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Is a ‘Once Upon a Time’ Baby on the Way? Star Colin O'Donoghue Teases Emma & Hook’s Family Future! (Exclusive)

Oh, baby!

Jennifer Morrison’s highly anticipated return to Once Upon a Time in this Friday’s episode has put fandom into a full-blown frenzy, thanks to the spellbinding photo of Killian’s hand oh-so-sweetly resting on his wife’s stomach.

We at ET have already granted your wish by releasing the first sneak peek of Emma Swan’s kiss-filled appearance in episode 702, but we’re pleased to reveal that we’ve got a few more magical moments left to share!

A few weeks ago (yes, this was before the promo photos were released!), ET sat down with star Colin O'Donoghue on Once’s season seven set in Vancouver, and we asked our favorite pirate about reuniting with Morrison and if a Captain Swan baby could be on the way.

O'Donoghue sweetly revealed that it was “great” to welcome Morrison back to Once Upon a Time’s fully rebooted seventh season.

“I mean, it wasn’t that long since we’d been shooting together every day, so it was very much like we hadn’t stopped working together, you know what I mean?” the 36-year-old shared with a smile. “But it’s always great to work with Jen. We’ve basically worked together every single day for the last five years, so it was good fun.”

When asked what Killian and Emma’s on-screen dynamic will be like in episode 702, titled “A Pirate’s Life,” O'Donoghue spilled, “They’re very much in love still, so that’s one thing.”

We countered that seeing these two characters still in love is most definitely a good thing and O'Donoghue was quick to agree. “It’s a good thing! Yeah, it’s a good thing,” he said.

So, can we expect to see any baby bombshells in Captain Swan’s future? “You’ll have to watch and see,” O'Donoghue teased coyly. “You’re not going to get it out of me that easily.”

Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying!

O'Donoghue added, “You get to see a different side of Hook as well in that episode and a different version of himself, so it’s good.”


Star Butterfly and Tom Lucitor dance at the Silver Bell Ball

Star and Tom dance at the Silver Bell Ball appears in an exclusive sneak peek from Season 3 of Star vs The Forces of Evil for Comic-Con. I think that’s a flashback because Star and Tom became a first romantic relationship from the past.


Syfy released the first sneak peek for this week’s episode. A special guest makes a cameo appearance. Can anyone guess who it is?

Appreciation post- TBBT Sheldon and Amy´s relationship

Although this may turn out to be merely a few lines and not a very long post, I feel like it still needs to be said, even if only in a couple of words. As the new episodes will soon start to air, I felt it the right time to say something at the matter of the last seasons cliffhanger and the sneak peek that appeared for the new season. Now I know not every body things The Big Bang Theory is a good show to begin with, and people have different thoughts about it, but I can only speak about my own thoughts sure, so I will only do so.
Yesterday I watched on TV the episode “The Prom Equivalency” of season 8. when it stuck me: this show is amazing. Its not like I did not think so for a while, but after watching that episode again- and especially the moment Amy and Sheldon have near the end- I was 100% sure of it. (Just to put down in a few words what happened: the girls plan a prom night for the group and everybody hints to Sheldon what happens on such nights, so when he sees Amy in her dress he panics only to later be comforted by her, after what he tells her he loves her)

Originally posted by tbbt-faves

From now on I may stumble with my words on the amount of my thoughts I have for that scene alone, but I hope somehow to be able to bring across just how unbelievable amazing the writing for this show is. Personally, I´ve never seen a couple on TV like theirs, and, personally, I´ve never felt so happy to see a couple like theirs on TV. What ever TV shows or movies you may have grown up with, no matter how bad or awesome they were, there was kinda always a vibe behind that- if you haven´t kissed someone or been intimate with someone at least at the age of 20- there is something wrong with you or you simply don´t exist. Yes, I know I´m putting things a bit up to an extreme, but basically thats how it is. And then these two dorks come across and you feel that, (yes, this “dumb and silly” comedy show) understands the world so much better than most other shows. I feel like- I don´t know- I feel like these two are something so rare and so important that it is a miracle they were able to see the light of network airing. I mean (now my words start to stumble) they don´t start of like most couples do. They have date nights but are not “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, especially form Sheldon´s point of view Amy is only a “girl” and a “friend”. They make a “relationship contract” where holding hands and cuddling are the only things allowed. Even when Amy starts to warm up more there is still nothing more then a few (two or three) kisses. The episode “The Opening Night Excitation” of season 9 is one of the greatest TBBT episodes (and maybe TV show episodes in general). The talk they share before they really become intimate for the first time is just so sincere and honest. It kinda makes you cry. I don´t say that being intimate with your partner is unneeded, its one of the most natural things in the world, but it is just as important showing that a romantic relationship can start of and go deep even before that. It just shows how important love is in all its ways. Both Sheldon and Amy are a bit like caricature characters, like all the characters in the show, I don´t say people just exactly like them exist, but they are still real and three dimensional characters with all their flaws. It is just so wonderful to see how they help each other to grow. We know that Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy a long time before “The Long Distance Dissonance” and yet the moment when he finally does was unexpected and a surprise how far both of them had come.
Before the end I must say that I actually really love all the character on the show, all of them, and all the couples. But for now it felt really important to focus just on these two.
I wish them all the best and may TV-show-fate be kind to them.

A Helping Hand ‘Sneak Peek Pt. 1′

A/N: Okay, I’m back to writing again folks. I’ve just been super busy and had a lack of motivation for working on my stories, but I’m currently writing A Helping Hand and Tangled Up In Blue simultaneously, hoping to have them both done by next weekend. Here’s the first sneak peek of AHH, and I’ll post another one this weekend.

Chapter 10

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[ARTICLE] Watch: BLACKPINK Brings Everything From Dance Moves To Aegyo In “Get It Beauty 2017” Preview

BLACKPINK is set to take over the set of “Get It Beauty 2017”!

A teaser for the upcoming episode of the beauty variety show was uploaded recently, giving fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from BLACKPINK’s upcoming appearance.

(You can view the trailer here.)

The video has everything, from the members talking about YG dating rules, a little bit of heart-stopping aegyo from Jennie, and Lisa looking adorably shy as she dances to “Boombayah.”

BLACKPINK was one of the hottest rookie groups of 2016, and they blazed onto the scene with a unique sense of style and music. It will be interesting to see what they will bring to the next episode of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2017,” which will air on February 26 at 8:20 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for BLACKPINK’s upcoming appearance on “Get It Beauty 2017”?

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otakugirl05  asked:

I would like to know how old is Sebastian in his human form (Butler)and do you think one day Toboso will draw Sebastian in demon bcs in the Anime we had a Sneak peek ?😊

Sebastian has an appearance of a human around 30 years old (I like to think hes 27!) and most likely considering its been teased multiple times and it would be a big disappointment for her to not show us. Personally I’m very excited and have my own hcs on his demon form but from what we’ve seen so far he just looks like…………..a prostitute 

“I have been in love with no one, and never shall...unless it should be with you.”

I swear if Carmilla says this line to Laura in the film my feels are going to be obliterated…

Steph has already stated that there will be lines from the novella that will appear in the film, and the sneak peek that they just released today [x] shows Carmilla reciting a passage from it.

That means that there is a very good possibility that Carm could potentially say this line to Laura…and if she does, I won’t survive. 

I also wouldn’t put it past Carmilla to say such a deeply romantic and (in a way) melancholy line lol. It would also work well with the story line since they will have to interact with Ell, and this would be a beautiful line for Carm to say to Laura.

Anyway, just a thought is all.

In my free time - which is now all of my not-sleeping time yay - I get carried away thinking about stuff like this. Just, don’t judge me will you? So I made this because eh why not, blame the fact that I just want J to appear in SPN very much!

Read Sneak Peek here!

What if Johnathan can’t feel pain because all his nerve endings were killed/burnt in the fire and that’s why he burned his hand in the scene cooking and again when with the iron? He’s trying to feel physical pain but he can’t. 

And that sneak peek from next week….does it appears Valentine killed - rather tried - to kill Johnathan when he was a boy and that’s what his worst memory of his life was, because he killed his son (most likely because he believed him too evil from his experiments) and now Johnathan is hello pissed off at daddy dearest because of it?

AND WHAT THE HELL IS HIS ENDGAME!? If it doesn’t involve being part of Valentine’s plan (he may end up joining Valentine but it seems at the moment he’s working at his own goals) what is it?

Is he going to destroy Valentine’s children (his daughter and the one he raised as a son) to get back at him for trying to kill him? 

He said he didn’t care about the Mortal Instruments, just that he got into the Institute. So what’s at the Institute that he wants? If it’s not information about the third Mortal Instruments - which I think it may be, because Robert in the promo said the Clave is keeping a big secret and I believe it’s that they know where the Mortal Mirror is - if that’s not it, then what?

Ugh, sometimes I hate trying to put my thoughts into words, it comes out a jumbled mess and just sucks. 

Since the demo will be out next week, here’s a sneak peek of some of Cinderella Phenomenon’s CGs.

Yes, Waltz appears as a kid in the story (at least until his curse is broken).

Yes, Karma is a very beautiful lady. :D

We are now polishing the demo for any errors/bugs but otherwise, demo is almost complete.

We’re all doing our best to make this a high quality free game so we hope that you’ll all support us and let us know what you think.

Thank you so much!


A Surprise // Yoongi Scenario

Anon asked:
Can you write a Yoongi scenario for me please~ ♡ Something like the reader wanting to go to a coffee shop date but he takes her to his studio as a surprise instead? Thanks so much ♡♡♡ -shy anon >w<

This request was soooo cute, I loved writing this!! It honestly was so adorable haha. This was a lot of fun writing, but you gotta note that I guessed with his studio. I don’t know if his studio has changed since the last one so I kind of just made something up based on what it used to be (or still is, idk). BUT ANYWAYS. I hope it meets your expectations, my little shy anon ❤ Enjoy

Genre: Fluff
Yoongi x reader
Length: 1.8k words

You tapped the screen of your phone excitedly, searching on maps for a nice little coffee shop for you and your boyfriend, Yoongi. It wasn’t that you didn’t know anywhere to go, but you wanted to try something different this time. It was a date, after all, and you felt like being a little adventurous today. You scrolled through the page, looking at all your options, as Yoongi steadily drove in a direction of his own.

“You might want to wait until I find a place for us to go to, you know,” you told him, tapping on one of the shops so that you could read the information about it. He stopped the car in a hurry, the suddenness of it throwing you forward as he stuck out an arm to protect you instinctively. Cute gesture, but it ended up hitting you right in the nose.

“Yoongi what the-”

“LEARN TO DRIVE, BASTARD,” he shouted at the car directly in front of you, his hand moving away from in front of your face to be thrown up in the air in frustration. You rubbed your nose distractedly, watching him as he glared at the tail of the car in front of you.

“Calm down, idiot,” you giggled, focussing back on the phone as he started to roll forward again. “Or we’ll never make it there.”

His hand moved away from the steering wheel and rested gently on your thigh. “I will mow through every single one of these cars to make sure we get there,” he replied. “Don’t you worry.”

You rolled your eyes. “Psychopathic. Nice.”

“It’s what I do,” he shrugged.

You finished reading about the coffee shop and brought it up to show him, his eyes flitting to your phone screen as he tried to keep watching the road.

“This where you wanna go?” he asked, slamming on the brakes as someone nearly cut in front of him. He struggled to hold back a shout and simply slammed his hand on the horn in protest. You nodded in response.

“Doesn’t it sound nice?” you said, returning back to the screen so you could look at the pictures of the food they make there. It looked absolutely amazing, and you were getting even hungrier just by looking at it.

“Sure,” he replied quickly. “Direct me.”

You started walking him through it, telling him where to turn and which streets to go on to. After a lot of turns and about twelve more near death situations you made it to the coffee shop. You got extremely excited, your stomach growling at the thought of food. You’d waited all morning to come out and eat. But that excitement was short-lived.

“Um, Yoongi? You drove past it.”

“I know, I’m taking a short cut.”

You frowned. “How is it a short cut when we were already there?”

He grinned at you as he shot a glance at you out of the corner of his eye, delighted by your confusion. “Just trust me.”

You watched him closely, not totally sure what he was trying to accomplish with this. He often played games and tried to confuse you, as he loved to watch you try and work out what it was he was up to. You were assuming that that’s what was happening now. You’d been subjected to a lot of random surprises in the past. For now, you were just hoping that he would take you to another place that sold food, because you were starving.

He didn’t drive for much longer before he stopped the car next to a brick wall. Literally just a brick wall.

“This had better not be your surprise,” you said, staring at the drab sight beside the car, hoping desperately that this place was actually a pizzeria or something.

“No of course not,” he said, digging around under the driver’s seat for something. You watched as he pulled out some black cloth, which you soon recognised as a blindfold.

“Um, Yoongi-”

“Don’t worry, this is all a part of the surprise,” he said, leaning towards you so he could put it on you. Not fully knowing what you were getting yourself involved in, you pushed your head forward so he could tie it around your head, cutting off your vision and plunging you into darkness.

“Can you see?” he asked, pressing lightly on the fabric at your temples to test its security. You shook your head, grinning, and he seemed satisfied enough to keep driving. You didn’t even speak, listening closely for sounds that could tell you what was going on. But it was barely a minute before you’d stopped again and he was helping you out of the car.

“Yoongi, seriously, what is this-”

He shushed you, apparently not willing to tell you anything. You let out a soft giggle, the curiosity growing inside of you, but you didn’t press it any further. You could hear from the low buzz of people around you that it was reasonably busy, but that was all that you could work out from your surroundings. Yoongi locked the car and then put his hand on your back, gently pushing you forward and guiding you to wherever you were going.

“These are stairs,” he said before carefully helping you go up each one. It was kind of terrifying, if you were honest, as you seemed to stop on each stair about five times before moving upwards, but eventually you managed to reach the top. Yoongi then moved you forward and into the building, the heaters from inside creating a warm rush over your skin in contrast to the cold of outside. There wasn’t a ridiculous amount of sound in here, but you found that Yoongi knew most of the people in here as you passed by the fact that he was greeted by almost all of them. He took you down many corridors and turns and you were feeling more and more confused. Where the hell had he brought you?

You thought of all the places he could bring you, but none of them seemed to fit that he was known by the people there. Unless maybe he’d brought you to work? But why would he do that?

He stopped you suddenly, and you immediately lifted your hands to the blindfold, desperate to see where you were. He grabbed your wrist, telling you to wait until you got inside. The amount of burning curiosity you felt was astonishing, and you very much wanted to see what was going on.

You head Yoongi open the door that was apparently in front of you. Then he slowly guided you inside, gripping your shoulders as you moved before squeezing gently to tell you to stop. His hands disappeared from your shoulders and you soon felt them tugging on the ties of the blindfold, you whole body overwhelmed with excitement as you anticipated what you would see.

The dark cloth dropped from your vision and you found yourself in a smallish, dimly lit room. You looked around yourself in surprise: it was not what you had expected at all. It definitely was a place for a guy. Most of the things in this room were black, with a little toy Kumamon in the corner and other various trinkets cluttering up in places. But the thing that drew your attention most was the equipment on the desk. Expensive ‘music-making’ equipment.

“Oh my god,” you breathed, turning to him. “Is this your studio?”

He nodded, smiling as you moved towards the stuff on the desk, running your fingers over the keyboard, the microphone, the speakers. Each item was placed so perfectly, and was shining clean. You could tell Yoongi really looked after this stuff. It all looked so cool, just how you imagined it. You stopped suddenly, whipping around to face him again. “Sorry, am I allowed to touch this?”

“Of course,” he said, and then he began to explain to you what each object was, and what he used it for. It was amazing to watch him talk about this, the thing he was so passionate about. You knew that he was excited to share this with you, and you were extremely grateful that he had decided to. You’d always been amazed by his strong passion for music but now that he’d let you in on all of it felt like he really trusted you.

“What have you been working on recently?” you asked, hoping you would get a sneak peek of something from their new album. His adorable smile instantly appeared, lighting up his entire face.

“I’m glad you asked,” he said, moving towards the computer. He opened a few folders before finding the file he was looking for. Opening it, he gestured towards the desk chair so you could sit in it. You did this as he stepped back to let you listen to his latest work, a smile still on his face as he watched your reaction. He seemed a little nervous for you to see it, but you passed this off immediately as him just not feeling used to showing his music to people he was close too personally.

The track started softly, instantly making you fall in love with it. You loved his sound. Of course, you got unbelievably excited when you heard him start to rap. However, you got even more excited when you started properly listening to the lyrics and what they meant. You realised it was all about you and him. Your relationship, your inside jokes, the memories you’d made, even the problems you’d overcome. He was rapping about his love for you. You raised a hand to cover your mouth, desperately trying to hold back tears. No one had ever said such things about you before.

And the way that he was putting across each line had your heart pounding. The beautiful metaphors and imagery just made it a million times better. He’d clearly put so much effort into making this beautiful and perfect. And it was. It was the best thing you’d ever listened to in your entire life.

You were sad when the song eventually finished.

“Yoongi…” you said, your voice muffled against the palm of your hand and your eyes filled with happy tears. You raised your hand to them, wiping the tears away before they could fall. “Thank you so much. That was so beautiful.”

He smiled gratefully, but still gave a cocky response, not giving in to the sappiness of the moment. “How do you know it was about you?”

You simply grinned back at him before getting up and hugging him tightly, burying your face in his jacket. His arms circled around you, holding you close, his breath tickling your ear and his nose in your hair. It wasn’t often that you had purely romantic moments like this one, since he often seemed to close up about his real feelings and speak only through his music. But now he’d found a way to put them both together, and you felt a closeness to him that you’d never felt before. He was such an amazing man, and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have him by your side.

Let me know what you think! Writing requests always open ❤ I write for any BTS member so ask me for anything!


sneak peek of wentworth’s appearance as leonard snart/captain cold  in tonight’s episode of the flash titled “the new rogues.” contains spoilers.