*girl and boy idol interact normally*

boy group stans: lmao it’s not like i’m mad or something :) i mean he can do what he wants i do not care :) i really do not :) but like :) idk why she tries so hard, who even asked her to get close to him lmao :) anyways i’m not bitter or something holy shit please but like, why did she approach him. anyways i’m chill it’s not like i hate girls or something :) he’s gonna date me one day anyways :) idk think of the dating rumors lmao i’d hate that, she can stay away :) what! i really care about her! it’s not like i secretly plan to trash her on the internet. lmao :)

holy shit debbie reynolds was reportedly rushed to the hospital after having a stroke today, just one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away…. my thoughts and prayers go out to that family what a horrible past couple days

give me a “remember when we used to be friends in high school and we used to intimidate everyone until one day we had a massive fight bc you got involved with the wrong crowd and became a completely different person && the last time i saw you was in the pouring rain and you were crying begging me not to end our friendship — holy fucking shit, you just kissed me and then walked away and completely disappeared from the world ((for whatever reason)) && now it’s been a couple of years and we bump into each other at a coffee shop and fucking hell — you’ve gotten 10x hotter and you look so much happier and i look like the definition of trash but you just commented on how cute i am && fast forward a week and we’re sitting in your apartment and we’re getting high af and there’s so much sexual attention i just wanna climb on your lap and ride you into next week but there’s smth stopping me — is that an engagement ring on your finger or am i just seeing things??” plot


Day four

“Ouch, holy shit man, don’t touch it!” Derek jerked his shoulder away from Chowder’s hand, turning slightly to see several gaping faces.

“Sorry, Nursey! Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

“Its fine C, it’s just super sensitive.” Nursey bent over to grab the button up he had dropped on the ground, sliding it on over his arms and one shoulder, keeping one shoulder exposed. He glances over his shoulder to find Farmer with her hand hovering just over his skin, her eyes wide and sparkling with interest, Chowder holding her elbow so she didn’t make the same mistake. Dex is behind them, leaning against the doorframe with a fist pressed against his mouth. Derek is marveling in the bright flush of Will’s face when he feels Caitlin’s warm, soft fingertips skirting around the edges of the tattoo. It was small, and very geometric, a mountain range encased in a circle with gentle script in the bottom of the shape. She leans in so close Derek can feel her breath against his skin. Chowder pulls her back, laughing as little forcefully as Caitlin whispers, “What does it say?”

“That’s for me to know, and few to find out,” he gives her and wink and Chowder’s face blooms pink. He can hear Dex chuckling behind her and the click of Lardo’s phone camera, then a, “Oh, sent that to me.”

Later, in the locker room, as he’s pulling off his pads, he feels the gauze slide off his skin and expose the fresh skin. Three calloused fingertips brush against his shoulder, then a hot breath against his ear, “Still sensitive?” He shivers hard and watches as Dex saunters away, smirking as he ruffles through his bag for a towel. When he catches Nursey smiling he makes a kissy sound at him before heading towards the showers.

“Yo, nice tat Nurse!” Ransom leans in to poke at the skin and Nursey jerks away hard yelling, “Sensitive, bro, its sensitive!”

Dex peeks his head past the shower curtain to yell, “Yo Nursey, chill.

How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?
Modern Baseball
How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her?
How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? - Modern Baseball

“She’s on his mind day and night, Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise, He needs her more than she needs him. Won’t fight, no just walks away. Won’t tell his secrets just keeps them safe. That’s why she’s, she’s not just another face.”

You know that moment that comes along so rarely when you find a song and you are so taken aback you just end up saying “holy shit” quietly to yourself?

Yeah. This was one of those moments.


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

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When you get to it, can you do UT sans and paps reacting to them accidentally injuring their S/O and causing them to cry? Thanks and have a nice day/night!



He is??? So sorry??? Holy shit he feels so bad. If your reaction is to cringe away from his touch, he teleports away from you until you want to see him again. He hates to hurt you in any way, intentional or not, and blames himself heavily.


Very upset. You are one of his favorite people and he hurt you, and it makes him feel like the scum of the earth. You deserve a lot better than that. He’ll do anything to get back into your graces, even if it means leaving you. He loves you and never wants to be the reason you cry.

Ritsu Kasanoda

  • He’s just this big flustered loser who trips over his own words and probably his feet a little.
  • It’s probably a little awkward for the person he has a crush on because Ritsu would probably just stare at them at random intervals of the day trying to figure out exactly how he felt about them.
  • At one point or another he gives them flowers as a means of confession but just ends up stumbling through how to care for them properly rather than actually confessing. 
  • He would probably be really worried that his reputation as a scary guy might scare them away. 
  • Probably asks his friends (most likely Mori or Haruhi if he’s really desperate) about how to sweep them off their feet but holy shit was that a mistake because the twins have surprisingly good hearing.
  • He also probably spends a lot of time daydreaming about them but ends up getting really flustered at the idea of just holding their hand.

Kyoya Ootori

  • He knows a lot about them. Like way too much.
  • He’s probably actually really hesitant about engaging in an actual relationship with them so he tries to ignore the fact that he has a crush on them for the longest time. Might end up a little frustrated if he can’t immediately get over it.
  • They will definitely notice how he somehow manages to be around whenever they need help with something, or just a general increase of his presence in their daily life. 
  • If he really really likes them he probably sends them anonymous gift baskets from time to time. 
  • He starts to pay more attention to how Tamaki flirts with the guests and tries to figure out whether his best friend’s methods would be successful with his own crush. (They’re usually not.)
  • He probably likes to engage them in a lot of debates or philosophical conversations. He’s always presenting them with a new challenge, and ti definitely keeps both of them on their toes. 

I haven’t really been posting on here as much as I should. 

With boards coming up (ONLY 3-4 MONTHS AWAY HOLY SHIT), I’ve been kind of distracted.

But, I think things have been going well.

We only have one more block left in the semester, which is GI. Then, COMLEX and Step 1 are looming on the horizon. I feel like everything is moving faster than ever. In just four months I’m going to be back in the hospital. It’s going to be great to be back there. I’m literally counting down the days. My clerkship coordinator has hinted to me that I’ll be on surgery for my first rotation, which is a little intimidating, but I’ll be happy to get it over with.

With clerkships also comes moving to a new state. It’s definitely an improvement to where I am right now. It’ll be in a big city, and it’ll even have a whole foods/trader joes. It’ll be really nice not to be in a small town. 

Fortunately, even though I’m moving states - I’m only going to be about 1.5 hours away from cute nurse, which is definitely going to be manageable. We don’t really see each other than on weekends anyway - so not much will change. 

Speaking of cute nurse, things are going really well with him. He finally got a chance to meet some of my friends this week and they all adore him. Things are starting to get a little serious. He’s going to my med school formal this month, and he’s also going to be coming to Europe with me over the summer for the competition I’ll be in. It’s really weird to think about how much my life has changed from this time last year. He’s definitely made things so much better for me here. 

Only 10 more weeks left in the semester! 

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The sunlight shines through her window, highlighting yet another day. She squints one eye up at the sun and says "I wish for you to go away!" The light merely shines all the brighter as if to say, "you could not push me away." Her phone chimes from behind her and when she turns to see what it has to say, it is all the things the sun couldn't speak, spoken by her friends. "You could not be more alive to us. But if you have need of it, take a piece of our lives to strengthen yours." (wish u well)

holy shit

More AUs for your OTP to be in
  • Soulmates AU where dancing is a huge part of life and often incorporated into events because fusion exists and if you fuse with a person that’s your soulmate
  • To play off the first, I’m freaking out because it turns that despite a lifetime of hating each other, my eternal rival and I are soulmates because the two of just fused. Oh my god, what do I do?!
  • Alternatively, I fused once with my childhood friend as a kid, but because of awkwardness we never told anyone and one day they moved away but now they’re back again senior year and holy shit my soulmate is looking good
  • A world where everyone is a gem
  • Wanna binge watch all these cartoons with me? What do you mean ‘Dude, we’re 23′?!
  •  I’m a parent and I was just trying to beat the sales rush at the super market when a cute animal thing gave me the powers to fight against the forces of evil. I need to pick my kids from school (thanks to kickloop‘s post about a magical anime w/ moms)
  • I got pissed off and yelled at this random person and oh god now I feel guilty because holy shit they are such a cinnamon roll
  • We’re just getting married for the sake of the baby that will be born soon, but I can’t help slowly falling in love with this person
  • Oh hell no. I work at an electronics store and I’ve had to deal with one too many broken laptops because of viners and I think I’ve just spotted another one
  • We have no classes together but we always see each other in detention and the entire time we pass notes to each other. How does a cute person like you end up in detention?
  • Great; my health class just gave out the ‘take care of a baby with a partner’ project and I’m stuck with the class asshole
  • I found this random diary and, even though I shouldn’t, I started reading it and this person’s life story is so heartwarming I just can’t

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So I'm really sick because my dad and sister were sick the past week and it was contagious and I can just imagine harry bringing me blankets and asking "Do yeh need anything else, love?" And he'd try to make me drink medicine but I'm being stubborn and holy shit I'm gonna faint because I can just imagine him trying to cuddle me but I push him away because I'm too sick and I don't wanna get him sick❤❤

“Jus’ wan'a kiss yeh, love. I’m a big strong man. I won’t get sick, I promise yeh. Just wan'a cosy yeh back to health and have you annoying the pants off o’ me.”

And he’d regret the one single kiss because, the following day, he’d end up sick himself. Whining about how it could turn into a vicious cycle of illness. But, he’d quieten down when he’s tucked under a blanket and eating from the spoon you’re feeding him with. xx

Idk what this is; it just popped into my head.

I don’t ship Tuckington (I just platonically friendship it), but I just had this thought/idea thing of, on Chorus, Tucker starting to like Wash and whatever and then one day, he sees Wash is just NOT wearing his armor at all, not even the body suit - and this is a big deal because Wash hardly takes off his armor anyway (especially these days when they’re in a constant state of war against Charon) - and not only is he caught off-guard by seeing Wash out of armor, but WHAT THE FUCK- IS THAT A WEDDING RING ON YOUR FINGER?! HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE MARRIED! WUT?!?!

And Wash is confused and surprised by Tucker’s outburst, but then sad as he fingers the metal band and looks away saying “Used to. I guess I’m technically a widower, though we were never actually official.” And he doesn’t say anything else because although he doesn’t know of Tucker’s feelings about him, he doesn’t NEED to in order to know that Tucker would not react well if he told him he was married to the man who later became the Meta, and he leaves Tucker before he can see him cry as he thinks of the night when Maine withdrew the trinket from his family possessions (it was his father’s ring to his mother) and lovingly slipped it on his finger - a promise for their future - and entwining their hands together like they were already bound with a ceremonial knot.

Tucker is left still reeling from the sudden realization that Wash was actually married once and is now feeling all kinds of conflicted.

bad boy!Jeonghan:
  • really mysterious and like everyone’s afraid of him but at the same time they’re so mesmerized bc he’s so beautiful and like everyone knows him
  • he usually wears his hair in a low ponytail, save for his bangs and he likes to brush them back with his fingers and like every girl within a mile radius swoons over this small movement
  • leather jackets all day every day
  • the way he laughs is a total contrast to his whole bad boy image because his eyes disappear and his nose scrunches up and it’s like the cutest thing to witness
  • ok so like one day you’re walking down the hallway, too distracted by your notes and then suddenly you bump into someone and it turns out to be jeonghan 
  • you’re like ‘holy shit holy shit holy shit he look so much better up close’ and you’re tripping over your words trying to apologize
  • but then he gives you a half-smile and tells you it’s alright and then he walks away and you’re left there blushing 
  • every time you see him, you turn the other way because what if you embarrass yourself in front of him again oh my god
  • but sometimes it really can’t be helped that you have to walk by him when going to class and every time this happens you catch him looking at you and you don’t really know how to react 
  • this continues on for weeks and then one day while you’re fixing stuff inside your locker and you feel a set of eyes on you and you turn your head around and sure enough jeonghan was down the hall, staring at you
  • you hide behind your locker door and you have to give yourself a pep talk to try and calm yourself down because if you don’t your leg might just give out
  • but then you hear footsteps coming your way and then you can feel someone standing right next to you and you’re like 101% sure it’s jeonghan
  • well what do you know it is jeonghan
  • and you ask him in a very shaky voice ‘i-is there a problem?’ 
  • and he’s like ‘oh no, not really i just really need to ask you something’
  • and you look at him expectantly and his eyes are boring straight into yours and you’re completely frozen on the spot jesus fucking christ jeonghan why do you have this effect on people
  • “do you maybe want to catch a movie with me sometime?”

theory that wash never dances around people, and shys away from it after years of york and north teasing him but one day tucker walks into the kitchen to see wash with his headphones in listening to music and tucker is blown away with washs moves. like, who knew the serious, mr. no fun could move his hips so sultry and why is tucker unable to breathe right and who knew wash was actually so limber and his hips so hypnotic

wash eventually sees tucker and is a blushing babe and freaks out and ‘cant believe tucker would just stand there and why didnt you tease me say something????’

and tuckers eyes are just locked on washs hips with his mouth open unable to fathom how this smol nerdy white boy can dance so well

I thought about telling you I miss you but then I realized the feeling is not mutual so i just asked about your day.
I like change, but I wish we were still the same.
I wish I still was enough for you and you weren’t the one who’s got me up till this time of night thinking about what it could of been.
I wish we hadn’t drifted so far apart from each other, there was always currents of self questioning pulling us away from each other but you stopped fighting it, you got tired and you just gave up on me so quickly, like a habit, like giving up on the ones you love was the only thing you’ve been taught in this life, like I was just another example to remind yourself of how fucking great you are at what you do. But it’s getting harder and harder to see you with all the haze of indifferences between you and I and these waves of sadness don’t help much either.
—  I should stop fighting too shouldn’t I my love?



Farm boy Eijun, in a disney-esque world, believes in the concept of fated lovers and of ‘True Love’s Kiss.’

Farm boy Eijun has been childhood friends with Wakana since they were little. One day Wakana gets swooned away by a Prince from the kingdom (which Eijun is totally supportive of cause of they had a TRUE LOVE’S KISS lmao)

So when Eijun find out that the Evil Stepmother/Witch exiled Wakana away to the human world, he of course follows her.

Wakana ends up meeting Mochi.


  • Eijun for the first time experiences being incredibly angry and pissed and annoyed courtesy of your resident tanuki lol (pls refer to this scene, sort of like that LOL)
  • Okay but can you imagine Eijun trying to justify to Miyuki that

M: True Love’s Kiss huh…well what if they’re a bad kisser? *smirks*

  • Miyuki trying to explain the concept of 'dating’ and what a 'date’ is to Eijun

E: So you just eat and talk the whole day? That’s it? I don’t see how that’s any more special than a true love’s kiss.
M: Wow, I feel like I’m getting dumber when I talk to you.
M: *snickers*


E: (pointing at a tv)Oh my gosh Miyuki, why are there people inside this box!

E: (passing by a pet store) *GASPS* MIYUKI!! MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN IMPRISONED!!!

Miyuki runs into the living room only to see Eijun standing on the couch screaming bloody murder at the robot vacuum

Miyuki can only sigh in exhaustion (and endearment (ノ゚▽゚)ノ)

  • Also, don’t even get me started with Eijun calling his animal friends to clean Miyuki’s house cos 'JESUS CHRIST EIJUN GET THOSE FUCKING COCKROACHES OUT OF MY HOUSE OH MY GO D’ lmao

For some angst…Miyuki trying to explain that a relationship between men can exist and points to himself and Mochi as an EXAMPLE. Ofc, Eijun misunderstands this. Ofc he would ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

tbh I just want Miyuki struggling to explain what a date is and YES men can date too and just oh mY GOSH EIJUN can you please just let me take you out for dinner already so i can finally give you your dumb true love’s kiss