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did you watch stranger things? do you ship nancy with johnathan or steve?

i ship nancy with the closure she needs about barb, her best friend being gone. i ship nancy with the reassurance that she can be herself and not to be pressured to be someone else. i ship nancy with the fact that she doesn’t have to just be a pretty lead whose nice to look at or whatever. she’s a bad ass and a good shot. she isn’t a “princess” she’s a god damn queen. 

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I'm moving out of home-the only one I've ever known-because, it's just too abusive to stay. But, I feel like I'm being forced to grieve something. I don't know how, but the whole thing is making me way too anxious. How do I get through this? I'm a 20 y.o female.

Before you sit down to meditate or do any kind of spiritual practice, find yourself a mirror and a quiet place. Use whatever techniques you know to get yourself into a relaxed state.

Now take a good, long look at the person there in that mirror. Who is she really? Look deep into her eyes and find the human being there, the person who is, like all sentient beings, just doing the best she possibly can.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be soft. Be friendly. And as you do all of that, generate a feeling of warmth and love for that person and tell him or her with all your heart:

I love you. May you be happy. May you be at ease. May you be free from suffering.

Say this again and again, all the while looking deeply into your eyes.

This practice is not always all fuzzy-warmie-happy-time. It’s possible that many hurt feelings, shortcomings, and fears will come up at this point. It’s okay. Cry if you need to, then just let it all go as you remind yourself that you are deserving of love, just the way you are.

We can’t expect to go from wounded to healed and whole overnight. It takes time, work, patience, and a lot of help. We have to put in the hours and make the effort to care for ourselves.

We have to find the ways and methods that work best for us, seeking out the best help, kindness, and guidance that are available.

But if we stick with this practice of loving ourselves, I think we’ll find that we’ve built ourselves a solid foundation for deep and truly meaningful spiritual lives.


Forrest Curran

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Butterfly went up to Sans "H-Hi Sans!" she exclaimed, smiling "i-im sorry about last time, Scarlet was hyper, this time its just me though.. Can we maybe hang out a little bit? or i can do some or puzzles, whatever you wanna do is fine really..." Butterfly looked at the ground, shuffling her feet "Im good to do whatever. i do have to kinda make it up to you.."

Blue looked over to see a familiar face and he smiled at the child. “Oh. Hello human!” he smiled. When Butterfly told him that Scarlet’s not around, he mentally sighed in relief. At least there’s no murderous humans around… Hopefully. “Hang out? Sure! That’s fine with me.” he chuckled. “I didn’t quite catch your name last time.”

omg I’m so sick today. I originally thought it was just anxiety bc I was doing something at work that I’ve never done before and working w my boss always makes me anxious. I only worked 2 hrs and I could feel myself getting worse and worse but I thought I should stick it out. There was lots of bending down and that was almost impossible w/o wanting to be sick. I had to put food away and /that/ almost made me sick. I almost asked to go home like 8 times…I got home at 11:30 and immediately went back to bed and just woke up and it’s 4 and I still feel awful. My neck hurts, the back of my head and around my forehead hurt. My stomach is suuuper upset. Like I can’t even drink water right now…..I work at 6am tomorrow and I think I might call in, I’m just so miserable.

A new oc I created days ago♥ 

What can I do to help you, young toon?

Jewel is a firebird toon. She may look young but she’s more older than you think. Jewel lives in a big enchanted garden somewhere in Toontown. Toons can visit her garden whenever they want either to relax on her garden or just want to talk to the firebird herself. Jewel is a very loyal and will always greet toons with a smile. She’s also a good listen and will do whatever she can to help out the toons with their problems. 

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i also love how we see pidge before everything, and she has long hair and wears a dress, then we see her pretending to be a boy, and like how she presents herself doesn't matter, because both ways, we see her personality as someone adventurous and badass that wants to do something great and isn't taking no as an answer like she rules herself and that's such a good example to girls that they can be whatever they want and appearance is just one part of themselves????

Yeah! Like, she doesn’t actually change herself, she just changes the way she looks. And she’s a girl, sure, what about it? It’s not a big plot point. In fact, I think her being revealed as a girl was more about her revealing it, like, she trusts the team enough to tell them more about herself. And for the audience members like me, who are always up for non-girly female characters, it’s great knowing that she is a girl, but for the characters, it’s just a part of who Pidge is - but it’s not the most important part.

Sister, I will be your keeper

“Whatever Ash, leave me here. I don’t care - in fact, do leave me here. I’ll be a hunter, all by myself. Dad did it right? Why can’t I?” For one, Beth was barely eighteen, she promised her mother she’d finish high school (she did, she just didn’t go to the stupid ceremony) and start looking at colleges for the next year, she promised her father she’d be good and not run away again - well, Winchesters always make promises they can’t keep. 


okay guys, so I just spent the last hour and a half climbing through a window with an air conditioner in one side to save my dog, with my mom. These are some key quotes that for whatever reason I felt would be good meme asks, so.

“I forgot my keys. Where are my keys.”

“What do you mean, you forgot your damn keys?!”

“Okay, I think I left a window open somewhere.”

“I’m too short. Do you have a step-latter by any chance?”

“Why the fuck do you think I’d have a step-latter.”

“Look at how sad she looks. Look at her. She’s begging us. We gotta save her.”

“Can you just lift her through the damn window?”

“Hey, where did we leave the spare key?”

“We have no spare key.”

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘we have no spare key’?”

“Okay, so this window isn’t moving. Let’s try the other one.”

“I’m pretty sure that guy in that car over there’s been watching us for at least fifteen minutes now.”

“We are sneaking around a pitch-black house with flashlights trying to open windows.”

“What if he calls the cops?”

“Maybe the cops will help us. They help people before they throw them in jail right?”

“Hey, is this screwed in?”

“What an asshole, it was screwed in!”

“Can you crawl through the window with that thing in the way?”

“Are you stuck?”

“…I’m stuck.”

“You need to wiggle your hips.”

“You need to wiggle my hips for me, because I’m stuck.”

“Did you just shove me through the fucking window?!”

“It worked, didn’t it?”

“Hey, do you think this was important?” *holds up object*

“Not anymore!” (to the object)

“Where do you think that guy went? To call the cops?”

“I think he figured out we weren’t trying to rob this house with the frantic flashlight waving and the noise made by The Window Struggle, not going to lie.”

“Just another regularly scheduled clusterfuck in our day to day lives.”

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sonosuke X andou and chisa x munakata

YES TWO SHIPS I LIKE HERE WE GO (also i’m using whatever info i have to this point so in a month or so this may or may not change)


who’s the cuddler: Ruruka, she initiates the cuddle and Izayoi just looks at her and pulls her in, she probably feeds him some candy and takes a nap on him. How cute

who makes the bed: Ruruka’s too good to make her own bed, she gets Izayoi to do it for her. She probably watches him do it actually

who wakes up first: Izayoi, he gets up early to do his job being a blacksmith. Ruruka probably likes to sleep in a little. Some days they might wake up together.

who has the weird taste in music: Izayoi might be one of those silent but deadly types…Probably likes death metal but no one knows about this

who is more protective: Izayoi, he really only talks to her, and without her it doesn’t seem like he has much to do except for do blacksmith stuff. Ruruka really enjoys his company as well

who sings in the shower: Ruruka, she probably likes to have a great time in the shower and perform a concert

who cries during movies: I don’t think either of them would cry, maybe Izayoi would shed a single tear when the dog dies but I’m not sure either of them would

who spends the most while out shopping: Ruruka has a fancy-ass coat so she must’ve spent quite a bit of money on it. She probably goes on shopping sprees and bus whatever she wants

who kisses more roughly: Ruruka, she probably gets so into it

who is more dominant: Ruruka, Izayoi seems kind of 

Final thoughts: I really wanna see this ship more and these two characters are two of my favorites (Ruruka being my all-time fave) in the FF but I’d love to see more


Munakata / Chisa

who’s the cuddler: Chisaaaa for sure. She’s the kind of person who would tackle hug him and he’d struggle to get her off but he’d realize it’s useless and give in

who makes the bed: Chisa, she is a maid, after all. It would be pretty convenient to have her there

who wakes up first: Chisa, she needs to get up and early to do her cleaning duties, but  Kyosuke probably has to get up early to do his thing too

who has the weird taste in music: Chisa, she seems to take an enjoying to Ibuki’s music, so she probably listens to that kind of music on a daily

who is more protective: Kyosuke, it says in the wikia that he’s protective but it’s so lowkey but he really cares for her

who sings in the shower: Chisa sings whatever song gets in her head, and usually it’s just two lines over and over

who cries during movies: Chisa’s the emotional one, she would probably sob when the two star-crossed lovers unite. Kyosuke just rolls his eyes

who spends the most while out shopping: Chisa takes the phrase “treat yo self” too literally and buys any and everything that makes her happy

who kisses more roughly: Chisa initiates any romantic thing, whether it be holding hands or anything like that. Chisa gets into it and she’s super passionate about it

who is more dominant: Kyosuke totally is, but you have to get it out of him, for sure. Chisa probably teases the hell out of him until he gives in

Final thoughts: I used to not like Chisa but she grew on me so much and I think this pairing is super cute, and Kyosuke would totally have a soft spot for her. Overall, cute ship 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…