‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

ive got too many feelings about knights tbh

sometimes i just lay awake at night thinking about how crazy it is that dave and karkat both thought they were fundamentally unlovable for so long and how overwhelming it must have been the first time they realized not that they had feelings for the other, but that the other had feelings for THEM. 

dave constantly blamed himself for not being good enough to earn any affection and eventually thought wanting it all was a symptom of his own insurmountable defectiveness. And karkat believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that anyone who got close would either be appalled by his mutant characteristics or barring that eventually “realize” his personality and the things he wanted were just as flawed as his biology and run screaming. 

imagine how scared they were at first, the first time dave lets himself just be tentatively physically affectionate and he’s expecting mocking or worse but karkat is just flustered and reciprocates immediately, the first time karkat admits that the things he’s feeling don’t fit into a quadrant and never have and dave’s response is positive and relieved instead of condemning. 

imagine how terrifying that must have been and how amazing it must have felt to have those first realizations that all the things they hated about themselves were actually the things that would make the person they fell for fall for them in turn.

god damn.

I decided to translate the interview with KENN, who voices Aoi, that was inside this month’s Tsukino Pro magazine ^^ (this is just the cover as the scan I used is not allowed to be shared on other sites) Anyone who follows me should know that KENN is my seiyuu bias and Aoi is my favourite Tsukiuta guy so I was all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ as I read this interview. Even so it was extremely interesting to hear about KENN’s insight into Aoi, as well as some interesting facts about himself and his BFF Maeno Tomoaki that he revealed 

Slowly getting more confident in my reading skills, but there might be some mistakes along the way and I couldn’t make out the kanji in some areas, but I’ve marked the parts I’m unsure about~

May’s male character, the role of Satsuki Aoi:
Interview with KENN-san

Q. Please tell us your impressions of the recording.

A. Up til now the songs I have done have been ones of encouragement, however this time the song that I recorded, ‘YES!’, is one that is singing the story of a rival. Even though it has a refreshing image to it, there’s a painful chord progression that builds up, I think people will be able to look forward to that gap in the (emotions of the) song. The feelings when you sing the lyrics come together at an important point, and I think that it’s good to try and convey that to the world, that is how I sung it (???). In the other song ‘ハルカゼとヒバリ’ (Harukaze to Hibari) it had a concept of “I (Aoi) will be happy if I can be the wind that will cheer you up,” it has a gentle melody. When I first heard ‘Harukaze to Hibari’, I thought that there was a part to it which sounds like it’s leading into the first song that I sung, ‘カルミアと五月雨’ (Karumia to Samidare). Although they are completely different songs, I think that they both somehow have a sorrowful feeling to them. Refreshing people also have painful parts to them inside, and I think that that is very much like Aoi.

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So what is it exactly? What do you like about this person? Is it because they care too much? Like have you ever met anyone like this? You’ve been through so much shit… But you still give out enough love to make it feel like I’ve made it here just for this. Is it because they stare at you while you’re looking away? We have hidden senses, I just noticed this. When people look, I think somewhere our bodies, it knows. It’s raining outside, but you’re both on the porch just smoking light cigarettes and yes, they are very fucking bad for you, but you never put them out half way. Is it because we made this far and good things still happen to people who feel like they’ve fucked up too many times? It must be that because after all of this time, I still found someone to care for me. I guess, it wasn’t so bad. I guess, it wasn’t so bad after all.
—  When you look away and we’re sitting together

it isn’t black & white
no matter how much you want it to be

…i made this for several reasons.

it bothers me when i see someone’s gender identity being ignored, erased or invalidated for any reason*.

it bothers me when i see people bitching about there being “too many labels” just because they themselves lack the need for them.

it bothers me when i see people both within and outside of the LGBTQIA community (esp. within the genderqueer and non-binary communities) trying so hard to define this and that that they begin to paint things black & white, oversimplifying things to the point of erasing the shades of gray that so many people actually find comfort in.

it bothers me when someone feels that they have the right to tell someone else that they aren’t the gender that they identify as because they don’t want to transition medically, they don’t present themselves or act a certain way, they don’t experience “enough” dysphoria or whatever other “not ___ enough” crap they can come up with.

it bothers me…. well, a lot of things bother me, really, and i just wanted a simple graphic to convey that fact.

*cultural appropriation being the only exception.

things i need:

  • connor tutoring jude and telling him how great he’s doing because he knows he struggles having had to move schools so many times
  • jude holding connor’s hand and telling him it’s ok and nobody will hurt him as long as they’re together
  • jonnor play fight that ends up in lots of kisses and cuddles!!!1!!!!!!!
  • jealous connor being all touchy feely with jude to mark his territory
  • jealous jude getting all sassy and detached until connor hugs him from behind and tickles him until they’re both on the ground grinning at each other
  • jonnor telling each other their deepest fears and secrets while spooning in bed at 4am on a school night
  • jonnor making their relationship official to the Fosters and Lena telling Connor he’s part of the family and he always will (maybe they all tear up a bit but what do i know)
  • jonnor whispering promises of love and forever inside a tent during a camping trip and sealing them with soft kisses
  • jonnor sleeping in the same bed on a summer night and only touching each other’s pinkies because it’s too hot to cuddle anyways

“If people want to know who I am, it is all in the work.”

“I’ve never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.”

“ I want to swim in both directions at once. Desire success, court failure.”

“I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously.”

It’s a nightmare to sit and watch a film that I’m in. There’s a horrible inescapability to it.

“I do feel more myself in America. I can regress there, and they have roller-coaster parks.”

“I never talk about ‘Harry Potter’ because I think that would rob children of something that’s private to them. I think too many things get explained, so I hate talking about it.”

“Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.”

- Alan Rickman: February 21, 1946 - January 14, 2016 

You will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace

Steve giving the biggest, warmest hugs. He envelops the person in his big arms, squeezes them close and tight against his chest and holds onto them for just the right side of too long. 

Sometimes people ask Steve for hugs in the street (grainy pictures are released online featuring Steve hugging a crying girl. The hashtag #CapHugs blows up on twitter)

When Bucky hugs Steve, Buckys arms go over Steves shoulders and both their heads rest in the crooks of each others necks. Steve lets himself be comforted, lets himself be just Steve. Bucky holding Steve close and tight just like normal. Just like before. 

feelings sponge

it warms my heart that one the one side Dave has Karkat, who is on record as having too many feelings and nowhere healthy to put them, and then on the other side he has Dirk, who is… also… on record as having too many damn feelings and nowhere healthy to put them! And Dave is sitting there so fucking thirsty for emotional feedback, after 13 years with this stonefaced indecipherable sociopath for a guardian I imagine that he’s just able and willing to take all of this out of control Emotion from both sides of his messed up family and just absorb it. More than that I think he’s glad to do it because I honestly think the worst thing for Dave is emotional inscrutability.

Karkat doesn’t have to worry about scaring him off or about him being disgusted by all the quadrant-defying nonsense, not to mention the easy way Dave siphons off Karkat’s blustering right there in canon. The way they seem so comfortable together on the victory platform pre-Collide and the implication that they’ve had LOTS of feelings jams and just gotten comfortable talking things out and not letting things fester or get out of control, the way John is just shocked at the ease with which Dave handles Karkat getting riled up over Vriska, etc. 

And Dirk now has this person who literally HAS seen him as his worst possible incarnation already, there is literally no point in trying to keep up some kind of facade around Dave because Dave already knows how low he can go and how bad he could get if he was left totally unchecked without a support system in his life. Dave understands what Dirk is afraid of better than pretty much anyone else because he lived with the worst incarnation of Dirk already. And knowing that and working through that and having Dave absolve him of that responsibility and accept him as he is now, like, everyone always focuses on the catharsis that scene represented for Dave, but I can’t help but think about how that must have felt for Dirk, too. Not to minimize Dirk’s friendships, because I love the alphas (and dirk//jake) but Jake is so easily overwhelmed, Roxy is an awkward target because of their history and her inability to truly take him to task for shit, she always thinks too highly of him to be what he NEEDS, and I don’t think Dirk could or would ever burden Jane with any of this, especially given all the work their relationship is going to need post-canon just to get it back into working condition. 

And Dave will probably act put upon because it’s his nature to downplay his own feelings, but I think underneath that bluster he genuinely enjoys this role he’s in where he’s kinda the bedrock support for two of the most desperately needy people in paradox space. 

Hilariously, Dave, Karkat and Dirk are probably actually the top 3 in terms of desperately needy, and thankfully all of this works in reverse for Dave, too. We saw that with Dirk in canon and can extrapolate from what we saw with Karkat that Dave will get all the support he needs from them (among others), too.

Come on guys, anti tags exist for a reason. I totally understand if you don’t ship them, but WAY too many of you are being borderline insulting to those who do. If you only see them as a sibling relationship then that’s fine, but don’t make the Pyka shippers feel like we’re stupid for wanting them to happen.

A man and a woman CAN be friends, but just because they can be friends that doesn’t mean they should be friends. Most of you anti-shippers can’t seem to tell the difference.

IF Pyka happens, and that’s still undetermined, I have only one concern, that when this show ends both Pete and Myka are happy. That should be your concern as well, but you keep turning their growing feelings for each other into ammo so you can keep going on with that utterly pointless discussion.

Pete and Myka mean the world to each other, and I believe they would be at their happiest together. To all of the anti-shippers out there, do you have one reason that isn’t entirely based on personal perception as to why they SHOULDN’T get together? I mean, throw out the debate about whether or not a man and a woman can stay friends, throw out if you see them as just siblings, and come up with another reason why it would be bad for them to get together.

And I do mean bad. How would it hurt Pete and Myka to fall in love? And no hypothetical crap like “it could ruin their friendship” because that’s a HUGE maybe that people these days think will happen without a doubt. Somehow you anti-shippers believe that their friendship is great enough that it doesn’t need to become a relationship, but apparently it can’t, even with the slightest chance, survive a future, completely hypothetical breakup.

So if the anti-shippers are interested, I’d like to hear how Pete and Myka falling in love would be bad for them.


I watched the last Haru episode of The Return of Superman a few weeks ago. That scene broke my heart, because as we started to know more about Tablo, you can just feel all that he’s feeling, both the happiness of having such a loving family, but also in many ways, the grief and the longing for his own father. We will miss you, Tablo and Haru. I feel like they became part of my family too. I hope Haru continue to grow up laughing, loving and being loved.

As the few final scene ended, they gave a big hug to Haru’s mom, Kang Hye Jung. I would like to extend a hug to this awesome family that let us share their life for so long. I wish all of them even more love and happiness for the future.


Haru and Tablo making us laugh, that was love too :’)

I’m just never going to be over it okay never. she is aching and exhausted and probably also just crashing into “holy shit” territory on the “my-life-might-end” adrenaline rush spectrum, and she gets on the plane, and she just searches him out. she goes straight to him even though everyone is all around them watching because she wants to and because she was scared and he was scared and because affection seems like the best type of reassurance for both of them. okay but the part that gets me the part that really gets me is when she gets to him and he draws her up all close and hesitates only a little pressing his forehead all up against hers, just enough for her to back away–but it’s that look, the little comforting smile he gives her and how she just sinks against him while she lets the exhaustion win against her eyelids and gives herself, gives them the moment . and i’m so far from okay. so far from it.

i love them. i love that there was no dumbass counterproductive argument from lincoln about her staying–I love that he took the goddamn order even though in his eyes we could see that walking away tore him apart. I love that they stood close to each other in the infiltration whenever they had the chance, that when lash was out daisy’s first concern was lincoln, her first worry was that he was a target. I love that they quite literally have each others backs, but that they respect each other so fully and inherently, that they know the boundaries and that they believe in each other in a way so that they don’t step on each others toes.

I love that first and foremost they are best friends. That in the Afterlife, Lincoln connected with her in a way no one has before and that it fostered this understanding, loving relationship. I love that when Daisy tried to bring him to SHIELD again and again, she was trying to reconnect with him, trying to bring her friend whom she cares immensely about to safety. I love that when she and mack and co board the ship, she moves instinctively towards her best friend for comfort. I love that Daisy can go out and take care of the entire world and come back to the safety of her base to her best friend and her lover who literally would do anything to take care of her, for a change.

I just love all of it so much.

Klaus and Hayley have way too many parallels between them for it to not mean anything at this point. Both abandoned, both rejected, both dark, twisted. Both werewolf royalty. Both grey characters who simply just struggle to find acceptance and a family. Then there’s their past being so similar. The fact that nature practically brought these two together to make that child. Then hayley’s line today got me. “If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it.” Who does this sound like? I’m beginning to think more and more that the show is building them up to be this grand super couple. Their lack of interaction and their few scenes has to mean something, seeing as these are two people who are having a child together and they rarely if ever talk. It seems the show has been setting up Haylijah, but I honestly don’t feel that pairing will last the way they’ve been pushing it so hard. We’ve had what 2 almost kiss scenes now, and lusty eyes between the two practically every episode they’ve been on together. It seems the show is moving them very fast and not allowing adequate build up to their ‘love story’. I mean what is it exactly that Elijah loves so much about Hayley? I may be wrong, but something tells me this pairing will crash and burn by the end of season 1 or 2. The small little interactions between Klaus and Hayley have been small, but they have always been meaningful and show the goodness in both him and her. “It’s time to fight little wolf”, “I think it’s a girl”, “I got you love, I got you” “The blood that runs in their veins runs in mine, and our childs.” The way Klaus has slowly started to show that he cares for her this episode just makes me believe it even more that Klaus/Hayley’s bond will grow stronger with time. Their is natural build up between these. There getting to learn more about each other, and the audience is beginning to see how alike they really are. I’m calling it now. Klaus and Hayley are soul mates. I’m not blinded by the Hayley/Elijah. I see the truth.-TV.Com user

I usually just ignore stuff like this but I have to say this person’s interpretation is intriguing. I hadn’t realized how similar they were before the person made the post, but now I see it. I also remember last week that a Klayley fan had predicted that maybe Davina’s “You’re Klaus’s wife” was foretelling, and this pretty much backs up her argument. 

I don’t know if the show really does intend to go that way, but they really are making all these connections between the two of them, and its a bit too much now to just call it coincidence. I just thought it was an interesting post. I don’t particularly care if they get together or not.

I just realised how Mulder’s parents had actually no expectations towards him whatsoever. They didn’t seem to care what he did with his life, if he was good in school, if he was happy in his life. They always seemed to be grieving Samantha while the only son they had left was just a ghost to them. Mulder compensated by trying to find his sister in order to regain some worth into his parents’ eyes.

On the other hand, Scully’s dad seemed to have almost too many expectations. As she was raised in the family of a Navy officer, the upbringing appears to have been rather strict and her going to the FBI instead of practicing medicine was seen as disappointing, almost like a rebellious act. 

I think the underwhelming or overwhelming expectations from both of their families make Mulder and Scully quite similar, as they both feel they have let their parents down, whether it was in the vain search for a sister or in the choice of a career which led one straight into a derided department of the FBI.

Today was a good day

Carol is alive

Daryl is alive

Carol and Daryl were reunited and filmed together all day long.

All the haters are chasing their tails and having temper tantrums.

Good day.

I’m not going to make declarations of canon or predictions about the reunion. I feel positive that it was a good one for both of them and I’m just going to leave it at good, you know? It all feels too fresh to demand too much.

Having them together at the same location, I have to say, I didn’t expect it. I remember the “tiger” part of the Eeny Meeny rhyme landing on Daryl and so many of us hoped it was a hint, but after the clusterfuck that was S6 and what 7A looks like for our couple, I just wouldn’t dare hope they’d end up at the Kingdom together. That seemed like wishful thinking.

But here we are. And not only do they get to reunite, they get to do it without TF or Morgan hovering. I’m not saying that because I expect a full makeout session(I don’t), but because I want them to have this private time. They deserve to have a pause with one another, they’ve both been through so much.

Now, let’s have them get the fuck out of that house!

Yep, good day ❤️

i changed these a little bit so they’re all white now. should’ve just done them this way all along but better late than never? it looks more like a notebook doodle turned IRL, which is pretty much exactly what it is.

the cool thing about bottling up your feelings is that you can have some later when you don’t have any. one easy solve for having too many feelings and for being dead inside, both of which apply to me at different times.

I started to feel bad that I hadn’t posted any FEELS AND PORN lists in awhile and that taking naps had become far more of an immediate desire for me. But then I though, no, okay, just post them now! Because I have many feelings and I WANT TO SHARE and you should all read with me, okay. TELL ME YOUR FEELINGS, TOO.

Silk, Fur, Passion & Magic by lies_d, thor/loki, NSFW, body worship, ~1k

Thor worwhipping Loki’s body while Loki is doing magic. Both of them siting on the bed amongst furs and silk sheets, NAKED.

Give A Little More by the_time_of_angels, thor/loki, NSFW, 1.4k

Thor confronts Loki whilst he is imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. His initial anger wears off when he realises how broken and pained his brother is, and rather than fight with Loki, he chooses to comfort him instead.

Two Steps From Redemption (but only taking one) by sphinxofthenile, thor/loki + odin, 9.2k

Loki is brought back to Asgard, but that hardly means a closure for anyone involved.

The Ways to Where You Are by catiepie182002, thor/loki, 2.6k

In which Thor receives a gift.

heavy in your hand by kiyala, thor/loki + mjolnir, 1.1k

Loki turns himself into a copy of Mjölnir. Out of curiosity.

Ask Me No Questions by Alex51324, thor & loki + bruce & loki + tony + other avengers, depression, 55k

When Thor returns from Asgard to rejoin the Avengers, he brings Loki in tow–stripped of his magic and bound with a geas that allows him to speak only in response to direct questions. AKA, yet another “Loki lives with the Avengers; chaos ensues” story.

Touch by skiesovergideon, thor & loki, pre- & post-movie, angst, 2.4k

The first time Loki holds his hand, Thor is three and Loki is just a baby.

Bunny Slippers (for Lack of a Better Title) by katsu, thor & loki, 2.2k

Everyone said that Thor was Loki’s greatest enemy. These were all people that had watched far too much TV and probably enjoyed epic fantasies like Lord of the Rings and anything that involved elves.

The Calculator by katsu, thor & loki + avengers, plot fic, 38.9k

It began with a calculator. A clunky thing, the size of what would be considered to be a laptop these days, with giant keys for punching in numbers and only four functions. But it was fascinating to a young boy that liked mathematical functions far more than he liked people.

What Once Was Lost Returned by DemonQueen666, thor & loki + loki/angrboda + other mcu characters, jotunn!loki, divergent timeline, 74k

Things go very differently on the ill-suited venture to Jotunheim when the Frost Giants notice something about one of the invaders. But their decision to “rescue” what they assume must be a kidnapped Jotun has many unexpected and far-spanning consequences…especially for Loki himself.

The Spaces Between by Lise, thor & loki & frigga, 10.8k

There’s a theory that goes that there’s a universe created for every possible choice you make in life. Loki’s made a lot of choices. He could make a lot more. Or, the one where Loki wanders through AUs of his life and it starts fucking with his head.

A Battle None Too Vicious by dreamlittleyo, thor & loki, pre-movie, ~1k

In which Thor doesn’t get his way and Loki is exasperated.

Did you mourn by Fallain, thor & loki + other asgardians, ~1k

Thors thoughts while he’s standing on the mountain with Loki in the Avengers, having his brother back with him after he believed him to be dead.

full details + recs inside!

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Story Element: Animal Relationships

Anonymous asked: I’m writing a story that revolves a lot around animals, with their relationships with their own species and other species. I could research a lot of my questions, but I feel that because I have so many, it would be a very roundabout way. My question is, should I just take the enormous amount of time to try and find answers, or could I find someone (a zoologist or something similar) to help me answer them? Or is that too much to ask that someone like that would help an almost 16 year old writer?

Most animals avoid other species in the wild, actually, so I don’t think there would be much to research. Inter-species interactions are usually accidental and handled with caution on both sides, so there aren’t really any complicated relationships to research. Now, there are obviously exceptions–there are some animals who get along well with other species, like the cattle egret who, as its name suggests, is fond of hanging around with cows. There are also extraordinary friendships between animals, like Owen and Mzee and this precious trio, but relationships like these are the exception, not the norm. They can’t be explained by typical behavioral patterns or other predictable data. They are usually the result of bonding in an unusual captivity situation, so the same relationship is not likely to be replicated in the wild. The average rhino would be indifferent to the average tortoise. The average bear and the average tiger would avoid each other or attack each other.

That’s okay, though, because you’re writing fiction, which means you don’t have to make things realistic by our world’s standards–they only have to be realistic by your world’s standards. That’s why we get to have novels like Charlotte’s Web where a spider can write words in her web, or Animal Farm where pigs get political. If you want the foxes in your world to have a complex relationship even though they don’t get along in the real world–that’s okay! Anything is possible in the world of your story. :)