Tulpamancy Ascension: 2 Weeks to Switch -- Episode 1 -- The Gameplan -- Let’s do this!!!
Have you ever wanted to master switching? Perhaps you yearn to engage in a more immerse mindscape adventure, fully dissociated from your body and its senses....

Have you ever wanted to master switching? Perhaps you yearn to engage in a more immerse mindscape adventure, fully dissociated from your body and its senses. Or you just want your tulpa to do your homework while you nap. Either way, this series is for you! We’ll build ourselves up in just 2 weeks to master what is widely regarded as the most advanced tulpamancy technique.

Wanted to try something new, so bear with me as I learn the ropes of these kinds of videos, especially when it comes to the cinematography, editing, and my execution. That last clip is the first (mostly) unscripted bit on this channel. One of my goals with this series is to improve my ab-libbing, so hopefully, we’ll notice advancements in that area over the course of the series. This is also my first time using Sony Vegas, so you’ll notice there’s a bit more editing here than usual. We’ll keep working that up too.

If any of you have attempted switching in the past and come out unsuccessful, what part(s) of the switch did you struggle with? I’ll try and address every roadblock in this series.

So I remember reading somewhere that Misha getting on this dude’s lap was unscripted.

The dude who he’s sitting on seems slightly mortified like he’s not sure what to do or where to look.

The woman right behind them is staring out of the corner of her eye, but trying not to stare because Misha is apparently still delivering lines and no one has stopped the scene yet.

And then one guy on the left is just full on staring and laughing because WTF Misha?

So yesterday, I looked for movies on Netflix, and I came upon a German movie called ‘Look who’s back’. This movie is from 2014, bear with me. So the storyline is that basically Hitler comes back in 2014, he wakes up suddenly in a wood, where his bunker once was, he was teleported there a few moments before he lost and commited suicide. Hitler goes on and discovers modern Germany, ofc he’s no pleased… up to the point where he meets a young journalist Savatsky, who believes Hitler to be a very good impersonator of the dictator. Savatsky has just been fired from the channel that employed him. He sees the opportunity and starts to make a small docu with Hitler in modern Germany, Hitler has in mind to take power back ofc. Up to the point that Savatsky presents Hitler (whom he still believes to be an impersonator), to his ex bosses, they love him and they re hire Savatsky and plan a show with Hitler, they air it and the people love it and love him, he becomes a new sensation, people agree with him, about what he says, and all… he becomes a star…

Up to the point that Hitler writes a book and they decide to do a movie based off that book. Everyone just think it’s a funny but accurate impersonator of Hitler… At some point in the movie Savatsky starts dating a young woman who works for the same channel, she happens to be jew, she also has a granny that has alzheimer. Following Hitler’s success, Savatsky and Hitler are invited by the girlfriend (she lives with her grandma), but everything doesn’t go as planned: the granny recognizes Hitler, she knows it’s him, she’s outraged ( remember she is a jewish woman and she says she has lost a lot of family members in the holocaust) and she says this to him:

*remember how people and the medias were having a good laugh at Trump’s apparitions and moments??? Ring a bell?

So by then Savatsky realizes he’s not an impersonator, he does a bit more research how 2014!Hitler arrived and he’s convinced now he’s the real one, which he is, he confronts him and Hitler says he never hid it (true he never did). So Savatsky takes out a gun and threatens him and takes him on a roof, on their way there they discuss:

To which Hitler replies:

*Reminds anyone of Trump’s supporters praising their leader for doing exactly what he promised?* The people knew what they did, they were not tricked into it, same with Trump, they knew what they voted for.

Savatsky and Hitler arrive on the roof and S. is still holding that gun against H.

Savatsy says to Hitler:

To which Hitler replis:

*And this is the ugly truth my friends.

So after all this tirade, Hitler says to Savatsky he can’t kill him, doesn’t have the guts etc… But he does, Savatsky shoots Hitler in the heard and he falls off the roof. S. approaches the roof top to see the corpse, but there’s none… Because Hitler didn’t die, he’s behind Savatsky. And he tells him that:

That last sentence he says to Savatsky is actually terrifying because of its truth.

The end is a bit dissatisfying, but that’s not the point, at first, I thought it was a stupid comedy, and at some point I even started to think the message might be disgusting as he interrogated those people and they said pretty nasty things about foreigners etc…(keep in mind a lot of this was unscripted and was just them interrogating random people in the streets). But in the end I got it, it was a message, and the message is that today, people would and could vote for Hitler. Those same rethorics are back and people are buying into it more and more. This movie was filmed in 2014… we’re ine 2017 and Trump is president of the most powerful country in the world… This movie was more than a satire, it was a warning…

The Fake Dialogue Method

The Problem

Someone begins speaking to you in your target language and you freeze up. You know, or once knew, the right words to say and you absolutely want to put your knowledge to use, but your mind comes to a screeching halt. You begin to panic, and you stare blankly at the person across from you.  

The Solution

The Fake Dialogue Method is one of my favorite methods when it comes to gaining “flexibility” in a new language. When I first started learning Portuguese, this was something I often did to help solidify my mental ties with the language.

Get your notebook, a little motivation and a dictionary. It’s time to get started.

  1. Think of different situations that you might find yourself in when speaking your target language, such as ordering a coffee, asking for directions or simply introducing yourself, and pick one. Let’s go with introducing yourself.
  2. In your notebook, make a fake dialogue in your target language using the vocabulary and key knowledge that you want to recall when you meet someone new. It should look a little something like this. (Examples of key phrases will be marked in italics.)

Me: Hello, my name is _______ . What’s your name?

Stranger: My name is _______. Nice to meet you!

Me: It’s nice to meet you too. Where are you from?

Stranger: I am from _____. What about you?

Me: I am from _____. How old are you?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Try to familiarize yourself with both the questions and the responses. If you know what to say but can’t understand what’s being said, the conversation won’t get very far! If you don’t know the phrases to ask to begin with, phrases like these are readily available throughout the internet, usually marked under the name making introductions.
  • Read these dialogues over and over aloud, and practice them with native speakers to help solidify the new knowledge. 
  • At first, your dialogues may sound a bit robotic. This is completely okay. As you get more comfortable and flexible with the language, you can make the dialogues sound more organic and real.
  • Conversations are spontaneous and unscripted. This method will just help you feel comfortable in not-so-comfortable situations. 

End Result

Now, when you find yourself making introductions with a native speaker, you’ll have the conversation scripted in your head and you won’t freeze up. You can predict what they will say and you’ll be ready for it!

Good luck, 


Phew. A visual representation of all the ‘deleted’ scenes that we know of thus far, compiled under the guide of this post by archaicbro (with a couple of extras). Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. I have left out images taken on set that were obviously posed and intended to be used for promotional purposes only i.e. unscripted. However, I have included a couple of images that are not so obvious and are a bit ambiguous.

Righty-ho then. Pull up a chair and let’s go through them all under the cut
*rolls up sleeves*

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In an episode FULL of AMAZING scenes that were both tear-jerking and heart pounding… when I was trying to determine what to draw to submit for Talks this week THIS was the scene that stood out to me lol!

In light of all the chaos and darkness that was this weekend…I figured we all deserve a bit of levity :)

So enjoy this ‘Sunny Side Up’ of the episode!


that last bit? sooo unscripted it hurts…in the best way. 😛 ❤️


Let’s Chat: Aces in Fandom Spaces

Some thoughts on being asexual in the often sexually-oriented environment of online fandom circles.
Featuring some discussions of picturing characters as ace, fanfiction with ace characters, demisexuality in fanfic, and a rant on letting people headcanon what they want (oops. That bit got away from me a little.)
Let’s Chats are unscripted unplanned videos with a hot drink.

Adventures in cleansing your ib pt. 1

So, I’ve been pushed to do some ib (heart) work, and I remembered a jar I had stashed for just such a working. It was given to me by my midwife full of placenta pills, so it has a lot of personal meaning, as well as actually looking like an ib itself. 

Khonsu told me last night that I needed to clean out the “infections” first. I couldn’t fill my ib with good things if they were just going to rot in a dirty jar. So it’s filled with papers and momentos I’ve kept from a time in my life that turned out very fucking rotten, and still hurt me to this day. And I was told to “burn it out”, and I’m never one to turn down a chance to set fires. :3 So that liquid is rubbing alcohol. I stuffed the stuff in, filled it with alcohol around all the stuff till mostly submerged, and capped it. Shook it several times, visualizing the alcohol cleaning/eating away/dissolving all the crap I need to be done with. The “infection”, if you will. 

So, because alcohol, I took everything out to the fire pit outside. I brought along some sprigs of red cedar from a tree in the yard because he wanted to help, idk (I have a working relationship with this tree, and he got a good pruning too). I said an unscripted, but fervent, prayer to Khonsu and Sekhmet to kill my heart-infection and heal me. 



I brought the jar inside and filled it with natron water, then placed it before Khonsu to really clean the last bit of ick out. More shaking, and then brought it and more natron with me to the shower, for a post burning/yard work cleansing and scrub-down, to make sure all ick (and possible poison ivy) is gone. I used the ib for natron water libations in the shower. 

Drying out in front of Khonsu, and now to prepare a rite for Him for the new crescent moon, where I fill my ib with what I truly need. I totally did this by the seat of my pants, so it’s not super fancy, but I am thankful for access to an outdoor fire pit. 

Part 2 when I figure out what the crap I’m gonna actually do, haha. xP


Unscripted Moments (18 / 18) - Completed
  ↪ Bonus Moments
    ↪ Fraser Kisses, Part IV

“I couldn’t stop breathing. From the moment we left the salt-marsh miasma of Savannah, with its constant fog of rice paddies, mud, and decaying crustaceans, the air had grown clearer, the scents cleaner – well, putting aside the Wilmington mudflats, redolent with their memories of crocodiles and dead pirates – spicier, and more distinct. And as we reached the summit of the final pass, I thought I might explode from simple joy at the scent of the late-spring woods, an intoxicating mix of pine and balsam fir, oaks mingling the spice of fresh green leaves with the must of the winter’s fallen acorns, and the nutty sweetness of chestnut mast under a layer of wet dead leaves so thick that it made the air seem buoyant, bearing me up. I couldn’t get enough of it into my lungs.

‘If ye keep gasping like that, Sassenach, ye’re like to pass out,’ Jamie said, smiling as he came up beside me. ‘How’s the new knife, then?’

‘Wonderful! Look, I found a huge ginseng root, and a birch gall and–’ He stopped this with a kiss, and I dropped the soggy gunnysack full of plants on the path and kissed him back. He’d been eating wild spring onions and watercress plucked dripping from the creek and he smelled of his own male scent, pine sap, and the bloody tang of the two dead rabbits hanging at his belt; it was like  k i s s i  n g  the  w i l d e r n e s s  itself, and it went on for a bit, interrupted only by a discreet cough a few feet away.”
~ Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

[1 Season. 13 Episodes. 39 Unscripted Kisses. 101 Unscripted Moments.]

Thank you to everyone who followed along on this Unscripted journey! It’s been so much fun completing this and sharing it with all of you. I’m so looking forward to see what great moments Season 3 has to give us.

But for now, what has been your favorite Unscripted Moment of Season 2?

saumyapriyadarshi  asked:

Hey Calli.. I love your blog as it is a happy Olicity page and since you are taking asks I would really like to know something. Hope you answer it because I love reading your analysis. What are your favourite unscripted Olicity moments.. Please use lots of gifs & words and explain it in great detail.. XOXO

You’re definitely specific in what you want!  I don’t know how much explaining needs to be done, as I figure these moments pretty much speak for themselves, but I will do my best and try not to disappoint. For the sake of brevity (and the writing I’m going to be trying to get done today) I will pick my fave moment from each season.

Season 1: Oliver checks out Felicity’s hair

What was scripted: Her telling him that she dyes her hair and warning him to keep her secret since she keeps his. What was unscripted, however, was Oliver leaning over to check out her roots.  I loved this moment the first time I saw it, I love it even more as time goes on.  In fact, its one of my favorite Olicity moments period, even considering all the shippy goodness we get nowadays.  It’s so light and cute, during a time Oliver wasn’t at all light and cute.  But Felicity brought that out in him.  Kudos to Stephen Amell for playing it up that way. 

Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks it’s cute cuz over two years later and look who still remembers it. Mmhmm. 

Season 2: Oliver reaches for Felicity’s hand

If we hadn’t been told this was unscripted, we might never have known.  It was so perfect for Oliver and Felicity’s evolution at that moment in time, perfect that he would reach out to comfort her.  To reassure her that he had no choice to make when it came to killing the Count in order to save her.  He’d do it again.  A million more times.  Just another beautiful Olicity moment and thanks to EBR, we know it was unscripted. Nice!

I’m left to assume that grabbing her hand in the middle of scenes is something that generally happens then.  Okay.  

Season 3: Oliver removing Felicity’s glasses

Thanks to seeing the script from 3x20, we know that this wasn’t in the script, that it is something that Stephen himself wanted to add in.  And god bless him for it too because this totally a bit moment for Oliver and Felicity. Him removing her glasses is just as intimate as the sex, let’s be honest.  It’s hugely symbolic and it’s sweet and tender and sets the scene perfectly.  So god bless him for throwing that in there.  

(Inquiring minds want to know what would have happened to the glasses had he not taken them off.  Would Felicity have whipped them off herself? Would they have made love with them on?  SO MANY QUESTIONS.)

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let me know! 


My friend @vivziepop and I do a big ol’ unscripted ramble about what makes Wander Over Yonder so great!

Some of the topics we go over are Why WOY is refreshing, The importance of platonic love, Why pacifistic characters are intensely interesting, Why Sylvia is one of the best female characters in children’s entertainment, and so on. Points of interest and their time codes are listed in the video description. 

Also huge apologies for minor audio issues, we recorded the call over skype so my voice is a tad quiet and Viv’s is a bit louder and echo-y. But it’s mild.

anonymous asked:

This may be dumb, but I need to say something about that beautiful Richonne kiss. It was so full on and realistic. Bravo to the actors for letting it flow so seamlessly. I have to say that as a person with lips much like Michonne, it is sometimes interesting to see how your partner will go for it when you have that first kiss (especially if your partner has never kissed someone with full lips). Will he be tentative, or go full on and embrace everything that you are? Rick went all the way!😘😘

No, no, no, this is not dumb at all! This is like my favorite ask ever, because it’s so true. Danai and Andy described their kiss as natural, and I also couldn’t agree more. From start to finish - the hesitant-yet-excited looks they give one another, then the uncontainable smiles, the unscripted whispers, the actual insertion of tongues into mouths. Also, thank you, camera, for being all up in their faces for a lot of it. This is honestly one of the sexiest makeout sessions I’ve ever seen on TV, and that’s kind of amazing, considering no clothes came off. Something about them being two grown ass people, knowing exactly what they want and what they’re stepping into, and just going for it, it’s glorious.

Also, as a person with similarly full lips, I know exactly what you mean. Most men without that experience tend to be a bit more gun shy, to the point where you might have to take the lead. But Rick was like, “Nope, I got this.” He didn’t waste no kinda time once she gave him the green light. Like I think even Michonne was a little overwhelmed at first, like she didn’t expect him to be quite so assertive. (I so love the way Danai plays this, briefly opening her eyes throughout, like she wants to see what’s going on, lol.) 

And then when he gets on top of her, I just.. I start screaming a lot, because it is just sexy as hell, and how dare he be this smooth after damn near two years without sex, and have the nerve to not even break contact, and just the confidence in that one little move. Rick Grimes, you’re gonna be the death of me, sir. (Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t really imagine pre-ZA Rick this way. 👀)

And I know Andy’s got a lot of experience in on-screen kissing, so I’m not at all surprised he went for it, but I’m so glad he allowed Rick to do so. It’s both beautiful and erotic, and I just really love everything about it. After three seasons of watching him watch her, all those not-quite-decipherable looks, it was so satisfying to see him not hold back at all. I mean, he is suckin’ on them lips. 😄 This kiss… this whole episode, really, it was worth the wait. 

Tales of Festival 2015 Day 1.

Today’s events included:

*Special skit celebrating the series 20th anniversary and Tales of the Abyss’ 10th anniversary.
*Introduction and chat with the voice actors.
*Special announcement: New mothership title Tales of Berselia.
*Special announcement: Tales of Museum event
*Musical performance by Tales composer Sakuraba Motoi
*Goodbyes and release of flying hearts with the signatures of the voice actors into the air. 

Informal details and summary:

(Written while I can still remember. I’m pretty sleepy so please excuse the grammar.)

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anonymous asked:

How do we know they have four hours of footage from HLV?

This article! #69 says that the first cut of HLV was five and a half hours long, which (and, disclaimer, I’m not a film person or anything here, but) seems really excessive given that an entire series of Sherlock is only four and a half hours long? And only 13.5 hours of it exist in the entire world? Particularly given how they’ve claimed that they had to fluff up TSOT when it was too short? They say the cut bits include ‘unscripted moments’ and ‘Martin folding a shirt’ but you won’t convince me that there’s almost a season’s worth of footage of Martin and Ben giggling while insulting each other and Martin riding his bicycle. There are subplots and explanations and important things that have been filmed that we haven’t seen yet. I mean, think of how much the creepy Magnussen deleted scene changed your reading of every other scene with him. And that was only five minutes!!!

HLV is so tightly put together, you really couldn’t cram another thing into it, and of course that’s part of why it won an Emmy. I assume that it’s like that because it had to be, because of how much time they had to spend editing it down. They figured out what had to be kept for the story to make a minimal amount of sense, and filed away the rest to decide what to do with later. Then maybe, after playing around with what was left on the cutting room floor, they came up with an insane idea that will toy with our emotions even more cruelly by drawing Victorian parallels with everything that’s happened in the past intercut with moving us forward with whatever storyline we’re still missing from HLV. It wouldn’t fit with what they already have planned for S4/5, so they needed a bonus episode to tie up S3 loose ends, and added a fun Victorian twist because they’re ubernerds like that and wanted to see Martin Freeman in that smouldering bowler and moustache. And we know they’ve filmed at least one HLV-timeline scene, maybe to round out what they already have.

Idk, I’m just spitballing at this point and someone who actually knows things can come and tell me I’m completely off base, but when you do that will you explain what happens with the extra hours and hours of footage? Does a first cut of a TV show usually start out 4x too long for the timeslot?

Olicity in 2x07

This one is going to get long/screencap heavy, so I’m putting most of it behind a cut.

First up, the phone call.

What I find most interesting about this scene is that Oliver doesn’t say a word for the entire phone call, and he doesn’t have to; every emotion is written clear as day on his face.

His face when he finds out The Count has Felicity:

And his face when he realizes that he will do whatever it takes to get her back:

Second, the rescue scene.

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