I just read that article about Gamergate. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. They made me want to break shit. Specifically the commenters’ heads. Like fucking melons. Rid the gene pool of your degenerate filth. Gamers are shit. Why do gamers have to be so shit? Why do I have to share my hobby with these putrid shitstains on the rotting underbelly of humanity? Fuck this I’m so pissed.

I wanted to wait to the 1300 but im too excited, THANK YOU SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH. Since I’ve started this silly blog I’ve had lots of fun and it’s obviously due to you, guys! I know this blog is not a bit professional and that I talk a lot and probably annoy you sometimes u anyway I love y’all (in a respectful platonical sense or in a physical one if you’re fine with it ;) )

*kisses and cuddles*

It’s strange how this time last year was one of the lowest points of my life. Last May I was broke, unemployed and my boyfriend broke up with me after three years of being together, two days after my birthday and no friends to support when when I needed it most. You could say I was feeling terrible about myself, I had absolutely no idea what to do during that time of such despair. Now, in May 2015, I’m about to turn 21, I have a new guy in my life who I absolutely adore, and I’m just about to start a job that I have wanted for so long and I’ve finally learned who my true friends are. It’s so weird how my life has done a total 360 on itself. I’m so happy that I don’t even know how to comprehend this situation.