a long process.

[basic shape outline, detailed outline, color, background + more coloring, shading + texture, details & extras, then cry because you haven’t been getting sleep].

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you know why i fucking love kim taehyung? because he calls his zits his friends and points them out on cam. he’s happy when he gains weight. when criticized about his fashion sense, he basically schooled ARMY telling them fashion is cyclical and he’s going to wear whatever he likes no matter the cost. because he jumps to the other members’ defense in a heartbeat. because he takes care of everyone. stan him.

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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“We knew we really wanted to create our very own look for Wonder Woman to how she’s portrayed in TV shows and graphic novels, so we went back to her roots and where she came from. We wanted to creates something incredibly strong and portray her as a legitimate fighter, so we looked back … because we wanted her to look like she’s been wearing the same costume, in a sense, for thousands of years — since she’s immortal, after all. We were inspired by the metal armor of Greek and Roman warriors and gladiators. It seemed like a good fit for her. We created a costume that looks like metal armor, but of course, in these films the fight scenes are very intense and challenging so I had to come up with a solution that would allow her to move and breathe, but also to have this very iconic, sort of hourglass shape in a modern and interesting way. We used a combination of old and new technology. With scans of Gal, we created her breastplate on the computer — we drew it all in 3D. Then we applied all these fantastic finishes and we ended up making it with a current paint over the top and with many layers of glazes to give it a really ancient, warm feel. Zack wanted it to be full of battle scars and dents.There was a lot of love that went into all the details, making her really look like a powerful, legitimate warrior.” - Michael Wilkinson. 

The overall look of Wonder Woman’s iconic armor had already been designed by Michael Wilkinson for the character’s appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Nevertheless, Lindy Hemming and her team had considerable work to do to get the costume ready for shooting Wonder Woman. “The costume that had already been made used a sculpted and moulded method,” Hemming explains. “They had made it in a mould and then the pieces were attached to the undersuit. We tried to make it lighter weight and easier to move in for Gal, because in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she had much less action to do. So we had to change it for those reasons. The costume in the previous film was darker and ours was just a bit lighter, but other than that we didn’t change the design very much.” - Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film by Sharon Gosling.

The Astrology Behind Visual King: Kim Taehyung

Sun in the 1st House

  • 🌟 a born superstar 🌟
  • these people walk with their heads held high  
    an imposing, regal presence. you know you’re dealing with royalty™
  • the sun is your true identity so people with it in the 1st house are very confident and self-assured!
  • charisma is in their second nature 
  • either friendly or quite intimidating, depending on rising sign
  • but usually very warm and inviting, others feels reinvigorated in their presence 

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  • the sun represent the father and male figures so people with this placement often have very masculine features 
  • and strongly resemble their father 

(his family is so precious i cri!!)

  • bones structure for daysss 📐📏
  • faces are symmetrical af how tf do you guys do that 
  • feline features 🐯🦁
  • above average height  
  • powerful eyebrows (have mercy)
  • and most importantly:
  • ☀️ sun kissed skin ☀️

Jupiter in the 1st House

  • jupiter rules youth, luck, and everything fun and playful 🌈
  • the biggest goofballs ever!!
  • a humorous demeanor
  • experts at making other laugh with their larger than life attitudes 
  • always have a mischievous glint in their eyes 
  • their overall movement is grande and carefree. very animated
  • speech and mannerisms 

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  • jupiter also brings excess so you could they have a little extra junk in the trunk if u know what i mean ;)
  • a thicc bih 🍑💦💦
  • big huGE smiles that light up their entire face 💕💞💘
  • full, round faces 
  • tend to gain weight easily/weight often fluctuates
  • chubby cheeks! 🍞
  • large eyes, foreheads, and other big features 
  • exotic, ethereal looks, as if they come from a far away place 🍃

“I WENT TO BTS’ TALK SHOW (Late Late Show with James Corden) AS A VIEWER ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The mom of a friend of mine who lives in the US bought tickets for us so I and my friend went to the Late Late Show as an audience. For reference, she’s an American who likes k-pop. I was seriously surprised when I went there. They were even playing Bangtan’s songs in the waiting area and the fans weren’t only singing some parts of the songs, they sang all the songs in Korean.

Also, the cheering for DNA was the loudest. Even the people who weren’t fans of BTS fell in love with them. Also, people usually stay seated when they watch a performance in a talk-show but today all the audience were standing up. Everyone was singing together until the end and the cheering at the end was solid. Even the staffs who were watching them had a dazed expression and one of the staffs even said “how can they sing like that while dancing like that? They’re so cool it’s so unfair”

Also, I found Rapmon’s English seriously so good.Anyways, I know that Bangtan is already successful but I hope that they become even bigger k-pop stars”.