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There's been a image shared throughout the internet for years now titled "Cartoons Then Vs. Cartoons Now". It compares various faces from Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros era cartoons to "CalArts" cartoons (Steven Universe, SVTFOE, Gravity Falls, Clarence, etc), and it implies CalArts style is two circles for a head and big eyes and that all cartoons now are like that, compared to more diverse and artistically wholesome styles of the "old days".

Okay, this is the image we’re referring to:

I hadn’t seen this meme before. Very interesting! I could see the point they’re trying to make, but only on the surface. Once you deconstruct it you realize it’s silly…

Caveat: I graduated from Calarts, and I worked on two of these shows, so it’s pretty likely I have a bias toward defending the “cartoons now” stance. So there you go. But I had lunch with my peers today and we discussed this very topic, and we come from both Calarts and non-Calarts backgrounds. And we all agreed this meme was just…annoying. Here were some of our points:

First of all, I’m construing that the people who made this meme are arguing that cartoons today look too similar. Is this the same thing as the “calarts style?” If it is, then their “argument” is off to a bad start. Two of these current shows were created by people who didn’t attend Calarts. (Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball) And the two that DID had the same character designer contribute to the designs for a time (Phil Rynda). 

Secondly, it’s comparing 80+ years of cartoons vs. cartoons from 2011-2015; just 4 years. Pick any 4 years since the beginning of animation as a storytelling medium and my hypothesis is that they, too, followed a somewhat recognizable trend in style and quality, right? Although I still feel like each of these shows is stylistically very unique and stands on its own. 

Thirdly, if this is what people are calling the “calarts style” then it is choosing to ignore the other 99% of animation that comes out of that school. Every year there are new innovative styles of storytelling and character animation that push the envelope–and not just from that school, from ANY animation school! So no, there is no “calarts style,” not in my book, and to me it’s kinda disrespectful or ignorant to assume that there would be. 

It would be fun to pull this apart even more, but I think I’ve put in my two cents worth… I would tell the people who complain about a “calarts style” to just go make your own cartoons if you don’t like what’s out there. 

Thanks for the fun topic! 

(P.S. that dipper is off-model)


And there he stands in all his glory, laughing at something Chris Nolan said to him, a glass of whisky in his hand and his arm around her waist. And all I could do was stand here, from afar, watching them.

“He’ll notice if you keep staring, darling.” Anne handed me a glass of champagne.

“I-I-I was not staring. Just looking how wonderful they are together.” I could feel my face turn red by the second.

“Oh, darling, don’t try to fool yourself, I know you have feelings for him.” She smiled lightly at me. “Actually, I always thought you’re going to be together.”

My smile faltered and I looked at the floor. Silly Y/N, of course Anne knew. Apparently, everybody did! The boys, Gemma, Lou and now Anne. Clearly, I am not very good in hiding my feelings for my best friend. The guy who knows me better than anyone and yet can’t realize how much I adore him.

Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, really. Eventually we went separate ways: He went out to become the biggest celebrity out there and I went to college. Even though we lived in different worlds, we never stopped talking. We’re still best friends even after all this time.

I love him.

But it wasn’t always like this. When we’re younger, our parents used to tell us we would eventually get married. We’re too perfect for each other, that’s something we always knew, even though we didn’t have this types of feeling for each other.

It was in my senior year of college that this said feelings started to show. I spent a few weeks with him and the boys while they’re on tour and suddenly I started to fall for my best friend. If you have seen any movie out there, you would think that the feeling was mutual and we’re happily ever after. Not how things turned out, I’m afraid to tell you. I spent 6 weeks trying to find a way to tell him my feelings, even asked for the boys’ help, but when I was close to figure a way out, he met her. And gosh, how much he adored her. Since the beginning!

You know that stupid line that said when you love someone, you gotta let them go and find their happiness? His happiness was she and I couldn’t stand in the way of that. Even though I knew I loved him more than she could ever love him, it was time for me to set him free.

So I came back. Came to the UK, finished college and found a job I actually like. My life is all put together, as Harry likes to remind me. He’s right, my life is put together, except for my love life. I tried so hard to get over him, to not have feelings for him. I dated, I tried everything I could, but he was always there, in the back of my mind, even when I met my ex-boyfriend, Daniel. We broke up a few months later because he knew I had feelings for my best friend. Poor Dan, such a nice guy and I couldn’t love him.

Harry came back home. And moved in with her, much to my dismay. They’re together for 3 years now and they don’t seem to be breaking up anytime soon. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about telling him, just to get it out of my chest, but I can’t. I cannot ruin this for him. I would rather suffer in silence than ruin his happiness and our friendship.

“Have you thought about telling him?” She asked me while we watched the couple from afar.

“I did.” I whispered. “I just can’t. He’s happy, Anne. He deserves to be happy.”

“My son is a fool, darling. He doesn’t know, but he does have feelings for you. A mother always know and I’m telling you he does. But I understand your side, I just don’t wanna see you both losing time with other people when you could be together!”

I breathed a laugh. Anne was always our biggest supporter, so it’s not a shock to me she would rather me with her son than his actual girlfriend. The poor girl is not a bad girl; she’s just not right for him.

She doesn’t get it how he can be such a morning person, always waking up at a 100%, telling everyone ‘good morning’ in his raspy voice. She thinks its annoying, but the truth is if he doesn’t do this, we’ll go back to sleep and miss his whole day. She doesn’t get his obsession for good health, but if she just asked him about it, she would understand he actually believes that those junk foods can kill you slowly, and he can’t lose anyone in his life, so we all have to eat health food. At least around him. She doesn’t understand how he can feel so down after reading mean comments on the internet, because for her how could The Harry Styles feel anything less than perfect?! He thinks he’s not worth it, even though he truly does deserve everything good that ever happened to him. However, he has insecurities, because by the end of the day, he is just Harry. And all he really wants is cuddles and a few reassurance words that those people are just mean people and are not telling the truth.

She doesn’t know him and a part of me thinks she just doesn’t want to. Yes, she knows what he likes for breakfast, what calms him when his in a bad mood, but she doesn’t know the little things I do.

It’s sad, if you think about it. He’s been with her for 3 years and she doesn’t get him. Maybe that’s why when he needs someone, he runs to me. He runs to my house at 3 A.M just so he could talk about his bad day. She never saw him cry, because he only cries when we’re alone and he can truly show his feelings. I’m the first person he calls when something good or bad happens. I’m his emergence contact in the hospital, I’m his safe place to go when he needs to just take a break. I’m the one who could leave her whole life on hold, just to take care of him when needed.

It’s sad because even thought I am his person, I’m not his and he’s not mine. She has him and I can’t truly express how much I wish that could be me.

“He looks nervous.” I pointed out to Anne.

“I was about to ask you this… Do you know why? He’s been like this for a few weeks now.” She looked deep in thought, trying to find a reason for her son odd behavior.

“I think…” I was interrupted by Louis, who looked out of breath.

“You need to stop him, he will make a terrible mistake, please Y/N, stop him!”

“Louis, what’s going on? What are you talking about? Breathe, Lou.”

“You don’t get it, he’ll…”

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Harry called out from the center of the room. The party quickly died down, waiting for his speech. “I would like to thank you all for coming to my Dunkirk party. It’s so nice to enjoy the movie’s success with all of you, so thank you!”

Everyone around the room clapped and Louis was fussing by side. He looks nervous and I couldn’t understand why.

“As you know this is a special night for me and I wanted to be even more special. Lexa, can you come here, darling?” He asked his girlfriend to join him and I could already feel the tension growing around me. Anne, Louis, Niall, Liam, Lou and Gemma surrounded me and we all were just waiting for something to happen. Anything.

“Lexa, we’ve been together for 3 years next week and I feel so blessed to have you by side. I was smitten with you since the moment I saw you, you can ask Y/N for confirmation.” Everybody laughed a little and I could feel a knot in my through already. “So, in this special date for me and surrounded by friends and family, I would like to ask you…” he got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

And just like that my world stopped. I couldn’t hear anything, but I could see her nod and everyone clap for them. I think the boys were talking to me, but I could barely understand what was happening.

He proposed to her.

He is hers.

She is his.

And just like that I realized that all these years loving him, taking care of him, weren’t enough to make him fall for me. I was a silly girl who believed in the fairy tale that everyone thought we would live. I loved him with everything in me, I was always his but he was never mine.

And just like that I ran out of the party, leaving everyone – including the love of my life – behind.

I was always his.

He was never mine.

He was always hers.


Part 2

It’s been a while, I know, but I hope you’ve liked this. Please, leave me your thoughts about this oneshot, talk to me pleeease. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language!

All the love, B. 


She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

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This Whole Time

Word Count: 2,482


“Absolutely not. There is no way you are dragging me into a muggle dress shop to sit around while you try on dresses,” Sirius shook his head. “Please, Pads?” Y/N stuck out her bottom lip, giving him the pouty face she knew her best friend couldn’t say ‘no’ to. Sirius groaned. “Why does it even matter?” “Because your my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I need your opinion!” Y/N cried dramatically, throwing herself into Sirius’ lap. “Bit dramatic today, aren’t we, Love?” Sirius muttered with a roll of his eyes. “Sirius,” Y/N whined, burying her face into his stomach. “Y/N, why don’t you just have William go with you to pick out the dress?” Sirius asked, reaching down to gently play with her hair. “He can’t see my dress before the ball!” Y/N exclaimed, shooting up from his lap. “And besides, he’ll just tell me I look good in everything. You’ll give me an honest opinion,” she added. “You do look good in everything,” Sirius laughed. “I know that,” Y/N gave his shoulder a gentle shove. “But you’ll tell me which one I look best in. And I need that. And I need you there to support me because you’re my best friendddddd,” she pouted, throwing herself across his lap once again. Sirius shook his head, unable to believe that he was about to agree to this. “Fine,” he huffed. “Let’s go.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she squealed, sitting up and throwing her arms around him before jumping up and bounding to the door. “Are you coming or not?”

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Harry Styles imagine - 

Your daughter turns up at his door –

You didn’t really know Harry. He had lived two doors down from you for the last 8 months. He had introduced himself to you when you had moved in and you frequently saw each other while entering and exiting the apartment building but you didn’t really know much about him. However with your frequent interactions, your daughter had become quite fond of him, especially because he was so nice to her and gave her a funny face or a big smile on the way past. She had even on occasion asked to visit him when she was bored, but had never really acted on it. She was only three after all; she didn’t really understand he was a stranger.

After a long stressful day of work, it had been a lot more stressful then usual, (difficult clients were the worst) and you had just picked up your daughter from day care. It was very late and you were very tired, and looking after a three year old on top of all that was hard, but you did it because she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so you shared your little apartment with her and all her soft toys, and that was the way you liked it.

You got her situated in the living room with a bowl of pasta and went into the bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable, but instead decided to rest your head on the pillow for a moment. Only a moment later you’d fallen asleep.

After a while your daughter got restless. She hadn’t seen her mummy around for a while. She got up and checked the kitchen, and again the living room but couldn’t find you. When she was eating she was so used to you being in the room with her, that she couldn’t even think of where else you could be.

She began to get scared and upset, and didn’t have anyone to help her. That’s when she thought of Harry.

She stood up on her tippy toes, reaching for the door handle, and walked down the hall to his front door, softly knocking.

At first Harry thought he was hearing things. He had the TV on, but he was mostly looking at his phone, and the knock had been so soft he could have missed it. However when he heard it again he got up to investigate.

Opening the door he sees your daughter, at first he smiles but then is a little confused because firstly you are not there and secondly your front door in wide open.

“Hey sunshine,” says Harry. “What can I do for you?”

Your daughter looks up at him with wide eyes. “I can’t find my mummy.”

Harry looks at the little girl confused. “Why hunny? Where’d she go?”

You daughter starts to get a little more upset, tears starting to form at the bottom of her eyes, “I dunno. She gone somewhere I dunno.”

Harry looked at your daughter sympathetically. He didn’t know much about you but he could tell you were a good mum. He was sure you wouldn’t have just left her alone in the apartment.

“Well how about we go and have a look alright munchkin?” he asked. She just nodded in response.

He lifted her onto his hip and walked back into your apartment, knocking on the open door first, but receiving no reply.

Harry looked around the living room. He couldn’t see anything weird or strangely out of place.

“Where is mum usually hun? He asked your daughter in a soft voice.

You daughter snuffled. “I dunno. She’s always just with me.”

Harry chuckled under his breath. “Where’s her bedroom. Did you check there?”

You daughter shook her head. “No. Id fordot,” she mumbled into Harry’s shoulder, pointing in the direction of the hall.

It was then that Harry saw your sleeping form and chuckled under his breath again. You daughter squirmed and jumped out of his arms.

“Mummy I found you!” she yelled waking you up from your sleep.

You woke up with a shock, first from your daughter’s loud voice, and then because of the man standing at the end of your bed. It only took you a moment to realize who it was though.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” you asked running your hand through you hair.

He laughed. “Your daughter couldn’t find you so she came and asked for some help. That’s all. I’m glad you’re ok.”

You laughed and squeezed your daughter into a hug. “You silly billy! I was right here!” you giggled.

She laughed. “Sorry mummy!” Now that she had found you she was content and happy, going back to her dinner and movie in the living room.

You looked back at Harry. “I’m so sorry about that. She’s so silly sometimes.”

He laughed. “It’s alright. I’m glad she trusts me enough that she can ask for help.”

You smiled. “Me too. But I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. I mean she interrupted your night and…” before you could finish he interrupted you.

“I honestly didn’t mind. She’s very cute. Just like her mum.”

You smiled and blushed, a little taken for words. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. But maybe next time she turns up at my door, you can come to.”

You smiled. “It’s a date.”

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Humans are Weird

So…how would aliens react to realizing that humans wear makeup?

“Human, why are you coating yourself in paste?”

“This is foundation obviously, we use it to hide blemishes on our faces.”

“So….what purpose is it used for? Battle? Camouflage?”

“Well, we think it makes us look prettier, I guess?”

“That sounds kind of silly and pointless?”

“Hey, this is better than in the 18th century and we used to stick drops of belladonna in our eyes to make our pupils larger.”

“Aren’t those poisonous in your planet?”

“Yup! It cause blindness and hallucinations. We only use it for medicine now.”

Seventeen Reaction to: You Being Upset That Their Clothes Are Too Small For You

Hi^^ can i request a svt reaction where you want to be cute by wearing their clothes but theyre too small for you and you get really upset by it? Thank you if you do!!♥

S.Coups: Starts nervously sweating. Seeing you upset just crushes his soul. While giving you a bear hug, he promises that he’ll buy better clothes in the future, big enough to where you can both share.

“I already want to share my life with you. Why not clothes too? Everyone will be jealous of how cute we look! Let’s go shopping!”

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Jeonghan: Brings you close, lovingly stroking your head. “Why are you upset? That top was ugly anyway. I want my baby to wear only the nicest clothes! I’ll find you something nice, okay? And when I come back, I hope I see a smile on your pretty face ~”

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Joshua: Koala hugs you right away. “Why do you look so sad, babe? Is it because my hoodie doesn’t fit? It’s fine, don’t be upset! I’m sure I have more clothes that will fit.” Goes through his closet and pulls out his baggiest hoodie and is so extra when it fits you.


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Jun: At the first sign of your sadness, he’s pulling the clothing item from your hands and saying “Oh, isn’t this the hoodie that shrunk in the wash? Let me find you a better one! What about the one I’m wearing now?” And damn well would give you the clothes off his back just to make you happy.

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Hoshi: Tries his best to squeeze you into his sweater, until you hear a loud riiiiip. And this brings on your tears: “I - I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have forced it on. I knew I was too big anyway.”

Frantically wanting to stop your tears, he insists, “No, it was my fault!! I pulled too hard and - uh - you really do look cute in it. Better than me, even with that hole down the side.”

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Wonwoo: Doesn’t care that his jacket is too small on you, to the point where it won’t close and the sleeves squeeze your arms. “You look so cute!!” he coos. “The cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! You should wear my clothes more often!”

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Woozi: ”What did you expect?” He’s blunt. Despite his age, he’s very small and “fairy-like.” The only ppl who could actually fit in his clothes would be children. So you getting upset is strange to him. But as he thinks it over, he starts to wonder if this makes you feel insecure.

“This is why they manufacture clothes in different sizes. If you want, we can go to the store and see if they have your size in this item?” This is his way of cheering you up while also being realistic about the situation.

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DK: Finds it hilarious. “Look, the zip won’t even close!!” He doesn’t realize how harsh his words sound until your face drops even more. Then his laughter fades. “S - sorry, that didn’t come out how I meant.” He was laughing at how silly the jacket looked on you, not at you. Now he realizes his mistake, but it’s too late. “I wasn’t trying to be mean. You looked silly but in a cute way, that’s why I was laughing. I didn’t … I’m sorry.”

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Mingyu: Notices your forlorn look right away. “What are you thinking? You’re not thinking something stupid are you?” Afraid that you might be feeling insecure, he immediately takes you out on a date. “It’s such a lovely day anyway! Leave those ugly sweatpants alone and come to the park with me! We could get something to eat too, maybe?”

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The8: ”Why are you sad?” Not everyone’s the same size, so you being upset is ridiculous to him. It isn’t unless you see it as a sign of being fat, that he’ll take the moment seriously. It’s not just you not fitting in some fabric, but your insecurities rising to the surface.

“Aah, stop being so upset! I’ve got other, nicer clothes you can wear! Let’s look through my wardrobe now ~” he offers, squeezing your cheeks affectionately.

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Seungkwan: Has also struggled with feeling “too big.” So he recognizes that look on your face, since it’s one he was once familiar with. He panics and rips the shirt from your hand.

“Oh, you want to wear this? But it’s old and ugly, I outgrew it years ago! I should throw it out … Let’s go buy new clothes together! A matching couples shirt, does that sound good?”

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Vernon: As the big brother to a sister, he knows right away what you’re thinking when your eyes well up and you sadly tug his jacket off, mumbling “It doesn’t fit …”

He opens his arms, bringing you close. “Why do you look so sad? This doesn’t mean you’re too fat - if anything, I’m just lanky.” He tries everything to convince you you’re not “fat” and show how he loves you regardless of whether you fit in his clothes or not.

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Dino: Starts to buy baggier clothes, swearing that he needs a bigger size because he’s growing and becoming a man. But he says this since he doesn’t want to embarrass you by admitting it’s for you. He hated seeing you so upset over not fitting into his clothes. Now that you could fit, and looked so cute in his hoodies, he hopes to have made you happy.

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Where in the hell was it? You knew it had to be in the bedroom somewhere… Harry was terrible at hiding things, so finding the CD of his debut album couldn’t have been that hard. You were wrong. Because here you were, about an hour and a half into the search, and all you had found was a loose button and some change. 

“Come on!” You whispered to yourself after checking the bedside drawers for the tenth time in a row. You had basically turned the entire bedroom upside down trying to find the CD, and at this point, your back was aching and you were ready to sit down and take a break. Of course, you couldn’t really take a break because this was one of those moments where Harry had gone out, so you had the entire house to yourself. “Okay, let’s do this again.” You huffed, arching your back slightly and wincing as it cracked. 

“Looking for your dignity again?” You jolted, hitting your head against the wooden base of the bed when you heard Harry’s voice by the door. 

“Haha, very funny. I’m actually looking for-” Wait. You couldn’t tell Harry you were looking for his CD. You had been begging to hear it for the longest time, and each time Harry would shoot you down and then send you off with a little kiss. After getting rejected for about the hundredth time, you decided to take matters into your own hands: You’d have to find the CD yourself, listen to all the songs while he was gone, and then slip it back into its hiding place. But for now, you obviously couldn’t do anything with Harry back home. “For my… Reading glasses?” You were a terrible liar, but it was worth a shot. 

“You mean the ones on your head?” Harry raised an eyebrow, pointing to the top of your head with a small smile. 

“Oh, there they are!” You scoffed, slapping yourself on your forehead gently. “Silly me! Well, now that I found my glasses, I can go back to reading.” 

“You sure you were only looking for your glasses?” 

“Of course!” 

“Where’s the book?” 


“I didn’t see anything downstairs.” 

“Then you must need glasses as well.” 

“What book are you reading?” 

“Harry Potter.” 

“Which one?” 

“The… 2nd one.” 

“Ah, the 2nd one. Interesting.” Harry hummed, stalling for a moment before he was suddenly zipping out of the room and back downstairs. You didn’t understand what the rush was until you realized: There was no Harry Potter book downstairs and Harry was about to find that out in a second. 

“I totally just played myself.” You muttered quietly, hearing the thud of Harry’s footsteps as he rushed back upstairs. A sheepish smile embraced your features when Harry popped in once again. 

“There’s no book.” He breathed out, raising a finger and pointing at you accusatorily. “Don’ play games with me, love. What are you really looking for?”

“Ooh, fine! I was looking for your stupid CD, alright? I thought it’d be easy to find it considering how shitty you are at hiding things.” For your birthday last year, Harry hid your present underneath his pillow. Under his pillow.  

“I already said you were gonna have to wait until May 12th jus’ like everyone else!” Harry grinned at your pouty expression. Usually, that face only came out when you really, really wanted something. 

“Harry, please!” You whined, flopping down on the bed and grabbing one of the pillows to hug. 

“It’s not happening! I love you, but it’s not happening. Nice try, though!” Harry said through giggles, walking over to look down at you. “You know what’s funny?” 


“I was going to let you listen to Kiwi because I love you tha’ much, but you called my CD stupid and my hiding skills shitty. So I change my mind.” 

You really did play yourself. 


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Kuroo + his gf who gets a lil drunk so he decides it's time to leave but his gf says she can't go with him bc she has a bf (she's talking about him to him without even realizing bc drunk) he plays along and starts asking her about her bf and she gushes about him and says silly things he does. Eventually he asks if she loves him and she says yes and how she wants to marry him, have kids and grow old together. He gets emotional because holy fuck I love this dork so much

Okay, so this is going to be like a continuation of this scenario I wrote a while ago: X

[College - Almost adult life ! AU]

“Oh yes, the gods are favoring me now” Kuroo thought as he looked at his drunken partner.

Currently, he was trying to convince her to go home, but without avail. She looked up at him and said “Ya‘now dude, I know what you’re trying to do” she snorted “and let me tell ya, I have a boyfriend so go away before I call him”

She didn’t recognize him, perfect timing to get a mini revenge on the last time he got drunk.

“Ohh, excuse me then, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he said seriously “is he going to come if you call him?”

“Of course he is” she said “he’s like, ya’now, super caring and all those thingsss” she slurred a little “like, almost a father, always worrying and trying to help me”

His heart swelled with pride, knowing that his girlfriend saw him like that, someone whom she could rely on. “That’s very nice, I hope you have a long, love-filled relationship” he said

She smiled “I hope so!!” she laughed “even though he’s a biiiig nerd, always making those horrible science puns” and then she said “but he makes me happy, so I’m willing to hear them everyday”

His puns were amazing, why did she consider them horrible? She had no sense of humor, of course she didn’t. “Do you love him?” he asked cautiously.

She fell silent for a few moments, and those moments were the worst torture for Kuroo. Did she doubt her love for him?

“Of course I love him!!” she said excitedly “I love him lots and lotsssss, like I really can’t imagine a life without him?”

Oh god, someone please save Kuroo’s heart “I like to think of us in the future, happily married, with little children running around our house” she said sweetly “and I want to hold his hand every day, even as the years start passing”

She sounded surprisingly sober right now, but he couldn’t think about that at all. His heart was about to burst from his chest, happiness taking over his body. He didn’t realize a few tears slipped from his eyes, until he felt her hands on his face, and her fingers wiping them away.

“I may be drunk Kuroo, but I’m not stupid enough not to recognize you after a while” she said smiling at him.

“Oh” was all he could muster at that moment “did…did you lie about the things you said?” he asked slowly.

“Do I look like someone who’s going to lie about those things?” she asked.

“Of course not” he said looking in her eyes “God, I love you so much (Name)”

Never in his life had he felt so sure about something. When the right moment arrived, he definitely was going to ask her to marry him. He hoped she liked the ring he saw on a jewelry a few weeks ago.

Auston Matthews #2

Requested by Anon: hi could you please do one of auston matthews where you act like you hate each other but you’re both secretly in love ? and one of you confesses his/hers feelings ? thank you :) x

Warnings: Drinking, degrading talk of the main character, mean girls

Word Count: 2500

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for your patience. I loved this prompt! I hope you enjoy it! 

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You were always bad with emotions. Okay that wasn’t entirely true, you really were only bad with one emotion and anything that had to do with it, it being Love. So were you in love with Auston Matthews? No… Maybe… Yes. You were completely mad about the NHL player. And he made you completely mad. He angered you in every way. Well, maybe half of that was your fault. Like mentioned earlier, you weren’t great with the emotion of love, which meant, Auston made you nervous. It was hard to talk to him any time you were around him. Eventually you tried to avoid him at all costs but you also wanted to be around him 24/7. So yeah, there was some hostility between you two. To be fair it wasn’t all your fault. Auston was the one who started the hate relationship you two now had. It was clear ever since the third time you hung out with him. You had slyly mentioned to your best friend, Mitch Marner, that you thought Auston was attractive. You may have understated your emotions for Auston though. The first time you saw Auston, you knew. You knew that he was the one. You never once believed in true love at first sight but the moment Auston looked at you with those big brown eyes, you believed. With that being said, things had got a lot more difficult since then. Mitch said he would talk to Auston for you and from that point on Auston was always rude towards you. You thought it was because he actually didn’t like you and was just trying to send the message. A message where he hated you. It was clear. Mitch didn’t understand it. He said he’d try and tell Auston to settle down but you asked him not to. You didn’t want Auston to know you even cared.             

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Y: “I started crying the moment you began your speech. I felt so bad ‘cause I thought people were gonna understand what was coming. I tried my best not to ruin “the surprise”…” 
MC: “About that, do you have anything to tell her?”
M: “Yeah, do you? You can tell me anything. I’ll accept anything, even insults. I feel like I could accept even insults right now.”
Y: “No insults, you silly. I don’t know, I guess… Simply, you looked beautiful. You really were able to convey all your emotions in your speech.” 

ps. hands up at Sashihara who, as soon as Mayu comes in, and as soon as she sees them both looking at each other, kinda crying, kinda touching and hugging, goes: “Alright, I’m gonna go and leave you two talking alone–” 
or she simply realized she’s become a third wheel a long time ago after all those nico-live things……

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hey, I really like the chibi!deku&dad might comic you did, but could you explain the premise, if you have one formed? because I'm really curious about how they met and how old deku is since all might didn't get injured too long ago from the start of the series

The premise is something like this:

Toshinori has been released from the hospital.

Recovery girl had been the one to handle most of his procedure, patching up his battered body as best she could while keeping an eye on his vitals. Apparently, his most recent battle has left him with a permanent handicap on his strength and a life cut short.

He has been released from the hospital and escaped the clutches of death, but at a dire price.

“Thankfully,” she had said, frowning down at her clipboard, “there are only a few people who were alerted of this setback, and they can be trusted to keep the secret. As far as the general public goes, All Might simply encountered another villain in his daily life and dealt with the situation accordingly.”

He knows that he is fortunate. He knows that he has saved the world from a horrifying villain and come out of it alive.

But still, something a little like inadequacy and disappointment settles in his stomach. Pride at finally having resolved the conflict between the holders of One for All and that man settles within him - him, he had been the one to finally do it; his predecessor can rest easy and Gran Torino is proud - but at the same time that is precisely the problem.

It is done. Resolved. Accomplished. And he has been left with a debilitating handicap as a result.

And all the while, All Might is a pillar of strength and resolve still needed in this world of heroes.

(He doesn’t quite mind, that. It has always been his dream to be a hero, to do as much as he can to help the populace and protect the people, even to his last breath. But the battle with his arch-nemesis has come with a price, and it’s more than a bit difficult to accept the fact that his time as One for All’s sole bearer wears thin and his “final breath” may end up being sooner than he thought.)

So, it is with this mindset - looking battered and broken with gaunt cheeks and shadowed eyes that hold a weariness of carrying the world on his shoulders - that he encounters a young boy crying in the park.

Toshinori has always been the type to do as much as he can to try and see everyone smile. His whole reason for becoming a hero was because he had wanted to aid the cause and help change the world for the better.

Without really thinking, he walks over to the bawling child - noting the bruises and scratches with some quiet remorse - kneels down, and places a firm hand on the boy’s shoulder to get his attention.

“Boy,” Toshinori says, smiling, because All Might always has to smile. “Are you alright?”

He jumps back and just about dies when the boy takes one look at him and screams.


Once the boy finally calms down, Toshinori finds out that his name is Midoriya Izuku. And he is bullied for not having a quirk.

(It took a while to calm the boy down. One look at his face and Midoriya had screamed bloody murder, apparently downright terrified of the sight. Toshinori had only then taken true note of what he looked like after his encounter with the holder of All for One through the reflective metal of a beam and, yeah, he doesn’t exactly look like a pretty sight while smiling.)

Overall, Toshinori is, admittedly, a little shaken.

Because this boy is quirkless. Sure, Toshinori knows that it is still an occurrence these days, but it is a rare occurrence, and for him to encounter Midoriya Izuku the day he is released from the hospital after a battle that has left him as he is…

It’s a silly thought, though. A coincidence. Toshinori wants to try his best to cheer Midoriya up but this encounter doesn’t really mean anything, he is simply doing his duty as a hero that wants to help the people -

But then, Midoriya walks over to the bushes. He emerges with a toy, broken and cracked in his hands, cradling it carefully as his eyes begin to water anew.

“What do you have there, Midoriya boy?” Toshinori asks, quietly.

Midoriya sniffs, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he walks closer. “It’s… It’s my treasure.”

Toshinori says nothing in reply, staring dumbly at the familiar color scheme of red, white, and blue, the toy replica’s arm detached and bent awkwardly.

“Kacchan… Kacchan didn’t do it this time,” he says, clutching the toy in his hands. “But… some older people came around when I was playing, and - and I wanna be a hero but they looked at me like I was stupid and dumb because I don’t have a power and they, they -”

A hiccup, and Midoriya rubs a hand roughly over his eyes.

“I… I wanna be like All Might,” he murmurs quietly. “I wanna help people, I wanna be All Might’s sidekick, I, I…”

He looks up, wide eyes watering and voice nasally. Despite this, his next words are spoken with a steely determination.

“I wanna be a hero.”

This is the moment that the lives of two different people take an abrupt turn. Two, both who were born quirkless, one with the ability to pass on a powerful quirk and legacy and one whose dreams have withstood the grim reminder of the fates of quirkless.

Toshinori searches for the familiar strength that he holds, grasping it despite having been told not to just yet. But this is important, and he watches as Midoriya eyes fill with surprise, awe, and wonderment.

“Midoriya Izuku,” he says, and the boy seems to vibrate with contained excitement.

“You will be a hero.”

This is cheesy, I am a writer of cheese but LOOK… That is a PART OF THIS DUO, it just doesn’t feel right without Detroit Smash 100% levels of DORK.

Just in case, for clarification: Izuku is 9, almost 10, since All Might’s first encounter with Izuku was when he was 14 (and he got his injury five years before he met Izuku).

BTS reaction to their daughter wants to marry them

Anonymous said :

Can I have BTS reaction when their 5-year-old daughter says she’s gonna marry them when she’s grownup because they are just so perfect? Thank you 😘

Hi darling~thanks for requesting !’s your requested ship and I hope you like it >< .

P.S : I read it ( 3-year-old ) ,I don’t know if this affects but in case you found something strange ;) .

Jin :

Jin’s daughter was setting on her father’s lap while he was doing for her a braid she asked him to do ,why ? ..because she is her dad’s model and bestfriend ,and he will never refuse an order from her ! .

She stood in front of the mirror to see what her dad made ,but she was so short to even see her forehead ,Jin came and held her up between his arms .She looked at her hair and smiled brightly ,that smile which lights Jin’s day and make him the happiest father ever .She looked at him and kissed his cheek , with a childish keen tone she said :

“ You are the best daddy ever !” ,that made Jin look proudly at himself in the mirror .

“aren’t I ? ..and now ,because I’m your perfect dad ,what will you do for me ?” He said with warm eyes as he kissed her chubby cheeks .

“what I will do ? ..ummm ” she said while looking at her fingers ,it’s a habit to look at her fingers and move them randomly while thinking ,that was the cutest thing Jin has ever seen .Then ,with wide eyes and a huge smile she said .

“I’m going to marry you when I am 23 !” ..she said while pointing at his nose .He had that shocked face and weird smile ,then put her on the ground .

“ohh babe ,I know I’m that pefect and you won’t find someone like me but .. you can’t marry me ! know why ? ,because you will be always your perfect dad’s princess ! ,let’s make some cupcake !” .

Suga :

When Suga has to make or produce a new song ,it’s so normal to see his daughter next to him in the studio ,because it’s her favorite time ,and he likes to spend time and share his achievements with her ! .She was on his lap that day when he finished making the song and decided to let her play with the piano or ,teach her how .While pressing randomly on the keys and laughing at every sound she was hearing ,she asked him .

“daddy ? know how to play on this thing ?” ..she asked while looking up at him ,so he looked back at her .

“yes baby-girl ,this thing called the piano ,and those are the keys ,and I think I can play for you anything you want !” She smiled widely and looked admiringly at him .

“ohh ,really ? you can play that song in Tom and Jarry ? ” she asked while waiting for his answer with wondering eyes .

“yes I can ,listen to this ! ” , he started playing professionally and she was so shocked yet so happy because of his skills .She hugged him the moment he finished ,so he did back ,then looked at him and said :

“can I marry you ? so you can play it for me everyday before I go to bed ? ” ..she said in an innocent way ,so his gummy smile suddenly showed up .

“and why ? ..I can play it for you everyday before you go to sleep even if you didn’t marry me ” he said while playing with her hair and smiling ,so she pouted .

“NOO ,I’m going to marry you ! ” she said while burying her face in his chest .

“as you like my angle ” ..he said as he started playing the song all over again .

Rap Monster :

It was the learning hour ,as Namjoon was calling it .Him and his daughter ,everyday ,were sitting to the dinner table as he was telling her about random things in the world or history ,anything she wanted to ask ,he was there for her to answer  .One day ,he was telling her about the history of the T.V ,in a very simple way ,so her small mind can understand .

“and then the colored T.V was in every house in Korea ! ” ,he said while swiping some photos in the iPad ,he always used visible tools to teach her .Suddenly she asked with opened mouth :

“waah dad ,how do you know all these things and they happened before you were born ?” ,he giggled .

“well ,books and helpful websites are available for anyone !” ..he said as he placed his chin on his hand ,so she looked at the library in the other side of the room .  

“so you read all these ? ” ,he nodded with a shy smile ,so she shouted with her eyes locked on the books with shocked face .

“I HAVE THE BEST DADDY EVER !” ..then she stood on the chair and hugged him ,so he did back .

“you know you can read these too ? ..and maybe more ? ,so you can learn about anything in the world ?” ,he said as he pointed at the bookshelves near them .

“NO ! ..I hate reading ! .. ” she said as she locked her arms near her chest with a frown .

“baby ? ..and how do you imagine to learn about what you want ? ” he said with a stunned face ,she took a minute before she found the solution .

“I can marry you ! you can always read books and give me learning hours !” ..she said with a huge smile ,he giggled at her childish thoughts .

“but you know you have to love reading now or then ! ” ..he said with a warm smile which showed his dimples .

“ok ,but I’ll marry you anyway ” ,she said as she smiled brightly and opened the iPad again .

“now tell me about the history of dolls  daddy ! ” she said as she showed him a photo of her teddy bear and sat to hear his lecture .

J-hope :

He was teaching her some simple dance moves in the practice room under their house .She loves to see her dad dancing in a professional way ,so she got jealous and wanted to be as good as him .That moment ,when she was in her dancing clothes ,she entered the room and he was doing some break dance moves in an amazing way ,with her penguin walk she ran toward him as the music was finished ,so he held her and swung her in the air ,which made her giggles get higher and higher ,she screamed the moment he stopped .

“YOU ARE AMAZING !” She screamed as she hugged his head .

“ohh and you are a perfect daughter ” he said as his dimples were shown and he kissed her cheek a long one .

“dad ? ..I want to marry you when I grow up ” she said with a cute tone ,so he laughed so hard .

“ohh babe ,you can’t marry me ,cuz you are my little princess ” she frowned ,as if she was that close to cry .

“but dad ,I want to learn those dance moves when I grow up !” ,he held her closer .

“and you will learn them ,you don’t have to marry me ,mom will get mad ” he said with a huge smile .She giggled ,they always used  to talk about you in your back ,that made her laugh so hard .

“ok ,but promise me you’ll teach me this dance ! ” she said as she started to whisper so you won’t hear .He nodded and went to the player .

“I promise ,and now ,let’s dance a little ! ” .

Jimin :

He was sitting near her on her bed before she fell asleep ,talking about how you both met, fell in love and got married .As she was smiling ,hugging her teddy bear he finished and said :

“then you were born and our life became totally perfect” ..she smiled

“I like it ” with a simple whispering way she said it ,which made him take a quick kiss and whisper :

“yes me too ” ..

Then she started playing with her teddy’s hands in a cute way ,he smiled again and said :

“I know you have a question ,ask ..” , she mumbled after he finished :  

“you said you love mom so you married her ?” She said while staring at the wall .

“yes ,if you love someone you should be loyal and love him forever ,and that what I wanted when I thought about marrying mom !” He said while patting at her hair ,so she looked up at him .

“so ,can I marry you ? ..because I love you ?” She said with an innocent look and shiny eyes .He giggled which made his eyes turn into two black crescents .

“ohh babe ,I love you too!” He said as he stole a kiss from her cheek .

“so can I marry you ?” ..yes he tried to make her forget that question cuz he didn’t know how to answer ,so he made a weird smile and got up .

“sure babe ,any time ,go to the dreamland ,good night angel !” he said as he waved for her ,got out and shut the door behind him .

V :

They were watching a family series they used to watch everyday ,when a marriage scene came and and she shouted out loud .

“I HAVE A DRESS LIKE THIS DAD !” ,he giggled and looked down at her ,being silly till the max :

“yeh ,you should get married too !” ,he threw that sentence and didn’t realize that his daughter was thinking about it the whole time ,so she suddenly stood up ,turned off the t.v and looked at him with a smile .

“I want to marry you dad !” ,a boxy smile made its way on his face ,then sat and looked warmly at her .

“why ? still a little cutie ” he said while squeezing her cheeks ,which made her pout :  

“but I want to wear that dress and get married ! ” ..he kept looking at her with a smirk on her face , a while and he said with a keen happy wide smile .

“you wanna get married ? ” she nodded with a smile ,so he took her and entered the room .

“then let’s get the bride ready ! ” ,she didn’t know he was planning for a new game ,when he got her ready from head to toe ,then changed to his formal suit and started a photography session like a real bride and groom ,and she was having fun doing it too ! .

Jungkook :

Kookie and his daughter sat on the grass ,admiring the sky and talking about the clouds’ shapes when his girl looked up at him and said :

“dad ! .. I want to marry you !” In the cutest tone and the most innocent way ,he used to hear this tone when she is that happy ,so he couldn’t resist but smile ,we can’t ignore the fact that he got nervous and shocked from his daughter’s sudden comment but ,that didn’t stop him from enjoying his girl’s childish thoughts and have fun while she is in that spontaneous age ! .

“ohh ,wh- ..why ?” He said with a hesitant voice ,so she looked down at her dress and said ..mumbling :

“because ..because you said you married mama because you love her ,and I love you !” ..that moment Jungkook couldn’t control himself but smile widely his bunny one ,super happy because how his daughter thinking so highly of him .

“ohh ,ok ..I’ll marry you ,but we need to ask mom if she agrees ” yes he was surprised but in the same time he was so glad of the way his daughter expresses her feelings ,so he kept admiring her as she ran straight to you to ask for your permission .

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-Admin K .

Auston Matthews - Reunited

After reading so many Auston stories I thought I’d give it a go at my own. Written at midnight so forgive me if there are errors.
Prompt: you’re unexpectedly about to reunite with your childhood best friend over dinner at his family’s house. Feelings from the past 10 years will come up.
Word count: 1391
Warnings: none. All fluff.
You’re standing in the middle of a grocery aisle unable to move after the mother of your childhood best friend invited you over for dinner that evening. Auston Matthews is coming back home to Arizona and you haven’t seen him in years. You two used to be inseparable. In elementary he’d go on and on about the zamboni to you and you’d tease him for loving a sport on ice when you live in the desert.
Auston freaking Matthews. Damn, you missed that name. Since he’d gone off to Switzerland to pursue hockey you two hadn’t been as close. But, now, you were hoping for the best. You have less than 4 hours to get yourself together to be reunited with the only boy who would play rough with you during recess in elementary.
Once you snap to, you immediately check out of the grocery store and hurry home. What do you wear tonight? How should you do your hair? Does it even matter? He’s always seen you as such a tomboy. You have his number jersey already. Should you just wear that? Is that over thinking it? What. Do. You. DO?!
You’re laying down in your bed as all these questions fill your head. There’s a photo of you two, probably around 10 years old, tacked to your cork board above your desk. Auston has a smirk on his face and his elbow resting on your shoulder as your arms are crossed with a look of annoyance. Yeah, he wouldn’t care too much if you showed up in ripped jeans and a messy ponytail. You’ve always been that comfortable around him.
You decide to put on a light amount of make up, (unripped) jeans, and a nice floral blouse.
You still can’t believe Auston is coming home for such a short amount of time and his mother wants you to join them for their intimate family time together.
Also tacked to your cork board, directly underneath your photo together, is a wristband that says “best friends” on it. You two got them in 6th grade when you went to an arcade together and completely demolished him in every shooting game you both played.
You leave your house around sunset with your 6th grade bracelet hugging your wrist. You hope it’ll be a good conversation starter so you and Auston can easily fall back into the swing of things. As you are approaching his family’s house your stomach is filled with butterflies.
Stepping up to the front door you take a deep breath and exhale as many of the nerves you’ve built up that you can. You ring the door bell and wait. Playing with your thumbs as you hear footsteps approach the door.
“Hey!” Auston answers as he swings open the door. He immediately pulls you in for a big hug. “(Y/N) I’ve missed you!”
You’re completely caught up in his embrace. “I’ve missed you as well, Auston.”
As you both pull out of the sincere embrace he takes you by the hand and leads you inside.
“Mom just finished hooking it UP with dinner. You came just in time.” He smiles at you as you’re led into the dining room. You say, “hi.” To his parents and sister.
Dinner was amazing. You realized you also missed his mom’s cooking. She’d always make meals when you’d go over in the summertime to play. The dinner consisted of small talk and mostly his dad bugging him to know all the details of living in Canada and hockey. The entire time you were sitting next to Auston and he’d look over every few minutes with a smile and thank you for joining them.
Once dinner is over, the entire family excuses themselves for their nightly routine. Auston takes you into his parent’s backyard to continue the night. You two sit down on a lovely cushioned bench under the starry Arizona sky.
“How are you?” He asks. Genuinely wanting a truthful answer.
You shrugged, “I still live in Arizona so I don’t think I’m as well off as you.” He laughs and nods in agreement.
“I’m really glad my mom bumped into you today. I had lost your number when I moved out and really wanted to see you.” He said, scooting closer to you on the bench so your legs were touching.
“I’m glad too.” You smile and look down at your feet. He begins to run his finger across your wristband. “Wow, you still have this?” He asked.
“I know, silly, right?” You say. A bit embarrassed now that you actually wore it.
He lifts your chin with his finger and smiles at you.
“Yeah, silly.” He smirks.
“Ah, Auston Matthews. King of teasing me.” You say as you playfully push at his chest. He chuckles and then reaches to hold your hand. His fingers now interlaced with yours.
“Thank you for wearing this. I realize you’re the only person in this city who I can still have a good talk with without any of my career stuff being the main focus.” He states as he kisses your hand adorned with the best friend bracelet on it.
You smile at him, “well, Mr. big-shot hockey man. What made you think I came over to do anything else other than grovel over your Hockey God existence??” You both burst into laughter.
“Oh, I definitely missed this. Thank you.” He sighs while letting go of your hand and proceeding to wrap his arm around your shoulders. You easily rest your body against his and are content with the next few moments of silence. You grab his hand that’s resting in his lap. Both of your hands exploring his fingers and caressing his palm. He carefully placed a kiss on your forehead.
“You look beautiful tonight, by the way.” He says, sounding a little shakey.
“Auston Matthews, am I making you nervous?” You giggle.
“Honestly? The thought of seeing you again scared me so much. I remember you being the only girl to challenge me at anything. Damn,(Y/N) you knew how to push my buttons.” He laughs. You kiss his thumb that you’ve been playing with.
“Thank you for not changing one bit, Auston.” You whisper. He pulls his hand away from yours and places it on your jaw. Moving your face towards his.
His eyes explore your expression as your heart is practically beating out of your chest. His thumb caressing the side of your face. You begin blushing and try to turn away.
He whispers, “please… I’ve been waiting since the 3rd grade to do this.” And pulls your face back towards his leaving no room between your lips. You immediately wrap your arms around his neck and kiss back.
It’s slow and loving. He takes his time giving you sweet pecks and runs his hand down your back. This sends a chill up your spine and goosebumps appear all over your body.
You pull away, trying to catch your breath. This kissing wasn’t intense but you had so many nerves worked up since you had also been waiting a long time to do that. You both giggle into each other. Leaning your foreheads against each other.
“(Y/N) again, I can’t thank you enough for showing up.” He said. A wide smile gleaming across his face. He has your coral colored lipstick on his lips and you erupt into laughter. Seeing how good your lipstick looks on him makes you want to kiss him more. Not so much that he looks good but that it’s empowering to see it on him. It gives you the same feeling you had years ago when you had beat him at all those arcade games in the 6th grade.
“You have a little something on your lips,” you finally explain why you laughed so suddenly after he was trying to have a genuine moment with you.
“Oh, do I??” He grins then attacking your cheek and neck with tickling kisses.
You laugh, “okay, okay I think it’s gone. Whatever was on your lips is gone”
You cuddle up to his warm body as he wraps his arms around you.
“I could stay like this forever, Matthews,” you whisper as you draw circles on his arm with your finger tips.
“Then, stay forever.” He suggests as he gives you a tight squeeze.

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Closing Credits

Pairing: Mike Faist x FilmMajor!Reader

Warning: curse words (bc when do i not use swear words in fics), character gets anxious

Request: “FilmMajor! Reader with mike Faist would END my existence Y e S”

Word Count: 1912

Note: i said like three days ago that the next mike faist request i get, ill write it in newsies-mike era bc i just miss that :-) although im not really proud of this? idrk i might delete this or at least edit it again. feel free to message me and tell me what ya think !


Mike let out a hiss as he stretched his arm, quickly reaching up with his other arm in order to soothe the sore bicep. He cursed at himself for not doing the extra warm routine before doing the cartwheels and flips during rehearsals. 

Right now, he was just looking forward for two things. Those two being a warm shower and you. He preferred having both at the same time but he knew you were in the middle of editing so he buried the idea at the back of his head, just until both of your schedules lighten up.

He shared a small apartment with you, a film major attending in NYU. The two of you have spent three years in your little space, more than glad that the two of you had the chance to live in a district renowned for its support with arts and theatre.

Mike began walking back to your apartment, already thinking of which movie the two of you were bound to watch.

Being with a film major like yourself, most of your afternoons and evenings consisted of watching movies while eating healthy snacks for the sake of Mike’s current job. These moments usually end up with you rambling about the cinematography of the film, its interpretation and impact to the audience, and even picking out some aspects that you would have changed.

Mike finally reached the door of your place, unlocking the door before removing his shoes and leaving his bag by the door. He plops down on the couch where he has left you this morning.

You still haven’t changed your clothes. You were still wearing his hoodie and a pair of shorts. Your glasses were slightly crooked, probably from rubbing your eyes too much he guessed. The pieces of your hair which fell from your bun framed your delicate face. Your eyes were still trained on your computer screen, the expression on your face was something he couldn’t read.

He scoots closer to you, placing his palm on the back of your neck. He slowly rubbed your shoulders, feeling how stiff there are. 

“You’ve been sitting here for so long, babe.” He muttered as he started to knead the muscle. He felt you jolt from slight discomfort before melting back into his palm.

Your haven’t faced him once since he has arrived and Mike grew a bit weary. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He whispered, his eyes scanning your face as he searched for any hints of discomfort.

“We’re done.” You whispered back, not turning your head even one. He felt his chest tighten, a shock running down his spine. He was hoping he heard wrong.

“What?” Mike panics. His mind instantly ran through all his actions for the past few days, mentally listing down anything that could possibly caused you to want to end things with him.

“We’re done.” You repeated. You couldn’t even process your own words. All you knew was that you were done. His hands immediately grasped yours, placing kisses onto your knuckles as he cradled them to his chest

“Y/N, what? I though we were happy. Why do you want to-”

“Our film is finally finished.” You whispered with a shaky breath as your were flooded with emotions, squeezing his hand. Mike suddenly stops and drops your hands to his lap, blinking twice before realizing that you were talking about your class’s final project.

He let out a sigh, leaning back into the couch. “You scared the shit out of me, Y/N!” He exclaimed, rubbing his eyes to remove the tears that were about to form. The sudden rise in volume made you turn your head to face him.

“Why?” You chuckled, still confused. “Why did that scare you? All I said was-” Your face fell as you realized how polysemantic your statement was.

You immediately jumped on top of him, wrapping your arms around him. “No, no, no! I didn’t mean it like that! I was talking about the project we’ve been-”

Mike wrapped his own arms around yours. “Don’t worry about it, babe. I should have known you were talking about your film.” He said while chuckling. You felt the vibrations of his laughter against your own.

You only tightened your arms around him. “I’m really sorry for scaring you.” You apologized again. Mike kissed your forehead sweetly before peeling you away from his body so he can face you.

“Stop apologizing,” He started, moving one of his hands from your waist to tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear and fixing your glasses. “And show me your class’s new film!” He continued, smiling at you from ear to ear.

He swore he could fall in love with you again and again. Your eyes twinkled with passion when he brought up the film. “Let’s watch it later! Once it’s finished rendering.” You leaned back forward, giving him a kiss on the lips before the scent of sweat hit your nose.

Your nose crinkled at the smell as you pulled back. “And after you shower. You stink.” You say, which earned you a poke on your side.

“I was about to before you gave me that scare!” He laughed, lifting you from his lap and placed you gently on the couch. He hovered you for a couple of second, giving you a chaste kiss. You could still taste the orange juice that he drank this morning from his lips.

He pulled away, not after pecking your lips one last time, to go to the bathroom. You slapped his butt as he walked away. “Don’t take too long!” You yelled out to him, giggling as he wiggled his butt out to you when he walked away.

After half an hour, the film finished exporting and you already have it opened in your laptop. Mike sat beside you with an arm around your shoulders. He reached for the spacebar so he could play it but you caught his wrist.

He looked at you, confused. “What’s wrong?”

“Just know that this isn’t the final final editing.”

“Babe, it’s going to be fine-”

“Like I know I’m the one in charge of the final editing but yeah. If you see any mistakes or a glitch, just tell me and I’ll-”

He quickly placed his finger against your lips. “Nonetheless, your film will be amazing.” He reassured you. You leaned back into his chest, finger hovering over the space button.

“You don’t even know what it’s about.” You muttered under your breath.

“Sure, I do!” You raised your eyebrow at him. He just nodded. “I’m not kidding. I know it’s about an orphan schizophrenic women who fell in love with a writer and she finds out that her parents were killed by him,” 

You looked up at him with awe. “Wow, I didn’t realize-”

“Shut up, I’m not done.” He interrupted you. A smile crept up your face as you nodded for him to continue telling the plot of the film.

“Then it turns out her parents were alive! Her, being an orphan and falling love with a writer, it was all part of the illusion.” He finished.


“See? I listen to you when you rambled about it.” He said, proud of himself to be able to memorize the plot.

“Alright, hot shot. What happens in the ending?” You asked him cockily, knowing that he wouldn’t know the answer.

He just stared at you with a pout. “Y/N, you know you never told me that.”

“I know, I just wanted to annoy the shit out of you.” You stated rather boldly, turning to face the screen.

“But good news is, you get to find out now!” You pressed the spacebar, the all too familiar opening credits appearing.

You nestled further into Mike, resting your head on his shoulder as he let his head fall on top of yours. He held your hand, rubbing circles at the back of it.

He gave you a kiss on the cheek. “This will be amazing, I know it.”

The closing credits of the film rolled down and your eyes were welling up with tears. You were extremely proud of what you’ve done and how the entire film turned out to be. 

The two of you sat in silence. You were a bit nervous to look up at Mike. While you are indeed proud of your work, you weren’t in the mood for a negative reaction right now. And that was what you were scared off.

It’s been a couple of minutes now and he was still silent.

You let out a slightly disappointed sigh. “Mike, you can tell me if you didn’t like-” You immediately stopped talking when you felt a small drop of water hit your cheek. You reached up to touch your eyes but they were relatively dry with no tears falling from them. Your gaze shifted upwards, only to land on Mike’s tear-stained face. He was silent yet the tears didn’t stop. His hand was holding yours tightly, as you were going to disappear in any moment.

You quickly shifted your weight to the back of your knees, turning around so that your entire body was facing Mike. You gently cradled his face in your hands, wiping away the tears.

“Mike?” You whispered, your eyes trying to catch his gaze.

When they did, he pushed your hands away from his face before hugging you tightly to his chest.

“I don’t want to lose you.” He whispered, his voice breaking. He buried his face into your neck. You felt warm tears slipping from his eyes to to your shirt. You held him close to you tightly, whispering and reminding him that he won’t lose you.

You pulled away slightly so you can make him face you.

“Where is this all coming from?” You ask worriedly, rubbing soothing circles against his cheek.

Mike sniffed, wiping the tears away from his face. He took in a shaky breath. 

“I’m sorry. The ending of the film was too much.” He said as he ran his hands up and down your sides.

“And add that with the melancholic music score and the cinematography,” He chuckled at how silly he must look right now. “I’m just really sorry, it hit me hard.”

You were out of words. Your heart fell when you realized how much the film affected him. You cradled his jaw with your left hand, leaning forward to give him a kiss.

He quickly reciprocated, positioning his hands on your waist as your lips moved against each other.

“I love you.” You mumbled against his lips. You felt him smile in the kiss as he mumbled an ‘I love you’ back.

You pulled away slowly, giving him one last peck on the forehead. “You’re okay?”

He nodded, a lazy grin plastered on his face. “More than okay.”

He pulled you down towards his body, until your face was nuzzled against his chest. “That film was beautiful.” He said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

“It really was, it had me in tears.” He chuckled.

“Thank you.” Your cheeks misted with a rose tint. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“You’re going to kill it out there. You’ll be breaking hearts, spreading smiles, and just flooding people with emotions.” He spoke softly, tilting your head so you were facing him.

He was grinning down at you, eyes filled with nothing but pure adoration for you. He looked at you with pride.

“You’re an artist, Y/N. You’re the one to watch.” 

Business and Pleasure - Part 5

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing, slight violence

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Steve was there in mere minutes. He must have rushed over from work, as he was still wearing his usual suit and tie.

Without a word, he enveloped you in a tight hug, his embrace comforting. You couldn’t help the tears that escaped your eyes, trickling down your face. The two of you stayed like that for a few moments. Steve was silent, waiting for you to speak first. You hadn’t been very coherent on the phone. All he had really understood was when you asked him to come over. The pain in your voice was evident, making him panic. He had just been leaving work, so he grabbed the first cab he found and made his way to your new home. The fare had been expensive, but he didn’t really mind. It was the quickest way to get to you.

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Playing House

Originally posted by cindyctw75

Intro: So I wrote this one out of the blue the other day when I was inspired by a prompt kinda thing that read: “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”  - so that is where this came from.  

This is also for @trekken81 who wanted a fluffy Bones story so this is as fluffy as it gets I think haha

Oh and this has a little bit of the Bones Headcanon: where Bones takes his date’s pulse to know if they like him - this is the fic I was writing where I got the idea, and it’s in there a little, but I want to write a fic where that is kinda the main focus.  Eventually…

ALSO: Sorry peeps but there will be no Messy p.t. 2 on Sunday because finals are kicking my ass and the only reason I am posting this is because I had it already done and haven’t posted in a while.  Sorry y’all. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 1,903

Summary: You are playing house with Bones, Jim, and Joanna McCoy.  Fluff ensues.  


“Okay.  You can play daddy, and Auntie Y/N can play mommy!" 

You locked eyes with Bones as his daughter assigned the different roles, and he rolled his eyes and shrugged at you. 

"And Uncle Jim can be my doggie!” Jo squealed and hopped over to Jim who had an incredulous look on his face. 

“Awww, Jo, why do I have to be the doggie?  Why can’t your daddy or Y/N be the doggie?” Jim whined, and you held back a snicker. 

“Because your hair is fluffy and Auntie Y/N and daddy are gonna get married.” Jo said matter-of-factly, leaving Jim with his jaw dropped. 

“Uh, peanut?” Bones started, giving you a side-glance as he grabbing his daughter’s wrist to get her attention, “Auntie Y/N and I aren’t getting married." 

Jo looked very seriously into her daddy’s eyes, crossing her little arms over her chest, "Well I say you are.  And you said this is my game, didn’t you, daddy?" 

Bones looked flabbergasted at his little girl, and you couldn’t help but grin at the helpless look on his face.

"Why yes I did, Jo-bean.” Bones sat back on his heels, “I guess it’s alright if we get married in the game.”

“No, in real life too!” Jo assured, leaving all three of you speechless as she quickly began setting out toys and blabbering on about the game of house you were going to play.  It was all very elaborate. 

You caught Bones’ eye and gave him a quick grin, hoping beyond hope that your cheeks weren’t as red as his were.  

“Okay, daddy, you are leaving for work now, give me and Auntie Y/N a hug.” Jo commanded and Bones shuffled on his knees over to you, giving you and Jo a quick hug, then turning and shuffling over to Jim, giving him a pat on his head with a smirk. 

“Have fun at school!” Jo called, to Bones as he was knee shuffling out the ‘door’. 

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 14/?)


I’m not super proud of it, okay? But I need something to fill in before cool things happen, okay?

Also thank you for all your lovely messages and feedback even when you have to wait ages for next part xx

PS to the people sending requests - you are aware of the fact it’ll take 47281 years for me to post it?

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror just to see how miserable I look. I took a few deep breaths making sure I’m not crying anymore, cleaned mascara that smudged on my face fixed my hair and left just to walked straight into Montgomery making himself a drink in the kitchen.

“Hey, I was calling you before upstairs”, he said when he spotted me.

“I don’t know why, you clearly were busy”, I said and walked past him.

“Because you called my name while you were opening the door?”.

I stopped.

“So what was it?”, he asked.

“Nothing”, I shrugged. “Not important anymore”.

“But it was important before, so what was it?”, he gently grabbed me by my arm and turned me to see my face. “Were you crying?”

“Sorry Montgomery, I’m going home, I have to find Jeff”, I released my arm and walked outside.

“Why, party hasn’t even started properly yet.”, he said going after me.

“Yes, it has. I’ve been here for two hours but you were too busy to see, Montgomery, and I’m done”.

“I just want to tell you, I didn’t…”

“De la Cruz, that’s my man!”, Bryce interrupted him. “So, how was it upstairs? She any good?”, he asked putting his arm at Montgomery’s shoulder.

“Both of you are disgusting”, I rolled my eyes and walked away.

“Come on, Y/N, you can have some of that too”, Bryce shouted.

I was walking around looking for Jeff and avoiding Montgomery, I was already humiliated enough for one night.

“Hey, I was looking for you everywhere”, I said when I finally found Jeff.

“I was in the house, on the phone”, he explained.

“What’s up?”

“Take me home, please.”

“Why? We barely even came here.”

“We’re here for like two hours and I’m done”, I sighed. “I’m not asking you to leave party for good, I’m asking you to drive me home.”

“Were you crying?”, he asked.

“What?”, I pretended I’m surprised as if I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You have smuged mascara on your face”, he crossed his arms.


“Maybe. Can you drive me home?”

“Does it have anything to do with Montgomery? I can kick his ass, you know that.”

I laughed a little bit.

“I don’t want you to kick his ass, you’re better than that.“

“What’s up, guys?”, Justin came up and wrapped his arms around me and Jeff.

“What did I tell you about your arm around me?”, I asked.

“I actually want to talk to you”, he said.

“I’ll leave you two. Bro, make her stay at the party”, Jeff patted Justin’s arm and left us.

“You’re going home?”

“I want to but Jeff doesn’t really want to leave party for 20 minutes”, I sighed. “What do you want to talk about?”, I asked. Not about Montgomery, please, I told to myself.

“I had fight with Jess”, he said and I realized that she in fact wasn’t here, “ and Bryce… And my mum and meth Seth are thing again so…”, I saw he wasn’t comfortable talking about that and I already knew where this was going to.

“You want to crash at my place?”

“I can sleep in tree house, please”.

“Don’t be silly. My mum is out of town,y dad is chill, you’ll sleep in home. But I have one condition.”


“You’re leaving party with me and we’re doing it now.”

“Okay, it sucks anyway. Wait, I’ll just take my things”, Justin run inside and I looked around looking for Jeff again, this time to tell him I’m coming home with Justin and that he can stay. He wasn’t anywhere around to be seen so I decided text will be enough.

I went home with Justin, have fun XX

I spotted Foley talking to Montgomery and slowly walking my direction. Please, don’t bring him here, please don’t bring him here, I prayed. Luckily, Montgomery went to the beer pong table and Justin joined me.

We walked in silence, but it was good, comfortable silence as neither of us really felt like talking.

“Dad?”, I asked opening the door when we got to my house.

“Here”, he said from living room.

“Hi, I’m with Justin…”

“Kids today, I have to teach you everything”, he sighed standing up from the couch. “If you bring boy home in the middle of the night, he walks in by window, you don’t tell parents about it”, he joked as he obviously knew Justin was in relationship with Jessica and besides that right after Jeff he was the closest to me out of all boys.

“Damn, Y/N, I knew we were doing something wrong”, Justin joked.

“So umm… Justin had a fight with his mum”, I started, “and her boyfriend… And Jessica, besides her dad is super strict so I thought…”

“He can sleep in guest’s room”, my dad smiled.

“See, I told you”, I looked at Foley with triumphal smile.

“Thank you, Mr Y/L/N”.

I went to the kitchen, took some snacks and went upstairs with Justin. We still didn’t feel like talking so we watched a movie.

“So ummm…”, Justin started in the middle of the movie. “I heard you and Tina had a fight again”.

“We didn’t have a fight”, I rolled my eyes. “After the game I was waiting for Jeff and she left girls’ room, spotted me and started talking her shit again.

“What is her problem with you, really?”

“Really, I don’t know. I wasn’t even aware or her existence until she and Montgomery started going out”, I shrugged. “What did you and Jessica fought about?”

“You and Montgomery”.


“She thinks that there is something going on between you two and that he tells me everything, unlike you, and she got mad I don’t want to tell her what is happening. Not that I know”.

“God, I’m sorry Justin”, I sighed. “I’ll talk to her, I promise”, well I told Sheri everything because she saw us, but never talked about it with Jess and if everyone started getting suspicious, than so did she.

“It’s okay. So… There is something to talk about?”, he asked with a grin.

“No, there is not. I will tell her that nothing is happening. Now shut up, cause I want to finish the movie”.

I lied to him. Again. I was going to tell her everything. And because, well, Jess wasn’t to good with keeping her mouth shut, she would tell Justin sooner or later.

We finished the movie, Justin went to his room, I quickly washed and get to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep because it felt very hot in my room so I opened window and laid in bed again. When I was almost sleeping I heard some weird noise and looked at the window scared.


I sighed with relief.

“Montgomery, what the fuck are you doing?”, I whispered when he got into my room through open window.

“I want to talk”, he said loudly.

“Shhhh”, I covered his mouth.

I much as my dad was okay with Justin sleeping in guest’s room, he wouldn’t be okay with boy coming into my bedroom through window.

“Are you drunk?”, I asked I as smelled alcohol.

“Yes”, he nodded his head.

“What do you want?”, I sighed.

Before he could answer I heard steps outside my room.

“To the closet and keep your mouth shut”, I hissed and closed him in the closet and laid in bed.

Seconds after my dad opened door.

“Sweetie, you’re okay? I heard some noise”, he asked.

“Yeah, it’s good. I stood up to open window, stood on remote and tv started playing”, I pointed at remote that in fact was on the floor very close to my bed.

“Okay, sleep well.”

“Thanks”, I smiled as he closed the door and I could hear he went back to his bedroom.

Quietly I got up from bed and went to the closet.

“What do you want, Montgomery?”, I whispered.

“I needed to see you”.


“I miss you, Y/N”, he said taking some hair of my face.

“What?”, I asked a little bit numb.

“I miss our thing… What we had”, he said pulling me closer and placing his lips on mine.

For a moment I felt vulnerable feeling his kiss, his hands tightened on me and his lips started going down my neck. But then I shook off from first shock and pushed him away.  

“Montgomery, stop”, I said not looking at him. “We’re done”.

Why was he doing it to me… Few days ago he examined Tina’s throat with his tongue in the middle of school hallway and few hours ago he literally fucked a girl at a party.

“I never got my goodbye kiss”, he insisted.

“And you won’t”, I tried to take a step back but he pulled me in.

“You just don’t understand anything”, he mumbled.

“I’m pretty sure I understand everything”, there was nothing to not understand, he came here hoping to get laid.

“You’re pretty, yes, but you don’t understand”.

“Montgomery, leave, please”, I sighed.

“Is that what you really want?”, he asked mumbling, because his drunkenness only let him mumbling.


“Yes”, I said not looking at him.

“Tina would take me back any second, you know?”

“Well, I’m not Tina, you know? Montgomery, go home”, I sighed.

“Whatever”, he chuckled. “So no goodbye kiss?”

“No”, I crossed my arms.

“I’m going to Vermont for Christmas, I might not come back.”

“Bye, see you at Jeff’s New Year’s Eve party”, I gently pushed him to the window.

“See you, babe”, he said walking out.

“Don’t call… Whatever”, I sighed looking at him crawling out of the window, praying he wouldn’t do much noise.

When he got down safely I laid back in bed but couldn’t fall asleep for another few good hours.


“Wake up, wake up!”, Justin stormed into my room at 9 am in the morning.

“Jesus, Foley, do you know what Saturday is for? Sleeping”, I said covering my head with pillow.

“Wake up, your dad is making pancakes”, he said and literally jumped at me.

“Ouch! Get off me”, I pushed him away. “He’s literally making them because you’re here. If it was just me and him there would be cereals, so thanks for being here”, I said getting up.

“We’re eating and we’re going to Jessica”, he ordered. “You’ll talk to her, and me and her will make up”.

“Still, you can’t sleep at her place.”

“My mum called me, meth Seth got away again, so it should be okay for next two weeks.”

We went downstairs, ate breakfast, I quickly changed and did my makeup and we left to Jess’ place.

“You remember about Trixie, right?”, dad asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go straight there”, I said.

We decided I’d walked in Jess’ home alone, Justin would wait a street away and came in after I explain her everything.

“Hi”, she said surprised to see me.

“Hey, I have to talk with you”, I said walking in and going to her room with her.

“What’s happening?”, she asked.

“It’s about me and Montgomery…”


“Okay… That’s a lot”, she said when I finished telling story.

“Yeah… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I just wanted to keep it a secret and Sheri knows only because she saw me with him.”

“So you’re telling me Justin doesn’t know about anything?”, Jess asked and I shook my head. “God, I’m so stupid, I have to talk to him”, she said reaching for her phone.

“Actually… He’s somewhere close, he came here with me, I told him to wait outside before I finish.”

“Let’s go see him”, got up and we quickly left the house.

We found Justin, the two of them make up so I decided it was time for me to go.

“Okay guys, I’ll leave you now, I have to go to Trixie”, I said.

“Wait, I can drive you”, Jessica offered.

“No, it’s okay, it’s not that far and a walk will be good for me”, I smiled. “Bye, guys.”

They walked inside and I went away. As I was walking I decided to call Montgomery and be as cold as I can and tell him that he can’t just show up at my place when he’s drunk.

“Hello?”, he answered phone with sleepy, raspy voice.

“What were you thinking, Montgomery? You can’t just walk into my room by the window when you’re drunk”

“And when I’m sober?”

“I’m serious. Honestly, how much did you drink yesterday to show up and my room in the middle of the night to tell me you miss me?”

He didn’t answer for few seconds.

“I just want things between us to be normal again”, he said finally.

“What do you mean by normal?”

“I just miss talking to you, okay?”

I stopped walking and bit my lip.

“Okay, listen… You’re going to Vermont for Christmas, I’m staying here, we won’t see each other, atmosphere will get clear and when we meet at NYE party we’ll act normal. Just like it was before anything happened okay?”

“Okay”, he agreed.

“Look it’s almost like we’re adults”, I laughed.

“Not sure if I like that”, he mumbled and that made me stop walking again. “Okay, I have to get ready for a plane. So I guess it’s time to wish you merry Christmas in advance.”

“Merry Christmas, Monty”, I smiled to the phone.

I hung up and took a deep breath.

“I’m adult, I’m adult, I’m adult”, I mumbled to myself and went to babysit Trixie.


“You’re sad today”, she said after she realized I put zero effort in drawing in colouring book.

“No, I’m just tired, sweetie”, I smiled at her. “I had a tough week, you know”.

“Is it because of your broken wrist?”

“Partly, yes”, I nodded.

“I heard your mum telling that one girl did it on purpose to you.”

“You overheard, Trixie, that’s naughty and you don’t want to get on a naughty list few days before Christmas, do you?”

“Why did she do that?”, she continued and completely ignored what I was saying.

“I don’t know if she did that on purpose, sweet…”

“Your mum said she did and that she got suspended. And that Montgomery took you to the hospital, so maybe he knows if she did”, kid was stubborn. “We can go and ask him!”

“What? How do you even know Montgomery?”

“We saw him on a Halloween, remember?”

“Right, we’re not asking him about anything, understood? Keep drawing”, I told her a little bit surprised that she even remember she met Monty almost two months ago.

Kid was stubborn and smart and that was the worst combination.

“I just…", she said quietly. “I just want to know if someone hurt you intentionally… Because you’re sad cause of that and I never want you to be sad, because I love you very much”.

My heart melted that exact moment.

“Sweetie”, I hugged her. “I love you too, very, very much. But really you don’t have to worry about anything, okay? That girl is not in cheer team anymore so she won’t hurt me or anyone ever again or purpose or not. Okay?”

“Okay”, she nodded her head and started drawing again.

“Sit here, I’ll make myself some coffee”.

I left her in the room and went down to the kitchen. When I was slowly walking back to the room with a mug full of coffee I heard her talking to someone.

“Trixie?”, I asked opening door to her room. And then I saw her. With my phone in her hand. Facetiming Montgomery. “What the heck?”, I put my coffee on the shelf next to door and quickly took my phone. “Trixie, what are you doing?”

“Montgomery explained me everything”, she said with a smile. “He said it’s not really important how did you injured your wrist, it’s important that nothing worst happened and that you’ll be okay in few weeks”.


She cleared her throat looked at me, at my phone and at me again, then I realized facetime with Monty was still on.

“uhh.. Hi”, I took my phone up and left the room. “Sorry about her. She’s just stubborn and needs to know everything. And overhears a lot of things”, I laughed.

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “She loves you and she worries, that’s normal.”

“She’s six, she shouldn’t worry. Anyway, thanks for talking to her”.

“No problem”, he smiled a little bit.

“Bye”, I took one last quick glance at his brown eyes on my phone and ended the call.

“Okay, young lady”, I said when I got back to Trixie’s room. “You can’t do that”.

“I know, but now I don’t have to worry”, she shrugged with smile on her face, drawing in the book like nothing happened.

“What exactly did he tell you?”, I asked.

“I think he likes you a lot”.

“Really? Why do you think so?”, I took my coffee and sat next to her.

“Because he said he worried about you when you fell down. And you worry about someone when you like that person, right?”

“You know, you can also worry people in general, because that’s what good people do”, I tried to drift her away from imagining that Monty likes me a lot.

“I think he likes you a lot. He gave us a lot of candies on Halloween and he missed a game to go to the hospital with you. Dad never misses game on tv for anyone and he loves me and mummy and Montgomery missed game for you…”

“Trixie, things aren’t that simple and obvious in real life”, I interrupted her.

“I don’t think I wanna grow up”, she sighed with tiredness in her voice.

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Four

Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: I’m so cheesy and romantic, help.

A/N: Here it is! Thanks for waiting so patiently <3 This will be the last part, but feel free to make requests. My inbox is open! This is totally how I feel Gaston would’ve turned out if given the chance to really love someone and have them love him in return. i think he just needed the right person to bring out his sweetness. 


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Originally posted by evansluke

Days passed.

The world in the village around me stayed the same. The people went about their routines the same as always. Yet it was like I was seeing it all in a new light. Like a forgotten painting, hidden away in a dusty attic, suddenly pulled back out and hung on the wall. I remembered what it felt like to feel, for possibly the first time since my parents had passed away those years ago. And it had everything to do with an arrogant, but charming man. A man who was brash, but warm-hearted. A man who had existed right in front of my eyes for years but had never really known until now.

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A Big Brother Thing. // Zach Dempsey and Clay Jensen

This was requested by @nerdygirl1219 ! I hope you guys enjoy! Happy reading 💖

Zach x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and Death.


Your POV •

I stared into my locker decided on what binder I needed. I looked on my locker door and sighed. There it was. The polaroid picture of Hannah and I. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I met her at Kat’s going away party and ever since then we stuck like glue. I wish I could’ve been there to save her.

I was snapped away from my thoughts when a pair of familiar arms snaked around my waist.

“Hey Dempsey.” I smiled. He placed a small his on my neck.

“You alright babe?” He questioned. His question was soon answered when he looked at my locker door and sighed. “I miss her too…she’s in a better place now.” He sighed and I nodded.

“Yeah… yeah sure.” I said slamming my locker door shut.

“I gotta get to Spanish. But i’ll meet you up for lunch okay.” I said. He removed his arms from around my waist and kissed my forehead.

“You sure you’re okay?” He asked again. And I nodded walking to my Spanish class with Hannah on my mind.


It was now lunch time and Zach and I were sitting with the rest of his friends. My mood went up from earlier and I was pretty happy.

Clay slammed his tray on the table, resulting in all of us looking at him crazy. Everybody glared at him except for me.

“Hey Clay-doh” I smiled but he wasn’t smiling back.

“I was wondering if we could eat together today. I have some things to tell you.” He nodded, glaring over at Zach.

“Uh yeah sure Clay.” I said grabbing my bag. I turned to Zach to kiss him on the cheek and say good bye but Clay pulled me away before I could do so. We both looked at each other and frowned.

Normally, I would curse Clay out for pulling a dick move like that. But I knew that he needed me more than anybody else. The tapes were really taking a toll on his mind.

We sat a couple tables down from Zach and them. I glanced over at Zach and he nodded then got back to eating.

I sat across from Clay and nudged his shoulder softly. “So what’s up with you lately Clay?” I said taking a sip of my pink lemonade.

“Nothing, all of your friends hate me- you know what? Speaking of friends, how are you and Zach doing?” The way he said Zach’s name really bothered me. Something about the way it rolled off his tongue, so full of hate.

"We are actually doing really well. I care about him a lot. He’s really helping me cope with Hannah’s death.” I gulped, tapping on my bottle.

"How ironic.” He sighed, poking at his mashed potatoes.

"How is it iron-” I was interrupted by the bell.

“Well (Y/N), That’s my cue. See you later wouldn’t want to be late to class.” He chimed then left me sitting alone.


I met Zach at his car after school. “Hey babe, since we didn’t eat with each other today you wanna have a little date at Monet’s?” I smiled. He nodded then grinned.

“Hop in.”

We both got in the car and made our way to the cafe.

As I got out the car and walked to the entrance I saw a familiar bike leaned against the wall.

Zach and I walked in the cafe. “I’ll go order, how about you find us a seat?” Zach asked and I agreed.

I found us a cute little seat in the corner of the cafe and waited until he got back with our drinks.

Zach came back and we both started talking about how our days were as we held hands across the table.

“And then Justin laughed so hard that gatorade shot out of his fucking nose” Zach laughed and I joined along. “Seems like I missed a lot not sitting with you guys today.” I sighed. And he nodded.

“Well-” Zach was interrupted.

“Hey guys! Crazy seeing you here.” Clay exclaimed.

I shook my head. “How crazy could it be Clay? We come here at least three times a week.” I stated.

Clay pulled up a chair and joined our table made for two.

“So what’s up guys?” Clay said resting his hands on his face.

Zach and I looked at each other and shook our heads. “Nothing.” We both sighed. “Clay can I talk to you for a quick second?” I didn’t let him reply before I pulled him outside.

“Yes dearly beloved sister?” He smiled as if he was clueless.“

"Don’t ‘dearly beloved sister’ me. Are you trying to keep me away from Zach?” I questioned with my hands placed on my hips. “Not at all. Why would you think that?” He said innocently.

“You’ve been tagging along on all our dates for two weeks and pulling me away from him to ask me silly ass questions. Sometimes it feels like you only want to hang out with me to keep me away from him.” I said with a frown and he finally understood how disappointed I was.

Clay sighed. “I guess, I just don’t want him to hurt you so I tried to chase him away.” He said looking down.

I shook my head. “And you do realize that you would hurt me in the process right.” I scolded. “I didn’t realize that until now. I know what he’s capable of and I don’t want him to hurt you.” He admitted.

“I admit what he did to Hannah wasn’t nice at all, but he’s a teenager and he’s gonna make dumb decisions, we all do it. It even took me awhile to forgive what he did but he’s honestly such a sweet person. You just have to give him a chance Clay-doh. Sit in there with us and talk to him. You’ll see that he doesn’t mean any harm.”

“Thanks for the offer but I think you guys should spend some time alone after all i’ve done the last weeks. But i’ll definitely sit and talk with him one day if he’s as nice as you promote him to be.” He smiled then grabbed his bike.

I smiled back. “Thanks Clay. I love you.” I said as he rode off. I walked back into Monet’s and kissed Zach on the cheek then sat down.

“Is everything ok between you two?” He questioned and I nodded.

“It’s a big brother thing. I smiled.


I feel like I could’ve done way better on this but that how I feel about everything I write lmao. On the other hand I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was supposed to be up yesterday but I had extreme writers block and I restarted the story about three times. Have a nice day 💖 Thanks for reading! Gif isn’t mine!

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