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arctic monkeys :-)

i hate you and i’m never going to drink beer with you

favourite song: omg i’ll have to narrow this down A LOT um hellcat spangled, all my own stunts, love is a laserquest, crying lightning, cornerstone, dance little liar, teddy pickers, balaclava, do me a favour (fml honestly), i bet you look good (obvi), when the sun goes down (first i heard by them rip), from the ritz, certain romance + not even gonna think about b sides  ok i can’t do this
least favourite song: everything on AM sucks ass and should’ve never been made just my humble onion (the only right onion)
favourite band member: al……………….. when he wasn’t a dick yet rip
least favourite band member: bye matt i guess
how many of their albums i have: all LPs on cd + AM on vinyl + some early single stuff on cd
favourite album: i LOVE all 2nd - 4th but fwn will always be my tiny Baby
favorite lyrics: GOD it’s been so long so i can’t….. probably something off sias
favorite music video: the view from TBH i love the fox…. lmao

god this got me Fucked Up and nostalgic….. @ArcticMonkeys please cancel AM it never happened i’m coming back home







(actually I’m always out of the loop but the eah fandom is one of the few places I am in the loop which is why I’m very stressed out and crying. ok bye)

Ep12 Bye Felicia..

Things have finally come to an end with Gdude, for now.. For a long long time. Possibly forever. But it’s ok. I believe that anything after X-j is just to forget that pain. This time I didn’t cry once and I only moped around for 1 night. 1 night for the month we dated. The only thing I really really do REGRET. And I mean it. I regret introducing him to my grandparents. Fuck my life. How the fuck am I gonna explain this now? Aaaarrrrrrrgggggg. This is one of the reasons I don’t like to get back with guys to be honest, it makes me look real stupid to be breaking up getting back together with people, I just don’t like dealing with my family.
I can already see me talking to my mother now “he doesn’t like me.” “he said he wasn’t ready for an emotional relationship”
Mother “ what the fuck does that mean?”
How do I tell my mom that I think he used me, and it only took my sisters boyfriend one look to know he didnt want anything serious with me, and I didn’t see it. I was so caught up in seen what I wanted to see. Now I’m getting angry.
Thinking back at everything, I’m getting angry, angry because on that perfect day we shared with his friends and he didn’t tell me he liked me and I noticed, he told me that it wasnt about what he said it was about how he showed me and how he treated me, that’s how I was supposed to know, but it was bullshit. I knew. Once again, I knew and he lied, I don’t know who he was trying to convince when he said that. Now he says he never lied, but of course he never lied, he just left me to assume. Fuck you. There is a big fuck you and your bullshit feeling that I can’t get rid of. Any trust I had given him is gone and even thou I’m aware he has an upper hand because he got me to care about him, I know I’m gonna be over his ass real quick. I just don’t wanna make more mistakes in the process of letting him go.
Now the really hard part starts. No sex. And I hate him because he fucked me over even with sex. He made me look at his eyes while we had sex and he made me feel different, and now I crave that. Now I can’t just used the bastards as I used to because my craving changed, and I know this because I would have texted Meserito by now. My head is thinking a 1000 and 1 things at a time and they contradict themselves. I’m nowhere near being ready to make any decisions anytime soon about sex. Worst part is that now I’m complete aware of it.
When he came back from Peru and I saw him I wasn’t attracted to him anymore as I was before, I’m guessing I already anticipated what was coming. but I still wouldn’t let him near me because I felt vulnerable so I gave him a handshake and he gave me a kiss in the cheek. He told me that if our paths crossed again to keep an open mind about not shutting him out I guess. But in the realistic world of mind, I doubt our worlds will cross again. We have no ties and no common friends. I did try to maintain a friendship with Amanda, but she never replied to my offer of staying in touch so. I guess she was just being polite before when she was nice. We’ll see. Maybe she needs to talk to Gio first and see if it’s ok.

Hmm. I wonder how the next guy is gonna be… I guess it was good at the end of the day for this to happen, it confirmed my “don’t bring guys home theory” even though I really wanted to be wrong about that one. And now I care about who comes in to fuck up my life. Before I felt like Noone could get to me, and he did. So as I finish his chapter and let out all the anger I felt, I decided to take what I learned and move on to the next one. But with a smile, cause he wasn’t a bad experience at the end of the day. I’m actually very grateful for the little time we had. It does suck I was wrong about him. I really did like him.

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1) First of all, how are you?


2) What’s your favorite kpop boy group?

idk some group called exo or something…

3) What’s your favorite kpop girl group?

maybe sistar or f(x)??

4) Apart from kpop, what other music you listen to?

i listen to a variety of genres

5) KaiSoo is beautiful isn’t it? (kaisoo stan for lie)

yeah but they’re so gross like get a room forreal

6) CHANYEOL IS THE BEST AM I RIGHT? (I know he can be a bitch but he’s still a puppy, please don’t kill me)


7) Do you want to ask me something? (I’ll answer whatever you ask, if you don’t want to ask me anything it’s ok, I won’t cry *snif*)


im supposed to be studying so this is the last post i’ll make until i am done w/ this exam (inshAllah :/) but what i find so peculiar, is that there are so many free resources out in the world, now that the internet has gained SO MUCH popularity (as opposed to the early nineties/two thousands where we still did research mainly through books and not through online resources, speaking for students particularly) yet people still pay to learn things? for example, there this mehndi artist i follow and she offers classes, but she gives out so much information (literally anything and everything) that i don’t even see why you would need to pay six hundred+ for a class when you can just ask her and she will answer for free. the same thing applies for most any subject you encounter. there is so much available to the individual if they just try and find it and do their research, but i also think that as a society, we’ve come to just expect people to spoonfeed us information, similarly to how we were taught as children but that’s not the case anymore. i don’t necessarily think you need to pay to learn anything anymore (w/ the exception of things like medicine/law etc. aka professions that require some sort of practical and paper qualifications to practice and help people and even then, you can learn it online but you still need to pay to be qualified) 

I am talking to awalcening about fire emblem specifically FE 9/10 and I am having a moment here I’m going to cry these are my favourite games in existence

wingsoundhello there friend I can’t read your ask ?? I got the gist though and omg like I hated Kitty at the start of s3 then as time went I LOVED HER and I didn’t ship her and sherl at all and then she had to go b reak my heart and tell him she loved him and inTERRUPT HIM WHEN HE WAS CRYING girl bye i am cry

anhonestman: hello there also friend I can’t read your ask at all :(((

if any of you want to skype me until tumblr stops being a shit then my skype is: megclohessy ok ok

iinquisitivesoul: hyperventilates tbH when s3 started I was on hiatus from sherlock tbh :(( skype invite goes to you too bae ok ok 

basically everyone who wants to just add me on skype

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Tnx for killing me unnie! That update just........ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It just too good i......... i cant the feels! Ok i am going to curl on the floor and cry bye

Hahaha thank you dear~