I reallllly was not expecting my little anecdotal screw-up to go viral like this. XD I was honestly just posting it because it was funny to me that I missed something so obvious.

I dunno how many of you will read this but I feel inclined to say a few things in response to the post.

1) My thumbnails are indeed mostly missing on both of my hands. I have tiny slivers of a thumbnail on the edges of my thumb. No, I did not chew them off. I literally popped outta the womb like this. It is a hereditary genetic deformity called Nail-Patella Syndrome. I have other bodily deformities too because of this condition. No, it does not hurt. I do occasionally get people asking me about this IRL as well so I thought it’d be neat to post about NPS. 

2) Those of us who didn’t realize our pen holders had nibs in them aren’t stupid. We didn’t read the instruction manuals or notice what all our tablet came with contents-wise. Some of us might have gotten our tablets as gifts, too. None of this makes us stupid. Maybe a little unobservant, but we ain’t idiots. You can inform others about things you know about without being mean about it. 

I’m glad my post was able to inform other artists that they may have extra nibs that they didn’t notice. Some of you thought this was common knowledge but hey, not everybody pays attention to these things and that’s okay too! I’m glad I was able to save some of you 10 bucks though. :P

Parallels between Yuuri and Yurio

okay, so on my 10th rewatch of the series, i started to see a lot (and i mean a lot) of parallels between the two main characters of yuri on ice who share the same name. both of them really are the stars of this show. both yuuri and yurio share many of the same themes, and i don’t just mean similarities in their short programs. i can’t believe these details escaped me the first time around. i feel dumb. anyway, without further ado, let’s start the list: (i will add more as i go along)

1. They’re both running out of time.

2. They admire skaters who are inconsistent, but who have some attention-grabbing element.

3. They apparently space out in the middle of skating their routines.

they played the same music during these scenes too! coincidence? i think the fuck not.

4. They both think violence is the way to encourage people with lots of potential.

5. They both go out of their way to support those people.

6. Not to mention, they experienced their first real friendship/relationship this season.

even the positioning is the same! seriously! how could the storyboarding and the animation get any more detailed? how?!?!?!

tl;dr: this show truly is about both yuri’s.

their character development arcs are wildly different, yes, but the similarities are there! and they share enough of the same experiences to be friends! and i’m excited for a possible next season! okay! thank you! thank you for your time!

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tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

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What's your drarry headcanon?

Oh gosh I have so many. So many.

One of my favorites is post war. I have so many thoughts about Harry and Draco together after the war and one of my biggest is that neither of them can stand silence after the war. They’ve both got their own demons and when the world is too quiet the pain is too loud.

So most nights they lay together falling asleep to the wireless playing in the background.

Except one night it breaks, and the silence is just too much for Harry who wakes up screaming with nightmares. But Draco is there, wrapping his arms around him and holding him tightly but feeling helpless until he remembers how his mother used to get him to sleep.

So taking a chance Draco runs his fingers through Harry’s hair, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead before singing a lullaby his mother used to sing when he was little.

And That becomes their thing… when they’re out in the world and things become too much and he sees that look of panic and fear in Harry’s eye he pulls him close singing so quietly in his ear, just loud enough for only Harry to hear, and smiles to himself when he feels the other man relax.

Latest Opm webcomic thoughts:

Oh my god, so many feels for the latest ONE updates… Each set of pages just keeps building the anticipation for what comes next (he’s so damn good at that, the same tension stuff he does in Mob too). The brilliance is in how ONE weaves heavier content and humor, subverting common expectations and yet delivering satisfying results in surprising ways (even when he plays tropes straight). So I have faith in him. :’3

My biggest concern is just how will Genos respond to Saitama’s words. I anticipated he would not want to hit Saitama (lol using the excuse to not get Saitama’s clothes dirty, heh pls XD), as Genos really wants to talk to him, and not really fight. The LAST time Genos heard from Saitama was during the Garou battle, when Saitama was verbally and physically beating down on Garou’s core issue. An issue that similarly shook Genos: he KNOWS he cannot get stronger relying on parts alone. That is, again, the similarly ‘half-assed’ way towards the goal. That mentally, set Genos at an impasse - concerning his progress, his choice to become a cyborg, how much he’s limited himself two-fold by going down that path, and just how strong can he still improve himself? He’s probably seeking confirmation and/or assurance from Saitama, for him to say what Genos already suspects, and if he’s made any progress at all. 

Saitama…oh man I’M GLAD he notices Genos feels down, and TRIES to lighten him up (lol). Addressing his ‘teacher role’ is what I wanted to see from him, but even still, this kind of thing is hard for Saitama to do, so he typically bullshits his way thru by stating the obvious (that Genos is ‘dazzling,’ which omg comes across quite gay :’3). Which, is a comment on Genos’ appearance and parts, and not his skills, which I suspect is not what Genos wants to hear. Even if it’s one of the nicest compliments Saitama’s said to him (and figuratively, may have honesty and merit in how Saitama views him), I doubt Genos will be satisfied by this answer. 

Hence his silence. The same kind of silence where he sucks up Saitama’s bullshit without saying anything (like for the mouse sushi t-shirt), but NOW is the perfect opportunity for Genos to call him out for it. I WANT Genos to reveal his frustrations. If Saitama can’t come up with anything substantial, then Genos has to give him food for thought on what’s really bothering him.

Saitama too, is not without problems. The last question Tatsumaki gave him, about whether he has any real friends (outside the H.A.), gave him pause. Saitama’s since put that thought aside, but NOW is a good time for him to finally address just what Genos is to him. If his ‘teacher game’ is not adequate for their relationship, then I want Saitama to realize what is better for them. This is the perfect chance for a heart-to-heart between them.

I see thoughts from people worried that Genos might leave, or that this is all building up to be a gag. But honestly? Either one feels like a pretty cheap cop-out. ONE knows when things are important (hello latest Mob arc) even if he happens to swing in humor (Mob’s monkey t-shirt). And Genos has already established in the previous pages how he wants to stay with Saitama (their smaller apartment issue). If Genos leaves, that will be taking a step backwards, instead of progressing forwards. So I only see positive development from this. Genos’ issue is a mental one, that he continues to improve by living with Saitama and getting more in touch with his humanity. His will, his determination – all of this is more important than superficial parts (the ‘half-assed’ traits). The answer to his strength is from the inside. Together, I think they can figure it out, by continuing to help each other (even if they’re oblivious and not quite aware of exactly how yet, they’ll get there eventually). Again, I have faith in ONE. :)  

Finally watched Emerald City and here are some incoherent thoughts on that

So many feels in this episode.

First of all: Lucas openly upset/mildly annoyed at Dorothy for not being more concerned about her safety because he’s literally caring for the both of them was too much.

And then that whole scene with the little girl. Who are you child??? I, too, would hug a handsome stranger upon sight, but who are you????

Also Lucas’s face was too good when Dorothy asked him to take off his clothes. Dude was probably like “I’d love to, but maybe not now???”

And don’t even get me started on the whole music.

Lucas’s reaction to music was too pure and sweet for this world. And the major heart eyes dorothy was giving him was too much (she is literally such a cinnamon roll)

And that kiss!!!! I love that this show didn’t go for the whole slow burn thing. They just went straight for it. And it was so sweet and simple. But so powerful especially with that song and then sharing ear buds. And Lucas openly saying that the moment they were sharing right then was more important to him than finding out about his past. Like his literal words just made me melt. I mean “the man I am right now is the man I want to be.” Like cmon.

And then all the snuggles were happening and they just looked so warm and together under his coat.

Ughhhhh. This ship wrecked me


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

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How did you and your tumblr friends become friends? I would love to be your friend but,,,,,,,im very shy

I am excited to answer this one. 

How I became friends with my closest people:

@sunshineapollo okay so I feeling lonely like October or September-ish and this hoe messages me. The conversation died but then they go along and text me on New Years eve?? I feel like I have known them forever omg??? I love them so much?? I am so comfortable around them?? I legit can say anything??? Too many inside jokes, too make everything. Omg I love them. I have too many ideas to put into a few words. We don’t take anything seriously and just have hilarious convos every day. <3  They my gay Saint-Just and I, Robespierre, love them. 

@abbaeadams I cannot remember what got us together?? But we created both decided on the ship name of Madison and Monroe. Just she needed someone to talk to, I was there… and then that blossomed into friendship. We are gonna have a sitcom and an apartment together. EAST COAST BEAST COAST!!

@comicalterror about December I got to know em’. They somehow put up with me?? I appreciate them more than I show and they are so nice. They will never fail to keep the conversation together because I get bored easily. 

@robertgouldshaw this gay little fuck I swear. I was a newbie on Tumblr and they WERE THE ONLY ONE who had an obsession with Robert Gould Shaw. They just texted me frantically over Robert Gould Shaw and it was one damn message and we got all freaked over Robert Gould Shaw. Although we don’t talk as much anymore!! I still love them!! and their occasional texts!!

Here are some other people that I associate with:

@rated-r-for-grantaire their first message to me was fantastic- they love my discourse over a few things that the Hamilton fandom does- but they wanted to talk to me! Interesting convos ensued. Would love to get closer!

@mairon-ate-my-fish they were my secret Santa around the holidays and drew me the most lovely drawing. German speaking!

Others I have had a correspondence with and would like to continue:

@wiilde, @thebittersnow, @slutshame-alexanderhamilton, @aliyamustafina, @dandy–darling, @tiggidou, @alphypoin, @ummfrance, @javertebrae

Random texts start friendships! I am open to getting to know anyone, honestly. Don’t always got to keep formal conversation. Don’t be afraid to message me!


‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

I decided to translate the interview with KENN, who voices Aoi, that was inside this month’s Tsukino Pro magazine ^^ (this is just the cover as the scan I used is not allowed to be shared on other sites) Anyone who follows me should know that KENN is my seiyuu bias and Aoi is my favourite Tsukiuta guy so I was all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ as I read this interview. Even so it was extremely interesting to hear about KENN’s insight into Aoi, as well as some interesting facts about himself and his BFF Maeno Tomoaki that he revealed 

Slowly getting more confident in my reading skills, but there might be some mistakes along the way and I couldn’t make out the kanji in some areas, but I’ve marked the parts I’m unsure about~

May’s male character, the role of Satsuki Aoi:
Interview with KENN-san

Q. Please tell us your impressions of the recording.

A. Up til now the songs I have done have been ones of encouragement, however this time the song that I recorded, ‘YES!’, is one that is singing the story of a rival. Even though it has a refreshing image to it, there’s a painful chord progression that builds up, I think people will be able to look forward to that gap in the (emotions of the) song. The feelings when you sing the lyrics come together at an important point, and I think that it’s good to try and convey that to the world, that is how I sung it (???). In the other song ‘ハルカゼとヒバリ’ (Harukaze to Hibari) it had a concept of “I (Aoi) will be happy if I can be the wind that will cheer you up,” it has a gentle melody. When I first heard ‘Harukaze to Hibari’, I thought that there was a part to it which sounds like it’s leading into the first song that I sung, ‘カルミアと五月雨’ (Karumia to Samidare). Although they are completely different songs, I think that they both somehow have a sorrowful feeling to them. Refreshing people also have painful parts to them inside, and I think that that is very much like Aoi.

Keep reading

ive got too many feelings about knights tbh

sometimes i just lay awake at night thinking about how crazy it is that dave and karkat both thought they were fundamentally unlovable for so long and how overwhelming it must have been the first time they realized not that they had feelings for the other, but that the other had feelings for THEM. 

dave constantly blamed himself for not being good enough to earn any affection and eventually thought wanting it all was a symptom of his own insurmountable defectiveness. And karkat believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that anyone who got close would either be appalled by his mutant characteristics or barring that eventually “realize” his personality and the things he wanted were just as flawed as his biology and run screaming. 

imagine how scared they were at first, the first time dave lets himself just be tentatively physically affectionate and he’s expecting mocking or worse but karkat is just flustered and reciprocates immediately, the first time karkat admits that the things he’s feeling don’t fit into a quadrant and never have and dave’s response is positive and relieved instead of condemning. 

imagine how terrifying that must have been and how amazing it must have felt to have those first realizations that all the things they hated about themselves were actually the things that would make the person they fell for fall for them in turn.

god damn.

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The love and respect kink

Nonnie, this is the sweetest and best thing. And it’s 100% my thing, too. I feel like it has to start there, no matter what. Love, respect, and I’ll add consent, which probably falls under respect. But this is why I keep writing moriel the way I do - no matter what they do, how many different ways I write them, it’s based in these two things.

Some people say they never even saw moriel as a ship when they first read ACOMAF, or that they think it’s unhealthy, or whatever, and I just… don’t get it. Because the level of both love and respect these two characters have for each other is intense. I can literally list all the ways that these two show this in the books. And that’s one of the reasons I love them. Love and respect seem simple and basic, but trust me… they don’t always come easily. But people see and read what/how they want, I suppose.

I had a few interesting asks in my box this morning, but no matter how/if I write them, it would always start with this foundation. Sorry if I sound repetitive, I’m just glad you mentioned this. 

I suppose you could have meant this in reference to any of the ships (since I added that to my post), and that’s true as well. I think we can get carried away with kink/smut and just want to see something shocking (especially when it comes to headcanons & drabbles), but… I’m not a huge fan of that. I’ve seen some… interesting things posted on tumblr dot com in reference to how characters might handle certain situations. And some of them I feel like get so far away from who the characters are and how they feel about each other (and basic human decency, tbh), that I feel like we could start substituting character names and it would have just as much meaning. (Or as little meaning, as would be the case.) Hence my usual angsty build-up.

I hope any of this made sense and that I didn’t just word vomit in response to your ask.

(for those of you who don’t remember, I asked about moriel kink suggestions - that’s what this is in response to)


                                       “—All you have is your fire
                     and the place you need to reach.
                                   Don’t you ever tame your demons
                     but always keep them on a leash—”  

feelings sponge

it warms my heart that one the one side Dave has Karkat, who is on record as having too many feelings and nowhere healthy to put them, and then on the other side he has Dirk, who is… also… on record as having too many damn feelings and nowhere healthy to put them! And Dave is sitting there so fucking thirsty for emotional feedback, after 13 years with this stonefaced indecipherable sociopath for a guardian I imagine that he’s just able and willing to take all of this out of control Emotion from both sides of his messed up family and just absorb it. More than that I think he’s glad to do it because I honestly think the worst thing for Dave is emotional inscrutability.

Karkat doesn’t have to worry about scaring him off or about him being disgusted by all the quadrant-defying nonsense, not to mention the easy way Dave siphons off Karkat’s blustering right there in canon. The way they seem so comfortable together on the victory platform pre-Collide and the implication that they’ve had LOTS of feelings jams and just gotten comfortable talking things out and not letting things fester or get out of control, the way John is just shocked at the ease with which Dave handles Karkat getting riled up over Vriska, etc. 

And Dirk now has this person who literally HAS seen him as his worst possible incarnation already, there is literally no point in trying to keep up some kind of facade around Dave because Dave already knows how low he can go and how bad he could get if he was left totally unchecked without a support system in his life. Dave understands what Dirk is afraid of better than pretty much anyone else because he lived with the worst incarnation of Dirk already. And knowing that and working through that and having Dave absolve him of that responsibility and accept him as he is now, like, everyone always focuses on the catharsis that scene represented for Dave, but I can’t help but think about how that must have felt for Dirk, too. Not to minimize Dirk’s friendships, because I love the alphas (and dirk//jake) but Jake is so easily overwhelmed, Roxy is an awkward target because of their history and her inability to truly take him to task for shit, she always thinks too highly of him to be what he NEEDS, and I don’t think Dirk could or would ever burden Jane with any of this, especially given all the work their relationship is going to need post-canon just to get it back into working condition. 

And Dave will probably act put upon because it’s his nature to downplay his own feelings, but I think underneath that bluster he genuinely enjoys this role he’s in where he’s kinda the bedrock support for two of the most desperately needy people in paradox space. 

Hilariously, Dave, Karkat and Dirk are probably actually the top 3 in terms of desperately needy, and thankfully all of this works in reverse for Dave, too. We saw that with Dirk in canon and can extrapolate from what we saw with Karkat that Dave will get all the support he needs from them (among others), too.

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For the shipping meme: FrUk, RusAme, CanUkr, RomBela, LietBela, LietPol, AusHun? Hope those aren't too many~


RusAme: A. Especially if it’s either pre-1900s or Cold War. I’m a sucker for both. :,)

CanUkr: C or D. I’ve seen lots of cute art for it and it seems nice! I just don’t have a lot of context on it, nor do I ship it much. 


LietBela: D? I guess it can be good, and we’ve already got Lithuania pining after Belarus in canon. Belarus doesn’t seem all that interested, though. And I can’t really feel much of anything between them. I’m neutral on it. 


AusHun: C. It’s an interesting ship, but going off historical context, they didn’t get along all the time - and both are stubborn, strong-willed people who were sometimes strained towards each other. I like it, though. 

send me a ship and I’ll grade it!

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Hello. I had a question. How do you feel about the ship Xander x Veronica? Xander from Fates and Veronica from Fire Emblem Heroes. Many people on certain forums have been shipping it. What about Xander x Lucina? Can you come with some fun headcanons for those pairings? That would be funny. Lol.

I’m gonna put a stamp on both of them right now incredibly. Lucina is most definitely, 100%, confirmed canon a child. Veronica may not be one, but she looks like one. Taking into account the timeline for Awakening, Lucina is probably 16-18 years old, and we can put Marx in his early to mid 20s, honestly.

So, while I’m sure headcanons would be nice, I’m not going to make romantic ones, because Marx is not that creepy.

However, he states in game that Veronica’s lonely look reminds him of Kamui when they were still trapped in the tower, so I imagine he’d be very protective of her. He might even have his own name for her, like how he calls Kamui little prince/princess. Veronica might be little queen, for example. He’d do his best to spend time with her and show her the world she’s missing. Maybe even travel with her to other worlds just so she could see things and enjoy some company. It’s like ultra big brother time here.

And Lucina. Marx is stealing children, he just wants to be a good father. He’s awkward enough, too, that he’d fit right in with Lucina who has a real awkward father. Lucina and Siegbert could bond over how ridiculous their fathers are because of the awkwardness. But, honestly, idk. Marx would probably try to teach her things like swordplay and tactics. Lucina is a bit of an airhead, and that probably sets off Protect Mode™ in Marx because of how Kamui is portrayed lol

But no romance. I draw the line there.

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Are you going to do a continuation of if you love me let me go? Like after the mc leaves them or something?

granted that part 1 and part 2 both didn’t garner too many notes, I wouldn’t have thought to make a continuation of those short one-shot like scenarios. 

however, if you’d really like to know what happens next (most likely angst lmao or happy ending depending on how i’m feeling while writing) you’re welcome to request it anytime you want.

but please, let me know if you want continuations for all the characters I’ve done or just one or two because it takes much more time coming up with different endings for each and every character without being too cliche and repetitive. 

for example, if you’re solely interested in Jumin, I would work on his personally for you and it would be much, much faster - not to mention the quality and length of the piece would also be higher.

~Cherry L.

guise do not get me started on marlene and her relationships with vincent, zack, cloud and tseng. ok. cause its just so friggin amazing and just gives me so many feels.

first off marls and vincent need a whole other post so i won’t start on that train….yet. 

but marls and zack and marls and tseng i think have similar yet different relationships. mostly due to both of their ties to aerith. she just reminds them so much of her they can’t help but be fond of her. zack and marls are just adorable though because everything he did for aerith he would probably so do for marlene too and she loves how he’d probably dote on her. and definitely be charmed by zack cause he’s so loveable?? and she loves puppies so yeah. 

tseng and marls is more reserved but there’s definitely this silent and quiet affection between them. a more protective feel much like how tseng was with aerith, but a bit more open after having lost aerith already. very similar (in apperance) to how marlene and vincent are. its just this understood affection. 

and ahhh cloud. where do i start on cloud??? its already very very much established that marls and cloud click amazingly well thanks to ACC. cause of how openly she talks with him, the way his eyes soften when she speaks/scolds and just uuugh my heart. it takes marlene to snap him out of his ‘i’m pathetic’ train of thought and just howthat means how important she is to him. and how she runs to him without a second thought or checks his desk to look in on/help him. ugh. my heart.

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I am such a huge Watchmen fan and for a long time I didn't even know that mcr recorded a song for them and when I realised it blew my mind??? I just have so many feelings about both Watchmen and mcr and aaaaaaa

i honestly wasnt into comics and didnt know anything about it until i became a fan of Gerard bc they arent really a thing here and also we dont have a comic book store where i live. but then i read TUA and i loved it and Watchmen was pretty much the first thing i read after that and i loved it too :)

One of my many favorite poly ship concepts: Meg/Ryan/Michael

~Meg and Michael who have Ryan so wrapped around their fingers it’s almost silly. 

~Imagine the combined efforts of Michael who can get Ryan to eat anything just by putting it in front of him, and Meg who has the inexplicable ability to get Ryan to strip or pretty much do anything she asks. Both of them discovering how with their powers combined Ryan would literally roll over just to make them happy 

~Team winners who feel very victorious indeed when on a whim they can tag team Ryan and get him to anything.