There’s just not enough queer fiction that’s not about “I came out and it was sad”

So I decided to write my own. 

It’s a magical, mythological piece about the love between Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, and Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. 

There is angst, and there is sadness, but there is also a happy ending. Because wlw deserve happy endings 2k17. 

Pick up Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses. You’ll be supporting your local tumblr lesbian. Also I want to flail about my story with you. 

Here’s the link to pick it up,


Swan Queen - Throughout the Seasons 

** Including Season 5a

all the chibis forever

First of all, Swen - I have to say you’re all amazing

These drawings have gotten so much attention that my little heart can hardly understand it. Thank you for that. Secondly, some of you may know that I’ve recently opened up a Redbubble shop, so should you want any of these designs on .. well… stuff, now you can have them. 

Again, thanks for being great. <3



SQ/Main blog:

Emma Swan when she discovers that Regina Mills has been with women before.

Astonishment, shock, disbelief, regret.  If only she had been honest with her own feelings. The sadness of a missed opportunity weighs heavily in her mind and in her heart.

A Swan Queen thought on a Saturday.  What does she do NOW?  Does she race to Regina’s door, in her yellow bug, like she has a million times before?  While she takes that last turn, her mind is occupied with questions. She wants to ask how this could be, how she has never known, how could they not have spoken about this, when they had confided in each other so much?

Demanding answers, she sprints up to Regina’s door and knocks firmly.

When Regina answers, she is puzzled at her unexpected guest’s stare. She is surprised to see, first, anger on Emma’s face, that transforms to full-blown curiosity.  Regina falters, wondering if Henry is okay.

“Emma, what’s happened?”

Her answer is Emma’s hands, shooting out of her leather jacket pockets to cup her cheeks.  Lips, that had fascinated Regina many times before, are all at once pressed to her own.

Regina tastes desperation in the kiss but something more when the pressure softens.  A moan of surprise quickly turns into one of surrender and she feels Emma’s fingers slide to her nape and tangle into her short dark hair.

After their physical exchange becomes heated, after their mouths open and their heads angle to accommodate inquiring tongues, they separate slowly in amazement and very out of breath.

Regina clears her throat and rasps, “Hello.” It’s all her brain can come up with after having been kissed within an inch of her life.

“You kissed me back.”  Emma says astounded. That wasn’t planned, obviously, and rather than chastise herself, Emma can only think about how much she enjoyed it. That brief kiss is the best kiss she has ever had, and she had been kissed a lot, especially as of late.  Her husband. She has a husband!  Even being reminded of that, Emma is appalled to realize she doesn’t feel guilty and she wants to kiss Regina again.

“Well, you kissed me first, Sheriff Swan.”  Regina’s retort is sharp.  She never calls the woman anything other than “Emma” nowadays, but she needs to distance herself and to feel less vulnerable (she’s tried so hard to conceal her true feelings from everyone), so she uses the formality. It will be a cold day in hell when she calls Emma “Mrs. Jones”.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen.”


“You don’t have to get snippy, Regina.”

“You come all the way over to my house…”

“All the way, what? Of a FIVE minute drive?”

“… and KISS me…”  Emma snorts defensively and crosses her arms and stares at Regina’s high heeled boots.  "What do you expect, Emma?  That I jump for joy?“

Emma squints over a cheeky smirk, "Only if you want to. I mean I don’t know how I compare with all the other WOMEN you’ve kissed.”

Regina’s jaw drops and those gorgeous eyes widen.  "How did you… I mean, who told you that?“

"Why didn’t you tell me you also like women?”

“And when was I supposed to tell you this?  When I was trying to poison you?  'Oh hey, PAIN IN MY ASS, eat my forbidden fruit.  Then, take a bite of this apple.’?”

It’s a bit crude and a little revealing of her desires, but Regina doesn’t think before dropping her sarcastic remark.  Emma’s brows raise high on her head, and Regina wills herself not to blush, though she can’t be sure of her success at that.

Emma chooses to ignore it, though the implication sends a tremble through her system, straight to her center.  "No, but maybe during the road trips we’ve taken.  All those quiet moments in the bug.“

Regina gives a scoffing laugh and crosses her own arms obstinately.  "Ah yes, because it is so like me to discuss my sexuality to the combined sounds of a Cheetos bag rustling, as you stuff your face, and Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers on the radio.”

“Regina, why didn’t you just TELL me?”

“Because Emma… we talk but we don’t TALK.”  Regina threw her hands up in exasperation. “We’re friends but…” Regina sighs, “…not.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought we WERE friends, Regina.  Good friends.”

“We are but we’re… something more.”

The blonde pensively stares.  "Something MORE.“

They are quiet until Regina blurts out in utter frustration, "We’re WEIRD is what we are!”

Emma becomes nervous when Regina becomes uncharacteristically jittery. It’s like she can feel Regina pulling away and that’s not what she wants, so what does she do?  She grabs Regina and kisses her again.

And Regina succumbs, again, her sexy fingers clutching Emma’s biceps and coming into contact with toned muscles.  She reels at the touch.

When they part, in a daze, Regina says softly, “You kissed me again.”

“I know.”  Emma holds her close still.


“Because I wanted to.”

Regina gulps. She is intoxicated with these breath-taking kisses. She never thought she’d be lucky enough to get them from Emma Swan, and still she doesn’t know if she quite deserves them.

“Emma, this is probably a bad idea…”  She is swiftly cut off by Emma’s lips again, stroking and suckling hers.  Her hands are behind Emma’s shoulders, clinging to her and when she is released slightly and their lips part, Regina attempts to clear the love-drunk haze to form words.  All she can say is, “Stop that”, but her reprimand has not even one shred of sincerity, or bite.  On the contrary, she is still encouraging Emma’s embrace and leans in slightly wanting to join lips again.

The blonde leans back and can’t help a dimple from showing. “You like kissing me.”

Regina’s eyes snap open, full size, and she squirms to escape, but Emma holds her more solidly.  "Unhand me!“

Emma’s tone is playful and she surprisingly doesn’t care if she is spotted kissing the mayor in her doorway, though no one seems to be paying attention. "You’re getting snippy again.  The thing is, you’re even sexier when you’re angry.  I’m thinking maybe that’s why I like pissing you off so much.”

“You are certifiable, Miss Swan.”  

And the name just slips from Regina’s lips naturally but it sobers them, because, really, she is NOT “Miss Swan” any longer.

“Crap. We have a problem.”

Regina gulps again and she refuses to let her eyes mist.  She allowed herself to cry, and cry brilliantly, once: the day she found out Emma had gotten engaged to that hook-handed buffoon. She promised herself never to cry over the loss again.  "YOU have a problem.  I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee, have a slice of apple strudel, and pretend this never happened.“

At first it is on the tip of her tongue to say, "Don’t you DARE forget this” until the rest of Regina’s comment registers.  "You made apple strudel?“ Emma asks, interested.

Rolling her eyes, Regina quips, "You’re salivating and, NO, you may not have any.”

“I’ve been salivating since you opened the door, and not for strudel.  And not offering me any is not being a nice host.”

“I didn’t invite you OVER, remember?  You came here and ASSAULTED me.”

That brings Emma’s focused gaze back to Regina’s delicious mouth and she forgets the strudel.

“I want to kiss you again. That’s crazy, right?”

“Emma…”  Regina places both hands on Emma’s breast bone to push her off but wrinkles her jacket instead.  "Please…“

It’s uncertain whether it is a plea from Regina to kiss her or not.

Emma releases her and backs away.  She is a hero, an honorable one, and here she is, a married woman, kissing someone else and wanting to continue to do so. This isn’t right, but if that’s true, why does it FEEL so right?

"On second thought.  I think I’ll pass on the strudel. I need some time to…” Emma doesn’t know what she is going to do   but she knows that this was a damn game changer.  Her life can never be the same as it was an hour ago.

The sheriff spins on a heel and fleas, getting into her car and driving off, leaving a bewildered, bothered, and aroused Regina behind.

(The photo is a reposting but I didn’t reblog because I think this Emma Swan fan is a C$ fan also. I honestly try and stay clear, but look at that face! This is how I see these pictures.) Credit goes to fyesthesavior.

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Prompt: Regina and Emma are established girlfriends. Regina is blind and emma has always been fascinated by Braille & Regina teaches her. Emma gets good enough to write in Braille and asks Regina to marry her that way.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma smiles as she takes Regina’s hand and leads her to the kitchen where she’s prepared her surprise. It’s taken months of studying and practice but it’s been worth every second. 

She never believed in happy endings or that she would ever get married that is until she ran into Regina. Literally. Ran into and knocked them both her into a duck pond. 

Luckily for her Regina forgave her, though the bribe of coffee and paella helped. 

Now, nine months later she’s ready to propose and she could think of no better way than the card she has set up on the table. It’s simple but sweet, perfect for them and she knows Regina will appreciate the gesture. Regina may never say the words to acknowledge how much Emma learning Braille meant to her but Emma saw it in the shy soft smile and the tears that welled up in brown eye when she asked Regina to teach her. 

From that moment on she knew exactly how to propose. 

“Okay, are you ready?” Emma asks removing the blindfold from Regina’s face. 

Regina smiles at her, “You realise the blindfold was redundant?” 

Emma bumps their shoulders together as she replies, “It’s just part of the surprise experience.” 

Regina shakes her head, “Of course dear.” She frowns as she runs her hands over the counter in front of her, “We’re in my kitchen.” 

Emma nods, taking Regina’s hand and moving it towards the card, “Over the past nine months you have taught me so much Regina, you taught me how to love and what true happiness really is…you’re my everything and I made you a card.” 

Regina smiles, her heart already fluttering at Emma’s words as she glides her fingers across the familiar bumps. Her smile grows wider as she puts the words together and by the time she turns to Emma, tears are rolling down her cheeks, 

“You’re proposing in Braille?” she asks before flinging herself into Emma’s arms. Emma beams holding her tight as she answers, “Yeah…what do you think?”

“I think you’re what I’ve spent my whole life waiting to find and I know that I want to marry you.” 

I wish that I never started watching Once Upon a Time.

Every time I find some joy in shipping Emma and Regina, I’m reminded that a female-lead-Lesbian-couple is too much to ask for.

Every time I smile because I think about Emma and Regina, I want to cry because I’ve never seen my idea of a happy ending on screen.

Every time. It hurts.

Lana Parrilla posted a teaser video that showed Emma and Hook getting married, and my stomach twisted and my heart fell, because THAT is NOT a modern fairytale.

I wish that I never started watching Once Upon a Time, because it gave me hope– and then tore it away.

a few thoughts from a former C$waner and the road to Swen

why did I change my mind ? 

I was desperate for some true love story, and ouat was offering that or so I thought …

we can all agree that Snowing is True love and same with rumbelle, but what what I really wanted was a true love story for the savior, Emma deserved it, especially after what she’s been through with Neal and Graham … hook was the perfect candidate wasn’t he ? 

The guy is hot as hell, i’ve always loved blue eyes contoured with eye liner ;), he was cocky but most importantly ; a villain ! who doesn’t love villains ? Loki, moriarty, Rumpelstiltskin… hook was unapologetically selfish and just .. bad, but he starts developing feelings for emma, and starts the road to ‘redemption’, now comes my personal view on this, i’ve always had bad experiences with men, my father being the first ( the guy is a cheater and selfish af ), I was desperate for a good story showing that a man can change but mostly that men can be good, I mean we all want to see that, so I start investing myself in hook and let’s say the truth here, season two and three hook WAS GOOD, he was on the right path to redeeming himself ( with a few mistakes here and there, at the time I thought it was alright, you can’t change overnight ), with Captain swan hints being dropped along the way, I was okay with, more than okay with even, Emma was getting a love story with a man who willing to change for her, we have enough of these stories already but fairytale stories have more meaning right ? so this one was special,,, and things start going downhill from there ( I will never say it out loud, but C$ was disappointing me from there i’ll never admit it out loud but i can say it on here) hook was treating Emma worse and worse, but they always found a way to make him ‘apologize’ for it and just like Emma I bought his crap (because whether i want it or not society has taught me to just do that) even tho’ a part of me still thought that was wrong, I still gave him the 5th 6th 7th 8th … chance! and another part of me also didn’t want to be disappointed in the show that changed my life, I watched the episodes days or weeks later on (never happened in s3 and before ) but I still cling to the hope of happiness for Emma and trusted the writers to make it better, but C$ wasn’t that ooh so worshiped OTP of mine, it wasn’t the true love story I dreamed of, I Got so confused at times ( when Emma lied to hook about him being the dark one for example, OR WHEN SHE KILLED HIM SO HE COULD DIE A HERO?!? I kept telling myself what kind of love is that ? and I’m passing so many more) but because they made sense on paper I didn’t give too much of a thought, I convinced myself that its writers giving us shit drama like always

 and then arrives season 6,the season of realization : while in the previous season hook  was making mistakes, and I forgived him, my brain just couldn’t take it anymore, hook is a living mistake in this season, I even started to question his character, and what was his general goal was ? but then again, I love Emma so much, I wasn’t now just acting like her but like most of the characters at this point ? they all want her happiness and just let her be with that toxic man ? I feel like her parents and everyone else feels the same at this point, in took David 4 seasons to finally ‘accept’ the guy ( and by his look he wasn’t sure of his decision), I just wanted Emma to have her happy ending.

when did I realize that they weren’t meant for each other you say ? 

WHEN HE LIED TO HER ABOUT KILLING HER GRANDFATHER. the guy lowkey wanted to burn the memory of it, he was thinking for an entire episode whether to tell her the truth or not ? and when he finally decides to do so the worst proposal of all times happens and then he just what?  burns the memory of his act. he could’ve interrupted her that night and tell her the truth BUT HE DIDN’T. he was willing to start their married life together with a lie, and not just oh I swear I didn’t at that woman’s chest lie, HE KILLED HER GRANDFATHER, thats a divorce cause material. thats when I realized Emma’s true love wasn’t hook ( plus all the previous moments in the previous seasons) 

let’s talk about Swan queen for a minute:

I was the biggest ‘swan queen friendship’ shipper, in my early oncer days I was against them being romantic, probably because of my personal experience as well, I was having some troubles with my own sexuality at the time, I refused to acknowledge it, even if it’s just watching a queer couple on TV, it made me uncomfortable and I feared that if I gave in in that aspect of my life it’d become too real ( and held into C$ ) Only just last year that I came out to friends as Bi, so yeah Swan queen was no option for me, BUT IT WASN’T for them, I still saw their actions, I still saw their looks their mutual love for each, their deep affection to one another, the fact that they lean on each other, help one another and never ever stopped believing in one another, but still my dumb closeted self refused to believe it.

how does my personal life influence my vision of this ship tho’:

I believe, like ouat has told in ep’ 6x14 the most important thing in life is accepting and loving yourself, after one special event in my life I finally saw the light about myself and admitted what I was denying my whole life and now I love me ( just like regina does now ) and started seeing ouat with new eyes, eyes that could finally see and a heart that could finally admit that swan queen is the real deal, my eyes and heart finally see that the true love I wanted for Emma has always been there the character development I wanted to see was in Regina, her happy ending was there that whole time. 

now thats just my personal take on it, you don’t have to be lgbt to see it, hook isn’t the right one for Emma, Regina is, and I will repeat this as much as i have to … if it is the last thing I do ;)

ps: thanks to that ONE tumblr post who made me go back and re-watch all the swan queen videos haha

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It's Christmas Eve and Regina wants to take cute family photos in matching onesies but Emma and Henry aren't too happy about it

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Urgh this is so embarrassing,” Henry grumbles as he looks down at his reindeer onesie.

Emma smiles in sympathy, “I know kid but it makes your mother happy.” 

“Are you really on board with this?” Henry asks. 

“On board with what?” Regina asks as she walks into the living room armed with a camera. 

“Nothing,” Emma deflects hastily. 

“The photo,” Henry replies, “Couldn’t we have just done a normal photo…you know cheesy sweaters or something?” 

“What’s wrong with the reindeer onesies? I thought…” Regina trails off before sighing, “Nevermind…we can take a different photo.” 

Emma frowns seeing the shift in Regina’s demeanour. She walks up to her girlfriend placing her hands on the brunette’s shoulders, “Why did you want to do the reindeer picture?” 

Regina sighs once more before looking to Emma, “It’s our first Christmas…all three of us together and…for Henry’s first Christmas I took a photo of us both in reindeer costumes - he wouldn’t wear his if I didn’t wear mine. It’s one of my favourite photos…and now you’re here, I wanted to recreate the photo - a family tradition.” 

Emma smiles softly at her, recognising the thought and heart behind the photo idea. She turns to Henry, “Kid, you’re a reindeer.”


“Tradition Henry….don’t worry you can be Rudolph.” 

“Emma, we don’t have to…”

Emma interrupts her turning to kiss her tenderly before replying, “I want to, we’re the Swan-Mills Family reindeer.” 


I’ve been thinking about the Swan Queen fandom lately after reading some fics. I have never had the pleasure of being apart of such a diverse group of people. I’ve never been apart of a fandom thats so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and the Womens Rights movement. I have never seen so many people from so many different back rounds come together over two amazing women. Some people in this fandom make fanart, some write fanfiction, some send Lana and Jen gifts and flowers, some cosplay, and some just sit back and enjoy all the magic going on around them and support the people who dedicate all their time to these women (that would be me). Im not talented. I cant write, I cant draw, I dont cosplay and I dont send gifts but I have never been ridiculed for it. My presence and personality is excepted no matter how I chose to involve myself in this fandom. We have worked and fought so hard to be heard. To be listened to. We got that hug, the simplest thing we could ask for and we had to fight for it and sure the writers completely messed it up, but dammit we got that hug. So just because Swan Queen is over, its not over. I hope this fan base never fades and never dies because then everything we have built and fought for would be for nothing we have to stay together and keep posting and writing and showing Lana and Jen how much they mean to us and make sure they know we havent forgotten about them. Some people connect more with Lana some connect more with Jen and some people just love and care for them equally and it doesnt matter which. We have changed peoples veiws about SQ and got people to start shipping it and involving themselves. I didnt ship it at first I didnt see what everyone was talking about, but then someone took the time to talk to me, debate with me, and show me things that I was to blind to notice. We are a beautiful group of people. I want us to grow and spread and keep Swan Queen alive. I already been seeing other ships dying down and it would break my heart to see us do the same. These women, Jen and Lana, have been my anchor for 6 years. Im not sure where I would be without them. I know we can keep this going because are the most epic relationship to ever exsist. WE ARE SWEN.

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head canon i just wanted to drop here because your my favorite to share head canons with. killian told emma he loved her during the whole queens of darkness mess when she was angry at snow and charming, and she was speechless and kissed him like she usually does. thats why he left him self out when saying who she has to live for in the lily episode because he didnt know how she felt. and he hoped it was his job to protect her heart. hearing it out loud meant so much to him because he waited

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Holy fuck yes I can totally 10000% get behind this.

I could kiss you right now- my god! 


Because he would totally put everyone else before himself- even if she were to never say the words back, her happiness means more to him than confirmation she loved him back. And probably in his mind, her family and her son and her friends were what were important to her and made her happy.

And now i’ve just got him giving those heartbreaking smiles to her every time, happy that she’s happy yet deep down wondering if she’ll ever feel for him the way he does her, hoping that one day he’ll finally be worthy enough to hear those words, but for now being content with just knowing he was accepted into her life and aiding her in achieving her happy ending-

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Emma smiles contently as she stares out at the still blue water in front of them. She sighs happily as she rests her head atop Regina’s shoulder enjoying the blissful quiet of the summery afternoon. 

“How did you find this place?” Emma asks. She patrols Storybrooke every day but she’s never seen this clearing before, yet today when everything was getting on top of her Regina poofed her here. She’s grateful for it too because after an overwhelming and awful morning, this place, with the woman she loves in her arms, is exactly what she needed. 

Regina smiles softly leaning against Emma’s chest as she tilts her head back so she can look up at Emma, “It’s my secret place.”

“Secret place?” 

“When everything gets too much I like to have a place to get away, where I know I can just clear my head,” Regina explains. 

“But you brought me here?” 

Regina nods, “You’re not anything I want to get away from, you’re the one I want to get away with.” 

Emma grins, her heart fluttering happily in her chest as she leans down to kiss her girlfriend lovingly, “Whenever you need to get away…you know you can count me in.” 

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 99: The Convention

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 99: The Convention

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88) (89) (90) (91) (92) (93) (94) (95) (96) (97) (98)

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CS Genre:  CS future fic

Killian scanned the auditorium warily as he found their seats and stepped back for Henry and Swan to step into the row before him.  He grimaced as he noticed the fourth person that day dressed in a ridiculous curled wig and mustache.  To a man, they wore bright red great coats, large brimmed hats trimmed with feathers so big he’d never be caught dead in them.

To be sure, there were others in odd attire as well.  Girls in long white nightgowns and mobcaps.  Boys dressed in green with small green hats on their heads, women dressed vaguely like Tink had back in Neverland.

No wonder Swan had insisted he attire himself in his full pirate regalia before they left home this morning.

“But Swan,” he’d said, as she pulled his large, black great coat and red vest from the closet, “we’re traveling to the Land Without Magic outside of Storybrooke, love.  Won’t this method of dress draw undo attention?”

“Trust me, Killian,” she’d said with a secret smirk.  “You’ll look positively normal where we’re going.  Besides…I thought they ought to see what the real thing looks like.”

“What the devil does that mean?”

But Swan had no intention, it would seem, of enlightening him further.  And so, the three of them had piled into her bug and traveled to a town outside of Boston, headed for an event called a “Disney Convention.”

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As OUAT comes to an end as we know it, I just want to thank the fandom for making Swan Queen so beautiful. Thank you all for seeing the beauty and potential in those two strong women. Thank you for realizing that a more perfect love story doesn’t exist. In my heart and all of yours, the Queen and the Savior fell in love. Fated to hate each other, to destroy each other, they became best friends, allies, nearly died for each other, risked it all for each other. Time after time, they showed their love. The show didn’t decide to see that beauty the way we did. We’re saying goodbye to one half of our OTP tonight, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s worried about what will happen to Regina now that her family won’t be on the show. We had some beautiful moments for those two, from the pilot to the end. I will remain in the fandom as long as it is alive, which I hope is for a very long time.

Goodbye Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, Zelena Mills, Henry Mills, and Belle French. It’ll never be the same without you.

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Oneshot: 38 Weeks and One Day

An SQ oneshot with added Evil Charming Brotp and Regal Believer feels. Diverges from canon as it assumes Emma and Regina were together back in Season One. Whilst Emma and Snow are trapped in the Enchanted Forest, David accidentally discovers something important, something that could bring his family back together. (Can’t give too much away without spoiling the story)

Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Hope you all enjoy :)


Week Eight

It’s taking too long.

That’s his first thought every morning when he wakes up. He lays in the bed he should be sharing with his wife, in the apartment where his daughter should be and laments how long it is taking to get them back.

He rolls over and looks at the calendar. It’s been two months since Emma and Snow fell through that portal and yet they’re still no closer to an answer. They spent weeks chasing the hat only for Spencer to burn it in vengeance. Since then they’ve been glued to books and spells hoping against hope that something would work.

Nothing has and so they’re lost in limbo.

Him, Regina and Henry.

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Hallo! Today’s this pupper’s birthday :3 And I would like to say a few words because I feel like it. 

This fandom has been a gift for me since the very day I joined it. I’ve been around for more than a year, shipping supercorp and supporting our girls, but I didn’t post anything because my heart was still too damaged from what happened with the swan queen fandom a few months earlier, last year. Seeing this community rising from the ground and watching it grow bigger and stronger made me want to take a leap of faith and contribute the way I could, be a part of it and here I am. I’ve been through a few bitter moments because as you all know “some people are just bad” and even those moments have a good side. I got to see I have your support as a person, an artist and a friend. Speaking of which, I have made friends here, shout out to all of you. You know who you are. I want to thank you all for your support, even if you’ve never said anything to me personally, but you like my work and support it, you are the best gift I could get out of being here. Thank you. 

Post con online store opening! (Except it’s just here and you’ll email me what you want lol)

💖Sapphic Hearts zine💖
size 8" x 11"
18 pages full color
$15 (shipping included)

Includes fanart of:
-Steven Uninverse (Yellow/blue diamond)
-Grace and Frankie
-The Descendants 2 (Mal/Evie and Uma/Mal)
-Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy
-Tokyo Mew Mew (Mint/Zakuro)
-OUAT (Swan Queen and a few other ships)
-ASOUE (my own Jacquelyn/Strauss art and Georgina/Esme)
-Ghostbusters 2016 (polybusters)
-Yuri Kuma Arashi
-Addam’s Family Values (Debbie/Morticia)
-The Huntsman Winter’s War (Sara/Freya)

And then many of my own OCs.

Stickers are still available too but I’ll make my own post about them.

If you’re interested just email me at:

$15-shipping included.

anyway uh… i know i haven’t watched the last several episodes but. especially with what they’re doing with season 7, there’s no way i’m gonna watch it. i could never see a once upon a time that didn’t include the swan mills family. so i just wanted to say thank you? to everyone? swan queen has, and always will have, such a special place in my heart. it was my first wlw ship and it really helped me be confident in liking girls and began the journey into realizing the possibility of me being a lesbian.

and i know the show fucking sucked for us at some points, and we got so much hate for seeing what we saw, but no matter how ugly the ouat fandom treated us, the sq fandom was truly one of the most creative, diverse, and kind fandoms i’ve ever had the chance to be a part of. y’all took me in when i was barely a foot into high school and now i graduate in 6 days. some of my most important years were spent with this group of people and i just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart.

i don’t really like calling this a “goodbye” cause i still love emma and regina, but as someone who as all but moved on, i just wanted to say something about it.