Are you tired of sleeping in to a reasonable hour?

Sick of ALL your possessions being in tact every single morning?

Does your alarm clock not even TRY to shatter your pelvis when it wakes you up?


Introducing AssholeDogs™, the latest in the line of quality products from FUCK I Could Have Had a Goldfish!

Our patented Crotch-Target technology will ensure that you never wake up past 5 in the goddamn morning un-doubled over in pain ever again!

For just one easy payment of literally fucking any amount, you too can be the proud sobbing existential-regret-filled owner of your very own AssholeDog™!

Now available in THREE fun and festive colors!

*Units sold as is, some assembly required.

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okay, i’ll do it. Here goes nothing. 


dear sweet baby jesus this better work….

Oh sweet lord, sweet Jesus!! So Dipper did feel something towards Pacifica guys! I’m having a moment right now. I feel so alive, this is fueling my love for this ship, and there will be more art on the way ;D thank you Alex! Thank you!

AAAAND FINALLLY (SWEET JESUS WHY SO LONG SORRY) First Follower Giveaway Prize - Reverend Browman 

This grumpy grandpa salty belongs to a lovely @thedovahcat, who is an awesome person and if u haven’t checked out her blog, go do that now dumdum!! Especially if ur into smol/tol grumps and amazing art in which case go right now.

Oh the chibi at the bottom is Rev’s bae Hassour, who belongs to the lovely @clockworkpriest….sorry friend, dovah made me draw that *runs away*.

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Andy Samberg’s Bike Doping Limited Series Tour de Pharmacy Ordered at HBO, Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs to Star

Following on the success of their tennis satire 7 Days in Hell, Andy Samberg and Murray Miller’s next HBO mockumentary project will take on doping in the world of professional cycling.

Titled Tour de Pharmacy, the limited series will star Samberg (as one of the competing cyclists) as well as Hamilton‘s Daveed Diggs, who takes his final bow in the Broadway smash tonight. The cast also includes Last Man on Earth‘s Will Forte, as well as Julia Ormond, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren, John Cena, Mike Tyson and Nathan Fielder.

Miller and Samberg will both executive produce (with Miller writing) alongside David Bernad. M Elizabeth Hughes will also produce. Jake Szymanski will direct and co-executive produce.

SWEET HOLY JESUS, NOW WE KNOW WHY. Oh my GOD, I’m so happy and proud I could burst.