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Is there a specific song u like to play on ur cello?

mmmmmmm, not really! i love playing a LOT of things by a lot of different composers, it’s hard to pick just one! i want to try uploading my playing one day but im a Super Perfectionist so i dunno if thats ever gonna happen?! i still want to get into kanaya cosplay and play the different parts of darling kanaya and put em all together and make a video out of it!

So, I have technically done three of these things, but one point blank refused to upload to tumblr, so I scrapped it and moved on before I got too frustrated. About to upload the second, and then move on to the third. 

But in the meantime, if anyone would like a short starter, hit the heart. I’ll crank ‘em out as things convert and such.

Almost one year on Youtube

I just checked the date I setup my channel and realised it’s been ALMOST a full year since I set it up and started uploading. Since then I have managed to attain a Massive TWENTY, yes 20 subscribers.
Yes, Two, Zero.

I’m so proud :)

I’ve also managed to setup Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts and a few others (you can find links on my youtube channel but it’s not like I use em much at the moment, that might change), including Google+ (although that last one wasn’t by choice, obviously) and have so far managed to acquire 96 followers on  Twitter, 5 on Tumbler and the Facebook page has not had so much as a look at it by anyone but myself.

Google+ has been more successful for me then Facebook, with a total of 6 followers there. Make of that what you will.

And by sheer chance as I look at the calender and notice that my one year anniversary will be on Wednessday, the same day I upload my regular video. Spooky coinky dink, eh?

Well I’ve got a couple of ideas as to what to put up that day, I’ve three videos in various stages of production right now, any one of which might be good as a “special” but I think I’ll do the mandatory vlog about it. Maybe even a QandA if I actually get any questions about it.

So If I’ve got your attention and not sent you to sleep, feel free to drop me a question on here, or twitter, or on facebook, or if you know how to use the messages on youtube, you could try that way and I’ll see if I can work it in.

Orrrrrr you could leave a comment on my latest video, I’ll put a link on another posting :)

Have fun peeps.

ilostbeforeihitstart replied to your post “omfg omfg please upload dickpics when you get your packer [heart eyes…”

as silly as it sounds; any nudes you have now you can’t post when you’re 18, theyd have to be new ones. Cause it’d still technically be child porn. But no you don’t sound like a slut i’m the same way lol… just i dont post em to tumblr xD

ooooh! that’s a good point! i guess i’ll have to take new ones haha! good point :0 hehe