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When writing an asexual character, what can I do to avoid poor representation and harmful tropes?

For good representation I would actually have the character come out or greatly imply they are asexual, subtext works but usually thats all we, and other queer orientations, ever get. 

I would avoid having too many tropes like the cold, distant, heartless asexual, while an asexual person can be like that I think thats usually a negative stereotype.

I wouldn’t write a character as asexual just because you want them to seem innocent, we usually know whats going on we’re just not feeling it.

Asexual people can pick up on flirting or sexual advances, some may not and that can work well as a way to make your character come off as ace. (I know this can also be a trait of autism, but it can work in both cases).

Remember that many aces use the split attraction model but many don’t. Asexual does not mean can’t be in a relationship or even have sex themselves for various reasons though I’d be careful with writing a asexual character like that because it might be confused unless it’s explained well.


‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

Show Me That You Love Me

(ao3, buzzfeed article that inspired this nonsense)

(Monday, Feb 6)

Clarke: FYI, I’m telling my coworkers that we’re dating so this creep will stop hitting on me

Bellamy: You can’t just leave it at that.
How creepy are we talking?  
You know if I don’t get specifics my mind jumps straight to the worst-case scenario.

Clarke: It’s not that big a deal? Mostly just annoying
But he won’t take no for an answer so I told him I had a boyfriend

Bellamy: Not a girlfriend?

Clarke: They know I’m bi already because I ranted about gross stereotypes at the Christmas party
It’s why they instituted a two-drink limit
And if he doesn’t respect my hard “no” I doubt he’ll respect my girlfriend’s so

Bellamy: You sure you don’t want to date him? He sounds like a charmer.

Clarke: I was sure the first fifteen times he asked and my decision hasn’t wavered.
I wouldn’t have even mentioned it to you except I know Anya comes to the bar sometimes and I didn’t want you to blow my cover

Bellamy: Consider your cover secure.

Clarke: Thanks. I owe you one.

Bellamy: What are fake boyfriends for?

* * *

(Wednesday, Feb 8)

Clarke: WTF???

Bellamy: I see you got my flowers.

Clarke: They’re hard to miss seeing as they take up MY WHOLE CUBICLE
It smells like a rainforest
My allergies are killing me
Seriously. Why.

Bellamy: Can’t I just show my fake girlfriend that I appreciate her?
Why must you always assume I have ulterior motives?

Clarke: Because I know how expensive flowers can be and you’re the biggest coupon-clipping Scrooge I know

Bellamy: I’m helping!
I’m just trying to back up your story, Princess.

Clarke: You’re just trying to embarrass me in front of my coworkers is what you’re doing

Bellamy: Remember that time you made me do karaoke with you?
Some might consider us even now.

Clarke: You know Valentine’s Day is next week right? If you do something like this on a random Wednesday, you’re going to have to do something for that too or else Cage will think we’ve broken up

Bellamy: So I’m going to have to top myself is what you’re saying.

Clarke: I don’t think that’s what I said at all

Bellamy: If you insist, Princess.

Clarke: I don’t insist. I STRONGLY DO NOT INSIST.

Bellamy: Unrelated question: what song would you most like to have serenaded to you?

Clarke: If that’s how it’s gonna be then start preparing yourself
Cause it’s on, Blake

Bellamy: Dammit, I did not think this through.

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Die for a Laugh - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Die for a Laugh

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Joker x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Could do a Jared Leto joker imagine where Sam and Dean are on a hunt for the joker and he takes a certain liking to the reader, the pairing can be whatever you wish, thanks!

“This guy is a nutjob.” Dean mumbled as he ran a hand down his face “We are never going to catch him.”

You frowned as you walked towards him. You placed a hand on his shoulder and handed him a cold beer. He gave you a small smile, appreciating the fact that you still were there for him- them. Them. Not because Dean needed you so bad in his life, no. It was just because you cared so much about him and his brother and managed to fill all the holes in their life. Plus you were an amazing hunter even if your gentle, kind and almost innocent features didn’t give that away.

“No more so than us, though.” you said with a small smile and he and Sam chuckled.

“You mean no more so than you.” Sam pointed out and you gave him a look.

“Traitor.” you mumbled and Dean chuckled.

And you had an amazing friendship with his brother- hell you were like the little sister Sam always wanted to him. What more could he ask for?

“Because you couldn’t totally be his Harley Quinn huh?” Sam asked with a smirk and you shrugged.

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honestly while not the most needed novella per se i feel like spiderleg could make for a really good novella if it covered his whole relationship both w/ daisy and their children cause like. He’s not straight up just an absent father who pretends like rosekit and toadkit AREN’T his kits yet he also doesn’t seem too comfortable around them or daisy, a lot of people (and rightfully so) think he regrets having kits with daisy yet in eclipse he defends her when sol comments that she isn’t clanborn, added in with the fact that dustpelt, his father, was one of the most hesitant to be accepting so many outsiders into the clan i just feel like it could be a really insightful short story that would clear up a lot of misconceptions made about him OR the erins just don’t know how to write him as a character and i’m looking into this too much 

Breath of the Wild wishlist

So now that I have done two play throughs, and there are a few things that I have that would make cool update patches.

- Interacting with the dogs: petting and throwing tree branches to play fetch

- More Link and Zelda moments; what we have is good, but it leaves you wishing for more.

-Future Hero Mode has the reverse happen when crit cooking under a blood moon, fewer hearts and weak buffs.

-Eating dubious food or rock hard food has some sort of de-buff

- Eating monster type food will be like Russian roulette, maybe a really good buff, maybe leaves you with half a heart, you just don’t know

- I wish there were more cave systems to get lost in.

- Ganon needs another stage to the boss fight; two rounds aren’t enough.

- Besides the shrines, and future DLC, having a few more optional dungeons would be nice.

- More fan service; The gerudo outfit was amazing, but I know they can do better than that…

- Let Link speak! Even if its just to utter Zelda’s name, anything!

-When wearing the female Gerudo outfit outside of the desert, let more NPCs think that Link is a girl.

- More side quests; they’re good, and really feel good when you get around to finishing them, specially Tarry Town

-There isn’t a ping pong match to the death like past games


- Animate when Link goes on the water bed, rito down bed, and both the gerudo and goron masage!

- Let the selfies be real selfies, otherwise it looks like invisible person is taking a full body shot of Link

- I’d like to see some more backstory with Link’s relationship with the Zora’s and Mipha

-More outfits would be awesome ;)

- Link making chicken noodle soup would be so nice too; we have poultry, we’ve got carrots, and easily add in tabantha wheat and some herbs to get a soup!

- And kiss the girl already! Lets not wait for the grass to grow!

If anybody has anything to add to my list, I’d love to hear ideas.

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What's your drarry headcanon?

Oh gosh I have so many. So many.

One of my favorites is post war. I have so many thoughts about Harry and Draco together after the war and one of my biggest is that neither of them can stand silence after the war. They’ve both got their own demons and when the world is too quiet the pain is too loud.

So most nights they lay together falling asleep to the wireless playing in the background.

Except one night it breaks, and the silence is just too much for Harry who wakes up screaming with nightmares. But Draco is there, wrapping his arms around him and holding him tightly but feeling helpless until he remembers how his mother used to get him to sleep.

So taking a chance Draco runs his fingers through Harry’s hair, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead before singing a lullaby his mother used to sing when he was little.

And That becomes their thing… when they’re out in the world and things become too much and he sees that look of panic and fear in Harry’s eye he pulls him close singing so quietly in his ear, just loud enough for only Harry to hear, and smiles to himself when he feels the other man relax.

The day you first smiled at me,
you were eleven and I was twelve
and she didn’t hit me back home.
Little fairy, you have always fulfilled
my deepest wishes.

When you called me your friend,
you were dressed in purple
and my stomach didn’t hurt as we danced.
I wondered if I should have kissed you then,
but you were happy with him
and that was enough.

I dried your tears because I cared.
Believe me,
I tried to protect you from him after
I noticed I didn’t liked seeing you hurt.
If I could, I’d go back and tell you the truth
since the begining,
I’d do it in a heartbeat.

My jacket suits you better than his arms,
and your lips will always be my favorite flavour.
It hurt me, too.
But I will never touch you unless you want me too,
I will always be whatever you need me to.
As long as you are okay, I’ll be that.

I did saw you.
You looked so beautiful when I made that joke,
and your touch stayed with me for months,
just like your birthday kiss
and the sensation of your palm touching mine.

I also know I looked bad,
know that I felt bad  and couldn’t care less.
But when the summer came,
and you were here,
I cared.
That was me, being better for me,
because of you
for the first time.

Kissing you that day was a stellar moment in my life,
following you around and beyond a first.
It felt like the last, too.
And the only one. 
For me, it still feels that way.

I would call you mine everyday,
I would call you my sun,
my stars and my moon,
everything and anything, you.
You have no idea how many times I did it when you weren’t there,
just to make it clear to them,
I wasn’t letting you go anywhere anytime soon.

There’s times when I laugh
remembering my fear and reaction to your words.
Sometimes I forget we were both kids
and that you have never shied away from love.
But you loved me,
not him or someone else,
everyting else didn’t matter.

Having you in my arms
will always be my favorite position to sleep.
Your heart beating against my touch,
your breathing matching mine,
your dreams becoming ours.
Best moment of my day.

What I did still matters to me,
everything felt like changing after
and you never looked at me the same way.
I mean it, and I still do:
I love you,
I do,
I will always love you,
and I will always be sorry about that.

I’m sorry.
       I’m sorry.
              I’m sorry.
                      I’m sorry.
                             I’m sorry.
                                    I’m sorry.
                                           I’m sorry.

You are never coming back,
don’t you?
I love you still,
I will succumb to the infinity of it.

I’m sorry.

—  love story. // jackie on my mind. nc.

“I’m tired Har, I want to go home”

‘Of course my dear boy, let me just pass on our apologies–’


I feel like this is either a funeral, some handler Eggsy had on a mission that got caught in the crossfire and Eggsy wasn’t fast enough. Eggsy’s looked at the mans spouse and young son crying for long enough and it’s both a reminder of his own childhood but also he feels completely responsible for this family’s loss.

Imagine Eggsy running through a bottleneck about to stop to cut down as many as he can only to have his companion insist. “Eggsy go! I’ll hold them off” “But–!” “Eggsy go, get that intel to HQ - It’s too important to risk” 

Eggsy worrying his lip for a second before throwing his remaining grenades to the man and a clip or two and taking off.


My other thought is that this is an act on a mission. Harry the debonair gentleman and his young fiancé. Eggsy plays his part as the weak and tired partner to a T. So that Eggsy has to leave the party earlier than the other guests and have a good snoop around without anyone minding that he’s left.

Him and Harry have been mingling with the target for a week or so with Harry playing the doting, caring husband-to-be besotted by his younger stunning but frail partner.

What a shock when they finally drop the act and Eggsy kicks all of the ass

This is so… intimate.

Just imagine that nothing had happened before this - nothing about the dead wife or the feeling of fault; that Sherlock didn’t stuff himself with drugs and wasn’t hurt by a very close person; that both of these are not broken anymore.

Imagine them having a little chat about some trivial everyday things, and then John saying: “I wish you knew how much I love you. My love for you is so strong that may even kill me one day. And.. I can’t help it, so I feel scared because of it.” 

And Sherlock answering: “I..I know what you’re feeling. It’s okay, John. We will dance together through this storm”. Then hugging him with his hands slightly shaking. Just.. just too many feelings.

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 3 (April 19): Favorite Headcanon/AU/Fics/Art/Videos (Recommend content or create your own!)

Favorite Headcanon (that is practically canon) is that Lena Luthor is smart. I’m not talking about having a high IQ, graduating college at 16, youngest CEO of a billionaire company kind of smart. I’m talking about Lena Luthor is smarter than her brother Lex Luthor, the smartest man alive in the DC Universe. Lena Luthor is the smartest human on Earth. She’s always thinking of new products for L Corp and how to improve upon some design. Her perfectionism is the reason why L Corp is starting to get back on top after such a steep downturn but it’s not always healthy for her. I love her.

Another Headcanon I love is that, assuming she doesn’t know Kara and Supergirl are the same person, Lena finds herself falling for both of them. And she gets so frustrated over it. She can’t figure it out for the life of her. Kara gives her so many butterflies but Supergirl makes her feel almost electrified and poor baby is just a mess. It of course becomes much easier once she knows they’re the same but it’s a bumpy road. Luthors and Supers have a loaded history.

Favorites Fics (centering around Lena) There are too many good ones so here are only a few. They’re all supercorp fics as well:

As someone with a lot of gemini, I can’t just answer yes or no questions. I have to add on additional information like, “yes because…” and then I go on to describe it to you like a story. sometimes this annoys people, I don’t know how many times people have commented passive aggressively that I’m talking too much. I just want to tell you what I know and make it magical. I think this is true for the gemini/sagittarius axis like both of them can go on and on about something they really like, the messenger and storyteller, and they both seem aimless and directionless in their chatter. I like this about me though, I make people laugh and go “really???” like I’ve peaked their interest, its so cool. there are some people who appreciate it, it’s a nice feeling when someone compliments the way I speak after a conversation. Or if they like what I say so much that we just keep talking and talking like I have gemini venus conjunct gemini mercury I fall in love momentarily my heart flutters when people extend the conversation it’s a cerebral orgasm aghsjkkjsh

Don’t Hurt Yourself (2) - L.H.

So…I don’t know if this is what you were all expecting from this but this is what happened. So, enjoy

No…there will not be a part 3

“Don’t do it, y/n” Morgan said standing in front of her cousin watching her pull her boots on. “You’re going to regret it.”

“And I’m going to regret it if I don’t. I was with him for five years. I need closure or I won’t move on,” she said simply as she zipped up the knee high boots before standing up. The tabloids had been having a field day for the past month when they found out y/n had moved out of the house she shared with her ex fiance, Luke Hemmings.

“I’m just saying, I know you…and I know how much you love him…I just don’t want you to make the mistake of getting back with his grimy ass,” she said sighing as y/n smiled softly.

“And if I do, you can pistol whip me with Greg’s crutches,” she said as her cousin laughed.

“Fair…alright…go on. I want you to call me on your way back though.” Y/n nodded as she got up grabbing the keys to her car before leaving to drive to the small cafe on the outskirts of LA, away from all the paparazzi and media. They both wanted this to be as low key as possible.

She pulled in immediately seeing the black Audi parked down the street, the blonde just getting out of the car with sunglasses perched on that perfect nose of his. He was wearing her favorite shirt: the black and white long sleeve flannel with the top two buttons open with his signature black skinny jeans and his black boots. He looked perfect, just as he always had…and she knew she was fucked in that single moment, instantly regretting that she hadn’t listened to Morgan.

“Hey,” he said softly as she slowly climbed out of the car, pulling her own sunglasses down so he couldn’t see how much control he already had over her. “You look great…as always.”

“Thanks,” she mumbled locking her car before heading inside, side by side with him, the tension heightened by the confined space they were in from the small cafe. “How are the guys?”

“Good…great…they uh..they miss you,” he said trying to find the right words to say as they made their way to the counter ordering their drinks, Luke pulling out his card before she could even fish out the five dollars in cash. “It’s on me.”

“I can pay for my own, Luke” she said sighing, looking up at him as he shrugged.

“Least I could do after everything I’ve put you through…” he mumbled as she nodded looking away. “I know sorry isn’t going to fix anything, because I royally fucked up…but I just..I really am sorry and there isn’t a second in the day that I don’t regret it…” She didn’t say anything, taking her ice latte before going to sit in the corner waiting for him. “Babe…”

“ You do not have the right to call me that..I’m not your babe. I’m not your baby, your baby girl, your love, your sweetheart…you lost every right to ever call me that…” she spat glaring at him as he blushed slightly biting down on his lip. “Was I not good enough…?”

He sighed sitting down across from her shaking his head. “No…you were perfect…you were absolutely everything a guy could want in a girl and whoever gets you will be lucky because you’re perfect…I just…I don’t know why I did it to be honest. I know you came for closure, but I just don’t know…” he said looking down. “What I do know is I took you for granted and I’m never gonna forgive myself.”

“We were together five years Luke..we were talking about raising a family…” she whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she thought about all the times they would just lay in bed, his fingers running through her hair as they talked about how many kids they wanted, four to be exact, and the name of each of their kids: Mason, Brendan, Brady, Liam, Kasey, Maddie, Ariana, and Lily…four boy names and four girl names…just in case. “How long?”

“Less than a month…five times if you want an exact number…” he whispered. “And no…you didn’t know her…I can tell you who if you want to know.” She shook her head stopping him from doing so.

“If I don’t know then I don’t want to know..” she sighed gnawing on her lip from nervousness. “Do you have feelings for her?”

“No…and I haven’t talked to her since you left…not that that probably helps” he said mumbling. “I…do you think I could ever get another chance?” She didn’t answer him immediately not sure if she should drop the bomb then and there or wait.

“I’m going to say no right now…” she said looking up at him as his face dropped. “But you can prove yourself to me when you’re helping me co parent our baby.” He didn’t say anything just staring at her, too many emotions flowing between the both of them in just that one moment.

“I…I’m gonna be a dad….”


“We’re going to be parents….”

“Well..I’m pretty sure that’s what happens when people have a baby,” she said rolling her eyes at him as a small smile graced his lips. “Don’t say anything yet though…you’re literally the only person that knows.”

“How far along?”

“Three months…I found out last week,” she said finishing her drink before standing up. “Thank you…for meeting up with me. I needed this,” she said throwing the cup away as he nodded doing the same.

“I’ll…see you soon” he said smiling softly at her not knowing what else to do since she probably didn’t want to be touched and a kiss was no longer appropriate, quickly turning to leave as she let out a deep sigh that she didn’t realize she was holding in. “Well…this is not how this was supposed to go..” she sighed…. “I can’t ever fucking say no to him.”

This was my first time drawing Flurry Heart! She’s the cutest baby in the show, by far!


Twilight and Spike have a big day planned in the form of visiting and entertaining sick foals at the Ponyville Hospital. But when exhausted parents Shining Armor and Princess Cadance stop by with Flurry Heart, Twilight is eager to spend the day with her beloved niece. Determined to prove she can be the Best Aunt Ever while keeping to her packed schedule, Twilight agrees to watch over Flurry, despite Spike’s apprehension.

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Imagine (Reader x Gallagher’s family)

The reader is best friends with the Gallagher’s and one night whip out she gets attacked and heads to their place instead of home.

The sound of your allarm got your attention warning you that it was the end of your shift. Quickly, you took your things and said goodbye to your coworkers ignoring the sound of your anoying boss shouting for your attention as always. 

It has been three years since you moved to this neightbourhood and you still weren’t used to work so much. But, of course if you hadn’t taken any of these jobs you would be drowning in the debts your stupid ex boyfriend left you. Your parents turned their backs on you, the people you thought that were your friends didn’t even picked the phone when you called and, of course, the person who was suposed to be the love of your life run away inmediately.

Everything changed when you met Fiona and the rest of her family. They helped you not only giving you a home to stay in the period of time you didn’t have a place to live, but also emocionally were really important. They became the first people you could trust.

Again, the sound of a phone call took your attention. It was Fiona. You were about to answer when someone grabbed you by the arm and dragged you into an alley.

´´Who are…!?“- before you finished the sentence the person there shut you with one of his hands.

´´If you want to live you better shut up and don’t scream”- it was the voice of a man. He started to touch your body with his other hand making you start to cry. His touch was disgusting and you wanted to puke all over him.

´´Please someone…“- you thought. As if in real life your charming prince would come to rescue you. Bullshit. No one will come and you knew it. Your life had been like that since you were born no person cared and no one helped you ever. 

You were about to give up when the image of the Gallaghers showed up. Each one of them did help you and never gave up before, so why would you now?

A police siren sound nearby and that distracted you attacant giving you the opportunity to fight back with the oldest and strongest technique against men: a good punch in the balls.

While he was trying to calm down the pain you run with all your strenght without thinking of where were you going until you stopped at the Gallagher’s house. Outside the door was Fiona and Debbie with her daughter in her arms.

´´What happened?” - asked Fiona immediately. The two of them were worried about you. 

´´We were worried. Are you okay?“ - said Debbie. And from the house you could hear the rest of them. Ian, Lip, Carl, Veronica, Kevin and Liam.

You run into Fiona’s arms and started to cry feeling safe for the first time in your life. They were your home.

For: itsall-inmy-head

I hope you like it! Honestly, I’m still on season 5, so I didn’t put too many things. I apologize for the grammatical mistakes.

One question:

Would you like a Doctor Who imagine?

And one of The 100?

It’s just because I have a couple of ideas for both. 

Bye-bye <3

Older Ch 1

“Honestly I think he should’ve just said yes.” Emerson says while painting her toe nails black on her white bed.

Quickly I turn away from the book shelf I was looking at moments before to glare at her.

For the past 15 minutes we had been talking about this guy in our grade named Kyle. Kyle had been dating this girl named Sarah whose a year below us (Junior) for probably 5 years. Well just last Friday, the two of them were supposed to go to the movies but last minute Sarah canceled without a reason. Kyle got suspicious so he went over to her house. Long story short he walked in on Sarah and some random dude from another school making out. Today during lunch Sarah got in front of everyone and begged for his forgiveness. He of course said no and she ran out crying.

Emerson, my best friend, thinks since they have been dating for so long that something like this was bound to happen, so he should just get over it and take her back.

I of course disagree. Ever since we first met in the 1st grade, we always seem to disagree. And yet we still agree on a lot of things. For example, we like the same music and books.

“Lets just drop it.” I say plopping down on her bed and pause before continuing.

“Hows you and Landon.” I say picking at my nails.

Landon is Emerson’s I guess you could say boyfriend. Shes the type of girl that always has to have a boyfriend. I remember her first relationship was in the 3rd grade. I use the word “relationship” very loosely, well because it was third grade. But ever since then, she’ll date a guy for a couple weeks then drop him. Her longest relationship was 3 weeks I believe. Landon and Emerson have been dating for about 2 weeks so he has a week left before he’s dumped on the curb and shes onto the next.

Immediately she puts the polish down and turns to me with a wide grin.

“I know I’ve said this a million times but I think he might be the one!” she says clapping her hands together.

I get up from my back and sit criss cross in front of her.

“Hm lets see, you said Bryan was the one then Henry, Joe, Cole, Gabe, and now Landon, I don’t believe you know what the “one” feels like.” I say giving her a playful smile.

“Hey! I do too and it’s real this time!” She says laughing while giving my shoulder a shove.

“Plus you’ve never even had a boyfriend so you have no room to talk.” Emerson continues.

“It doesn’t matter that I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know someones the one when you get butterfly’s when your around them, or they could be talking about how they need to do the laundry and you look at them like they just created the sun, and you just feel it.”

Emerson laughs.

“Alora, you have read one to many romance novels and watched one too many chick flicks! Butterfly’s aren’t real!” She says throwing her head back and laughing even louder.

I take a pillow out from behind me and throw it at her head. It hits her but only causes her to laugh more. Soon I start to laugh and then we both can’t stop.

After a few more minutes of dying of laughter we calm down.

“You know I’m right, now its 2:00 in the morning, I’ve got work in the morning lets go to bed.” I say wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Ok, daddy.” Emerson says with a wink.

I just roll my eyes and get ready for bed.

Last year we were in math class and our teacher was named Mr. Reynolds. He was probably in his late 20s and was so hot. For fun Emerson and I would call him daddy between classes and when he wasn’t around. Well one day I wasn’t paying any attention and Mr. Reynolds called on me but I thought for some reason it was Emerson and said “Yes, daddy?” I was so embarrassed and Emerson hasn’t let me live it down since.

“Goodnight.” Emerson says turning off the the bedside lamp.

I mumble a goodnight and close my eyes.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I work from 10:30-2:30 at “Mikes Records”. It’s been my favorite record store since I was little so as soon as I turned 16, I applied for the job. I’m 17 now so I haven’t been working there for a long time but it’s felt like forever. On weekdays since I don’t do any extra curricular activities I just head to work and work until 5:30.

*Next Morning*

“Girls wake up! I made pancakes!” Emerson’s mom Karen says sticking her head in the door before turning around to head back to the kitchen.

Karen was the type of mom that deserved to be on a reality TV show or at least be on TV. She always was dressed up and had a full face of makeup on 24/7. I’ve only seen her without makeup maybe a handful of times. Food was always on the table and not just Eggo’s and Sunny D. Every morning shed make eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc and freshly squeezed orange juice. She seemed like a great mom but she was with a new guy every night. Also she had a nasty habit of gossiping about everyone and everything with her snobby rich friends.

A good idea of who she acts like is Regina Georges mom from Mean Girls. She’s more of a friend than a mom.

I rolled out of bed stretching my arms above my head and let out a loud yawn.

“Alora shut up I’m sleeping.” Emerson mumbles still half asleep.

“Emerson get your fat butt up we gotta grab coffee before work.” I say grabbing my phone to text my mom that I’m up getting ready.

Every time I go to Emerson’s house and stay over night, my mom makes me check in all the time. She’s very protective. Well over protective. I guess you could say I’m a goody goody. Every year I have straight A’s, never get in trouble by any one, never been to a party, anything. I haven’t even kissed a boy yet or been on a date.

I grab my clothes and get dressed. I decided to wear a big Led Zeppelin shirt with light blue skinny jeans and white shoes.

Quickly I pull my hair up into a pony tail and grab my makeup bag and head to the bathroom. Well it’s not really a makeup bag because it only consists of 5 things. Eye lash curler, mascara, concealer, bronzer, and a brush.

I finish getting ready as Emerson is just getting up.

After 20 minutes of waiting around she’s finally ready so we head to leave. There’s literally a feast on the table so I feel bad not eating anything so I grab a piece of bacon and we head to Emerson’s car.

I have a car but I’m only allowed to drive it to school and work. But since I stayed the night at Emerson’s, my mom wont let me drive it.

The car ride to the coffee shop was pretty quiet due to Emerson being “dead” until 9 and it was 8:10. Her words not mine.

Finally we pulled up around 8:25.

Coffee shops were always my favorite places.I could spend hours in one and never get bored. Starbucks was okay but I preferred little coffee shops that weren’t well known and felt like you were walking into some indie music video. The building was all brick and had a huge window with 3 tables in front of it. When you walk in you smell coffee beans and hear soft music.

Emerson and I head to our usual table by the big window.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her laptop. More than likely to work on all the homework that she never does during the week. I set my stuff down and go grab our coffees that were already made by the owner Mrs. Claire.

Since we had been coming here ever since we were young we became best friends with the owner who’s a sweet old lady probably in her 70s.

“Here you go Missy.” Mrs. Claire said smiling handing over the 2 cups.

“Thank you, how are you this morning?” I ask.

We chat for a few more moments before I head back to our table and start reading my book “The Book Thief” I’ve only just started but so far so good.

Soon it turned into 10.

“Hey girl I’m gonna go ahead and leave. Landon wants to meet at that donut shop then go shopping. I’ll be back to pick you up when you’re shift ends.” Emerson says packing up.

We said our goodbyes and I moved to the table directly in front of the big window. I sat on the side of the table directly beside the front door with the cover of my book facing the window.

There was only a hand full of people besides me in the coffee shop today. An older couple who are both reading the newspaper, some girl that seemed the be in college with papers all over the table, and Mrs. Claire.

Deep into my book I faintly hear the door chime indicating someone came in. I just ignored it and kept reading my book.

Suddenly I hear the chair in front of me screech causing me to jump.

“M’sorry love didn’t mean to startle yeh.” Says a tall man dressed in black jeans, boots, and a white t-shirt. His brown hair was pulled into a bun and black sun glasses were hooked on his t-shirt. To be completely honest he smelled quiet nice.He had tattoos all over his arms. Plus he had a accent, maybe Australian? No no it was British. He was British.

“No your good, sorry I was just reading and not paying attention.” I say blushing.

Damn cute boys. Why do I always have to be so nervous around them?

“Yeah I saw you from outside readin’ that book, It’s a great book isn’t it?” The handsome stranger said while leaning forward on his elbows pointing to my book.

“Well I’m not that far in yet, but so far I really like it. I’m guessing you’ve read it before?” I ask but mentally slap myself in the face. Of course he has read it Alora, he just said It’s a great book, why would he say a book he’s never read was a great book? Idiot.

He chuckles the most beautiful chuckle I’ve ever heard before he speaks.

“I’ve actually read it a couple times over the years. I’m Harry by the way.” He says sticking his hand out to shake.

Quickly I take his hand and shake it. Immediately I feel tingles. I guess he felt them too because we both let go super fast and awkwardly laugh.

“I’m Alora.” I say with a light smile.

“What a beautiful name, what brings you here?” Harry asks looking at me intently. Crap was there something on my face? Just calm down Alora.

“Usually every Saturday my friend Emerson and I come have coffee before I work next door.” I say trying to stay calm under his gaze.

Should I be giving all this info to a complete stranger? No probably not, he could be a murderer for all I know. But he’s so hot. Ugh I’m not thinking straight.

“Mikes Records? I love that place, when I moved here from Holmes Chapel a few years back, he was the first person I met. Haven’t been to see him in a bit, now I have a reason to come.” He says with a smirk.

I’m sure I turned as red as a tomato and looked down at the table with a small smile on my lips.

“Well I’m gonna be late if I don’t go now, but I hope to see you around Alora.” He says standing up smiling at me.

“It was nice to meet you Harry.” I say smiling.

We both say say bye and he goes to get his coffee. Before he leaves he winks at me then leaves.

Deep breaths Alora, deep breaths.

I just talked to the hottest guy of my life. Plus he reads and dresses good! And his smell! The tingles!!

I look at Mrs.Claire who is already looking at me with a big smirk on her face.

Loudly I say “I think I peed myself.” causing people to look at me weird but Mrs. Claire just laughed.


So I really want to write a book and got the idea randomly. Also this is just fiction so I don’t necessarily support illegal dating. This is about Harry Styles but he isn’t famous in my book.

Don’t forget to like and if you have any helpful suggestions, let me know!! Thanks!

Masquerade | Jughead x Cheryl

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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Cheryl Blossom
Description: Riverdale hosts a masquerade ball and the two most unlikely people end up spending the night together unknown to them.
Warnings: i dont rly think so.
Word Count: 2464
A/N: THIS ISN’T THE BIG JUGHEAD X CHERYL FIC I TALKED ABOUT, I’M STILL WORKING ON THAT but I was listening to Masquerade by Ashley Tisdale and then started writing this. I’m v nervous about it and it might not make sense or be that great but I love this pairing sfm.

Riverdale - the once innocent town now shrouded in deceit and mystery - was no longer a safe haven for those living there. People were constantly paranoid, waiting for the next disaster to happen. After the murder of Jason Blossom and the reveal that his own father had killed him, everyone was on edge. If someone’s own father could turn on their son like that who could anyone trust? People who were once friendly to each other were now cautious of who they spoke to, cautious of where they went and the things they did. Riverdale seemed to have this dark cloud hanging above it lately, one that it couldn’t get rid of.

So, Mayor McCoy decided the town was in a desperate need of a distraction. People needed to their minds off all the trouble so she got to work planning and thinking of ideas until she came up with something. The town was no stranger to hosting events every now and again but they’d never really had something quite as big as this happening.

A masquerade ball. One night where people could dress up, hide their identity and just let go and forget about what was going on in their little town.

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here’s some more youkael headcanons since i’m feeling extra emo:

  • they love hiking. they love going for long walks in the woods surrounded by trees and the sound of birds chirping. there’s a calmness to it. there’s a calmness in yousef watching mikael walking in front of him, leading the way when the path gets narrow, in seeing mikael’s face light up when he smiles, and then in mikael moving to his right hand side again as the path opens up. but in all of that, they don’t let go of each other’s hands. their hands remain joined, held together. there’s a peacefulness when they both find a spot, spread out a blanket, and lie down on it, looking upwards at the sky. there’s a stillness about that moment that yousef wants to treasure with his eyes shut for as long as he lives, that mikael wants to capture in a photo when he sees yousef at his most serene, and keep with him for as long as he lives.  there’s a feeling of completeness when mikael finally lays his head on yousef’s chest and feels yousef’s heart beating. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. they could stay like this forever, and it wouldn’t be a problem. at all.
  • mikael hates it when yousef doesn’t take care of himself, whether it be in football practice or football matches. “it’s just a sprain,” “it’s just a scratch,” “it’s just a bruise,”. but it’s not just a sprain, scratch or bruise, is it? it’s that agony and pain that makes yousef clench his eyes shut, grit his teeth, bite his lip so he doesn’t yell from the soreness, that mikael hates. because yousef has this tendency to always underplay himself. yousef gives so much of himself to people, and so little to his own self, that he dismisses his hurt. he’s selfless like that. so mikael doesn’t really care, at all, if he has to swat yousef’s hand away and glare at him when mikael is applying some kind of ointment on yousef’s sprain or scratch or bruise. if mikael wants to apply ointment onto yousef, then he will, and not even yousef himself can stop him from doing so.
  • there’s times when mikael will hear yousef pray qur’aan, and - he swears - there is no beautiful sound than that. it echoes around the walls of the flat. it makes mikael stop whatever he is doing, and simply close his eyes, and listen. it’s like divine intervention. in fact, it is divine intervention. there’s a sacredness and holiness in it, in hearing yousef recite the qur’aan, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. it’s a safety net. sometimes, mikael himself doesn’t even realise, since he’s so immersed in the feeling, that he’s made his way to sit in front of yousef, and simply take the sight in front of him in. his beautiful boy in a pristine white thobe, with the qur’aan in his hands, his full concentration in the words he’s reciting, even though mikael knows that yousef knows that mikael’s sat in front of him, because he notices the way yousef’s voice changes - it goes from loud and echoing, to just loud enough for the two of them to hear. and even though mikael’s name is the name of an angel in islam, right now, it’s yousef who looks like an angel in front of him, pure, clean, devout. nothing else matters in those minutes. not the outside world or it’s people. it’s just yousef, mikael, and the word of allah, tucked away in their flat.
  • the thing with mikael is, when he works, he often forgets that - oh, he has to eat. and he should stretch his legs and his arms from time to time. that he should move about a little bit, take a 5 minute break, give his brain some rest. mikael becomes so … engrossed when he works, he … himself doesn’t even realise where the time goes. good thing he has, you know, a boyfriend, right? that actually cares about things like those. “mikael, baby boy come on. you’ve been sat there for the past 3 hours, its not good for your blood circulation,” or “you’ll get muscle pain baby listen just … stretch a bit!”, or “how do you forget that you have to eat, ya allah this boy!” but yousef likes taking care of mikael, and he says all of these things in the most fond, gentle voice, that’s laced with so much care and concern and love and admiration that sometimes, yousef feels his heart is going to burst from loving mikael so much. and mikael hears that love, hears that admiration. he hears all the care and concern. so he, who’s sat on the floor with papers scattered everywhere, will raise his arms and do little “grabby hands”, and yousef smiles. he smiles so widely as he pulls mikael up and hug him, swaying them both from side to side, and ohmyallah, he HEARS mikael sigh and moan because oh it feels so good to stretch out his body and be held by yousef at the same time. “i love you, you know.” “i love you too.”
  • weekends are their most favourite part of the week, since throughout the week, they’re both so busy with uni stuff and work and matches and practice, that even though they both live together, they both understand that by evening, they’re both so tired and worn out that they literally do not have the energy to do anything laborious. they’ll cuddle and then fall alseep, because their bodies are that heavy, and then they’ll have to be up early the next weekday. so, weekends? those are their favourite days. especially saturdays. saturday is /their/ day. they don’t plan saturdays, they just see where life takes them. sometimes it’ll mean going out, sometimes it’ll mean slobbing out. sometimes it’ll means fancy wear, sometimes it’ll mean nothing but them in their underwear. they just, roll with it, and it’s so nice how naturally everything just comes. there’s no pressure. “let’s spend today in bed listening to more life and making out, and then some, and order in a shit tonne of greasy food”, and sometimes, it’s one of them finding a box wrapped in wrapping paper on their bed, with a note next to it saying “so habibi, i saw this shirt this week whilst i was in town. thought it’d look hot on you. thought why not buy it and take you out for the night. can’t wait to see you in it.”, and by 5pm, they’re both dressed in their button downs, black jeans and leather boots, ready to leave to go out. but before that, yousef fixes one of mikael’s top buttons on his shirt, before wrapping his arms around mikael’s waist and kissing him. “new cologne?”, says yousef, “mhmm,” replies mikael. “i like it.” “i like you. and you look so hot, by the way.”

 kairi week 2017!!

day 7, what character(s) relate to kairi/character crossovers:

i love namine and i love xion and i want them to come back and i want them to meet kairi and i want them to get along and be a super awesome team and i have entirely too many feelings about my lovely daughters so have lots and lots of rambling and assorted headcanons under the cut

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anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most important Stydia moments that shaped their relationship to how they are now?

These are not in order of importance, but in chronological order. Because it was easier for me to identify them that way. Beneath a cut because ya girl is verbose, u kno?

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