Kousei: “Hiroko-san… Do you think it reached my mom? The way I played my very best… Do you think it reached Mom?”

Hiroko: “You dummy. You two are connected, aren’t you?”

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Oh man I uh, wow I have never done this sorta thing but, oh man ok hi! I only just started following you but man I am absolutely in love with your art style and I have never felt more love for anyone's art before. Keep up the amazing work and just stay awesome ok I am gonna go now *opens door* love your work *walks out* *peeks head back in* really some great stuff.... ok bye! *leaves*

thank you so much! honestly you’re going to make me cry. Your art work is absolutely amazing as well, I love your animations. this mean so much, thank you!!

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kyungSOO holy fUcjUk kyugnsoo his lips his lips RUNS AROUND IN CIRCLES i dont know his voice does things to meee his riffs though nd i am chansoo shipper like maD

SAME (can i run with you i need to exercise) but like holy sheeetthej his voice is the sound of angels serenading you with gold shiny harps flying around clouds and rainbows i dont understnad 

SAME YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE I AM PURE CHANSOO TRASH!!!!!!  holy shejkzlj chansoo is the best thing that happened to human civilization to be honest!!!@!11211

LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

come rant about life, pcy, soo, xing, or mino!!!

Finally gathered up enough courage to watch (ok not even watch - just listen to the audio of - ) Changmin, Kyuhyun and Chen’s version of Bolero from SMTOWN Tokyo. Oh god bad idea. Literally the first note dropped and I was in tears?! I was not planning on this! SO NOW my goal for 2017 is to be able to listen to this song without ugly sobbing. 

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heyooo omg wow we have the same faq theme lolol ok so marianas trench. just every. single. song. esp pop 101, lover dearest and the ENTIRE masterpiece theatre album. i just *heart eyes* i love them so much ok bYE. ily so much sophia puUNCH ME

IM CR Y I NG! i am so heart eyes for you gemma.. you have no idea <33 

ps: your faq page is soooo much better than mine i cry 

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comment/advice: when hannah montana said that nobody’s perfect, she lied. (bc obviously you are uwu)

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my ult bias is lowkey mark from got7 but im so close to being won over by wonwoo jfkdjshsjjs -hansol17s

bias: not my thing :/ | ok | cutie(Mark in Just right was just …amazing)| myy child | i lOV E SOM CUH(don’t talk to me about wonwoo i will probably cry)

url: ok | nicenice | ok i rlly like it | u r genius | how m,any did u kill

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I have never heard of Supernatural before and I started watching and dude it’s my life like I mean Dean his jokes oh my. Or Ruby and Sam. OTP OTP OTP I’m whatching season four now so I like only just met Castiel AND WHAT THE FUCK KFROGRG HES HOT I WANNA MARRY HIM AND HES SO CUTE WHILE HE JUST APPEARS FOR ONLY FIVE SECS IN LIKE ONLY 6 EPISODES THIS SEASON I AM CRYING OMG ok bye

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your name is emily, my name is emily. you love danielle campbell. i love danielle campbell. your favorite movie is 10 things i hate about you. my favorite movie is 10 things i hate about you. are you me? i am you? im v confused. (jk i just stalk you all the time because you're flawless) ok done now bye ((((:

UMMMMMM WTF THIS IS THE BEST MESSAGE I’VE EVER RECEIVED???? I WANT TO HUG YOU FOREVER?????? OH YGMKFDDS F. PLEASE COME OFF ANON SO I CAN HUG YOU WEA RE THE SAME PEROSN I’M CRYING PLS. (oh my go d i’m literally the lamest person ever ask anyone i’m in awe about you tbh???? i??? eignakms). COME BACK I WANNA LOVE U PLS HRWJEAKLSSDG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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(M) *the morning you wake up to me on the phone crying softly as I talk to Jay* I-I know baby but I told you I'll be back later tonight I just- *stays quiet as he starts yelling and you can hear him calling me all of these ugly names* I'm so sorry Jay, I know I am. Yes I am a s-stupid bitch *stays quiet* o-ok love you too b-bye *hangs up and covers my face with my hands and starts to cry*-Sammi

*frowns and slowly sits up, wrapping my arms around you tightly* you are not any of those ugly names he called you

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his name is douglas, not diego. and he has nothing to do with bastian schweinsteiger you fool.

I don’t care, I’m going to call him Diego, is not like I did’t know that he was douggy or that it had nothing to do with Bastino but it’s true Diego Costa is in and Bastian Bayern out. I’m a fool but for believing. 

I :) am :) OK, just waiting for Müller to be gone :D pls