wow can’t believe i owe da’vonne my life for voting nicole over paul and being the tie-breaker that saved us from a paul win….

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so I’ve been on here for almost 2 years now (how??????) and I’m almost at 2k so I’m going to celebrate by doing another tumblr awards!


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • ends September 8th aka the day my blog officially turns 2 years old
  • must get 50 notes or this never happened
  • 1 winner + 2 or 3 runners-up
  • (optional)  follow my hp sideblog


Flash Thompson Award - Best Url

Liz Allan Award- Best Icon

Pepper Potts Award  - Best Mobile Theme

Ned Leeds Award - Best Theme

Michelle Jones Award - Best Newcomer*

May Parker Award - Best Marvel

Tony Stark Award- Best Multifandom

Peter Parker Award - Best Overall

*submit me your follower count  + must have less than 500 followers


  • follow from me if not already
  • spot in my updates tab for two months
  • ten promos upon request for the winners, five for the runners-up
  • for winners only a fic of their choice**
  • love and friendship from me

** please note that I will only do fics that are in my fandoms and that I won’t write character/reader fics

Hey guys!

I’m officially back from Venice and since I reached 800 followers a while ago, I thought I’d do a little something. So here I am!


  • mbf me (this is something I want to do for my followers, so not following me would defeat the whole purpose) 
  • reblog this post 
  • send me an ask and tell me what you want to have:
    • a blograte 🌈 (the format is under the cut)
    • a blog compliment ✨ (an example is under the cut)
    • an icon (a few examples are under the cut)
    • you can pick more than one thing if you want, just be patient because I’ll need time
  • help me pick an URL (because I want to change mine and idk which to choose):
    • stay napoleonsolos
    • hammer-armand
    • henricavill
    • chalamettimmy

That’s it, thank you all so so much for following me, it means a lot!! You guys rock!

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i’m so very increasingly bored and would love to make edits even if they aren’t like super amazing like the beautiful edits some people make, but i literally have no inspo >.< so maybe you guys could request edits? you honestly don’t even have to be following me, so send me an ask with a character or ship and i’ll try to make the edit as soon as possible :) 

you can ask for an edit from these fandoms: 

  • harry potter ( excluding next gen )
  • percy jackson
  • paper towns
  • thirteen reasons why
  • infernal devices

mutuals maybe boost this? or not whatever works >.<

yes yes i know the header is actual shit

hey! guess who finally hit 200! it’s been like 6 months since i’ve made this blog and its really neat to see how far ive come and the friends ive made. anyway since this is like a milestone or something i figured id do blogrates


- must be following me

- please reblog this post to spread the word 

-send me a message with a good song 

blacklist “katie does blogrates” if you don’t want to see this

the format is under the cut

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I wanted to post the update for Gonna Get Close To You tonight, but by the time I got home from work it was 7pm, and then I had to leave again to go out again. And by the time I got home again, it was after midnight. 

I’m now way too exhausted to finish the edit - so I’ll be posting it tomorrow after work and will hopefully get the next chapter of Sweet Little Lies up by Friday too.

I’ve also almost got my fic done for Spectre Requisitions - and it’s super adorable! Once that is done I’ll be writing a bunch of Shega and Harry x Ryder treats for people! ^_^

*exhausted cheer* Huzzah

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flower boy asks 🌻

foreword: what’s your favorite late night drive destination?

where this flower blooms: 3 things that make you feel pretty

sometimes…: what song describes you best?

see you again: have you ever had your heart broken?

who dat boy: 3 words to describe yourself

pothole: long drives or long walks?

garden shed: what’s your go to hiding place?

boredom: do you get energy from being by yourself or being with others?

i ain’t got time!: when do you feel most confident?

911/ mr. lonely: do you believe in soulmates?

droppin’ seeds: favorite flower?

november: describe your happiest memory

glitter: who was the first person that made you feel important?

enjoy right now, today: what are you most looking forward to?

bonus: what’s your favorite track on scum f🌻ck?