Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)


‘Who’s your favourite gymnast?’

How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?
  • How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?
  • Modern Baseball
How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? - Modern Baseball

“She’s on his mind day and night, Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise, He needs her more than she needs him. Won’t fight, no just walks away. Won’t tell his secrets just keeps them safe. That’s why she’s, she’s not just another face.”

You know that moment that comes along so rarely when you find a song and you are so taken aback you just end up saying “holy shit” quietly to yourself?

Yeah. This was one of those moments.

Glitch in the Matrix?

A story for sixpenceee!!

So my brother, Jake, told me this evening that he’s seen a dark figure appear in his room for the past five days. He seemed really shaken up, and he never lies to me. He’s 18 and an asshole, the toughest kid I know, and he’s terrified out of his mind. Here’s our conversation:

Jake: You remember insidious?
Me: Yea,
J: and how he was lucid dreaming?
Me: Uh-huh.
J: And he saw that big red guy?
Me: …yea..?
J: Well, I woke up one morning, and I saw a silhouette standing at the foot of my bed, and I grabbed my phone and turned on the light, but when i turned on my phone and the light, it went away.
Me: What the heck?
J: Yea,
~describes it as 6ft tall and dark~
Me: holy shit.
J: And this happened like five days in a row. Today was the worst.
Me: What happened?
J: I actually said “Hey!” before I turned on the light. He was really close. Do you know what it means?
Me: Not at all,
J: Do you think it’s lucid dreaming?
Me: No; Maybe you could look it up, you should find out what it is.
J: I don’t want to find out.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely scary.

Things That I have Yet to See People Talking About Concerning the Final Episode of OITNB (SPOILERS!!!!!)

1. Aleida’s face when she heard the news. They didn’t mention the name so she thinks it was Daya!

2. Maritza pushing Humphreys down and making him drop his gun.

3. “Fucking CO’s. You’re all pieces of shit.” Pretty sure that while she did mean the one infront of her, I’m pretty sure she was also drawing from her anger towards Bennet.

4. How To Kill a Mockingjay. Hungry Games. 

5. Red reading to her family from a book that Poussey gave to her. 

6. Maria backing away as Daya holds the gun. She might agree with it, but if Daya shoots, Maria is not prepared to take the blame. 

7. Muddy Waters by LP….holy wow. its been on repeat all day.

Holy shit!! The Judy and Liza references weren't because of the gay icons connection. It was because of the Capitol records connection.

Both Judy and Liza were with Capitol records at some point in their life. This is why the boys were hammering away with the photo references for them. On top of that you have the fact that they were rumored to have met with Capitol the other day.

Of course this could have been about anything but this needs to be kept in mind.!!

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bad boy!Jeonghan:
  • really mysterious and like everyone’s afraid of him but at the same time they’re so mesmerized bc he’s so beautiful and like everyone knows him
  • he usually wears his hair in a low ponytail, save for his bangs and he likes to brush them back with his fingers and like every girl within a mile radius swoons over this small movement
  • leather jackets all day every day
  • the way he laughs is a total contrast to his whole bad boy image because his eyes disappear and his nose scrunches up and it’s like the cutest thing to witness
  • ok so like one day you’re walking down the hallway, too distracted by your notes and then suddenly you bump into someone and it turns out to be jeonghan 
  • you’re like ‘holy shit holy shit holy shit he look so much better up close’ and you’re tripping over your words trying to apologize
  • but then he gives you a half-smile and tells you it’s alright and then he walks away and you’re left there blushing 
  • every time you see him, you turn the other way because what if you embarrass yourself in front of him again oh my god
  • but sometimes it really can’t be helped that you have to walk by him when going to class and every time this happens you catch him looking at you and you don’t really know how to react 
  • this continues on for weeks and then one day while you’re fixing stuff inside your locker and you feel a set of eyes on you and you turn your head around and sure enough jeonghan was down the hall, staring at you
  • you hide behind your locker door and you have to give yourself a pep talk to try and calm yourself down because if you don’t your leg might just give out
  • but then you hear footsteps coming your way and then you can feel someone standing right next to you and you’re like 101% sure it’s jeonghan
  • well what do you know it is jeonghan
  • and you ask him in a very shaky voice ‘i-is there a problem?’ 
  • and he’s like ‘oh no, not really i just really need to ask you something’
  • and you look at him expectantly and his eyes are boring straight into yours and you’re completely frozen on the spot jesus fucking christ jeonghan why do you have this effect on people
  • “do you maybe want to catch a movie with me sometime?”




More AUs for your OTP to be in
  • Soulmates AU where dancing is a huge part of life and often incorporated into events because fusion exists and if you fuse with a person that’s your soulmate
  • To play off the first, I’m freaking out because it turns that despite a lifetime of hating each other, my eternal rival and I are soulmates because the two of just fused. Oh my god, what do I do?!
  • Alternatively, I fused once with my childhood friend as a kid, but because of awkwardness we never told anyone and one day they moved away but now they’re back again senior year and holy shit my soulmate is looking good
  • A world where everyone is a gem
  • Wanna binge watch all these cartoons with me? What do you mean ‘Dude, we’re 23′?!
  •  I’m a parent and I was just trying to beat the sales rush at the super market when a cute animal thing gave me the powers to fight against the forces of evil. I need to pick my kids from school (thanks to kickloop‘s post about a magical anime w/ moms)
  • I got pissed off and yelled at this random person and oh god now I feel guilty because holy shit they are such a cinnamon roll
  • We’re just getting married for the sake of the baby that will be born soon, but I can’t help slowly falling in love with this person
  • Oh hell no. I work at an electronics store and I’ve had to deal with one too many broken laptops because of viners and I think I’ve just spotted another one
  • We have no classes together but we always see each other in detention and the entire time we pass notes to each other. How does a cute person like you end up in detention?
  • Great; my health class just gave out the ‘take care of a baby with a partner’ project and I’m stuck with the class asshole
  • I found this random diary and, even though I shouldn’t, I started reading it and this person’s life story is so heartwarming I just can’t

but they look like that street band you see everyday in the morning on your way to work, that you never have enough time to listen to, but that every morning you toss a tenner in their guitar case until one day you stay and listen and you start feeling really happy because they’re so good and so when they finish you start to amble away and right before you do ash nudges luke and points towards you and he runs after you and thanks you for all the money you’ve ever thrown in and you tell him how much you like their voices and he smiles at you and invites you to hang out with the boys and holy shit


I had this 90% finished and then I read last night’s chapter of After the High (19: Close Your Eyes) and could not stop screaming (internally, of course). HOW COULD YOU -but really- brilliant, brilliant writing! I loved it, holy shit, did I love it! I’m going to be grinning all day! (◕ヮ◕)

*takes a deep breath*

I played around with lighting A LOT on this one, and I like how it turned out (so shiny everywhere jeezus). At first I couldn’t decide on the position– I must have redrawn his head like 20 times, not to mention the rest of his body! I used a lot of references on this one, especially photos of Andrew Scott in Birdland (I wish I could see it but I live so far away). I decided to colour the feathered vest like the Eurasian magpie I practiced earlier to add a little colour to his otherwise black outfit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to put Seb into this picture without it being awkward. Eheheh… next time… Pen, markers & white ink!

*waits excitedly for the next chapter*

The current state of the Faking It fandom before the long awaited release of season 2b

“Faking It is back? Wait, what was that about again? I forgot what I was even watching. Lesbians? Zombies? Lesbian zombies?”

“Oh, right. I remember now. A freak show high school where no one ever goes to class and a bunch of gay stuff. Best friends pretending to be girlfriends. Karmy. OMG Karmy pool kiss. Holy shit–”

“Are you telling me my favorite ships will put me through emotional hell again and Carter Covington will make me go through all five stages of grief for his personal enjoyment once more?”

“Possible Reamy break-up?”

“Rita Volk and Katie Stevens?!”

“New male love interests, more Kiam and a possible Liam Booker storyline?”

“Highly likely Karmy angst/cliffhanger in the finale?”

“All of this madness just one day away?”

“Oh, boy, here we go again. Fuck.”

Idk what this is; it just popped into my head.

I don’t ship Tuckington (I just platonically friendship it), but I just had this thought/idea thing of, on Chorus, Tucker starting to like Wash and whatever and then one day, he sees Wash is just NOT wearing his armor at all, not even the body suit - and this is a big deal because Wash hardly takes off his armor anyway (especially these days when they’re in a constant state of war against Charon) - and not only is he caught off-guard by seeing Wash out of armor, but WHAT THE FUCK- IS THAT A WEDDING RING ON YOUR FINGER?! HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE MARRIED! WUT?!?!

And Wash is confused and surprised by Tucker’s outburst, but then sad as he fingers the metal band and looks away saying “Used to. I guess I’m technically a widower, though we were never actually official.” And he doesn’t say anything else because although he doesn’t know of Tucker’s feelings about him, he doesn’t NEED to in order to know that Tucker would not react well if he told him he was married to the man who later became the Meta, and he leaves Tucker before he can see him cry as he thinks of the night when Maine withdrew the trinket from his family possessions (it was his father’s ring to his mother) and lovingly slipped it on his finger - a promise for their future - and entwining their hands together like they were already bound with a ceremonial knot.

Tucker is left still reeling from the sudden realization that Wash was actually married once and is now feeling all kinds of conflicted.

Okay, so one of my head canons is that Kate knows French, but it’s something that she doesn’t really use much. So one day, when Victoria says something snide to Max in French, Kate just gets really mad and starts shouting at Victoria in French, and Victoria is like ‘holy shit’ and Max is like 'holy shit’ and then Kate finishes yelling at Victoria with a glare and grabs Max’s arm and drags her away

Reading All The Rage while pregnant with a baby girl sure was interesting

and by interesting I mean holy shit that was hard. Especially when the main character’s name is 1 letter away from our little one’s (Romy/Rory). 

The line that made me pause and have to walk away from the book for a day was “I hope it’s not a girl” - in the early days of our pregnancy before we knew the baby’s sex, for just a moment, I had the same thought. Being a girl in this world is so hard and so scary. How was I going to ask this little baby to go into battle as soon as it’s born? But then I remembered that all the great warriors in my life are women. Women who have seen some shit and come out the other side better and stronger. And that it’s ok to count myself among them. To be proud of my battle scars and not be ashamed of what I’ve survived.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of books I want to share with my daughter and one day this will be one of them. 

theory that wash never dances around people, and shys away from it after years of york and north teasing him but one day tucker walks into the kitchen to see wash with his headphones in listening to music and tucker is blown away with washs moves. like, who knew the serious, mr. no fun could move his hips so sultry and why is tucker unable to breathe right and who knew wash was actually so limber and his hips so hypnotic

wash eventually sees tucker and is a blushing babe and freaks out and ‘cant believe tucker would just stand there and why didnt you tease me say something????’

and tuckers eyes are just locked on washs hips with his mouth open unable to fathom how this smol nerdy white boy can dance so well

#1 of the art giveaway for @loverickandmorty!! The theme was: Inter dimensional trio happy!

This one came from a dream I had ages ago…Jerry and Beth are fighting seriously and threatening divorce. Summer was trying to drown them out with music when she heard a knock on her door. Rick and Morty were outside signaling her to come with them. They left and picked up ice cream from Rick’s favorite store and stopped at some exoplanet to watch the suns set over the beach. It was quiet and warm and nothing but the sound of the wind on the cliffs and the water lapping up on the rocks below. 


(Sorry, this might be difficult to read because I got super lazy.)

I like to imagine that, one day, Sans snaps on Frisk and runs away in anger.

Frisk, of course, understands that Sans was having a bad day and took it out on him. He cries nonetheless, because he IS a child.

Bonus 1:

Bonus 2:

I thought about telling you I miss you but then I realized the feeling is not mutual so i just asked about your day.
I like change, but I wish we were still the same.
I wish I still was enough for you and you weren’t the one who’s got me up till this time of night thinking about what it could of been.
I wish we hadn’t drifted so far apart from each other, there was always currents of self questioning pulling us away from each other but you stopped fighting it, you got tired and you just gave up on me so quickly, like a habit, like giving up on the ones you love was the only thing you’ve been taught in this life, like I was just another example to remind yourself of how fucking great you are at what you do. But it’s getting harder and harder to see you with all the haze of indifferences between you and I and these waves of sadness don’t help much either.
—  I should stop fighting too shouldn’t I my love?