Hook Siblings Headcannons

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- so, so closely knit
- harry steals harriet’s eyeliner so constantly that, instead of hiding it, she’s bought him one of his own
- they’ve all had a hook-hand phase
- cj gave herself a horrible deathhawk and wore a pirate hat to cover it up; eventually, the trend grew on her
- they all imitate “tick tock” noises to prank their father
- as mentioned before, harry is deathly afraid of swimming, and, alternatively, drowning; he tries to stay away from water as much as possible
- harriet secretly wants to meet peter pan; her childhood dream was to be able to fly, and she hopes his shadow will make its way into her room one night
- gorgeous , all of them
- harry and harriet debate over who is the mom of the bunch (cj prefers harriet as a maternal figure)
- a thousand awkward family photos in frames around the house
- cruel humor & laughing til their stomach hurts is in their nature
- made up peter pan stories that end the way their father would have wanted them to
- harry has secretly hand-made a tinker bell ragdoll for cj’s birthday. she doesn’t care that she’s too old for dolls, and sleeps with it tucked under her blanker every night while he and harriet tell her stories in silly voices
- uma is their unofficial fourth sibling

- family meetings for no reason other than to complain about miscellaneous things

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Request:I was wondering if you’d be able to write some sort of harry imagine where he comes home early from the studio after texting you and telling you that he wasn’t feeling very well all of a sudden and once he’s home he just gets worse and ends up sick in the bathroom all night ?? And maybe you try to get him to go lay in bed but he just wants to lay on the bathroom floor so you make him like a makeshift bed?? Super fluffy cuddle harry!!

It wasn’t unusual for Harry to have a weird schedule when he had time in the studio, sometimes he’d be gone for an hour or six, or a half day or a full day, it really varied. So when you heard your front door opening around midday you hadn’t given it a second thought and continued going around with your own work. It wasn’t until you realised an hour had passed and you hadn’t seen Harry, you called his name and heard a grunt from your shared room, opening the door you found Harry striped to his boxers sprawled across the bed looking a bit paler than usual.
“ What’s wrong gorgeous” you questioned kneeling on the floor next to the bed using the back of your hand to feel his forehead, the heat radiating off his body concerning you.
“ ‘m feeling poorly” he groaned as you pulled away the arm he had covering his eyes to get a better look at him. His eyes were red from where he had rubbed them continuously and his nose was dry probably from the tissues that lay on the floor next to the bed.
“ Im going to get you some soup and a wet washer to cool you down yeah?” you pushed his hair back from his face, as much as you hated that Harry wasn’t feeling well you liked being able to look after him like this. After getting Harry to eat his soup and tried to cool him with the wet washer you left the room while he slept hoping a good nap would let his body recover. It was while you were on the phone to Anne asking her what Harry likes when he’s not feeling well when you heard him vomiting in the bathroom.
“ I gotta go Anne I’ll call you back” you hung up without waiting for a response before rushing towards the bathroom to see your Harry slumped over the toilet coughing a bit. You grab a glass of water before sitting behind him and starting to rub his back as he had done many times to you. You both sat there a while longer he seemed to have thrown up the contents of his stomach, your hand was tracing patterns across his bare back he was now laying his whole body across the tiled floor.
“ Come on, lets get you back in bed” you stood up flushing the toilet and washed your hands.
“ I wanna stay ere, its nice and cold” he spoke grabbing your ankle preventing you leaving the bathroom.
“ Gorgeous you can’t stay on the floor, it’ll hurt your back, you’ll sleep much better in bed” you knelt down next to him glad you had mopped the floors this morning, you pushed his hair out of his face his hands entwining with yours.
“ Please baby, lay with us” you secretly loved when Harry got whiney, you loved the way he spoke his words sloppily and the way he craved your touch wanting nothing but being close to you. You gave in and soon enough you’d pulled the covers off the bed and had them and the pillows laid out on the bathroom floor. You couldn’t say the floor was exactly comfortable, but nothing made you happier than Harry laying with his head on your chest, bodies as close as possible while his arms wrapped around your waist, your hands continually running through his hair and along his back, tracing small patterns which would bring hums of content out of Harrys parted lips.
“  Babe?” Harry questioned, you were trying to move out of his grip to get him some more soup, your hummed in response stilling your movement.
“ Can yeh cuddle me?” he asked his green eyes meeting yours with a pout on his lips.
“ You need to eat first, you’ve got nothing in your stomach, once you’ve eaten we can cuddle” you reply kissing his head softly.
“ Please don’t leave me baby, I don’t want food, please just cuddle me” His voice cracked and your arms instantly engulfed his body his back facing into your chest, you would do anything to make him feel better, even laying on the bathroom floor. 

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Miniminter smut 'on your knees now'

Prompt: ‘I missed your mouth" “on your knees now”
Warnings: Naughtiness
Simon x reader

Your waiting at the sidemen house, the lads have been to LA but you couldn’t go unfortunately, you had uni so you were left on your own. You missed them all so much, but especially Simon your Boyfriend.
You’ve missed his touch and his lips and you’ve missed his smell and definitely missed him when you go to bed. They went for a whole month and your didn’t get to  see him at all, you called and texted and Skyped’s as well. But it wasn’t as good as actually being with him.
You hoped he had a good time but you wanted the blond home so badly, you slept in his big bed alone and wore his clothes to make your self feel better but it didn’t work. It was a tough two weeks, at the second week you needed him so bad you were so horny you almost couldn’t cope.
But finally Simon was coming home, you cleaned the house and his room trying to make it nice for his arrival. You lost track of time and forgot that you were just in pants and one of his t-shirts. You were cleaning away, music blasting you didn’t hear your phone buzz with a text reading.
Simon :)):
Hey babes, home in 20 x

You were just mopping the floor oblivious to the fact that Simon would be home soon. Simon in his car on the way back, you had started on changing the bed cloths ( they won’t stay clean long) you giggled at the thought of him roughly pounding into you, you hope he’s as sexually frustrated as you are as you’ll be in for a night of pleasure, you moan at the though getting slightly wet and simons not even home yet.

Music blasting you don’t hear the door open, Simon walks in unable to see you downstairs so he heads up, only to find you bending over cleaning his desk unintentionally giving him a full view of your ass in his top lying just on your waist as it rides up while your busy cleaning. He sneaks up behind you and you feel someone grab your hips and grind you against them. Slightly shocked but realising it would be Simon you started to wiggle your hips and grinding down on him. His grip on your hip almost hurting you. Looks like he was just as frustrated as you were as you feel his hard on poke your ass.
He grunts and flips you around so that your facing him.
“Mhhh Hello gorgeous” he smirks
“Hiya baby” you replied sweetly
“You don’t know how much I missed you”
“I think I do” giving his bulge a rub
He grunts and you giggle at the site in front of you. He kisses you roughly, forcing his tongue in your mouth. You loved it when Simon was frustrated or angry as the sex got rougher which you loved.
The kiss made its way to your neck where he left a whole bunch of love bites.
“Fuck Simon” you moan out
This is exactly what you need, you thought.

“On your knees now” he demanded

Your legs quiver at the request and you do as your told and get on your knees in front of him, unbuckling his belt you pulled down his trousers and palm his bulge through his boxers then soon enough removing his boxers. His erection sprung from his boxers hitting his stomach. You lick your lips at the site, you grab his dick and pump it in your hands before licking the tip hearing a loud grunt emerge from Simon.
“Fuck Y/N”
You smile up at him, keeping eye contact you take his full length in your mouth, then removing your mouth and repeating very, very slowly.
“Y/N!!” He moaned frustrated
Your head bobbed up and down, tongue swiping around his length. Hand working on what is left out with an occasional trust here an there from Simon and you had him unraveling slowly.
“Iv missed your mouth” he let out between moans.
His legs shaking, moans slipping from his mouth, hands buried in you hair. He was on a high, it felt so good after, such a long time.
Just as he was about to cum you pulled away.
A disappointing grunt left his lips.
“Whyyy, Y/N” he whined
“You’re not going to be the only one getting off here”
His eyes widen, filling with hunger.
“Okay, baby I’ll give you what you want” he says slyly
You stand up, meeting his gaze  and he quickly picks you up and puts you on the bed. He stares into your eyes, you feel as if can see right into your soul. He places his rough lips to your much softer ones, the kiss was slow and loving like he was telling how much he loved you with just a kiss. But it soon got rough his tongue swiping over your lips asking for entrance, you allowed him and your tongues battled for dominance, he won. His tongue exploring the familiar territory of your mouth.
He removed you shirt and trousers leaving you in just your bra and pants, he stares at you for a moment taking in your beauty. He goes to remove your panties leaving you exposed to him. He kisses down your neck, stomach until he reaches your pussy. He kisses you clit, you moan at the sudden pressure, he chuckles and the vibrations emitted from his deep laugh send you crazy.
“Simon I need you” you says breathless, not caring about begging or whining.
“Begging will get you no where love” he smirks
He then slowly starts to push his tongue in and out of your pussy and presses a thumb on your clit.
“Fuck si” you moan out
He carries on until you can feel your self falling over the edge. Hand clutching his hair as encouragement, his name falling from your mouth. You were about to cum and he pulled his head away leaving a trail of kissses down your thigh.
“Siiiii” you whine
“Payback” he gives you a cheeky wink
You bring his head up to yours and you whisper in his ear.
“But Si, I need you massive length inside me, pushing into me so hard that I can’t help but say your name over and over again” you say seductively
You hear a moan erupt from the back of his throat.
“I could cum by just hearing you say that, you know” he says just above a whisper. He rolls on a condom then he lines him self up and thrusts into you hard, and instantly hits my g-spot straight away, send you into a fit if moans. Your hands find his back leaving red marks all over his top half.
He has his hands either side of you, hair plaster to his forehead, sweat beads forming.
He starts to thrust faster and even harder which sends you over the edge and his trust get slower and sloppy. Hes about to cum and you kiss his neck which send him in to utter bliss.
He pulls out and removes the condom putting into a bin while you pop his joggers and t shirt on. He finds some clean clothes and you then head down to the kitchen to see the other boys, running down stairs to give them all hugs when Josh notices your bruised neck.
“Y/n come here”
You walk over to him slightly confused, he moves the hair covering your neck and gasps.
“What?, what is it?” You panic, all the other boys come over to look.
“What the fuck, Simon” Vik finally says
Simon staying very quite throughout the whole situation.
You pull away to look in the mirror to see what all the fuss was about, when you finally see your whole neck covered in red and purple bruises.
You look over to Simon, giving him wide eyes.
“Dude, Simons a freak in beddd” they joked
You hid in embarrassment .Simon rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment
“I missed Y/N” he let out sheepishly
“We know, man” they laugh.
Hope you guys like this! I had to rewrite this as my first draft was lost :(( wagwan, sorry this is not as good looking I had trouble getting this off my whattpad (@lemonadeonahotday) so sorry!

Some more rebelcaptain fic recs

I did this once before and thought it was about time I did another.  This is just a selection of the top-notch fic this ship has given rise to in the last couple of months.  I’m putting notes and summaries below a read-more as the list on its own turned out quite long.

Hearts of kyber by rcmsw

As the fates unwind by Jaxin

Baby, you need to come home by aewgliriel

Over the edge by jplus

Inevitable by cellorocket

Death in the time of the Empire by Deputychairman

Die with your darlings by thelovelies

Been to the mountaintop by biclaras

To ashes and stardust by wandering_scavenger

We don’t know everything by Disneybrony

Happy endings (are just stories that haven’t finished yet) by guineapiggie

A pile of bones by Not_So_Secretly_A_Spaceship and Wolf_Storm

This is a rebellion, isn’t it? By aMassiveDisappointment (BadOldWest)

Back to the night by AlexOblivion

Kill the lights (and kiss my eyes) by ohstardustgirl

Truth spoke in whispers (will tear you apart) by guineapiggie

You can’t hide (your lyin’ eyes) by NewLeeland

Cassian Andor’s guide to cohabitation by brahe

Priorities by RapidashPatronus

After by scoundrelhan

Lullaby by Tigersmeleth

It’s only ever been by NeonDaisies

The art in the lie by Jaded

The remembrance of pain (time will explain) also by Jaded

The soul magicians by porcelainsimplicity

For a good time call by Jormaperalta

Anything can happen by stargirl428

Killer Queen by ohmytheon

Heaven’s not far away (and I’m not going to leave you here) by Irelando

Rogues of the lost Ark by NewLeeland

Floating, sinking by shuofthewind

Resistance is built on hope by ChronicOlicity

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don't | archie andrews

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written by: kelly

edited by: @jugheadxresderinyourhead

anonymous said: hi hon! can i get a #25 with mr. archie andrews? thanks :)

prompt: 25- “i told you not to fall in love with me”

chapter song: stay / rihanna and mickey echo

you are your own worst enemy. its the truth. its something that i’ve dealt with on many occasions so i know its true. self sabotage is my main game. i can never let myself feel even an ounce of happiness. the only person who made me feel happy was archie.

archie was always different. i understand that it sounds very cliche, but its the truth. he made me feel different. warmth oozed from my heart everytime we locked eyes. i knew he had feelings for me but i wasn’t aware how much he felt for me. he loved me so much, but i couldn’t hurt archie. 

riverdale. apple pie america. my hometown. im y/n sweetwater. yes like the murder river. that river was named after my great great grandfather, kenneth sweetwater. making me by all intents and purposes, riverdale royalty. this came with a stigma. my family was always under a microscope. my mother, heather, was so beautiful. she was a golden girl, gorgeous and talented. everywhere i go people always say its like seeing heathers ghost.

its haunting. she died when i was four. my dad was left alone, a 22year old single dad. he was heartbroken, but i was always treasured by him.he loves me more than anything, im all that he has left of her. my parents had real love. the kinf of love that warrents a slow ballad, kissing under the soft moonlght. sneaky rendezvous’ at sweetwater river at midnight. true love. 

“earth to sweetwater..” kevin moans as we stroll along the main street, sipping on sweet tea.

“whats up?” i mumble softly, playing with the ice in my cup.

“its like talking to a brick wall.” he teasted, bumping his shoulder on mine.

“im sorry k, im just a little pre-occupied.” i admit.

“oh yeah, the dilf is bringing his new fling to dinner tonight huh.” kevin grimaced, making a scrunched up face.

“bite me.” i mouthed. 

“there’s the sheriff, im out babe.” he smiled.

“pray for me?” i plead.

“you’ll be okay, we can spill the tea tomorrow.” he declared.

and with that he was off. with a pep in his step, smile on his face. unlike me, i looked like pure shit and i felt like i was gonna pass out.

i open the front door to my house, trying to be as quiet as possible so i can go and change my shirt. i spilt iced tea all over myself and i wanted to look somehwat decent before meeting my dads new possible love interest. like many things in my life, this didn’t go to plan.

as i entered the dining room, i see my dad facing this beautiful woman. She looks like she just stepped off of a catwalk.

“hey honey.’ my dad smiles.

“yeah just showing my face, got home safe and sound.” i said smiling at the mystery chick. 

“gina this is y/n, y/n this is gina.” my dad awkwardly introduces the two of us.

she looks over at me and smiles.

“um dad, i need to run to archies real quick and take him..the maths text book i borrowed.” that was a lie. this situation is too awkward so i have to bounce.

“okay, just dont stay out too late.” he warned. 

“i wont, toodles gina, it was nice meeting you.” i blurt as i leave the cringey date scene in my dining room.

as i rush out of the house and get into my car, i remember that archie and jughead had said in passing that they would be at pops’ tonight obsessing over jasons death as per usual. off to the well lit diner in the middle of town.

as i pull up i see the red haired boy leaving. 

“hey! where are you going?” i shout out of my car window, almost giving the tall boy a hear attack.

“what the fuck y/n?!?” he exlaims, rubbing his chest in circular motions.

“where are you going?” curiosity fills the air.

“home.” he answers shortly. coldness overiding his tone. i could tell there was something bothering him.

“whats up your ass?” i commented under my breath.

all of a sudden, archie storms over to the passenger door of my car, swinning the door open and almost instantly afterwards he slams it again. 

he is now sitting in the seat, his head in his palms.

“you’re driving me fucking crazy.” he whispers.

“i told you not to fall in love with me.” i warned, bordering on the verge of tears.

“you’re saying it like i can help how i feel about you!” he snapped back at me.

“you can, you can go and be with someone else. someone who will make you happy. someone who is worth your affection. im not that girl.” i reply.

“do you love me?” he aksed.

“its not that simple archie..” i pronounced.

“answer the question.” he ordered, tears in his waterline. his big brown eyes filled with hurt.

“no.” the second lie filled the car like a toxic spill. 

i heard an audible heart break. its like someone viciously ripping a piece of paper. hard, loud and sharp. what have i done?

i was cutr out of my gaze into space by the car door slamming shut. the red haired boy walking along the icy car park. the love of my life. the love that i’ve just alienated.

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first post!! be careful about peeling your skin, reader ^w^.

Ouma kokichi.

- He brushes it off as a bad habit at first , not really paying attention to it or pointing it out during conversations.

- However , he starts to notice dried blood forming around their nails and scabs forming on their skin. During playful cuddle sessions , they would accidentally scratch him with their bitten nails and it would hurt like hell. That was when he decided that it was time to stop!

- Whenever he catches them peeling their skin or biting their nails , he swats their hand away and glares at them with a disapproving look. He would then continue to watch them like a hawk. if they were to ever lift their fingers near their mouth , he’d yank their hands away and hold them as plan B.

- “You have such beautiful fingers , ( first )-chan! stop biting them!”

- He gets pretty pouty and upset whenever he catches them ( and will probably stay like that for awhile ) don’t let him catch you!

Saihara shuuichi

- He tries to persuade them to stop their bad habit. Not!! good!!

- Because of their habit , he brings around bandages and medicine just in case of any accident that may happen.

- “Are you biting your nails again , ( first )?” he’d say , shaking his head. He doesn’t enjoy the sight of peeled skin. Especially because he really enjoys holding their hand , and he doesn’t like to see such beautiful skin peeled off.

- However , he doesn’t pester them to get rid of their habit if they persistently continue to do it. But he’s not afraid from putting his feet down if they happen to damage their skin badly.

Amami Rantarou

- It’ll probably frustrate him to see their nails ruined. He’ll start to file their nails , giving them a manicure while he’s at it , hoping that the pretty design would make them not want to ruin their nails. He can’t deny it , he enjoys doing this.

- He offers hand cream from time to time and will even apply it for them if they ask sweetly.

- He tries to talk his s/o out of this habit by coaxing them. “I’ll get you chocolate if you don’t peel them for a week.”

- Amami likes to hold their hand and admire their skin , tracing patterns on them , just touching it in general.  Peeled or not , he still thinks that they are beautiful

Kaito Momota

- Everyone has bad habits , right?

- unlike everyone else , he doesn’t mind that they peel their skin- in moderation. A little peeling and biting here and there is alright , but not to the point that it bleeds.

- Kaito never fails to compliment their skin , always gushing about how smooth and beautiful it is. He finds every part of them gorgeous , especially their skin.

- “It’s okay to peel, but not too much, m'kay babe?”

Gonta Gokuhara

- Gonta doesn’t know that its a habit , so he panicks.

- “Who hurt you?! or are you hurting yourself?! that’s no good, please stop!”

- When his s/o explains it to him, he was a little confused at first as to why they would do that , but he eventually accepts it.

- he doesn’t want them to peel their skin , but he also doesn’t want to force them to do something , so he settles for gentle reminders to not to peel too much skin/bite too much nail off.

Ryoma hoshi

- “It’s not good to peel off so much skin, you know?”

- He certainly doesn’t mind if his s/o has that habit and does not comment on it.

- However he is willing to patch them up if they accidentally hurt themselves and will advise them not to do that.

- He actually has the same habit to peel off skin whenever he’s thinking, bored, or nervous , so he believes that it’s really not a problem.

- He think their fingers are beautiful anyway.


- Kibo is a robot, so he can’t feel the satisfaction of peeling skin off.

- He does feel worried whenever he catches them peeling their skin/biting their nails and will watch them anxiously , afraid that they may accidentally peel a portion of their skin off ( which will lead to a bloody mess )

- He finds his friend, google, and searches up about their habit to learn more about it and what he can do to help.

- From his friends’ advice, he now keeps nail clippers , bandages and even a fidget cube in his spare compartment , hoping that it would stop their habit.

- He doesn’t think that their habit is completely bad, but he thinks that they’re hurting themselves and cringes whenever they start peeling skin/chewing on nails.

Korekiyo shinguuji

- He suggests picking up sewing if they ever wanted to get rid of their habit, but leaves them alone if they decide to do nothing about it.

- He claims that their habit is one of the reasons that makes his s/o charming. What can you say? korekiyo has unique tastes.

- He likes to hold their hand and run his finger over their peeled skin , scars or uneven nails. If anything, he seems to be fascinated over them for some weird reason.

- Korekiyo has also prepared a handcream if they ever needed it.

Alright guys. I have a huge secret to tell you. I’ve actually been madly in love with the same person for so many years… we barely see each other but when we do, it’s magical, amazing, breath taking… I only get to see my love once every year or so… it hurts so much but I love him so much. Soon I’ll see him again.

He’s gorgeous, tall, has the most stunning pair of blue eyes, and when he looks at me, I can feel our spiritual and deep emotional connection. I told him I loved him last time I seen him and he was happy I said so. He smiled at me and looked at me with those eyes… god I wanna see those eyes again. What an amazing man.

He’s charming and so gentle. I hope I see him soon. It hurts so much.

Its justin timberlake

anonymous asked:

hmmmm... I was perhaps wondering if you could recommend any good baekyeol fics that you've particularly enjoyed ???

oF COURSE!!~ but omg i have so many that i have enjoyed but i’ll just name some of the ones that really stuck out to me ^^ idk what particular genre you like so its going to be all meshed together lol

also im just giving a small opinion on what i think of the fic so if you’re interested in a particular fic and you want to know more about it don’t be afraid to send another message! or like a specific genre too

* - angst or slight!angst 

  • corner coffee shop - i thought it wouldn’t as good but mAN was i wrong; this fic is packed full of drama, comedy and angst and it all balances out well. 
  • you and me + you and i become one (squeal)* - ABSolutely gorgeous and beautiful i love it so much!! baek is blind and chanyeol falls in love with him. kinda angsty; and i never read sequels but its A MUST with this
  • stretched thin* - the summary says it all….
  • i am because we are - SO GOOD??? LIKE??? IDDK??? 
  • 256 feet* - im surprised that not a lot of ppl have read this. WARNINGS THO 
  • a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale - to relieve you of all that angst –> ITS SUPER FUNNY AND CUTE
  • two is better than one - bestfriend!au and damn it hurts; its so well-written tho, not like your regular cliche bestfriend au tbh
  • jag-eun* - has to be the most original fic i have read; MAJOR TRIGGERS THO so read with caution. some of the drawings are harsh ?? amazing perspective tho and the author is fcking queen
  • jjog-eulo* - author of ^^^ and its even better than their first story; this one goes more in debt and again also many triggers!!!!
  • stay - FARA and her fetish for divorces lol (author of 10080)
  • back - deserves more LOVEE; really great fic with kinda kaibaek ? only 200+ ppl have read this, thats outrageous..
  • all the stars point me to you - bestfriend!au U GUYS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER OMFGG its frustratinggg but really good lol
  • if the police ask - i want to be 13 again and fall in love
  • cafe reve* - i relate to baekhyun so much i just- and if you don’t understand there is an explanation at the end to clear things up
  • band-aids dont fix bullet holes - BADASS BAEK SLAYSSS
  • four dudes, one car - baekchen and baekyeol; interestinggg and its really funny
  • allegro* - MIND FUCKING;;;;
  • winter cafe* - it hurts just thinking about it i should stop with angst lmao unless you like it kekeke. 
  • not intended - it went from crying from laughter to crying bc dramaa
  • all he ever wanted - its a cliche fic?? but its so well written that im very attached to it like idk why 
  • when you play with fire (it burns)* - ROADTRIP or more like kidnapping?? not really but its an adventure to find yourself. 
  • you, love (are as safe as houses) - i love the title and its really short but sweet

OKAY that should be enough to get you started wowow and if you need more info about a fic or a genre then hit me up again! ALSO, pls tell me if you’re reading one because i really want to know how you feel about it !! 

i also tried to give not so “well-known” fics because there are a lot of fics out there that deserve a lot more recognition!

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Hi, so obviously you're a big Ranma 1/2 fan and I really love the music from it so I was wondering what your favorite songs from the series are!

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nonnie you have NO IDEA how much i love the music from ranma thank you for giving me the excuse to gush about it!!!!

  1. It’s Love from the ending of the first movie: listening to it makes me so happy its my favorite from the series absolutely and its just such a fun jam
  2. Don’t Make Me Wild Like You (first opening): THE MOST ICONIC SONG FROM THE SERIES bouncy and fun to sing along to insanely cute A++ song
  3. Lambada Ranma (season 3 ending): there are like 3 versions to this song and all of them are virtually the same except for the dialogue between the chorus but oh my gosh is this song so great, also fun to sing along to and the line ranma sings at the end is so cute aaaaa
  4. Sukoshi Dake Sakamichi (DoCo): so cute so cute SO CUTE!! i love all the doco songs but this one is my number 1 fave and the music video for it is adorable because of the fashion the girls wear in it just… so good
  5. November Rain (1991 Song Calendar): This song made me emo. it’s so pretty and adds a lot of depth to the ranma/akane relationship and megumi hayashibara’s voice is incredible
  6. Haato Nibun No Naisho/Heart Secret: Noriko Hidaka’s singing is fantastic and this song makes me want to dance i love it so much omfg
  7. The Baka Song/I Can’t Become A Gentle, Good Girl: this song makes me want a punk/rock singer!akane au and its just so much fun to listen to (and kasumi’s comment at the end is just so damn funny omfggg)
  8. The Ballad of Ranma and Akane: liek if u cry evrytim……. ok but seriously this is this is such a gorgeous song and i adore it to bits and pieces my heart hurts listening
  9. and finally, This version of Omoide Ga Ippai: it makes me think of Ranma singing along to it alone in his room and i’m assuming Sasuke listening in on him asdfhj its cute

banana-bits  asked:

♪~~ Also, I've been thinking about this Shance AU where Shiro and Lance are high school exes and were each other's first.. gay crush (??? is that it??idk). Then, 5 years later, both of them have to work together in their job (Lance is an author, Shiro is the editor) and end up having to resolve their past.... It's a pretty scattered idea but yeah... (( I love your blog btw and I love seeing you on my dash ok bye)))

oh my god i l ove this

they broke up bc shiro was going to a posh private school college in another COUNTRY while lance was staying in their home state so they just. broke up mutually

that doesnt mean it didnt hurt lke a bitch tho. they were high school sweethearts together since freshman year and it hurt terribly and still hurts years later

and then lance gets his book ready to be edited and hes confident bc it really is a great book and the editor his agent gets him….is none other than the guy that broke his heart 7 years ago a few days after graduation 

and they both find each other beautiful. shiro sees lance for the first time in years and gets the breath knocked out of his lungs just because of how gorgeous he still is. how much he grew into his body and that smile and freckles of his. and lances heart hurts when he sees shiro confident without his arm finally (maybe in this he lost it in a car accident or he just was born without it) and how when he smiles his entire face lights up 

theres a lot of late nights and shiro reading this book, either a fiction book or maybe a memoir, falling in love with lance all over again. when he reads a passage before bed its almost like hearing lances voice before he lays down to sleep, just like high school

Because I just couldn’t leave this post alone, I guess

“Hold still,” Montparnasse muttered around the pins in his mouth, his forehead against the space between Jehan’s shoulder blades to keep them from slouching quite so much while he fixed the hem of the waistcoat. “You’re so tiny.”

“Hush.” Jehan rocked back and rolled their shoulders. “You’ve always liked my body. Why complain now?”

Montparnasse stuck the last few pins in the pincushion on the desk beside him. “Complain? Who’s complaining? Certainly not me, no, I would never.” He wrapped his arm around their middle and pressed a kiss to the back of their neck. “You are walking perfection, my love, you know that.”

Jehan laced their fingers through his. “Are you done?”

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anonymous asked:

what are ur top ten favorite zouis moments and why are they your favorites? :)

Buckle up, sweetcheeks, You’re in for a wild ride.

1. “…And I Love You.”

This is my favorite, by far. Cant explain to you why, but seeing how naturally that came to mind for Louis, how randomly he chose to say it, just strikes me really hard in the heart. Like, he just wanted to remind Zayn how much he loves him, and is glad he’s with them. Then, you see how quickly Z goes from smiling and being silly, to looking at Louis with utter genuineness, “…I Love You, Too.” LIKE…how does this not play on your Zouie emotions?

2. Just play with his hair, Zayn, dammit!

Do I really need to explain why I love this? Like…? Probably couldn’t if I tried, but the fact that Louis was unspokenly prodding Zayn to pet him was too much sweetness in one moment. And knowing Zayn, he does as he’s asked and rakes his hands though. PLEASE, you two.

3. “You want a spring roll, bebz?”

The entire Zouis moment is great! But, what i love most about it was seeing how adorable they looked feeding each other!

Do you see how tenderly Louis brings the food to Zayn’s mouth? Just nimble little fingers bringing the food right to Zayn’s lips. And like a fresh, newborn spring deer, Zayn takes the food, then offering some back. If you wanna factor in Harry ‘getting jealous,’ so be it. But this is undoubtedly a Zouis moment, full stop. Not a care of anyone else in that room besides the other.

4. The Kiss Down Under

You can literally never ever, ever make me forget this happening. The visuals, the sounds, the kissing. Its all permanently burned into my brain. I can understand Louis throwing his arm over Zayn’s shoulder. What I DONT GET is why Zayn kissed it. He deadass kissed his hand, loud enough to make a sound. The sound of his LIPS smacking against Louis’ hand. How Charming of you, Zayn. To make it even worse, though; Louis acts like a giggly little school boy getting away with something he shouldn’t on the playground. they seal the deal by Louis dragging Zayn away playfully after the interview, off to cause more trouble.

5. Pucker up, pretty paper boy!

It’s silly, but it’s also very cute, and very playful. Louis simply could not deal with not drumming up the theatrics, so of course he had to bring in the kissy sounds while their paper dolls made out. But, judging by that look on Zayno’s face, he didn’t much mind it. : )

6. “What Is The One Thing You Can Not Live Without?”

Ughhhh….We all knew this was coming. We did. And when i watched the video back just now, I literally had to hold my head in my hands and sigh for literally two minutes. I simply have NO words to describe this moment. Do you? Does anyone?? It’s all too much sometimes, how serious and out of left field that response was. Louis wasn’t expecting it, that’s for damn sure. He thought Zayn would come up with some silly, throwaway joke like Niall. BOOOY, did he play himself. Zayn literally looked Louis in the eye, put on a serious face, and answered it as heartfelt as he could. Simply, “You.”

Zayn literally couldn’t imagine not having Louis in his life. Let that settle in your brain. He needed, and still does, need Louis in his life. That makes him happy. And Louis actually was so stuuned Zayn would choose him, he had to clarify whether he meant the fans and not him. “Cause surely he wouldn’t mean me,” Louis thinks. But he did. and pulled Louis into a warm hug. This is one of the most adorable Zouis moments ever. They love each other so much!

7. The Broz and That Balloon

Now, listen….This is a moment I truly cannot comprehend. I simply cant understand why. For some unknown reason, Tumblr only allows five videos in a post, so i’ve linked it here. It literally is such an underappreciated moment. Please, for my sanity, PLEASE look at Zayn’s hand on the back of Louis’ head. And wallow in the pain with me. That balloon is merely acting as a thin, latex barrier between their love. The verge of a kiss, i will never get over it!

8. The Mystery Machine!

Oh, my my! What a fantastic time that was when they revealed they combined their money and ideas to get a personalized, monogrammed, decked out Mystery Machine! Again, video linked here. But truly? We did not know true Zouis happiness until we watched their faces in this video.

They were like two kids in a candy store. All the gadgets, devices, and comforts one two would need for a night of booze and blunts, coffee and video games. I, truly, cannot say enough about this, but i’ll just leave it at this. The Mystery Machine still resides at Louis’ London home; while Zayn, to this day, commemorates it with a tiny, toy version to remind him of what they still have.

9. Soft Bros AT Spin Radio

This one is…Goodness. I have never seen them so touchy-feely before. Louis was so needy that day. Draping himself over Zayn,

Zayn draping himself over Louis,

butting heads, in the cutest way, of course,

And even getting a little handsy,

I couldn’t tell you why, but they were in their feels that day. Video here. My brain has successfully short-circuited, so i cant explain why these gifs are everything, but you can all clearly see how touchy and close they were that early on. Blows my mind!

10. Got Your Back, Bro.

This is a sweet one to wrap up. I couldn’t tell you why this makes me so happy to see always, but it does.

I die twice over every time Louis goes in for a *pat-pat* on Zayn’s bum after fixing his pants. Is that typical dude bro behavior? I dunno, but its cute. Video here, as well. It’s such a simple gesture, but not one you’d be comfortable with just anyone doing to you. Which is why it caught Zayn so off-guard, but once he knew it was his Lou, its was all fine. I love this.

Anywho, this has gone on WAY too far, and my brain hurts from how much Zouis i had to re-digest. But it was worth every minute. They are the cutest, and you cannot simplify  them and their relationship in just a few videos and gifs, but there’s surely so much i HAVENT talked about, but we’ll save that for another day. Thank you for asking, gorgeous, i hope this was worth the read!

anonymous asked:

I love how Gorgeous sounds, it's my favorite so far, but honestly it's lyrically weak if compared to her previous albums in my opinion and the secret sessioners were saying Rep's lyrically better than Red and Speak Now. 🤷 Red, sweetie I'm sorry someone would hurt you like that. I don't want to judge too much since there's 12 songs left and there could still be amazing lyrics in it. But if this is the best lyrics we're getting I won't raise my hopes up for lyrical masterpieces, unfortunately.

I like the sound too, but I am such a lyric person that I find it really hard to love…. But totally agreed on the lyrics.. how can anyone listen to this and say that it even comes close to Red or Speak Now???? 

Wanda Maximoff #1

Originally posted by fuckartletsdancebaby

Request: I hope you can work with this: A Wanda/Reader where they are falling for each other and Pietro starts out over-protective of his sister until realizing that he is inadvertently hurting his sister. I would prefer the reader to be female.

A/N: I’m so so so so sorry it’s been taking so long! I really hope its worth the wait!

“Hey.” She smiled towards you as she walked by, her hair whisking by past you, allowing you to catch a scent of her strawberry-mango shampoo. Your heartbeat fluttered and you tilted your head away from where she just walked past you, shying away from the gorgeous girl that walked by. You crossed your arms over your stomach and held back a small giggle. Just seeing her made your day so much better. You headed towards your room, passing by Tony on your way.

“Someone’s happy.” He commented, throwing you a friendly wink and turning towards the science lab. You nodded towards him and walked in your room. You let out a content sigh as you let your body drop down on your bed. The silk covers creasing around you. Her green eyes appeared in your mind. Her long, brown hair and red dress complimenting her fair skin and rosaline lips. Her smile could have stopped your heart in that moment it wouldn’t of been such a short one. The words ‘hey’ coming off her tongue in that accent of hers clouded your mind. A loud noise caused you to jump. You looked over towards your door, where another ‘bang’ could be heard. You cautiously walked over and opened it slightly, peeking part of your head out to see who was knocking so loudly on your door.

“Hey Pietro. What’s up?” A smile covered your face as you saw the older twin at the door. You opened it further, stepping aside. He nodded at you and walked inside, looking around the room.

“Y/N. I have some concerns.” Pietro was looking around your room before stopping at the foot of your bed, turning around and staring at you. Your shoulders slumped slightly, intimidated by his seemingly harsh stare. Even though his face wasn’t set in a frown, the way his eyebrows furrowed downwards questioned his mood and intentions coming here. You crossed your arms over your stomach consciously and waited for him to continue. He took a deep breath and stood to his full height, which was well over 6’0. You were slightly intimidated. You tilted your chin down slightly, trying to form some kind of protection from the intense glare. You stood there, staring down at your wooden floors, waiting for him to continue.

“I have some concerns about you and Wanda.” He took a step further, increasing the dramatic size difference. You grew confused as the corner of your lips tugged down, your eyebrows furrowing.

“What do you mean? We’re just friends.” You blinked up at him, your throat becoming dry. You didn’t want him to know. What if he tells her? He wouldn’t even have to tell her because she can literally read minds. What if she already knows? She could’ve read your mind without you knowing it. You became worried as your heartbeat began to quicken.

“Well that’s what I’m concerned about. I don’t think you think of her as a friend.” Pietro was standing with his hands balled into fists, a big frown had settled upon his face. Before you could ask further he began to talk again.

“I think that you’re trying to use her for your own good. She’s  a sweet person who can read minds and is extremely good at reading people.” Pietro bragged about his twin. You rolled your eyes at him, slightly annoyed that he had accused you so quickly on liking his sister for those things. Your growing anger allowed you to gain some confidence as you straightened out your posture and made eye contact for the first time since you had started talking.

“Listen here, Pietro. How could you come and accuse me of being like that? You don’t even know me. We have talked twice since you have arrived at the tower, both times being in missions,

and you barely pay attention to me otherwise. You don’t know anything about me and you start to accuse my intentions with your sister. You intentions were wrong. I do like your sister, I’ll say that but honestly I wasn’t going to make a move.” You stopped to take a breath. Your chest heaved up and down from the exasperated sigh that had escaped your lips.

“Good. I just wanted to make sure you were going to stay away. I don’t want to see my sister getting hurt.” Pietro left without another word, shutting the door on his way out. You rolled your eyes again in annoyance before dropping down on the bed again and staring at the wall. Your mood had changed significantly since the last time you lay in bed. You studied the white ceiling, seeing if you could spot any spots. You looked around your room and tried anything and everything to get your mind off of the horrible conversation. You didn’t want to think about how you couldn’t talk with Wanda anymore, how you couldn’t flirt with her, how you couldn’t be vocal about how pretty she is. It would be hard. You closed your eyes and waited for sleep to come.

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bluewinseverytime  asked:

1. Babe, I'm with you - the negativity is v draining rn, what I see is - they love each other, they're developing, they've chosen to get through the struggles together, its chaotic and its messy and its them! Danny & Ryan are as powerful as they always have been in evoking emotional response, robron is still on our screens breaking up and making up, making us laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time - it hurts cos its a struggle and a rollercoaster, and itll make the climax ever more satisfying

2. I respect and understand people’s frustrations and opinions, but for me it’s still worth it, because ultimately the incredible scenes (like Thursday’s) rely on the painful, ugly bits (like the ons) to evoke relief/happiness, we are so happy to have those reunion/development moments because they follow the mistakes and the angst. For me, I am enjoying it all becaause ed aren’t giving me what i want all the time, they push my buttons as a viewer and a fan, they test the boundaries

3. I have faith, they will give us (in some form) what we want, until the next pleasurable torture comes along in the shape of a new storyline. This won’t last forever, and in the meantime, I’m enjoying the ride. Okay so I’ve just ranted for ages - I apologise, I just have a lot of feels about positivity. It only hurts because we care, I dont know about you, but this sl has taught me alot and made me feel a hundred emotions. What is entertainment for other than that? Ed is still winning imo -Mxx

honestly what can i add to this perfect perfect message?! like you said, its a struggle and a rollercoaster and it’ll make the climax all the more satisfying (i just keep thinking of how amazing the reunion was honestly) and ed has me watching every night so something is working, right?! 

anyways thank you so much for this gorgeous message lovely! you’ve improved my evening massively!

So this is the first verse and chorus of the first song I’ve ever written! Feedback would be much appreciated, even if its bad! ❤

Baby I’ve never met you but I’ve seen your face
You’re so gorgeous I wish I could start the chase
I can’t help but fantasise about what could be
But no-one would expect to see you with me

When I look at you it hurts so bad
You’re the one thing that I need
And the one thing that I’ll never have

Oh I’ve got a crush on you
Fall in love with the things you do
Think its time we started something brand new
I’m praying to myself that you want me too
‘Cause I’ve got a crush on you


magic-owl  asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I ADORE your DP art :D Like seriously, your Danny is the most gorgeous cartoon design for me! It's just so cute yet handsome yet still toon-ish at the same time!!! Great job :)

Thanks so much!! ^_^ Honestly i’m just thrilled that people *still* love Danny Phantom as much as I do!! My history of DP art goes waayyy back, I’ve been drawing fanart since around the time the show first came out over (holy shit) 10 years ago?? Ow, that number hurts…

Phineas and Ferb Starter Setences - Part 1
  • "What do you mean you can see it from your house? See what?"
  • "It seems like we've had this conversation before"
  • "What an unexpected surprise...and by unexpected I mean...completely expected!"
  • "We should have charged more"
  • "From my mom's closet, you like it?"
  • "You're not a quitter. You're a fighter."
  • "And that is what a gorilla looks like when you try to take away its food."
  • "You still have to pay for the jacket."
  • "Wow, you sure like a lot of pepper. I'm more of a paprika [man/woman] myself."
  • "I should have taken blender lessons."
  • "This is a dandruff commercial. Is there something you're trying to tell me?"
  • "Look. My client gets 3 percent of the gross and a piece of the back end, or he walks."
  • "By the age of five, I was forced to throw my own surprise party."
  • "Why don't you let go? Doesn't it hurt your fingers?"
  • "Well, he was all up in my face."
  • "Thanks for using the key I gave you, it's much more civilized than crashing through my ceiling, don't you think?"
  • "Have we learned nothing from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?"
  • "Well, as a lazy tailor would say, suit yourself!"
  • "Ugh, 80's music is so 2002..."
  • "Go ahead. Eat all you want. My dreams are smashed to pieces and all you can think about is food."
  • "I think cheerleaders are so overrated. I mean being gorgeous and popular, does that matter in the real world?"
  • "Well, beat me with a chicken!"
  • "Is my nose really that pointy?"
  • "Doctor? Since when are you a doctor?"
  • "They don't give these out to just anybody, you know."
  • "I was weak."
  • "Find a nerd, take his underpants, and run them up the flagpole."
  • "It's not the worst date I ever had. There was the one that kept stabbing me with the fork."
  • "Don't worry, the swelling will go down. You know, probably."
  • "Your breath smells like candles."