Pippin pressed forward as they passed under the lamp beneath the gate-arch, and when he saw the pale face of Faramir he caught his breath. It was the face of one who has been assailed by a great fear or anguish, but has mastered it and now is quiet. Pippin gazing at him saw how closely he resembled his brother Boromir - whom Pippin had liked from the first, admiring the great man’s lordly but kindly manner.

Yet suddenly for Faramir his heart was strangely moved with a feeling that he had not known before. Here was one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed, less high perhaps, yet also less incalculable and remote: one of the Kings of Men born into a later time, but touched with the wisdom and sadness of the Elder Race. He knew now why Beregond spoke his name with love. He was a captain that men would follow, that he would follow, even under the shadow of the black wings.

Sketches of Sherlock’s Mouth - as drawn by Alexander Nussbaum, humble draftsman. He’s a character from Sketchy, an utterly lovely and absorbing fic series from Serpentynka (aka theartofforensics). Three of these studies were later given to John as a gift. Various hardnesses of graphite in Alex’s doubtlessly beautiful sketchbook. Individual views below the cut. [my art tag]

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They’re the chronically depressed, the determinedly addictive, the compulsively divorced, living from one emotional disaster to the next. Bed hoppers, stomach pumpers, freeway jumpers, and sad-eyed bench-sitters with arms stitched up like footballs, and psychic wounds that can never be sutured. Their egos are as fragile as spun sugar, their psyches irretrievably fragmented, like a jigsaw puzzle with crucial pieces missing. They play roles with alacrity, excel at being anyone but themselves, crave intimacy but repel it when they find it. Some of them gravitate toward stage or screen; others do their acting in more subtle ways … borderlines go from therapist to therapist, hoping to find a magic bullet for the crushing feelings of emptiness. They turn to chemical bullets, gobble tranquilizers and antidepressants, alcohol and cocaine.
—  Jonathan Kellerman on BPD

Favorite Dance Numbers - Gallan Goodiyan

#162: when he knows something's wrong

Mark: He’s always a man of few words, so he doesn’t know what to say, half because he’s scared he might make things worse and half because he just didn’t know what to say. But he knows there’s something wrong and he needs to make sure you’re alright. “You okay?” he asks quietly while pulling on your sleeve as you read. You put your book down. “Yeah,” you say, quietly. No, you weren’t. He knew it, though, and so his arm reaches around you and then you’re in his chest and then you think maybe you would be okay.

Jr: He doesn’t ever hesitate to ask you — “Okay, what’s wrong?” he blurts out when you come walking into his room huffing and lay down on his bed. He turns in his swivel chair and props his elbows on the bed, staring at you. “What happened, Y/N?” he muses with a smile. You turn and glare at him. He chuckles lightly, climbing onto the bed with you. You let him pull you onto his lap as he wraps his arms around you. “I’m here,” he says in a soft voice this time.

JB: He’s kind of been avoiding you, to be honest, because he thought you needed the space, but it was driving him crazy to see you like this. “Hey,” he says quietly. He leans over the back of the couch of where you were sitting and puts his face close yours. You don’t look up from your phone. “Hey,” you say back softly. He smiles weakly, and then walks over to sit next to you. “Hey,” he says again, and then takes the phone from your hands, “What’s wrong?” he asks, and you sigh, falling into him, and he doesn’t say a word as he just holds you.

Jackson: He wants to show you something fun he’s come up with, but he sees you without a smile and then his goes away, too. “What’s wrong?” he jumps into action immediately. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” you say, but his eyes fall into a worried look and now he just looks worse than you. You smile, just for his sake, touching his cheek gently as he does the same. “Love you,” he says, quiet for once. You nod, and he smiles weakly, just wanting to know he was there for you. He hugs you, and you know he is.

BamBam: You’re just as happy as him most days, and the moment he sees your usual (and his favourite) smile gone from you face, he knows there’s something wrong. “…W-what is it?” he asks. The usual skip in his step disappears as he slowly approaches you. You just sigh, shaking your head as he sighs himself, putting an arm around you and bringing you in closer. “It’s okay,” he says, “I’m here for you.” He pauses for a second and kisses your head. His head leans on top of yours as he says just loud enough for you to hear, “I love you.”

Youngjae: He always knew what to do, surprisingly, but not what to say. But that was okay, because he made it work. Your favourite foods, favourite movies, favourite blanket — all set up for you when you got back with a note that read, “Feel better. Love you — Youngjae.” You smile, proud of him: he was busy living his dream yet he still made time to do this for you. You text him, hoping he’d get it before he went on stage. “Love you, too. Thank you. Good luck.”

Yugyeom: He approaches you slowly when he sees you laying on the couch staring into nothingness. He stops right before you can see him — making sure he’s got his script all ready (he was nervous, okay!). “Uh, Y/N…” he starts, and then swallows, already forgetting what he was going to say. “Are you okay?” he ends up blurting out. You chuckle, seeing his nervousness. “Come here,” you say, motioning him to sit on the bed with you. His arms naturally wrap around you. “I’m fine now,” you say softly, and you feel him sighing a sigh of relief.

When will fandom stop blaming marinette for keeping her and chats secret identity a secret

When will fandom stop blaming marinettes supposed insecurities for keeping chat at arms length (something she doesn’t even do in canon???)

When will people accept that marinette is just listening to tikki and being smart about her secret identity because it’s dangerous otherwise?

Seriously. The narrative in fics where chat/Adrien is the poor precious child who is hurting because marinette is being stubborn about her identity for no reason physically hurts me. Like I can’t take much more of fandom putting all of this on marinettes shoulders like this was her lofty decision made up in response to insecurities about herself that she doesn’t even have. Or even worse, having her push chat away because she’s afraid of caring too much for some reason. This wasn’t even shown to be the case. Please let it end. Ladybug/marinette loves chat. He’s her partner. She’s not pushing him away for personal reasons, she’s just being smart about their identities. Isn’t this shit like super hero 101 stuff?

a long way back from seventeen by @indigoecho​ - a trc prequel

— Noah was just a boy, carrying skateboard scrapes and parking tickets and art projects. He swam fast, smoked faster, and fell in love easily and completely.

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At the right time, meeting the right person, is a life filled with happiness;
At the right time, meeting the wrong person, is an experience of heartbreak;
At the wrong time, meeting the right person, is a lifetime of hopelessness;
At the wrong time, meeting the wrong person, is a path with nothing but torment.

I really love neonsign’s 1633. It’s truly a beautiful and heartfelt story.

This is how you know I really liked a book.

I just finished reading it and I don’t even know what to say….it ended how I had been hoping it would throughout the entire book and I’m so happy but the fun was just starting.
I’m extremely glad there’s going to be a sequel because I need more of Ari and Dante.

Do you ever start a fic thinking it’s a one-shot and you’re like “ok cool I’ll just read this as a nice little bedtime story” and you get totally sucked into it but then it’s not till you get to the end of the first page that you realize it’s not a one-shot and it has thirty chapters but it’s too late now, you can’t back out from the story even though you were supposed to be asleep thirty minutes ago and you’re just like fuck
And down the long and silent street - whimsicule - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 9/9
Rating: Mature
SummaryThe year is 1881 and if you’re alone in this world you might as well be dead, because starving dogs have no mercy.

Or: Wherein Louis and Harry are on the opposite ends of the social ladder, but their paths still cross on the filthy streets Louis calls his home. The odds are staked against them from the beginning, and even more when Louis’ past finally catches up with him.

Words: 86090