but i honestly think this is one of my favorites so far. title comes from “youth” by daughter which is such a good song.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Am I dating you or babysitting you?”

It was a valid question, in your defense. Shawn really had no right to go around looking as offended as he did after you voiced the accusation.

“Excuse you,” he mumbled through a mouthful of chicken fingers - yes, chicken fingers - and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “I am perfectly mature, missy.”

“Shawn,” you deadpanned. “We’re sitting on a jungle gym.”

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completetotalotakufangirl  asked:

Can you please do fraxus, bixfreed, nalu, graylu, stingue, jerza and any other ship, with the word protect/possesive

Fraxus + Protect

   Laxus froze, disbelief and horror breaking through the overwhelming fury that had engulfed him when he had realised that his Fairy Law had failed…watching with wide eyes as Freed met his gaze for a moment, a sad look on his face before he was falling, lightning still crackling around him from where he had flung himself into the path of the spell that had been intended for Natsu.

“Freed!” He had forgotten all about Natsu…about why he was fighting…unable to focus on anything but the Rune mage as he dashed to his side, falling to his knees beside Freed and gently gathering in his arms, his heart hammering in his chest as he took in the damage he had caused. “What were you thinking? Why the hell would you do that?!” He was angry…at himself…at Freed…he had been going all out because he had known that the younger man was safe, and yet the idiot had just sprung in the way…

“I promised…” Freed’s voice was faint, turquoise eyes reduced to slits as he struggled to stay awake and focus on the Dragon-slayer. “I promised to protect you…even from…yourself…” Laxus growled softly…that’s not a reason…he didn’t have a chance to continue, the Rune mage reaching up to brush his cheek with trembling fingers. “I couldn’t…let you…become a killer…”

Fraxus + Possessive

   Laxus sighed as he caught the dark look that Freed was levelling at anyone that came too close, noting the hand that the Rune mage had yet to remove from the hilt of his sword and he was already aware of the panic that would flicker across his mate’s face if he moved slightly too far away. He was used to his mate’s possessiveness, it had always been something he had found somewhat endearing…and something that was exacerbated by Freed’s demonic side, but this was getting ridiculous…and it was getting worse, he admitted to himself as he heard a small snarl from his partner.

“Freed!” He spun around, grabbing the younger man and glancing around for somewhere they could have a little privacy, eventually settling for dragging Freed to a small alcove between two buildings and gently pushing his mate against the wall. “This has got to stop…” Freed had opened his mouth as though intending to protest, but instead he snapped it shut and glanced off to the side, turquoise eyes suspiciously bright and the Dragon-slayer sighed before reaching out and tilting the other’s chin until their gazes met once more. “I’m all right now,” he murmured softly, well aware that the near miss with Tartaros was behind this behaviour and he was unsurprised when Freed’s expression crumpled at the simple reassurance, his mate turning and burying his face into Laxus’s shoulder, clutching at him with shaking fingers. “We’re okay now…”

BixFreed + Protect

“Done…” Freed whispered, swaying as he lifted his head from his sword, the blade now glowing with the runes that would activate the defensive barrier around the town…he was exhausted, sweat dripping down his face as he tried to sit back only to find himself falling to the side, but then Bickslow was there, wrapping a supportive arm around his shoulders and staring at him with worried eyes.

“You can’t activate it as well,” the Skeith mage muttered, and Freed shook his head, struggling to get to his feet…he had to activate…that was the reason the others had been buying time for him…but his body didn’t want to cooperate and it was only his partner that stopped him from hitting the deck.

“I…” I have too…it will kill anyone else…

“You’re not the only one with people to protect,” Bickslow had never sounded so serious before, and the Rune mage blinked wearily at him, trying to make sense of what was happening when the Skeith mage kissed him fiercely…desperately…and it was only when the older man pulled back and rose to his feet, that Freed realised the idiot had stolen the sword and he immediately reached out to try and snatch it back, but Bickslow was already moving away from him with a determined expression.

BixFreed + Possessive

   It had started with an article…one of many covering what had happened during the war, but this one had been focused on Freed and his protective barrier and to his horror he had found the attention that was usually aimed at his more visible guild mates suddenly being levelled in his direction. He didn’t mind the guild talking about it, even though that had embarrassed him more than once…but he didn’t like strangers gathering around him, pressing him for more information, seemingly unaware of personal boundaries or the fact that they were making him more and more flustered by the moment.

   He had just found himself cornered again on the way back from the book shop and he was seriously contemplating using the runes they were admiring so much to trap them in place so that he could escape, when a sudden silence fell over the group. It took him a moment to realise they were staring at something behind him, and he was about to turn around to see what it was when familiar arms crept around him, pulling him against a warm chest and he tilted his head up, gulping at the dark expression on Bickslow’s face…it had been a long time since he had seen his partner look that furious.

“Back off…” Bickslow’s voice was a low growl, and Freed wasn’t the only one to hear the possessiveness and the silent ‘he’s mine’ behind those simple words…but Freed didn’t care, because the crowd was finally dispersing and he was safe and secure against the Skeith mage.

NaLu + Protect

   Natsu could feel E.N.D in the back of his mind, hear the wordless snarls as the demon fought to gain control and he bit his lip as he struggled to hold it back…his control was slipping, the wild flames so different from the ones he had inherited from Igneel dancing across skin wanted their true master and they were fighting him, he was fighting a war on two fronts and he was losing. A broken noise that was half snarl, half sob slipped out and he felt something cracking and this time he wasn’t sure that he could hold it back and he closed his eyes, defeat washing over him, but before he could surrender completely there was a gentle touch on his arm.

“Natsu?” He knew that voice…he knew it better than he knew anything else even now and his eyes flew open, she wasn’t supposed to be here…she couldn’t be near him when he was so close to losing control, but there she was, smiling at him despite the tremble she felt in his fingers. “Natsu…you can fight this,” Lucy whispered, no doubt whatsoever in her voice or eyes and Natsu trembled…she was so close to danger, and yet it was clear the only thing she cared about was him. Lucy believes in me…It was something he had never thought he would have the right to feel again, and yet now he found himself grasping that thought with desperation, drawing strength from it as he reinforced his grip on the demon…not for himself, but for the one person he had to protect above all others.

NaLu + Possessive

    Lucy smiled as she stepped out of the office to find Natsu waiting for her, unable to stop her gaze lingering for a moment on the scars that marred his chest…the only sign left of how close she had come to losing him during the war…her chest aching at the reminder and the smile slid from her face as she hurried across to meet him. He had clearly seen the shift in her expression because he stepped forward to greet her, letting out a soft oomph of surprise as she wrapped her arms around him tight enough to bruise, burying her face against his shoulder.


“You’re mine…right?” She knew that she as being foolish and she wasn’t sure why it was rising to the surface now, she had spent the day working on the pre-Magical games coverage, nothing to do with the war…and even though Natsu was going to participate there was no danger of losing him…and yet suddenly she needed the reassurance that he was still here, that he was hers no matter what. Warm arms tightened around her, and she felt his lips against the top of her head before he nudged her gently with his nose until she peered up at him, startled by the sheer level of emotion in his eyes.

“Yeah I’m yours…I’m always yours…”

GrayLu + Protect

    Gray cursed as he hit the ground hard, hastily slapping a hand to the burn now covering the side of his arm and covering it with ice, hissing at the fresh pain even as he sought out Natsu with dark eyes…he knew that this wasn’t his best friend and yet he couldn’t bring himself to fight all out, even with his promise to Silver echoing in his head and he closed his eyes as he realised the demon was charging again…he hurt too much to get to his feet, and he couldn’t hurt the idiot. E.N.D. it seemed didn’t have the same reservations because he could feel the tremendous amount of heat rushing towards him and he braced himself, only to feel icy terror flooding him as he heard a familiar voice screaming his name.

“GRAY!” Lucy’s voice had his eyes flying open a moment before she slammed into him, knocking them both out of the way as destructive flames rushed through the spot where he had been a second before. He wasn’t given a chance to plead with her to get out of there…to tell her to run…because she was rising to her feet, hand on her keys as she turned to face the demon, tears in her eyes although her voice was completely steady when she spoke. “I’m sorry Natsu…. but I have to protect him!”

GrayLu + Possessive

    Gray sighed as he watched Lucy finish getting ready…he had already got dressed, three times…and he was more than happy to wait, because his wife was radiant, happiness practically radiating from her. Her novel was finally published and they were going to the launch party, she had been the main feature in the last edition of Sorcerer’s Weekly pushing even Jenny and Mira’s joint photoshoot to the back…and she was gently resting one hand on her belly, their first child getting ready for his appearance. In his mind she had never looked more beautiful and he had never been more proud, and he growled suddenly at the thought of having to share this version of Lucy with anyone…let alone strangers…and he found himself stomping across to her, although he had to smile back at her when she caught sight of him approaching in the mirror, turning to meet him with bright eyes.

“Here…” He muttered gruffly, pulling off his necklace and dropping it gently around her neck…it didn’t really match her outfit, but the sight of her wearing his necklace calmed him. His ring on her finger…his necklace around her neck…and their child growing inside her, the whole world would be able to see they were together…that she was his, and that he was hers…

Stingue + Protect

   Sting yelped in alarm as shadows suddenly rose up in a wave behind him, blocking a blast that had been shooting towards his unprotected back and he growled as he downed his current opponent before whirling around to search for his mate. It took him a few minutes to spot the Shadow mage, because Rogue wasn’t stood up and fighting like he was supposed to be…instead he was slumped back against a chunk of rubble, one hand pressed to his stomach, whilst the other was still stretched towards Sting…and a chill swept through the blond as he realised that the idiot had protected him when he couldn’t even move. Growling he took off at a run towards Rogue, blind and deaf to anything else around him now that he knew his mate was hurt…and  he was caught by surprise when he was suddenly swiped to the side by another wave of shadows, a low growl on his lips as he rolled to his feet intending to shout at Rogue, only for the words to shrivel and die on his lips as he realised the blast that his mate had knocked him out of the path off…had continued on its path…and he felt something shatter, jagged shards in his chest as he realised that he could no longer see his mate…

Stingue + Possessive

     Sting winced as he brushed his fingers over the bite wound on the side of his neck, flinching when pain flared even from that gentle touch…it was a lot deeper than he had thought, and he wanted to yell at Rogue for going overboard…but he couldn’t bring himself to, knowing that he had scared the Shadow mage rushing in like an idiot the day before.

“I’m sorry…” He jumped at the quiet whisper, but before he could turn to look at his mate he felt Rogue draping himself over his shoulders, carefully avoiding the bite mark although he knew that the other Dragon-slayer was staring at it…with a sigh he reached up and grasped Rogue’s hands with his own.

“It’s fine…it’s not like I’ve never done it to you,” the blond pointed out gently, knowing that if he looked he would find the faint scar he had left behind after their crucifixion…it was always the same…whenever they came too close to losing one another, they had to mark the other as their mate, restabilising their claim and he couldn’t blame Rogue for that. “Just remember…I’m not going anywhere without you,” he added, and Rogue nodded slightly before burying his face against Sting’s shoulder.

“I’m not going anywhere without you either…”

Jerza + Protect

   Jellal was numb…there were tears in his eyes but they wouldn’t fall, even when Erza groaned softly, her eyes creeping open so that she could peer up at him…although the numbness began to crack when she actually smiled up at him, and he couldn’t stay silent.

“Why?” Why save me? Why sacrifice yourself for me…?

“You’re not done yet…are you?” Erza whispered, reaching up to brush her fingers against his cheek and he was stunned to realise that his tears had finally begun to fall and he couldn’t stop the sob that welled up as he reached up to grasp her hand. “You’re still…looking…. for your future…” For your redemption…


“I had mine,” Erza’s eyes were drifting shut again, and Jellal knew that it was only his hold on her hand that was keeping it against her cheek. “I had a life with Fairy Tail…a wonderful life…my only…other goal was to protect you….”

Jerza + Possessive

    Erza smiled to herself as she felt Jellal’s arm tightening around her waist…he had been doing his best to pretend that he wasn’t bothered by all the attention she drew wherever she went, especially in the dress she was currently wearing, still feeling as though he didn’t have the right to stand by her side…let alone act possessive over her. However, the last mage they had been speaking too had been far too keen on getting a little too friendly with Titania and Erza had been a split second away from taking a sword to him herself, when Jellal had growled and abruptly announced they were leaving. Even now she could feel his magic ruffling their hair, and she hummed softly before reaching down to grasp his hand, entwining their fingers together as she felt him stiffen slightly at the touch.

“Thank you…”

“I shouldn’t have…” He began and she growled under her breath, twisting around so that she could silence him with a kiss and she couldn’t help but feel smug when he melted against her…he might be the possessive one, but she knew that she had him tied around her little finger and she arched an eyebrow at him when they pulled apart and he sighed in defeat. “You’re welcome…”

Gajevy + Protect

   Gajeel growled under his breath as he frantically tried to free himself from the ice holding him to the ground, his gaze never once leaving Levy, terror clawing at his insides whenever a blow came too close to comfort. His side was burning from an earlier attack and he could smell the blood still trickling down his side, but he couldn’t just sit there and let her protect him…even though he knew that was exactly what she wanted, after all she was the one to have iced him to the ground, actually snapping at him to stay put and trust her for once. He did trust her…it was their opponents that he didn’t trust. He could understand her desire to protect him…it was a desire he knew all too well, and he knew that it had only become worse for her since his near death during the war…. but that didn’t erase his own need to protect her, and gritting his teeth he put all his strength into flinging himself forward, grinning as he heard the ice finally beginning to crack…

Gajevy + Possessive

    Levy blinked trying to take stock of what had happened…one moment she had been talking to the nice if somewhat flirty librarian, and the next she had found herself being wrenched backwards away from the man. Now she was backed against the wall, Gajeel standing in front of her, low growls rumbling through him and whilst she couldn’t see his face from the position, she could just imagine the snarl he was wearing… it wasn’t the first time this had happened, his draconic side demanding that he protect her from all threats real or perceived, but she couldn’t understand what he had found threatening here…hell he had been engrossed in a songbook the last time she had checked, so how had he got here so fast?

“Gajeel…?” She asked cautiously, reaching up to lay a hand on his arm, feeling the growls still rumbling through him before she moved round so that she could see the librarian as well…the terror in his face seemed  a little too much even if Gajeel was intimidating, but as her gaze fell on the book he had been about to pass her before the Dragon-slayer intervened, understanding dawned…the books was covered in runes, runes that weren’t supposed to be there and it took her a split second to recognise it as a powerful charm…he had been trying to bewitch her and her mouth fell open in shock, and she was unable to react when Gajeel pulled free of her grip and lashed out, destroying the book with one blow before focusing on the librarian with a death glare.

“Levy is mine…”

Damaged Love

This was my submission for @ilostmyshoe-79  20-K Follower Fic Contest. Now that she has finished the challenge, I get to post it! Hope y'all enjoy!

Tags at the end and as always, if you wish to be added or removed, just let me know!

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PROMPT: Blame It on My Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks

PAIRING: Dean x Reader

WARNING: Angst, Light Smut


Master List

My left foot was tapping to the music as I drove down the road. ‘I think the heart broke long ago, that’s when I needed you most’ I said singing along. I rolled the windows down so I could feel the wind in my face as I flew. I reached to turn the music up louder. The song has always reminded me of him, I couldn’t help but listen to it. Dean was a restless soul born with a broken heart it seemed like. The song had me in tears but somehow it helps with the pain.

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The Gladiator.

Here is day two! Reyna is up for today. 

Context: Ancient Rome, in the year 66 AD during the reign of Emperor Nero. 

Warning: Blood, gore and death. 


Gladiatrix- literally a female gladiator 

Emperor Nero- Known for setting Rome on fire, and he was a crazy SOB. 

Link to Reyna’s portrait  thanks lmpadora again! 

66 AD, Roman Empire

Reyna inhaled the musty air. With her eyes closed and her right hand tightly gripping the spear, she mentally prepared herself. She has trained her entire life for this moment. Picked out from a young age, and raised to be a gladiatrix. There were few who were deemed worthy enough for a status that equals a male gladiator. And now all her training has led to this event; her debut in the Colosseum for all of Rome to see.

Her father was a well known warrior in his tribe over in Iberia. The Romans had taken notice of him immediately and used him to help them. All the fathers of the Ramírez tribe had been great leaders for Rome. They had fought in the Punic Wars for Rome against Hannibal and Carthage. Her bloodline was extremely loyal to Rome.

She opened up her eyes and looked around her. She was in a holding cell preparing herself for the fight. She was standing on hay and the air was hot and humid. The only light in the area was the faint glow of her breastplate and Imperial gold spear tip. Reyna could feel the slight tremble of the people in the stands chanting for blood and death. It didn’t make her doubt her skill though. Reyna was the best gladiatrix Rome had, and she was willing to prove it.

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Admit it

Bellamy finds out Clarke likes him. Clarke is stubborn and can’t back down from a challenge. A game of sexual chicken ensues. Rated T/M probably.

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Clarke’s honestly not sure how she managed to get herself into this position: a hand resting on Bellamy’s as it trails slowly up her thigh, a shiver rolling down her spine when his breath whispers hot on her neck. It’s a far cry from where they were just a month ago: arms crossed and jaws clenched, voices raw from yelling and eyes swimming with anger and hurt.

Now it’s teeth grazing skin, a breathy warning of “Bell,” as Clarke tries to get her mind on track, muster up some self control. Enough to stop his hand from where it’s promising to go, or push at his chest so the soft touch of his lips no longer burns her skin. But he’s very distracting, and after almost a month of this torture Clarke’s finding it difficult to remember why she can’t just give in to it. To all the temptation, the promise of undeniable pleasure. She rolls her bottom lip between her teeth, worries it when the soft scratch of Bellamy’s nails reaches the bottom of her skirt, slips beneath it. “Someone might see,” she tells him. An excuse; any excuse.

“You know how to stop this,” he reminds, voice low and rough. She feels his words vibrate along the column of her throat and it makes her swallow hard. Then, whispering in her ear, a challenge. “Just admit it.”

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anonymous asked:

hey would you mind telling me five reasons why you think stiles would have fallen in love with scott, or five situations or something like that? i really love your ffs and headcanons btw oh and sorry for my bad english

Your English is perfect and so are you! Oooh, this is great. :D Five reasons Stiles fell in love with Scott:

1. When they were eight years old, they first realized they were outcasts. They didn’t fit in with the other kids, Scott especially. He was too slow, too kind. His asthma would flare up and he’d double over, gasping for breath and turning red. Stiles was always afraid he was going to die. He’d never seen anyone sick like that before and the first time Scott’s chest tightened and his lips turned blue, they had to call an ambulance and Stiles had never been so scared. When any of the other kids would mock him, Stiles would come in swinging, no skill to his flailing limbs but the determination to hurt anyone who hurt Scott. It was Scott who pulled him off, wiping blood from Stiles’s nose and hugging him until he calmed down. It was Scott’s gentle words that brought Stiles back until they clung to each other, Stiles whispering fierce promises that he would never let anyone hurt Scott again.

2. They were nine years old when Scott and Melissa came to stay with them for a few days with no explanation but the bruises on Scott’s wrist that looked too much like fingers had closed tight around him. He was too young to understand anything but the fear on Scott’s face and the tremble in his hands, the half-choked “Dad” that was all the explanation he could offer. Stiles pulled Scott in bed, building a fort with blankets and pillows to keep out the rest of the world and for a time, it worked. They were just the two of them, Stiles decided then that was all they ever really needed.

3. They were ten when Stiles’s mother died, illness stripping away everything from her before taking her too. It broke Stiles, shattering the young boy who blamed himself for not being enough to save her. He sat with her alone while she did, waiting for his father who didn’t show up until it was too late. But Scott was by his side, a quiet presence that let him cry and let the silence turn into something other than misery and loneliness. When he snuck out of his house and climbed into the window in Scott’s bedroom, his best friend was there with open arms and tight hugs, trying to draw Stiles’s pain away. No one knew loss like Scott and no one could understand like he did. It was then Stiles realized that Scott could see all the pain and ugliness inside of himself, but still liked him anyways.

4. They were thirteen when Stiles mapped out their route to the closest lake, a twenty mile ride in the middle of the summer and farther than either boy had ever traveled. They knew they weren’t allowed to go, but Stiles’s eyes burned with adventure as he planned everything down to the smallest detail. It was wild and reckless, it could only end in trouble for all the brief moments of freedom it would win them, but Scott looked on with the same spark of mischief in his eyes and Stiles realized Scott would never let him go alone. No, it was more than that. Scott would grab his hand and leap into trouble with a laugh because they did it together, even if it was a bad idea. They were a team.

5. They were sixteen when the world changed and things would never be the same. Stiles watched his best friend struggle to keep from becoming a monster and his own hands were stained with blood. He watched Scott fight again and again, losing bits of himself in every fight just so he could save everyone else and the only thing he knew for sure was that he loved him. He loved him even when Scott couldn’t love himself.