exo stuff that i’m never forgetting:


-suho and kris being the eternal parents

-EXO showtime

-jongin’s laugh

-i got that good good

-suho as a rv member


-their first music show win

-growl and the one take

-jongin’s hat falling 

-sehun + bubble tea


-’chicken is not my style’

-manly luhan

-actor soo

-chanyeol being scared of soo

-tao wearing sunglasses inside the dorm


-the really embarrassing/hilarious wolf teaser




-lay humping the floor but being stopped by his mom aka suho

-haunted house 

-’oh shit’ by Park Chanyeol

-chen’s vocal range

-xiumin’s high note

-EXO-K ‘history’ dance practice video

-shaking pants

-super powers

-11 minutes

-depressing christmas songs all the time

-lay owning SM after being the only chinese member left

-MAMA performances

-specifically the 2013 one


-’my lady’ live performance

-sekai dancing on water

-’artificial love’ performance

-acoustic medley

-’open arms’ cover

-chanyeol’s rap on ‘lightsaber’ and ‘overdose’

-teasers featuring 75% by kai

-pathcode teasers

-baekhyun’s hands

-new abs all the time


-lay’s solo debut album breaking guiness world records

-beagle line

-kim bros

-kai’s ‘deep breath’ solo stage

-EXO-K singing in spanish

-EXO next door

-heart attack VCR

-EXO as little chickens on ‘happy camp’

-chen whinning

-lipstick chateau

-blow it like a flute

-rich suho

-everyone just wants xiumin to talk

-vocals everywhere

-dancing af

-baekhyun’s high note in ‘el dorado’

-tree of life

-’unfair’ stages

-everyone teasing suho

-they’re really random

-chanyeol is the most multitalented person ever

-intro dubstep

-lay + butts


-english covers

-cringe moments

-EXO-M ‘two moons’ dream kpop fantasy concert performance

-tao + martial arts

-the video they imitate animals

-breaking every record ever


-’when the skies and the grounds were one legends through there twelve forces nurtured the tree of life. an eye of red forces created the evil which covered the heart of tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry.
to intent an embrace for heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side hence time is overturned and space turns askew.
the twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike, into two worlds that seem alike. the legends travel apart. the legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.the day the grounds begin a single fault before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.t
he day the red forces purify and twelve forces reunite into one perfect root - a new world shall open up’

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EXO'rDIUM Tracklist (official)

1) Mama (remix)
2) Monster
3) Wolf (remix)


4) White Noise
5) Thunder
6) Playboy (short version)
7) Artificial Love (remix)
8) Unfair

Acoustic Medley (My Lady, My Turn to Cry, Moonlight, Monodrama, Call Me Baby, Love Love Love, Lady Luck)

16) Lady Luck (short version)
17) What If
18) Tender Love
19) Love Me Right
20) One and Only

SEKAILAY dance break + elf vcr

21) Stronger
22) Heaven
23) XOXO
24) Girlxfriend
25) 3.6.5.

CHANHUNSEKAILAY dance vcr (같이해 teaser)

26) Overdose
27) Transformer (remix)
28) Lightsaber (remix)

SEKAI dance break + ment

29) 같이해 (new song)
30) Full Moon
31) Drop That (remix)
32) EXO keeps dancing (new song)
33) Let Out the Beast (remix)
34) Lucky (remix)
35) Run (remix)


36) Cloud Nine
37) Growl (remix)
38) Lucky One


39) Angel *may change

cr. me myself and i listening to day one of exo'rdium

Pathcode Analysis

There are clear differences in the members’ behaviour in the teasers and I think it relates to their roles in the plot of the new MV.

I’ve divided the members into four groups to help you guys understand my theory: Runners, Wanderers and Chasers.

This theory debunks some others (for example, Kyungsoo is NOT the only one that doesn’t run) so only read if you don’t mind that.


- He’s clearly being followed
- He’s watching out for someone; he knows he’s being watched.

- He sees flashbacks to overdose era

- Tao most likely isn’t important now that he’s gone, but it’s interesting that the only other members he sees are DO, Chen and Kris (I think?).
- There may have been something planned for Kris and Xiumin had to take over his role in the story (You’ll see what I mean later on).

- Im not going to try analyse these flashbacks because we’re sure to all come to different conclusions, but Kyungsoo with the black box seems important..

- Kai teleports and you’ll notice as you go through this that all of the members except Kyungsoo use their powers.

- Sees article on comets in the newspaper. The title means “These comets are appearing in ten cities worldwide” These are obviously the 10 cities that the members are in, so I guess they do more then just spell out ‘Call Me Baby’.

- Tao uses his powers to stop time, but it seems accidental.

- Then he runs, hence the name of this group.

- Sehun sees two kids with a plane and levitating toys
- When the teasers first came out, we thought they represented Kris and Luhan and their powers of flight and telekinesis, and I think that’s true.

- It starts getting real windy outside and, like with Tao, it seems like Sehun didn’t do it on purpose. Perhaps they’re struggling to keep control over their powers.

- Then he runs!

- Interference with his earphones (“Someone is looking…”) and phone message.

- The lights start going out and it’s clear that someone’s chasing him, so he starts to run like crazy.

- He uses his powers to make these light particle things. Could be accidental, or could just be so he can see in the dark.

- The lights flicker and his phone and earphones go fuzzy like Baekhyun’s.

- So, you guessed it, he starts to run/bike away.

- He uses his powers to bring the dead flower back to life. Again, it looks like he didn’t mean to.


- I don’t think Xiumin is the same as the other Runners because it looks like he’s running towards something (the place and time on the tv), rather than away from it.
- Firstly, his key ring is the octagonal exo logo shape. This could mean he has something to do with the whole project that the members seem to be part of.

- There are books all over the floor of his apartment. Maybe he’s researching the other members or trying to find them.
- I’m not sure what the spinning top means, but it could have something to do with ‘Love Me Right’ and trying to hold onto reality.

- We see a wolf on the tv screen for a split second. Maybe Xiumin had something to do with wolf era. That might explain the creepy science he was doing in ‘Love Me Right’

- We see the place and time for the next Teaser on the tv screen and this is the only time one of the members is shown a clue like this.

- Xiumin is clearly interested in this piece of information and RUNS out of his apartment, leaving ice on his glass.
- Like the other members, his powers were triggered accidentally, perhaps due to heightened emotion.



- Wakes up

- Walks through a field and a forest and seems lost.

- Walks through abandoned ruins

- Burns the forest down
- He looks calm while he does all this. He doesn’t seem worried about someone chasing him.

- Wakes up

- Walks through field and a forest and seems lost. Exactly like Chanyeol.

- Walks through abandoned warehouse.

- Lets a giant wave of water rush over him
- Just like Chanyeol, he doesn’t seem worried about any of this. He’s not looking over his shoulder or running.

- Suho and Chanyeol’s powers are both used in the extreme and it is unclear whether they use them accidentally or if they did this on purpose.
- What if they were tired of running and were trying to end their lives?


- Like Xiumin, Chen is different from the other members in his category.
- He wanders, but he clearly knows where he is and isn’t lost because all of his books are there.

- Speaking of his books, they’re pretty interesting.
- Firstly, he’s reading a book called ‘Overdose’, which is important for obvious reasons.
- The teasers keep referring back to overdose era, so it’s definitely an important part of this story line.

- Secondly, one of his books is called “The Identification of Unknown”, which suggests he’s researching the other members because ‘the unknown’ is what they’re called in the exo’luxion VCR.

- The book below is called “The Neurophysiological Basis of Mind”, which is a real book by a Nobel Prize winner called J.C.Eccles
- Neurophysiology is the study of the nervous system, usually through recording the bioelectrical activity in the brain.
- These books link him to Xiumin and show that he is aware of the others and could be studying their minds.

- Importantly, Chen doesn’t run. He also doesn’t use his powers until the flash of lightning at the very end of the video, but i’m not sure if it counts because it’s when the EXODUS title is shown

(basically just Kyungsoo though)

Xiumin and Chen could also fit into this category, but their teasers still have similarities to the other members’. Kyungsoo’s is completely different.

- Kyungsoo seems calm and he’s driving somewhere like has a destination.

- Kyungsoo walks down some stairs.

- Xiumin and Chen also have stairs in their teasers, but they walk up them, while Kyungsoo walks down. Symbolism? You decide..
- Also, tumblr user co-kai-ne suggested that the man xiumin bumps into on the stairs could have been coming out of xiumin’s room after searching for information, which is why everything’s all over the floor. Xiumin is also the only member who interacts with another person in the teasers.

- Side note: This camera angle below makes it looks like Kyungsoo is being watched. I think there’s still someone controlling all of them.

- Kyungsoo sees flashes of the other 9 members when he looks through the keyhole, which I’ve included below in case you wanted to see them.

- He definitely has an important role that sets him apart from the other members. This is too big to be a coincidence.

- Now here’s what I find most interesting. Kyungsoo is watching us, the viewer, in the rear-view mirror.

Do we, the exo-ls come into the story somehow?
Are we part of the conspiracy?

I’ve made a follow up post about how these groups fit into the Love Me Right MV here