We are all made of stars

February - Quotes about stars / moon / the night sky

Requested by @picture-book-wolf

I started doing a version of this with gold lettering and it was looking so beautiful but the ink was just not wanting to work with this paper, so if anyone can recommend a good gold ink that’s not too thick but has a nice shine then please let me know. 

Watercolour background, Indian ink brush lettering.


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Mistress of Silence by SweetLittleVampire

Well that ws quick. O.O

Reviving this series, yay! For some reason I´m starting to really get back into Sailor Moon, and I decided to finish the Outer Senshi before I continue with the Inner Senshi. So as I still haven´t decided on a pose for Uranus, have a Sailor Saturn! I love how her sleeves are designed differently, and I think she´s a very fascinating character.

The Zodiac Wheel in the background symbolises the wheel of like, since Saturn is also the soldier of destruction, death, and rebirth.
Gotta be honest - I placed the zodic signs as well s the planetary symbols at random, so don´t try and read something outof that colour symbolism - there is none. XD

Free to colour lineart

Sailor Pluto | Sailor Neptune | Sailor Chibimoon & Pegasus

Sailor Saturn / Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

(12 Feb. 1971) — Gary Meschi (left), and Jim Bacak (right), glove operators employed by Brown & Root/Northrop on the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) site, work with newly arrived Apollo 14 lunar sample material in the Sterile Nitrogen Atmospheric Processing (SNAP) line in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL) at MSC. Pictured in a tray is Apollo 14 sample number 14411. Dr. Don Morrison of the Planetary and Earth Sciences Division of the Science and Applications Directorate at MSC is in the center background.


Life’s hard out there, even for superheroes! Friendly remember to take naps!