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FMA Fashion Week 2016

The FMA Fashion Week is an occasion for fanartists to show their favourite characters in unusual clothing — go plain gorgeous or full ugly-weird! — based on daily themes.
If you need references for clothing, there are also a few blog suggestions.

There’ll be three themes a day : one time period, one context and one colour. It’d be great to combine at least two of them. You can also use the themes from the days before!
Your entry doesn’t need to be a finished piece : sketches, doodles, those are accepted too.

This week is mostly dedicated to fanarts, but writers can join too. It’d be better for them to use at least the context theme, but it’s not an obligation. They can also base their story on a fanart entry.
You don’t have to write something very long; your entry can be a short drabble, especially if it is inspired by a fanart entry.

The week will start on Monday, March 28th and will end on Monday, April 4th.

Please don’t forget to tag
- your works as #fmafw2016
- the themes you used
- your ships
- nsfw if it’s necessary

I hope everybody will have fun drawing clothes and writing stuff! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to send an ask to this account. :’)

I Love the Reylo Fandom

The fandom is so full of brilliant analysts, gorgeous art, humour and fun, and so much love!

I find myself sticking to Reylo blogs forever because any other Star Wars fan blog usually has some form of hate on it. While we, the trash, are welcoming and loving. How beautifully ironic.

I love it.

Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane

I really enjoyed episode 4 since he was there a LOT this time! He was full of sass, bitch faces, the innuendos!, and gorgeous eyeliner which really looks good on him. ;) Also, Magnus and Alec finally met!!! *cue fangirl screaming*

“WHO are YOU?” 

Just your future husband Magnus nbd.

Exuberant designer skins for the insides of Mumbai's taxis

In Mumbai, cab drivers vie to make their vehicles stand out from their competitors’, decorating them with exuberant expressions of the driver’s personality.

But the upholstery for the seats and ceiling is traditionally left out of the decorative projects. Enter Taxi Fabric, a company that makes full-bleed, gorgeous upholstery fabric for the interiors of Mumbai’s cabs (and cabs from other cities, assuming willing drivers!).

The company’s Tumblr features passengers and drivers filled with delight by the visual feasts on offer in the cabs’ interiors.

The designs are produced by artists who value the exposure to new audiences.

anonymous asked:

Favorite wedding dress ever? :D

Yo, let me tell you…

I remember waking up from my dream wedding a couple years ago. I won’t go into too much detail about the full wedding but I was wearing this gorgeous black gown. I thought about that dress for days, I was so in love.

So imagine my surprise when a few days later, Rami Kadi’s F/W 2014 Couture collection was released and I saw this beauty…

My literal dream dress.

Oh, my god. Meant to be. 

I still have a happy sigh reserved for it whenever I see it.

This one of the first moments (on day 3) we were finally able to take in the full grandeur of Kilimanjaro. I thought to myself ‘wow, thats gorgeous,’ then ‘wow, we’re not even close yet!’—by Matt Mitchell @hamiltonguevara.