valentine’s matching icon base // feel free to use, no credit required !

Base belongs to Midori Fujita


So I found this on my facebook wall and it was sooo cute!!! I ask the admin and they give me permission to upload this on Tumblr as long as I’ll credit ‘em~

One person one request for now. And it doesn’t have to be Undertale pairing. Have fun everyone~

I haven’t been uploading more than little sketches lately, but that’s because I’ve got ONE MILLION BIG BOY JOBS that I’m working on all the day long (usually)

Here’s a bit of a bit of progress on one of ‘em.

“Are there any queers in the audience tonight? Get ‘em up against the wall! That one in the spotlight, he don’t look right! Get him up against the wall! And that one looks Jewish… and that one’s a c***! Who let all this riff raff into the room? That one’s smoking a joint! And that one’s got spots! If I had my way, I’d have all of you shot!”

Pink Floyd - The Wall, 1982.
Directed by Alan Parker.

Hey everyone, big news today! I just uploaded a new song to my soundcloud (, you should totally go listen to it please and with headphones maybe please

I also have merch if anyone is interested - T-shirts with the design above (designed by @worriedshoos) are being sold for 15$ (paypal or venmo) if someone wants one for any reason (I’ll love you for supporting me & my music). Message me if you want one! I’ll send em mostly anywhere.

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