aaaaah, r y a n

  • shane looking like if he just rolled out of bed is me every day
  • tommy bahama
  • “i’ll paint the hell out of you, however i want” “you paint me in your free time?” shane’s face is EVERYTHING
  • “i’m actually upsate rigth now” “good”
  • yay for shane liking the thing, let’s see how much that lasts…
  • ryan’s face at 11:16 is the biggest mood ever
  • that’s my boy, dragging the goverment during his afternoon tea
  • shane’s expression is literally “hoe don’t do it”
  • shane: “OH MY GOD” + ryan is the cutest thing in the world wearing his tinfoil hat
  • “i just don’t want you to have any satisfaction” and “i’m not gonna give it to ya” it’s everything i ever wnated for some reason
  • i’m glad you do realize the hat was a bad idea, ryan
  • “the ship had no wings, jimmy” sounds like a passive-agressive post on tumblr as we call out some dumb shit people should know by now
  • (background music this ep is awesome, guys)
  • ryan is so happy punching skeptics in the face, let him have this one
  • boogaras win this case, yay! (like… this is b - 1 to s - every other episode, but i’ll take it)
  • ryan putting the tinfoil hat on shane’s head, djnfiednfirng
  • “leave my house, town dunce?” “town dunce? because i believe the things you believe in?” “OH SHIT!!! *loses his shit*” “alright, if you say so…” I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH
Fate || Junhui

gif credit - (x)

Summary:  Soulmate!AU - You can only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. Unfortunately for you, things aren’t always that easy.

Pairing: Wen Junhui x Reader

Word Count: 4,018 (officially the longest one-shot I’ve ever written!!)

Warnings: Angst with a happy ending, mentions of unrequited love

A/N: SO, basically, I wrote the entire ending of Fate and decided that the whole thing worked better as a oneshot rather than a series. I added the entire ‘prolouge’ into this one-shot, and deleted the other post I had up. Sorry for the confusion! I hope you guys like this story, it means a lot to me so PLEASE feel free to leave feedback!! - Admin Ruby


It was all you’d heard about your entire life. The many shades of blue, green, red, all the colors of the rainbow.  You were envious of those who could enjoy such beauty.

Your world was still gray.

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“Because I love you god damn it!”

Arizona had barely opened the door before Callie came crashing through it.

“Hey!” she tried to object, but Callie was already there, in her house, pacing up and down with a look of determination on her face as if she wasn’t going to leave until she’d said what was on her mind.

“Do you remember when you went to Africa?  We were in the middle of the airport and it felt like we were falling apart, and you thought it was the right thing to do.  You thought that I would be happy if I stayed in Seattle and you would be happy over there.  Except you were wrong, and we were apart and miserable.  And eventually you came back.”

“Okay,” Arizona said, confused by the unexpected trip into their past.  “Callie…?”

“New York,” Callie interrupted.  “New York was my Africa.  I felt like we were constantly falling apart and walking away was the right thing to do.  I met someone else and I convinced myself that I could fall in love with her.  I thought that if I went to New York and I could make it work, I could make everyone believe - I could make myself believe - that I was over you, that I had really moved on.  Except I’m not - I haven’t.  So I came back from New York because…”

Arizona felt her heart beating faster in her chest.  “Because?”

“Because I love you god damn it!”

Her words hung in the air, the adrenaline that had been pumping through her suddenly disappearing as Arizona stared at her, taking it all in.  Callie felt herself starting to panic and she opened her mouth to apologise for the intrusion, only stopping when she saw a wide smile spread across Arizona’s face.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Anon!  You didn’t give me a character or ship, so I guessed at Calzona since it’s what I’ve been writing lately.  :) 

Just Me??

So i love Mike and Eleven and i had a idea about something we could see (but probably wont) so Mike is on a “date” with her just hanging at her house. A storm going on outside. (Hopefully we see some kind of date, or Hopper giving Mike the whole “What are your intentions with my lil girl?”) so Hopper has to go to work and leaves them alone, Mike makes their dinner, everytime he meets her eyes they smile, he stares at the fire and asks her if she likes smores, forgetting that she has never heard of such a thing let alone had one, He forgot to bring candy with him, so he decides they can cycle to the store as they would be under the cover of dark so she should be safe, she seemed very happy with this, However she sees the rain and looks at him hesitantly, but he if she has a jacket, and then he rethinks it but she grabs his hand, he smiles and they go and get everything to make smores he also asks her to choose her candy, and then they go back and he makes a very romantic smore with her and hug and stuff. Hope this wasnt stupid haha :)

so apparently the daughter thing is true… 






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clary fray

• Her first sketch was the angelic rune, which was the thing that prompted Jocelyn to have her memories altered.
• As a kid she had an amazing relationship with Magnus, like whenever she visited his loft her face would light up and she and Magnus would spend the entire day playing and chasing each other. (At the end of the day, she would leave with her memories gone and Magnus would watch her with a sad smile happy to have her protected for another few months).
• she has a sketch book dedicated entirely to sketches of the squad. Alec with his bow, Izzy with her whip, Magnus with his magic, Simon with his guitar, Luke with his alpha green eyes, Maia mixing drinks and Raphael cooking.
• She has like 3 more dedicated to Jace, in every pose imaginable. Jace drawing runes, Jace fighting, Jace riding a bike, Jace smiling/laughing, Jace training with Alec.
• Luke was the one who walked her down the aisle, everyone told her that Simon could do it, but the little girl in her wanted her dad to do this.
• Simon is the first person she talks to, whenever something goes wrong the first person she goes to is always Simon.
• She learns how to play the guitar just so she could sing for Jace on his birthday.
• Although initially she says no the first time Jace proposes, in the end it is her who pops the question.
• She and Izzy have monthly bonding trips where they meet and complain about Simon and Jace.
• She bonds with Alec over archery lesson, initally he’s reluctant to teach her anything but she pesters him until he gives in.
• She is a surprisingly good baker, and she stress bakes. So, whenever she is stressed about anything, everyone knows that they should expect some baked delights.
• She once colored her hair brown cause she was so fed up of being called red.
• She is the one who takes Simon ring shopping for Izzy.
• She gifts malec a family potrait for their first wedding anniversary.

Send me a character and I will give you 10+ headcanons.

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Do you like where the wild things are?

yaya, the book is great n i lov sendak’s artwork. the film is my favourite film and i wish i could escape like that.. it reminds me of my childhood happy times in early springtime when we stayed near Nairn in the highlands. it makes me feel dreamy to listen to the soundtrack and i never want to leave the dream.. 🌼


1. Name, Age, Country?

fannie, 21, hungary

2. Appearance?

this is meeeeeeee

3. Hobbies?

i really love reading and dancing tho i havent been to a class in a long time :(

4. What is your dream job?

something to do with travelling or it would be nice to be a writer but that’s like… maybe in my next life

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

idk my bag is usually pretty much empty except for my wallet and a book?? i know, not very lady-like but i always forget to put actual useful things in it

6. How would you describe your personality?

ugh i dont know this is hard to answer… i mean a try to be kind to everyone and make them happy but at the same time im just like… leave me alone pls. but tell me about your passion and dreams!! cause those things fuel me. lol I told you I cant answer this

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

almost a year now ! it was in december last year, i was watching felixs last guardian lets play and jack was in the recommended section and i fell in love immediately

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

anti, robbie, jackieboy man

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch?

definitely the last guardian, for obvious reasons, but i really love night in the woods cause of the voices!! oh, and the lost legacy!!

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?

i try to be active and make gifs here and there but i think im a quiet one mostly

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. <3

Aww thanks, anon! 

1. Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks and I plan to sleep a little later, do some laundry, go to the Winter Village in Bryant Park and hopefully find something for my dad’s birthday, maybe get up to the Met for the Michelangelo exhibit, and basically just have a chill day.

2. I am flying back to Florida for Thanksgiving on Monday and while my flight will suck, I am always thrilled to see my friends and family because I love them. Also, food.

3. My internet friends which are my LIFEBLOOD i’ve only been doing this fandom thing for like a year now but i honestly can’t imagine y’all not in my life, it’s weird as hell and you guys are too good to me but also NEVER LEAVE ME 

4. I’m surprisingly happy with my job performance lately which is odd??

5. The green pants did not, unfortunately, work out, but I am still in love with my new coat and I never want to take it off 


Yuuei cycle club 


now they’re just being unreasonable. what’s a little ink between friends?

Bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge !
Front Bottoms Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Lone Star// "She looks me dead in the eyes and says 'hey Brian if you still believe in the Lord above,
  • get on your hands and knees and pray for us"
  • Taurus: Santa Monica// "Where I'm standing there is a cool, cool breeze. Heavenly bodies make the devil a little uncomfortable."
  • Gemini: Father// "And I am leaving as soon as I come.
  • As soon as I come you will probably forget my name.
  • I hope I fall asleep at the wheel and crash my car."
  • Cancer: Flashlight// "You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling and laughing, you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life."
  • Leo: Cough It Out// "All the branches on the tree, that we carved our initials in seem to bend and take the shape of them."
  • Virgo: The Beers// "And I will remember that summer, as the summer I was taking steroids, because you like a man with muscles, and I like you."
  • Libra: Funny You Should Ask// "But you were young, you thought you didn't have to care about anyone, but you're older now and wish that you could."
  • Scorpio: Swimming Pool// "There's no doubt in my mind that if you could then you would try to crack my ribcage open and pull my heart right through."
  • Sagittarius: West Virginia// "I thought I had it figured out, how to organize my words good before they fall right out my mouth."
  • Capricorn: Awkward Conversations// "I personally think it's too cold to have the window open, but you want to smoke your menthol cigarettes."
  • Aquarius: Maps// "And what about your friends. Don't you love them enough to stay? And I say if I don't leave now then I will never get away."
  • Pisces: 12 Feet Deep// "Maybe college won't work out, I can come live at your house. I'm supposed to be at class now but my roommate just passed out."

After Palmetto, Andrew signed on to a good pro team and played there for 3 seasons before he and Neil get married bc they’re in love for legal rights or whatever

  • The fact that Andrew Minyard was married came as a surprise to literally all of his teammates.
  • There hadn’t even been an engagement that the team knew of.
  • Andrew had simply shown up after the off season with a ring on his left hand.
  • One of the new teammates, who’d had the least amount of experience dealing with Andrew was the one to ask if it was a wedding ring.
  • “What the fuck else would it be?” Andrew replies
    • probably the most some of his teammates had heard him say since he’d started playing for them three years ago
    • Everyone sits in the lounge gaping at him until  Andrew sighed and finally confirmed their suspicions, “Yes it’s a wedding ring.”
  • The captain was the first to get her act together and cleared her throat awkwardly. “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.  Congrats, though, that’s awesome.”
  • Andrew just like nods in her direction
  • Another young teammate asks “What’s her name?”
  • “Or his,” says the only teammate Andrew doesn’t actually hate
  • Andrew answers “It’s none of your business.”
  • Their coach is like “While I love this enthralling discussion of Minyard’s personal life, we need to focus on what I actually pay you to do.”
  • And then they go back to focusing on exy and Andrew being married isn’t really brought up again but everyone remembers

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10 Ways to Simplify Life

1. Don’t try to read other peoples’ minds and don’t expect others to be able to read yours. Communicate if it is important to you.

2. Don’t expect to be friends with everyone. We all are different – and we all like different things. Instead, invest your time in a few good friends. That’s all you really need to feel happy and fulfilled.

3. Create a budget and live within your means. Accruing debt will only cause you to feel stressed.

4. Get rid of the monster of jealousy – and only compare yourself with yourself.

5. Organize your clutter and get rid of some stuff. It will leave you feeling calmer, and will save you lots of time!

6. Stay on the sidelines and don’t get drawn into pointless dramas in other peoples’ lives (unless it’s a crisis – and you know you ought to help).

7. Finish what you’ve started - and then do something else.

8. Treat every person you meet with respect, and err on the side of being patient and kind.

9. Accept there are things that you can’t change or control – and focus on those things that you can change or control.

10. Don’t be too proud to apologise. Admit that you were wrong, then say you’re sorry, and move on.

Spoonie witch tip:

Don’t be afraid to take your meds just because some witches think you shouldn’t have unnatural things!

Make your meds witchy and add magic as an extra supplement to the medical help you’re getting:

✨ enchant them with a kiss

✨ store crystals, herbs and other magical things near your meds to give you some extra goodness (like protection or calm or happiness etc) - don’t ingest herbs with your meds unless you know 100% it’s safe

✨ leave them to charge under a full moon for some added cleansing and energy

✨ draw a sigil on the packaging

Your meds don’t make you less of a witch! Please remember to always take them 💖

Svt as weird customers I’ve incountered~

Hey hey hey ya girl is back again, WOOP

Kk here we go, pls enjoy~


Scoups: “Can you double bag the gummy snacks? I don’t want my wife to know I’m cheating on my diet, I Mean, they’re for my kids obviously but…please”

Jeonghan: “be careful that one is open,
I washed my hair in the bathroom sink to make sure I liked it”

Joshua: “young miss look to your right. Now your left. And behind you. God was everywhere you just looked have a blessed day”

Junhui: “I didn’t like the aura your bathroom had”

Wonwoo: “I wish you guys sold books here *whispers* "yea, that’d be nice”

Hoshi: “I can’t find the lamp aisle; where is the lamp aisle”

Woozi: “I almost punched someone, not because they made me mad I just *punches in front of him* reflexes you know?”

Mingyu: “LOWER YOUR CEILINGS I JUST HIT MY HEAD-wait no, raise your ceiling haha I’m stupid, no stop it you are amazing yeah!”

The8: *gets 20 cases of beer* “don’t judge the state of my liver.”

Dk: “I wish it was sunny outside so I could be happy again!” *laughs like they’re about to cry*

Seungkwan: “I came in here to see how my butt looked in these jeans but you don’t sell full length mirrors so I’m going to Walmart now”

Vernon: *smoking a joint while buying chicken and then leaving the chicken on the register*

Me: “would you like a sticker?”
Him: “I’m actually seven now so a sticker is not required to make me happy”

“So how’d you meet Yuuri?” Victor asked of the mermaid seated on the railing of his ship. Phichit had scaled the side without Yuuri’s assistance, showing off the sharpness of his nails. Which he’d polished casually against his own scales upon planting himself on board.

“Stumbled on his cliff a couple years back,” Phichit chirped back, grinning. The resemblance his teeth bore to a shark’s was even clearer up close. “He was singing all by his lonesome. What a tragedy.”

“It doesn’t affect you then?” Victor said, his eyes on Phichit’s shoulders. The sun shone off his golden markings, but that was not his focus. It was the little white bunny-like creatures crawling over them. “His voice?”

“Nah, merfolk aren’t as weak as humans.” Phichit answered, another one of the cute white things making its way around his cupped hands. “Plus there’s nothing he could offer that I wasn’t already happy with. He tried telling me to go away at first, but it didn’t work.”

Victor could imagine Yuuri attempting to order a strange and shiny mermaid to leave him be, then sulking cutely when it didn’t. He would have had that pout on his lips.

“Never thought I’d find him on a ship of all places,” Phichit laughed in continuation. “He hates ships.”

“He likes this one,” Victor defended. The siren was nearby, aiding his crew to change out the sails.

“Ohhhh, I know. He told me. Said he likes something on the ship in particular.” Phichit’s smirk spoke of traded secrets whispered out on the water. “You know that sirens mate for life, right?”

Victor did his best not to choke on air. “No, he didn’t mention that.”

“Oh. Well, maybe that’s something you need to talk about.” The gaze the mermaid cast was pointed. “Anyway, a pirate, huh? You got a lot of good treasure on board?”

“What kind of treasure does a mermaid like?”

“All kinds. That one’s caught my eye,” Phichit said, placing the creature in his hands on his shoulder with the other two.

Victor followed his eyes to see that they were directed at Chris, who was helping roll up the thick sail fabric to set it away. The cook caught their stares and waved at Phichit.

Phichit waved back with his tail, gold scales sparkling in the sun. “Hey there. Fancy a taste of the sea?”

Chris tripped over the sail and Phichit laughed loudly, clearly pleased with the effect. “What?” he asked, seeing Victor’s surprised and skeptical look. “You might not be the only one with a bit of an inter-species kink.”

Losing A Friend (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Best Friend Series Masterlist

Author Note: As requested here is part 2 of Best Friends... let me know what you guys think!

“(Y/n) how’s my best friend?”

(Y/n) let out a slight sigh turning towards Steve. Her eyes narrowing slightly at the question. Deep down she knew what he was going to say. He’s done this for a month now.. So why would this time be any different? Yet there was that stupid hope that she seemed to choke on every time. The one that caused the wounds to go so much deeper. The ones that left her heart hammering in hopes that this time would be different. “I’m good… Why what’s up?” She asked cautiously.

Steve leaned against the locker besides her with that anxious smile. Her stomach dropped realizing that this wasn’t any different. “So I totally forgot that I promised Nancy I’d-”

(Y/n)’s locker slammed shut making Steve jump. She shook her head swallowing down the bile that rose in her throat. She clutched her books tightly to her chest making her knuckles white. Her whole body felt like it was burning as anger and sadness swirled beneath her skin. “It’s fine Steve,” She grumbled.

Steve frowned slightly. His eyes studying her face for a moment. For the first time in weeks he truly looked at her. Her eyes were blazing with mixed emotions and she seemed to be clenching her jaw. She was tense and refused to meet his gaze. “Are you sure? I could-”

“So now you care?” She snapped startling Steve. Her eyes were narrowed and Steve watched in horror as her eyes began to swell with tears. She ran a hand through her hair scowling slightly. “For the first time in a month your actually caring?”

“(Y/n) that’s not-”

“Not true?!” (Y/n) laughed bitterly shaking her head. “Are you that fucking love struck Harrington? We haven’t hung out in forever!” (Y/n)’s vision was blurring and burned with unshed tears. Her chest tightening painfully as she struggled to keep back sobs. “Ever since Nancy came around you’ve all but forgotten me. My recital that I worked so hard for. You blew me off. That movie you promised not to watch without me. You took her for your date.” (Y/n) felt this hollow all of a sudden. Her heart practically aching as she remembered these things.

Steve felt anger bubbling beneath his skin. “Look (Y/n)! I’m sorry, but you know I really like her!” He snapped catching the girl off guard. “So will you stop being so selfish?!” Deep down Steve knew that he was being a jerk again. That his defensive walls were pulling up and that (Y/n) was completely right. 

(Y/n) tried not to cry, but those damn tears started falling. She scowled at Steve as her whole body burned. Everything seemed to be burning within her as She snapped, “So that’s it huh? Eight years of friendship down the drain?” Steve was silent causing another wave of tears to drip down (Y/n)’s cheeks. Today was no different, except for the fact that (Y/n) couldn’t take it anymore. “Thanks Harrington. It’s nice to know that now. Just stay away from me.”

(Y/n) shoved past him trying to dodge through the crowd of blurring colors. She felt sick to her stomach, and for a moment she thought she might hurl. She wiped the tears away furiously searching for a exit out of this damn school, when she ran right into someone. She went sprawling on the floor and her books scattered in every direction. She huffed and wiped at her eyes sniffling slightly. “Sorry I just-”

“It’s alright I wasn’t paying attention either,” They said before crouching down. It was a boy about her age and a camera was dangling from his neck. He had a few of her books in his hands and his eyes met hers. He frowned slightly. “Are you alright?’

(Y/n)’s face flushed with embarrassment as she quickly wiped the remaining tears away. “Y-Yea…” She quickly took the books from him and gathered the rest and stood up. The boy stood up as well and held out his hand seeming hesitant.

“i’m Jonathan by the way.”

(Y/n) was confused slightly as she began to relax. She put the thought away though and instead shook his hand smiling just slightly. “It’s Nice to meet you Jonathan I’m (Y/n).” 

Jonathan smiled and let go of her hand. “Well (Y/n) maybe I’ll see you around,” He said nervously. He turned away and made his way down the hallway leaving (Y/n) alone once more.

It was a horrible though. (Y/n) knew so, but she couldn’t help it. Perhaps Jonathan could be her friend considering her best friend was practically gone. In fact, he could probably help her forget. Forget Steve and perhaps she could be happy again. Yeah that sounded like a plan.


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