I wasn't ready to Lose Zelena

I’ve made no secret that I love Zelena, even though she’s so complicated and hard to love. So as a fan of hers, this is a hard hit.

But more so, I cannot imagine Regina Mills next year without any of her family (Snow, Emma, now Zelena). That is not her happy ending. They made it clear time and again that for Regina a happy ending would be finding peace with herself and having her family around her. THIS IS NOT THAT.

As a fan of Regina Mills (who is honestly the only reason I watch)– this feels like a near fatal body blow.

I can’t imagine the show without 3/5 of its female cast. That is not the Once Upon A Time I signed up for.

And honestly, on a personal level, I think Bex is the awesomest. And knowing it wasn’t her choice makes it even more bitter for me. She’s talked about struggling for work and being essentially homeless when the part of Zelena came along– this is such a sucky life turn for her and I empathize. I’m sure she’ll bounce back. But still, that burns.

Ok my loves, I think I’m going to take a step out of fandom for a while. Otherwise I’m going to end up saying a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t while I’m working through my stages of grief.

Wicked Always Wins.

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Why did you give hawkeye a family, which has no basis, as it wasn't even mentioned once in any of the movies before age of ultron....?

I loved the idea that one Avenger had a secret, and that it was that he was a normal guy who is genuinely connected to the world in a way no other avenger is. We cut a lot of the misdirection that would have made the reveal more fun, but emotionally and thematically it still works great for me.

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You know, when I saw people saying Jaune was being an asshole in the most recent episode, I was expecting it to be... worse? Like, yeah, he shouldn't have been lashing out like that, but it wasn't like he was being a Terrible Person™. I feel like people really exaggerated it.

When it comes to Jaune (or any male character) Tumblr immediately exaggerates everything (unlike the female characters in which case get a free pass). And whenever Tumblr complains about Jaune I just assume that he breathed in the wrong direction.

Jaune is really mad, and y'know he’s allowed to mad. He was asked to lead a team by Ozpin, and then Ozpin and his secret band decide to target one of Jaune’s team mates (and more importantly, one of his best friends) into doing something dangerous. Even worse, something dangerous that none of them really knew what was going to happen. Plus, Jaune knew that Pyrrha was super upset and conflicted about it, but because she was a good person and thought she could have a chance to save everyone, she did it.

Now he’s learnt that Cinder, the big bad who killed Pyrrha, isn’t actually the big bad. In fact there’s someone WAY worse, who also wants to kill you, your friends, and destroy pretty much everything and everyone. To be honest I’d be a bit angry too.

However, the way he’s dealing with it isn’t okay. Taking it out of the nearest person Jaune can reasonably blame, isn’t okay. But a) he’s human! He isn’t perfect (Tumblr knows this! They spend all their free time writing about it!) Plus, I grantee that people have done this in their own life at least once.

And b) he’s a teenager! Obviously he isn’t going to be all wise and crap! You get mad at the adults! They’re the ones in charge, they’re tbe responsible ones, they should of looked out for Pyrrha and kept her safe, not put her in the firing line.

Jaune isn’t being a terrible person! He’s just being human. If people don’t understand that then it’s obvious that they’re just having a tantrum over a icky-male-character.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.