got your six.


it was a different world then.


Mark Hamill: “George has talked to me marginally about doing something at the turn of the century in the last trilogy but it wouldn’t be on the same plane of existence, if you know what I mean.”

Gene Siskel: “What it sounds like is he offered you a job to play a father of Luke Junior around the year 2000.”

Mark Hamill: “You’re a very clever man Mr. Siskel.”

Gene Siskel: “So first it looks like there’s gonna be a set of three more Star Wars movies that take place before the three we’ve seen, and then at the end of the century three more ending with Luke becoming a father. That’s the Star Wars experience.” (x)


ceasefire (chapther 5) by hollycomb

“Don’t call me that.”

“I don’t even blame you,” Hux says. He stands, moves back from the edge of the cliff but doesn’t turn toward Kylo. He can’t look at Kylo– Doing so hurts, physically, like a gut punch. Even having Kylo this close, over ten feet away, is like feeling ice coat every bone in his body, all of Hux’s energy going toward suppressing the primal fear that tells him to run, run, or risk being attacked again. “I pity you, really,” Hux says. “He took me from you. I can’t– Look at you, I can’t– Be whatever I was for you before. He accomplished that, even in failing to kill me. I’m sorry. I’m not strong enough to undo it.”