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Adressing the Kate McKinnon discourse™

This is a full breakdown of what everyone is (and should be) up in arms about. In no way is this post excusing, defending or justifying what happened. I’m adressing something that I, as a person of trans experience, is extremely protective of- the sanctity of my trans brothers, sisters and siblings. 

In 2008, eight years ago, Kate McKinnon filmed and co-created (as said by her in an interview) a sketch called Fitzwilliam goes to Hogwarts! the sketch depicts a young boy (played by Kate) that “has since he was a little boy wanted nothing more than a magical vagina.” 

This is obviously a very ugly thing to make fun of, and belittles trans people’s experiences of actual dysphoria and lives of hardship. I’ve experienced dysphoria in the past. And to have someone poke fun at the fact that you’re uncomfortable in your own body, that you just wish by everything in the world that you weren’t in the position you’re in, is not fun. 

Watching it, it makes me angry. I’ve never even experienced bottom dysphoria. Imagining a trans sibling in pain over this (a stupid sketch) makes me livid.

Stepping aside from my anger and analyzing what happened, this is what I’ve come down to.

If this sketch was released in today’s age of trans awareness, it would not be well recieved. But this sketch was aired in 2008. Trans awareness was in no way, shape or form what it is today. It’s completely in line with it’s time’s political climate.

Does that excuse it? no. It’s still fucking disgusting. And coming from a network that’s supposed to be inclusive? a heartbreak.

Following the sketch, Kate McKinnon has never expressed herself in any manner that could be construed as transphobic. Not before the sketch, either.

In an on set interview, McKinnon states that she got the idea from her finding it funny to say “father” and “vagina” in a british accent. We can then assume that Kate honest to blog, did not intend for this to hurt people- even though it did. Good intent does not excuse unacceptable behavior. What she did was still wrong.

I hope you analyze the situation thoroughly before reaching your own conclusion.

what she says: im fine

what she means: i just dont understand why Grace Helbig hasn’t hit 3 million subscribers yet. She is the best youtuber and overall person. She’s so nice, kind, and beautiful. Like, she’s so beautiful I dont know what to do with myself. Her content is A+ and she works so hard. Shes the hardest worker I know. Between her books, channel, shows, podcast, and everything, how does she keep up? She’s such an amazing role model. She deserves 3 million. I laugh every video and look forward to mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. When will she hit 3 million?? when??? whEN,.,??????!!! WHEN!!!!?????  

Me before realizing I was a lesbian: god I never wanna date someone!! I hate couples they are so boring!!! I don’t need a fucking boyfriend I don’t want to be with someone ever I mean I don’t! need! love!! I don’t need a boyfriend!!! I can I can be alone, I don’t need someone to fucking complete me gosh I don’t need a boyfriend to be whole!! *seeing het couples irl or in movies or just anything* 😑💤 I’m sorry but they are so boring!! Just! stop!! I don’t need love god why do everyone have a boyfriend i mean it just seems so boring I don’t understand?? Really not to be mean or anything but I just DONT UNDERSTAND?? And why does everyone hype about making out? I kissed a boy but wtf was so special with that??
Me now, a lesbian: oh… oh !!! !! Okay it wasn’t love I didn’t want it was just MEN I didn’t want… Oh!!!! ! ! Okay and no I still don’t need love to be complete and whole or to live my life but GOD love is the most amazing thing?!! !? Fuckkkk I just wanna meet someone and kiss and makeout all day💘💘💘 And I wanna fall alseep in her/their arms and I want to hold hands and FUCK I WANT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED!!! Can someone just look at me with love in their eyes?? Can somebody please just love me and talk to me about everything and push me against a wall and kiss me rough?? *seeing wlw couples irl or in movies or just wherever* !!!!! 💓💕💖💘💖💓! 💘💘💕! ❤️💕💘 !!! Omg they are so cute and I love you!! Omg!!! Just- 😭 yes!!! Keep! Going! Darlings! I love you!!! You give me life!! Omg they are the cutest thing ever!! 🌟🌟💫☀️💖💓❤️💕

Does it now seem weird to anyone that Stiles and Malia dating is an actual thing that happened? Because like… I am very aware of the fact that it happened, but it almost seems surreal now. Like now that Stydia is endgame and we’ve seen their relationship grow even while Stiles and Malia were a thing? Idk I just saw an edit of them in the stydia tag on vine (idk how vine actually works so maybe that was an accident?) and I got a super weird feeling about it, like again, like it seems so weird to me that it happened now that they’re over.

I totally don’t mean to hate on St@lia, I just was curious if anyone else felt like this?

Like I love Stiles and Malia separately like so much. Like Malia is my sunshine child, and Stiles is like the love of my life (which is embarassing because he’s a fictional character) so this definitely is not hate toward either one of them or the ship. Just curious. 

anonymous asked:

whats the point of tagging stuff like family mention, parent mention, food etc when all those things are in the harry potter books/movies? if someone follows the blog they must have read the books or seen the movies - if theyre so triggered by those things that they cant bear to see them mentioned on their dash then why would they be in the harry potter fandom and be on this blog? not trying to sound like a dick, i just genuinely dont understand

good question! when you’re reading a book, you’re more likely to expect those kind of things, and can prepare yourself for them. when you’re just scrolling down tumblr you have no idea what you might see or read. i think a lot of people who block those tags only block them for a “warning”, and will then view the post anyways.

additionally, when they first read harry potter, they might not have had to block those things - it maybe a more recent development that they, say, don’t want to read about fathers etc.

finally, a lot of tagging isn’t necessarily “triggers” - a lot of it is, but many of the things you mentioned are often more used as like a “i really don’t want to think about this right now” rather than a “i will literally have a panic attack” - i want our blog to be accessible to everybody who wants to read it, and i don’t want anybody to have panic-attacks or be overly uncomfortable from our blog. it’s about making people happy, not making them sad :)

Kent Parson likes pineapple on this pizza, but only with ham(sometimes bacon) also he has to really really really be in the mood for it. tbh he doesn’t feel very strongly about it to participate in the discourse™. If it gets brought up he tends to keep his head down. he just doesn’t see what the big deal is either way. 

In fact him and Tater are dating for almost 2 years b4 Tater learns this lil fact about him. Tater believes this kinda thinking is, quite frankly ridiculous, because pineapple on pizza is some sort of North American propaganda and he is decidedly against fruit anywhere near his pizza. 

Tater tries chriping him about it but it just rolls right off of Kent, because Kent honestly does not see the point. Don’t like pineapple on pizza? Fine he likes pepperoni mushroom and cheese just as much. (Or really anything, except for egg, he just does not understand egg on pizza.) So Tater drops it and keeps Kenny’s secret. But Tater still looks on in disgust whenever Kenny get the craving for Hawaiian and orders a pie