Watch a sneak peek of Brett Dalton and Ming-Na Wen’s first appearance on Milo Murphy’s Law! The episode airs March 14th at 7:00AM on Disney Channel.


sneak peek of wentworth’s appearance as leonard snart/captain cold  in tonight’s episode of the flash titled “the new rogues.” contains spoilers.

Since the demo will be out next week, here’s a sneak peek of some of Cinderella Phenomenon’s CGs.

Yes, Waltz appears as a kid in the story (at least until his curse is broken).

Yes, Karma is a very beautiful lady. :D

We are now polishing the demo for any errors/bugs but otherwise, demo is almost complete.

We’re all doing our best to make this a high quality free game so we hope that you’ll all support us and let us know what you think.

Thank you so much!


Some notes to get out of the way first, obviously top of the agenda is to say thank you to @svenjaliv for the amazing banner she made for this fic. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I love it so much! Also, I want to thank everyone who offered to make something when I put the request out there - hopefully we’ll get to collaborate on art for other fics in the future, because I would love to work with more of the amazing artists in this fandom!

Second, I wound up splitting this chapter due to the length, so the sneak peek and other lines I posted will actually appear in the next part (sorry!). The good news is, it’s mostly written already so the next update won’t take as long.

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Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

                                       Between Heaven & Hell

                                               Part Fourteen

Will shouldered the door open and stepped into the familiar bar, seeing heads swivel his way and recognition dawn on a few faces scattered around the room. Even though it was only just past ten in the morning the regulars were already settled in, glued to their stools with drinks in hand and eyes slipping back to the TVs that were bolted to the ceiling, watching a European sports channel broadcast a soccer match live from the UK.

He stood in the shabby vestibule for a moment with his hands shoved deep in the pockets of his leather jacket, scanning the room quickly for the man he had come to see. It didn’t take long, he was at his usual seat, the one that no one else ever dared use even when he wasn’t present. Like Mr. Jones’s booth in the Jolly Roger, it was permanently reserved and only a choice few could sit with him without an express invitation. But unlike the sleek nightclub filled with the rich and idle where Will now spent his nights, The Outlaw Bar and Restaurant was much more downmarket. Instead of bottle service with top-shelf liquor and a separate cigar menu offered by flirty girls dressed in little more than sheer stockings and stiletto heels, there were baskets of greasy fries and a surly, tattooed bartender in a wife-beater who would grudgingly list the beers available on tap if prodded enough. The Jolly Roger’s black leather banquettes and polished dance floor were worlds away from the Outlaw’s plain wood tables and chairs and peeling vinyl tile, no one was dressed in a suit and Will had gone back to his old uniform of beat-up jeans and faded T-shirt for this particular visit.

His leather jacket was new though, butter-soft lambskin bought full price from the kind of store he could only afford to shoplift at when he was growing up.

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Don’t threaten me with a good time, jaredleto.

Jared Leto // The Joker // Suicide Squad: Sneak Peek // 7/13/15

(with a very special appearance by Margot Robbie // Harley Quinn)

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Unveil Sexy First Footage From Passengers

The two appeared at CinemaCon on Tuesday to debut the sneak peek.

Sony’s upcoming sci-fi romance Passengers unites two of Hollywood’s brightest movie stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and as evidenced by the first footage of the film shown at CinemaCon on Tuesday in Las Vegas, the result is explosive.

“The original script for Passengers was as compelling as any one I’ve ever read,” said Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman by means of introduction. “To me it is both intimate and epic… and that required two exceptional actors, particularly given the emotional and action gauntlet that the characters must run…This is about two people who take a voyage to space knowing that they will never come back to their families again.”

Rothman introduced Lawrence and Pratt to the stage to help present the film, which is directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Jon Spaihts, to the theater owners in CinemaCon’s audience. (Based on each presentation, theater owners decide how many screens on which to put each film and how long of a theatrical run each title will get.)

“My character is a writer in New York and she wants to be one of the first people to make the 120-year journey to another planet and come back and write about it,” explained Lawrence. “She’s very ambitious.”

“Jim is a mechanic and he is the type of guy who fixes things,” Pratt said of his own character. “He uses his hands. But in the world we live in, when something breaks, you don’t fix something, you buy a knew one. So he’s become obsolete and wants to travel to a distant planet, to a new world and distant future, hoping he’ll be useful.”

“They couldn’t be more opposite,” said Lawrence, delivering the line over-dramatically, before cracking underneath her script. “It says that on the teleprompter.”

“As you can see,” Pratt said of Lawrence’s character, pushing on, “She’s glamorous, she’s from New York, she’s an intellect. I play a mechanic and am traveling on the cheapest ticket possible which means I can pretty much eat oatmeal and live in a small cabin whereas she has fancy food and eggs benedict and a beautiful cabin so there is a bit of a [cultural] gap… but as our characters rely on each other, they grow very close.”

“I’m sorry!” Lawrence said, interrupting their pitch to apologize about the clumsy presentation before deadpanning, “Movie tickets are half off!”

“How many of you are there?” Pratt asked the audience, joining Lawrence by going off script. “First of all, it’s awesome that you are here. I’m breaking from the teleprompter too. You guys must be getting bored. I hope you’re getting drunk and making lots of mistakes. That’s what Vegas is all about. I don’t know exactly how a movie theater works. You do.”

“I worked in a movie theater,” Lawrence said to applause.

“Whoever you call to order popcorn and soda stuff, double up the order right around Christmas,” said Pratt. “Because you’re going to need all of it [for the people turning out to see Passengers].”

“Should we go off the stage now?” Lawrence said, pleading with Rothman for an exit cue.

But Rothman, as charmed by the interaction as the audience was, pressed on: “Everyone will believe me when I say that they have chemistry together.”

“Basically what you’re going to see,” explained Pratt of the footage that they were previewing, “is that things really go off the rails when there is a malfunction on the ship and the hibernation pods in which we are asleep malfunction.”

“But just for us!” added Lawrence. “See,” she said to Pratt, pointing out her helpful exposition, “I was useful.”

“I really am extremely proud of this movie,” Pratt added.

Lawrence agreed, “Me too.” When the audience laughed, though, Lawrence clarified, “If that sounded like I was being sarcastic, I was not. [The audience] started laughing and I want to make it clear that I am serious.”

The footage that followed was certainly reason to boast—it opened on a lonely, space abyss in a sleek, sterile-looking spacecraft. As Pratt explained, his character wakes up too soon during the 120-year voyage and is alone, as his over 2,000 fellow passengers remain asleep in their pods. We see him wandering through the aircraft solo for over a year, attempting to amuse himself and conversing with a lone robot bartender (Simon Pegg), who tells him, “You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be that you forget where you are. Every cloud is a silver lining.”

Cue Lawrence’s character, who awakes, confused, over a year into Pratt’s lonesome waking voyage. The two desperately try to figure out how to get out of the ship, or back in their pods—eventually giving up and deciding to have fun. They dress up and have a romantic date night. Sparks ensue, and Lawrence is seen climbing over a table in one scene to make out with Pratt. Another segment shows the two making out in the spacecraft’s pool.

One incredible sequence shows Lawrence swimming alone in that same pool when the spacecraft loses gravity. Although Rothman and Lawrence warned the audience that the effects in the footage were rough, the sequence was still breathtaking. Lawrence and Pratt’s characters, increasingly desperate and convinced they are “on a sinking ship,” figure out a way to get out of the craft and free float into space, but with no way of knowing whether they will survive.

Afterward the lights came up, Rothman remarked, “For those of us who love movies in movie theaters, I see that, and I think to myself, ‘Let’s see Netflix do that.’”

The presentation ended—but not without another endearing hiccup from Passengers’s stars.

At one point, Pratt dropped his microphone, literally, on Lawrence’s foot.

After the Oscar winner yelped out in mock pain, Pratt joked, “That is the anti-Kanye.”



#JamesVsDavid  #TheCuriousCaseOfTheTwins #MetalBuckledJacket #OUATSpeculations

As y’all know, Once is very consistent in the way they dressed up their characters and I could not help but notice some unique story-line brewing for our twins- David and James. 

Our case: David is wearing a rather plain black jacket (first two pics). Whereas James is wearing a similar colour-looking jacket but with a metal buckle on his collar (the remaining pics).

Observations (based on set pics):

Feb 16th: Confrontation between James & David. David ended up being tasered and set reports suggested James picking up the brown bag that David was carrying.

Feb 23rd: Josh was seen wearing the same metal-buckled jacket on set, suggesting that he is still playing James. Even fans on set (@katmtan) realized this a few days after.

March 3rd: It was highly speculated that the gang are back in Storybrooke (Merida’s back) and yes, you guessed it, the metal-buckled jacket makes another appearance! 

Sneak-peek #2: And to be extra sure, i rewatched the sneak peek again and LOW-AND-BEHOLD James was indeed wearing the metal-buckled jacket and David’s the plain looking one!!!

So its pretty likely (i might still be horribly wrong) that James has successfully fooled the rest of the gang that he IS David for a good duration of time, even making it back to Storybrooke! The question is, what the HELL happened to David? Is he still trapped in the underworld? Wow, wow, wow! 

photo credits: @katmtan @yvrshoots

What are your speculations?

So that little gigantic companion piece that will accompany chapter 15? It’s currently at 40k and will probably finish around 100k. But because I’m excited with nothing else to do on a Saturday night, here are some sneak peek lines I’ve picked out in order of appearance ;)

  • “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”
  • The house is tall, small, and nestled tightly between other tall, small houses.
  • He sips his orange bubble water. “They’re going down,” he promises.
  • But here the people are loud with laughter and dramatic swoops in tone as they chatter, all smiles and funny teeth, frizzy hair and genuine manners, nothing like the people he knows.
  • They take the train to San Francisco.
  • “Surpriiiiiiiiise!” She singsongs as he opens the door, in four-inch stilettos and ginormous tinted sunglasses, a perfect manicure perched on the handles of two hot pink suitcases.
  • “More sure than anything in the world.”
  • The Target at Beacon mall is loud and messy at three in the afternoon.
  • “Mm, I don’t think ‘gay’ is the right word for it, dear.”
  • The fireplace crackles and pops softly like a cozy choir by their chairs, casting dancing orange shadows atop the Christmas caramels he and [spoiler] are picking at as the grandfather clock nears midnight.
  • “Those lying little dicks!”
  • The man sits next to him, sighing as his back slides down the window to the ground, putting a comfortable buffer of space between them. A few moments go by where they listen to the chirps of the evening— the woosh of passing cars, the clickity-clack of heels on the pavement, the muffled chatter of couples from the nearby restaurants.
  • “Again, Hale?”