I like to think that Carlo and I share some qualities; I see some of him in me. I believe that I am a sensitive person too. I sometimes show a tough or even arrogant face to the world, but I’m not like that with the people I love and those who work with me. Carlo helped me a lot and I wish he had stayed longer at Real Madrid. I hope to work with him again one day. Someone said to me, ‘Will you be learning German?’ I say, 'Toni Kroos has taught me a few words, but if one day I have to learn more German then I will learn.’

I have only seen Carlo angry a few times. When he loses his temper he shouts and screams in whatever language comes first to his mind and then, one minute after, he stops, catches his breath and goes outside. Then he returns, smoking a cigarette and totally calm – everything’s fine again.

His ability to regain calmness very quickly is important. He knows how to talk to people and to deal with the bad moments. Even if you had lost a match the day before, he would say, 'Come on, guys, everything’s going to be OK. We haven’t lost anything yet – we just lost a game.’ He was like that with us and with the staff too, which made the environment here at Madrid spectacular. For me, the atmosphere with Carlo was one of his most brilliant achievements. If you look at the two years under him and what we won – the Champions League, the Copa del Rey – it shows how important Carlo was for Real Madrid and for the players. When he left the club, many of us took to social media to say how much he meant to us all. He is an unbelievable person.

One of the reasons the atmosphere was so good was because he protected the dressing room from the president and anything else that might upset the balance of the family. I’ve seen that with my own eyes. People can say whatever they want, but I’ve seen that he doesn’t bow down to pressure from anyone; he makes his own decisions – sometimes good, sometimes bad – which is always the way in the coach’s job. This is why I like him, because he is his own man, with his own personality, his own choices, and he makes his decisions and sticks by them.
—  Cristiano Ronaldo, in Carlo Ancelotti’s book “Quiet Leadership