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About the ADHD pills: i use adderal. And if you haven't taken them in a while, TAKE THEM WITH FOOD! Because otherwise they'll make you throw up. I'm awful at taking them consistently. I don't know what dosage you take, but just looking out for my fellows

i think im on ridilin or whatever i dont take it v often, tho i know i should. its more causing me a weird dissociation issue as it wears off, i think. i take it after i eat bc the problem with the one i take is aparently it makes you not hungry and i already dont feel hunger correctly so i gotta be careful and make sure ive eaten first. like id totally forget to eat otherwise.

i made a monster
  • i made a monster

i made this because i’m a cackling shitlord who likes to micspam and see just how uncomfortable i can make an entire server before they try to kick me

warning: do not listen to this unless you have sound-proof headphones and/or are alone cause otherwise people are gonna think you’re watching some cheesy 70s B porno which is exactly what it is

어디에 가요? - Where are you going?

집 - Home

식당 - Restaurant

시장 - Market

극장 - Theater

문구점 - Stationary shop

서점 - Book store

학교 - School

교실 - Classroom

도서관 - Library

회사 - Office

대사관 - Embassy

은행 - Bank

병원 - Hospital

도서관 - Library

서점 - Book store

수영장 - Swimming pool

공원 - Park

화장실 - Toilet

…에 가요 - Location particle, to go 


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every day i thank the cosmos for the fact that symmetra exists because honestly she is the only character in widespread media that i can name who is not only autistic but also slammin hot


This chapter gave me life

raku is DEFINITELY bothered by the fact chitoge likes someone, its so fucking obvious he literally has turned into such a flustered mess from finding out. why? because he likes her, he likes her and no one can tell me otherwise. i was starting to lose hope after all that forced same ol same ol miscommunicated feelings with the raku x onodera garbage but now, now it couldnt be more clear that chitoge is indeed more than just a ‘’best friend’’ to raku. sure he may like kosaki at the same time but seriously those feelings are shallow af, just liking his perfect image of her and her ‘’cuteness’’ and having to remind himself he likes her 1000 times when another girl is involved. such feelings are bound to fade eventually cause if you really like someone you dont think about other people romantically and you definitely dont need to keep reminding yourself you like them. whereas chitoge always manages to find her way under his skin without even trying, and makes him question his feelings for kosaki and even his best friend thinks something’s up. team motherfucking chitoge bitches, i am so damn PUMPED to see this ship set sail.

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  • Brain: Okay, you gotta request something other than your OCs doing cliche cute stuff together for the next commission. Otherwise people will think you have no other interests than fictional characters being lovey-dovey.
  • Me: got it on it like sonic dont worry
  • Brain: Good. Now offer your request and-
  • Me: [Slides over money to commissioner] can u make them smooching this time thx
  • Brain:
  • Brain:
  • Brain: You sicken me.
Dear guys,

If you want to hook up with us, just say it. If we’re that type of girl, we’ll probably say yes. Girls think about hooking up a lot of than you think. Just say it, dont make it seem like a date just to get us to say yes. Dont make it seem like its something more, otherwise you’re giving the girl the wrong idea. Dont do it just because you want to be a gentlemen, we know you’re just doing that to get in our pants. Girls are known for overthinking, so dont give us something to overthink about. Make it clear what your intentions are, we cant read your mind. (Maybe your body language.) If your only intention is to hook up with us, then do only that, nothing more.

Okay just a quick PSA guys

Gravity Falls is a show built on mystery and characters.

The fandom is built on theory, speculation, and a shared sense of excitement and anticipation.

But please remember, unless the canon proves it otherwise, No Theory is More or Less Valid than Any Other.

You don’t have to agree on them, you don’t have to think all of them are true.

But for the love of Bill Cipher, please do not hate on others for their theories, their opinions of other’s theories, or think that “your theory” is better than anyone else’s.

It’s Not. 

Everything from Body Swap theory, “The clones that escaped are actually the Stan Twins”, to Grunkle4Grandpa. They ALL have their merits, they ALL have their back up evidence, they are ALL worth consideration. 

It’s not a contest. It’s not a competition. It’s not a race to see who can think up the most “canon” theory before the new episode comes out.

You all don’t have to agree with each other. You don’t have to accept each other’s theories. But for God’s sake, don’t be tiny children who make fun of each other because “oh ho ho they think THIS theory is valid!” This is an animated kid’s cartoon that you are belittling ideas over and the theories that you’re so strongly defending may or may not even be true!

By all means, have fun, be super positive, and be pumped for the next episode!

But do not patronize others and be an elitist asshole because of what they choose to believe on this show. 

Just don’t.

And please remember…


Cluclu rants again...

[Image link] [Full interview]

I am just sooo darn confused.

You know how Kishimoto said he’s not very good at writing romance? I can see why but at the same time, I just dont believe that. Since hes married, im pretty darn sure he has the experience. And Im preeeetty sure he used his experience as a reference to write these romantic developments in his characters. I mean, look at Kushina x Minato’s relationship? I think it’s one of the best relationships out there. As well as Obito x Rin. 

Kishi, you pretty much had that nice, subtle romance going with Naruto and Sakura and with all the hints, parallels, foreshadowing and development about them! You also mentioned how you’re much like Naruto and your wife is much like Sakura. NaruSaku’s relationship was so written well to a point where I cant see why they wouldnt be together at the end. I dont know why you would do so otherwise. 

If Sasuke x Sakura and Naruto x Hinata were the couples he had planned loooong ago, then why not build that proper development among the characters? 

I definitely think Sasuke x Sakura and Naruto x Hinata couples were his initial plan for the end of the manga, but ever since Sasuke left, he had no choice but to focus and develop the bond between Naruto and Sakura. And let me tell you kishimoto, their development is amazing whether its platonic or romantic. If you didn’t really want them to be a couple at the end, then we could have at least some closure on Naruto’s feelings for Sakura. You should have given that to us, at least. But I guess that’s where the movie comes in?

Honestly, I think he’s pulling a J.K Rowling here. You know how she said she made Hermione end up with Ron because she wanted to stick to that initial idea she had?

  • “For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.“ [link]

Kishi is probably doing the same.

Orrr…it might be due to marketing purposes…. Orrrr….it was for some sort of a plot twist effect (which in my opinion, is no good).

Man…I’m not just upset about this. I’m upset how there are so many plot holes as well. But I’m more concerned how team taka disappeared. They were a huge importance in Sasuke’s life. What the hell happened to them?

I can’t accept that fact that this rushed ending is what we got. It could have been an open ending with all the ninjas rebuilding the villages and maybe showing subtle developments of these pairings he created at the end. And why make a movie in between chapter 699 and 700. It feels so out of place? Also, creating a movie is 100000x much more work than drawing it on a manga. ;A; 

I’m trying to let go and accept this ending, but the wound is still so deep hahaha. And for the record, I dont mind Naruto and Hinata. In fact, I shipped them quite hard in part one because I could relate with Hinata. As for Sasuke x Sakura, sorry but that couple is a big no to me from start to finish. That’s just my opinion. Please don’t attack me.

I just think, with all that crazy amount of development and great understanding between Naruto and Sakura, in my opinion, they’re a much better couple. And if Sasuke were to end up with anyone, I really can’t see anyone else but *coughHinatacough* Karin XD (Sorry, I’m a SasuHina fan as you can see) ;P But in terms of the development and facts throughout the manga, Karin makes perfect sense for Sasuke’s supposedly love interest. She tends to act like a fan girl, sure, but she can show Sasuke who’s boss sometimes and I think that’s great. I guess what I didn’t like about Karin is when she "quickly” forgave Sasuke after he apologized for stabbing her. Still, she had that moment of reluctance. (Sasuke gets away with everything…sheesh =.=) 

As for SasuHina, although they haven’t interacted, these two have A LOT of potential as a couple. It’s sad Kishi didn’t bother exploring these two characters :’( 

And you know what’s interesting? Seems like plot/story of The Last wasn’t even written by Kishimoto as you can see here: 

I mean if this is the novel version of the movie…that doesn’t really change the fact that the story is written by another person other than Kishimoto, himself? And did you notice how he said:

“Helped?” He definitely participated in the making of this movie but did he have full control of the plot? I SURE HOPE HE DID.

Guuuurlllll~ *cries*

But in the end, it has already been done. So, again, I’ve got no choice but to let it go. I’ll just imagine my own end ;3;

one of my posts has been going around terf tumblr recently

lke… if youre a terf could you like… unfollow this blog ? 

i dont mean like. radfem-leaning or gender critical people , or like anyone who has ever been accucsed of Being A Terf. i am critical of the concept of “the cotton ceiling”, and am otherwise more or less split on the LibFem vs RadFem “”spectrum“” i guess, but like. i mean if you’re a hate-filled, slur-spewing TERF. unfollow this blog.

like… if you think trans women should have to use men’s bathrooms, refer to lesbian trans women as “autogynophiles”, use the word ‘neovagina’, refer to trans women as “he” and “men”, etc….. unfollow this blog, you’re not welcome here. thats all bye

If you are nervous about bothering RPers with asks and starter’s....

Don’t be.

Bother them anyway. Because hey, guess what?

Nobody who has an ask/tumblr blog is expecting an empty askbox. If you have an ask/rp blog you desire attention in some way. Since guess what? Roleplaying can’t be done with just one person otherwise that’s just called writing.

So seriously? Get it out of your head that you think you’re being bothersome, that you’re wasting someone’s time. Because you’re not. Bug your favorite blogs. Ask them shit. Just don’t go overboard. Be polite. Be respectful of the roleplayer’s boundaries. Just don’t be a dick when you’re asking them shit and you won’t be “bothering” them.

The Return of Taohun


hold tight my fellow believers, i know we’ve been through some hardships these past few months but i’d like to shed a little light on our remaining Beacon of Hope….i think taohun is making a comeback on this glorious year of Two Thousand and Sixteen…

Now, bare with me but………on 151218 this was posted :

HZ. those Letters remind you of anyone ? if not, Look Again. Think Harder.

and Again, today 160201, This Happened.

Yes, you guessed it Ladies & Gentleman..

he is CLEARLY wearing a cap with Taos initials.

Dont let SME #They convince you otherwise…………………..

#They Dont Want You To Believe.

taohun is alive and thriving.

I’ll keep you all posted and report any other of my findings.

And Remember..


i love colorado but it is a nightmare state

every single town is either staunchly conservative or wild as hell. you dont really know which is which

mountain lions hiding under your porch and eating your pets is an actual concern

fuckin…… running at over a mile over sea level is the most impossible thing. u acclimate which is cool, cause once i went to LA after living in colorado for a year and i was able to sprint for like two minutes and not get winded. so that was great. but otherwise

everyone thinks theyre special cause they smoke weed. YOURE NOT……. youre not………. there are weed stores on every block

actually, i take back the first point, you can tell the political affiliation of a town by how they label their weed stores (conservative areas have a green plus sign and say something like “dispensary” or “natural remedies,” liberal areas basically just have leaves everywhere and yell WEED at you)

rockslides are real and they are all over our interstate

we just wanna live

like im just saying if you have a show where there are four main characters there should never be a point where i feel like i know THIS much more about one of them than any of the other ones. with four main characters you have to realize that your audience is gonna have varying feelings on all of them, therefore they need to be developing evenly and have each grow at an even pace otherwise you’re going to lose viewers.
i know for a fact there are already people who dont watch SU anymore because of how often it seems like the show doesn’t give a shit about any character but pearl, and that should not immediately make the writers/fandom think “oh they just dont like how COMPLEX she is!!” because that is not at all the reason;
hell, the majority of pearl haters i know love complex characters! and in fact thats one of the reasons they dont like pearl, because she’s taking away chances for any other character to show how complex they can be.

what the show should be getting from all the pearl hate is “hey, maybe we DON’T need to have another pearl arc so soon” or “hey, maybe we have in several ways fucked up with pearl’s writing/the delivery of her character arc and it’d probably be best to sort out how to fix that as opposed to jumping right into new shit for her”

but instead we’re stuck with constant heavy-handed reminders that she’s the writers priority and if you don’t like pearl then clearly, you’re the one in the wrong here because how could anyone fuck up such a ~complex~ character like pearl???? 

Dear sjw’s

Only americans think kimonos are cultural appropriaiton, if any of you ever talked to an actual japanese person (which you wont because its racist or some shit) you would learn that most traditional Japanese people WANT other people to do things from their culture, see japan is kind of xenophobic, and western things are considered bad or uncivilized, if you went to japan with the attitude “I can only do white people things and wear american clothes so i dont offend anyone” you’re going to offend WAY more people than if you just took part in the local customs and tried to blend in, avoiding kimonos and stuff like that isnt going to be seen as trying to not be racist, its going to be seen as being racist and thinking your culture is better.

you can send as many dumb ass sjw bullshit blogs that say otherwise as you want, in the end the opinions of ACTUAL japanese people matter more than you social justice allies

@asktottimatsu @asknyaachan @askosomatsunii

wow… how many times has it been now? 3? even though i didnt really do anything wrong, i dont mind humiliating myself in front of all my followers if it means that youll see me as a little bit more than just trash. which, i dont deserve, because i am just trash, but maybe you can find it within yourself to think otherwise. if you want, i can lick your shoes again. its not like i enjoy it or anything…