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What's a psat?

the PSAT is a test that you’re able to take in highschool that is supposed to prepare you for the SAT that you take in your senior year! sometimes it’s required (like it was for me this year pbbttt) and sometimes it’s optional

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what kind of magical powers would the GoM+Kagami have?

you mean their basketball abilities aren’t magical enough??

Akashi Seijuro: Undoubtedly the leader of the group of people with supernatural abilities, Akashi’s precognition and telekinesis is two powers combined into one. He can predict the next few seconds, but telekinesis is his stronger power. He can manipulate and even control objects (but mostly people) with his eyes and brain. 

Aomine Daiki: No wonder the rest of the world looks slow to Aomine. His supersonic speed is too fast for the rest of the mundane humans to keep up to him. His incredibly quick reflexes are matched by his ability to process physical activity just as quickly. It helps him run away from bees, get the latest magazine of his favorite gravure model, and of course, be an exceptional basketball player. If only he could say the same about his abilities in math.

Kagami Taiga: His power theoretically shouldn’t work, but his probability manipulation is unparalleled. As he grows and fights the GoM to beat them, he somehow changes the likelihood of his success. With exceptional physical build and a simple ability, he wants to show that he too can be powerful.

Kise Ryouta: Perhaps the most odd power out of the GoM, his ability to shapeshift goes far beyond turning into random objects. No, his ability is more useful and allows metamorphosis for mimicry of other living beings. Whether he’s showing off his looks with a pose or playing ball, his attention to detail is phenomenal and allows him to mimic movements and characteristics.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s invisibility becomes extremely useful when he’s embarrassed by Kagami or just wants to read his book in peace for a while. Although Koganei and a few others try convincing him to peek on girls in the female locker room, Riko always seems to overhear and knock the idea out (literally) from everyone’s heads.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s disguise of being detached from the people around him is matched by his telescopic vision. He can magnify and extend his vision to various lengths, but it puts a large strain on his eyes. His intelligence makes him extremely useful because when it is paired with the telescopic vision, he’s unstoppable. Not to mention, his physique is in excellent condition. In essence, he’s more powerful than he seems. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: the power to eat and not gain weight Though unknown how this is useful to the group, his matter ingestion is paired with his extreme physical abilities honed by his training. He can eat almost anything and everything without having an ill effect, but he prefers eating things with a high sugar content because of his sweet tooth.


Imayoshi Shoichi: His telepathy secretly freaks everyone out. He can sense the thoughts of others and use them to further his own plans, whether it be to get Sakurai to stop apologizing or to make his opponents gulp in fear.

annoying negative post re: academics


does anyone else feel like they aren’t “allowed” to act enthusiastic about stuff that they’re relatively unknowledgeable about? like I know that this is not in any way constructive/productive, and yet! I get that you should respect the difficulty of a field/problem and not be like “lol [x subfield] is all fun fountain and no work” because yeah, why be reductive of people’s work, but I’m getting annoyed at how many times I’ve enjoyed something early on, only to be told by someone smugly that it’s only my naivete talking. surely I’m still very naive but when I think about how people told me this about high school math (”just wait until you take calculus and then tell me whether you’re excited about math”) and the same analogous thing with chemistry, the nightmarish more difficult analog being physical chemistry/statistical mechanics and here I am a few years later wondering what all of that discourse was ever good for, other than satisfying people’s cognitive dissonance that maybe I’m going to amount to something other than a silly, spacy, and ditzy girl ughhhhhhh