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Lifestyle & Culture

Seukteoma |
Hon’mana Seukteoma | Southern AZ | O’odham girl Walking in two worlds, finding myself one day at a time I love interacting with my natives in a positive way & I love giving back My channel is for you guys

Haida. Alaska Native. Language Revitalization Activist. Háw'aa!

Emily Sera
Welcome to my channel! It’s all about my life, so get ready for random rambling, beauty videos, fun skits, advice videos and whatever else I feel like talking about! I want to keep this channel light and casual, and I hope you like it! I guess we’ll see what life brings us, whether I’m in Germany, the US, or wherever else I happen to be. Thanks for watching!

JD Dalton 
Visually impaired, Gay, Hopi Native American with Albinism. I’m JD and through my YouTube channel I share with you my thoughts and experiences I face due to my many minority identity labels along with promoting advocacy and awareness of diversity. I invite you to join me in spreading my message of self love and the fight against ignorance! Keep in touch via the social links below!

Culture Story 
Culture Story was founded to do just what its name indicates: tell the stories of cultures.

Jermaine Sam 
Exploring things That matter to me. #NativeAmerican #LGBTQ #FreeThinker #GayNavajo #GayNativeAmerican #NavajoVlogger #NativeAmericanYoutuber

Kevindakotaduncan |

Laneyy Boyy |

Little Miss Alaska (Planning/Journaling) |

Sheyenne Sky |

Tlingit Clan Conference |

Toniajo Hall |

Glenda Lissette |

Afro Native TV
Promoting a message that inspires people to rise above adversity and assert their cultural identity with dignity and compassion.

Angela Gonzalez
Koyukon Athabascan, wife and a mother of two. I work in PR/communications in Anchorage, Alaska. I love taking photos, writing and making videos. Owner of Athabascan Woman Blog. Specialties: public relations, writing, desktop publishing, photography and blogging.

Asia Soleil Yazzie
Diné with Chippewa, Zuni and German heritage. A mother, dance performer, model, writer, motivational speaker/presenter & advocate. “Dance is sort of rhetoric” -Canon Thoinot

Glenda Lissette
Hi! I’m a Guatemalan American artist who is obsessively creating. My work has themes of nature, self-love, indigenous resistance, history, feminism, science, sci-fi, magic & more ✿


ThatOodhamGirl |

Hi! I’m Winnie and welcome to my channel!

Athabaskan Women |

Dallas Goldtooth |

itsourvlogtv |

Kainoa Blackeagle |

OuttaNativia |

Socialmario |

Will Smiley |

Celia Rain
She loves coffee, she needs music, and likes other stuff. Ho-Chunk/Navajo (ho-jo) Native with a camera

Native Vlogger

eMpower and eMbrace
Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! i am just a typical native girl, but now with a youtube channel! Whoo! I will be posting weekly vlogs and advice videos :) so, hope you enjoy and follow along on this journey called life. :D

Beauty & Fashion

There is no structure as to what my channel will entail…from makeup, vlogs, to old memories. :)

Yellow Tail (Fashion)
Native Fashion

Crystal Starr |

Krissy Marie |

Luxielane |

kokom with good eyebrows |

NativeBeauty |

Alano Edzerza
Pacific Northwest Native Fashion

Beyond Buckskin
Native Fashion

Music Groups & Actors

the 1491s |

A Tribe Called Red
A Tribe Called Red is a Canadian electronic music group, who blend instrumental hip hop, reggae, moombahton and dubstep-influenced dance music with elements of First Nations music, particularly vocal chanting and drumming.

Antoine Edwards
greetings youtube nation! my name is antoineedwards jr (as seen in big ass letters up on top) I sing, rap, act & do just about anything entertaining in front of a camera. I am always ready to travel & perform. please subscribe & help my fan base & subscribers numbers

Bird Crew Productions
Some Funny Iksh Right Here!!! Now remember My videos consist of strong language, so please be advised you are about to Laugh Your Ass OFF!!!

Cheyenne Jackson |

CmanVlogga |

I Sing. You Dance. |

Indigenous by Blood |

Jordan Mowat |

Nataanii Means |

Pamyua (Yupik) |

Scott Abraham |

The Backer Twins
We are The Baker Twins! Our names are Shannon Baker & Shauna Baker. We post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! We are twins that are actors, fitness enthusiasts and models. We like making comedy sketches, fitness videos, beauty videos and youtube challenges with our friends.

Tonia Jo Hall |

Native Langauge Channels

Tsimshian Language
Tsimshian Language in Alaska. Revitalization and preservation efforts.

Ahtna Language Learners
This channel is dedicated to sharing and growing the knowledge of the Ahtna Athabascan language. Please send request for things that you would like to be able to say, and we will try to get something up. Tsin'aen! Thank you.

Tlingit Language Yakutat

Navajo Language Daybreakwarrior |

Eyak Langauge ~ dAXunhyuuga’ |

Learn the Eyak Language |

Haida language Haida Language Learners |

Puyallup Tribal Language |

Mikmaq SavvyUnLtd |

Haida Langauge 1 |

Haida Language 2 |

Tlingit Langauge

Organizations & Tribes

Bristol Bay Native Corporation |

University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Cherokee Nation |

Council of the Haida Nation |

First Alaskans Institute |

IndianCountryToday |

NANA Regional Corporation, Inc Inupiaq |

National Congress of America Indians |

Native Peoples Media |

Sealaska Heritage Institute |

Sealaska |

SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market |

Alaska Native Languages


Haida Jewellery |

Qwalsius |

Art Shaylene Reynolds |


Solo NDN
Hey guys I’m solo NDN AKA Johnny or theboyfrommars…. and hi hah…. I’m a full blooded Native American (Navajo) and I’m 18 years old! I love to play story games! and I’m chill gamer… unless its a online game then I’m a rager or hyper… but sub if you want… and thanks! bacon!!

Chief Sweet
Hi I’m Chief Sweet I am a Native American vlogger and gamer. I post all kinds of videos for entertainment stick around because it gets crazy. I come from the Seminole Nation Tribe of Oklahoma.  

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name/nickname: emily/em
height: 5’ 7″
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
favourite colour: maroon
fictional character I’d like as a sibling: no clue??
number of blankets I sleep with: 1 sheet and 1 blanket
dream vacation: i’d love to visit london again
what I’m currently wearing: white t-shirt, leggings
do you get asks on a regular basis: nah
aesthetic: black, white, gray, space and stars
star sign: scorpio
last thing you googled: westworld episode 10
favourite music artists: the national 
do you have any other blogs: i have a sideblog
why did you choose your url: really wanted a dishonored url!!


Bakugou Katsuki for Emily  ♡

Happy Birthday @kurohiru !

Sharing Teen Literary Love with @blueeyedbiblio

For more young adult book recommendations, follow @blueeyedbiblio on Instagram.

You can thank Harry Potter for Emily Ables’ (@blueeyedbiblio) infectious love of literature. When the 18-year-old Ohioan first encountered the boy wizard, it was — appropriately — a magical moment.

“It showed me how much stories can do,” Emily says of the J.K. Rowling series. “Stories can allow you to live somewhere else for a day. They can show you what it’s like to have supernatural powers. They can show you that you’re not alone. Once I learned how many lives I can live through stories, all I wanted was to read, read, read.”

Emily started her book-centric Instagram last year, and her followers consider her an expert in young adult novel recommendations.

“I’ve had people tell me they bought Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas because I raved about it so often,” she says. “Those instances always make me incredibly happy. I love when people read a book because they know I loved it. Sharing the love of reading is a great feeling.”

ggnik-nus  asked:

Hello, Mr. Mark Ruffalo! My name is Emily. The movie "Infinitely Polar Bear" was the last thing my dad and I bonded over when he passed away in February earlier this year. He had bipolar disorder and major depression along with alcohol and drug addiction. It brought my dad and me to tears with happiness and sadness because we both related to it strongly. This movie meant a lot to my Dad, to me, and my younger sister. Thank you for portraying this role and doing it so well.

Oh dear Emily, it is for the very reason that you state so eloquently that I do what I do; to bring people together with a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them through the beautiful and kindly act of honest story telling. I am honored to have been even the smallest part of that deeply significant moment, when two people are saying a final farewell to each other. I have bipolar family members. That is a difficult kind of relationship at times. It takes a lot of love and understanding to live peaceably through without being constantly hurt or angry. That movie was in no small way an homage to them and an apology for the places where we went wrong. I am so happy that it meant something to you and your family. Most of that has to be attributed to Maya Forbes who wrote it, directed it and lived it.

The episode with Emily and I, there was a turtle shell right next to us, when we were sitting on the porch and we were talking. And I stole that, and I wrote her a note on the turtle shell and gave it to her.
—  [x]

Hi Taylor!
I’m not sure if you remember me but my name is Emily!! I wished you luck at the Grammys last year and you thanked me for it! I was honestly the happiest girl in the entire world when I realized that you replied to me. I was so happy that I cried for 3 hours straight while talking gibberish to my friends. You’ve honestly gotten me through everything. I unfortunately faced a lot of medical issues last year. I was hospitalized for a life threatening condition that happened because of a surgery I had a few days earlier. My doctor told my family and I that I was at high risk for massive organ failure. You helped me through the fear and the pain. The iHeartRadio Awards aired while I was in the hospital which made me pretty happy. A nurse came in my room every time you won a award because I “had to keep my voice down” and “the tv was too loud”. I hope you know that I will always be there for you no matter the circumstances. Thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday for the past 8 years of my life.
Lots of love, Emily

Happy Thursday, friends!
I’m out of school and enjoying the summer! I hope you all are doing great as well! Here’s a picture of the last two weekly spreads; it’s been pretty uneventful. For the summer I plan to only use a monthly spread to save paper for the next school year.

Also! Thank you so much to all of my lovely followers! I think all of you are the greatest! As I’m nearing 500 (wow!!!) I thought I’d try to do something big to show my appreciation for you all! If you have any ideas, send me a message and I’d love to hear it! Or even just drop by to say hi! I’m always up for a great conversation! Have a great one!
~ Emily


You’re about 12-15 years old in this :)


Reid looks over at you from where you sit huddled in a chair with a blanket around you as JJ speaks to you comfortingly. “What’s gonna happen to her now?” He asks.

The police chief of (your town) sighs. “She’ll have to go into Foster Care or an orphanage. I feel terrible, (y/n)’s a good kid.”

But the agent’s already gone and walking toward you. He sits down in the chair next to yours. “Hi, (y/n), I’m Reid.”

You look at him warily. “You’re one of those FBI guys.” He nods. “How did they die?” You whisper, tears forming in her eyes.

JJ gives Reid a desperate look, telling him this isn’t the first time you’ve asked this question. He looks back at you and takes your hand. “They died protecting you, which is everything any parent could ever wish for. They went peacefully.”

You nod, tears falling freely now. “Are they-” you choke, unable to get the words out. JJ tightens her arm around you.

But Reid understands. “They’re in a better place now.”

You nod, and he squeezes your hand one last time before standing up with JJ to talk alone. He looks back over at your shaking figure before saying, “JJ, I can’t just let her go to an orphanage.”

“But, Spence, she has no family members who can or will take her in.” The blonde argues. “Where else can she go?”

He looks her in the eyes. “With me.”

Her eyes widen. “You can’t be-”

“I’m completely serious, JJ. There’s just something about her. I need to take care of her. Make sure she’s okay.” He explains, looking back at you.

“But Reid, you’re talking about adoption. That’s not just making sure she’s okay, that’s making sure she’s okay forever.” JJ tries to reason.

But his mind was set.

One year later

“Hi, (y/n), how are you?” Garcia squeal so, hugging you as you walk into the BAU offices with Spencer.

You laugh, hugging her back. “I’m good, Garcia.”

“Good.” She says, before walking with you and Spencer to say hi to the rest of the team.

Ever since your parents died, and Reid took you in, your life has been completely different. While Spencer is your legal guardian, you see him more as an older brother then a father. But, you love him all the same.

The BAU team has become your new family. They helped set up a school for you to go to in DC, and when Spencer was gone on cases, you would stay with Garcia who usually stayed at the base.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts by the sight of the rest of the team standing over a cake on Reid’s desk. “Happy Birthday, (y/n)!” They yell, smiling at your shocked face. How do they even know your birthday?

“Thanks, guys!” You say, exchanging hugs with everyone. Even Jack, Henri, and Will are present for the surprise party. “This means so much.”

“Well, don’t give us the credit, this was the boy-genius’s idea.” Rossi says, smiling.

Turning around, you look at Reid who has his hands in his pockets, smiling. Rushing forward, you pull him into a hug. “Thank you. I love you so much.”

He hugs you back, kissing the top of your head. “I love you too.”

Pulling away, you turn back around to Garcia strapping a birthday hat on your head and Prentiss handing you a piece of cake. Laughing, you take it and hug the woman with one arm.

Looking around the room, you see JJ and Will giving Jack and Henri pieces of cake, while Rossi and Hotch eat quietly, laughing as Jack manages to get frosting all over his face. Spencer is laughing at something Prentiss said, and Garcia stands by Morgan, both flirting with each other as they eat.

You smile, grateful for your new, slightly dysfunctional family.


Hi Taylor!
I’m not sure if you remember but my name is Emily! I saved up like crazy for a ticket to the 1989 tour and I’m happy to say that I’m seeing you on September 12th in St. Paul, Minnesota!! I have been devoted to you and your music for the past 7 years and this will be the third time I’m seeing you! I am extremely grateful for you and your music, learning about your experiences has helped me in so many ways and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll also be in section 118, row 14, seat 13! I love you so, so much and I’ll see you soon💗💗

A massive thanks to my wonderful friend @aelinqueenofshadows for sending me this beautiful book! I can’t wait to read it soon! Thank you so much, hun! Love you! 💖✨

"i ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders" by Emily

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend at BiteCon or following along vicariously like myself! Looks like it was lots of fun! Well, Monday is here again and today we are featuring a piece by Emily entitled, “i ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders”.

Firstly, we have heard so many compliments on the title! Everyone loves it and all that it represents, especially with these three.  The art itself is obviously also fabulous. It’s a fantastic piece and we love having it in our gallery! Definitely a piece that everyone goes in for for a closer look.

Thank you, Emily!  We love your piece and hope that you continue to make awesome art for all to enjoy!

See you next week for a new piece of TW fan art! For all our previous pieces, click here.

Another Owl

Dear Emily

Thank you again for your assistance in the collection of an unauthorized charmed device.

More so, thank you for a lovely evening of conversation. I must say you are a delight of a person and, knowing now how sharp your wit can be, I may have to go back and read this “blog” you mentioned.

We’ll have to get together again another time.

Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office

The events as Hamilton quotes

DI: “You ever see somebody ruin their own life?”

HI: “Awesome, Wow.”

Duo: “Hey.” “Hey.” Hey.” Hey.”

PF: “He wrote it down right there.” “HIGHLIGHTS.”

LD: “For once in your life, take a stand with pride. I don’t understand how you stand to the side.”

Policy: “I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive”

Congress: “They will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun!”

Impromptu: “And I got nervous thinking ‘What’s she gonna do?”

Prose: “But his mother went quick. Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide.”

Poetry: “You can write rhymes but you can’t write mine.”

Oratory: “The convention is listless.”

Expos: “Number one!” “Number two!” “Number three!”

Extemp:  “Watch this obnoxious, arrogant, loudmouth bother”