I’m a picture without a frame. A poem without a rhyme. A car with three wheels. A sun without fire. I am a gun without bullets. I am the truth without someone to hear it. I am a feeling without someone to feel it. This is who I am. A mess without you. Something beautiful with you.
—  Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You


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Nursey: I’ve got more rhymes than the Bible’s got psalms, 151. I’ve got 151 rhymes.

Some facts about the Samwell campus library:

-Its public computers are outdated and slow.
-The fatality rate is well above the national average for university libraries.
-The compulsory bloodstone library oven does not appear to have seen any maintenance or cleaning in some time.
-There are reports of a many-winged spectre moving about the Biology section, picking off lone browsers one by one with launched mini-pies. It calls itself ‘Holster’.

… Sharks. They are us.


I cleaned up the little comic from the other day, I was really taken aback by how much everyone liked it! 

And I wanted to add a little part two ft. Taiwanese Keith, because I only have a few days left in Taipei and the idea of Keith speaking rapid Mandarin when he’s flustered or nervous is really, really 可愛

(translation: Lance, you were already really cute before, but these scars make you so much hotter, I want to kiss them…bastard, I hate you!)

謝謝幫我翻譯, @sugarleegogo!!

RBB is like the phoenix, rising from its ashes all the time. We all remember how much happiness it brought during WWA. It was surrounded by security guys and police officers. It had an official twitter, advertised underneath, followed by Josh.

Then the twitter was gone in 3 days and there was so much tension, a fricking Eric the palm tree constantly drinking vodka was able to stay, but not a rainbow stuffed bear. 

Then the bear disappeared, and Harry sang the first line of I will survive. 

Then it came back for OTRA, pumping new hope into the fandom, officially associated with the band (again). Thanks Josh. And they sang I will survive during OTRA as well.

Then it disappeared for a while, showed up at random concerts.

We had no RBB at the first post-Attitude concert, but we had plenty afterwards.

Then they had a twitter created around the cancelled concert, then it was deleted sometime this year.

And it’s impossible to explain how much joy it brings every time it comes back. It’s such a big fuck you to anyone thinking they can beat these smart boys. 

It’s like a message that they will win it all. And they will.

Starting August 30th, a “Cover Girl” election for Aqours will begin!

Which Aqours member do you want to decorate the cover of Dengeki G’s Magazine? Your vote will help determine the outcome. The member that wins this reader poll will be on the cover of Dengeki G’s Magazine February issue, which will be released this December.

Fitting for Valentine’s day, the theme of the cover illustration will be “Date”! You’ll need to choose not only the member you’d like to go on a date with, but also the “date spot” that you’d like to take them to. ♪

Votes will be accepted from midnight JST on August 30th. For more information, check the October issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine. Voting will end on September 29th.

From August 30th on, you can vote at this page!

~ So I ate a lot of biscuits and suddenly erupted into feelings on the subject of Awkward Darcy vs Arrogant Darcy. Ultimately though, if someone interprets a character differently and enjoys their interpretation, well, why not? This is just my interpretation, anything I state as fact is only fact to me. ~


My feelings are that Darcy’s rude and standoffish attitude when in public is not the result of awkwardness or uncertainty in how to behave, but is a deliberate choice on his part. He knows what would constitute polite and pleasant behaviour, and he has the ability to act agreeably if he wanted to. My opinion is that he simply doesn’t want to. 

My impression of Darcy when reading the book is that of someone clever, who usually has a good read on the social situation, and who acts arrogantly because he doesn’t think it worth his while to put effort into pretending to be interested. Bingley is polite and pleasant because he genuinely enjoys the company of those around him and likes balls, talking, pretty women etc. Darcy doesn’t enjoy these things in the same setting as Bingley, so to present that same level of ‘enjoyment’ would require him to pretend and he really can’t be bothered doing that.

His arrogance comes through in that he judges those socially below him as not deserving of his efforts. He can’t see why he should put in that effort and be polite to the people of Meryton who obviously (so he believes) can’t match his high standards of conversation, dress, beauty etc etc. He sees at Meryton “a collection of people in whom there was little beauty and no fashion, for none of whom he had felt the smallest interest”. The people at the Meryton assembly judge him “to be proud, to be above his company, and above being pleased”. Given that that’s just an impression from other characters, that doesn’t necessarily speak to the reason behind him acting aloof. However, Darcy himself refuses to dance as “at such an assembly as this, it would be insupportable”.

Darcy’s rude behaviour in interacting with others wouldn’t seem as arrogant if we didn’t have evidence that he’s quite capable of acting well if he chooses. Bingley and Darcy are good friends, presumably Darcy didn’t secure his friendship by ignoring him and refusing to speak with him. And there’s the Gardiners at Pemberley. For me, there isn’t a sense Darcy’s behaviour is prompted by uncertainty in social situations. Darcy is not wracked with nerves or awkwardness in admiring Elizabeth at the Lucas’, he quite freely admits to Caroline that he is admiring her. Regarding Caroline then teasing him about Elizabeth’s “fine eyes” it’s stated that “he listened to her with perfect indifference”. I find Wickham’s statement interesting, that:

“Mr Darcy can please where he chooses. He does not want abilities. He can be a conversible companion if he thinks it worth his while. Among those who are at all his equals in consequence, he is a very different man from what he is to the less prosperous. His pride never deserts him, but with the rich he is liberal-minded, just, sincere, rational, honourable, and, perhaps, agreeable, - allowing something for fortune and figure.”

Obviously Wickham is at the time engaged in some serious trash talking and has ulterior motives, so it depends on how much credit you as the reader are willing to give him for accuracy. Personally, I’ve never actually disagreed with this description. It fits well with the impression of Darcy gained from the rest of the book at the time and nothing appears to contradict it.

I get the impression that a lot of Darcy’s ‘awkward’ interactions with Elizabeth are the result of him trying to reconcile his attraction to her with the fact that she’s socially inferior, and therefore not usually worthy of his attention in this way. Combined with the fact that she doesn’t respond as he’s no doubt used to from someone of her standing. I do wonder at what stage Darcy decided he would go ahead and propose. He’s not trying very hard to win her over before Rosing, I’d actually say he isn’t trying to be charming at all. He’s feeling drawn towards her but isn’t committed to acting on it. He is described as being pleased when she leaves Netherfield because she attracted him “more than he liked”, and he is worried he might have given her “hope” in his behaviour (Darcy you peanut). So he definitely wasn’t trying to ‘woo’ her. When he proposes the first time he’s not awkward in aggh how do I approach her what do I do does she like me what do I saaaay. He’s like yeah. I know exactly what to say. This will 100% work because I’m socially superior and she will be saying yes for sure. He appears nervous and unsure because he’s proposing to the woman he likes and this is a deeply Unsuitable Woman, but his nerves aren’t stemming from a fear that he’ll mess this up and she’ll say no. Refusal was definitely not on his list of possible outcomes.

I find so much of the romance is in the fact that Elizabeth completely derails him. He’s going along confident in himself, secure in his ideas of society and the world, believing his ability to handle people and social situations is totally fine, and then suddenly Elizabeth is both socially inferior and clever, beautiful, and demanding respect. Shock horror. This works because he is genuinely arrogant and superior and rude. Elizabeth did misjudge him, but it wasn’t simply a case of her discovering the ‘real’ Darcy. The real Darcy was a dick. It was more her prompting him to be a better version of himself, and her realising that he was actually capable of being that better person.

“I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle. As a child I was taught what was right, but I was not taught to correct my temper. I was given good principles, but left to follow them in pride and conceit. …taught me to be selfish and overbearing, to care for none beyond my own family circle, to think meanly of all the rest of the world, to wish at least to think meanly of their sense and worth compared with my own. Such I was, from eight to eight and twenty, and such I might still have been but for you, dearest, loveliest Elizabeth! What I do not owe you! You taught me a lesson, hard indeed at first, but most advantageous. By you, I was properly humbled. I came to you without a doubt of my reception. You showed me how insufficient were all my pretensions please a woman worthy of being pleased.”