So, like, I really never thought to actually look at Pearl’s teapot in “Serious Steven” but there was a gifset on my dash earlier today and I realized that there’s a rose design on the teapot. Like, an abstract-ish design but to me they definitely look like they’re meant to be roses

and now I feel extremely silly for never having noticed it before

I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before but White Diamond is my birthstone

Or probably all the diamonds?? But White Diamond is what’s shown when you search for April’s birth stone, so,

You may all say “Yes, my Diamond” to me now! Accept your new Diamond matriarch!

Dipper's Real Name

So I have a theory (along with half the fandom) as to what Dipper’s real name is, but I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this idea yet, so I want to bring it up.

I was watching Irrational Treasure during the GF marathon before Between the Pines, and realized something important. When Quentin Trembley is giving Dipper and Mabel a reward, he says, “and Rodrick…” while looking at Dipper. Dipper tries to object saying, “um…actually….” but Trembley continues and gives him the President’s key.

Now, I think the audience is supposed to assume that Trembley doesn’t know Dipper’s name and makes one up because he’s silly. However, this doesn’t fit with the rest of Trembley’s silly actions, and doesn’t seem like a good explanation for Trembley calling him Rodrick.

Just look at all the silly things Trembley does

  • encases himself in peanut brittle
  • makes a bizarre set of clues for others to find his peanut-brittle encased body
  • issues the epantcipation proclamation
  • Fills the supreme court with babies
  • tries to escape a wooden crate by crawling through a tiny hole
  • makes a 12 year old a congress woman
  • names a town Gravity Falls
  • declares war on pancakes
  • married a woodpecker as his third wife

Making up a regular, normal name for someone doesn’t seem to fit Trembley. I think if he were going to make up a name for Dipper, he’d say something silly, like fluffy hair or toot toot mcbumbersnazzle. (I’m bad at coming up with examples but you get the idea)

I feel like somehow in that chase, Dipper might have ended up telling his true name. Or maybe the cops said it when they were calling Washington to lock the twins up. I dunno, but I feel like that’s one detail that doesn’t quite fit with Quentin Trembly’s extreme silliness unless Rodrick is actually his name.

What do you think? Why did Trembley call Dipper Rodrick?

So I was listening to nostalgic soundtracks (as you do) and immediately realized that this particular number is…eerily and heartrendingly appropriate for the current chapter of Between the Shadow and the Soul

I mean…I would feel silly, but when you look at the lyrics - 

Once there was the sun
Bright and warm and wonderful
Shining like the love within my heart…

Now there’s no more sun
Winter has killed everything
And although it’s dark December
Forever I’ll remember sun…

Just…leave me here to die. 


HIGHLIGHTS (updated: 8/2/16)

1. the cafe bathroom in ximending that had a fern plant sitting between the sink and the papertowel dispenser so it’d catch any dripping water from your freshly washed hands

2. bike riding along the river in yingge and seeing stray dogs napping by the grass 

3. taking videos of my Aunty doing silly things and sending them to my Mum / realizing I could have known her from an earlier age / now I definitely want a better relationship with my relatives 

4a. being so visually excited by ancient celadon glazed pottery at NPM 

4b. revolving vases collection (separate layers of a vase carved out of a single piece of stone to look like it is 2 jars in 1) - in particular the blue vase that had its belly painted with koi fish so that when you spin it, the fish look like they’re swimming 

5. getting very drunk and missing the last train home so hannah and i got some bikes to ride home. it was such a pleasant trip that we decided to also pedal to taipei 101 which we had not revisited yet.
returned to our hotel at 5AM / sopping wet / not even tired / but cold 

6. finally taking a slow day and eating a hearty meal at Moggu opposite the park 

7a. smelling the sulfur and having the fog violently blown into my face as we climbed a trail up to Qixingshan / feeling like i was in a kungfu movie when we walked along stony slopes between the bamboo bushes (? is that the right word for bamboo when its not a forest, but just a dense patch ??)

7b. having wlson and thomas leave the hiking trail before reaching the peak ‘cause we were going to miss the last bus back into town / but enjoying ourselves so much hannah and i kept on climbing higher and higher / more and more fog. when we reached back down the base of the mountain, the sun had set and we were alone. 
a car just happened to pull into the carpark and they offered to take us back to the city and the whole trip they were talking about how it was THEIR privilege to have met US & how we must be good people to be rewarded with such good luck. they were so sweet :’( we are now all fb & LINE friends

8a. checking into our alishan accommodation and the employee for no reason at all, took a warming to us and asked her manager to upgrade us to bigger and better rooms. Nikki (thats her name - the employee) instantly became our friend and she helped us map out a plan to see the tourist sights about the mountains the next morning / recommending what to eat / what to do / where to do it 
(((((AHAHAH nikki messaging me now on facebook telling us how we were blessed to have met each other and to send her the photos we took together)))))

8b. waking up at 4AM to see the famous ‘sea of clouds’ against the sunrise only for us to be rained out…was feeling disappointed but determined to make the best of it, we continued to explore the mountains instead of going back to our hotel to nap. 
had magical / peaceful / free-of-other-people / times in cedar forests / didnt even speak to my group ‘cause we were all stunned by how beautiful everything was. 
again, taking too long wandering around and missed our last bus. the weather had cleared up significantly so we decided to walk 1.5hrs back uphill to our accommodation and WHAT WERE WE REWARDED WITH ? a secret lookout of the sea of clouds just off the road where cars and trucks always drive along! SO. FREAKING. BEAUTIFUL. 
We stayed long enough to see the cloud layer slowly being blown toward us until the winding gorge below and the little residential houses were completely obscured … was so much to take in 

8c. finally returning to our accomm. the first person we see through the door is the manager, and what does he ask us? “do you want to see the sea of clouds for sunset?” 
ommmmmmg. he drove me and hannah personally up to a ‘locals only’ look out to get a full panoramic view atop the tea plantations / hills. 
the final bend in the road that opened up to the view was so fucking breathtaking, my eyes teared up. and i would have properly cried if hannah wasnt there HAHA 

9. asking the manager if there is legit tea house for me to taste the local tea leaves and she invites me to drink tea with her. she sets up the kit for us and asks her father-in-law (this really cute old grandpa) to ‘pour us some tea’ which is some kind of honor i am guessing cause you gotta know what you’re doing …theres many instruments and a full ritual about it. 
the grandpa was very kind, and after a while, hannah asked where the tea we were drinking was grown. turns out, the grandpa grows it !!!!!!!! this family who own the accommodation actually have a background and a business in TEAAAAAA ! 
seeing our delight / surprise he pulls out his iPhone and shows us all the vegetables he grows by himself as a hobby. 
After i casually ask him where his plot of land is, he offers to show us himself. 
Grandpa wastes no time and changes into his gumboots and we drive in his van up into the mountains so dense with fog until we reach his plot of land. 
he uses no pesticides and waters with only fertilizer + water. 
And guess how he gets rid of bugs eating his vegetables ? HE FKN HAND PICKS THEM OFF by eyeing up which vegetables have been eaten / pooped on. oh my god. 
I ask him “what do you do with all your vegetables?” Nope, he doesn’t sell them, he just gives them away to friends and family :’( so sweet

10. Earthquake at 4AM in the mountains / it eventually shook me awake so i experienced the last 7 seconds of it / epicenter was in Tainan 
Initially it was very amusing/shocking for us (esp. since that day i had casually said “wouldnt it be cool to experience an earthquake?”) but then news reports flooded in and apparently one of the buildings that had collapsed and taken people down with it was poorly build :(
**i dunno if this really counts as a highlight, but i def. wont be forgetting it anytime soon**

11a. Seeing this 7 storey gold Buddha !!in Taichung ! and seizing the opportunity whilst the staff were having lunch together to quickly climb up the rickety ladder …. But they caught us just as we got up ! Didn’t even get to feel triumphant, just embarrassed lol 11b. The 7 storey Buddha had a little kitten staring at us from the little “window” built into the Buddhas ass

Latest Losers:

Here they are again, my latest looks scoring below a 4.0. Now, I realize my “Winter’s Dance” look is silly/horrific, but I didn’t think the others were so bad! Not great by any means, but not terrible. I can pinpoint icky aspects of all of them…except for the “Silver Anniversary” look. Where did I go wrong here? Don’t be afraid to let me know! I can dish it out AND take it! ;)

Week 2- Design Thinking

 I would define design as a combination of aesthetically pleasing attributes of a innovative concept, as well as functionality. I started my education in photography, something I have always been passionate about. As a photographer I have to consider many aspects of design to make up the best photograph I can. Now that I have switched to graphic design, I have to look at design a lot more thoroughly. I must admit, coming from a photography point of view, I’ve always considered design strictly aesthetics. Now that I’ve been immersed in school as a designer, I have been opened up to the world of using design for more functionality. I feel silly for taking so long to realize this, but after reading “Design Thinking” It has officially all fallen into place and makes total sense. The article was very eye opening for me, especially the portion of the article that discusses Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” program. For me it really outlined the kind of innovative thinking people are capable of, and how ideas like that come to be.

As for an example of design thinking, what comes to mind is a device I used the other day when I was painting walls at work. I’m only 5′4″, and I was painting a set with very tall walls for a bedroom scene. Since I’m in this situation a lot, my work bought a paint roller extender so I could reach the top of the wall without dangerously painting on a ladder. Also, instead of moving the ladder every time I need a new space to paint, I can just move freely since the extending arm allows it. I know this is a pretty common tool, but the idea is great in the fact that it not only saves time in the job, but it considers my safety and health(I also didn’t have to bend over to reach the bottom parts of the wall, I just had to back up). I’m sure the reason this was created was because someone was in the same situation I was in and needed a solution, so they made up that tool to fix the problem.

i hate this. i hate having to walk on eggshells around him because every conversation turns into an argument. i hate how he ignores everything i say. i hate how he purposely says things to offend me.

worst of all, i hate how everyone knows it but no one fucking says anything.

mom thinks i don’t notice how much she changes when he’s gone. he was on a skiing trip last week and all the sudden she didn’t have to cook dinner. she turned up the heat because he refuses to ever because god forbid anyone else be comfortable too. she didn’t nitpick at me and jadyn. she wore sweatpants and smiled and was silly and didn’t look so tired.

it kills me that they don’t see this isn’t normal. she just makes excuses for him or she stays away or stays quiet.

and i realize now that that’s what i have to do. i refuse to bond with him, i refuse to let him convince me he cares. 

i just need to bide my time and stay silent. because if i speak out, he starts a fight. if i complain, he scolds me for complaining. if i say anything at all, he’ll nitpick me and argue and say offensive things just to watch my face. he’ll go back to embarrassing me just so he can get his sick enjoyment of seeing his daughter miserable.

i just have to stay quiet. you can’t fight with someone who doesn’t engage. 

i hate living like this.



“I lost the time.” I pinched my arm “I don’t deserve the standards of your friendship for I failed my mission.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean Deia?”

“It’s exactly 00h14m silly.”

“oh shit.” Bia said looking at her phone.

“Do you realize that now you’re an anciente person don’t you?” 

“Ooooh, like if you’re so much younger than me.” 

“Well, from now to august you will have to buy beer for me mama.” 

“I refuse to be responsible for the intoxication of a child.” 

“Come here wonder woman.” I gave a tight hug at Bia and remained with her in my arms. “Happy birthday!” 

“Thank you Deia.” She placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Do you have any idea of how amazing you are? How wonderful? of how the explosion of stars that formed you is completely perfect?” 

“I think you hit your quota of wine per day.” 

“I know.” I slightly smiled at her. “But I really want you to know how nice you are.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Happy Birthday again Bibs.” 

“I think this moment deserves a selfie.” 

“Come a little closer” I whispered to her “I might be really drunk.” 

Look back @ it

While rereading posts on this blog I started to realize how important it is to reflect. Reflect on places, moments and feelings. Reading about friends and family and silly moments filled me up today. While reading I saw depression, closure, laughter, acceptance, but most importantly I witnessed growth. 

I am now a 22 year old college grad seeking new adventures. Whether if they are exploring the relationship (lack of) with the neuropsychologist at my internship, planning trips over the U.S, trying new beer, or getting out of my usual routine- I’m striving to be nothing less than happy, humble and healthy. Happy knowing that I don’t have to have everything figured out- things will fall into place. Humble during times where the pieces seem to fit just right. And the healthy part would be much easier if Wendy’s stopped this 4 for 4$ business that Brynn and I cannot seem to pass up. 

I have few goals this year I’d like to accomplish, one being staying committed to writing, taking care of myself mentally and physically, and jumping at opportunities. I think by accomplishing the first one the others will follow suit. Think of this post as me refreshing an old habit– pen and paper style just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. 

Here’s to me writing and living with purpose. 



┇continued.* @chobins

    ❝ at first, i was very confused– but now i realize that you really do want me to be a bear. ❞ ( * she looks off, sighing dramatically before shaking her head with a smile. ) ❝ silly, silly. where do i sign up to become a bear? i will make your wish come true even though i have no idea why you want me to be one– ❞ 

“No, no!” She gave a hearty laugh as she waved her hands at the misunderstanding. “You see, you remind me of a bear! The fact that you look cuddly. A person who’s good at giving hugs.”

God, I miss you. I miss you so much, it hurts. Especially at night. I miss the feeling of you holding me. I miss the way you look at me. I miss the safeness of it all. Even though it never felt safe, unless you were lying right next to me, looking into my eyes and smiling. I miss your silly laugh. I miss your touch on my skin. When I remember it now, I can almost feel it, but not quite, you know? It’s like it’s teasing me. I miss the nights where we would stay up all night, just talking about everything. I love that I know you so well, I can almost read your every move. This waiting is agonizing. I just hope that you will come to the realization that it’s you and me soon. Because this waiting is killing me, slowly. I can’t wait until the day of the meeting were both going to. I hope so dearly, that the words that are spoken, will be the ones I want to hear. Or else I’ll be crying for a long while. Not that it’s a threat or anything, I will just be broken. But I will come back. I will rise again. It will just hurt a whole fucking lot. But I don’t want to think about that. I want to think that you will be saying that you miss me and that you want to be with me. If those words are uttered; that is the happiest I will have ever been. I just hope that it will turn out the way I want for once. Please. Please, just.. Say the words. And mean them.


I remember 4 or 5 years back I use to have a tumblr and the inspo pics I was following and reblogging where all models, vs models or similar. How silly were we, how fooled I was. Now I see this pics and although they all look awesome, my concept of beauty has changed so much, that they are not a source of inspiration for me anymore. I rather have a strong girl image, who can be entrepreneurs, mothers, eat properly and are healthy, a more real approachable inspiration with all kinds of bodies and struggles. I found my passion and if I ever look back, is to see how much we change overtime even though we don’t realize it, we are always changing. Embrace it 🏋🏽💪🏼