Jason Rothenberg thinks it is his job to ‘make us feel something.’

No, Jason, that is not your job.  Anyone can make me feel something.  A random idiot walking up to me on the street and spitting on my shoes can make me feel something.  Your job is not to make me feel something; it is to sell me on something.

You have to make me buy your characters’ narratives.  You have to show me their emotional journey, to make me believe every step they take is justified in their minds.  You don’t have to make me agree with their decisions, you have to make me understand them.  There are plenty of fictional characters whose decisions I have not agreed with, but still accepted, because the writers did the work of making me understand where the characters were coming from.

So let us be perfectly clear here: you have not done that work.  You have not made me understand Bellamy.  You have not sold me on his emotional journey.  You have not sold me on his relationship with Gina or this blatant regression in his characterization.  You have not done this, and therefore, you have not done your job.  You have failed.  You have failed your show, you have failed your fans, you have failed your characters, and you have failed the world you have created.  Your entire narrative is diminished by this failure.

I say this as a fan of the show and a fan of the work you have done in the past.  I say this hoping that you will learn from this failure and do a better job moving forward, but in order to do that, you must recognize it as a failure.  And dismissing all criticism with “but I made you feel something, didn’t I!?” is not the way to do that.  As I said before, any idiot can make me feel something, but not just anyone can sell me something.  And for the first time on this show, when it comes to Bellamy, I am not buying what you’re selling.

And I am far from the only one.

I mean I know it’s a show, but I think it’s so weird when the cast has their make up done perfectly and their hair done just right. They’re doctors, when do they have time to do all this? How does their make up stay so perfect? How do the woman have their hair down and then five seconds later it’s braided under a scrub cap??

✨  Crappy muse descriptions: 

Spots - Two speeds. Idling and FLOOR IT 

Renette - Arceus: “Behold, for I have created a shiny pokemon, resplendent in mine own colour.” 

Mew: “You’ve ruined a perfectly good lucario is what you’ve done. Look its got anxiety.” 

Mau - What happens when you bring sarcasm to life 

they absolutely fucked this up. jimmy’s done perfectly in the oddparents style, its like hes switched universes - but timmy is still in the oddparents style, just 3D modeled. looks like utter shit. fuck you


#everything about this was so perfectly done #clarke finished talking with her mother and kane #abby was starting to leave but bellamy didn’t move #and neither did clarke #then bellamy starts to walk slowly forward #and once again he pleads with her to come home #but clarke can’t because like it or not #her people have been thrust into the middle of the conflict between lexa and nia #they are all pawns in this game of power #and clarke is trying to ensure that they make it to the end #bellamy doesn’t understand this–doesn’t understand all of what is going on politically #and his mix of anger and sadness as he looks between clarke and lexa is so heartbreaking #and then he leaves her #(in the same way she once left him) #but what’s even more heartbreaking is clarke in that last gif #bellamy walking away from her nearly brings her to tears #she doesn’t want him to go but she can’t call him back #so she takes a moment to gather her composure before she can move forward #these two ARE KILLING ME and it’s beautiful and tragic and I LOVE it

This makes basically any instant noodle taste fresh and delicious again. It is what I make when I am seriously hungry but too low on spoons to get takeaway, let alone cook something actually nutritious.

I do this in a bowl and use the microwave, but you can do it in a saucepan on the stove too.

  1. boil water
  2. put an egg in there, cover, and wait about a minute
  3. put the noodle cake on top (it should be submerged), cover, and nuke/cook until the noodles are done. the egg should be perfectly poached now – whites are cooked, yolk holding together unless poked
  4. pour out the water
  5. mix in flavour sachet, peanut butter, plain/natural yoghurt, and sriracha.
  6. mmmm delicious


if no sriracha, any chilli sauce will do. my other faves are gochujang and sambal oelek.

if no yoghurt, try either lemon juice or milk (depending on if you like it spicy or not). Don’t put both lemon and milk! Milk will split real fast because of the heat!

if you have any greens, chuck it in step 2. step 1 if they’re frozen.

if no egg, just omit. less steps too.


Imagine being Two-Bit’s sister… and Dally trying to hit on you.

“Hey there” Said Two-Bit’s greaser buddy, his eyes raking your body up and down. “I’m Dally” 

“Pleasure” You mutter sarcastically, hugging your bag tighter to your body as you wished your big brother would hurry the hell up. 

“Are you sure you’re Two-Bit’s sister, you look…” he searched his mind for the perfect words as his eyes stared into your own. “You look really beautiful.” 

You squinted your eyes in disbelief… was this hood really trying to hit on you, you raised a perfectly done eyebrow at him. 

“Are you kidding me, Dallas Winston? Are you trying to hit on me? For God’s sake… you’re my brother’s best friend.” 

“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him…” He trailed off, his whiskey breath hitting your nose. “Come on, Y/N, I got a room at Buck’s that we can go to.” 

“Dally, back off. You’re drunk and Keith will be here any second-” Before you could say anything else, the door opened to reveal a smiling Two-Bit. 

“Hey, Dal! Y/N, are you ready to go. I’ve got to take you back home” You linked your arm with Two-Bit’s, sending Dallas Winston glares as you passed him… and you were sure he was checking out your ass.