fic:  18

author: aclosetlarryshipper

rating: n/a

word count: 15k

summary: Harry hates Golden Boy Louis and he’s pretty sure the feeling’s mutual. It’s too bad they’re forced into parenthood together during home ec baby project.

Featuring accidental fathers, an improv performance gone wrong, and an altruistic game of spin the bottle.

collage x

Roy: Johnny’s been bubbling over something he’s been dying to show us. You might want to stick around for this. 

Marco: I hope it’s interesting at least. 

Chet: Come on, Marco. It’s Gage. It could be anything. 

Cap: Did I hear correctly that there’s gonna be a little show and tell? Well Gage, please do show and tell! 

Marco: Your enthusiasm worries me greatly, Cap. 

Johnny: Hehehe, well don’t mind if I do fellas!

Roy: Now that giggle worries me

Johnny: You guys are going to be incredibly impressed. She’s for sure the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. -eagerly opens the envelope- 

Johnny: Well? What do you guys think?!

Marco: -whistles- 

Chet: You have got to be kidding me.

Cap: John I’m… Amazed?

Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.

The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)

With all these beautiful Fatesonas everyone’s making, @krazehkai and I thought that a 30 Day Art Challenge would be a great way for everyone to have fun with their characters, learn more about other Fatesonas, and interact with each other! So here we present to you 30 challenges you can do~

(I made Day 1 a greeting + a link to your ref because I figured most people already fully drew their Fatesona in their original Fatesona post/ref. I didn’t want to make you all draw another one or have to post the same one lol)

Please tag your posts with #fatesona 30 day challenge so we can all see each others’ work in one nice place!

Have fun, everyone!

It’s cliché to say, but this past year has been like a dream has come true. I’m only 21 years old, and every day, I get to walk onto the pitch with some of the greatest footballers in the world. World Cup winners, European championship winners and Champions League winners are now my teammates.
—  Joshua Kimmich on his move to Bayern and call up to the national team

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I wish I could tell you-

…that home was never a place for me. It was your arms, your warmth and the laughter and softness in your eyes when you looked at me.

…that you were always enough. Enough for your people, enough for your family, enough for me – we never wished you had been different. You were perfect, with all your imperfections.

…that you were beautiful. It was the gray in your hair and the scars on your body; the hum of your voice and your laughter in the air; the touch of your fingers and gentleness of your lips.

…that you were powerful beyond imagining. Your embrace could soothe the demons inside; your voice could conjure stories of ages long past. Fighting those demons together made us stronger and although they never left, they became easier to bear.

…that you were always worthy. No one ever doubted you as much as you doubted yourself and you did better by us than you ever thought you did. You were good. You were worthy.

…that I will never forget. This I swear – as long as I live, they will know. They will know about the king they lost, the friend, the uncle, the brother. And in thousands of years they will still speak your name as a ward against the shadow and there will be nothing left but love.

This I swear.

all i want is more appreciation for wylan van eck bc that boy is a gift to this universe and he is not ever acknowledged enough for that

he deserves the world and more and he deserves his gay ass makeshift family and his boyfriend and his dad can go die in a hole bc if he ever touches my precious genius artistic demolition expert smol gay son again i will chop every single one of his fingers off, put them in a stew, and make him eat it

this has been a psa