grocery shopping // a mileven oneshot

Just a cute lil idea that I got from this post

as a result here’s a fluffy little oneshot for all of your mileven fluff needs (✿◕ᴗ◕)

as always, no nsfw just fluff! cause these are!!! children people!!!

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You know, for a long time I wondered why Paul wouldn't reveal a relationship with John if one existed. But then, watching how people react to the very IDEA of McLennnon.... I think it's obvious and frankly very sensible. And he doesn't want the hate he'd inevitably receive (the kind YOU receive, but worse) if he "suddenly" altered people's perception of Lennon-McCartney. I 100% respect Paul's right to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal relationship details. He owes us nothing.


The International Christmas Project 2016

Hi everyone,

So basically I had this fun idea for next Christmas and I named it The International Christmas Project. I’m not completely sure how to organise this project, but before I know exactly how to organise it, I would like to know if there’s anyone out there who would like to join the project.

What is The International Christmas Project?

Like I said, I haven’t completely thought it through, so this is just like the base of the whole project and I’ll work it out when there’s enough enthusiasm. The idea behind the project is that everyone who joins the project receives the tumblr username or e-mailadress or another way to contact someone from another country. You’ll send an Christmas card or maybe even a little christmas present to this person. So in the end everyone receives one or maybe more christmas cards or just something that has anything to do with Christmas from another country. Maybe a little video or some pictures. The idea is to get to know how people around the world celebrate Christmas and to get in touch with people from another country.

Would you like this to become a thing? Please let me know by reblogging or liking this message.

Any ideas or would you like to help me organise? Please email me:

Goodnight sweeties,


Gotta share some love now

I just have to say this one thing, and then I’ll go:

Since I came out of lurker status and started interacting with this obiyuki/shiraobi fandom, I have received absolutely nothing but the warmest of welcomes and the kindest of support. It is amazing how many wonderful and encouraging people I have met who have created and cultivated this beautiful community filled with sweet words, awesome content, fantastic stories, and gorgeous art. The purity of love you all show when you are expressing your passion within this community is literally one of the best things ever.

That being said, the only tears or frustration or heartache I feel y’all should be experiencing is when those two knuckleheads don’t realize that they should run away together or, at the very least, kiss. ^_^

Apologies/”Stupid Questions”

Something I notice around here a lot is that people are often apologizing for asking questions, or calling their questions ‘stupid’. 

I want you to stop doing that; both on this blog and in your real lives. 

Why? Well, for starters, what you have to say is important and it matters. When you apologize for speaking or call yourself dumb, you’re minimizing your thoughts and opinions. As human beings, we have to be nicer to ourselves. Especially women: we’ve been conditioned over time to be sweet, polite, and to watch our words for fear of bothering somebody. They also make us feel like we must be adored by everyone. Screw that! 

None of you are stupid. You are all very kind people who take time out of your day to help each other out. This blog exists to field questions - you aren’t bothering anybody. The amount of replies certain questions receive clearly demonstrates that. 

I know habits don’t change overnight, but think of how you speak about yourself and consider making that small change if you’re an apologizer. You’re totally worthy.


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you could do something with the new game you weregoing to do? like quest characters since you said it was a rpg

I do plan on doing that when I officially announce my side game, and I have taken into consideration other rewards.

Me and Captain Senpai were speaking about a monthly art raffle thing for Patreon around two months back, but it’s entirely up to her if she wants to still do this. We’ll see what happens after my side project is announced and see how people receive that first.
How the U.S. Government Is Helping Corporations Plunder Native Land - #IdleNoMore #environment

Corporations should never be trusted when they have an offer since their main motivation is exploitation in the name of profit.

When businesses negotiate leases or rights of way, landowners often get a pittance in return. An Interior Department report shows that in 2015, 60 percent of Native landowners earned less than $25 from leasing and other land-related income. Some received as little as a few pennies.

Meanwhile, access to the land is crucial to a host of companies and individual operators that drill, frack, farm and fell timber in Indian country. The list of companies that profit from access to Native land includes Koch Industries, Wal-Mart, Dollar General and many more. While the total revenue generated by these activities remains untallied, sales of oil, gas and coal extracted from Native land last year totaled over $5 billion.

Native landowners are on an uneven playing field when they negotiate with corporations, and documents and interviews obtained by In These Times suggest the BIA does little to level it. While working closely with prospective lessees, the BIA appears to shut landowners out of much of the process, denying them information they need to evaluate corporations’ offers. And when landowners complain of harassment or foul play by corporations, the BIA may sometimes look the other way.

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matchup please? i'm 5'3 with long black curly hair and side bangs lots of freckles hazel eyes and i'm bi ! i'm rlly affectionate with people i love but when i receive affection or compliments(which is rare)i turn into a big flustered mess. i'm a huge dork i act really carefree & joyful to mask how dead inside i am hah a. i always look out for my friends but if i'm angry i always tend to curse and talk in spanish. i enjoy playing video games and just napping around and cuddling because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


With your short height, bright personality, and reaction to affection, you’re a perfect candidate for Camilla’s smothering. Affection shown toward you is a rarity no more. Camilla would love to tease and prod you lovingly to get a reaction out of you. However, you would be able to lower your joyful front around her. She would love you all the same.


Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

→ Imagined Tokyo Ghoul Book Covers

Keeping your line-up fresh can put a serious dent in your wallet. The multiple barber visits throughout the month add up — depending on the rate of hair growth, you could be shelling out hundreds of dollars, monthly.

Joshua Esnard has patented and created the perfect tool that allows people to save cash and cut their own hairlines.

As written on the official site, he “created The Cut Buddy in 2000, when he was 13 years old, and patented multiple designs in January 2015, at the age of 28.”

This haircut and beard line-up template is an Best Seller and has received rave reviews for its stunning DIY capabilities. The website also features a variety of videos with barbers showing how they use The Cut Buddy to line-up beards and achieve a clean, crisp haircut.

It’s flexible – adjusts to all hairlines and head/beard sizes, strong (plastic, rubber design and durable), light-weight (carry it anywhere you go) and small. No more worrying about carrying bulky items while you’re traveling.

“It was because of necessity. I couldn’t afford to go to the barber every week…you know? I just didn’t have the time, really. So, creating The Cut Buddy was basically a guide that allowed me to line-up, shape-up [and] tape-up my hair perfectly, quickly and on time.” – Joshua Esnard (Founder), Official Site

The Cut Buddy ships worldwide, uses most payment methods, including Pay-Pal and even has a military order form.

“The product works for a military man who is overseas and can’t get to a barber. It works for a barber that’s in training…the product has been very special and we’re looking forward to moving to new heights and providing people [with] a tool that allows them to be more confident.” – Joshua Esnard (Founder), Official Site

It also makes it possible for you to keep a line-up fresh in between barber visits. $14.99 plus shipping is an excellent deal compared to the hundreds of dollars that are often spent at the barbershop.

The Cut Buddy is helping people all around the world become bosses at cutting their own hair.

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Last night I came across this post about a beautiful young lady who posted her prom pictures and received so many negative comments from bullies. So much that she posted that she wish she had never went to prom or posted her pictures. It made me so upset to think about how cruel people could be and how messed up someone could really be to purposely try and bring down another person. But, I was happy to see how many people reached out to her with so much positivity and encouragement to her. Posting her pictures and reminding her of how beautiful she is. Although I don’t know her personally, I really wanted to contribute to the uplifting of this beautiful queen by drawing this picture of her. Not only to let her know how beautiful and amazing she is, but, to raise awareness about bullying. It is never ok. Not only did this girl have to deal with it in her environment, she has to now deal with it on social media. I just hope for anyone who sees this if they could go to Facebook and let Tayja Jones-Banks know she is beautiful and she is loved!! Lets continue to lift each other up!

Reminder to Abled people

The “perks” disabled people receive are not perks to the disabled. They only seem like perks if you have full bodily function. They aren’t benefits at all, they are the minimum required effort to help disabled people and they barely cut it. 

Special seating is to fit a wheel chair, our butts and legs are in the same amount of space as you. We’re also cramped and uncomfortable and in pain, don’t be telling us how you have it worse. Most of those seats aren’t even in good spots in the theater. 

Special parking is so we can even access the store. The walk from the middle of the lot for you is the same as the walk/wheel from the front of the lot for us. Many of us can barely make it inside from the handicapped parking.

Boarding planes first is because it takes extra time to do everything, including get in and out of chairs. They do not want US to block YOU. This is for YOUR benefit. 

This also applies to the special lines at roller coasters- They do not want US to block YOU, the majority, from having a good time. Odds are a disabled person can only ride a few rides before having to go home (as well as many rides bar people with health conditions), few to no disabled people are using this line. It is a SAFETY precaution as well, because a disabled person cannot handle the strain of waiting in line in the heat as long as an abled person can. In fact, most abled people barely tolerate it. Why would you expect a disabled person to not pass out and need emergency services and halt the line if abled people do it, too?

Using the Elevator is not a privilege. How the hell are we supposed to get wheel chairs, damaged body parts, and our generous helping of pain up the stairs? If you think this is a benefit, pinch yourself immediately because you are dreaming. And yes, elevators often make disabled people with sensitive constitutions (most of us) feel ill. It’s not even pleasant. 

Being Granted extra time on tests is because many of our brains freeze up when placed in a stressful situation. It also often takes longer for us to remember or process a question or answer. If you have testing anxiety, you are eligible too! Do not think it is limited to disabled people and it is a benefit. It’s so we don’t fail every test. It’s so we can KEEP UP with you. 

“Getting” to take their dogs everywhere, is the most misconceived of them all. The dog is specially trained to preform a task so we do not DIE suddenly in public. Sure, the dogs are loyal friends, but I am not exaggerating when I say it is to prevent DEATH. Please understand the dog is for personal safety. Like a rescue inhaler or an alarm. Do not complain that you cannot have a dog in public and do not bother our dogs. You are downplaying our illness. It is both rude and cruel. Are you at risk of dying suddenly that could be easily preventable with an assistant? No? Then leave us and our service animals alone because it is none of your business. 

Please think about WHY disabled people need this rather than decry the whole system that barely supports us. I am sure you mean well, but if you think that these things are “perks” or “benefits”, then you are part of the problem. 

A large population of disabled people don’t even get access to all of these things because of the extremely harmful “faker for benefits” mindset that has been widely adapted. It is killing us. Literally. Please be considerate of the needs of all human beings, not just those like you. 

It baffles me when I see people complaining about protesters blocking roads, saying “they’ll never win people over like that”.

No shit. They’re not trying to win people over anymore, they’re saying “We’ve had enough and we will do everything we can to get the justice we deserve, no matter how much it inconveniences you”. They’ve been trying to “win people over” for decades by not protesting; by just trying to live their lives as best in spite of all the crushing hatred they receive. The reason they’re out there protesting now is because trying to be friendly didn’t work.

You don’t get to spend years rejecting people trying “the friendly way” and then say “Why don’t they try to be more friendly” afterwards.
A Syrian Refugee Who Swam For Her Life Just Won Her Olympics Heat
“I want to represent all the refugees because I want to show everyone that, after the pain, after the storm, comes calm days.”
By David Mack

A Syrian refugee who found sanctuary in Europe after swimming in the icy Mediterranean waters enjoyed a fairy tale start to her Olympic dream on Saturday, winning her swimming heat.

Yusra Mardini is one of 10 athletes selected to compete in the first ever Olympics team composed entirely of refugees. The men and women from Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo received huge applause when they entered the opening ceremony on Friday.

ardini, 18, was forced to swim for her life when her migrant boat began sinking as it was ferrying her and roughly 20 other refugees to Europe last year.

She and her sister, who both knew how to swim, jumped out and pushed the boat for three and a half hours until they reached the Greek island of Lesbos, she told the UN Refugee Agency.

“It would have been shameful if the people on our boat had drowned,” she said. “There were people who didn’t know how to swim. I wasn’t going to sit there and complain that I would drown. If was going to drown, at least I’d drown proud of myself and my sister.”

After they found refuge in Berlin, Mardini began swimming at a local sports club where she caught the eye of a coach.

When the International Olympic Committee decided to field a team of refugee athletes to draw global attention to the refugee crisis, Mardini was among those who qualified — barely nine months after she first arrived in Europe.

On Saturday, Mardini won her Women’s 100 meter butterfly swimming heat, posting a time of 1:09:21.

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Honestly, if you need any more proof of how much pure and utter LOVE went into Mob Psycho 100′s production, then the unabashed fact that they payed homage to the oft-debated and oft-ridiculed art style of its author’s artwork by having him be the key animation director for the last several minutes of its final episode should be plenty.


ONE’s not dumb or ignorant.

He KNOWS what his art looks like to other people. He’s poked fun at his own artwork in an omake page in Mob Psycho 100 itself.

He’s said that people have told him how he’d never make it, and how hard that can be.

Even now with two HIGHLY successful and beloved series under his belt, both of which have now received widely-regarded anime adaptations, there are STILL critics of his artwork on all sides, after all these years of hard work.

BONES not only gave a big flying “eff you” to the face of critics by preserving ONE’s signature style (even after ONE himself said “you know, maybe you might need to make Mob sexier to appeal to more people…”), but numerous high-ranking members of the Studio itself contributed to the theme song, and surprised the pants off of all of us by having the Big Man Himself–the one who they owed this very story to–a seat with them in director’s chair.

I’ve been watching anime for a number of years. I’ve NEVER heard of this kind of thing, and frankly, I’m blown away.

“Mob Day” as we know it might be wrapped for now, but you can bet your teeth that this studio wants a Season 2 just as badly as we, the audience, do. Time will only tell, but I still have high hopes.

If our parents didn’t love and understand each other, how are we to know what love looks like? … The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness. Our parents may be able to leave us money, houses, and land, but they may not be happy people. If we have happy parents, we have received the richest inheritance of all.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
You have been told that you love too much, too often and too hard, too many times and it should have taught you that the way people receive love is their problem not yours. It is not that you need to love in moderation. It is that they need to learn how to receive love more graciously.
—  Nikita Gill

I’m serious when I say these false eqivilancies of “not being monogamous” with “utopia, the next natural evolution of human relationships, less work and less drama, no commitment, all commitment is regressive” harms people esp young people with little relationship experience who are trying to get into those dynamics and receive that type of misguidance / misinfo. 

nonmonogamy still includes commitment and responsibility - meaning that what you have to commit yourself to the responsibility that is honest communication and honest followthrough with the people you’re involved with. no matter how many ppl are involved in a dynamic, things like sexual and romantic boundaries need to be communicated. things like how many sex partners you’re currently having or plan on having needs to be communicated. you shouldn’t start dating someone new without telling ur current partner(s) if that’s something that they expect of you. yes - cheating is a thing in polyamorous, open, or otherwise labeled nonmonogamous relationships, if you have a set of guidelines about how you’re going to communicate about that nonmonogamy, how many partners you’re comfortable with yourself and the other person having, etc, and someone breaks that rule and that honesty, that’s cheating. 

and you may find that you can’t handle over a certain number of involvements at a certain level of seriousness or at all - I know my threshold for relationships is two people. I have two partners and if I go above that, my energy and time and attention I can devote to each person goes down, I get overwhelmed, I’m unable to be a good and loving partner and things fall apart. find your limits, communicate, know your boundaries, have convictions about the kind of integrity you’re going to have in a relationship whether or not you’re monogamous.

▪️Shoutout to people who have lost a loved one
▪️To kids who are told their grief “isn’t as bad” because they didn’t lose a parent
▪️To older people who are expected to not grieve as much/“have it together”
▪️To people who receive comments like “(person who passed away) is in a better place now” and “man I’m glad I don’t have to go through that”
▪️To people who are pitied/treated differently after others hearing about the loss
▪️To people who can’t remember much about their loved one
▪️To people who are told “I know how it feels,” when it’s different for everybody and nobody can truly understand
▪️To people who still grieve long after the loss

I love you all and I want you to know that it’s ok to grieve. It’s ok to be sad, angry, or anything that you feel. You deserve the best.

what signs to check in posts

I’ve gotten a few asks about what signs you should check in certain posts, so here we go! Also, please note that you can always check your Dominant sign for all posts.

For posts about social situations, being with friends, basic traits, and initial reactions, check your Sun sign.

For posts about family, security, emotions, how you feel when something happens, how you act when emotional, and your inner self, check your Moon sign.

For posts about first impressions, meeting new people, style, fashion, and beauty, check your Rising sign.

For posts about communication, reactions, speaking, writing, solving problems, thinking, and thoughts you have, check your Mercury sign.

For posts about love, showing affection, receiving affection, acting in a relationship, relationships in general, and aesthetics, check your Venus sign.

For posts about energy, sex, anger, revenge, instincts, stress, and determination, check your Mars sign.

For posts about luck, fate, spirituality, abstract thoughts, and passions, check your Jupiter sign.

For posts about work, challenges, limitations, restrictions, maturity, and fears, check your Saturn sign.

For posts about change, rebellion, progression, revolution, and originality, check your Uranus sign.

For posts about dreams, imagination, fantasies, understanding, spiritual understanding, and intuition, check your Neptune sign.

For posts about transformation, change in life, new beginnings, life advice, and wanting to change, check your Pluto sign.

For posts about careers, reputation, social situations, professional environments, and your place in life, check your Midheaven sign.

If you don’t know what sign you have in a certain planet, calculate your birth chart here!