Won’t Let Go

Title: Won’t Let Go

Summary: When you return to the bunker with Sam, you realize how shaken Dean is after everything that has happened. All you want to do is comfort him but he ends up promising you something you never thought he would.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1063

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of blood and death. Spoilers for the episode 12x22 “Who We Are”. Bit of fluff because let’s be real, we all need this.

Author’s Note: So. The two hour finale. It killed me. And episode 22? Also killed me. Jensen’s acting killed me. I’m just completely dead right now, okay? So, I had to write this because my Deanie Beanie deserves all the love and comfort in the world *clears throat* *pulls herself together*

Right. This is set right after the last scene of the episode, meaning right after that group hug the three Winchesters share. The gif used is not mine. You can find it here

Enjoy <3 

The steady sound of running water overwhelmed your senses as you bonked your head against the shower door, washing away worries and fears and that little voice in the back of your mind that told you it was impossible for you to be there, to be back in the bunker again, alive and safe and almost unscathed.

Breathing deeply, in and out, you wrapped yourself around a towel, and got out of the shower slowly, eyes already darting towards the fresh scars and wounds covering your skin.

You should be used to it by now, but the thought of dying, of leaving this world, even in a blaze of glory with Dean and Sam next to you, had scared you more than you’d like to admit.

In and out.

Running your fingers through your hair, you let the towel drop to the floor and reached for your underwear, then slipped into one of Dean’s flannels, mind drifting to him almost intuitively. You’d only seen him for a few moments after you and Sam had returned from your mission, but you could tell that, whatever he’d seen in that dream sequence inside Mary’s head had hurt him. Really hurt him, even though he’d never say that out loud.

And, God, you worried about him.

In and out.

Soon enough, you were in the room you shared with Dean, only to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, holding what you knew was a picture of himself and his mother in hand.

Your heart broke.

“Hi there.” You whispered, leaning against the doorframe.

He looked up then, green eyes lighting up just a bit as he registered your presence.

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Favorite Whump Scenario - List of Episodes

So, one of my most recent posts described my favorite whump scenario - stab wound/gunshot wound to abdomen, or broken ribs, and the guy can’t get help so he has to keep going but he’s in too much pain and… I’m rambling. Long story short, I was asked a few times to do more of my favorite whump scenarios (which I will) but I was also asked to provide a few examples of episodes in which my favorite whump scenario happened. That’s what I’m doing right now!

On a side note: I want everyone to know that I am making a conscious effort to swear less. I apologize if my language offends you.

*Once Upon A Time: 2x12 (season 2 episode 12). Hook (who, may I add, is gorgeous) gets hit by a car. He breaks a few ribs and spends the entire episode (and a few thereafter) wincing and groaning and being beautifully whumpy; a shit load of breathlessness and pained grunting.

Also, I’m not entirely sure whether this counts or not (because we don’t know what the exact injuries are) but episodes 12 to 15 of season 5 (5x12 - 5x15) of OUAT are amazing. Hook gets the shit beat out of him, and there’s a lot more of that grunting and groaning that I love so much - with added limping, hunching, near-collapsing, and need for support when standing. He’s covered in blood and his arm is PERMANENTLY wrapped around his ribs. Fuck yeah!

*Frontier: 1x6 (season 1 episode 6). Harp gets tortured in the previous episode (as I have so often explained on my blog… I know, I know; I’ll give it a rest) and he gets stabbed in the stomach. He spends the whole of episode 6 hunching over, gasping, grunting, groaning, wincing and barely able to stand… all while being deathly pale and sweaty. Literally best whump ever.

Quanitco: season 1 episodes 7 and 8 (1x07 - 1x08). Ryan is shot in the stomach. Alex has to perform field surgery on him. He can’t stand straight and Alex has to help him walk. He’s in terrible condition the entire length of episode 8. His arm is wrapped around his stomach at all times. YAY!

*Homeland: season 5 episode 4 - 8 (5x04 - 5x08). Quinn gets shot in the stomach and he can’t go to a hospital, resulting in bleeding out, infection, trembling, collapsing, sweating, and all round whump. It’s amazing and can we congratulate Rupert Friend on his acting? Plus it lasts MORE than one episode, guys!

*Graceland: season 1 episode 10 (1x10). Mike warren gets stabbed in the stomach. He then checks himself out of hospital early, is forced to go undercover in prison, and is subsequently tackled to the ground. Queue a lot of hunching over and almost-collapsing. There’s this great scene where he trips in water and he has to grab a statue as he curls in on himself to prevent himself from collapsing.

AND in season 3 episodes 1 - 3 (3x01 - 3x03) Mike is shot in the stomach. He’s actually shot in the finale of season 2, he just spends the next few episodes being generally unable to move and being pushed to the ground. He groans A LOT and holds himself together (AGH) with his arm, as though if he lets go, he’ll fall apart - which he probably would.

*Taboo: season 1 episode 3 (1x03) Delaney is stabbed in the stomach. He cries out a lot, limps, and has to grab onto something as fast as he can to stop himself from collapsing OFTEN. Even though the whump lasts less than an episode, it’s well worth it; I promise. Plus, Tom Hardy…

*Bones: season 1 episode 15 (1x15). Booth is injured in an explosion. He breaks a few ribs and damages his shoulder. He does go to hospital but he checks out early to save Brennan. Eventually - as predicted - he collapses and he has to be taken back to hospital. Lovely. Fucking lovely.

Season 11 episode 1 (11x01). Booth is shot in the stomach. There are impromptu procedures performed, that kind of help him not to bleed out but don’t do much else. He can’t get up; he can’t stand straight; he can barely even breathe. It’s glorious and it fucked with my emotions.

*The Walking Dead: season 4 episodes 8 and 9 (4x08 - 4x09). Rick gets beat up in a fight. We never really find out what his injuries are, but I think he broke a couple ribs; he wheezes for ages afterwards, goes sort of comatose for a while, and struggles to keep going but perseveres because he needs to. It’s really really good whump; it usually is with Rick.

Season 2 episode 11 (2x11). Daryl accidentally gets impaled by one of his own arrows. He’s lost in the forest and has to get back home, but he’s in a lot of pain and he’s losing a lot of blood; long story short: delusions, passing out, crawling, and groaning make up a vast majority of this episode. We get a little bit of H/C in the episodes that follow, but not much.

*Twelve Monkeys: season 1 episode 1 (1x01). Cole gets shot. He basically bleeds out and spends a lot of the episode sweating. There’s a lovely collapse scene, too. The episode might not have the best whump out there, but it’s sufficient enough to satisfy your whump needs for a little while.

*Banshee: season 1 episode 3 (1x03). Lucas (or whoever the fuck you are, man without a name) gets into a fight with a professional mma fighter. He wins, but he gets the shit beat out of him. He spends the rest (like ten minutes…) of the episode bleeding, holding himself together - hence my conclusion that he broke a few ribs - and needing help to walk. There’s a lovely scene where he collapses that makes the lack of H/C almost seem alright.

Season 1 episode 10 and season 2 episode 1 (1x10 - 2x01). Lucas is tortured by his arch nemesis. The torture is slightly over the top, but it ends with Lucas getting stabbed. 10/10 for acting, Antony Starr. He spends the beginning of the next episode hallucinating, trying to work out but failing, and wincing and moaning. Worth it. Banshee is a relatively good show for whump in general; Lucas gets the shit end of the stick most times. However, continuity can be problematic.

*Ray Donovan: Season 1 episode 7 (1x07). Ray gets beat up and he breaks a rib or two. He’s quite a fucking stoic guy so he’s not obviously in pain, but there’s a lot of grunting and halting movements whenever he has to sit down or stand back up or turn or whatever. Plus the actual moment that his ribs break is pretty great.

Season 3 episode 12 (3x12): Ray gets shot in the stomach. I love this episode because at first you don’t even really take note of it (it’s definitely there), but once his hand comes away bloody you start to notice all of these grimaces and grunts. He has to change tops cause he’s bleeding a lot. Eventually, he collapses. Plus he cries which is amazing and heartbreaking all at once.

*Emerald City: season 1 episodes 1 and 2 (1x01 - 1x02). Lucas has been stabbed in the stomach. Initially he can’t walk without assistance and he groans a lot when Dorothy helps him off of the crucifix. It’s really … I have no words to describe it, actually. He limps when he tries to keep up with Dorothy. BUT his wound gets infected and he winds up collapsing many many times, barely able to breathe or keep his eyes open. Dorothy has to feed him, guys. DOROTHY HAS TO FEED HIM BECAUSE HES TOO WEAK.

*Z Nation: season 3 episode 5 (3x05). I haven’t watched this episode but I looked up the synopsis and watched a couple clips. Basically - from what I gather - 10k gets shot in the stomach; he has no choice but to carry on even though he’s in a lot of pain and getting weaker.

*Safe House: This is a movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Towards the end of the movie (last half hour/twenty minutes) Ryan’s character gets stabbed in the stomach. He goes red in the face from strain; he can’t breathe, nevermind stand or walk. So, he collapses and wakes up a while later. He basically falls off the bed and crawls to find a gun when he’s under threat, because he can’t stand. Really worth it.

*Firefly: season 1 episode 5 (1x05). Mal gets shot in the stomach. He’s alone and running out of oxygen. He has to fix the firefly’s engine and call back the others, all while bleeding out and losing strength. He has to hold onto the wall to keep himself upright, and eventually, he collapses. Plus, he has to inject himself with adrenaline to keep himself going. Fucking fantastic!

*True Detective: season 2 episode 3 (2x03). Ray is shot; he had a bulletproof vest on, but the impact broke his ribs. He spends the whole episode looking really pale, wincing a lot, sweating and groaning. The best part is when he tries to stand or sit. And then there’s this part at the end… I don’t even think I’m gonna tell you; just watch it… trust me. Besides, you can never go wrong with a little Colin Farrell.

*Sherlock: season 3 episode 3. Thank you, anon for this suggestion. I haven’t seen this episode, but it looks worth it based on the gif sets and summaries. Sherlock gets shot, and spends the episode in pain - weak and unsteady. Eventually, he’s hospitalized, but he sneaks out to be the hero, and - of course - he collapses again. Looks really good… I’m going to watch it.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Steve gets shot in the stomach, but I just didn’t feel like it was good enough. Yeah, he struggled through the pain before eventually passing out (which, I admit, was beautiful), but it didn’t last long enough. Whilst the quality was fantastic, the quantity just wasn’t up to scratch. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that he has regenerative powers faster than that of a normal human, and that’s the sad part for whumpers.

Outlander: season 1 episode 9 (1x09). Outlander is one of the best shows to watch if you’re looking for whump. Jamie is gorgeous and he’s extremely whumpable. In this episode, he gets stabbed (shallow wound) in the stomach. It doesn’t last nearly long enough, but it’s pretty decent quality. His wife has to stitch him up and she’s angry with him, which means a lot of tugging and grunting. Then he gets shat on by the clan leader, and he has to hold onto a table as he stands, his one arm wrapped around his stomach. Just not long enough!

As I think of more, I’ll add them! Hopefully I’ll make this list a little longer. There are a few more scenarios where the character gets shot or stabbed or gets broken ribs (like Hawaii Five-0 and Gothom) but I’m not adding them purely because I feel like the whump was seriously underplayed.

It’s You and Me

A/N: This is a mix of an anon request and one from @millionsleeplessnights (sorry this took me forever) set during the episode Amplification. The reader and Reid have recently broken up but still love each other. When he contracts the Anthrax, she feels guilty. Spencer leaves her a message, as well as his mom. @coveofmemories


“No!” you screamed, banging on the door with Morgan by your side. “Spence, open up!”

His brown eyes softened as he locked the door, refusing to allow either of you in. “I’m sorry.” When you looked toward the far end of the room, you saw it. A broken bottle on top of a pile of white. Anthrax. 

As you looked him in the eyes, you flashed back to that morning. It was just supposed to be like any other day. Work as usual - with a little dash of tension thrown in because you’d broken up with Spencer the month before and weren’t truly over it. You both still loved each other, but something about being in a relationship and working together wasn’t working for either of you, and you still hadn’t gotten used to just being co-workers and friends again. And now this.

“This is what happens when you split up,” you said to Morgan, burying your head in his chest as you tried to stifle the onslaught of tears. “I should be in there with him. He’s alone. He’s always been alone. And now…”

Morgan put his hand on your back, doing his best to comfort you knowing that there was no way to help you. “If you were in there with him, we’d just have to worry about both of you. Plus, I should’ve been there too.”

“You don’t get it,” you said, pulling away and wiping a tear from your eye. “It’s different when…”

“When you love someone,” he finished. He put his hand on your shoulder. “You still love him?” You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “Why did you two end it anyway?”

It didn’t make sense to anyone you knew. Hell, it didn’t really make sense to you. It just was. “Something about working together and being in a relationship wasn’t working,” you said. “We figured rather than get to a point where we blew up at each other, we’d just stay friends.” You drifted off, thinking about your last night together and how difficult staying friends truly was. Even though he was less than 200 feet from you, you missed him.

“So, you decided to throw away what you had on the chance that it might blow up?” he asked confused. He’d thought something else went down. A big fight. Someone cheated. Something to explain why two people so perfect for each other had broken up. 


He’d started out so determined. His mind would get him through this, right? But now he wasn’t so sure. Looking down, he saw that his hands were clammy. His face was shiny with sweat. He was starting to cough. More than that, he was starting to feel the pain. So much so that he was starting to crave the dilaudid again. That twinge had been left in the past - or so he thought. But he wouldn’t take anything - no matter how much pain he was in. He’d die in agony before he put that in his system again. 

And if he was going to die, he had a few calls he had to make. 

“Hey Reid,” Garcia said, minus her usual trademark perk. He made a joke about her not having anything else for him. No witty quip that might cut the tension, but she was too worried.

“I know I can’t call my mom without alerting everyone at her hospital, so I need you to record a message for her, in case anything happens to me,” he said, his voice struggling to get the words out. The last thing he wanted was to die without his mother hearing his voice one last time. 

Garcia couldn’t bear the thought. “Oh hon, you’re gonna find out what happened in that brilliant brain of yours and we’re gonna figure out how to treat this strain.” 

“I hope you’re right, but if not, I really wanna make sure that she hears my voice.” Despite all they’d been through, he needed her to know how much he loved her.

“Gimme one sec,” Garcia said, typing quietly and keeping the tears at bay. She hated that she had to listen to this, and Reid probably did too. But it was the only way. “Ready.”

Spencer took a deep breath, trying not to sound scared. All he wanted was to sound proud, because that’s what he was. “Hi, Mom. This is Spencer. I just, ah, I just really want you to know that, ah, I love you and,” he cracked, “I need you to know that I spend every day of my life…proud…to be your son.” 

He paused, giving Garcia the time to disconnect the recording and start another one. There was someone else who needed to hear his voice - to know how he felt - if he was going to leave this mortal coil in the next few hours. “Garcia, I need you to record one more thing for me…for Y/N.”

“Yea, sure,” she said, secretly patching in Y/N without him knowing. Even if he wasn’t thinking straight, she deserved to hear these words in person, whatever they were.


You were going to answer Derek. When he put it that way it made no sense, and you were pretty sure you’d both made a horrible mistake. But the moment you opened your mouth, Garcia called you, but said nothing. All you heard was the crackling, coughing voice of your ex-boyfriend, best friend and love of your life. “Y/N,” he started, his voice catching in his throat as he spoke. “I want you to know, that if I die…I died in love with you. I know we broke up for a reason, though I can’t really remember what it was. I just know that…every moment with you…was the happiest I’d ever been. If I know what love is, I know because of you.”

The phone dropped out of your hand and onto the deadened grass beneath your feet. The tears that fell from your eyes could’ve watered the ground where you stood. “What’s wrong?” Morgan asked, picking up his phone to call Reid and give him some new information.

You shook your head. Right now, you needed to focus on Spencer. Getting him out of this so you could hug him and never let go again. “I know you’re not thinking straight,” Morgan said, “But the Reid I know wouldn’t stop looking.”

“Gimme that,” you said, taking the phone from his hand and yelling into it. “Hey, you, don’t you dare give up. Keep thinking and get out of there and come back to me.” You threw the phone back in Morgan’s direction as Spencer found his resolve again, searching around the room and through files for anything that might help you catch this guy and find the cure for this strain. 

As Garcia, Morgan and Spencer talked about your possible unsub, you went into a trance - all of your moments with Spencer playing on loop in your head. You were doing your best to memorize everything you’d ever done together in case he didn’t make it. “We got him,” Morgan said. 

“You go,” you said. “I’ll stay here.” With an unsub found and a possible cure in sight, he was going to get taken out and hosed down. 

He looked like a drowned rat. But he was your drowned rat. “Y/N, go, you can’t do anything for me right now,” he said as the medics began to hose him down. 

“I’m not leaving you.” He tried to get you to leave, probably because he thought he was going to die and he didn’t want you to see it, but you weren’t about to do that. 

After being hosed down and decontaminated, he was loaded into the ambulance. You insisted on going with him and the doctor that was working the case. “I fleel fine…I feel fline,” he said, gritting his teeth to fight the aphasia to no avail.

“Hurry!” you called to the driver. He was running out of time.


A jolt at your palm awoke you to those beautiful brown eyes staring back at you. “Spence,” you breathed. “You’re okay…”

“Yea,” he nodded. “There any jello around?” 

Playfully, you punched him in the arm, reaching behind you to grab the jello you knew he’d want. “You’re alive after that and all you can say if ‘do we have jello.’ I’m hurt.”

“No you’re not,” he laughed, smiling at you as he dipped his spoon into the jello. But he stopped. “Y/N, I…”

Leaning up, you cut him off and kissed him, bringing your hand to the side of his face. “I love you, too,” you said. “I don’t care why we broke up. I don’t care if it made sense or if it didn’t. I don’t care if we have an amazing one year relationship and then blow up at each other or if we spend the next 50 years together. I just want you. Okay?”

He put down his jello cup, placing his hand around the back of your neck and pulling you in for another kiss. “You shouldn’t be kissing me. I’m disgusting right now.”

“I don’t care,” you laughed into him. “It doesn’t matter. It’s you and me.”

SHIPS Could They? Should They? Will They?

 There has been a lot of discussion (again) around ships especially since it looks like there is a shake-up among the characters about whose is with who and what relationships are ending and some that might be beginning. Currently Connor’s relationship is strained due to Robin’s health; Nina is paranoid as all get out because Will is back to publicly making goo goo eyes at Natalie. Natalie and Jeff broke up, Tate and April broke up, and Vicky and Ethan are done too. And who the hell knows what’s going on with Sarah and Joey as they are trying to pull Rexton 2.0, the bootleg version, out of nowhere. Which made me wonder about all the ships; their pros and cons and what could happen or if it should and better yet will the writers ever do it….most of these I’d say no cause I just don’t believe it but it’s fun to see.

(I’ve only paired the ones that I have had people talk to me about or I know other people actively ship. Obviously the sky’s the limit here.)

Let’s start with the big 3.

Natalie Manning and Will Halstead

Ship name: Manstead

Why they work: Will genuinely cares about Natalie; he cares about her well-being and there is a protectiveness that he has for her. With that being said Natalie seems to have walked into a relationship without the effort or the pressure. She gets along with Will effortlessly and their friendship deepens because she doesn’t have to think about betraying Jeff or what it means in the big picture, the feelings she has for him snuck up on her and there is something nice about that.

Why they won’t: A lot of shippers that love Manstead forgot about his behavior in the first season towards her. It’s the classic I can’t have you so I’ll treat you like shit. She was originally written pretty tough, witty, and someone that would never take his shit but as we watched her mourn her husband in-between him gas-lighting her every other episode (Like literally after the first 3) she lost a lot of her autonomy and her toughness and it dissolved the other half of the ship. Also another easily forgotten line is that he literally told her he was in love with her but not willing to wait while she mourned her husband that hadn’t even been dead a year….yikes.

Connor Rhodes and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rheese

Why they Work:The show has a very had time filling in the gaps for a ton of their characters but it’s hard to believe that Sarah didn’t grow up wealthy. Her mother is a lawyer and from the sounds of it a litigator and a very successful one. She may not have multi-million dollar Dolan Rhodes money but they are by no means poor…and that’s just a maybe, Connecticut (where Sarah is from) is one of the richest states in the nation. Anyway these two would bond over feelings of inadequacy as being a doctor in the world of monetary elites is still not that impressive so they talk about what it’s like to have everything and still be neglected and disrespected. He can take her to any place and she gets it because she was raised similarly.

Why they Won’t:Canonically Connor kind of has a thing for feisty women, both Robin and Sam were assertive and he’s drawn to a woman that will put him in his place. Sarah is just now getting comfortable in her skin let alone telling someone else how theirs should fit, also Connor is a bit of a rebel ; South America for med school, Riyadh for his residency. Sarah follows the rules.

Will Halstead and Connor Rhodes

Ship name: Rhodestead

Why they Work: Canonically these two really should already be best friends, they both lost their mothers, have one other sibling, strained relationships with their fathers, and special connections with their mentors whom they both ultimately lost. We watch them go to the ends of the earth for their patients but mostly because of ego which is this ships downfall….

Why they Won’t: They are both a bit egotistical. Both want to be top dog so badly, with it unceremoniously going to Halstead, I know we are in the Church of Connor Rhodes but Halstead is actually the better doctor. He was born with the talent that Connor is learning to get. However when it comes to people and jumping through hoops to get to conclusions Halstead is constantly doing them to Connor and ending up wrong every time. The verdict here is if it ever happened it would be slower than Manstead because this is literally when social worlds collide.

Ethan Choi and Sarah Reese

Ship name: Reethan

Why they Work: Rigid rule followers with a sense of discipline, although applied in different areas, these two have a strange balance of each other. He lifts her up so she can see that she can do more and with that teaching it gives her tenacity to step into that role. (Remember that gun episode? Sarah was not letting him steamroll her). She lends a softness to him that allows him to loosen up (which is much needed).

Why they Won’t: Besides the age gap, it’s kind of clear that Ethan only sees her as a kid-sister, a private, so to speak. I could see endless fights about her trying to help with his PTSD and him lightly and not so lightly telling her to back off.

April Sexton and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rexton

Why they Work: This has the potential to be literally THE CUTEST same-sex coupling on the show. Both of them are not the hard partying types, they tend to be the quintessential “good girls.” Kind, easy going, and encouraging. This ship has presh written all over it. SO MUCH FLUFF.

Why they Won’t: When is the last time these two had a scene together? Yeah. Also Sarah has yet to really let her hair down, at least April does every now and then plus the inevitable fight between them about April’s sacrificial lamb-like behavior for her brother and Sarah’s indecisiveness about her future.

Connor Rhodes and April Sexton

Ship Name: SexnRhodes

Why they Work: These two, after that pilot scene, there was chatter but they went nowhere. They could’ve been cute because April would’ve actually been pampered and loved in a relationship where her partner respected her work and her drive. They also have that in common. April isn’t just a nurse; she’s a trauma nurse, who thrives under pressure, with speedy actions, thoughts, and choices. Connor is the same, even though he switched to cardio-thoracic surgery, he is still a rebel that likes the challenge and pace of quick decision making. Also can we talk about the secret fights/dirty talk they would have at work all in Spanish? That ship wrote itself but….

Why they Won’t: It’s all a little too perfect right? Yeah April would definitely take issue with the way Connor fled after his mother’s death. She literally sacrificed her ability at being a doctor to help her little brother who is less talented. Even though there are feistier parts of her personality, I think Connor would end up running over her or getting bored.

Will Halstead and April Sexton

Ship Name: Sexstead

Why they Work: Both are catholic and grew up in Chicago, these two are driven and worked their way to where they are today with little or sometimes NO encouragement from the people that were supposed to love them. Confused and or dumped/bypassed by their crushes (Severide/Natalie) they would share some kind of basic ground for it. April and Will both thrive in the ED and she is an amazing nurse to him because of her speed and accuracy and his quick, logical, and usually correct analysis and diagnosis of the patients but…

Why they Won’t: When they think they’re right…they ‘re right (remember the drunk-guy going through DT’s episode?). She has no problem going toe-to-toe with him but they are both stubborn as hell (his insistence at her taking her meds when she was pregnant, how interesting that story would’ve been if it was his baby) anyway this would still be a hard ship to sail cause Natalie’s ass would still be walking round the ED causing problems…plus her and April were /are? friends.

Ethan Choi and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Rhoi

Why they Work: Aww the quiet little interracial M/M ship between the two hottest male doctors on the show…(yeah I said it). This would be the curiosity ship, who are you? What do you like to do? I never knew that about you kind of relationship. Long talks/walks about the places they had traveled to and the unique cases and ways that they handled them during their times abroad.

Why they Won’t: Remember that ego thing that would tax the hell out of Rhodestead….Ethan Choi is not exempt from that either. Two alphas fighting for control when they are adamant about being right. Connor would cave, problems and fights would ensue.

Ethan Choi and April Sexton

Ship name: Chexton

Why they Work: Arguably the two best looking folks on the show (fight me) they could work because he is probably the second best doctor that works in the ED (I have made my feelings known about the first) and she is the best trauma nurse there. They’d bounce ideas off each other and then go back to the other’s place for good-looking people sex afterwards. What they would talk about…no clue.

Why they Won’t: Remember the episode when April came back after her miscarriage and she was adamant about helping that women who was a mule? Yeah, Ethan is too black and white and the violence he has seen keeps him that way. April sees shades of grey and that would be a huge problem for them, handling cases, and then arguing about them when they got home.

Ethan Choi and Natalie Manning

Ship Name: Channing

Why they Work: One word: military. I could see them laughing over stories about basic training, bad military food, pranks, and residency stories. They would bond over his quiet love of children and her obvious field of pediatrics. His insomnia would be awesome for midnight feedings for Owen while she slept.

Why they Won’t: Remember when he mansplained pregnancy and childbirth as basically not being a factor in trauma (so cringe-worthy)? Yeah he doesn’t respect Natalie’s opinions and that would END them. Also I don’t see Natalie getting together with anyone that was enlisted ever again after what happened with Jeff one and two to be honest. It’s time for her to try something new.

Natalie Manning and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Mannors ( I totally made this up and couldn’t stop laughing so…)

Why they Work: Barely, they are both attractive. Other than that when the show debut they couldn’t have been in more different places in their lives, she was eight months pregnant and he had been overseas treating Saudi millionaires. The danger and excitement of his world may have intrigued Natalie at first and her relative mystery at not answering his questions about her husband might have made him curious but….

Why they Won’t: For all the reasons above, not to mention they stopped writing feisty Natalie like three episodes in and we ended up with second-guessing –judgy -Mary Sue that I have so much contempt for. Connor likes decisive women that challenge him. Also Natalie seems like she has the healthiest family out of all the characters, Connor would feel like an outsider or feel a little ashamed opening up about his screwed-up family.

a baby sleeps in all our bones, so scared to be alone

summary: Garrett’s engagement brings some of Jeff’s pain to the surface.
A Wedding Videography episode-insert that takes things in a canon-divergent direction.
word count: 1,700
author’s note: Thank you, thank you to @bethanyactually for her beta skills.
If you’re anything like me, the first scene in Wedding Videography broke your heart and the fact that no one said anything to Jeff made it worse. So…consider this a band-aid.



“No! Did I miss it?” Annie comes crashing into the noisy classroom, wielding a camera and an expectant smile. “What happened? What’d she say?”

“Yes!” Garrett squawks. “I’m getting married!”

With a groan, Jeff fishes out his secret stash of scotch and pours himself a full glass. But no amount of alcohol is gonna stop the chaotic celebration from carrying on, and unfortunately for him, his ears are attuned to Annie’s voice. He can pick out exactly what she’s saying, even among the crowd of people chattering and laughing.

“Oh my god! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.”

After taking a burning gulp of scotch, Jeff’s eyes drift to the middle of the room where Annie’s giving Garrett an awkward half-hug.

“I think if you guys mosey on over to the cafeteria, you’ll find some Frankie-approved champagne and a party waiting to get started,” she says as she pulls away. “Half-price Shirley’s Sandwiches for everyone!”

“Class technically isn’t over,” Garrett says, his eyes darting toward the front of the room. When he catches Jeff’s eye, Jeff only sneers and pours himself more to drink.

“Please, I’m sure the professor didn’t have any actual lesson plans anyway.” Annie’s voice is playful as she replies, but when Jeff finishes taking a sip from his glass, he catches her gazing at him. He would say she looks concerned, but that’s not a strong enough word. It’s more like her heart has come unravelled and is trying to escape her chest through her eyes.

He winces, and she raises her eyebrows at him questioningly.

“Class dismissed,” he says, averting his gaze.

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episodes 16-18

[Spoilers for the Kdrama up through episode 18. This is super long, and I’m not going to bother breaking it down into two parts. Frankly, I had a hard time writing this as it was, and a lot of the rhetoric surrounding SH:R anymore is bumming me out. I just want to watch my show, feel sad, and enjoy the glorious tragedy. But going through the tags this week, I was so grouchy I almost didn’t post at all. Hopefully some of you get something out of this. I love all my followers so much, thanks for sticking it out.]

While for my own sanity it might have made more sense to do two separate reviews for episode 16 and episodes 17-18, I’m glad I decided to wait. While I was struggling trying to figure out where the show was going to turn based on episode 16 alone, this week created a much clearer picture of what all this was building to.

As hard as I tried to convince myself it wasn’t inevitable, Eun’s death really brought about a change in our main characters like nothing else could have. Like Lady Oh’s death was a seminal event in Soo’s life, Eun’s was crucial and necessary to push So over the edge toward his pursuit of the throne. It was precisely the crisis we needed to resolve the last ambiguity between So and Soo and propel the final arc.

So’s character development has been causing me a growing uneasiness since episode 11. I began to wonder if the writer had perhaps decided to sand away all his wonderful jagged edges, lighten up all his darker grays, and cast him as a basically selfless, heroic and deeply misunderstood soul painted as a tyrant by the caprice of history. I worried especially after Eun’s death scene if perhaps all of Wang So’s actions and brutal reputation would be absolved by circumstances. But this week quickly assured me that I needn’t have worried. 

So is every bit the ambiguous villain I always knew him to be, for a time soften by love, but never really changed. Not at his heart. It’s exactly as Lady Oh, the oracle of SH:R, once stated: People don’t change for other people.

All those arguments that Wang So was wildly out of character this week with his treatment of Soo, the execution of Chae Ryung, and even his conduct toward Jung and his mother…I tend dismiss out of hand. My reading of So has been the same for weeks now. Nothing he’s done is inconsistent with his characterization thus far, and if you’ve been reading my reviews since the beginning you know I’ve always interpreted him this way:

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Friends (Part 6)

Chris Motionless x reader

Warnings: language, coy old ladies, much yelling

 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11)

“Chris?” you question nervously, your hands going to your hips as you stand in front of your bed, Chris closing your bedroom door firmly behind him. “What’s going on? You’re making me nervous.”

He was being weird.

And today had gone so perfect!

You bite your lip as he turns to face you, his t shirt loose over his dark, ripped jeans.

You weren’t sure if it was a good thing he wanted to talk to you alone or not.

“Well?” you demand, frowning even more at him when he just stands there, looking at you.

“Do you like Devin?” he asks bluntly, and you straighten, startled.

“Do I what?”

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anonymous asked:

destiel prompt where dean and sam confront casifer and sam gets knocked out. dean is left alone with casifer and its up to him to save cas. he fights physically and cas and luci jump back and forth. dean has to yell at cas about how much he means to them. theres a lot of sassy remarks from luci and cas yelling tht they dont. finally dean has to admit that he loves him and thats the thing the pushes cas to force luci out. (basically my headcannon for the casifer episode)

A/N: Thank you for the angsty prompt, nonnie ;)

This is an AU as to what perhaps should have happened at the end of 11x14.

Love Is A Strong Word

Lucifer had both Sam and Dean pinned up against walls of the bunker.

Dean was still in shock. How could he be so stupid as to not realise it wasn’t Cas?

“Let Castiel go!” Sam demanded. 

“You are not needed anymore” Lucifer stated. 

He raised his hand and Sam went flying across to the other side of the room. There was a sickening thud as the younger Winchester’s head hit the wall hard. 

Sam cried out in pain before slumping to the ground. He was out cold.

“Sammy!” Dean yelled as he struggled against Lucifer’s invisible binds. 

Lucifer was grinning at him, thriving on the pain and chaos he was creating.

“You bastard” Dean seethed through gritted teeth. He’d had enough. He’d had enough of the son of a butch hurting the people he loved. No more. This needed to end now.

Lucifer laughed manically.

“Ya know, sometimes I just forget how weak and fragile you little hairless apes are.”

He clenched his fingers together and Dean felt the force that was holding him captive begin to squeeze. The hunter felt like he was suffocating.

“Cas…” He wheezed. “Cas, you can fight him.”

“I’m sorry, Castiel can’t come to the phone right now” Lucifer taunted. “He’s busy having a breakdown. Can I take a message?”

Dean felt like all the bones in his body were going to break under the pressure. He was grinding his teeth together and his eyes were tightly shut.

“Cas!” He yelled with his last ounce of strength.

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